Bitcoin Cash ($BCH) Is Trading At $9.5K On Coinbase (GDAX)!

Bitcoin Cash ($BCH) Is Trading At $9.5K On Coinbase (GDAX)!

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What. Is going on snipers name elevator here today we're gonna be talking about Bitcoin, cash being added to gee tax and coinbase, mmm. Guys. Check, this out this, is huge. Nine, thousand, five hundred US dollars, for, one Bitcoin. Cash, on G. Dax it looks like the candlestick, went all the way up there our discord. Is popping, right now people are going nuts in our discord I just added a new Bitcoin, cash topic, it's, already blowing up I just added this a minute ago and we, are just blowing. Up right now guys we, went ahead and also updated, some stuff here in our trading 101 so. We have a ton of new stuff here you guys definitely check, this out if, you haven't already it's the best cryptocurrency resource, the link is in the description, below it's our discord, but, this is awesome guys check. This thing out man this place. Is cranking. Up right now we, can definitely tell that we're seeing some huge. Gain. Here for Bitcoin. Cash it's. Not necessarily, showing up right now, specifically. As, like. A tradable, asset, for me I'm guessing, because it's glitched out, because. As you can see the order book is completely, blank, but. There's, only so much that we can do at this point I mean this, is insane, um, you, know if it really is at ninety five hundred then. I mean, that, would be a almost. 300%. Gain. Off of, where it was around. Three. Thousand earlier so, that. Would be insane, if that did happen that. Means if you were holding Bitcoin cash when it came out like. Around eight hundred and fifty dollars, you'd. Be making so, much money, and. That's serious I mean it's. Our market, man I mean like people don't realize how volatile, this market is how truly. Risky. It is and that's why I tell, you risk management, is key if you would have invested, in all top twenty over the past couple of weeks you would have seen some insane, gains I haven't sold my. Top twenty coins, you, know I I have tons of coin positions, right now I did, liquidate, a lot of my positions. However I, still, have tons of coins here. Left over I just took my initial, investment out so I kept 100% gains, on Bitcoin cash I kept aetherium. I kept litecoin, and kept dribble so. Who. Do we got on live let's go ahead and see what's going, on, well. You guys 60 Wow. Man. So. He said my coin best is three point mm. That. Is a coin based glitch, that, is a glitch of coin base, oh, wow. Okay I didn't. Even know, that I probably should have read up on that oh my, god I, actually. Just got a notification on, my computer, of. A news post about that that's interesting. Scotty. Said BCH, shows 3000, so a lot of people lost 5,000, each coin when I was trading so high on G Dax that's. Insane. Good to see you too sir. HC. What's. Up Muhammad good, to have you guys on I didn't. Know this was a glitch wow that's interesting because it's not updating, for me I can't even purchase my Bitcoin to cash from here like. Even if I wanted to purchase biklen cash it's not gonna let me and. I. Already had some withdrawals coming, in that's the sad part about it, what. Up belly ought to get to have you on I. Know. Said what, is the future of BTC, will it go up it really depends, I mean it's not something that we can just predict, at the end of the day the, future of BTC, really lies in the technology. Itself, because. Once, the intrinsic, value of Bitcoin, is revealed, a lot, of the speculative, value will go away of course you'll see those, you'll. See those positions go to other coins like you know like Manero or - or, iota.

For Example, like coin aetherium, now I mean aetherium has been blowing up lately have you guys seen aetherium say, yeah on the chat a theorem. Has been blowing, up like crazy, what's, up Christopher Frank good to have you what's. Up dark matter. What. Up Don will snatch, let. Me show you guys something here so I'm. Gonna just kind of teach for a little bit because this is gonna be a very short livestream. But, I do want to look at trading view really quick let's pull up Bitcoin, cash here, there, are some coins I just have in my that I do want to cover right now so, we're, gonna be taking some requests, on, you, know one of our longer live streams this time I just want to kind of handle. Some of the coins that. I want, to talk about a little bit are you guys okay with that is, that fine what. Do you guys say put it in the chat is that fine can. We just talk about some coins that I have on my mind, somebody. Said yeah yeah, Don said yeah I Neil. Said thanks further my reply you're welcome. Scotty. Drip and said yeah. Somebody. Said South Africa, here too boy. Clyde. Bickford. Good to have you on man, Kevin. Lopez said yes Shaun no, doovy she said yes. Mohammed. Said XRP please, well. Look at will look at Ripple trust me triples been on my mind too I've got a position in my my, trip or a dunk, Edwards dark matter belly actually juice of paradise Alex, Garcia what's. The best place to buy other coins buy Nance calm its honor discord. If you look at a discord, its. Their belly. Actually like where it's going huhai, said yes let's, hear it alright let's let's hear it then come on so, pretty. Much what we're looking at here was. This company handle that was form did you guys see this cup and handle if. You guys watched my video today I briefly, went over this oh by the way on our video today I accidentally. Said one of the support levels were, resistance, and I got that mixed up so, I do apologize, about that I was just kind of you, know I don't know I I guess, I just missed it so, I do apologize but I did get this today guys this is this pretty cool check, this out, what. Do you guys think of this. I'm. So. Excited to eat this it's. A huge Ferrero Rocher. Isn't. That pretty cool. Anyways. So. Just a love that cup and handle huh. Wasn't. It nice. You. Said love that cup and head know. What. Exchange do you like the most or all coins I love. Finance finances, my favorite for sure 100% so. Look at this what is this forming up right here is this. A pennant, I see is, this. A pendant, or is this a descending, triangle. Look. At it's, form it up as we speak, it, is maturing, as we. Speak here. Wow. I'm. Excited to see what happens here with iota because it's, been seeing some insane price movements even after this huge run that we had earlier. I mean, check. This out even, if we just do the one-day chart it'll show you a clear. Example of how we found support all the way up here around. $3.59. I think. That's insane. So. We're definitely gonna be seeing some patterns form up there let's, go ahead and pull up the bch, USD, chart since we're talking about Bitcoin.

Cash And, we'll. Zoom right into a minute, here, this. Is a bit of an hour chart, so. Over, here you also see a pretty, clear. Maturing. Chart let me see, if we can find something clearer than that. Ah. Almost. I, still. Feel like it's maturing because we saw this huge green breakout, so I'd still want to wait on this one before. I called anything because we are looking at a 15-minute, chart so you gotta give it some grace you. Know typically like - only for my patterns at the one-hour especially. If I'm making my investments, I mean swing trading you, can look at one minute charts but. That's. Completely up to you guys of course somebody. Said bye Nance yes. It. Got smaller pieces inside, Tron, guy just, tweeted. Sure. And I said we've been on discord. All day waiting for you, what. Are your thoughts Bitcoin, versus becoming cash in the future I think in the future we'll definitely see, a lot of adoption, for Bitcoin cash as, you can see I mean a lot of these exchanges are really just embracing, whatever. Coin. Has you, know the highest market cap and I think Bitcoin cash is just kind of like almost an obvious one that needed to be added to coin base and G Dax and, I believe, it will start, you, know it'll get on every exchange maybe like Gemini and. So, forth because at the end of the day Bitcoin cash is being used by a lot of people so because. It's being used by a lot of people it's, gonna always be in demand for, someone, you know and then you have Bitcoin gold coming up in the ranks have you guys seen Bitcoin gold say. Yes in the chart have you've seen, one goal pretty. Much the same thing happening here as well we're. At number. 10 seven. Billion. Dollar market cap. I. Mean. That's huge guys seven. Billion dollar market cap for another fork of Bitcoin. Isn't. That insane. Somebody. Said what chart do you use we use a trading, view calm, if. You want our discord, it's on our resources, high. How high will ripple go yes. Somebody said yes, yes. We. Can look at ripple let's go ahead and take a look at ripple really quick so a. Lot, of these charts see look at this it still says. 9500. But. You guys said that's a glitch so who. Knows right. Let's, pull up the XR PUSD chart really quick see what we've got going on here oh. Wow. Obviously. You're seeing some, negative. Price movements but let's zoom, out a little bit because, this. Is really where the pennant, was forming, at first and we. Obviously saw that break up but it looks like we're back. Down. Here looks like we're starting, to form some sort of support here. Around. Looks. Like we're at 69. Cents, so. I'd. Like to see if it can continue to move across this channel I mean it's kind of just, hopscotch. On its way through so. That. Would be really interesting it's, formed like a, really. Nice triangle here so. That'd be nice to see you. Know, Ripple. I'll be able to hold these levels, I just haven't feeling we'll see a break out I just you. Know I just know the technology, behind Ripple I just have a feeling we'll see a breakout that's why I love caught a covering, Ripple don't, you guys agree, yes. Or no put it in the chat. It's. A triple gonna see some huge growth. Hello. Shout out to my guy recommending, be it B, BC gold on the disc or that's awesome, Tom. Actually said I got so much Ripple, that's. Awesome, Christopher, Young would you buy into ripple right now um, not. At all I I would not buy it right now so, I wanted, to talk about this actually I'm glad you asked this somebody, i buy right now you. Guys you guys didn't understand, trading. 95%. Of people are gonna lose in trading and most. People are not gonna make it for a very simple reason, they, buy too high, and they sell too low what. I mean by that is typically traders like the bio and stuff is in the green and they'd like to sell when things are in the red you know because they feel like they're gonna lose their money and. You have to understand that this is well-being. That we do see a head and shoulders here look. At that just kind of snuck up on us that. Other dough I had in shoulder forming, your neckline, right over here a head popped, up right there. Went. Into this descent. But, RSI went under 30 so this, typically. Would. Oh wow, you got a double bottom so yeah that's definitely it looks like this is the support level right here when you guys see the our site under 32. Times in less than an hour let's, call it a double bottom so, that means it's pretty much rock, bottom. For. The most part we'll see how it holds up you know the. Crypto currency markets the most unpredictable market, there is but. Anyways. Um, let. Me talk about the newest trader so I'm gonna give you guys an example here, let's say I. Guess. We'll talk about Ripple I mean we might as well we're already on the chart but, most people will want to buy when, prices are low because they think oh well if the prices are down here, then.

It's. A perfect time to buy you know it wasn't. $17,000. Yesterday. Even. Though hit all-time high of nineteen thousand you know and I'm referring a Bitcoin if you guys don't know I'm talking about so. You know people will buy right here in the red that's why you see these quick. Jumps, in price after you see a decline because people are just oh I'm gonna buy because, it went down this, far and then it, goes down this farm people are like oh I want to buy some now it's down and these are all basic. Traders, in my opinion because you're not you're, not really unless your strategy, is you. Know different. Than mine and. It could be remember this isn't financial, advice this is not legal advice or I'm not giving any recommendations, but you. Know if if you, buy at these low points, it's. Typically because you're just almost, buying. On emotions, rather than logic what do you guys agree say yes on the chat. A motion. Over logic, people make emotional decisions over. Logical. Decisions, right say, yes Oh. Future. Money said you're ignoring, all of your questions, I'm. Not looking at my questions I need to have. Two screens that's that's the only issue sorry. About that can. You talk about stellar lumens, please yes we will. Everybody's. Saying yes yep yep yes I, agree. Man I agree. Emotions. Are huge with beginners yes you're right absolutely, yes. Listen, to 90 men. Absolutely. All right awesome so, somebody's. That I made an emotional decision yesterday. So. Yeah that's pretty much what's going on Bitcoin but yeah I'll take some of your questions let's see what's going on let's, see what you guys have to say TRX, and arc please. Let's. See what's up snipers, my buddy freaks out when price drops yes. Every. K said I'm already emotional. What. Up Austin get to have you on your. You. Prefer to buy a breakout over, support lines yes, absolutely Christopher, young I like to buy right on top of the breakout because, if it's forming, resistance, and then you see a breakout it's typically an indicator that you're going to see a pretty, you. Know pretty high price movement, it's not like the stock market you don't see breakouts, as much in the stock market because this markets a lot more stabilized, at least compared, to the cryptocurrency market, where there's so much volatility. So. I'm. Ed Goma, Rick. Nelson can, Mac ma'am getting tons, of awesome people on this live. Stream that's awesome guys how do you by stellar illumines I'm pretty sure it's available on, Finance. Typically, most, of the coins, are available on Finance, but. You can ask that in the discord I'm sure somebody can ask you or, help you out with that i aughtta.

Priced In 2018. Zippy. Zippy what I, would, say. We. Can definitely see a, price. I mean let, me pull up IO to Rufus I'd rather have you guys, look. At the coin itself, and. I'll look at the basic graph for you guys so, we see it at 5 bucks and I think it hit an all-time high it, went close to 10 but it didn't. Quite reach 10 but. I can, definitely see it going up in. 2018. Just because it's in the top coins and I, see a lot more money coming into the market so as we head towards a trillion dollar market we'll definitely see the iota price start to increase. And. It's, gonna is you know you're gonna see that with most currencies that's why if, you are holding I think that's the best thing you can do as a you know novice, trader because. Holding, will allow you to just kind of go, with the trend, rather than you, know almost like, only. Try, to make money in small gaps so, I'd rather have a, novice. Trader actually. Attempt. To make money through just, holding because at that point you, know you're not really worried if it's going up or down you just know alright I'm gonna be holding this for the long term and that I mean haven't. You guys seen that online like it's always the people that hold that make the most money say. Yes or no is that true or is that not true. Let's. Let's check that set, somebody. Said hi name can you analyze. ATM, Ripple shout, out to Edward, Edward, just subscribed, thank you so much brother. Ripple. Price 2018. NAT Nimr um I, think ripple, I. Don't. You know I don't see it not crossing $1 I think it will cross the daughter a dollar I just have a feeling I. Really. Like the ripple coin I mean, at the end of the date of technology, and the team behind ripple I mean, it's far more advanced, than most coins. Tech. To stock said yes Clyde big Ford said yes that's true yes. Dawn. Will, snatch yes so that's what I say for the most basic traders, you know sometimes, you guys want me to just come up with these like crazy rules, and stuff but that's, not really the way to make money in trading that's how you lose, money because you get confused you're not being you, know disciplined, with the, advice that you're taking so it's, all about taking up different, perspectives, putting. It in your folder. Inside. Of your brain and then filing, it away and then, called, the shopping cart method is what it is it's you know listen, to everything but don't apply.

Everything, Just apply what you need and what you want it's, like when you're building a car it's just different parts so, that's. How you should build your trading strategy, it's almost like building a car do you want an engine you want so if you like this guy's way of you, know of how. He buys into something then you put that into your brain and then if, you like the way this guy you. Know allocates, his assets, versus, this guy even, though you took that one advice from this guy then you, know you now can you can allocate, your assets the same way this guy does or you. Know it's, just almost like does that make sense it's, almost like it's interchangeable. So. I. Hope. That helps. Taron, says should we sell litecoin now that bitcoin cash is, up. Well. I think I would hold to, be honest with you I'm holding like. I have I'll tell you my portfolio right, now so, what, I want what I'm holding right now currently. Is, about. 20. Coins here including, iota I'm holding, your theorem classic I'm holding nem I'm. Holding Bitcoin cash I'm, holding substratum. Neo I'm, holding, some bit shares some, salt. I'm. Holding some. Stellar. Lumens, as well z cash, neo. And. I've got several others. I've. Got like you, know theorem, classic, cos. Card. On oh so. I'm. Holding man I mean I I just see I see market cap going up so therefore, I see all the prices going up that's, that's just how, this market, is gonna develop out any market, has a development, period and within, the development period that's typically where you see the bubble because that's where all the speculators, come in and that's when the money comes in which helps the market mature however. What. I'll tell you right now is in any developing, market you have to be aware of the fact that at. The end of the day you. Know it's. Your money and if, you lose your money you. Can't blame Bitcoin, some. Of you guys what do you guys wish that you can blame Bitcoin, if you lost money wouldn't that be cool it's, like hey dude I lost money and you. Know I don't ever want to you, know like you. Know I want my money back I want a refund, you. Can't ask Bitcoin. For a refund. Somebody's. Ahead uh I'm, holding all in XRP and then see that's also something I don't do the reason I diversifies. For, days like this where Bitcoin, cash shot up today and that's been my highest gain for my portfolio today it's again, let me see how much I gained so. On. My portfolio, I gained. A, hundred, and. Fifty. No I'm sorry one hundred and thirty one point eight two percent on that today alone, and, that's. Because I diversified. You know and then one litecoin shut up I took a piece of that because I was holding light Cohen aura and when. I'm, starting not like corn etherium and, then even iota. I would. Abide about it a little bit late but I still was able to manage. Some profit there Tarun said yep you. See Stefan said what should i do sell, all my bitcoins um, I. Wouldn't. Sell your bitcoins right now because I mean how. Much did you buy it for Stefan can you tell me that, Sean. Said due, diligence, man yep, I, like. That Sean. Then. He's put, a smile. Are. You guys enjoying these videos by the way you guys enjoying the price prediction videos are you guys enjoying the. Videos about you. Know the specific coins, when I do like ricotta and, litecoin. For, example, or another. Set of two or three do you guys like that what up Ron good to have you on man shout, out to George Mahler just, subscribed. Cheers. To you brother. They. Said yes a ton price, prediction yes. Yes. Beautiful. Let. Me actually show you guys some some cool updates that we're applying here to the. Discord. Who hears on our discord, say I in, the YouTube chat, I'll. Show you guys some cool stuff about this chord so. Now we actually just added, trading. 101 so for all of you guys by. The way I know some of you somebody said what the heck is Oh so discord, so pretty much this is something we just made for our whole, YouTube channel so.

If You guys want to check, this out some free resource for you guys you don't have to like pay for anything you just download this app called discord, or you, go to your computer and download it so yeah if you download it anyways you. Know what as people are always like, you know that I have should I sell in the bottom and in reality you. Want to be able to get used to these basic, patterns we have ten basic patterns here for, the beginner traders, we've, got all of these definitions here market, order stop order limit order stop limit order by. The way if you're not using stops, or stop limits in your trading guys I would, highly, encourage you, to start doing so because if you're not you're, gonna be losing a lot of money that you can potentially be keeping into your pockets, how, many of you guys not. Do not use stop trades say, aye, if, you know you stopped or stopped race somebody, said aye aye aye aye aye. And when I Zechariah. Said a. Kartik. Said. I. Hit. The like button yeah, Thank, You Brendan for promoting, that Zack, bro said it I. Feel, like the Australians, are saying a and then all the Americans are saying aye Christopher. Good to have you Danny McNeil what's up who hi-way, bcrypt obliques. On breezy, nagger Dominique, juicebox Barnard, you, guys are awesome all of you guys are back, nicknack said yes these charts are interesting, Sean. Lim neuf she said I keys are said I Reggie. Man. Alex. Garcia, breezy. Naga to subscribe thank you so much brother so, anyways. Yes so that's that I'm. Gonna be updating, this too I have, some, other books but if you guys haven't. Read a book about Bitcoin, I would highly recommend that for the readers a lot, of you guys are more of like the introvert type, of guys that just wanted like you, know sit home and study about something before you get into it I totally, understand I'm the same way you know I'm, almost, like 40% introvert. 60%. Extrovert. But you. Know and what I mean by that is I'd like to you, know be within, myself and, just kind of meditate, and like actually, study something to read something or think through, something so I would. Highly recommend the Internet of money's on our discord, just go on our discord you can purchase it through. Amazon it's like 10 bucks but I do want to show, you guys this says, the internet money delves, into the why of Bitcoin, so. It talks about what, the Bitcoin is you know but what it was created for through Satoshi nakamoto's, vision but it actually doesn't. Necessarily. Talk about how Bitcoin cash could dip I think. That Bitcoin cash could really change the game for Bitcoin just based on what I read in this book so if you guys want to learn more about why, Bitcoin cash is rising, in price I mean it it talks about how Forks, are pretty much a split in a community, so it goes into like the drama it's really cool it's an interesting book about Bitcoin anyways. Yeah. Guys so, we're. Getting some great feedback though, I just want to say thank you so much guys for, the feedback that you've added about, our discord, here I added, Bitcoin cash here by the way and people are already just blowing it up so. We have all coins I see ohm and arrow - cardona, iota all of it here. So, do you guys want us to just kind of keep these coins here what do you guys like more coins add it there what do you guys say if. You put it in the chat I'd love to see what you guys would. Prefer. Zak. We said don't know what it is. And. Fabian. Said keep it up thanks for the excellent content thank you brother Henry. Said wish coins base was never able to do stocks right so interesting, what, are stop trades I would go into the resources, and look that up. Austin. Said I would her stop trays Eric once said yes. Don. Said I. How. Far do, you set your stop it, really depends, sometimes I said it 20% but. Typically when, things are dropping and I don't I like to really just make sure that my risk management, is at. An all-time high especially with this type of market, obi-wan. Said learned a lot on discord, yes that's awesome. So. Let's go ahead and pull up these these, other charts here that I want to look at so I do. Want to take in a request here so. If you guys want to post your request on youtube let's. Go ahead and see what you guys are, watching. Right now and. I'm. Also going to pull. This up for you. Sontee. Said where do I buy Ripple you, can buy ripple on a, lot, of exchanges, I would do buy Nance you, can use crackin politics. Stellar. Let's, look at stellar.

No. Future, I haven't, heard of Chaney I'm sorry. Km. Law sir said bit. By Nance actually. Said Bitcoin is done, I don't think Bitcoin has done I'm, waiting to buy Bitcoin, at a discount, trying to see hey when do we form support levels because obviously. We're going down in price but that doesn't, mean anything, we're, gonna see a lot of weekends understand, when the price goes up really fast it almost forms, like these gaps because, you're not forming support, so. It's, almost like if it starts breaking it'll break hard and that's, what we're seeing right now but this, is just perfect, for somebody, like me that knows the value of Bitcoin and I, understand what's happening here you know people are fearing. That Bitcoin cash is gonna take over so. That's gonna be my opportunity to jump into Bitcoin, because guess what happens after that Bitcoin is so low that it's. Undervalued even at a speculative. Value there's still a speculative. Value so at, the end of the day right now the speculative. Value is just going down because people are like oh my gosh Bitcoin cash might be the new Bitcoin so, it's gonna go down but eventually you, can get your position back into Bitcoin right so it's, the original I mean the. End of the day that's my goal. Let's. Look at stellar like we just mentioned here. Stellar. Let's. Pull it up. Alright. Stellar over a Bitcoin. Interesting. Okay so we see a clear, support. Level so support is at the bottom guys that's where the, price does not go under and, typically, you want to see it hit support twice, to ensure that you draw a correct support level. Right. Over here you're. Pretty much seeing another channel form, because. Of this huge, downward. Drop. Here and then. This huge green, candle, I would say that its pattern. Has just reset, from that point on and now all of these are pretty much irrelevant. At, this point at least because, I want to see what's gonna form up here there. Is no clear support and resistance, levels you can call this resistance, but it only touched it once. And. Then it went down so I would say it's. It's almost like you have to wait until a pattern forms to, be sure when to purchase because if not it could just be sliding, and. That's that's that's why with Bitcoin, I didn't, lose money so. Did. Anybody see my post on discord, about two days ago where I said hey I'm. Gonna be selling my position in a Bitcoin blah, blah blah I'll, show you guys right now so if. You guys are not on our discord. This, is just our community that we have in place it's a free resource you can get it in the description, below it's a just, an app that, you download on your phone or your computer, but, if. I go to main site here I actually did, something I pinned it to this as well. Because, it. Was pretty much our, first alert. Oh I, think. I undid, because. Yeah. Well. Yeah I'll show you another example it's.

Gonna Take hours to find that if. You go to, announcements. Here I. Went. Ahead and drew out bitcoins. Graph. Let. Me see if I can find it here. You. Know what, yes. There. You go we, have brokey support level with Bitcoin I'd like to address my position, remember I will be wrong more than I am right and I in no way giving financial advice recommendations. I feel, obliged as a leader to be transparent, that's sharing my position and thoughts which is what I'm doing I think, we may see Bitcoin drop I'm going to sell some of my position in early position at the next support if created, conservative. Investors, may sell because of uncertainty. With the futures and that may cause an initial drop in my opinion so, at first it was the futures but now in, reality Bitcoin, cash is what's continuing, its drop this, is not trading advice I'm sharing what I am doing I will update you with my own positions as whether or not I'd like to reposition those as well I still, believe there's upside for Bitcoin however it never hurts to take profits if expecting, a drop and reposition, yourself so this was uh this. Was like two days ago, at 8:50. 8:15. P.m. so, this was December, 17th. So. December 17th, today is the, 20th so that's actually three days ago. So. Three days ago let's see what the price was at when I said that so, today is the 20th. 19. 18, 17 so, this is where the price was so that's. How so I pretty much and I'm. Not I'm not just saying this to boast or anything I just want to show you guys the power of. Standing, charts so I said that right here at the top of this chart because, this was three days ago right here the seventeenth I said, it literally, right. Here on the dot it was like around 8:00 p.m. so, it was more so like right around here so. I saw, it at this first initial, drop, how. Did I do that it was because of these charts, guys oh man I'm so sorry I I wasn't, even able to show that I thought the training view was on so this. Is the chart that I drew and we, predicted that right at the top, so, anyways um. Sorry. Guys I was trying to pull up this so this is I was actually showing you guys it, just wasn't pulling up. So. Yeah it was right here at the top anyways. The, way I did that was I drew out these support levels that's simply, all I did as soon as I saw that it broke support, right down here that. Was my indicator, that oh my gosh alright this is not, going to continue, to go up because, number, one the Bitcoin future news was you know on the rise and then, now Bitcoin. Cash is just almost put more gasoline, on the fire so. That's. You, know it's a very simple technique and I would highly recommend it for all of you guys. Somebody. Said talk about lumens stellar, lumens, I you know I for, stellar I didn't want to do more research you know I've looked into Cardno and a DA and. I've also looked at Bitcoin cash, and litecoin and of. Course the biggest coins but, recently. Ripple, and. Cos. I've looked into but stellar I have it so I definitely want to look into stellar soon. But. I do own some just, because I saw. The prices. Christopher. Said can't go wrong with ripple yep. David. You has said BTC. Poker. Chump 25 ripple sucks Alex. Or zoko traded, one else you see for 480, XRP did I mess up I don't, think so, Christopher. Young said I David. USS don't sell BTC. Satchidananda. Is. BCH, priced 9000. Is just a system err um I. Mean, for me it's on my computer's 9000.

Still Let me refresh this. Because. I want to buy some it's just not letting me and before. I deposit my money in here I want to make sure that I have the ability to buy it at the prices that I want to buy it at yeah. It's still saying ninety, five hundred what what shocks me is the fact that even went up there you know that's insane the, fact that it had the ability to go out there. Actually. Said you called it sniper can't lie. Pill. Paxton I thought stellar would compete, with card, ah no I've. Heard that too that's, why I want to look into it, Christian. Matz I said G Dax. Actually. Said you're the F and man, thanks. For the discord alert wait, what let me see, did. He just say that did. You say what I thought he said. Thanks. For the discord, alert saved my a SS. Joined the discord guys that's, awesome, David that's so cool so the discordant, alert actually so you actually took the that's, awesome guys, who. Else who else uh benefited, from that discord, alert was that did that really like help you guys I'd love to know the feedback on that because you. Know I'm. Gonna have one of these afterwards. Doesn't. This look really good you, guys ever had a furrow chart of this big just, as big as my head I have a big head. So. Excited to eat this man oh you, all in one but nah I'm just kidding. Somebody. Said yes it is. Period. Six whispery thoughts. On litecoin, I think. Litecoin is still undervalued I think, litecoin is undervalued for a very long time. So. I definitely think, that there's gonna be a lot more upside. To litecoin in 2018. Joke. Win you're very welcome thank, you so much well according going up next. On coinbase um I believe it, would either be ripple. Or. Iota. I do, have a feeling those are the two I. Miss. If it's not ripple it's probably gonna be because it's centralized. But I don't think that's gonna be a big factor because that's not something that matters to coinbase. You. Know what their businesses are in exchange, so at the end of the day doesn't. Matter much. Then. He said no I just drink beer lol, bread. Britain, mores he said I made really good money from, this court that's, awesome this.

Court Alert rocks say stay, in form yet yeah, guys the discord is there man if you haven't joined the discord already guys I totally. Encourage all of you to do so it's, really what you guys are gonna be able to make the most profits, because not. Because we tell you everybody hey you need to trade this or that no it's because you get so much different perspectives, here if you guys no no this is our discord most people you know I I've never seen this app in. My life prior, to actually getting it set up for the team itself man, we had a ton of new members today wow that, is awesome, so, yeah. So anyways, I think, we're about to hit 2,000 members which is awesome. But. Yeah so we just added all of these coins up here so you. Can go in and get a different perspective from, anybody you know just read, in on what people have to say people. Are talking all the time we do these live, voice channels, here so you can actually talk in a group you. Can actually level, up to a sniper, if you reach, level 2 so a lot of people reach level 2 already over. 300 people already online so yeah, guys I would definitely check this out I mean we set this up for you guys if you guys need. Any sort of changes. To be made and stuff just let us know and we'll be more than open to if somebody said add a bitcoin cache topic. So I just went ahead and did that right now so Bitcoin, cache is now open and people are using this so. Anyways yeah it's definitely a helpful tool, just, to, show. The people that don't know about it. Good. Morning from London look forward to watching later on awesome Nathan good to have you from London can. You look at LTC yeah I can look at LTC eat shirt and die clothing let's do it. LTC. Let's. See what we've got here. So. It. Looks like, okay. I mean, as. Long as it stays here that's a support level, because. It did hit exactly, that point earlier I love. It when it's exact, because then it's like perfect. But it looks like there, is a bigger, picture channel, here this this channel was formed earlier they have a small, little breakout here it looks like it formed a quick.

Round. Bottom and then eventually went back up into the channel back, out the channel into a new channel all-time-high. Back. Down to, this end I. You. Know I couldn't tell you right now exactly, I mean you can argue, that there's a descending, triangle, for me but. You. Know that's, what you're seeing right now of course this. Is a descending, triangle, let. Me show you really quick. So. If you guys go on ur discord, once again all you got to do is go to, go. To trading 101 and. Then. Go to. Descending. Triangle, I think. This is why people love this chord is these, drawings. That's. The only reason so shout out to Allen Baum so. The sending triangle as you can see it's that, sending triangles another continuation. Pattern but this triangle is a bearish pattern it is usually created as a continuation. During, a downward trend occasionally. It can be seen as a reversal, during an upward trend the, opposite of this sending triangle, pattern but is considered. To be a continuation, so. Right. Now we're seeing that exactly. Happened right now so it's at the bottom of this that. Channel. So as you can see here it's. The same exact type of graph, so. That doesn't mean much though right now with this type of markers, you'll see this happen and then go back up and then back down but. What you need to do is you need to find a channel so I saw this descending triangle happen with Bitcoin that's why I got out a Bitcoin because, it was descending, so as it descends, it goes down to a lower level if you sell at the right time you can go and you can secure a bigger position so that's. Called enlarging. Your positions, which is never a bad thing, does. Anybody here want to enlarge enlarge. Your position say, I in. The chat. Everybody's. Like I. Someone. Earlier said G Dax is messed up till tomorrow that's, what it seems like. Poker. Chump $0.25 why sell at Lowe's that, isn't good lol I never say no I never sell it loads are you kidding me only. Self I'm out of profit and, for the most part holding, will make you the most profit in this type of market money's. Gonna continue to go in the market then holding is your best bet. Antonio. Said thank you poker, jato. Cam claws are said hot on, Nick. Mill tell us that Y is G Dax taking so long to verify, me. Man, I remember, just getting furious, at the computer and big corners like you know less than a hundred because G Dax was taking so long to verify. Me actually. But at, that time it was coinbase. Because. I got in Coen I got a Bitcoin. Back in 2010. Yeah. I got I got in a while ago guys somebody. That said how'd you find out about Bitcoin, I found out a Bitcoin because so, I was actually banned from PayPal, early, in my career, I guess you can say on YouTube so I was a youtuber, doing. Gaming videos for, machinima, and you. Know I would post the video here and there and you know the, community would respond to my videos and. I was just kind of building, a youtube channel back then 2010. Ish and then at one point I was like you know what, why. Don't I start doing these Call, of Duty lobbies where they were modded and I would, make, people pay like ten dollars a year ten dollars there to get in but, then when PayPal banned me I was like oh man I need to find another way to accept payments. So I used Bitcoin and. It. Was so weird at first I was like man why do I have to buy these stupid, bitcoins I remember one time I, bought. Like I think it was a hundred Bitcoin, and. You. Know I. Transferred. It to the, individual, but I ended up transferring, it was like point. Zero, one Bitcoin. And. I, didn't even care about it I was just like oh no, big deal so then I sent him like, the full amount so it was almost like changed to me which, right now that point one Bitcoin if you look at the price on that what is the price on point one Bitcoin let's. Look at the price of one point, one Bitcoin, so. I basically just didn't, I basically, threw away cuz.

I At him the the actual 100. PTC on top of the hundred, or the point one that I sent by accident, but. Point one right now was. So. I gave the guy I gave, the guy one thousand. Six. Hundred and four dollars I. Gave. The guy a thousand, six hundred four dollars for free as a commission, for. My. Stupidity, at the time isn't. That crazy. What. Do you know it's like just giving somebody gold just saying hey here's here's some gold. But. Yeah so, that's how I found out in a Bitcoin and then I just, really. Fell. In love with the technology, you know around 2014. Ish. Christopher. Young said one point seven, thousand, the. Root massage said Bitcoin, trickling, down. Nagin. Said how much you make with cryptocurrency I, try, to keep that as you. Know as to, myself as possible, just because of privacy. League reasons, and. Tax. Reasons of, course but. What. I'll tell you right now I can tell you what my portfolio, is right now and percentage-wise. I don't, mind doing that, right. Now it looks like I'm a total of over. Well. It looks like so iota. I'm fifteen percent up aetherium. Classic, forty four percent up nem, fifty two percent up, monaro, thirty three percent up Komodo, thirty two point six five percent, up. 1.8. Percent up, on a card on o, twenty. Eight percent up on AOS one. Hundred thirty seven percent up on bitshares I'm, negative four point three nine percent, with the ripple eighty, percent, up with, neo. Negative. Twenty four point five thirty percent down with electron in. Bitcoin. Cash one hundred forty two point two seven percent. PIV. X. Sixty. One point four nine percent, so. I. Still. Have some other coins like Z cash seventy nine point zero one percent so. I you know I try my best but. To. Be honest with you what I'm doing for alt coins I'm holding. A lot of the alt coins are undervalued when Bitcoin seesaw, it's huge surge in price going from almost, like what, 4,000, all the way up to 19,000. A lot, of these alt. Coins just kind of state you, know stagnating value so there's. Definitely gonna be a lot more potential for these alt coins compared, to what bitcoins that if you guys look at this chart here like. Once again matter. Of fact I'll, tell you this right now on our discord, fun. Fact on our discord. So. We. Get more people talking. Here, in the altcoin chat that I see people talking in the Bitcoin chatter that's just the truth, so. A lot of people are I mean you can look at this it just goes on and on and our Bitcoin chat. Not. Nearly as much in my opinion, activity. As we see an altcoin chat so you, know obviously all coins it considers, a lot of coins. But at the end of the day bitcoin is over, typically it's 50% of the market right now by the way guys if you don't know bitcoin, is nowhere near 50% of the market by, the way I'm gonna show you guys if you guys don't know the name. Of that what. Market. Here let me pull that up here really quick. So. Yeah. Right here so a bull, market a bull market is a market in which prices, are rising or expected, to rise and then, a bear market is a condition, in which prices, fall and widespread. Pessimism, causes the markets downward, spiral, pessimism, means negative to. Be self-sustaining, investors, anticipate, losses, as pessimism. And, selling, increases, so that's. Pretty much the two types of markets you have in right now we're in a full-fledged bull market in my opinion for all coins, in. General, so that's, why you see all of these huge breakouts so it's good to get to know these patterns, guys so. Yeah. That's all in our discord, bias guys, so you, guys all have access somebody. Said what is that how do you get on discord, it's, on the link in the description, so you just got to download the link in the description, below.

It's. A half called discord. I'm sorry so you download the app and then you. Can use on your phone or you can use your web browser or you can download the application so, it's a free community resource that we've created here at snipers too for all of our members. Justin. Roger says what do you think of Wahby I haven't looked at Wahby yet I know somebody, mentioned that to me anyone. Who's blocked folio I've never, used block folio Eli, I use coin stats right now. Swag. Source rex says take a look at van in TRX, we can look at TRS. International. 42 said bth will make to 10,000. Actually. Said so is it bad time to buy Bitcoin cash now you all I mean the right price already rose actually, so you, know I can't tell you what to do at this point you know like that's really up to you the price is already risen I would have called the Buy and I, did call it on our earlier live streams I told you guys that I love Bitcoin cash I see when I think it's undervalued do you guys remember that when I said Bitcoin cash is undervalued, because. In my opinion Bitcoin. Rose to 17,000. Bitcoin, cash stayed around it same, levels. And remember, do you guys remember that. So. That's. My opinion, have. You been in Virg sniper, I have. Plant. I've actually thought about making a video about Virg, it's just all these other videos. Have come out. Beforehand. And they've all been really good so. Yeah. Should. I buy Bitcoin, right now shy. I. Wouldn't. I'm not buying Bitcoin I'm looking to get a position in Bitcoin soon however. With. Where it's at right now it's still on a downward trend so in my opinion it's, not really the smartest decision, to make, as you. Can see if we pull up BTC, USD. We're. Still descending down. So. I'm gonna wait until I find support, because I don't know how long this would go on especially with this new Bitcoin use let's see if I make this shot grass I. Missed. That one so. Especially. With Bitcoin. Caches. You. Know, use, that. It's added on G - I I definitely, think that we can see a lot of consolidation over the next couple of days because we never really formed true support, levels I think in my opinion as. We went down. You. Can see that it just keeps breaking these previous, support levels that were built and. It's, just you know we've, seen this huge rise in the past couple days this is probably gonna be the biggest, consolidation. Since, we saw the. One previously, around, December. Seventh to. December 10th so. It's. Gonna be interesting to see what happens with Bitcoin. Shots. And Brandon Dylan just subscribe thank you so much brother. Somebody. Said where's the calm music I still. Got the calm music I just decided to keep. It off today because, this one's not gonna be the longest livestream that we do I just, have some other work that I definitely need to finish. Up right now should, I sell all my ripple. International. For days you said I don't like selling all at once I never knew that I always sell in layers typically, it's, three, layers sometimes four layers depending on how, many support levels that I see, within. A certain percentage, but yeah I typically, don't ever sell all out because, I just wouldn't do that, somebody. Said. Jarrell. Wizard said do you have a position in XRP yes I do I do. Have position, as an X or PG row for. Sure and I don't plan to sell those the expertise, one of my favorite coins right now especially because of the. Amount. Of. Advancement. That it actually provides, for banks and I. Don't think any other company, has been as successful as, ripple and I can definitely see it becoming like the IBM or, the Microsoft or blockchain, don't you guys agree say.

Yes In the chat if you guys agree with that. Troy. Very said thoughts on TRX I have not looked as as, deep, as I would like to on TRX, so I would definitely want to look deeper on that can. You talk about the future of XRP whoa seventy percent of Japanese transactions. Touch the ripple net in some way shape or form so the. Future of XRP in my opinion is bright in the fact of. Banks. Need a system. To send money internationally more. Efficiently than they are now the end of the day it takes too long, I actually, I remember going into my bank I needed a closing account so I walked into the bank and the. Teller comes up and says oh sir what do you like to see, one of our banking, relation, managers look like yeah sure so I got it will be about 10 minutes I ended up waiting 50. Minutes 50, minutes 5 0 15 minutes I waited and he said it was gonna be 10 minutes anyways. Talk about American, banks right, you. Know and you know it's crazy too if you go in there and you try to withdraw. $10,000. They'll say alright sir we're gonna have that mailed to you in the next four days and, I'm saying they're like excuse. Me like this, is a bank and you. Don't have a 10,000. Like you don't have $10,000. In your bank I'm, in Bank, of America, and they. Don't have $10,000. Cash, are. You kidding me somebody. Said yes yes definitely crypto, can definitely, Claudie. Said absolutely, good, to have you back on Claudie. Anyways. Yes so I walk, into the bank and long story short the banker is explaining, to me how big, transactions. Are taking so long and how Bitcoin has. Been taking a lot of their business, away in terms of transaction fees because I think it was over 14 billion spent, on transaction, fees alone for, you. Know just stuff, that doesn't really, need to involve. Any sort of transaction, fees at the end of the day if. You just use, ripples, technology, you can save so much more money so I think, that will definitely see ripple going, up as one. Of the bigger coins. Gs. Company said where's the best place to store Ripple well, I would say you, know at its, there's only so much you can do in terms with. In. Terms of exchange, cold equip for, me I leave it in my exchange just, because I mean it really depends on how much you're holding because with. My altcoin positions are a lot smaller than my Bitcoin position, so I'm fine with holding, in my exchange. But. If. I were you going to our discord, if you want I'll show you really quick, on.

Our Discord, if you go here you can actually go down here to ripple and then. Ask. That question I'm sure somebody can help you answer that has tons of people all here hold Ripple by the way shout out to all our new discord, members we got tons of new members just on this livestream alone, sure, that's a negan Franklin Stein bunky, st. outlaw Matt Anthony F Marty. 82 7 mr., ninja ex payday, sizzle. Gee wish wise, choices vert. Minded, nebula PC Edith. Swizzle. Shout-out to you guys awesome. Good. To have you guys what, we're gonna do by the way if you guys don't know we're gonna be doing a night owl tonight so, if you guys go to our discord, on the left, hand side just click voice channels, and. Then go down here, to livestream. And then click night owl chat so we're, gonna be doing a night owl tonight what that means is we're gonna have everybody come in here I actually have to click stream talk so, you go down to that. Owl and then you click or no not stream talk night owl Yeah right here sorry, guys our. Developers, they keep changing things but that's good they're doing a great job. But. Yes so. We're. Eventually gonna get on this night owl thing after this we're, gonna be ending this stream fairly, shortly so I look, forward to seeing you guys at the night owl you guys can ask me questions if you guys don't want to talk you know you don't have to have your mic on you can just listen in it. Would it really you know it really blows my mind every time we draw these night owls you know the type of questions you guys have and. The type of people you guys are you guys are all awesome people, and I'm so glad to have. You guys here thank you so much by the way for 5,000, subscribers guys. You. Know we hit 5,000, and it. Was just like a passing through point at the end of the day I was, like man this is awesome I can't wait to hit ten I can't wait to a hundred, I can't wait to hit a million so I. Can't. Wait to do that with all of you guys you know this is our channel in our community, so we, got to stand strong right everybody. Say stand, strong, in, the chat. Let's. See what people say that owl rocks Kotla rock said yes. It does, international. To ten thousand ten thousand what. Mister, partners did get LTC at the closest, to three hundred you kid. Swatch. Soros says can you look at V and, graph I don't, mind Mitch, sick explain that one more time everything's recorded thank, God right so, you can always go back. Eat. There should stay. I'm. Sorry this chance really delay by, bch when BCC goes back up stand. Strong spikes or said stand strong. First. One. Vpe. Grill oh good to have you man I haven't seen you stand. Strong Stan. Food via CID yes, it. What language, is that james, daniel, said by bch guys. Strong. Hands, I like. That strong hands stand strong Scot Larocque what's up man, Ali. Aesthetics. Nice. Profile, picture dude everybody. Said stand strong yes. Creepy. Scary. Tosh stand, strong Hill Paxton, strange huh awesome, guys so we're gonna take some requests, on our discord, here so I see, that people have been posting here shout out to Moscow, Mule for subscribing so let's check out our discord, what we, have here, in requests, so, if you guys want to request something just go on our discord, and go down to the livestream and click requests, so one, thing you can do too is if you, you look at these channels. And you, already find your question or whatever you're gonna ask me then, ask about, something else you know you don't have to always ask about Bitcoin in theory and litecoin rip why oh it occurred on a dash Monaro I see oh all coins becoming cash so. Just give you guys a heads up somebody said how do I get on that the, link is in the description, below this is our discord, it's a free resource that you guys can use so, the link is in the description, just click that link if you've never use this cord most of you haven't it's. Definitely gonna be a learning curve but trust me you guys like don't be stubborn just download it it's gonna be the best place for you guys to get all of your information like. I said you can go out here trading 101 we have this whole guide built for you guys on trading, and how to trade it's, a huge community for you guys so anyways. Let's take these requests here so somebody said Tron. Is t-rex could you do TRX. Vapes at TRX, let's look at TRX, here really quick pull.

Up TRX, see what chart we've got for me. TRX. USD. Oh. Wow. It's. Not pulling up let's do uh. Yeah. That's probably too small of a coin for us to actually pull up through trading view so. Bit. What, do you seen bit bitshares, mister, hunter I like. Bit shears you know I made a pretty, good profit on bitshares, actually. In our second live stream we predicted, this cup and handle and I, told you guys that I expected, the price to just jump from there and then we saw a huge jump in price a lot of people made money on that one but, obviously I mean there's a descending triangle forming right now so. I'd. Be interested to see where this triangle actually stops, because the standing triangles are typically. Actually. Why don't we just show you guys the resource here on discourse so you, guys want this is how discord, helps out you can go on these charts and then you can go up here to. Let's. See training. 101 and, you look at it what is a descending, triangle, and. It'll tell you exactly what it is and how it looks but, it's typically a continuation, that's, what it's called so you'll see here says yep. As a continuation, during, a downward trend so continuation. Is basically where you seen this breakout where it continues, to go down or not bounce back and up and form a channel so that's, the difference there. So. As you can see it's, going downhill um so, that's my thoughts on BTS for for now but the, technology, I think is good I think they they work really well with the. You. Know with. The needs that we have right now in blockchain, because I think a lot of people overlook. What the needs really are and really, right now we need platforms. That can just. Advanced, us forward you know just like how Microsoft is about how Apple was built in. 1998. When, Steve Jobs was just in the grind of it you know so that's. Really what, my position, and my feelings. Are about bitshares, and a lot of these coins to be really honest let's take some more about discord, requests, here, let's. Go ahead to pull, up our. Let's. See night owl. Request. Let's, see what we've got here. Brendon, said crack open, that ferrero Roger you. Guys think I should open this on the stream you, guys, you guys think say yes if you guys think I should open this on the stream. Right. Do I got it I got to open this on the stream. Let's. See you says yes. That. Would be insane for me to crack open this for our watcher on the stream I'm, just gonna do it oh, my. Gosh, everybody's gonna say yes yep I might. As well just do it right all right yeah. Let's, pull up all. Right. You, guys are gonna pull this apart huh. Let's. Pull it apart oh, man. Check. This out. This. Is a little gift. Wow. Look. At that a gold. Piece inside a gold piece. There's. Gonna be so good. Man. I wonder how to open this oh. Look. At that. Everybody. Said somebody. Said no said. Somebody said what's your number it's in the description oh. Man. Look at that baby. Wow. Oh. Man. Look there's just little ones inside of it then. You get this really big one isn't. That pretty cool I don't. Like it eating in front of people so let's not do that but. There. You go man all. You got to do is request it right I. Just. Said I'm not gonna be in front of you guys then I just take a quick bite. All. Right guys. Enough. Of the commercial break, somebody. Said the next bit coin in your hand. Full. Said full said Edward. Need jeonggi just. Subscribe good to have you on. Predictions. On litecoin near future please I.

Think. Litecoin will, have a pretty good year next year I think in my opinion just because of its. Its. Price right I think it's extremely, undervalued that's, just the truth at, the end of the day it's, probably one of the most undervalued, coins, that we have right now because when, Bitcoin went up like, Quinn barely saw a price, increase I mean it pretty much continued. Its path, around the 50, to 60 $70 mark back to 50 back to 70 if. You guys remember remember, the Bitcoin is only $50 a couple days ago. So. How high do you think you'll go you, can never determine, magnitude, brother Surya, Chi you can never determine, magnitude you only can determine price, movement, so that's the truth of the matter sorry. To bust. Your bubble here, but. You can only determine price movement so that's, gonna be it guys I'm gonna be doing the the. Night. Owl on our discord, so if you guys want to continue this just. Get on our discord, I know this was a little bit of an early one I just have some work that I need to accomplish here but. As, you can see I will pull up my discord just go on to our night owl yeah go on to our night owl section, here and. Open, up the, night owl chat and I'll see you guys all in there as you can see people are already joining, in, and, tons, of people are coming into it right now so I'll, see you all there in our night owl I'm gonna probably be on there in about ten minutes on the dot so. Just. So you guys know that and, I also want to give a couple of shout outs here to our newest subscribers, here. Just. To give you guys a little bit of love thank, you for being, a part of our new community here and, once. Again guys I really appreciate the growth that we're seeing here and, I just, really I expected, to continue and I expect, to just bring out consistent, content, and great, quality content, for you guys where we can add value to the community rather than take value from the community because it's all about giving and if, you just continue to give you'll eventually reap your own harvest so I definitely. Highly recommend that, guys. Let. Me go ahead and do these quick shout outs here but. We'll definitely have a really. Productive livestream, tomorrow night so not as busy. So. I'm, really excited to do tomorrow's live stream but I'll. See you guys throughout the day on discord, for sure so. Let's. Go ahead and do these quick, shout outs here to, our newest, subscribers. Here on snipers, too, let's. See what we've got here, so. Shout out to. Let's. See what we've got. Moog. Fan felix, alder, at a edward net Nimr future. Money george knick-knack, breezy, Bob. Uber. Eduardo. With two DS X homebrew fire clean distorted, reality Kevon, Anderson, Orlando Rodriguez. Mustafa. Al Kumi ma tsq swizzle Johnny, Ken Chia, Sam, mad. Dust. I'm AIDS, your Africa, Daniel, valerie feely veep. Get, grill jordan, spirit Guillermo, Elsie, Jaron, Brandon, five-minute. Thrift ology, average, Joe Terry John Avery James, Donaldson, Shiva, Ram Alessandra. Pistachio, pistachio. Jaha. Joe and Moscow Scrooge ECN Jake, Edward, Amir Jon da, go Pedro and Johnny, Ellsworth, thank. You guys and once again we'll, be back on life tomorrow night it's gonna be an awesome livestream. I'll see all of you guys in our niteowl right now so if you guys want to check out, the after, party here just, go on the link in the description, below download, discord. And. Then you guys can be a part of that night owl so you guys can get all of the details and once. Again this night owl is gonna be just. For our, discord. Members so you have to be down here and as, you can see wow that's just filled up really quick so everybody's down here so. That's pretty much where we'll go if you guys want to ask me any further questions. And, once again thank. You so much guys for 5,000. Subscribers and, as. Always what, do we say when we're done guys snipers. Out. Let's. See who says it everybody's. Saying it now. Snipers. Out. Let's. See. Andre. Is it any good wallet. Alright. Guys thank you so much. They're. Your snipers out snipers out Scott.

Lorac Christopher, Bernard. Brandon, vape bro Dave. Brendan. Snipers. Out all, right guys take care thank you guys see you on uh discord.

2017-12-20 15:05

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Think about what this type of manipulation did to the accounts that got into the paper market!!!!! They lost sooo much money!!!! You know how much they have invested in btc and when they find out illegal manipulation happened that started panic selling and buying into bth causing them to lose a fortune they will rage holy hell in crypto and it will be highly regulated. I say ban all Asian countries from destroying our market!!! Most of their governments made it illegal so this manipulation is not fair and criminal!!!! People claim Koreans did this but Korea banned crypto..... So why are we allowing banned people to destroy the market?! It has to be regulated! I demand regulation and criminal punishment

No one seems to see the manipulation Coinbase did except a few people. I demand someone at coinbase or all involved see jail time over this due to market manipulation!!! Over 9K only on their exchange! The secret coin being added pumped by insiders at coinbase! Criminal activity like this is what's going to get it regulated!! And I'm joining others and quitting coinbase!!! This is criminally illegal and what Asians are doing trying to steal Bitcoin with these illegal manipulations is highly criminal! I may have to report this just to save crypto!! This manipulation will destroy every coin

it will be restored to the market price as soon as they resolve the issue. nothing to get excited about.

do you trade with btc or usd ? as the chart always seems a little different

great exchange low transcation fee no lag -

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short live stream : 1h :))


Sooo Coinbase still says verifying my ID and it’s been a couple hours. It also said BCH had a freeze on trading, not sure if that’s lifted or not yet. Anyways, how can I get my card approved, and is it really better to link your bank account and not just your card? The wait period doesn’t make it seem like it.

Can't buy bitcoin cash on coinbase any clue ?

Hey dude yeah

Bcash blockchain includes neither key Bitcoin technology upgrades, the large and distributed developer community of Bitcoin, nor the breadth of stakeholders that comprise the Bitcoin ecosystem (including a quantity of miners that participate to secure the network) — much of what constitutes the network security for Bitcoin. In short, Bitcoin Cash is not Bitcoin regardless of how much it might wish to be, just as Bank of America Cash would not be “the real Bank of America” if a lack of trademark rules had ever allowed BofCash to exist and claim to be BofA to those just learning about consumer banking.

Hello Sir,do you want to be mining your own btc yourself with your blockchain wallet?

BItcoin Cash Next stop is $8000 Its Confirm

All these coins are shit compared to XRB (RaiBlocks). It's instant transaction, it's DAG and it has NO FEES (this is unprecedented). If you miss this one, you're gonna be sorry !!

IOTA has no fees, aka this is not unprecedented

ok, but that still meant some lucky piece of shit sold his BCH to a poor soul for 9k lol

Hey Straitway Canada, We have had some members use a Google Voice account to get verified. I would give that a shot and let me know if that works for you. Thanks for watching and hope to see you on Discord!

Brother Roger should goes on TV

When Ripple(XRP) blooms, the BTC price goes down! When BCH, ETH and LTC bloom, the BTC price goes up !! WHY????

One Word: Crazy! Welcome to the community and thanks for watching!

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