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my people my people it's about that time [Music] like a boss live from the usa helping you get paid every day this is the post of bitcoin the christo of creeped up it's your boy bk and if you don't like me you must not like money thank you for joining me everybody today we are doing a live technical analysis on btc to the usd i think it's an opportunity for you to make some major money and see some gains on the blockchain uh and uh you know i'm just coming on on here another day another dollar trying to help you get paid so if this is your first time tuning in congratulations baby you are now rocking with the best my name is bk also known as the crypto trader and i'm the boasts of these charts as you will soon find out every day i grace this microphone with my voice is another day you can profit as a result and today is no exception so if you look in the description and the number one comment on this video you will see a link to the number one bitcoin group in the world hashtag one on bitcoin this is where you need to come if you want to try to win some free crypto uh the last contest we had last video we had my man libra man was the uh winner of some free litecoin so let's go ahead and uh when uh give away some more crypto on this video right so boom boom create public post right yeah and where is our thumbnail at right yeah right so if you uh jump into facebook group all you need to do is share this post and a winner will be selected live on the air inside our next video so uh ain't nothing but do it let's go ahead and make this money first of all uh welcome to all the newcomers on this channel uh ten thousand views this month is amazing uh to have the response and the reception that we have in the market so if you appreciate this content i mostly certainly appreciate you uh hit that thumbs up leave me a comment i respond to each and every one that is left by a real human being uh one of the things i pride myself in is being of uh divine intelligence you know i'm saying uh no need for artificial anything when it comes to the boy bk so uh this is your opportunity to join the community in addition to that uh today we are looking at the opportunity for you to quote by the effin dip um i think this is a chance uh to uh make some money on the blockchain and one of the reasons uh that is evident i believe exists right here on coin market cap hidden inside this wealth our data um uh hidden inside this website is a little chart i think that can be of great use right here this is the percentage of total market capitalization right on a multi-year trend right if we were to just draw you know uh something like this you know on a multi-year trend you can see since 2013 onward uh bitcoin has decreased its dominance right while increasing the total market cap what does that mean that means if you want to exponentially grow your wealth over time it won't be coming from bitcoin it will be coming from the alt coins right and uh one of the other things you can see on this uh same chart year today starting uh january 1st 2021 clear that off come on we have another similar uh downtrend right here right um when we go inside this thing bitcoin dominance started the year you know with a high of 70 percent that's pretty dominant you know that means for every dollar that exists on the blockchain 70 cents of it was wrapped up in btc to the usd right but over time that market dominance has fallen considerably right now today we're right north of 50 i think this is like kind of like a flux point right anything above i believe 77 percent uh is bitcoin heavy you know and that's when the alts kind of like dry up like over here when it was uh 91 90 you know then it dropped considerably you know you want to get in situations where the dominance is dropping and the alt coins are rising and this is a situation again going back year to date if we look at that gray line the bottom number others right 950 right this is all the rest of the altcoin economy not uh captured inside the top 10 altcoins basically everything else in the marketplace right is represented in that others line and it has doubled in size uh since the beginning of the year i think that's unprecedented to be honest to where you have 90 almost 90 of the economy not represented in the top 10 coins and that doubles in size right essentially you see a shift in the market to where uh bitcoin uh is giving away some of its money so that the little guys some of these smaller cap all coins uh can reap the rewards and this is why i tell you to buy the dip however uh i do not recommend uh huddling bitcoin for dollars right right now i recommend learning how to trade like a boss uh this is what i believe i do better than most people in the world um let's see if we can get uh where is our chart like a boss there it goes can we get it there it goes how to try like a ball fix this real quick i haven't seen this thing in two videos turn that off and turn that on this is what i recommend how to chart like a boss if you haven't figured it out by now uh it's a very easy methodology just type into google how to chart like a boss and oh by the way like and subscribe to this channel because i teach you how to do it in almost every video for free right so without further ado let's make it do what it do let's go ahead and make this money um this is btc to the usd on a 343. i'm looking at the most pivotal point of the chart i believe uh which happened in the beginning of 2019 we went from oh right around what is this 4 000 3 000 somewhere in there to a very very very respectable price right around 12 000 right that's a huge run uh by the way for btc um 252 right uh and the methodology that i use you'll notice it it consists of three moving averages a seven a seventy seven and a two thirty one uh the most prominent moving averages right there to seven and seventy seven uh you buy when it goes above your cell when it goes below and then you learn how to swing trade like a boss so if we do a quick fibonacci extension on break out to break down this thing gives us some very prominent and pivotal information represented in the other half of this chart right here one of these is that box right there this is kind of like i call this our baked in price this is uh what bitcoin if the world ended so to speak and all the money in this chart just dissipated i think this would be our our catch basin the chart does not want to go uh lower than this level what you have is a situation to where before all of this money was manufactured and created all this value inside that chart you have areas to where the market intentionally stalled right and still continued to go higher the market intentionally stalled and still continued to go higher and so this level right here you know albeit we'll probably never see it again right around 15 000 i think that will hold if we ever needed to the next one uh is that our 3.2 3.2 is essentially our second step up the ladder that's that floor will hold at thirty thousand should we need it uh the last thing i want to uh emphasize on this extension uh essentially all i'm doing is taking all of this energy inside this yellow box right here right take all that energy and extend it out to see how high can we go from that one cycle right um what did i do i took a fibonacci extension from there to there that's it right and then it extended it all the way up yeah right now what's happening now we're coming up on our capstone this is the 6.4 and this is really why i'm making this video because i believe that we are completing a major major major major cycle uh right here to where this is basically our compound growth rate as long as we stay above that line right as long as we stay above that line we should continue going higher before we go lower right we'll just leave that on there for reference for right now in addition to that i think one of the things we want to try to do is figure out how can we get as much information um into this part of the chart right because you see it kind of just falls off after it goes 4 2 4 6 we don't have too much data that we can pull inside that segment up there so what do we need to do we need to extend our fibonacci bands how do we do that is right here we go from our left to our right to our most pivotal point which is right yeah right see all i did was move that point to that point right just like we're playing plinko oh by the way when the chart has congruence uh if you weren't around for the last video we looked up the word make sure you share this post because i'm taking it off facebook now we looked up the word congruence right um agreement or harmony right we even went to uh wikipedia and saw that uh two angles are congruent if they have the same what the same measure well what does measure mean measure my by definition refers to get out of here an estimate of what is to be expected rhythmic structure or movement you see so we're backtracking here and i'm telling you that it has congruence because i created this box on a completely different fibonacci scale that was this one over here right boom boom that's the first fibonacci band right and that's where those green boxes came but when i do another fibonacci band bone bone right break down to break out guess what that box right there just confirms itself right this is what congruence looks like right multiple dimensions of existence on the same chart all we have to do is fine-tune our microscope to see what level we're looking at right now we need to climb up here we need to climb to the top let me take off this one take off this one and now we're gonna swing high to our next step up which is right there right look at that look at that look at that you can't make it up baby you know what i'm saying this becomes our capstone four two two four six right that's basically all the energy now dispelled and this part of the chart extended upwards notice we got a nice swing zone between the two two and a two six you know what i'm saying so you just move that band right there that's what congruence looks like you know i'm saying connecting the whole chart piece by piece bit by bit and uh now we're sitting between the four two and the four six nobody on youtube is teaching you the fractal harmonics and the word magic and reapplying it into bitcoin right nobody so if you appreciate this i appreciate you you already know what to do with that thumbs up button for player and uh 4246 right this is our new capstone how long will this area of the chart hold uh is the question or how long will it serve as a what a ceiling right because one of the things i tell you is we have to look for the area where the floors become the ceilings and the ceilings become the floor this is a temporary limit on bitcoin's energy capacity however just beyond the horizon we see this price right here eighty six thousand dollars that may seem like a pretty big price but uh given these current terms and conditions uh i don't think it's really outside the scope of btc i think this one uh should serve as a much um more likely run rate and that's going to be at 77k uh i think the 85 to 82 to 88k uh is probably only going to come into place on an extreme extreme extreme run uh to where bitcoin just kind of shoots off and you get one or two candles up there and then it comes back down right right here right we could see bitcoin break 85 85 000 um inside the next two months if we were going to look at timing on this thing let's see let's do this one my timing was actually pretty good on that you would expect it to hit somewhere right in there right where those white lines come together and that would be uh right around july right if this thing is going to hit 86 i like the 77 a lot better so let's uh let's um and in order to get to 77 i just extended my feminazi and took a lower scale right because they're basically the exact same thing right here i really like this price right there 77 on july 7 7 7 7 7 that's perfect should bk go on record and say that bitcoin will break 77 000.

before july 7 2021 why not why not uh this is the price that concerns me with regards to this whole chart is right there right as long as bitcoin can stay above above this box we'll call that our our red box right that's the devil in the details as long as bitcoin can say above that box right and we do not make a lower low uh right there at 52 as long as we don't and you could just call it like a flat 50 bands as long as bitcoin uh stays above 50 000 doesn't spend more than two days it could it could do you know one of those candle wicks sell-off because the cjb's you know they'll intentionally off sell an asset buy it right back up so that they're the only ones to make the money when it goes up it happens time and time again it should be illegal but since no jurisdiction exists on the blockchain they get away with it you know um you know but but just know that that is possible they'll intentionally sell off an asset to wipe out all the stop losses limits margins whatever whatever people doing that they shouldn't be doing and then they'll be the ones that buy it right back up so they're the only ones that get paid from the accumulation of uh ascension inside that asset itself right but yeah and then look at how these lines almost combine like remember i told you that that green line was kind of like our uh run weight our our our break even you know growth rate if we fall i think this would be the decision point right right in there again still july 7. if we fall if we get below that green then you know you could see bitcoin 36 i don't think that's gonna happen you know a lot of these coins are getting very very very very very enticing uh on the charts right and um i learned one thing that i will share with you right now i wish i had like some overlay to say pay attention pay attention look listen right uh one thing i learned in this whole process and this whole enlightening experience uh has been the fact the simple truth that water tends to continue to flow in the direction from which it came right you pour glass of water down those steps it will continue to flow down those steps uh forever you know water's not gonna stop itself turn around and try to run back up those steps it just doesn't work right i think it's a lot more we can take from that but for now i'll just say that this green line that we drew early on boom boom that is the direction of the flow right uh from a macro level on this chart as long as we are above that line we should continue to move higher because water always flows in the direction from which it came it tends to flow from the direction from which it came now it does get to a point to where the water will slow down get choppy and have to make a turn around the bin or you know curve itself around the mountain that's fine divert into another stream whatever but for now this trend is up and to the right so if you were going to bet your money that this trend reverses itself then by definition uh that would be gambling because you don't have too much information uh outside of you know a couple sell-offs here uh sold off right here what happened it bought it right back sold off right here what happened bought it right back sold off down there what happened bought it right back right if you if you if you think those intermediary divergences and we call them diversions because they temporarily go against the trend that's already established and set inside the chart if you think those temporary divergences control the trend you're mistaken because inside this chart uh is the truth that we are continuing thank god we are continuing to make higher lows right and we'll color this one this will be the last part of the chart start getting kind of getting kind of in kind of well right we are continuing to make higher lows that's a higher low right there that's a higher low right there that's a higher low right there and that's why i drew this red box and said as long as that higher low holds yeah fifty thousand as long as fifty thousand holds bitcoin will continue going higher right this little sell-off is just gonna be a little temporal displacement you know a little capitulation before the next run and bam hit our head on top of 77 bands by july 7. you know what i'm saying um what else we got what else we got one more thing i think and and it's 50 000 again this is our critical level uh the last thing i wanted to say is that as this pattern plays out i do think a major move will be happening um let's see if we can get it on this one probably on this one right because this was our major move sequence right there see how it fell off the cliff right there let's see what the levels tell us on that one oh we're riding it right now we're riding it right now july 7th is our predictive price this thing could start running before may 7. uh that's what it looks like between july 7th and may 7th i think is when we could see bitcoin have a very accelerated growth rate which will essentially do something like that right i don't think we'll fall but i'm just trying to take it from the point of agreement and congruence right there um that's worst case scenario we could still fall to 50 and run the 77 before that point more than likely it's gonna just fill that because that's where it all came together at that's a beautiful chart right there i haven't drawn a chart that good in a very long time i think i'm going to share this on my trading view community so what we'll do now i'll show you my page on trading view this is where uh i used to share a lot of these charts that i would do inside uh this youtube channel that way you have a chance to um we'll take this off for now take that off for now uh we'll just throw up a little blurb here um bitcoin making higher lows good for future growth right boom boom boom um yeah that looks good right looks very good that's our top line right there i don't think we could go higher than this and look at that look at that look at that look at that look at how it all comes together right there that's what i'm saying like some of this stuff some of this data look you see that you see that point right there that's like the capstone i don't think bitcoin wants to go higher than these points right um 77 on seven boom boom boom boom boom right so that's what i'm gonna that's what i'm gonna rock out with 77 bands on or before july 7th 2021 uh i think i've only done this one other time to my uh recollection where i pinpointed a price on bitcoin and i said if we are above or below that line a major event will happen uh that happened to two a couple years ago but yeah so this is our catch basin 50k right and we need um we need this thing to take off and start running but i think i think the major opportunity is in the altcoin market as i previously uh told you guys with uh bitcoin decreasing what the are they doing with bitcoin decreasing i'm sorry oh my god um that's why i'm moving guys i'm currently moving okay with bitcoin decreasing its dominance there are definitely some opportunities to make some money on the altcoins by the way uh i gave one of those coins to you guys who watched uh my last video i said should you buy neo um this was just i believe two or three days ago i want to say and uh if we just go back yeah look at the chart yeah um neo since the release of that video uh has made some crazy money you know this thing is up more than when did i release that video like right here right what day is today i think i did the 17th 16 16 17 same price right there uh let's just check it when did i do the neo video should you buy neo april 16th right april 16th so we'll give myself another day boom boom april 16th and we'll measure it to should we measure it to dollars right so we can see april 16th bam that's what i'm talking about that's what i'm talking about baby that's how you win right there you know what i'm saying i put the team on my back you know what i'm saying that's how you win right there right so uh april 16th neo set at a glorious uh 80 and i said buy it guess what right now it's at uh you know 110 oh and by the way it's not done going up this is what i do i have what they call clairvoyance into the market i've dedicated my entire life to understanding what money is and how to materialize more of it and then once i figured it out for myself i saw how many people around the world were struggling so you know i started making this video i got about 22 decades in financial markets all the way going back since before the first uh financial crash back in 2009 2005 i believe actually no what what year 2002 is when i bought my first stop disney a t and a little company called uh rite aid at the time um neo is is still positioned to go higher should you buy neo absolutely uh but you probably should have did it on april 16th because you would be up 37 what like a boss so uh again this is the real deal how to chart like a boss look it up on big brother if you haven't done it already and then when you're ready you know what i'm saying to put down two and pick up six uh you can jump on over to we do have some vip trading communities available for you the first is the profit package that's a hundred dollars for the first month oh i'm sorry fifty dollars for the first month a hundred dollars thereafter um and that's basically the top seven coin swing trade every seven days i just put out a new list for those people uh we do have uh in addition to that the bustler messages this is for my sharks in the making that want to like taking a big bite out of a big whale whenever they can you know what i'm saying we got we got we got it we got a couple sharks in that tank swimming around and uh we like to hunt together so 3.99

for three months i try to make it as cheap as possible so uh if you have more than probably three or four thousand dollars in the market a ten percent uh average monthly gain will essentially uh give you free admission into the group and and keep your profits flowing and growing uh as a result of your involvement in the community so uh as i mentioned before neo is most certainly on the profit package this week it should go higher given the health and direction of the market given the current flow of the market you know what i'm saying is always going to keep going in the path of least resistance and that is to continue flowing from the direction from which it came so there you go everybody thank you for joining me my name is brandon it's been a pleasure with that being said it's that time of the day signing out both boy bk no matter where you state brazil to bay california all the way back out though jerk my name good night good morning and good day thank you for joining me thank you for your time i just wanted to uh shout out the young lady that i had a one-on-one with today uh she went through this website i'm revamping it so it won't always look like this but i actually have a part of the website where you can uh book a solo session with me and and i'll you know jump on a zoom call and we'll go through some charts together uh it was very very very amazing to meet another uh mistress of the light and you know somebody entitled and uh divine in our own right i certainly appreciate our conversation ms luna empress you know always good you know to meet another rainbow warrior and so uh with that being said everybody it's that time of the day signing out folks boy bk no matter where you stay brazil bay california all the way back out though jerk monet good night good morning and good day thank you for joining me thank you for your time uh join one of the vip trading groups let's make some money together it ain't no fun if the homeboy don't get none do that for me if you appreciate mine till we meet again stay cryptic y'all peace like a boss [Music]

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