Bitcoin Trading 2022: ₱1,400/DAY | PHONE ONLY w/ PROOF! ₱25K GIVEAWAY+ AXIE TEAMS & MACBOOK: Bybit

Bitcoin Trading 2022: ₱1,400/DAY | PHONE ONLY w/ PROOF! ₱25K GIVEAWAY+ AXIE TEAMS & MACBOOK: Bybit

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Okay. So hello guys. This is Jhazel de Vera. Welcome back to my channel! So if you're new here to this channel, click on the SUBSCRIBE button and on the NOTIFICATION BELL to get to watch different videos about home-based jobs and anything from which you can earn online. Have you been thinking before of pursuing cryptocurrency trading? But before you were saying "What's that? The price of bitcoin is so high. Maybe next time." Can you still say that now? Guys, in today's marketprice, we can see the huge price drop which means the market now is on sale. Well, this may be a good sign for you to start and buy crypto while the price is low.

So right now, if you're decided to begin this journey, the next thing that we need to focus on is the trading platform we're going to use. Of course, I would recommend the next level ones but beginner friendly. And this platform is called Bybit. In this video we're going to talk about what makes Bybit different from other platforms, how to start trading here in Bybit, how to earn, the withdrawal process, and of course their amazing raffle where you can win Axie Team plus MacBook Air and a lot more! So I hope you stay tuned until the end so you won't miss any information. Alright, guys let's start. You might ask why Bybit. What makes it different? First, high frequency trading. High volume. It means the price update of the platform is fast.

Next is, it has a low spread. Spread is the difference between the market's buying price and market's selling price. Meaning, the lower the spread, the higher profit you'll get in each trade. Then, it has also lower trading fee compared to other trading platform. Then guys, they don't downtime. As you know, most crypto exchanges hang and crash when the market goes sudden drop or rise in price. Well, in Bybit, that never happened so far.

And finally, there are wide selection of digital assets. It is also beginner friendly. And if you want to level-up your trading platfom, Bybit is a good choice. So right now guys, we'll proceed with the signing-up process.

And by the way guys, Bybit is available on GooglePlay and Appstore. It is also accessible through web. So guys, I'm using my Android phone. For you to sign up for an account here, let's go to SIGN UP and it says here LET'S GET STARTED. You have two options for you to sign-up, we have here EMAIL and there's also through mobile. And of course, both email and mobile, when you use that, use an active email and a mobile number that you really use.

And as you can see guys, you can see here Referral Code (Optional), well, it's not optional. It's important that you indicate referral code and I would appreciate if you use my referral code which is 30840 because guys.. because... we'll have a 25,000 pesos worth of giveaway. The 50 highest trading volume users here in Bybit can get 500 pesos worth of XRP each. Oh. It's great, right? It's total prize will be worth 25,000. So of course, I'll send the prizes in your Bybit account. Okay?

So make sure to input 30840 and again that is 30840 referral code. You indicate that when you sign-up here in Bybit because if you will not put that referral code, what a waste. So once everything is okay, click on the "I have read and agree to Bybit's terms of service and privacy policy." Then tap, CONTINUE. If you use email, they'll ask for email verification code that will be sent to the email you signed-up.

So this is how the email will look like. There, you can see the verification code. You input that that here in your mobile app. Alright, it says here successful registration and congratulations. We have here two options in case you are a newbie like "I have little to no experience trading stocks or crypto. " Or if you're already an experienced one, they have also an option here.

Because Bybit will adjust for you. But in my case, I will choose "I am experienced." Amazing! Experienced... And right there guys, we are now here in our home page. And this is only optional guys, if you want your account to level-up, we'll provide our identity verification. But the good news here guys is that, that is not necessary

if you want to trade here. If you'll only trade here in Bybit, it's okay if you can't present a valid ID. So this is a good thing for those users who don't have a valid ID and they wanted to try or have an opportunity to trade even in small amounts. Because here guys, you can trade even if you don't have a valid ID. Why am I repeating things? Yeah, that's true.

However guys, Bybit has a restriction for those who hasn't verified their identity. Like the other features... There. And the withdrawal amount is limited up to 2 BTC per day. So 2 BTC per day? Would you withdraw 2 BTC per day? It's a big amount, right? So it's a benefit for those who were asking us. Because a lot have been asking us, how can I trade, how can I try it when I don't have a valid ID. But if you are someone who can KYC here in Bybit, like you unlock all the feature, you won't have lots of restrictions in your account, what you'll do is this. Tap the human icon at the upper left corner.

And then here guys, in this page, you can see IDENTITY VERIFICATION. It's indicated there, UNVERIFIED. Tap that one. And then, right here is we have two levels of identity verification. First is the BASIC VERIFICATION. You can see here your withdrawal limit which is 50BTC.

What! So big-time right? There, so just tap VERIFY NOW. Alright, so here guys, they'll ask for an identity document and then a selfie. So of course, first step is the identity document. Just tap that one. Select the country and then select your document type.

Just choose here what's available for you. So here guys, is you'll take a picture. Of course, you have to ALLOW Bybit's access on your camera. So it will look like this. Make sure that all information on the document is visible and easy to read.

And if it's okay, just tap on the DOCUMENT IS READABLE. Alright. So for the selfie, it's so fast actually and won't take up to 5 seconds to finish the process. Just follow the instructions. So there guys, after you submit the requirements, your data is accepted. And as you can see here, your identity document and selfie is now under review.

Just wait for that. And in my case guys, I waited for around 30 minutes. So that's based on my experience and it might be faster in your case like 5 minutes. There. So more information regarding identity verification like what are the documents allowed, what are the limitations, restrictions that will be unlocked when you upgrade, Guys, you can see that in our description box below. Okay. So right now I'll show you on how we can trade here in Bybit. This is how their mobile app looks like. Let's tour first for a while. As we can see, the market value now is very low. It rises for bit but drops again.

So it's not a bad thing for those who want to start. So on the lower part, you can see the HOT, GAINERS and NEW. There. So what I like about Bybit is it's very user-friendly.

So now guys, we'll proceed with the depositing of the amount we'll trade here in Bybit. Just a risk disclaimer guys, do not invest the money that you cannot afford to risk. Okay? Because, the assets here in cryptocurrency is very volatile which means it can rise up so much but it can also drop down so much. So if you can not handle the losses, don't invest so much. Okay?

Don't invest here the money that you are supposed to spend on necessary things like your food allowance, for your baby's milk or diaper, for your tuition fee. No, don't ever do that. So there, you have to be responsible with your own money. I already warned you. So here in the mobile app, you can deposit through different cryptocurrency addresses. If you have already a Bitcoin.. there.. you can deposit here using your Bitcoin address in Bybit.

So, if you have USDT.. The good thing here also guys is they have different networks of USDT. So what's advisable here is the TRC20. In case you have a TRC20 network of USDT of your previous crypto wallet, it has a lower transaction fee. And if you don't have crypto currency managed at all, Bybit's P2P is also available. So the P2P guys is only available in the web.

It is not yet availale in Bybit's mobile app as of right now. Alright, so once your funds are already deposited here in Bybit, you can view that in the ASSETS. So you can see that here in our total equity. It will be in BTC form.

In BTC, that will be its value. But you can also see there the indication in Philippine peso. And by the way guys, if you're wondering why is mine in Philippine peso and yours is in dollars.

If you're still a newbie, you can change that. Just go to HOME. Then human icon. And then in SETTINGS. There current display PHP. So just change it there so the currency you will see will be in PHP. So again, let's go to our overview. So as of right now, my fund is placed in my SPOT account.

So if you tap the SPOT account, you can see what cryptocurrency you're holding. So guys, more information regarding the minimum deposit or the maximum deposit here in Bybit, I'll put them also in our description box below. So right now guys, I will teach you how we can trade here in Bybit. So here in Bybit, we have two types of trading.

We have SPOT and DERIVATIVES. So guys, if you want to spot trading, we'll just go to the market and make sure that in the upper part, you choose the spot. So here guys, you can see what are the popular crypto currency that are often used in trading. Here guys, you have the option to trade using USDT, BTC, or USDC. In my case, my asset is in USDT, so I will choose USDT of course.

The good thing also there guys is you can set your favorites. There. We'll set as favorites those crypto currencies we prefer and we follow. So for example guys.. there.. Since most common the BTC or Bitcoin, let's go with BTC/USDT or their pair. What we're going to do here is we will just tap them. And the good thing here guys is we have drawing options. There.

They have here indicator, order book, trades and information regarding the crypto currency. So everything is already available in one page. Okay. So without further ado, what we're going to do here is we will buy Bitcoin. There. So we will tap BUY. Alright, so we're already here in BUY and most common guys is, we have

different orders here. So let's choose first LIMIT. So here in LIMIT, we will assign price when do we want to buy an asset. So for example we have here, market price which is 36,919 and what we're going to do here is, we would want it to buy it at a cheaper price. So you can assign price like 36,000 flat. In that said price, once Bitcoin's price drops down to that price, our limit order will automatically execute. It goes the other way around if you want to sell. In the limit sell order, is you will assign a higher price

of course, right? A price that is higher than the market price so we can sell the crypto currency we're holding at a higher price. Okay. So, let's say you want 100 USDT. There. So 100USDT, you can also view there its equivalent value in BTC. Once everything is okay. Just tap BUY. Your pending order will appear here at the lower part. So again, once Bitcoin matchers with your indicated limit price, that will be the time it will execute.

Alright, so I hope I explained it clear. Okay. So now guys, we'll go to market. So here in market, it will depend on the market price. So if you want to buy a Bitcoin instantly. There. So the good thing there guys is you'll just put the USDT value of how much you want to buy. Let's say 100. Once you buy BTC, instantly you already have a BTC based on the current price of Bitcoin.

So it works the other way around. For sell however, you can automatically sell based on the present price of Bitcoin. Then right now guys, we have a Conditional Order. So conditional has a trigger price. No matter where the price is, either above or below your conditional order, it won't be triggered unless the price touch that conditional order.

So like for example, current price of Bitcoin is 36,300 pesos. Then if you set a limit order of 35,000, it can buy the Bitcoin once the price drops down to 35,000 . Then if you set a limit order of 37,000, automatic you can buy the Bitcoin at 36,300.

So if you set to conditional order, either 35,000 or 37,000 it can buy the Bitcoin once it reaches the exact price. If you want to make sure you won't miss out a potential break out, you want to use a conditional order. Because in that price, you're sure it might pump. So even if you're asleep, you can still buy. Alright guys, so I hope you understood everything I said about types of order. And right now, we will buy a BTC. So in my case guys, I think I'm okay with the market price as of right now so let's go to the market.

We will buy around.. worth. I think around.. So just for sample guys, we will buy worth 100USDT of Bitcoin. There. So let's tap BUY BTC. Yieeyy! There! We were able to buy BTC at the price of 36,960 something. There. And you can see the information here. The order history. There You can see the record on how much you were able to buy it.

So let's buy another one. So let's go here with the Ethereum. Okay. So Ethereum USDT pair buy. Market price as of right now is worth, 100 USDT also. Buy ETH. Always double check guys. There. Buy ETH. So there guys. So if we'll go to our assets now, let's just tap SPOT account.

We can see here our assets. So let's hide the small holdings so we'll be specific with our holdings. We now have Ethereum. We also have BTC. What we're going to do here is we're going to sell in a right time. Well actually, there's really no right time. In my case guys, I am not really the active trader

that do buy and sell always. We're not like that. What I'm doing is I'll just hold then I'll only sell them once the price rises. Isn't that the principle of trading? Like buy low and then sell high. Right? So like for example, we'll apply here it in our planner. For example I bought this at 300 pesos. There. And then, due to demand, it's value increases.

Let's say, it rises up to 500 pesos. So if I'm going to sell it at 500 pesos, therefore, I earned 200 pesos profit. Right? That's the principle of trading. So it works the other way around if its price drops down to 150 pesos only. If I'm going to sell it at 150 pesos, of course, we lost. Right? Okay. So don't depend on your emotions. Don't panic.

As much as possible. My principle is I will only hold if I'm stuck at the top. Okay? So that's just it. Right? Alright, so hello guys and I just want to give you an update (BY TOMORROW) As you can see here in the market, their price increases.

For now.. So for the sake of this tutorial that's why I bought last time, I'll show you how we're going to sell. So as you can see, we now have a profit. That's up to you if you want to sell them already or you still want to hold them. But in my case, for the sake of this tutorial, I'll let go of this BTC.

We have a percentage of profit anyway. And the good thing here in Bybit is it's spread is low which is our profit will be higher anyway compared to other crypto trading platform where you will buy-and-sell. I invested here worth 5,000 pesos and as of right now, it's already 5,697. We gained almost 700 in just one day. So guys, in just one day.

So guys, join us in selling. Let's sell this BTC. And we are here in SELL and then I think let's choose market again. So that's up to you. The good thing here is we'll just focus on the process. It doesn't mean.. that if ever it increases more.. like we won't regret (Don't base on emotions) What's important is we already have a profit.

There. So we're already selling. There. From I think 101,000 when I bought yesterday, it rises up to 103,000. So therefore, our total profit on our investment is 700 plus, almost 700. So therefore we gained 1,400 plus in just one day. So I won't regret if it drops down and I won't regret as well if it rises up so much. What's important is we have a profit .

So that's the number one lesson I learned guys, because you know, we sometimes came to a point wherein we become greedy sometimes. It's already there. You can see it. You already have a profit. but you're still focusing on the higher reward. So don't be like that. Okay? Don't be like that. Based on my experience guys, that's what I experienced.

So right now guys is we are here in derivatives. Here in derivatives is, this is what expert traders use. Like those who use technical analysis. They are already using higher margins. So I can not explain this further because I am honestly not using derivatives.

So you can research however in YouTube for tutorials regarding this. And I think this USDT perpetual is the most commonly used here in Bybits. Because USDT is the most commonly used here by traders. It's risk is high because it's more on prediction based on your technical analysis, based on the news you heard, based on the research you made, as to what will be the price of BTC. Let' say... There... So, here you have two options like long and short.

So if you choose long, it means based on your technical analysis, the price of Bitcoin is rising. And if short also, based on your technical analysis, the price is dropping down. So let's say you use long, the more Bitcoin's price increases from the price you choose long position during that time, it means your probable profit will be higher. It works the other way around also. Here in derivatives, it is still the same like our orders. This is more like a contract. That's the principle of derivatives. So what traders are using here for risk management is TP or SL.

TP and SL means Take Profit and Stop Loss. Okay? So for Take Profit, if you have gained already this price, your order will be closed which means you can now get your profit. And for Stop Loss as well... For instance... Your loss is more than $50, let's say your loss it will stop there. They won't let it to drop down more or your loss tp become worse. So that's how derivatives is guys. It's really complex.

But if you're already an expert, you can enjoy the derivatives here in Bybit. Now, we are going to discuss other features that we can possibly earn here in Bybit. Because aside from trading, there are other ways for you to earn here. There. Let's go first with ByFi Center. Here in ByFi Center, you can stake cryptos. And the highly recommended here guys is this Flexible Staking.

So in comparison with bank, if you'll just keep your money in the bank, the interest is very low. But here in Bybit guys, they have flexible staking. You can get a higher APY or higher interest. And the good thing here with staking is you can withdraw the amount you staked anytime.

like even if the desired time period is not yet reached, you can easily withdraw it if you suddenly need the money. However, it's growth or interest per day will also stop. Okay? So further discussion regarding staking guys, maybe we'll make another video for that. because we can't fully discuss it here in this video. So let's go here with Launchpad. There. Here in Launchpad, like the ICO.. like those new projects.

And guys, they have also an upcoming sale here in their launchpad soon with their new projects. So watch out if ever you want to participate. So here in Rewards Hub, it's more like a to-do-list and every time you accomplish a goal here, you can get a reward. And they have also here NFT. And we'll probably discuss this in our upcoming video because they also sell here NFTs. There. Non-Fungible Token. That's one of the trend nowadays.

So they also have here Referral Program and get a $20 bonus and unlimited number of reward cards through referral trading. There. So more information guys, just read it there in your mobile application. Okay. So let's say guys, you earned a lot in trading. There. I hope everyone can, right? And you've decided to withdraw. There, let's go now to assets.

So here in Bybit guys, we have two options in withdrawing our money here. So first is, here in the mobile app, they have a withdraw option in the assets. There. We'll just tap that. Here guys, you have the option to send it out to other crypto currency wallet.

And here, we have lots of options that we can use. But the most recommended one is the XRP or ripple. So what you're going to do there is convert your asset to XRP and then send it out. Okay? So in XRP, you have to input a cryptocurrency wallet that you intend to transfer your money to.

So you'll also indicate there the tag or the memo. So always make sure to double check every single detail of the address and the memo. So why is XRP recommended? Because in the very first place, XRP is fast. It can transfer fast and at the same time it has cheaper fee. So the most common crypto currency wallet used to send out your digital asset are PDAX,, Abra because they have already Philippine conversion and at the same time,

they have various option for you to cash out your money. You can do over the counter, through LBC, and they also have Instapay like you know, GCASH, your bank.. they can transfer instantly also. But if you don't want to undergo this process. You don't want to undergo various transfers and conversions, Bybit has also P2P. which is as I have said, as of right now, it is not yet available in their mobile app.

Through web, you can perform P2P. So let's say, your money is in USDT. You want to sell it to someone here in P2P and you will be able to convert directly to your GCash.

They will send it directly to your GCash or you also have the option to send it directly to your bank. So that's it. Follow the instructions, the exact process in P2P. Your transcation will be successful with the merchant there in P2P.

Always double check as well guys. Make sure the price offer of the merchant for your asset conversion is good. So if you have more questions and things I weren't able to cover in this video, for sure you still have a lot more. You may join their Telegram Community linked on the description. So there guys, they send updates constantly. They give trading signals, then news.

And the good thing there... The good thing there is they have activities and games and the prizes are Axie Teams, phones, theme park tickets, USDTs and MacBook Air. Amazing! So guys, for you to join in their amazing giveaway.

Of course, make sure you have joined their Telegram community . And all information can be found in our description box below. So make sure to click the link there so you can join their Telegram community.

So yeah. I guess that's it for today's video. I hope you get the idea regarding trading. And if you want to start guys, again you can just click the link in the description box below for you to sign-up for an account or you can also input my referral code. That is 30840. Again, 30840. Because again guys, 50 users with highest trading volume that used our referral code or link will receive 500 peso worth of XRP. So that is 25,000 pesos in total. So we will be giving them. So amazing.

Alright! So yeah, thank you so much for watching this video. And if you enjoy this, give this video a like and subscribe to my channel. Click on the notification bell so you'll be notified of my uploads. So that's it. Have a nice day. God bless and good bye. (Hi Elaine. You made me flatter so much. What's your GCash number? haha. Charr! Thanks a lot!)

(Hi Chona. Yes you're doing the right thing. Even if you have a stable income already. )

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