Bitcoin Halving ALREADY Priced WAIT For Entry AFTER Dump! - Stocks Bull Trap

Bitcoin Halving ALREADY Priced WAIT For Entry AFTER Dump! - Stocks Bull Trap

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With. The Bitcoin halvah, ng set, to take place in, less than 20, days I've went, ahead and done some extensive. Research in order to look at the psychology, of our, last Bitcoin, hovering or having, whatever you guys want to call it and I've, found some very. Interesting facts, about how the, 2016. Halle ving or havening, went down. In, comparison. To how we're, now seeing the, price action to the bullish side, for Bitcoin less. Than 20 days before the Bitcoin hobbing we're, also going to be looking at stocks and a very in-depth analysis, on Bitcoin. To talk about what's happening right now and whether or not we're gonna dump and if so what. Price target, we're gonna be heading towards as you can see with this chart this is actually the 2016. Halvah ng and the, Green Line right here is showing us, 20 days before the lost the last having that, occurred and I know I'm gonna be murdering, the word throughout this video you guys always make fun of me about it but, at the end of the that's how I say the word and, so I hope you guys can be, okay with that but realize, that 20, days before this event you can see price action actually went, to the downside, and then after, the having, or the havening, in white. Here that occurred on July, 9th of 2016. We eventually saw price action to the downside, and so I took some, google analytics, to look at how the psychology, played, part in the last having. Which, occurred, in July of 2016. And I'm gonna talk about why I personally. Believe, that the miners, are going, to bring the price down prior. To the halving and it's gonna happen very, soon because as you can see 20, days before, is pretty, much the timeframe, in which we're gonna see a major move to, the upside or downside and. In, 2016. We actually went down about 30%. Before. The, actual having, took place and then we actually even went a little bit lower. After. The halving before seeing the, push to the upside and, so we're gonna be going over that so stay tuned but first and foremost I want to go over bitcoins, analysis, because you can see we, have this, body, of the candle, crossing.

Below, 50-day moving average and then today we saw push back up above, the 50-day moving average and so a lot, of people are saying oh is Bitcoin bullish. Right now is this, the start to an uptrend, and I'm gonna talk about why I believe we're gonna see some sideways, action until. We finally, see a push to the downside and, not the upside, due, to the fundamentals, and the technicals, alongside, with comparing, the psychology. Of the. Time period, in 2016. To the time period of right, now before, the monumental, event will take place in less than 20 days and so when we look at this chart here you can see Bitcoin. Is. Rounding. A top here just like we did here in early. 2020. And of, course that led to the bottom of that $3,900, level and right now you can see we did break up to, the upside, but we have yet to cross, above, that. 7480. Level, or that $7,500. Level, and until, we can form, a higher high in my, opinion, we have now went from an uptrend, to a downtrend, because you can see if we look at the. Actual. Structure. Here, we actually broke this, structure, here where we had this, falling, wedge forming, and you can see this minor break, which, shows, weakness. In any, support, level support levels are not supposed, to break and so when, you have this falling, wedge pattern here and you, break a support, inside, of that like you saw happen, here two, days ago that, shows weakness inside, of that support level in the trend and when we look at traditional markets. You can see the Dow also, breaking its, falling, wedge and this could also be considered, a bare flag from a downtrend, and I'm, gonna talk about why I believe we're. Gonna see another leg down in the traditional, markets like a lot of the big players are also expecting. If you listen to Mark Cuban if you listen to Ray, Dalio everyone. Is talking, about another, potential. Leg down, in traditional, markets and as you guys know since. The beginning of the year Bitcoin has correlated, highly, with, equity, markets until March, where, Bitcoin, decided. To go down with equity markets but not go up when equity markets were pumping so I have a chart to show you guys for that as well and I, see have Shon a tool, rum, bar and a, ton of you guys on our livestream from YouTube, Facebook and Twitter glad to have you guys on board if you guys enjoy this content on a weekly basis make sure to like the video subscribe to our Channel and turn on those post notifications as you guys know we go live every Monday Wednesday and Friday but, I do want to mention so we've got this ascending support we've got clear, weakness, here as we've, already broke, this support level yes we went back above it but that could have easily been to clear some shorts out and we saw a lot of shorts get cleared out because of this push to the upside and we've seen sideways, action for, about three weeks now for Bitcoin in this, price range so for, me personally I, believe that, that is a bearish, sign as we're not able to break, that 7,500. Resistance. Right now and it's, not necessarily, Bitcoin, that I'm bearish about in the shorter, timeframes it's the fundamentals. Of the global economy with the global pandemic, of course a lot of people aren't on lockdown and quarantine, and I think that that's the, main reason that we're not seeing the strength that we want right now prior. To the, hovering of the having but, more so I believe, that we've already priced, in this. Monumental. Event that will take place in less than 20 days and it's because when we look in, the, past in 2016. We, were already priced, in heading. Into the 20-day. Mark and so I have, a chart, I'm going to show you guys so stay tuned, that will also prove, this assumption, based on some google analytics but before, we do that I want to do some RSI analysis, one of my favorite confirmation, indicators, and this is Bitcoin on the weekly RSI. You can see we, didn't become, oversold. From that big drop down to 3900. On March. 9th. And of, course we, went back above 40. If you guys know RSI. A little, bit more of an advanced, way to look at RSI, is anything, below 40 would be considered bearish anything above 60, would be considered, bullish and then of course anything above 70, is overbought. Anything, below 30. Would be oversold. And you can see we did come down and break that 40 into the bearish range but.

We Quickly jumped, above 40. And didn't. Become oversold, and so for. People to assume that we were oversold, at, 3900. I think the, sighs showing, us here obviously we weren't completely, oversold. And interestingly, nothing, we go on the daily RSI you can see yes we became oversold, but, when we look at what happened, so, far we, did go above, 40. Into that neutral range, but, we have yet to cross into the bullish, area above 60. Like we did here in early January, where we saw Bitcoin go, all the way up to 10,500. And so you go to the 4-hour chart same. Scenario, initially. We did come up and become. Bullish. For a little bit but then we went back down to the neutral zone and we're still finding resistance, at that 60 so looking. At the RSI as a confirmation. Things. Still, look, bearish. In the shorter time frames of, course when you go to an hour the RSI, chart things, are bouncing on 60, you can assume you might see further, action, to the upside I just, don't believe that until, Bitcoin can, prove to us that we're not seeing, another rounding, top like, we saw here at the, start of the year that, we're, gonna start to see some sort, of pressure to the downside, and so what I decided to do a lot of people are talking about that 50-day, moving average, and how we broke above that 50-day moving average well, interestingly enough if we look at how Bitcoin reacts, to the 50-day moving average, in the past when it's broken out you can see the body of the candle, always. Closes, above the 50-day moving average during a break out and never, closes. On or, below that, 50-day moving average after initially, breaking, out to the upside so, realize, right now we. Initially. Saw the body of the candle above the 50-day moving average but, then on the 19th we started to trend down and on the 20th, this body here closed, below, that 50-day, moving average, you, can see here in the past when we look at that 50-day moving average the, initial, breakout where we went above that 50-day moving average we never closed, back, below, or on that 50-day moving average if we would even go a little bit further here and look, at the, bottom from the 2017. Rally where, we went above, that 50-day, moving average, you can see the, body here as soon as it closed above, that 50-day moving average it never came back down and closed, below, that 50-day moving average, you can assume here that yes this body. Of this this, daily candle dip close below after going above but, we, didn't, really go above, that 50-day, moving average we didn't really break out so. Much as you can see the wicks were still, inside. That 50-day moving average so we never really saw a full candlestick, like we just recently saw above the 50-day moving average and then another candle, after that break back down below so to me it looks like a fake-out which in a $100, or I'm sorry a 100 billion dollar market, is highly. Probable, and I think it was to clear shorts out before, we see it a breakdown to the downside and I think that, the whales are holding, time off right now as equity, markets find an ultimatum, on whether. Or not they want to continue to the upside or go back to the downside and of. Course I highly. Highly highly. Advise. You guys if you are in equity markets to be very careful over the next two, weeks as earnings, are being, released with all of these companies because most. Of the whales in my opinion have bought, the hype and are gonna sell the news with, these earning reports, and realize. That this. Rally. Could have been last corrective. Rally before we see another, leg down and potentially a 50%. Full retracement. In the equity markets as we, head into this, global. Recession. Or, some of you want to call it a depression, but realize that the fundamentals, are still there and that yes, we might not be seeing as much fear, right now but, I'm gonna actually show you guys this chart here if you look at a fear. Bubble. Stock. Chart, we. Are at a point where. Potentially. People right now are. Feeling. Like, things are returning, back, to normal and I'm sure you guys have seen this chart before but. This is all based. On psychology, because once again I've. Been trading, since, 2010. I understand. That, 80% of trading is psychology, while, 10%, is technical, and 10%, is fundamental, so this chart really is important. But you can see when. We see any sort of top and we see a big, push down there's denial which, we could say a lot of people were in denial with this recent push down I'd love to hear you guys's opinion in the YouTube chat the Twitter chat the facebook chat even, in the comments, but, correct. Me if I'm wrong but. Are we here at the point of despair, which is typically the bottom of any corrective, phase or are we here where there's a bull trap and people, think things are returning to normal and you can assume here that that's, the case because when you look at the.

Majority, Of the countries, that are locked down and not everyone, sitting home of course, they're not going to be as fearful, as they were a couple, weeks ago when, people were just starting to get locked down and people had no idea what was going on right now people have had the time to settle think, of things they. Truly, could feel like things have returned to normal but the problem, is economies. Have yet to open up and once, we see economies, open up that, in my opinion is gonna breed, more fear when, people realize okay we've got 20 million people unemployed in the last four weeks by the way unemployment, numbers come out tomorrow so we'll look at that on Friday but, so far 20 million jobless claims in the United States alone in the last four weeks we're, seeing Disney two days ago announced a hundred thousand, layoffs right they're gonna actually apply for unemployment for, all their employees we're seeing the federal bank, quantitative. Easing like we've never seen before in history trillions. Of dollars so, there's obviously something, going on Trump just, two, days ago announced a ban on immigration, for 60 days in the United States to. Prevent. Immigrants. From taking jobs from Americans, as the, economies open up if that doesn't show you that there's something going on then I don't know what will so realize that people. Might think that things are at this point if you guys believe things are at the return to normal here say, I in the chat and if you think we're at this despair, area, where we've already bottomed that I'd love to hear why you think we've bottomed out in the chat as well but I believe, we're, seeing just a slow, push up before, earning reports are pushed it's the perfect gap right now while everyone's, home to drive the markets up it's a perfect time to drive, Amazon, up right and. When we actually look at charts, and we look at what's actually driving this, market up right now interestingly. Enough, we, all talked about this on our video, last. Week on Friday but really. What's driving the, markets, right now are the. Tech stocks. And the big tech players like Netflix, and Amazon now. Realize when we looked at the trends, of these. Tech players we. Saw that, at the end of the day Amazon is not seeing so much significant. Traffic that.

It Deserves, to be so, high up and seeing you highs during a global pandemic and recession, and so when you look at the queues here this is one of my favorite leading indicators, of the traditional, markets this is encompassing. All of the sub sector of just tech alone the majority, of this is Amazon. Microsoft Apple, you can see above, all moving averages things look very bullish but, then we look at the, other leading, market indicators, one of my favorite, here, being the Russell 2000, which encompasses, all the smaller, companies, in the, United States company the United States economy which is really the backbone of this. Economy what, you can see here is we're. Below all these moving averages this is one of my favorite leading indicators, and it's the one that's showing the most bearish signs and then my second favorite here the transportation. Sector. Including. Airlines and transportation. Companies all below. Those moving averages and of course if we look at some other leading market indicators, we look at the Q's already but if we look at the, semiconductors. Has, to do with technology. Not. As bullish as tech but still fairly bullish in my opinion was the perfect way to pump, up the major indices, before. We see the next leg down and if you guys are on our discord, you know I posted that market update about the, Dow and how I believe we could have possibly have seen the top already and of course if you guys haven't seen that we looked at 1929. In comparison, to today because Ray, Dalio is the one one of the largest hedge fund managers in the world that owns Bridgewater, associates, which is the largest hedge run in the world he said it in an interview he continues, to say this, is worse than the Great Depression you, can see so, far this chart is playing out we have not crossed this. Resistance. This major resistance, here and if, you look at the 1929. Correction. We initially, saw the same big push up before we eventually, saw a 90%, correction in the markets. And the major indices, and this was specifically, the Dow Jones Industrial. So, realize that, at the end of the day there, is a huge. Potential. That, we see a lot, of fear come back into these markets and of course Bitcoin will be affected. What we're gonna see is what we saw in the, beginning of April and the end of March which is a liquidity, crisis. People rushed to liquidity they rushed to cash because, they, don't know what, tomorrow, holds and if that happens, then, Bitcoin could, be on the verge of what we saw here 20, days before the last having or having, or whatever you guys want to keep making fun of me about it it is what it is but, another 30% drop potentially. For Bitcoin as you guys know my target, is that 200 week moving average in the past it's proven to be a very reasonable, place of purchasing. Bitcoin in the long term when Bitcoin initially, bottomed out for those of you in our discord, group I posted. An entry, at 57, 50 up to 67, 50 that was our long-term entry, hopefully, you guys have either taken profits, already on those entries or you have your breakeven, stops in place just in case we see this next leg down, we know there's demand for Bitcoin around 3900, interestingly enough as much as I say Bitcoin correlates, with traditional, markets when we look at a different, chart here showing, how Bitcoin correlates, with, the traditional markets and this is why it's important to understand what I'm saying you. Can see her in March when we started to see all this mayhem Bitcoin. Decided, to, stop pumping with. Traditional, markets but it did go down with tracer markets so what I mean by that is when equities were down Bitcoin was more than willing to go down but, when equities, were going up Bitcoin. Didn't pump you can see in this chart once twice three times and, so, to, me that shows that yes, there's demand for Bitcoin and the reason there is is because it corrected, a lot faster and it bombed a lot faster than equity markets, it did it on March 9th while equity markets took until March 24th, to bottom out so it decoupled, itself when it realized that it was becoming way oversold, and that yes there's a liquidity crisis, but it's not gonna affect Bitcoin as much as its effect, these over, bought, markets, that are worth trillions of dollars and the feds are pumping. Trillions. Of dollars into these markets and a lot of people are saying oh whoa feds, aren't buying stocks, they, don't have to buy stocks the feds have loopholes they give the bank the money and the bank buys the stock right who, knows the, point is the feds are putting money in the market they're buying junk bonds that we know the money is going into the market doesn't matter in what form the point is it's happening so under. Why is Bitcoin not pumping, up with the Dow right now why is it not pumping up with the major indices, as its supposed to and it, still, correlates, when it goes down I think it's because we, saw a lot of demand for Bitcoin but the, having the havening whatever you want to call is coming up in less than 20 days and interestingly.

Enough I'm gonna go over this very, very, cool, chart. Here because guess what we predicted a lot of things in the past using this Google Trends chart now this is what, the title of this video is all about and this is why I want, you guys to pay attention right now and if you're enjoying this so far make sure to hit that like button and subscribe to the channel if you guys haven't already but. Realize, this. 80%. Of any market, that trades. Publicly. Is based, on emotions, right of course there's manipulation, insider trading involved but 80% is emotions, right 10%. Technical, 10%, fundamental, we. Look at Google Trends in Bitcoin hobbing here, in 2016. June. 12th, to June 18th, of 2016. We saw small, a small spike up in Bitcoin. Hauling interest, right so, we have that time, period here in this box as you can see this is that time period where we saw that initial, spike guess. What that initial, spike was actually what ended up being the top, before. The having, or the having, actually, happened on the. 9th of July right so this was that time period that you've seen that initial, interest, right and then guess what this is when the laggards, came in the people that came in late became. Interested, in Bitcoin and then, we saw this major, interest. Come out of nowhere and that. Lasted, from July 3rd, of July 9th, right. Up until the, halt vein or the halving which happened on July 9th right so we saw that lead. Into piqued interest guess what we're seeing right now we saw an initial push up and that. Lasted, from February 9th, of February 15th, guess what Bitcoin, basically. Topped out around that timeframe and then. You can see here oh sorry my big head is covering it up I'm gonna move for you guys so. You can see here Bitcoin initial. Interest topped out here basically around the top right and then, it started to push itself down just like we saw here and then, we saw the big the, laggards. Come, the reason I say this and by the way the reason I made the title of this video bitcoin, Holling already priced and I had a really good friend of mine very wealthy, very successful. Call me today and say, hey man I heard there's this Bitcoin hauling or having coming up you what, do you recommend that I purchase bitcoin and obviously, I gave him my, opinion nothing, that I give his financial, advice I have there's a reason I haven't, registered myself, as a registered financial adviser it's because my, lawyers have recommended, not to if I want to continue to create content for our community, and the, reason being is you become very regulated, when you are registered, as a financial adviser and so we have clear disclaimers, in place for that but, realize that what I said to him was hey dude listen, up I'm, gonna do some research for you because the.

Fact That you're calling me about this tells me something right so I started. To dig a little bit deeper and what I'm realizing is guess what we're seeing this big peak come in 20. Days before the Hoffmans just like we saw you can see Google Trends right here it's showing that we're gonna go a lot higher and so, what's happening, is we're seeing those late comers, come, in and realizing, what the Bitcoin hobbing is well, guess what happens when that happens so this box right here this second, box to the right right. Over here is when, that peak actually occurs interestingly. Enough price, does not get. Affected by that at all and the. Reason that happens is because the. Smart, investors. The institution's, they already know about what's happening in 20 days they've already priced, this in they've already put the money in right, but guess what the. People that are coming in now are the ones that are gonna get fooled because, look what happens Bitcoin. Holling comes, the halving comes, nothing. Happens price goes sideways very, similar to what's happening right now right 6500. A seven seventy. Five hundred prices. Going sideways and then. What eventually happens, does price shoot to the moon no, we see a correction, almost 15 percent down, so, those people they take their profits and they take the money away from those that came in late right. So realize that this timeframe is showing psychology. Why does this matter when we're obviously seeing, that the psychology. That's playing part today is very similar to the psychology, that played part in, 2016. Where, the whole thing is already. Priced, and I'd, love to hear what you guys think about that, Blake, James says 401, K boomer. Alert. Eduardo. Says I'm in big rig watching you live from Phoenix keep up the good work brother thank you appreciate, you I wish, you the best there in Phoenix I hope things are safe. And sound. There Andrew Fisher from YouTube says yeah that's really interesting great point on the Google searches thank you so much max. As late comers aka greater, fools. Well I've got some more interesting tart charts, to show you guys here in just a second but. I think, that this is a very interesting statistic here so to, continue on realize, that at the end of the day when. We look at the leading indicators, in the traditional, markets things are not looking good for these sub sectors, the ones that make up the backbone of our, economy we, look at the financials. Still not above any moving averages so I think. That the, tricksters. And company, came, in at the right place, and that was tech to, manipulate, the markets before we see the next leg down because as you can see we've got this Bear Flag that already, broke in traditional markets so in my opinion what's happening right now is Bitcoin, is waiting, it's, breaking. Time it's holding, the clock until. We. See the ultimatum, in traditional, markets when is that ultimatum going to come well, when. We look at traditional markets, I am eyeing this. $23,000. Vyas. Resistance, previous. Support in. My opinion anything below that 22800. On the, doubt is gonna be a break down to, another potential leg down and I say that with. The. Confidence, of Ray Dalio Mark, Cuban, some of these large, investors. These. Historically. Correct, investors. And. Understanding. Their mindset, I think is the most important thing to realize here and if the equities, go down fear, comes back into the market and--but going, goes down when, we look at the fear and greed index what you can see here is we're at 19, fear is starting to subside, a little bit but, understand. That the global pandemic, is still at play economies. That have not even opened up yet how are people losing their fear we went from having, a fear and greed index of eight like, three weeks ago or four weeks ago or I think it was five weeks ago it's not even reflecting, here on this chart to now 19, why well, it makes sense that there's less fear people are home they're not doing anything everything, is still locked down though so a tsunami. Comes and hits our, country. Let's say that a huge, tsunami comes a tsunami comes hits, all the United States well. Guess what we. Don't know what happened from that because everyone's at home and they're not allowed to come out right. The economy, has not opened yet so we don't know what this tsunami, has done, perfect. Time for trickster, and company to come in and say Oh perfect, let's pump this market up because, I'm sure, a lot of them probably lost money nobody. Saw this global pandemic, crashing, markets. Right. When 2020, started in q1 right and so they come in they're like alright well let's at least bring the markets back up so we can get some of our losses back well, guess what 35%. Same. Correction, that we saw with the Dow Jones Industrial, 1929.

When We had similar fundamentals. Unemployment, rate went from a record, low three point one percent to, 25 percent in four years right now we're seeing unemployment. Rates in four weeks go, to 20-plus percent after record lows of 3.2, percent in the last couple decades, interestingly. Enough, the. Same market, movement in the market as 1929. As well I understand, fundamentals, are different in certain ways technology, wasn't, there back into 1929, but, guess what that was the vulnerability, that people utilized, to, allow. This to happen I'm sure 1929. There was another vulnerability, that allowed that, pump, of a fool enough the next leg down so I might be wrong right, here's how we know I'm wrong this. 50-day moving average obviously, extremely significant. For the Dow Jones Industrial, if this breaks things. Could change if it, doesn't I'm sticking. With the plan and I'm saying that we've got a falling, wedge here a bearish, flag and we could potentially see more, lows and of course we know Bitcoin, loves to correlate with these equity markets when things are going down especially, after, March and so, other. Than that I'm glad you guys got the. Majority of that I just wanted to go on that rant another, fundamental indicator, here this chart, I pulled 13 hours ago USD, T balances, on exchange another all-time high so, how are you gonna tell me that the Bitcoin hauling is. Already. Is. Not priced in when people know it's coming in 20 days but, most. People have, their, money on the sidelines, right now right, so we're obviously seeing, a lot of USD, on exchanges, they. Would have came already they're waiting for something are they waiting for higher prices, no, are they waiting for lower prices most, likely, so. Understand. The psychology here, the psychology, is 80% of this and I'm. Backing this with fundamentals. I'm backing this with charts, I'm showing. You guys what. I've got and I'm letting you guys make, your assumption, understand. Things could change how do things change Bitcoin, breaks, 7,500. Right if that happens, okay now we've formed, a higher high and now, this, does, not become valid, we're not rounding, ourselves, into another top, I'm, just being the umpire here I'm just taking, a step back and showing you guys both. Sides but, understand, there's a lot of bearish signs here and when. We're going sideways that's, a sign. In the markets that, the. Tricksters, in company are holding. The clock and waiting, for the next big move in whether that's a continuation, of the same trend or that's a reversal. We don't know the point is we. Looked at that, 50-day, moving average, we, already saw a candle, body close, below, the 50-day moving average after, already seeing a candle body close above it we've, never seen that happen in the past when, Bitcoin broke out if we were to look at this chart again and see, the, times that that did happen I guarantee. You Bitcoin, was bearish amongst, all of those times so, why don't we look at it here we look at a daily chart right you can see your fake-out. Right, Bitcoin. Breaks. Above, this, 50-day, moving average candle, bodies close above candle. Body eventually, closed below it and guess what we saw a new low form right so invalidated, right here, 50-day.

Moving Average it breaks what. But guess what Bitcoin kept going down right so every time we saw a breakout, what's important here is pay attention to the breakouts, every, time you saw a breakout, bitcoins, candle, body stayed, above that 50-day moving average, it did, not come back, down below or even flirt, with it it went, right, above you can see a real breakout here went straight, through that 50-day moving average but. You, can see here we flirted, with that 50-day moving average guess what it was a trap that eventually, took us down and we saw new lows right, you look at our video on Monday if you guys this isn't convincing, enough look, at the spent, outputs, and that, chart that I showed you that we, saw an all-time high on, Monday for that chart in the last time we saw an all-time high on Bitcoin, spent, outputs was October, 28th of, 2018. Well, guess what it was the day we went sideways until, we saw big capulet ation down right so, realize, this at the end of the day there's. Miners, right now there are gonna be less, profitable, in 20 days because. Of their supply, getting cut in half and in. My opinion they're either gonna want, to cover their losses or set. Themselves up to continue, operations, and that can't happen by holding Bitcoin where, the, world still runs on fiat, currency, and there has to be a transition from Bitcoin of fiat so the, point is here I'm waiting for the 200 week moving average in the past we've, seen that 200 week moving average act as, a very, very. Confident. Level of entry for Bitcoin, when, we look at any sort of chart here that actually has that 200, week moving average priced, in you can see here for example we. Sell a 200 week moving average act as the bottom, here in 2018. We, saw that act as the, bottom from this huge rally down and in my opinion it's not gonna hurt you to wait and see, all right will price actually come down to 5700. If so, I think that that's a great entry for a Bitcoin for the long term and with that being said I hope you guys enjoyed this video I'm gonna peace, out here it's 1 a.m. it's. A Wednesday night I'll see you guys on Friday I'll see you on the discord, Danny. On Twitter says what's up enjoying this content, thank you so much we've, got Jonathan. On tradingview good to have you, Sean, says great video on Monday thank you total, excess great content I thank you I appreciate you guys if, you appreciate the like. The video why don't I give away a book here principles, by Ray Dalio one of my favorite books on investing. He'll talk about the 10 to 12 year market cycles guess what this market cycle or from 2008, to 2020, 12 years on the, dot and we crashed so I'm, gonna give this away the question of this. Giveaway, is which. Analytics. That I use to compare, the, Bitcoin. Hoving, chart, to, the psychology. Of what we in 2016. Or the havening whatever you call it what, analytics, what website that I use very simple it's on the thumbnail, answer. That question in the chat or in the comments, I'll give away a book for the comments and the chat all you have to do is make sure to LIKE this video subscribe, to the YouTube channel and turn on your post notifications so. You guys are notified, of our next, video, let's see who, wins this book, on the chat. First. Person Tibor pharkas, that shows up on my screen he said google you're correct go ahead and send me a message on.

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