Bitsgap Earn 20%+ Monthly with Bots Trading - Step by Step Tutorial for Beginners.

Bitsgap Earn 20%+ Monthly with Bots Trading - Step by Step Tutorial for Beginners.

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Hi, crypto fans. Welcome to CCS, Cryptocurrency State. My name is Santiago, I'm a web developer and investor. In today's video, I'm going to share this review of Bitsgap. This is a platform where you can trade with bots. Yes, so you can earn passive income with

your tradings using this bot platform. You can also do arbitrage and spot trading like in any other exchange. I have been using this platform for a month, I already tested it and I did 23% earnings just with the bot trading strategy. So in today's video, we are going to review the project. I will give you all the setups and everything that I did to earn 23% in one month. You will be able to use this platform very easily after seeing this tutorial video.

Before we begin, please like the video, subscribe to the channel and click the bell to get the notifications. Without anything else, let's go into it. So, this is, you can check here the website

of the platform. But basically, we are going to review the project. I've been using it for a month and got very nice profits. This is not my first bot platform. I am a developer, so I did my own bots and I have tried to find other platforms.

But I actually didn't get many good results over the past years. But right now, with this platform, I'm very happy using it, so I will share that with you. And because I tried it for a month, I can say with guarantees that it did work. So, that is why I'm actually doing the video. I would never share with you guys anything that I didn't test myself. So, in this platform, when you create your account...

you will see that I will put the links in the description of this video. You can use my Bitsgap link and you will get 14 days for free for the pro account. I pay the pro account. The price is not that high. The pro account, which has everything,

is $110 per month. I recommend to use the pro because that way you will have the ability to have 15 active trading bots. The advanced it's okay too, but you can only use 5. I don't recommend the basic because at the end of the video, you will see that by using the pro, you will easily get your monthly $110 back. You can make more profits with that. So I recommend to use pro but if it's too expensive for you, with the advanced you will be able to have five bots here.

So the links are in the description of the video. Please use my referral link to help the channel and also, you will need to use any other exchange, like Binance and Kucoin. For this video I am using Kucoin and I will explain why. So when you log in to the application, once you create your account using my referral link, you will see this. First, you have the trading section which

works like any other exchange. Basically, you can buy and sell your crypto spot. Then you have your bot section, this is what will be interesting for us. I will do a review of

everything here. But besides that you have signals where you can see some movements and some things that have been working on these last days. You can also do Arbitrage. If you don't know what this is, it means that you can buy and sell crypto from different exchanges. This is a little difficult to use. Because you will need to have funds in many exchanges and you will need to have funds from different coins. So in order to do a good arbitrage, you need to use a lot of volume or a lot of capital, and you need to have that big capital in different exchanges at the same time. Because what this will do is that if a pair is cheaper in one exchange, it will buy it. For example,

let's say Ethereum against Bitcoin. If in one exchange it's cheaper, it will it will buy it there and sell it in another exchange that is a little... even if by one unit, a little more expensive than in the other one.

So it will continue doing those operations and you will get profits doing arbitrage. But this is like a very difficult level, but anyways.. Then you will have your portfolio section and you can see my exchanges. Right now on your account you will be able to choose to use the demo or not. Right now I am running the demo

and I will share everything on it. Just for security reasons. I will not expose all my my bots activity but it's works the same way as the demo and you should probably start trading with the bots on the demo version first to get comfortable with the platform. But anyways, what will happen here in my exchanges is that Bitsgap won't get your funds. Your funds need to be in

one of the supported exchanges. So you will put your crypto, USDT, any stable coin or Bitcoin, etc in one of your exchanges and then you will need to use an API key that you will get from any of these in exchanges and use that API key in Bitsgap to connect Bitsgap platform with your exchange. I am not going to explain that right now.

I will do a video about that tomorrow. So, you will see it in the comments, I'll pin it there with the link of the video on how to link your Bitsgap account with any of the exchanges. But once you have the API key, you will be able to add and create a new connection between the exchange and Bitsgap. You cannot operate here in Bitsgap if you are not connected at least to one exchange. Not in the demo, in the demo, you have everything to test it. But in real time,

when you actually buy a subscription here, you will need to first, connect one exchange with your Bitsgap account. So, let's go to the bot section. Here you can see the warning that says we are using the demo account So, basically, you have a chart here which is provided by TradingView. So, the chart is by TradingView. You can actually do anything that you can do in TradingView. You have indicators, you can put any TA you want over the charts. So, this is amazing.

I'm really happy to be able to use TradingView here because it's what I tipically use. So, How do we create a bot? Well, first of all, like I said, you need to choose an exchange you need to put USDT, any stable coin or any other basecoin. In this case, you can see that because it's a demo, you can select any of the exchanges, but in my case, what I did and it's a strategy there I would recommend is to use a new exchange that you are not using right now or create an account in Kucoin if you don't have one yet or in Binance with my affiliate links. For example, I created an account on Kucoin and link it that with the API keys to Bitsgap.

I am only using Kucoin funds to trade inside Bitsgap. In this demo, you will see that I am using Binance, but in my real account of Bitsgap outside of this demo, I am trading only with Kucoin. You can also use all the exchanges that you want and you will see how we selected the pair of tokens. But I'd say, for example I use Binance to get some of my spot position that I'm not trading right now. So I want to have a differentiation

between my portfolios. So right now, Kucoin is the only capital that I have there and I'm using it on the trading of bots here. So that way you can keep security. Another reason for that is that if

this API keys are exposed for any reason or anything else happens with the credentials and we are compromised, you would only lose what you have related to Bitsgap here. So when you get profits from the bot, then you can take it out from Kucoin or the exchange that is linked to Bitsgap and it will be safe in there. But for me it's a good idea to link Bitsgap to one exchange or two exchanges, it really doesn't matter how many but it's important that you don't use it regularly and that they are solely for the bots. Well, besides that, let's go into the strategy. Here in the strategy, you have the S bot and the classic bot. These are

the two bots that Bitsgap provides and there's a basic difference between these two. The difference is that the S bot, when you are in the downtrend for example, the bot will start buying, right? So it will buy here for example, it could buy here, here and here, and then start selling. So the bot will buy when there's a downtrend. The difference between the Sbot and the classic bot is that the Sbot will buy more capital. It will use more capital in a downtrend.

So it will make a better cost average price for your portfolio of your buy signals. So if it buys here, at $1 it will buy $2 here and $3 here. So your average cost will be better. The Classic bot

will always buy $1 here, $1 here, $1 here and then, it will sell here. But in this case, when there is more volatility, I prefer to use the Sbot. I only use the Classic bot if I set it to what I think would be a more of a consolidation phase of a pair of coins or if I don't see too much movement at the time. So, I usually use the Sbot. You can see here, I have four pairs of bots doing some work here. Three of them are Sbots and one is a classic bot. So, once you select

the type of bot you want, you select the exchange. Right now, this is the demo, you can select any exchange. Of course, you need to use an exchange with volumes, so use of the major exchanges.

Then, you select the pair of coins that you want to trade with this bot. So, you can see how we are starting a bot here, right? Then, you will see how much you want to invest in that particular bot. So this will give you the total capital that you have. For example BTC or USDT. And here let me pause because I will explain what I am doing here. So basically, when you are selecting a pair, the coin on the right is the one that you want to earn. Right? So in this case you will see that

I have three coins that I am trading, AVAX, WTC, VET, etc all against Bitcoin. Because I want all the earnings to start accumulating in Bitcoin coins. So Bitcoin tokens, Satoshi tokens, right? And you will see that ORN is against USDT. In that case I will earn and keep USDT as my base currency here. Right? And why do I do this?

Well, first because I want to accumulate more Bitcoin for the long term and then because I want some of my earnings to be USDT because sometimes there are some dips in the market which can be a great opportunity to put some of these earnings into some spot buy coin, right? Also, I can use some of these USDT to pay the fee here on Bitsgap. Remember, I recommend to use the pro account, which is what I'm using right now. You can find the link in the description. If you use my link,

you will have 14 days of a pro account to test for free. Before we continue with the video remember that I am doing an amazing giveaway. I will be giving half of a Bitcoin to one winner and an Ethereum to five different winners. If you want to participate it's super easy, just a couple of clicks, Follow the link in a description. But remember that you need to be subscribed to the channel with the bell on to be considered. So you need to decide which will be your strategy.

You can always use stable coins here if you want, or BTC or even Ethereum or ADA. It doesn't matter. My only recommendation is that you use one stable coin to protect your capital and then, BTC or one of the powerful coins right now. Once you select all that, you can put... for example I put BTC and USDT in Kucoin. So that is why I am checking this pair with BTC so it knows that my capital in Kucoin from my BTC is this.

Here it says how much of the capital you need to put in order to buy AVAX and BTC here. So you need both coins. It will buy it itself when you start the bot. So then let's get into the concept of this grid. So you will see all these lines in red. Those are sell lines of support where the bot will sell and these are buy lines where the bot will trade.

Right? So when you are here I'd recommend to put 3 months for the chart and you can see everything in daily candles i.e. Let's put a 6 hour candles. So here you need to define the range of your net where the bot will trade. Even if this is all buy signal, that doesn't mean that when the bot goes down here, it will only buy and not sell. But these are the lines where the bot will trigger buy and sell signals. So you need to, basically, put some consideration here between support and resistance. For example, right now, at this point,

we don't have too much support resistance there but in terms of buying, you can see here that this was resistance but it's acting as support now. So, I think we could put the buy pressure or the lower price here, as support because if we broke this, this coin will probably go low. And for sell signals, we have support here.

So, this area to sell it's correct also. So I think that will be okay if we continue trading the bot in this range. You can also put this information here with lower prices and upper prices. That would be the same. And then you have these grid steps and grid levels. So the grid levels should be between 10 and 180.

The grid step will be how much or how many lines of buy and sell you have related to the grid levels. So if you put less levels here for example 80. Now you can see a little bit between them. So let's put less than that, 40. Now you see how the lines are even less than before. So this means that you will have more space between one buy and another buy, or one buy and another sell. Right? So when you decrease this you will see that the grid step percentage is higher.

My recommendation here because this also means how much percentage you want to earn in a trade and you need to consider the fees of the exchanges. For example in Google you have a 0.11 fee. So, if this is 0.1 only, you'd be earning nothing because everything will go to the fee. So for me, this should be at least 1.1 because I want to have 1% of

earnings in each of the trades. So for me, 1.1 is the minimum that I want, really. And this could go to 1.5 for example. Those are the ranges that I am managing right now. This is something that you can also test after and it will depend on how much money you have of capital there.

If you have more capital, even if you set it to 1.54, you'll probably have a great level here. So if you have more grid levels here, that means that you will have more trades too. So you can see here how it's made of lines of buy and sell. But in order to put this at 1.1 I would need to increase my investment here. So if you put less than $1,000, I'd recommend to have less grid levels.

For example 20 or let's see... maybe 36, yeah for example, if you only put $1,000 or less than that, I recommend to use a higher grid step here. Like 1.44 so that you will get that percentage on each trade. And set your grid levels at 36. But if you put more capital, then you can increase your grid levels because it's better that way. You will be doing much more tradings. Try to put this between 1.1 and 1.4

This is what I am doing. I'm still seeing what will happen on my second month here. Then you have the trading app. I recommend to put this active. This trading app will move just the grid here, if you go outside the levels. Then we have "take profit". So put the trailing down. Yeah, that'd be okay. The trailing down will be the

same here for the downside. And the take profit is good. I am using it. You can decide if you want to too. But what I put here is in percentage. So what I am saying here is that when this bot does 20% of earnings, just close everything.

Just take the profit. So take profit, and close the bot. So when I reach the 20% of profit, it will be in BTC because that's my base token here. That is what I want want to accumulate so it will trigger that. And you also have stop losses here. So,

once you have everything selected like I have, you can do a backtest. If you click there you will see the image here will have the date range. And you can see how much you will earn using the current strategy that you are about to put in the bot. For example, in the last month from the August 21st to September 20th, you can see here all the buy and sell actions that the body will do and you will see the results here. For example

6.43% in 7 days and 27.5% in 30 days. So this looks good. You can check the trading fee, here it's 0.1, like I said. You can also see here what the best strategy is before creating the bot.

And you can also see some strategy here. These are the month backtest results. These are, in the last month, the better results of the pairs of coins.

So for example, CELO against USDT had 26.638%. So you can use this as a reference to create new bots. But remember, always do your own backtest with your coins and the particular situation of your strategy, ok? So once you have everything there -I will close one of the bots here-. But first I want to show you what I already have here. I I put in this demo account, you can see here 7 days ago, 8 days ago, 8 days and 8 days. So, already 1 week and 1 day ago.

You can see for example, ORN against USDT already did 10.6% in 8 days. So, this is amazing. This has been amazing here. So, once you put your bot, you will see this information. Let me remove this one. For example, this is

VET against BTC. In 8 days, it made 2.38% so it didn't work very much. I will close this and this will cancel all open orders. So, I clicked remove the bot. So, the bot was cancelled. Now I already have AVAX against BTC so I will move these coins to another bot just to test this with another coin so ADA against BTC. I will move the grid here so I'll put the upper price there, and this seems to be alright. I will put the lower price

at yeah it's okay at this point of support here and this support areas. So I will put all the capital that I have left. I will enable the trailing down and take profits too. This depends on what you want. I will do the backtest. Remember this is a demo account. So in 30 days you would be getting 4.11% This is not too good, so I recommend to use another here. But anyways, it's just for demo purposes. Then you will click start and this will create

the bot. When you put start, it will tell you " to start this bot is necessary to buy this amount of ADA" So, you'll put "yes, buy." What this will do, in this case, is a Binance market price buy and then you will see your bot starting to work. So, in this column you have your bot profit and this column that says "change" is the percentage of the valuation of the coin itself. So how much valuation has been moving since the moment that you bought those tokens, right? So from the moment that I bought those ADA, I am .6% down. Even if this goes extremely wrong, it doesn't matter because what you are doing here is accumulating more of your base coins. So this is a great way to continue getting earnings

in a passive way. And that is why I'm giving you this tutorial, guys. It's because, for me, it's very important that you guys make money in the crypto space. I don't want to just give you crypto news and crypto reviews. I want to give you tools that can help you earn more money. That is why I'm doing this video.

So here you will have all your bots. You have the profit, the total sum of the profit of the bot. So in 8 days this demo account made to 2,525 so it's 6.7% in average. This is a total sum of the P&L and here is the value of my portfolio right now. So you can see your balance or put everything in value. Well, this is the way to create one of the bots here. That will be the end of the tutorial.

I did a step by step on how to create a bot and how to use it. I am not going to review arbitrage in detail because I am not using it, but I'll explain how it works. Then you check here on the signals for more things. You can check the portfolio and exchange and remember to watch my video tomorrow on how to link the API key to your Bitsgap account. Or you can visit the comment section here and find the pinned comment with the link to that video. So this is all for the video guys. Remember to like the video, subscribe and

click the bell to get the notifications. I am always hoping to answer questions. You can write your comments here. I review everything and I answer every comment that you leave and you also can send me an email if you go to the "about" section of our YouTube channel and ask me anything about this tool. But that will be all for the video.

Please remember to use my affiliate links. You will have this 14 days free trial for the pro account. I recommend to use it and try it and after that, if you are interested, you can buy a subscription here. You also have my affiliate links to Kucoin or Binance. If you are not using

Kucoin, that is what I am using for my Bitsgap account. In tomorrow's video I will show you how to link the API key. So, that is all for the video, I hope you enjoyed it. And I will see you tomorrow in the next video.


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