Boomer & Millennial Get Handcuffed For 24-Hours

Boomer & Millennial Get Handcuffed For 24-Hours

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My heart is relaxed I must say I've never had been handcuffed, to anybody for 24, hours let me finish I want to go on tick-tock, do you believe climate change is a real problem no of course not I regret, doing this just put that phone away okay, boomer. Happy. Holidays everyone, it, is my favorite time of year and as we enter this festive, season while, tensions between boomers, a Millennials, continue to grow I thought what better way to try and sow the seeds of harmony, and by handcuffing, two of them together for. 24 hours so, for the millennia we have one of my closest friends Nando, who was a former BuzzFeed employee very talented producer. And then for the Boomer we have Roy Allen an actor I hired off of Craigslist a few months ago to help me manipulate. Some of my friends we're going to Nando's right now. Yeah. That music, means, he's awake. Hello. Hello. Make. Sure you're and get my sandals cuz I'm not wearing shoes, being. Handcuffed for 24 hours with, a Boomer. I don't think I'm excited I actually am very hesitant and, I'm only doing this video as a favor to you Millennials. There's a stereotype that we are entitled. Lazy snowflakes. And that, it is sort of on us that we can't really find. Financial. Stability like, previous generations did and I think a lot of that is, because we have inherited, a. System. That, doesn't work like it did before I don't, have any boomer friends so I'm excited to possibly get. A new friend ah thank, you for coming Roy my pleasure, or. Enemy. It's. Up to him. Right. I must, say I've never had been handcuffed, to anybody for 24, hours much, less than millennial I'm just wondering if the person is going to I have some level, of self discipline, and respect, for the moment that's all I think a lot of the frustrations, that Millennials, and Gen Z, have, towards. Baby boomers at least from what I've seen is, a, lot to do with climate change and. Economic. Disparities. That, sort. Of are overseen, by them the issue of the millenials is very, much discussed, these days, entitlement. That's, a problem, I think they're naive, they're constantly checking their cell phone, for messages. And, other hookups. Perhaps I don't want to know about and I wondered what is the cause of that and it's quite obvious they're, addicted, Jen sees even more than Millennials, are inheriting, a planet, that is falling, in front of our eyes and it's frustrating and very upsetting, to see the. Baby, boomer generation which. Essentially, runs government, not take that as serious, as they should I don't. Know what aria has planned for me in fact I hate to consider it but what, I would like to do is to take this young millennial, to a place of worship the spiritual, location and. See if they can understand, and since what's going on my, friend DJ is having a party tonight for his birthday so, I hope, he likes hotboxing, apartments, cuz that's what's probably gonna happen tonight okay. It's Roy opening, your door hey. Roy Oh, meet, you very nice to meet you as well. Yes, very, nice to you so this is a very friendly start absolutely. To a very long 24 hours this is my tiny apartment. That. I went, out to a gay, bar the other night and the. No. I'm not I'm just saying I'm like grabbing them because they have fun. Articles. Oh. Please. Judge I didn't see that this. Is where I sleep every night and I think you guys are joining me here tonight yes are you going to join us on the balut, Lee I think it's time we get handcuffed oh yes, do, you have any problem with that yeah I do, handcuffs. Don't, put them too tight in this crisis I. Regret. Doing this not not because of you just mostly because of him well how to manage the intimate moments though when it comes like the bathroom, or you, know showering, you will have to do that together but.

How Do we do that with a hand we're not how, we what. What. Do you say some, previous handcuff videos may, allow, people to uncuff, and use. The restroom a shower, mine, won't. And I just what it is Roy I believe you had something you wanted to show Fernando first oh yes we want to go see the cathedral downtown Los, Angeles it's, a place of worship maybe, you'll feel a little spiritual, light when you go there will this leave it up well, we'll leave it open to the spirit let's see what happens you can see yourself a fairly religious person for that no no no, let's do it I love I love old buildings. For. Them oh yeah how was that experience I. Have. To be honest I felt very out of place and, I was trying to keep it together because when, you were singing the song I didn't, know it what are the things about Millennials is, that, there be out there post atheism, so. They really don't believe in anything except, their feelings well. Is that oftentimes I, like. Dress. All. Our. Sins, and, griefs to. Bear all. Our. Sins, and griefs. I distance. Myself from my religions yeah when you have let, me finish I, distanced, myself from religion. When I was struggling with, being gay a lot of things in religion, did, push me away some, of the ideals, that I, heard. From the, Catholic religion growing, up in my experience, were outdated, and I know that a lot of that is changing but. As some, could say that damage was done and I did lose some of my faith because of that are. You getting it back no no. But, yeah I mean thank you for bringing me back to, the love church did you like my song my. Him I. Don't, think he liked me him no he doesn't it was great oh thank you it was great it, was great. Every. Time you get a text, it's a shot of dopamine. Are. You aware that the. Technology, issue with. Millennials, is that, they get hits of dopamine, with their texts, for example we're here did together to have a conversation and, you're on the phone all the time why, you. Don't understand why it's because you're getting hits of dopamine, from your texts where, did you read this no no is generally no. Did. You ever get somebody, sent you like, a text, and it just says hi did, you ever get one of those now come on I know you have. Please. I mean it's followed by some nails no just hi no no I'm, sure you have just admitted please all. Right you know why that happens that person, that person is wanting, a dopamine, hit and they. Have just sent out 50, highs so. Then it comes back like, 20 people are stupid and say gee, it's nice to hear from you whatever and they're getting a dopamine hit from that, isn't.

It So you joke no I'm serious actually yeah there's a good way to test this just, put that phone away this, would be an okay boomer, moment because I feel like it listen if you're into somebody in the text you'd sure or like somebody you want to hear from but like I have, a hard time believing there, are people out there sending, mass messages. That just say hi well it starts with people you like then, you get hooked on it and then, it's the message itself just, giving you a shot what, you're saying in general is not super, wrong it's not crazy if it's not super wrong put your phone away it's it's. A way here and. Don't, get it out I think the best thing to do to to ease some of the tension is do, a little holiday, activity, I've reserved you both tickets to go ice-skating together, Oh lovely. Handcuffed. Oh. Lord. This is so. Dangerous I've, better suit the hell out of much meat the, thing about the ring is that there's people around it looking, inside already so then we decided it would be best if we're holding hands like this so that, it looks like we're helping each other, Lord. Are, you okay I'm great. Oh. But. I also it was like they either think I'm with my grandpa, or my sugar daddy I'm not impressed either way frankly, oh my. God this is a okay. Came home after. You attacked Millennials. For using their phone so much the last thing I wanted to do was hold your hand in that ice, rink head hurts but but, I there's, something finished but, I, do think, it brought us closer together, I'm sorry for every nasty thing I said about your Instagram ski, I'm. Taking it all back good, you wanna talk about my no no. No I mean I'm not gonna talk about your dopamine's now just I'm, too dependent, on you yeah. Lord, as. You were very kind, it was keep, me from falling and I'm very much you helped me to I was helpless holding onto you as well I'll, tell you Aria it's gonna get a piece of my mind I hate that man. It. Is the holiday season and I would love for you both to spread some cheer so I'm hoping. That maybe you have to do some Christmas Carol ants to a strangers, if, you sing A Christmas Carol to three different, groups of strangers no Lord I'll let you guys uncuffed for 30, minutes hello today, you got the liveliest boomer, that you can find no, I haven't agreed I'm just trying to make you seem super into, this I'm, trying to assess, the opportunity. That's, what we do you know the boomers assess things we, make plans and then we execute it so like. You. Okay. Boomer jingle, bells jingle bells jingle, all, the way oh, what fun it, is to ride in a one-horse open, sleigh hey, I, think I had a lot of fun I particularly, like the gentleman with the joints, although, I didn't smell like marijuana it was so harsh you know wasn't sweet wait. Where when is not sweet know it's messy no. It smells like, what that smell like that was a joy have, you ever smoked before marijuana really. No I don't need to get you know off on chemicals. And artificial. Ingredients like coffees. Natural those, are those weird putting, peasants, to work in Colombia. Okay. Boomer, is. Right. A change. Tonight. So. Now that was saying and everything my, friend DJ is having his birthday party like I told you so we're at a grocery store now it's against and, DJ a millennial yes, and he smokes a lot of weed. What. Better than show, up with a cake, that says, happy birthday DJ. But in Christmas, colors objection.

Okay. I think that's good is that good I don't know can you mix it yeah yeah we'll try let's put in there to make I guess I will need to your home to see this is a lack of planning in, the millennial, generation it's, all spontaneous. And. And. It ends up screwed, what, do you think of Millennials well, their parents told them they're special they're not special their parents told them anything could happen to them not anything can happen the parents told them it would be a happy ending it's not gonna be a happy ending we don't know how to turn out it got, my fingers crossed well how do you know it's gonna be a bad ending well, how could it turn out well under those circumstances they. Have very high expectations. They're gonna be - the minute they walk in the workplace I'm sure you've experienced, that ready are. You no, not at all yeah Roy you can be as, real as well you don't to feel no I'm not acting I'm having some mentoring really. You really think that yes of course of, course it's grateful for but we don't often say it because it hurts people's, feelings but, you're asking me what else about Millennials. Like what else do you think of they have a high, sense of entitlement they don't have any patience, they're badly prepared there's they have no sense of cause and effect you know they don't like Trump but what do they do they march in a vegan parade, I mean where is the connection people, do, you tell me it's, called voting oh you're right you're right you're gay we agree there what about the criticism, that you. Guys get for instance with climate change that. You guys don't take it serious and don't care about it and. All. I can say is that you and I are gonna both be dead before this becomes a serious issue so, really what do you want to do about it anyway what. There's. But there's no need your rank is order you know have you have more immediate issues, to deal with you. Know like getting a job do, you believe climate change is a real problem No, of course not my, heart is raising Roy, you didn't honestly you don't to play no I'm not I'm just giving it do. You believe it's real but you don't think it's a problem but it's not I think it's you know it's it's so, far into the future that it's going to be as serious but there are thinks everything now already related, to that oh it happens, all the time she. Never goes up and down all the time you know that let's--we, the, fact you didn't vote last time to, climate, change I would say climate change is a non-issue the fact you didn't vote as a disaster. Yeah. I think people should vote how can you possibly complain about the government if you don't vote but what if I did well I doubt you did. What. I can't. Vote I'm a permanent resident see it's. Just one excuse after another oh my. Gosh I don't even know what to say. How. Do you feel about gay, marriage oh yeah, well I'll tell you as a gay man my view is that leather gousen yeah I sure al how was it growing up gay for. You well. I, have, to say it fortunately I worked in an area where you, know people didn't really ask any questions, in fact did you know it know, what that you were gay of course yeah in fact I was in a committed relationship for. Almost 20 years with, yes. Yeah, over. The last really, say. 10 or 15 years they've been a number of developments involving, the military the workplace where, you rent or buy a home there have been a lot of positive elements. That have reduced this line between gay and not gay which isn't it a very positive way so people can just enjoy being themselves, which i think is very positive yeah. That's good I feel. Like you might be exaggerating it, right now but I do believe that, a lot of baby, boomers feel that way and believe, those things about, Millennials which things the, ones you just said about, entitlements.

And Like yeah, but at the same time you know we, cherish, deeply, the Millennials they, are the young, geniuses. Of our society, and so it actually we say all this with. A lot of sadness and with. A motivation, to fix it yeah well, you know I disagree with you and what you think makes me upset but, I do like you and I do respect, you, and I'll I can respect you too. Okay. So we, finished the cake and now, we're at DJ's. House you'll, notice I'm wearing something different and that's because I use the 30 minutes that we earn singing Christmas songs to change into this. Oh. Thank you. You. Asked him of a good film here yeah. Open. It, I'm. Gonna introduce ro to all our friends and get him to meet other Millennials, and see if is as spicy, and sharp when there's a lot of us in one room no I'm not that I'm not daring I'm not there. I'm. Nervous you're gonna say something, crazy. Hello. This. Is DJ. DJ. My man happy, where do we decorated this cake yes. Oh. We're. All good thank you thank, you. Hi. Everyone this is my friend Roy my name is Fernando. All. Questions, you could ask him I only, know like a quarter other people here. Well. I mean who doesn't, yes, right they're, making my sandals, want, to change your pockets I do want, to choose my pants so. What did you think the party riot was an excellent party very nice host very, well set up and, it, was a great opportunity to meet what, 30 or 40 or 50 Millennials. And you got along with them really well well thank you yes I know, how do you feel really handled the the party he did really good actually, I was surprised, you didn't go off. Yeah. I, heard tick-tock tick-tock mentioned, several times I thought oh I want, a try tick-tock. It's. Enough guys you bring your apps there I've story. But. Unfortunately he took the next two hours for me to get my passport he, forgot his password I mean I have a brand, forgot. Up lady right there I know my ID security, question. So. I took two hours and I, got a new password and i download, tick tock and not only that but Maya helped us right yeah upload a video and to make it go viral make it over I'm. Not sure what I think of tick tock tick tock favorites or tick tock yeah well st. we ticked off a I'm not sure what I think of it though Roy you actually add a couple start, with a bunch of people you talked to Christina NME. No, actually, you know what happened was I was drafted, into the Army right during that period they, were asking me what is the draft how did it work and. That's. The one thing we've had it better, than you guys in a generation, we haven't had a draft. Like that I got deferments. For college, but. When I went to graduate school they canceled the deferments, I immediately became, eligible for, the draft I was dropped. Even, say five or ten years after my time, they had a lottery, so. Right and so, in my case was done deal you're drafted, but then the night the next thing that keep us a lottery so there was a chance you wouldn't have to go oh. I. Got, anxious thinking about the possibility, of going to war in general and I don't even have to fight it yeah so, shout-out, to you for that all. The talk about Millennials, being this way that way or whatever is it just all nonsense, or do you think it's some truth to it. Yeah the sheets guys pull, it down I'll, be spending the night with you guys here so I'll get under on this end I mean basically this is it for the video because, by the time we wake up in the morning I'll be 8 a.m. and I'll be officially 24 hours any, final thoughts I don't, know you might agree aria but today, was like a roller coaster I think, you were trying to rattle me up more, and you were having fun with that okay, two levels the basic, point was, that I felt, that. What is the point of talking about anything if you're not gonna vote and, so I is true, I was, making. An effort to shock you from, the point of view of saying something so fundamental. And, to. Our survival of the planet such, as global warming that who cares that. Is to say who, cares if you don't vote yeah, and so, that I think that I vote I agree. You. Know what I didn't have a lot of fun ice-skating was very scary. You, don't I will say I enjoyed, decorating. That cake with you actually. Coming into the day I had.

A Little bit of anxiety the, concept, of being handcuffed. To a person, and that. Could it be any person, but I'm terrible I mean, I'm so, pleased that it was you fern oh you're. Very agreeable. And, an, open-minded. Person. So. It was very easy for me to have, all day with you, along. The way I might, have hit a few notes just to get a reaction out of you but never, did I, fail. To appreciate you, throughout. This day. When. You put, us into different experiences, like, the. Skating. Rink for example did. Did you turn the light off did. You learn. Something or that you expected, to see when, you saw us go around the rink yeah no. I honestly, just wanted a moment. Of fun fun. You. Didn't really think it would be fun to you in my imagination I picked you guys just, skating happily, like, like at full speed. Well, you know the thing about the skating, rink first of all it forced us to get, close to each other in, a dependent, way, right we're definitely yeah interdependent. Yeah but, then we made a couple friends who were also part, of it. It's. Almost like life, yeah Millennials, and boomers need, each other we. Needed it to get through that terrible, melting, ice. But. We were fighting along the way yeah, but. At the end of the day, we. Like each other yeah that's, right we like each other we need each other. What. A. Privilege. To. Carry. Everything. To. God.

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