Bitcoin Ribbons Predicts $3k Bottom, Alpha Alt Trading Spreadsheet, and XRP + LTC Trading Analysis

Bitcoin Ribbons Predicts $3k Bottom, Alpha Alt Trading Spreadsheet, and XRP + LTC Trading Analysis

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Hey guys I'm a little hey Maddy welcome back to another Bitcoin trading video today we're gonna be taking another look back in time at 2014. In regards, to EMA, ribbons and, how we can use them to predict the following knife that is Bitcoin you're, interested in that and more stay tuned hey guys welcome back again we're gonna be having an awesome video today with, a comparison, to the 2014, bear cycle, and how it applies to us today in terms of the EMA ribbons I'm also gonna be going over into a new spreadsheet that I'm creating specifically. For trading information it. Won't be financial advice and financial analysis, as always but it would be pretty awesome to see what. I'm looking for in terms of indicators and potential, bearish or bullish news that, could affect price action in the future so, make sure you stay tuned towards the end of the video to, check that out in its beta form that, being said we're gonna take a step, back in time in 2014, and, look exactly what happened in terms, of the EMA ribbon so if you're not sure we EMA ribbons are it's just essentially a, trend, flow of different, EMA averages. Presented. In a ribbon format, so, we look back here at 2014, we see that we had our descending triangle very similar we're, measuring our descending triangle from the top of this wick this. Was our dead cat bounce that we had after the exponential. Rise prior. To the 2014, bull. Run we. Were able to come up here have a dead cat bounce into, our descending, triangle, we, see that we came down bounce up and back, down touch the top at, the bottom and then, bottom. Down so, as most people know what the same thing of a triangle, is typically the left-hand side of the triangle the widest portion you're. Gonna be measuring that to kind of determine when this support, breaks of where, the knife is going to fall so as you can see it conveniently, fits within, the 60% range we had the, top of the wick of the triangle forming here we have a 60% drop, to where the bottom support, ended, up touching one two three. Times arguably, four times and.

Then We can draw a 60% when that support was broken, here, on September, 22nd, ironically September. Q4. And here. We had a smaller bounce back up to the so, the the previous support now resistance, and. We actually ended up having one. Week I think and. I'm sorry we, actually ended up coming down here and having one week of capitulation, down, to 60%, dropped, that was our low after that week we, ended up closing where, I think the 200-day, moving average, would have roughly been and used, that 200-day, moving averages, to support all the way back to the fib the, fit band so, you see our this is our 200-day moving average, this is where it starts this is probably the oldest chart that you can find we're on bitstamp trading at the moment the. 200-day moving average, actually only goes back to. June of 2015 but. We can do some approximate nations just by measuring. Price. Actions, of how, far the moving averages is moving, I think, there would have been a little bit more of a dip but, by my calculations. Of how I looked. At it it, looks like the 200-day moving average, was just, below the, close of our, most. Dangerous week, that we had in Bitcoin so, something, to note here. And. This is something I'm gonna be looking towards in. The future is, that most of the price action that took us, down. About 30 percent actually. Happened in one week worth of trading you. Can see that there was tons of buy pressure down here below the 200-day moving average, which is to be expected from a trader you don't really you're. Not really trading below 200 moving average because at that point there's really nothing, so. It looks like during, that week we dropped below to the, 200-day, moving average, to, our priced target of 60% based, on the descending triangle and then we were able to close, above the 200-day moving average, and use that as a support, in the, future as you can see we touched it here here, and the second touch actually ended up sending us back into the fib lines and. Then back down again the 200 moving average, if we go further we use it as a riding support back through it and then we started to see, some. Tightening of the EMAs until, we ended up going on our new bull run so, what. Are these moving, averages what can they tell us well essentially the switching. Of the moving averages, confirms. Kind. Of like the trend reversal, rate so, here, we're looking at now. It's important to note something I do want to point out that I did notice is that in this scenario in 2014. Because there was such upward. Priced momentum, in the previous, past, the, 100 day and 50-day moving average are sitting well above. Here in. Our scenario. 20:18. We, still have the 100 day moving average to use as a support but. We're well below the 50 when we're looking on the weekly so we have a 100 day moving average target we have a 200 day moving average, target if we expect the 200-day moving average, to be the same supports before then, we'd be looking at 3 K if we respect the 100 day moving target, that you may be looking at a 5 K bottom but I expect the 100 day that just gets smashed and. An extended, bare market looking. Into 2019, so, what. Do we have here. So we have our EMA. Lines. Kind of coming up here in the uptrend you see how they've gotten very far apart this is kind of to reflect the, exponential, action I'm pretty sure it's like a 200%, move above the line typically, you'll see 50 to 100 but 200, is very big now. This. Also like. Many of our other indicators, work as a, magnet reversal, so, you see how we're just so high up here above the.

Moving Day averages even though we're so wide apart and it still went wide because it's soaking in a lot of this action, that was going on but, you see it kind of just magnetically. Reversed the price action to, touch the, top, of the first moving average went, into the moving, average lines and then kind of came out what we're looking for is. These. Moving, averages to flip to. Show, kind of a burn out of the trend if you would so, something very interesting, to note here and I've. Highlighted the top and bottom because those are gonna be what we're looking to switch on, so. Let. Me just kind of bring the server here because this is this is our candle that we're looking for right on the edge of this price action movement. This. Is our entire move in its entirety. Come. Down here and go closer to 60% if, you're judging from the bottom of this candle that eventually broke the following week so what I'm looking for when, i zoom in here is. What is going on with, the bottom line, here our, bottom line of the of the of the EMA move so. I'm. Looking at two lines one's the yellow which is the top line and the black line and we're looking for them to flip over as we. Have this scenario over here with the black line is on top and the, yellow line is on the bottom indicating. Maybe. An end to the Bears like we're a wait until we get to a reverse flip to go back into a bull cycle right this is kind of just eating up all the momentum prior from the previous bowl cycle where. We need that to fade out so, if you notice when we had out to eternal divine just for a second but when we had this final. Action, it was our largest selling, candle. Almost. Ever equal to the, first selling candle that we had at. The top of this, previous move so, when. We go to make, this final move there's, gonna be a ton of sell pressure people are just gonna be freaking out most, likely because we're approaching. The 200-day moving average, which is a pretty significant, event in trading, so we'll take off the volume just so we can see what's going on so. Here. Is our black line and, I wanted to zoom in real close so people can see this. This. Just. Take into account where we broke we actually broke here. So. Here's what we broke let. Me see how close along we are to these lines we. Actually ended up coming back up and the. First time that. Our bottom, black line is going to crossover is going, to be right here we, see that as soon as it starts across the river there's, a negative price action we're. At this point we're very far away from the line so I do expect, retracement. And this for tradesmen comes up to test the bottom of this triangle which was a very, serious support, for us in the past now. It is I think I'm going to line by accident now. It's going to act this resistance is a price action bumped, through it a few times here, here one, actually came all the way up to the bottom line that was in, transition, and then ended up coming, back down so there might be some opportunity, for some, long trades, during, these short. Weekly time frames if we were trading in 2014, but, as you can see we really start, here we, come back to the bottom line and we. Just start crossing through all these lines for, the switchover it actually ends up going all the way to. Wow, ironically, it goes all the way to where our bottom was met if we come back here. The. First time we see the, black, doing. A test of the top, well. What is the top line now the yellow lines down, here we. Can see that it's actually either on the candle so, from. Here. We come out to about yeah here so.

From The switchover from the black line the, bottom line of, the previous bull cycle. When. We when we switch over. From. This point to this point it's about three months right, in this, three-month cycle we went from being above, the support. Line here. To. Dropping to our lowest low of the bear cycle here, from. Here we actually ended up going I think just somewhere between one and 150, X to about, 22,000. Or whatever it is 20,000, whatever the all-time high was but. We actually had our 60% drop. During. These during. This black crossover, cycle here. You. Could argue it started here as. A precursor, but. This is kind of a fake out, into. A pennant and down, to our downside, why. Is this important. Maybe. It isn't but. I'm. Seeing the same trend, and. And I hate to do 2014, 2 versus present-day comparisons, but it's it's it's eerily similar I'm. Seeing the same trends happen here that I am in 2018. Let's. Go to 2018, and. To us. Okay so here's 20 18 here's. Our. Our. 200-day. Moving average, if we look at the hundred day moving average, I just want to set a marker for where it, is I'll just draw. Along. The lines here. 100 day moving average. And. We'll set that back too. Under. So. Here's our one energy moving average here's our. 200-day. Moving average, I'm, getting a call all, right, ought to take that later according, a video right now so. So our hundred moving average looks like it's gonna be coming up somewhere in this range 200-day, moving average, sitting these are our two targets, once I've 5,200 the other at roughly, 2800, right now, first. We'll draw our triangle so we have it all set up or. I should set it up before the video but. Ever, so. The bottom is right. Here we had we had a test at the bottom before break. At the bottom prior to that so this is really kind of the, best line we can draw. Here. Is our. So, you can draw two lines for this triangle the. One I like to draw which. I think is a little bit more relevant is here. Okay and then. You have a second line if you want to consider this to be the dead cat bounce you, could consider this to be the dead cat bounce this, is our first dead cat bounce with, our high wick.

So. If we measure those. While measures in at about 65. Which. I think is too much. And the second one measures in. Take, the top of the wick. At. 50. Roughly. Problem. 265, mark. I want the 65, mark. 65%. Robbed. You, would be well below take. It over here you'd. Be well below the 200 a moving average now if we recall from before, in. The previous scenario we, actually did drop pretty significantly, below the 200-day moving average. It's. Gonna be this. Would be 2,000. Maybe our next support you can actually come and see the fractal here that formed at, the bottom here for this but. There's something really previous, to that if. We draw our 50% line if, we expect it to bottom, out, from. The descending triangle as we did before this. Would actually take you roughly. Around. The. The. 200-day, moving average, we're looking at you can see if I set it up over here that's. About where the 200 a moving average would be it. Also sets up I want this fractal here, so you, could maybe, use both but remember, keeping. In mind if we are having a replication, of a 2014 scenario, which, is not always going to be the same. Then. You would be looking. To. Have price actions go below the 200-day moving average, in, a weekly, sell-off, and then, a quick retrace. Towards. The end of the week to close, right above where the 200 moving averages to kind of let this 200-day moving average, eased, to support back, into a bull run so, what's happening with our. EMA. Lines that's. Really what the concept. Of those videos is about well. Zoom in here, and. We're seeing that we have the first signs of our. Black line flipping, to the opposite side against. The yellow which is our previous top all the way up here so, you. Can almost say that we're in the endgame now to quote infinity, wars right we. Are in our first cycle. Of breaking. The FIB lines we see these fib lines are starting to get closer together, we. See that this black is it soon enough just like in 2014 just towards, the similar, part of the triangle this, black line is going to start moving. Through all these moving averages and causing a, great period of volatility now. It doesn't mean that we can't identify potential. Long periods, or shorter timeframes, I think it's definitely possible that we, could come down maybe touch this area on the first if, it takes a while for the black to catch up with the rest of these we could see a little uptrend which, we were talking about before and that's $6,800, range and in fact I think at one point during 2014, when we came all the way up and touched this before going strictly, back down so it's, definitely possible there's room here to test this top but, I think it's almost I, don't want to say guaranteed, because everything on this channel is not financial advice from a financial adviser but, there's a high probability that, these black line that this black line going through the remaining of the moving averages to have a flip over of the, EMA. EMA. Ribbon I want to call it the correct name so you guys can check it out on trading view and I have switched over to trading view for, a couple of indicators that I don't have and I'm gonna be testing out the software I've used trading view in the past prior to coin in G but I just really like horng's interface it's. Just a lack of certain indicators such, as like volume. Well, actually the main issue is that they don't have, I think, custom scripts so you can't get TV sequential, you, can't get volume oscillators. On the right hand side I, don't even think they have this indicator, of the ribbon. Because. These are custom created by people who are on. Trading. View this, was one of the highly liked, ones when you search for him on trading view it. Seems to be fairly. Accurate when. Kind. Of painting, the narrative that we're looking towards so, yeah my expectation, is that we're about one week away from seeing, our first crossover which, would be my expect expectations. That whenever we have these crossovers happening, between, the bottom line going through each one of them we typically saw a negative price action in 24 team and then we would see a reprieve from the negative price action when, it wasn't actually crossing, the line it was waiting to cross its next line so we have two lines pretty close here together expecting. The cross the first one next, week and. Then and, then the next one following week and then probably a little retracement. And, then. Yeah, really just a falling knife from there something. I find very interesting, is. That these lines are getting very close together and the black line is getting close to crossing over all these lines leading, up into the week of the ETF decision, I'm. Never one to say that you know finite new, sources are going to come out because. Of TA that were able to do but it would be very ironic I, think it's the best word to say is that if we saw a straight-out. Rejection. Of the ETF, towards.

The End of September and then kind of us just going, from there I saw some articles coming out to say the. Etf decision, is the last thing that Bitcoin has which. I which I find you know very you. Know gloomy, if he, would per. Se but yeah I see, this cross ever happening similar to what we had back in 2014, which. Is an indicator of bearish action and. Then kind of a reprieve from there so, when. We look at the 200-day moving average. It's. Really, just coming into this we'll, just read. Your all this to be the 50% that we're looking at it's. Coming right up into this area or we would expect. Probably. A bottom. Towards. I think I had it when I have true it the first time before the video I had it towards the end of November, early December, so. If. You think that this is the narrative that's being painted out for. You and actually I'm having really bad deja vu right now from a dream because I never used trading view but I had this one dream that I did use trading view so that's really, weird but, if, you really think that this narrative is a narrative that's panning out for you then, you should be preparing for you should be looking at all coins that you want to target once, we hit the bottom because we're, looking at these oversold, all conditions, I think that they could go on for a few more months I think there's definitely some opportunities, to look at and we'll be talking about some of them today because I know a lot of you wanted me to touch on, some of those that's, why I'm drawing up this chart, to kind of start. Developing, patterns. To be able to identify things on a daily or by daily or a weekly basis. It's, something I've always done I've always to analyze things and put things into writing so. I can kind, of take a proactive approach with. The system that works someone who starts working then, we can start building off of that and I recommend everyone doing that and pretty, much every asset, of their life because. Your your brain can only retain so much information and the longer, time goes on the. More likely you are to lose a portion, of the information so if you have everything down and writing in, the presentable format, then. You're able to retain. More information or, at least reference information back and go what was I thinking back, at this period how, can I change this process how can I improve it that's why I was. A big proponent of spreadsheets, back in the day and I'm, continuing, to do them today and utilize. Previous. Successes, in. My opinion for. This type of stuff so that being said very. Scary stuff I think for. A lot of people out there you're probably like what the. Bitcoins, gonna keep going lower, like if you're if you're in, this mentality because like I did in my last video I want to explain, The Tale of Two Cities if you would but. I had maintained, my position I thought going lower was more likely than the previous just. Because of the state of the market how far away we are from the happenings, the. Different TA indicators, that are telling us different things so, you. Know what's going to happen here I think we, probably see that break similar 2014, bounce off the 100 day moving average maybe, come up above, the baseline for kind of a fake-out with a with a pennant and, then we'll be looking towards that late December, early or, late, November, early December. 50%. Retracement from, that line the, way I'm looking at this is incredibly, bullish, if. When you put it into perspective I'm. Not saying this is bullish I'm saying. You. Know the potentials, are bullish right so, I'm looking back here you. Could have gotten into, Bitcoin at 150, dollars right, if you had known that this EMA. Ribbons. Line worked. Exactly like this and if you had known like if we had past data if I had seen this before if there was another extended, bear market that, we have seen prior to this to be able to analyze we. Could have used this period, to get into Bitcoin at $150. And seen. An exponential, move up. To 22,000. If you. If. You're looking at it from that perspective if. We see a similar. Which, I'm not sure as possible, because, you're. Looking at it you're looking at it we always say we're super early right but you were looking at a period where, literally. No one know about it and, everyone. Knows about Bitcoin now but some little, amount of people are in it and, I know we still have a long time to go and there's a lot of possibilities, for large.

Institutional, Investors starting, to pan the market with money so you, know we could, see some sort of parabolic, move that that. Trump's the recent, exponential. Move it's definitely, possible but. You know maybe the biased part of my mind is like oh well from 150, to 20,000. Like that's, a lot can we do that again because if we do that again, you're looking 20,000, to 400,000. Right that's that's pretty insane to think a Bitcoin, at 400,000, but a lot of people including McAfee, who went to chop off, his own dick they're, calling for a million dollar Bitcoin by you know a certain timeframe so you, know I guess, everything's possible especially, given how young the tech is how, much if it can change the future. You. Know just a number, of things you name it I ever think everyone, is heard you know the song and dance before of what. Bitcoin can do and have little amount of people are actually in Bitcoin at the current moment even if you include. Larger. Countries like Korea and Japan. And in that narrative or India for example so, and. By the way India's important, to bring up I think they deferred cryptocurrency, regulations. For a couple weeks wouldn't, be surprised if that's going to get baked into this as well. You know India potential. Exit from the market from India maybe. ETF. Denial maybe, I mean all these different potential new sources that could cause, some sort. Of pressure on the market onto the sell side it's. Happening all the time there's a lot of people who are a lot of dormant, accounts from 2014. Selling. Their Bitcoin now maybe they see a very, similar patterns happening with these favor ribbons and they're like okay well you know large buyers want, to put I want to sell off their and buy, buy even lower I mean I would have if I was in 2014. I would have sold out at you know whatever in the in the thousand dollar range so I could buy it for 1/10 the price you. Know now you could sell out and buy it for maybe half the price obviously if I was those guys I would have sold much higher but you, know who who's to say what is what is what in terms of bottoms and tops, from. A a person that's looking at it from that perspective so very. Interesting narratives. Forming around Bitcoin I think from a Makarov resent. Ation I think there's a lot of negative. Music potentially drop in the quarter that could definitely. Push. This push, this narrative, this, is a more macro narrative, we've been looking at this descending. Triangle happening for some time now waiting, for some sort of move and. Now these bands are starting to get tight we're starting to see a, lot, of pressure almost like a squeeze if you're a Bollinger Band fan as, I am just. Some sort of squeeze happening, here between, the MAS getting really tight together which. Is an indication of a. Big. Move of coming and. It's on the bearish side so you know kind, of goes into an era with the descending triangle I know a lot of people don't believe in sending. Triangles, but this is this, is pretty big stuff I think, the other one was 65%. Actually. 5% low which. Would be 2000 which would even be well it's not gonna be good for me because I'm, not putting my um about, that I'm. Not putting my buy orders. In, at 2,000 I'm gonna be putting them in at 3,000. And. I want to see what happens with the 100 day moving average first and again it's not financial fights not financial advisor I'm not the type of person but that, being said this. Is pretty clear evidence in, my opinion on a very long time frame that we're seeing this type of stuff happen. So. Anyway. Yeah. Interesting. I know it's very bearish and people FRA are gonna be very happy with it but it's, pretty realistic in, terms of looking at past data in terms of what these indicators. Mean and it'll, be exciting to see them in my opinion a lot of people are like oh this, sucks I have to deal with another, three months of this. Well guess what it's only three months go, take a vacation or something in three, months you might be able to buy at the bottom switch. Your money into all coins and then ride a sideways, action we're also just gonna boot cuz alter are like 85 percent oversold positions now, you could also take the other side of that coin and say well also never coming back only, certain ones that's.

Why We're doing what we're doing on the trading watch sheet so, let's. Hop over and debut. The beta version of the trading one sheet boom. The same, standard. Before I'm, just kidding. Okay. So I have and I don't want anyone to get the panties twisted in a bunch I know there's gonna be a who. Are saying things along the lines of oh well you didn't put my favorite coin on there whatever that's, fine, it's whatever what, I did with this she is I went through all 100 of the top. Ball. Coins including, Bitcoin, -. Bitcoin than the other 99, all coins and I also went through, 200. Through 500 to. Kind of just get a. Represent. Representation. Of what I like what I don't like what I feel I should research because I don't know anything about it, and in top 500 priority. Which is, ranked. 100, to 400 to. 500, just, coins that I'm picking out because I only have so much time on my hand and this she's probably gonna even get convinced down further. Because, I spent about an hour just going through the top eight and that took a while so definitely. Need to excuse. Me either, either. Rework, the process of how I'm gonna be doing it or bringing on people to help people. Who kind of see my vision what I look at similar traders, do, I have a personal relationship with who I can trust in terms of putting in information and, please don't comment in the bottom of being like oh I can help because I don't know you, unfortunately. The. Cryptocurrency space in a very volatile point right now where. Certain. People you can't trust so, and. Because I'm let's look at it so I kind of go over similar. What I do on my on my channel when I'm reviewing videos one, hour for our 12 hour daily, three-day weekly, rate the reason why I even put the three day in here is because, most all coins are not gonna have weekly numbers, the. Moving averages, and if the echo Mogu clouds are. Just not going to be prevalent on some of these weekly time frames because of how much data or limited, data we have so. Some, of them do have three-day. Charts, that you can use most, of them are just daily and before and that's why trading, all coins is a lot higher risk than Bitcoin bitcoins. Been around for longer we have a lot more trading data that's why the price of stable lives versus. Alts when they bleed or boom so, I put in all of them here I want to look at all my notes across all time frames to look at short or long positions, or short-term or long-term positions, and, certain things I also have a macro note for. Certain news and and what the market is perceiving, or what I perceive the market at that time and. I also if I'm looking at something I'm looking at potential, targets. Based on PA and not financial, it's not a financial advisor and, I also linked some news articles here to. Kind of go along with the macro notes so looking, through here, just. For a short, demo I guess of, what we're looking at I've been able to go, through. Pretty. Much five. Coins I think we, pretty much did Etha theorem XRP, Bitcoin, cash is, stellar, Lake coin, so. One. Thing to keep in mind whenever I'm looking at all coin trading the number one thing is I'm looking at Bitcoin because, I presented this hypothetical question to a private group that, I'm a part of that we're saying oh you know Tom Tom, Lee from fun strat is putting out all these things saying all, coins are oversold at 80 to 86, percent with the highest since, the previous, trends, where we had big all coin booms so, we say we should expect an all calling boom and I'm like okay well that's positive, news I like that the problem with this is is. This hypothetical scenario if. I told you that bitcoin was gonna be sub 4000, by, the end, of 2018 right, what, would be your expectations. Of an altcoin boom happening, between now and December. Well. It depends so, up into this point and people this is where I'm not very contrarian I actually believe that cryptocurrency, is very anti contrarian I think. Momentum. In terms of emotions, kind of carry through and then, you can look for smaller contrarian, opportunities.

So, There's two realms of thought with this hypothetical situation, number. Well number one realm of thought is that a Bitcoin Falls 40 percent everything else bleeds with it up into this point in 2018, we've, seen that since the bull run ended at the end of 2017. January, 2018. Since the bulck bulck omnia. This is a bull trend ended. We've seen that all tip just typically followed, Bitcoin. Well there's something to note about this Bitcoin, was oversold and so were all the odds so, it, might not be the case that they're actually in, sync, with each other because we look back to, 2017. In the bull run and we looked at certain. Certain. Ther trends, that happen within that bull run that have to do with like Segway and Bitcoin, cash force and uncertainty, in terms of Bitcoin also in a different direction we actually had a lot of all coin runs that, happened during. That period because Bitcoin was taking an you know it's time to go lower. There. May be some opportunities in the Aucoin market on the flip side of that thought process to, say okay well we don't need to necessarily say, that there's an intrinsic relationship, between, Bitcoin, and all coins we can say that they were both ever sold and that bitcoin, is just, driving. That pressure because, there's lack of investment support well, I would. Argue to say that if. Bitcoin, is falling but, there's opportunity, to make profit, people will hedge into alts if, they feel that they're oversold, let's say we say oh well a theorem can't go any any lower though, I mean if we look at the etherium. Indications. Right here as a possibility I think could go lower I think my, original target was two fifty two three three hundred when it was at a thousand. Now I'm now ivory, drew those targets - 150, 200, because, the ICO, the. ICO bubble had just completely bombed. Out essentially. So you're in there's a lot of fun around aetherium right now which you can look, here a lot of bearish news on, a theory and market sentiment as bearish do - i cos that's, the macro notes very, self-explanatory, sometimes. It'll be a little bit more than that but, I think we all kind of feel that sentiment, about theorem, right now as a collective, as a community, so. Yeah. You, know aetherium could go lower for sure but, there could be opportunities here. You. Know for things that are going on and we're gonna look at this, mainly. Though alts, as a whole I think we'll still follow Bitcoin because. People. Want it people don't, have their money in the market right now they're kind of just pulling their money out of the market into feei that's, why you've seen tether rise, to a thon high market yet that's why you've seen true. USD come. Up into the top 100, I think it's at like 80 or 70 at the moment right so.

Coming Back to what we're saying, I think there's opportunity. But the very high risk so the number one thing I always do when I'm looking at alts in terms of trading opportunity, is to understand, that it's high risk and to lower my. My. Leverage or lower my skin in the game I don't wanna say levers because then you confuse it with it max you. Know lower lower my exposure is the best word I want, to lower my exposure but still capitalize, on gains, that could be that, could be potentially, made so, I looked, at these top five coins that, I'm looking at I like lifts and before I go into them I just kinda want to go over everything so these are all the coins in the top 100, that, I liked outside, of the five that I mean you're, looking at like card a diamond era - Neo Finance, coin nem Doge became, Z. Cash OMG, Liscomb tala GQ 2 QX. Dilek on a nano icon wave, steam, etc, and just read the whole list as I scroll down here you can pause one. Two three. Alright so most of these are I either like the idea I, like the community I like I think that has a strong community like nano I'm not a big fan of Nana but I think Nana has a really strong community, I like. Social media coins, like wave some Steven I just. Put poon DX in here because a lot, of people have been trading poon DX I'm. Not a big fan of hoondi access you know I didn't invest and I thought I think the not, gonna comment on poon DX but people. Who, have watched previous streams know how I feel about 50 acts that, being said Puni. Actions had a lot of trading on it's it's been able to solidify itself, within the market as an, altcoin because, of its positive ROI so. I did put it on here it's not that I like poon DX it's just that I think poon DX is a potential. Trading coin which i think is a positive for poon DX so. Maybe that would make me like it a little bit more that, being said the rest of these are a lot of block chains that I think could be potential, in the future or at least have some positive price action if the market turned around or. I just like the idea in general like everyone knows how I feel about ZRX. You. Know I like privacy coins I like blockchain coins etc. Looking. Into the dislike coins it's, I'm not it so again iota, and dislike. Coins does not mean that I'm not going to trade on them right, it, just means that these are not things that I would put into my portfolio, people. Know I'm not a fan of Tron I think that's a very divisive topic in the industry so I'm not gonna talk about trying right now I'm not gonna talk about anything I just am NOT a fan of trunk somewhere, in my cognitive bias not, digging on trying I owe to gets a lot of and I don't think it's developed enough yet so iota though, I'm gonna be looking at it from a trading perspective, I don't, like I out of it a theory, in classic I don't see a point for it but people like a theory in classic that's fine like, it's fine to be on this list it doesn't mean that I think these are coins though, some of them probably are, coins not. A representation of them just my opinion that, being said they're. Still in the top 100, and. There's, there's, opportunities. For these to get traded on for sure iota intron and theorem classic have huge opportunity, to get traded on maybe. Not as much as maybe the light coins but they do and. Then the research for listing these are coins that I don't know much about so, I can't put them into a like or dislike dislike. Category, these, are things that I'm probably gonna do some video content on so. I could learn more about them and I'm not gonna waste that information, so might as well translate it to you, these, are things that I haven't researched in the past and I want to know more about, being. Said top 500 priority, these are coins that are outside the top 100, but, I think can either be traded on or I'd like for, example another, big fan of khyber especially, with the recent, improvements, in decentralized exchanges, with other different people, coming. Out we, talked about these decentralized, exchanges or bunches so anyway, hybrid. Develin can be traded on still as byte Alexanian floating around around it it, exchange, coins like by box I'm always gonna be looking at for upside same. With like I think ACS is in here somewhere enigma. Even. Though that I think that there was pretty shitty what happened what the Krauts and stuff I think it could be an emerging coin in the future you, know polymath.

Fact And fall into that category, go. Chain even though people don't like it because it's aetherium fork I think can play a role in the future civic, is just kind of a I'm. Not a big fan of civic but it's. It's a it's, a coin day you can trade on a same with economy, that's an old like, old era coin but you can still be traded on matrix. A potential, upcoming, project that could pay, gains long-term, pork chain not very happy with obviously, because of what just recently happen what their sale but, they are working on their project so, we'll see what happens. Credits, to say thing I wasn't a big fan of but again they're working on the project for my knowledge nucleus. Vision big. Fan of a be not. Sure where the problem is going to go in the short term but it's something to keep my eye on blues L I'm bullish. On, Aragon. Metal these are old-school coins, that have places in the top 100 that are no longer their mainframe. I like the team and. And everything so I want to see what happens with them peach. A and even though I passed on them from an SEO perspective it's something I'll be monitoring, and taking a look at and obviously, our, favorite. Over here POA network so, I think, that's a detailed. Breakdown on how I'm looking at this I don't want people to come here and be like well, you put my coin and I like on the dislike coin with the phone or XYZ it's like that's not what this she is about all, of these I want to do TA on and all of these I want to keep up with. It's just that you, know for long term portfolios, when I go to make my diversified. Portfolio. I'm most likely gonna be pulling from the litecoins and having, a low, volume, percentage. On some of the dislike coins and top five hundreds also. These. Are how often I'm gonna be trying to check them so, I'm gonna be checking my like coins daily my dislike coins maybe, every, three days like once or twice a week probably and, then the top 500 probably, weekly until, they start catching some more.

Some. More timeframe, volume, to be able to look at and this makes sense because if, you look at the top 500 priorities, most of them probably aren't gonna, even have a daily chart the best of my people to pull out is like a 12-hour chart so do, me very quick checks but, I need to be able to streamline. This process and, make it a lot easier because right now spend, two hours just going through you, know my top five coins. But, let's, talk about some of the stuff that we learned today or. That I learned today so, I'm looking at X RP and I'm, looking at litecoin, to, be the, two winners out of this gauntlet. Of fire if you would so. When I was looking at the X RP and maybe I'll pull up a chart and look at it put. A little bit tired right now after doing all this ta for like three. Hours, prior. To the video but you can, double, check these on your own charts, and. I'll probably maybe. Put out similar videos soon. Regarding. Them or maybe we'll do them today we'll see how I feel, after this so the first one is, X R P so the first thing I note is the macro notes, the. Macro attitude, towards X R P in terms of news, release is actually very bullish so. X RP just close some of its lawsuits that were against it they're, looking at tokenized, securities, to, possibly be listed on ripple which makes sense to. Have kind, of a back bank. Back coin. Put. Into that securities, listing rippled. Is set, to lead an alt rally there's an article that's linked. To the right and. Also ripple is beating Swift in payments speed by almost 50% and, XR peak Bank, x, RP can save banks money so, you can come here and check out these four links. I might, list this in the description. Below but if, this was live obviously I said it's a beta so I want to give, it some work, these. Four links would be there awesome. News articles you can check out crypto panic and just look for XRP you'll find these four articles good, reading to kind of look at the macro de so. We see that the highest time frame we can trade on for XRP due to the time frames is the, three day and. It does have a USD pairing which is very important, USD, pairing provides, easier. Liquidity, and access, for investors, so. You're. More likely to have upside, when you have a USD pairing doesn't mean that you can't have, action. But, what I have in USD pairing it's tougher so. Looking. Across my. Notes here we, had a king flicking, MACD, let's. Just pull it up bucket. Will do it dude we're doing it live here on the stream, or. It's not really alive so. Oh yeah another thing is. Recommended. Exchange so, a, lot, of a. Lot. Of exchanges, won't have the, complete data set as you know we trade on, binstock bitstamp charts. For. Bitcoin. Because, it has the longest time frame that goes back I think trading. View has some sort of download thing they can take you back way back but it's like a relevant information, but you, know just to keep things simple bitstamp.

Is Usually where we're going so you can see if, you want to trade on Bitcoin cash the oldest time frame you can trade on it back is back with bit the next same with es on v and x v, and x bit, tricks for stellar I think, stellar is actually traded in Bitcoin now so. If you wanted a USD you have two smaller timeframes so I was just looking at that. And, then also, Biffen X on litecoin so if you're looking for anything like back in like 2014. Prior you're probably gonna be on bit stamp you know x RP etherium but. Most, of the stuff will a bit on pimping X in terms of the longer time frames so look, at bitstamp, 4x. RP. I'll go to the USD pairings. And. We'll go to the one hour time frame. Okay. So what were we seeing when I looked at is so we had a conflicting, MACD. Which. You can find I. Can't even see it right now. That's. How far you have to zoom into the MACD. Let's, just make sure all these lines are really bold for you. But. I'm getting complaints. Thick. Like it. All right so we've had downward confliction, on the MACD not really showing as much we've seen a couple crossovers just kind of trading in this channel. If you would going. All the way back to previous we, were, on a bullish upside on. In terms of the histogram but now we're seeing across over so that's not. Encouraging. Or, say that, being said we see a, potential. Pullback to test the leading span and I guess this would be a good introductory, to, some of the language that I'm using so, whenever I say something like leading span or baseline, that's referring to the echo moku this, blue, line. Here the conversion, line I like to call it the leading span but I always call things stupid, names that I have nothing to actually do with what they're called so, we see that there's been pullback happening, we just kind of been getting sucked back up into it and then getting rejected, so, that leading span is being acted as a resistance but we're getting kind of tight here which. Could indicate a, potential, break now, most. Of the all points are gonna have lagging spans just trading well below their price action so baseline. Testing is going to be irrelevant in most of our scenarios that we're looking at but, we see that there is a somewhat, medium-sized gap between the baseline which, is kind of setting up around the 28 cent, mark we, see the dragging, down, span of the bhikkhu, moku for the, for. The resistance cloud at. The moment so. All of this will serve as resistance, on the way up looking. Back to our notes we're, saying that it's soon going to test the 20-day, Bollinger, Bands bebe, will stand for Bollinger Bands 20-day will stand for the middle moving. Day average that sits between the Bollinger Bands we're. Going to be coming back to test to see if we can get a bullish sign so we'll turn on our Bollinger Bands and we'll, zoom in here just. Briefly and, we could see that, we're. Coming back off this bottom, something I did notice here and you'll see this in the notes was. That this very clear W bottom that happened where we had a close of the Bollinger Bands for, the bottom band. And let. Me make this. Ballinger, been a little more thick I usually don't thicken, out the tops.

Okay. So you can see that we had a clear clothes right here, with. A with. A low that did not touch the Bollinger Bands so, we're looking for a potential upside happening. Here in the next few hours on, ripple coming. To test this 20-day moving average if. We can get to the opposite side of the 20-day moving average it would be bullish so. Another thing that I'm noting that I didn't know and the thing is that these, Bollinger Bands look to, have potential, expansion just. Fine by us we, need that this. Is where we, would be looking for. Entry here around, this 25. To, 26, cent range not financial it's not a financial advisor but, if we followed, the rules of W bottoms this, is our first point this, is our second point and we're, looking to get an. Uptrend going, this, direction so, if, we kind of look down here our. Entry point would be somewhere around 25, 26 cents, and. I, think the further exit. Point I was looking at I was, looking for somewhere in the 30 to 35 cent range and we'll cover that in a second I want, to make sure I'm not missing any notes here so. I talked about the bullish W, bottom that would take us through the clouds on the current top resistance at 28 cents that. We talked about on the e komoku. Here, it's somewhere. Around this. This. One's a 20th cents I think the top is at 29 cents via the top line, here that typically. Indicates, hidden, resistance, they're sitting at 28 cents it's broken down now it's getting a little thinner in. This 27, cent range so it gives us the opportunity for. At W bottom bounce onto the bull side and. It would break this baseline but, again the lagging span would, need to come along with it so maybe, some sort of test in this area the baseline would be very. Bullish but. That being said. If. You follow the W bond pattern, on the Bollinger Bands. Then. You would expect to see a rise above, the 26 or 27 line into. The clouds and look for, bullish. Action. So if we think that we're gonna be looking for bullish action on the hourly then we would go to the next time frame which, is the four-hour chart didn't. Come here and see that we still have a conflicting MACD, mid happening.

We're. Looking at this. Is actually a bullish sign so when you see. This. Happening. Okay, so, a couple things, to note which. Will start becoming prevalent on the 412, and I think even the daily, we'd have to look back is. It certain. Certain, altcoins right now are in a falling, wedge pattern, right. They've. Just been hit, the hardest they're probably the most oversold. Here. So, here's our falling wedge, our. Falling. Wedge expectation. And you need to even take it back there it looks the best I think a falling. Wedge expectation, is that. Whatever. The price action drop, of the widest point of the wedge it's pretty similar to a descending triangle. We. Would expect an uptick. From. That point so, we'd actually be looking here on this following wedge. Six. To seven percent gain. Around here, we'll take us up to the 28th set, now. As we know the 20th cent line would be well. Above the. It. Would be well above. Trying. To think of what it is it. Would be well above the. Hourly. Cloud. That we need to break we talked about 26. To 28 cents so, this would be a break through the cloud if we're able to get there and we can still keep going more so, something to note is that when we're looking for a falling wedge there's a couple things you actually need to confirm, the. First one is that you have a. MACD. On the rise which we do this. Is from the bottom of the MACD but you'll really look at it from there that's how the chart would prefer you to look at it but we also have it down here we have confliction, and we're, also way, down, here if you look here. In terms of the MACD histogram. This, is we're actually we're, trading pretty low, last time we traded this low was at the previous bottom here. So. Yeah we were trading all the way down here we're not trading as low as we were there but we're still trading pretty low in comparison to most. Historical. Points. This is maybe, close maybe we'll call this average, we're, trading average, instead of low and. You'll see you'll see me talk about that with the MACD you'll be like MACD mid MACD, low I'm acting neutral I'm, really just talking about the position of where the MACD is or, whether, where the crossovers, are happening so this is like neutral territory this would be low this would be medium and this would be deep, I think, I call it deep maybe. I'll do like a key, a key map so. You can follow. Along the terminologies, I think, really maybe just watching this video would be the best thing so. That's. The first thing right. Second. Thing is the. CMF the. Cmf also, correlates, with. The MACD and falling wedges and you're looking for a positive. Turn to the upside for the histogram on the cmf so here's your center CMF you'd, be looking for something like this which, we. Came through a bearish. Sign of cmf more bearish and now we're. Coming out this is another confirmation, from another indicators, that's one to. Three. Indicators, that are telling us for upside, the.

Next, Thing I know is. There's. A divergence happening, we, have a double bottom happening, here and. Roughly. You. Could take, this wick for short we. Have a double bottom happening, here. On. The. On, the price action and if. We go back to here. If we, were measuring these two bottoms. This. This would also be able to vergence but, we're. Not here's a this is this is another divergence, it's actually happening we go back to our previous low, we. Have a game. You horizontal, line. Lower low in the, price action. And we have a higher high or higher low. The in the RSI. So. Lower. Low and price. Here higher, low and indicator. Reversal. Divergence, it's, just another indicator, that's supporting. Our claim of upside. On XRP also, if your if you were judging, this one this, would be a double bottom. Seat. Here. You. Be kind of a no trade zone it, mean, technically it's a double bottom to lower low, which. Would be. Double, bottom to a lower low anytime you see something on the lower low it's, gonna be divergence, and anytime you see something on the higher height like if you're if you're judging high de vergence, it's always bearish. Typically. So if you look here higher. High in the price action. Double. Top in. The, in. The RSI double. Top in the price action. Lower. High in the, RSI. Or indicator. Higher. Higher, high in the, price action lower. High in the. Indicator. These are all bearish over. Here lower. High with, a higher high in the indicator, double. Top price. Action higher, high same. Thing anytime. You're judging the highs they're. All bearish anytime. You're judging the lows in terms, of it, not making the same thing it's pretty much in two versions so, sums, of urgencies I feel like are stronger than others. But. This is a really good way to kind, of keep that top, of mind so yeah, if you look up falling, wedges on chart schools they're, gonna talk to you about CMF they're, gonna talk to you about about the birds and signs they're gonna talk to you about rising maxy action all, these are indicators of a, potential bounce. Out and as, we said before that's. Four so. Yeah. I would be looking for that so yeah. Judging, this week. This would push us to 28 cents we could still get some higher action but, I want to see some higher, time frames to get, more, confirmation. So. Let's, just see that we didn't miss anything, talked, about the conflicting divergence. Talked, about the midterm price gap on the baseline no we didn't talk about that so. If we look at the echo moku right now there's, a pretty large gap between the baseline and the price action which are always going to find in, a falling wedge, mainly. Because you're just so far away you could make an argument actually, that. This is actually the top of the falling wedge. But. It's hard because you kind of run into that. Very. Hard art, the proof, so. You really just got taken from from, this action anyway. Yeah. So the baseline is pretty far away there's, weakening in the clouds here's pretty weak resistance cloud this. Resistance, cloud sets up at 31, cents important, to note the, bottom between, 28, and 29. Cents, the. Baseline setting up also at about 29 cents, so if we thought that there was going to be a pullback to the baseline. You'd be in that range so the four-hour chart showing us some of the most bullish, stuff.

Going On did. I show, the Bollinger Bands let's, just show them real quick, all. Right so we see Bollinger, Bands winding up we see the riding here. The. W failed here and there, was a close and then up and then but then we touch the bottom here so just, continued to fail we were riding below this 20-day moving average for quite some time this. Is less uptick of Ripple. Okay. Just. Make sure we're not it's anything. Is. This, is something important so most, of the time with most of these alts you're going to see since we're in a bearish cycle, you're, going to see 200, 100, 50 day moving average, all kind of you'll, see you'll, see what's very similar this pattern. So, I'll just kind of be moving in signature. With each other well. There's something going on with her bowl we. Actually just had a recent crossover. Here of the, 100 day moving average with the 200-day moving average. But. It's it's kind of riding along with themselves, so, this falling wedge kind of came with the crossover here the 100 my, expectation. Is that because, of all the indicators saying we're going to go up, especially. For a potential, 25 percent move, across. Multiple time frames my, indication is that this hundred-day is just going to come up and make a clear distinction for myself because right here this. Is not a clear distinction of itself this is just, Ripple. Deciding, what it wants to do which is causing this downward action right, so, if we expect to come from the current price of 25 cents up to, the 20 to 30 cent range then. We would expect this hundred day moving average, to kind of soak up some, of that upside action, or. These these averages. To soak up some the upside action they, get clear distinction between itself on a shorter time frame all. Right let's move over to the 12 hour. I was, looking at the 12 hour we have. Bullish. Divergence continuing. So we have a double bottom here on the lows. Here. You're able to make that distinction between the, lower hi are, sorry the love the higher low and. We'll just draw it for you real. Quick able, to make this distinction a lot bigger because you, can't make the distinction right. If let's. Say this came down to here, I'm. Now there's. A there's an interfering. Point between, here and here so here's. Our last law on, the 12 our easier to distinguish. Because. Of the longer time frames this is a clear low if, we look back at previous trends, and we. Can just draw from here to here so. No. Intersecting, points clear, divergence, happening double bottom high or low that's. Our first time. Coming. Back, we. Still have our falling, wedge happening, here, very. Clear now. And for. That falling ledge. It's, easier to draw. But. Up. There. So, this comes up to actually 33, cents, right. And it. Comes down to an. 18. Percent gain. Which, 18%. From the bottom of this, would. Be 31. Cents so. We. Have a continuing, falling wedge pattern with, an upside of 31 cents here, that. Correlates. With our previous, komoku. Resistance, I think that was at 31 cents was. There's a lot of room between here in the 20-day moving average. There. Is a small, W happening but I think it's irrelevant on the 12th day and. We. Have. Potential. Bullish crossover happening. Here in the mid range for, the MACD, and the. Switchover also, still happening for the cmf when. Looking for the falling wedge so again all indicators pointing, really bullish 12-hour, giving us additional information. To. See some other stuff here. Creasing. Volume RSI. Oversold. There's. Increasing, volume, yeah there's increasing volume here coming. To the bull side. Potential. Potential histogram MACD flip which is happening hasn't happened since. Mid-august. Same thing happening here on the. UH komoku, the, price line is we're. Starting to see this so.

You Guys knew I drew this triangle. Pattern it. Happens with the base line there's. A there's, a more, minor or medium level. Magnetic. Symbol. That gets drawn and it's, a it's a downward triangle which. Is right here. Terrible triangle I it up but you. Can see this is kind of like a half triangle, and so the the, full deal that you would get for a really bullish uptick, that we saw recently, Bitcoin, they, work Bitcoin went up to that little, dip in the sixty nine hundred dollar range so or the. 7200. Yeah seventy two hundred dollar range so, important note this. Is still magnetic force but, it may not be. Depleted. Yet there's still a little room over here on the one. Of the wicks that happened in this previous double bottom but we're still in that territory so if. Ripple bleeds any more than this have even more bullish twenty four twenty three cents I get higher returns on my, entry if I decided to come into ripple, and. That's really and then we look at the daily, notes. Now. If everything just read this real quick okay. So the same divergence, is developing, on the 12-hour, that's developing, on the daily the. Following wedge is still in the place on the daily which is the, best I can have because it's my longest time frame that I'm trading on right now just, a three hour or the three day is not fully. Developed. Yet because of timeframes price. Is getting away from the 36 percent baseline so we have a very, similar scenario here happening across all levels, this one even farther away. I just. That up completely it's. Supposed to be more of this but, you, can see it's getting even farther down we. Still see our falling wedge we. See a potential for reversal. For MACD crossover including. Histogram, upside. We're. Seeing double, bottom happening, on the wick with. The, divergence, as well and you're seeing the cmf not sure what to really do with, expectation, on the upside so across. All lines, similar. Things, are happening all bullish in my opinion, tied. In with some positive news as well, nothing, specific that I see happening with ripple. As when, we compare at the lake coin and, you'll see that in a second because, sometimes you won't know news coming out other times you, have an idea of where it's coming from in this scenario if there's gonna be some big news with ripple I don't, know where the is coming from but, there are positive, news sources out there could. Lead to a, sustained rally so giving are, kind. Of like what we were looking on with some of these price points which. I kind of name out here 31 cents 36, cents 28 cents I would, be looking for an upside. Move from ripple and the near-term somewhere. Between 20, to 36 cents. Which. I kind of outlined here from 30 to 36 cents if. This plays out I'd be looking for a 25 to 40 percent gain. Obviously. Dollar-cost averaging, between, these, ranges and reanalyzing. On a daily basis to make sure that, our trade is still intact with, some appropriate stop, losses based, on fractals and as, you move higher in price you can just kind, of readjust your stop-loss as a few if you need to but.

That Being said again everything on the channel is not financial advice on financial advisor these, this work is just perfect is for my personal use I'm just sharing it out there with the world to. See if they see the same things and give feedback and see what people think about it and kind, of engage the community with this type of thought process so, I put here on the status that I'm bullish on all time frames with. Bullish with macro news so very. Surprising, but again ripple, is at, such an all-time low, from, that recent, spike and ripple, goes through these scenarios too, if. We would look at coin, market cap ripple. Was actually one of those coins. That. Does these things where they just like it goes up and then just bounce out it was up bottoms, out goes up bombs hat goes up you, know recently. And, I can't, draw a line right here but there's actually a line coming up looks like some, sort of channel, on, the bottom ends of the channel where. This line can kind of see. Where it would go it, would come right to where we are right now so, maybe. There's gonna be some huge spike in Ripple who the this again I'm looking. At Bitcoin to, be my guiding light through, the tunnel to say what's going on in the market as an overall, suggestion. But rip. Ripple could be one of those coins that goes against the trend another. Thing that we're looking at here is like coin then this will be our final one and why in the video I'm sorry this is a little bit long I didn't really want it to get this long but there's, so much to setting' information and trading right now in terms of different. Things that we can learn and you, know, this spreadsheet that I'm working on kind. Of like a new a. New level of excitement I think, the most exciting is just being able to get in at. The bottom and then kind of work our way up from, there all right so like coins same deal I'm bullish across all time frames the news on like coin as I said is a little bit different, so, the news articles I highlight here is that Charlie, lays out plan on how Lakeland can replace fiat it's kind of just a bullish, article like, coin holding a major first, major, conference, in San Francisco, on some September, 14th, and September, 15th my question in here is could there be news is, there. Exciting news that's coming from Lake oil typically. When you have these conferences, a, project. Will like to have, news, in the conference, or there. Will be conversations happening, behind closed doors we see I haven't at consensus, a lot and, we won't find out about it for months later but, there could be some exciting news coming from litecoin that. We're not aware of there's, another article that's here that I have listed in the article section, to the right which I thought was incredibly, bullish, is. That light coin segue usage overtakes, Bitcoin close to 50% so. Making the making the argument, that could, light coin be. The true the true alternative to Bitcoin, considering. It has a Bitcoin. Foundation so. Looking. At these, notes. That I made for myself will. Burn up like coin. USD. What, exchange, with. NEX. Understand. Does. Have USD pairing obviously. All right we're good with one hour. All right so again I'm, looking to target. I'm looking to target all coins that, have a falling, wedge happening, have. Another following which we. Have. See. The RSI, is not, on an uptrend which is not. As good on downtrend. Potential. Bullish crossov

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hey everyone thanks for watching the content. Wanted to make some comments on the recent video. Mt Gox hack was Feb 7th 2014. Silk Road shutdown was Nov 2014. The capitulation we focused on in the video was the turn of the market recovery in January 2015. Very far away from the Mt Gox event and relatively after the Silk road. Also some were asking when the alt coin spreadsheet would be out. Its in beta right now and i don't want to rush things. I will show it on the relevant videos and release it when its ready so sorry for the delay. DB asked an interesting question about Bitcoin mining avg cost during this time period. This is my findings/answer below thought it would be relevant. Interesting question DB i actually looked for this and found a very interesting answer. The floor came January 2015. I found this article from 2016 that said the average mining production cost during this time period was $247. This means from the start of 2015 BTC price was under avg mining cost for 28 out of 38 weeks between the beginning of 2015 to when BTC started to trade above this price permanently. Check it out.

There is ton of BTC transactions going on OTC market, as big blocks order of 20k - 100k btc, no where near to the size of volume painted in this charts. TA on this chart for masses, unfortunately this TA not give any sense for big moves, big players look for what is going on underneath and play accordingly.

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Based on the 2015 crash. BTC price fell to a closing low of 171.50 Jan 1,4 and hovered around Low to Mid $200 handle. The avg. mining cost was $247 until i the anticipation of the JUL 2016 halving . So miners dealt with at least a 20%-30% loss during that time. Based on today's Mining cost , correlation 2015 to today, BTC floor looks to be Mid 4.5k to 5k. ( I'm using rough estimates, No TA) 5.3-5.5K to be conservative. JMO opinion, definitely not financial advice.

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Interesting question DB i actually looked for this and found a very interesting answer. The floor came January 2015. I found this article from 2016 that said the average mining production cost during this time period was $247. This means from the start of 2015 BTC price was under avg mining cost for 28 out of 38 weeks between the beginning of 2015 to when BTC started to trade above this price permanently. Check it out.

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Hey Chris nice to see you in the comments again. Yes the initial market down turn from ATHs was event driven but the fall out from the descending triangle in 2014/Ribbon turn over was a reflection of capitulation and to start the market recovery again. So i agree comparing 2014 to now is not accurate but i think its very interesting to look back at the only market data we had based on the EMA ribbon.

comparing to 2014 is not accurate at all and i have no idea why people keep doing it not only is the past never an indication of the future price doesnt just have a mind of it's it goes up and down based on many factors 2014 price went up and then crashed because of a hack not because an ema ribbon acted like a magnet and pulled price back down

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Check the BLX chart on tradingview for older data, I think if we are going to compared 2018 to 2014-15 we should also check what happened in previous years. What your analysis fails to indicate is that prior to 2014 we had two massive consecutive pumps that took the price from $5 to $200 then to $1178, that is around 23000% in gains! So to me it makes sense the 2014-2015 was a deeper and prolonged correction. A lot of FUD happened during that time like Mt Gox, China banning cryptos for the first time and the legal uncertainty. We have passed all of this and 2018 is mostly dominated by positive news with the prospect of a potential ETF and BAKKT opening doors in November. I do agree that most of TA points to 3k-4k zone for a bottom but I think cryptos have evolved a lot since 2014 and now the market share of Altcoins is much bigger. Most Altcoins have had 80% to 98% retracement which to me that indicates the market is ready for a new cycle, a lot of them show early signs of reversals too. So I highly doubt BTC needs to have a 80% retracement as BTC dominance is not longer what it used to be (90%).

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