Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin NEO Price | Live Cryptocurrency Trading News

Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin NEO Price | Live Cryptocurrency Trading News

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What's. Up everybody - boy BK with the four, horsemen, Bitcoin. Neo. Aetherium, and litecoin. About. To do a quick technical, analysis, on all four of them let you know what the best buy is so, stay tuned. You. BAM. My. People my people it's, about that time if this is your first, time tuning in congratulations. Baby you are now rocking with the best my name is BK known as the crypto trader and I am the boasts, of these, charts, as you will soon find out, bt kelly 1203. Training view comm, check, me out on there i post free charts every time i'm in there then, you jump over to the number one bitcoin. Group in the world has, tagged, one, bitcoin. On facebook. Check it out i'm on in the doors are always open and, then when you're ready to put down two and pick up six jump on over to patreon. We, got a hundred plus, people, holding, me down on, patreon, this is the money team, $50, a month but the crypto police report a hundred, for, the, profit. Package and 250. For the boss alert messages, where every, other date you get an update, from the boss, be, cake, bam is, just, that easy to get paid thank you for joining me thank, you for your time make sure you like and subscribe, right. Now this is the, fastest, growing crypto, community, in the world you are officially. A part, of history now let's go ahead and make, this, money. Laughs. From the USA hoping you get paid every day this is the boasts. Of Bitcoin. The Cristo of crypto. Is your boy became and if you don't like me that's. Ooh man real wait. You. Must not like money thank, you for joining me everybody as, you already know this. Video will. Be discussing. The. Four Horsemen, right, Bitcoin, aetherium. Neo light coin normally, we got Bitcoin cash in there but they haven't really been doing anything so I figured I'd mix, it up a little bit, nonetheless. We. Will be looking at how you can make, money in the markets and which, one is the best buy as of, right now for, the immediate, future if this is your first, time tuning in congratulations. Baby you are now rocking with the best my, name is became known as the crypto, trader and I am though both of, these charts, as you will soon find out every. Day brace this microphone my voice is another, day you, get, to profit. As a result, and today. Is no exception. So. What we will do is jump. Into, our Facebook. Group right. Now and, that. Is the number one Bitcoin group in the world just type in hashtag one. Bitcoin. And. Come. Join us come on in the doors are always open. Shout. Out to the 53. People that. Are rockin out with us live on the air right, now that's. Pretty cool when, we get that, many people live on the air. And. So all I'm gonna do is just refresh, this little browser and we'll, go through and pick, a winner um, August, 20th.

8th. 2020. Let's. See 8. Plus, 2 is 10 let's, go 10 from. The top see if we get it 1 2 3. Come. On guy did, you send me a message. No. You did not because, I haven't seen it so, shoot me a message it's, just, that easy one, two three. Four. Five six seven eight. Kariba. Nine, let's. Bounce back Adam, it's first. Time I've seen your name on the board. Make. Sure you. Send. Me a message, I. Can't. Pay you if we don't connect so don't go talk crap on the on the bulletin board shoot, me a message I'm. The guy posting, order on content. It's my logo, I don't, Sam hmmm so just come at me yeah I get you paid and I take care of my people so, here you go shout. Out to Matt you know new winner of the day I ain't seen a and again, everybody else twenty thousand. Community. Members that's my picture right there just shoot me a message if you win when you win and I, will shoot you some BTC, as a token of my appreciation, it's, literally just that easy to get paid for, everybody, else we are about to jump into the charts if, you're just getting set up in the marketplace make sure you go over to boss, of Bitcoin, comm, chart, like a boss playlist, BAM trading. View setup. Link is in the description, click that link in the description, jump, over to that website, watch the videos and learn how you can make some real-deal money, in the. Markets, no, joke no, referral, code. No. 999. For you to meet course this is just money making, money so. The first one we're gonna look at right now is BTC. Two the USD, again this is the boss method, learn, about it change, your life with it and then go help somebody else and change theirs too we're, using the seventy seven minute candle. And as you can see. That's. A pretty decent, sign that's, a pop right there we. Got two seventy seven above. The. 231. But that 231, still has negative energy so what needs to happen hopefully, we. Can get something like that if not, then. We'll probably trade here probably fall. But, in the meantime that, 231, is gonna come up when, we get another pop the 231, comes back look, at that, literally. Just wrote out the next two weeks a Bitcoin for you it's not a matter of if but when the. Quick money. 77. Is starting. To come back the. Long money. Hasn't. Yet so the long money needs to readjust. Quick. Money's gonna fall come back down to the long money and. Then. They'll both be able to go up together right so. Bitcoin, is a decent buy right now what's the strike price sixty four hundred right. If. You remember back in the day I told you it back in February, I, said.

Bitcoin Was going down to seventy five hundred anything. Under that was free money as. Far as the long chart is concerned long money right it's, still free money all right seventy. Five hundred that's, not bad that's not bad let's, go check out. Let's. Check out etherium eth, to the BTC, and. See. If we get any of the same. Energy forming over here so, we see on eth. This, is not as. Accommodating. First. Of all that 231. Is on top of the 77, which, means we're not out the woods yet, second. The. Seven, is going. Down which means that 77. Is going down which means that 231, is gonna push all three of them down which, means we're gonna fall, through this. Little quick level support or at least test, it again right, where is that support at that support, is right here. Right. Around. Forty-three. Right. Now we're at forty four five. Which. Means that over the next couple days F. Probably. The next week or so. F. Will. Probably come back and retouch, that line down there. Right. Three, and a half percent off this. Isn't ready yet I want. It to be ready, but. Again told. You this time and time again, humans. Are broke, corporations. Have all the money so. They decide. When. They want to move their money back into the market. Nothing. We could do about that if. It was up to me it'd be going up right now I value, the theory of my value to blockchain but the CJ B's would order us these they don't. So. We gotta wait for them. Right. More. Than likely it. Will come back down there 37. 38 five. It's. Just not a good setup whenever you get at 3:43, and you, have all, three. Of them going down one, two, three, you, have to go back to the point where all three started, to go up again right, so, unfortunately aetherium. Is not looking good let's, check out litecoin Oh. Sixty, people watching. Live, on the air. Make. Sure you hit, that thumbs up button if you haven't done it already looks, like we got 30 or 40 thumbs up. Once. We do. You. Know that a lot can Oh buddy, that, just want some free BTC, whoever that was but, if we don't get 50 before I get off y'all just screwed him over so make sure make sure you get this man paid you, know I'm saying I'm supposed to do it at the end I messed up I did it at the beginning but did let's just make sure we take care of each other, right. This is litecoin. LTC. There's. Been getting hit. Let's. See if we can find a bottom any time so. Right. Really. No. Nope. Alright. So for like coin this, doesn't look that great either. The. Seven is trying, to hold right. Here, which. Means we may be able to get something in the quick term on a 77. Let's go see. Yes. It's trying, to, come. Above but since it's still below. Right. And the seven just failed two beats one that. 77. Is going to break down two and then. We'll have all three, one. Two. Three. Going, negative which. Means will, fall, to. The point to which we came which, would put us back here. Right. It's basically a reset button on, a lot of these Kryptos but. Again that's not bad and it's at that right now which means this one might even take. Another little, half step down. To. Right there we. Probably came from that one before. Yeah like when is this broken right now.

See, JB's got to put in a lot of money to save it I don't. Know if they're gonna be doing that. This, is not a good chart. Right. And, it's gonna be looking pretty ugly probably, until October, sometime, maybe. In late, September, we might be able to uh, rattle. Around right, up right around that line long, enough for, that 231, to come up under us to. Give us a chance to do something like that but. This is probably the worst chart of the whole group so far, let's. Check out Neal. This. One believe it or not isn't that bad it's not as bad, because, you have such a huge deficit, right there I buy. Into, that. Knowing. That. We're at a floor. Right. There. That's, a two-time, floor. On. The 77. Turn the seven off. And. You see that that's a two-time, floor long-term. Floor, I'd buy, into, that down. Here at twenty eight. Because. It's already held twice. So. We can expect that to happen. And when. You run the span. Between. The 231. And the 7 right now. Anything. Around. Like 30%. Is the point of elasticity, it has to come back it has to go back to 0 once, you get like more than 30%, then. They have to come back right that's when the rubber band snaps except, it just snapped in the opposite direction which means you buy the slingshot. Going up and sell, it when they come back to 0 right. Now probably split the difference about half way, somewhere. In there you know, and you'll be able to make 20% on the play. Right. But. If we know that that's, our floor down, there, let's. Try to justify this some more let's jump into the 77. Look, at that look at that look at that this is the best buy you guys we just found it this. Thing, wants to pop right now, once. That 77. Gets above that 231, that's. Where that money is coming from see I saw it on the 343. I didn't, even know that this was happening down here but I could just tell you, know you can kind of tell like the breaking point in either way positive, and negative so, you have this formation set up right there probably do something 1 2 up, down, BAM. Where to will it go. Point. From which it came let's. See if we could do this real quick. Justify. That. Yeah. This will be a quick pop. Look. At that Oh Oh for anybody I know I know that was quick, you know saying that but that's not that's called freestyling, on the Fibonacci how you just take you, know one point BAM boom boom break, it down. Back. For the first time bounced, off the three two right. We're. Working to get it at two four. Probably. Do something like that and then we'll go up to the 1 6 when it's time right the. Grain is positive, the yellow is negative, so. If I bought it today, 2, 8 1 I would, be selling it at 33. 5, right. Buy. It back when. It stabilizes, sell. It again at. 41. 9. There. You go neo is the play right. Bitcoin. Is still showing. A lot of dominance, and neo. Is the play for, the next couple of weeks we expect a quick pop swing, it you know sell off the two to. Four buy it on the three two, and. That's, it and that's, how you chart. Like. A boss, oh. So. There you go everybody I. Didn't. Know it was gonna happen neo is the play for, the next couple weeks I'll keep an eye on it you keep, an eye on and and together hopefully we can make some money on this market, Neos been beat down young-sam.

Like A dead dick Dawg but, you know all. Cycles, come to an end and start, a new beginning again so if you in a chat right now do me a favor shouts a country, out we. Will be getting to you guys in. About. Ten seconds. Here. Let's. See what else do we have. We, already went over this stuff and then. For. Everybody else you, know trying to get set up in the marketplace don't you fear - boy beat K is here. You jump on over to bolts, a Bitcoin. Dot-com. You know I'm saying you go see my man and blue white and gold you know I'm saying holding down. What. We have on this website is still in development I'm just trying to put all this content, together for you guys but, uh we, got a man right there little bio lo lo uh you, know academic, accreditation you, know for the haters but then but then you jump down here just scroll all the way down or, just go up to the top and click, on crypto. Trader products BAM. Right. We, got lessons you, know classes back in session, ms 90 crypto Diana Rodriguez. Offering. Lessons for beginners, your boys doing them for the more advanced, and intermediate. Traders. In the market and, then, other products that we have. Crept. A police report profit, package top, seven coins every seven days I'm. Actually about to release another report as soon as I get off the air those guys will be getting an updated, list every. Monday, top. Seven at 7:00 and then the boss alert, messages. Two hundred and fifty dollars and. These guys get an update live, crypto update from me every, couple days as well, right, so. Check it out shout out to the family. Chris, dinner dugout, mugs you know we just trying to make it officially, official, it's. Come a long way from you, know Google Hangouts live-streaming but a little a little I pi, headphone oh you, know sleeping out of hotels back when I had a 401k, in a desk job every day. My. Office a lot more comfortable now no I'm saying ain't. None like working from your own house helping everybody else making money so, with that being said let's jump on over, to. The, live chat, see who we got, rocking, out with us Guatemala, and the building what it do us a shot, town you, know I'm saying shout out to the 702, what, is it 702, 702. Seven, seven three seven. All - I'm pretty sure now 702, is Vegas, seven. Seven three condo. 3:02. Notification. Yeah. We. Click the bell if, the notifications, aren't working I don't know you know I'm saying all, I know is a YouTube, likes to hate on, people that's, not CJ, be certified, and I guarantee you I ain't one of them Houston, Texas stand up LA, Young, Saeng City of Lost Angels you, know don't become one yourself come, in light and become elevated rise, above that. Vancouver. Montreal, New York, condom. Dallas. Utah, JJ. No money and building boss walking, on the west coast Cali no. You three, one two alright alright, 3. 1 2 shot town, stand, up that, being said is that time today signing, out this stuff boats boy, BK no matter where you stay from Brazil to the bait California. All, the way back out food jerk, money, good, night good morning anger day thank you for joining me thank you for your time thumbs. Up the video copy paste share retweet, it hashtag steam and get the good word out you, know I'm saying that the Black team is here to change the game and the boy beat Kate you, know I'm saying helping you to make a little change along. The way. Miss. Rock good, to see till. We meet again stay, cryptic y'all. You.

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