Bitcoin (BTC) Remains The Best Performing Cryptocurrency

Bitcoin (BTC) Remains The Best Performing Cryptocurrency

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This is going on snipers, Nayeem a little baby here I hope you're all enjoying your, day today let's go ahead and just dive right into our daily cryptocurrency, content, and analytics. For today, we're gonna be talking about Bitcoin. Being. The top-performing cryptocurrency. Since. January, of 2017. If you're a long-term investor, of Bitcoin, you must be doing very well and then looking at the Bitcoin technical analysis as well as some headlines today let's first dive into the TA here you can see with Bitcoin we bounced right on top or right a below, that, exponential, moving average which is depicted here in red showing. Signs of weakness, down, at these lower levels, so we're gonna have to watch and see what happens with this our size we never crossed, above, 40, yet which, means we may now see, this our side dip back down to that 30 possibly. Double bottoming, as we saw previously before, seeing any higher highs so we're gonna be watching this RSI, level right here below, 40. And we're gonna see whether or not we can break that 40 knowing, that that is a. Neutral. Zone we want to eventually, go, above, and ideally, see this RSI, hopefully, even if it drops back in double bottoms go back up here maybe see a little bit of resistance but then finally break through that 40 and then find support, alongside that RSI and that would be the ideal scenario for us to see with, this RSI, movement, and I think the RSI is the best indicator to watch right now on the daily to determine where bitcoin is headed understand, that, we still have a little bit of a cushion right now for us to double bottom around, 6,000. As we had previously, saw, a bottom of around those levels, so we pretty much have a gap between, 6070. 300 for us to go down and then, once, we see, that sell-off, will most likely exhaust. The majority of the sellers here on the histogram there. For. Allowing. Bitcoin to finally, see its. Swing. High occur, to, the higher side of this pennant, which doesn't, necessarily mean, that's gonna be the breakout period we can still see a retracement from, that known resistance of around 10,000, before seeing any sort of breakout to all-time highs so hopefully, that was a good understanding. Of where we're currently at with this market a couple headlines, I do want to talk about you can see here Wall Street is losing. Young talents, to the crypto, industry. So if you guys don't know consensus. Recently, happened here in New York one of the largest cryptocurrency, conferences. And from. The team, from, snipers too that were on the ground at consensus. What I got from them was the fact that the majority of the people there were either extreme. Hardcore cryptocurrency, fans, or, Wall. Street suit-and-tie. Individuals. And professionals, and corporate, individuals. And the, cool thing about it is the fact that the majority of the booths there were actually by, banks, and hedge funds being, the fact that they obviously have a lot of capital, but also because, of their interest in this market, and we're seeing here a lot of young talent going, into the cryptocurrency world, rather, than just sticking to Wall Street so so to be exciting to see as more jobs occur, here within this marketplace and then you can see another headline here one of our topics, in the title of this video Bitcoin remains, the best performing, cryptocurrency, up 700 percent since January, 1st 2017. And I wanted to talk about this article because I think there are a couple lessons to, be learned in this article you see here it says Bitcoin, down 50 percent this year but still up 700, percent since the first of January 2017. So I want to give some of you perspective, because January. 1st 2017, wasn't, that long ago and have you seen this article it says you early, Bitcoin adopters, are doing very well even, if they had had to suffer long bear market periods financial. Investors always advise diversifying.

You Know we actually had a little bit of a debate yesterday in the comments people were like I don't think that versification is a good thing in this market well guess what you can even see here it says as an, investor you probably need a mix of long term and short term vehicles, by knowing the differences between these two categories you, should have a good idea of what to expect from your investment that's something we've talked about snipers, do for so long it's diversification. Allocating. Your assets properly, not betting. Everything but, putting all your eggs in one basket right, you see it says and this knowledge can help you make those choices that are right for you because trading. Is all about choices making, the right choices my mentor taught me this is very early on in trading say name a trade. Is a choice that you make you have to initiate the trade before the trade happened so understand. That every trader you make is a choice that you're making all you need to do is make good choices and the mortgage choices you make the more profits you make of thereby, resulting. In, higher, profit levels and for. You to succeed in this market, so another, headline article here South Korea officially recognizes. Cryptocurrency, as an asset, with measurable, value that's, another huge feat here in the cryptocurrency world, remember we're looking for a mass adoption and it's cool to see a country like South Korea if you don't know South Korea is one of the most, I. Would. Call them the most adapted, to cryptocurrencies right now they have tons of retail stores that except with no currencies but the reason they're so adaptable. To cryptocurrencies is the fact that they have such a prominent, gaming, community and because, they're used to digital cash and they're used to like runescape dollars the League of Legends League. Of Legend dollars or whatever world, of warcraft dollars whatever the, currency in those games are they, are you. Know they're comfortable with utilizing cryptocurrencies, and digital currencies which I think, that for the majority of the world especially, with some of you are you, know uh-huh I guess, you can call them laggards, right individuals, that are not necessarily, on the forefront of technology, it's gonna take some time for them to get used to this digital currency this digital revolution but, in my opinion it's, something that's necessary, but as we, start to kind of shave, off the, older. Folks in the world I think the younger crowds will definitely be able to adopt this type of currency knowing that the majority of younger folks are on their iPads and their phones right now and they're just so used to utilizing, this mobile device on a daily basis, so it's not gonna be too much of a transition once, the whole world is on digital currencies and crypto currencies which is why I'm extremely bullish about this market I love this market, so another. Awesome. News. Or announcement. Here Tron's, maintenance. Than. Ten hours there's gonna be a live stream you can see we've got over six hundred eighty six people waiting right now and I, highly recommend you guys check that out we'll have the link in the description, below but the Tron maenette will be launching soon and it's only be whether or not trance.

Price Is gonna go up or down during, this may net so let's. See what everyone has to say here in the, chat IPS. Says diversification. Has kept me in profit. Through this bear market since January, not, as much in profit, as I was but no loss that's a good thing that is awesome I love hearing that Dave, Hubner says what up Naeem from Australia. I'm at work but tune in on my phone love the live talk had his awesome, man get, your knowledge, on the go if you guys don't know by the way we have our discord, app and this, is a free resource and community, it's a 24/7, training community available, for you guys for free the link is in the description, below we also have a premium version of it where we post daily technical. Analysis, daily trend signals and daily market updates and that could be found under, slash snipers, or under, purchase premium in the discord but I highly recommend you guys get on our discord utilize the tools and the free resources that are available there for you and that. Is for those of you that don't know about it but let's see what somebody's. Is day off today and this is all I'm doing absolutely I am, loving the market right now we're, consolidating, right, around that 74 7,500, with Bitcoin and in my opinion even if it sees, it a little bit more of a drop we still have a little bit of a cushion right now and we can see that RSI, double, bottom at 30 that would be the most ideal situation for a Bitcoin before seeing that reversal, but here's the point here understand. This each and every one of you watching this video right now think. About this every time Bitcoin, has hit under 30 and our site look what has happened right, every, single time we've swung, back and seen a high we've swung, back and seen a high right we've, swung, back and seen a high we've, swung, back and seen a high every, single. Time we've swung back and seeing high we've swung back and seen high well, guess what it's only a matter of time before we swing, back and see a high so if your positions, are down right now if you're not making profit in this market if this market isn't you. Know attractive, to you right now guess, what it's your time to make some money you know I think over the next few days dollar cost average new position into Bitcoin it's probably the smartest decision yes you might not get it at the all-time low if you want to wait for the all-time low you can give it a little bit of a couple days but, at the end of the day it's, gonna swing back you, know that's the point of the matter if we were to make this into a song we should, probably do it it's gonna swing back it's, gonna swing back you know what I'm saying like it's, gonna swing back so we're fine do, you guys agree with me or not like, people panic, for no reason they're like they expect, it not to swing back but when has it not swung back you.

Know What I'm saying are. You guys with me or not Aldo says yes. Maximus. Says swing lower lol, Dom. Says it's got a swing back baby. Pool. Villota says yup. M'dog, has a question he says please, if institution. Investors, buy over-the-counter then, how would the prices go up retail investors sorry for my lack of knowledge well not everybody does OTC transactions. There's OTC desks and stuff where you can do OCC transactions, oh my, gosh by the way my pennant here is not looking, good what the heck is going on here these resistance, levels are kind, of off here let me fix this pennant, BAM. That's, the pennant right there oh. Man. Technical. Analysts. You. Know we have some, I. Guess, you call them nuances. That we have to make sure it's correct, somebody, says name. I'd like to get you to 1 million. Mm. A PGX. Tokens, may I have your my ether wallet deposit address please I think your channel is awesome well. You can message me on Twitter even or, Avon at snipers, too and then I'll send you my my, third wallet deposit, address you know why because I understand this market you can send a pause to, anyone and nothing, can happen right you know people to understand this market, and we have to educate people about this market people understand wall addresses, I actually. Was. At a conference and the CEO, of this Peruvian, exchange, said that people, were inserting. Their street, address in the. Box that said wala address, when they were depositing, and withdrawing, coins some. People would buy coins and then put their street address can. I didn't know what a wallet address was I said address, so then their, subconscious, said okay you're at my street address right, so, it's like we have to educate people on how to utilize this technology like you, don't want to ever send your private, key but you can send your public key right, because your public key is public you can send your deposit and withdrawal address because that some people can send and receive, money through your wallet right so people, have to be educated about that type of stuff in my opinion, everybody's, saying lmfao. Can. I get your private wallet, address um I'm, fine Maximus, I'd. Rather not, somebody, says 1000, likes for a swinger Pole I'm sorry, that's kind of inappropriate. Peter. Says how is Ooty see working how does it influence price in the end you, know over, the counter transactions. Are where, a buyer, and seller will directly, transact. Bitcoin, with, each other pretty much right but it's such a scam, II markets, actually. Reliable. Market, it's such a weird. Market. That a lot of people don't necessarily like, to do OTC transactions, but, it definitely affects the market I think, that over. Time you'll see less and less OTC, transactions, as regulations. And things matures so it's, just part of this early market, adoption right you have to be willing. To deal with what. An early market deals with right, which is everything we're dealing with right now so hopefully. That helps out, maximum. Says ding I try and compass, pest control, says I work in pest, control, seasons. And cycles and I find interesting why. They call things, ecosystems. And organic, revolving, around cryptocurrencies, there are patterns yeah. Everything, in life has patterns right like Fibonacci retracements. Like that's a pattern like right, now I can show you a pattern right this is an arithmetic, or. An, arithmetically, validated. Pattern here right it's called the Fibonacci retracement. Right, everything follows patterns so like for example for you to take this, top right here and go to this bottom, you, can see how these, price levels they correlate, with each other right there, are price correlations, we can actually go down to this bottom here so that we can see a little bit more of an in-depth view and you, can see here like. For example. Actually. Let's. Draw the Fibonacci down, to. This previous resistance. BAM. So, like if we were to drop the Fibonacci rotation you can see how, it respects. The. Math right, like, we find resistance, or, support, right along that point 2 3 right we, end up finding resistance, at the top of the Fibonacci at the point 5 right as, soon as we break through the point 5 we ended up bouncing. All the way on top then seeing resistance at the point 6 1 right so all of this is data, right cool, thing here you dropped below the EMA see this red line here as soon as we drop below this EMA guess what happened prices on it started to crash right and same. Thing that, we're seeing right now we're not going above that red AMA line what does that tell, me well it tells me that bitcoins being pushed down right now and it's not seeing strength of these levels we're seeing a lack of volume right so, there are still things in this market that we need to see in order to be confident, that we're going to start heading up but, at the end of the day we still have enough of a cushion to go down to, at least at most.

6,000, But, for seeing this, next, trend. Back up or the swing high occur right because the opportunity, lies in these swings, right you buy low you sell high you buy low you sell high and that's really where the opportunity, lies so let's. Say you put in a hundred dollars right now your dollar cost averaging and that turns into one hundred and fifty in five. Or six days well take out your initial investment of $100. And then leave your 50 in there now you have free coins, in the market it's called playing house money, so, that's. The point here. Even. Says I just smashed the likes button. Awesome. Hopefully, don't smash it and break it. Don't. Break the like button guys Leah Sal says hi name is now, a good time to enter a BA or should I wait very, discouraged at the moment keep making bad moves in this market well, there's only so many more bad moves you can make until we start seeing this whole market start to swing back up so do we got positions what I like about EDA is you can see we've broke, through, that. Resistance. Here and we talked about Cardno, being a buy two. Or three days ago right before we saw this exponential, rub you can see we've got this very bullish reversal pattern, here as well and in my opinion we're gonna start forming that cup pattern so I think it is a good time to start dollar-cost averaging, into Cardinal not only that you can see we're, seeing a clear MACD, crossover, here as well sellers. Are exhausted, I think Cardano is one of the most bullish tarts in this market right now I talked about that to, livestreams, ago and if you would have followed that you would have been in the positive and in the green right now because guess what we're, going, up and we're continuing, to go up and the reason I say it as you can see volume is increasing with the buyers I like that RSI. Already, broke into the neutral zone MACD, starting, to cross over everything, looks bullish here we're above the EMA now remember. That we talked about confirming. By, being above that EMA looking at EMA is pointing, up if you guys don't know how to use it EMA it's almost like a predictor. Of price, right you can see how now it's pointing up when EMA is pointing, up it's extremely, bullish when it's pointing down it's bearish so, you can see how we're starting to curve and point up and that, is an indicator, of a reversal, you can see this bullish reversal with here so it's.

Gonna Be interesting to see what happens but in my opinion it's a good time to get into car nada you can see we formed an initial fractal cup here and we're gonna form another fractal cup makes. A lot of sense here. Maxximum. Says I'm waiting on your call on sis to make a bull run sys. BTC, siscon yeah. We're all waiting for Cisco, in aren't we, but. Give it a little bit of time you know our size still kind of chillin there along the neutral zone MACD. Is just kind of chillin just, give it a little bit of time I think you'll reverse, along with the overall market any other requests, here do you guys have any coin requests you guys want to look at any, technical. Analysis, here somebody, says TRX, somebody says xvg. Somebody. Says. Theta. I've, never seen. Theta somebody says gos theory, and says AOS. Hourglasses. Thoughts on icon, I love icon it's a project that we called out several days ago and you can see with icon right now for developing satoshi value we had a huge bullish bullish. Reversal here with a nice amount, of volume coming, out of nowhere we bottomed. Out at 30 so it's a coin, that we've been talking about also. Expect this to start forming that fractal formation, as well soon, so, it's looking at it. Looking, really good we're. Seeing resistance, at that EMA if you want a little bit more confirmation, with icon, then wait for it to go above that EMA to confirm. Bullish. Somebody. Says yo s let's do a OS BTC. Somebody. Says ontology. What. Do you think about pip X well. Tons, of questions can, you tell us about 0x, you got Daniel on the line mo Dom, digi, clear 333. Chas. Kalenna. Mike, k in the house Daniel. In the house, breno, in. The. House, somebody. Says if you hit 400, likes will you interview by telecommuter, and yes, we. Get 400 likes will interview bite alikum uterine. That. Would be really fun imagine. That and, now, that likes care about people like vitality I like that somebody. Said very bullish on icon as well Vishal. Says hello sir. Farooq. Says theta. Is up 40% alright. Let's do a oh s the u.s. is doing something quite. Expected. We, talked about this, EMA, starting, to converge, with that 50-day moving average and it's, looking like we're entering a consolidation. Pair, with Tron, or iOS, you can see we've got a descending, resistance. Level here you've, got this. Somewhat, of a even, support. Level we don't necessarily have descending. I wouldn't, call this a descending support level just yet or even an ascending support level I would just call a neutral. This. Is a descending, triangle formation quite. Bearish, however at the same time you have to understand that we saw quite a bit of exuberance, with the OS if, I were a trainer. I would set up stop losses for EOS right around that. 136,000. Satoshi range, because. If it breaks down from, that support level it's most like I'm gonna break down to further those but in my expectation. Right now I want. Us. To start performing this cup here this overall cup and, that's what I'm hoping happens right now because if we can form a cup find, resistance. Post. Main net launch form. That handle, and then break out two new highs that, would be the most ideal situation, for us and that's what I'm waiting for to, be honest it is in a weird position because, the main net launch is coming out soon the market is still.

Bearish About to turn bullish and then, it's sitting right on top of the EMA and the moving average so it's in a weird position one. Thing I will tell you is this another. Way you can play this is put, in positions, right now because obviously we'd like you OS we know it's a great project we know it's a bullish project that's something that I'm long on and it's something you should be long on in my opinion but, at the end of the day we, want to be, properly. Managing our risk so what we can do is set, up stop. Losses amongst. That 50-day, moving average, here so you've got this red line here which represents the 50-day and, knowing. That the 50-day in the past is acted as a point, in which us saw a huge, amount, of buyers come in I think, that knowing, that that, is a support, level we can be confident, in setting up trades, and dollar-cost averaging, right now while it's above that EMA and then. Still. Above that 50-day and then if it drops below that then, that could be our first indication, at, which we might expect, further lows and that's, when you want to exit your position, so I would. Be careful but understand the end of the day if we continue to form this cup we're most likely not going to go below that 50-day if you have your stop-loss set that 15 in and you'll be safe with the EOS that's the best way to play this and let's do that same thing for Tron, because everybody's watching Tron obviously. The main that's coming, out soon so we might as well do a Tron analysis, and I, would say the same exact thing with Tron if you want to start getting your position into Tron set, up your positions, right but, then also set up a stop loss at that 50-day you can see these wicks, jumped, right on top of that 50s so it's an obvious support, level right, and Tron, is kind of in that weird situation, as well I'm gonna be honest it's an uncertain, situation because, fundamentally and, technically. There are two opposites, right fundamentally. You want to buy the hype and sell the news so we'd say we want to sell but then technically. We, know we're gonna see a reversal in this market soon so that's bullish right so these two different. Directions. Are, kind of battling. Each other we have to be cautious. And aware of that so in order to do that I would manage, your risk with that 50-day, moving average on both of these place and I hope that could help some of you guys that's, my best advice of you guys are trading these coins right now because. Remember if we, see a sell-off just, like we saw with vert right xvg. In, anticipation. Of their. Launch we saw this huge sell-off if, you. Would have used, that, EMA, here as an indicator of whether or not you were gonna set up stop losses and you would have been able to save yourself and then sell out before we went under a thousand, Satoshi's but now you can see we're at 509. Satoshi so you could have saved half your investment, if you would have used an indicator. Like the EMA for example to know whether or not we're gonna go bearish, or bullish so. You can see as soon as we drop below that EMA, it was time to get out so. Hopefully that helps out. Paul. Says TRX, is better than sex I, don't. Even think about that. Maximus. Has bought TRX at two cents still holding. Cryptology. Cybermiles, has been pumping quite a bit not sure why. Peter. Says name I like how you vary, the indicators on different streams keep it fresh absolutely. Case. And says can you go over token, mitigation, for EOS and TRX, would main it around the corner I would just research. That we posted multiple posts, on our discord, about how to miter, your tow kits properly but make sure you guys do that Indian. Says why, we need to set up stop-loss and lose our I can just hotter even if it's going down yeah, you can do that if you want it depends on what type of position, you're putting in right because, at the same time you don't want to hold, the bleeding, portfolio, or a bleeding wallet why bleed, out your portfolio, if you can save yourself, some income, right so, it's about preserving, money and also gaining capital, and gaining, profits. Kevin. Interesting. Comment says I think the most important, thing everyone needs to understand is that you cannot truly, analyze, altcoins, aside from Bitcoin because ultimately control the price of every other coin so what I would say that is always use Bitcoin, as your initial indicator, entering, this market so if you're entering this market entering this altcoin, market be aware of what cycle, or where this. Market, is in regards to its cycle, and you, can do that by looking at Bitcoin so first, determine, the cycle we're in and then determine whether or not you want to trade those all coins so before.

You, Do tá with all coins do your TA with Bitcoin first as that initial indicator. Potter. Says true. Raphael. Says I sent two dollars what, are your thoughts on CMT. Let's, do CMT, thank you for the super chat Raphael will do a cybermiles. Analysis. Here so, I don't really like the way this chart is going we're obviously, seeing this ascending support line but if we were to remove this and look at this. Area. Here you can see we've been in these overbought, levels for quite some time something, we recently saw with aetherium do you guys remember when I predicted, aetherium was going to crash, because. All I did was measure the amount of days we, were at these overbought, levels who he remembers that say I in, the chat remember. We talked about aetherium being, overbought, for 30 days and that was. A red flag because last, time we were bought for 30 days we crashed who remembers that say hi in the chat. Somebody. Says. Nobody. Said I. There. You go tyrants, a tie Julie, Franklin, said I Danny, said I, Peter. Said I Dave, said I Nico. Said I I'm, actually gonna give away a book to somebody that said I because, that means you guys are paying attention to our live streams on a consistent basis, which I really appreciate, thank you for that support Don. No. She said a sorry. I was gonna pick Don Bernice but she said ace and it's AI. Let's. See here's somebody that we haven't picked, before Leah, sell Mitchell, Leah. Sell Mitchell send me a message on twitter at sniper soon you got a book but we. Talked about this in our live stream for about three livestream straight and that was aetherium was at these overbought levels for over or approaching. Thirty days and the last time we were at these overbought levels for 30 days we crashed the, last time we were at these. Levels before that crash it was the same exact thing about 30 days and we crashed right about. 30 days and then we crashed right so, knowing that we, crash, after about 30 days I don't like when we're at over about levels for too long so if you look at see Mt BTC, well, we've been overbought for quite a while now right a lot more than 30 days here, in this case we've been overbought, for, almost, 41. Days so in my opinion there's only so much more our markets gonna go higher with this type of coin especially, because guess what acted, as a hedge against Bitcoin which. Means that it was acting inversely, to Bitcoin as Bitcoin was dropping it was going up so now that we're expecting bitcoins swing high I would say that we're gonna expect this to swing low so. Hopefully that helps we, might end up for me a cup here this is what I would expect I can see this right here major sell-off a great indicator of a. Possible reversal so I didn't expect we'd possibly form a fractal cup here as well so. I would get out of this position right now also we're about to head below that EMA if we had below that a man it's a guaranteed, drop. Ratha. Said actually stole my ETA to do to your wit. Lovely, gains awesome, so, you sold your theory and when I mentioned that it was most likely gonna drop that's great. Somebody. Says. 300. Licen you pour Lacroix off do, you guys love when I pour this Lacroix over me by the way I haven't even popped the Lacroix and you want me to pour it on me already. But. 300 likes but how many viewers are we at 315. We'll take it I'll. Take it 300, likes we'll pour this over the top of my head again. This. Time with the jacket on for 300 likes. I'll. Take you I'm a man in my world I'm on my word I'm sorry. It's. Not cold this time so I'd rather do it, somebody. Says, what. Flavor you got this is. Grapefruit, I believe. David. Says 200, likes. Jockin. Says by the way the big bye bar on the US history was it manipulated. Yo s BTC, whoa this is how you can check whether something is manipulated, now you want to look at these volume levels right so you can see right here the this, right here is obvious.

Either. Insider, trading institutional. Money market, makers. Individuals, that have large sums of liquidity and cash to put in that, was obviously a period in time where they invested, into us right because you can see these just. Random. Levels of volume. And the way you can determine is just look at the peak. Amount. Of average, volume, right so, anything above this level is probably going to indicate, institutional. Buying right here, here. Here. Now one thing you notice is we haven't seen institutional, buying at these higher levels, right is that, a cause of concern well, it could be but. I expect us to see higher volume sometime soon you know you can also correlate that with this you can see average. Volume typically Peaks out around this time so, this right here could be considered institutional, buying right here some of these large, by, volume candlesticks, but this was a bullish time the market so that couldn't of correlate, or possibly could correlate what, I do like about us is we're, starting to see this Mack be quite. Oversold, overstretched, and right here with this RSI, we're still in the true zone I would say once again with the OS watch that, 50-day moving average and set up your stop-loss there just to be safe no matter what, Raphael. Says iOS is my main investment right now crossed fingers for launch of net absolutely. The. SL awesome. That works you can message me on discord. Sanders, is good evening I just arrived welcome, what. Are we at in terms of life do I have to pour this down my 132, Mike's all right thank, god so, I guess we have a lazy, audience, today I called. You all lazy we. Only have 132. Likes with 300, plus viewers come on show. Your love to show your support. Marcus. Says bye Nance listening his wife data is pumping well, that explains. It Jochum says thank you Naima you're very welcome so any other questions any other concerns, before we wrap this baby up anything that we haven't covered yet any questions. Lingering, in your mind. Let's, see whoever has the most logical. Question. I will answer, tails, says. My dear God looking, Lacroix. Addicted, friend, what. Is your take on silica, Cardinal credits fusion, and Wan chain that's my hope or flow and I'm really worried I wouldn't, be worried it seems like a good performance I'd, be a little bit cautious, with we don't know 100% what their, legitimacy. Is I guess you can say because they haven't really launched, too, many MVPs, they don't have active, community, but it's still a speculative, project, I would say the same thing with fusion but, silica card out on one chain our bets. I mean those are long-term holds for me too so I wouldn't, say anything is good, with that although says European, banks are starting to crumble remember.

Guys These, these. Financial, markets are gonna go down in my opinion I mean, we've seen this happen multiple, times in history, right I mean think about all the crazy stuff you've read in your history books right why, has anything crazy happened in your present time well guess what I think, this is gonna be one of those times, is, that kind of scary that's scare anybody I'm. Not trying to scare and still any fear but that's the truth of the nature right in your history books you know the we read about all these crazy times right like the, depression, period the, blackout. Period all these random things and like what, about our current time we're you. Know are we not susceptible, that anymore no we are susceptible to it I think that's what we're seeing right now a digital, revolution a, digital currency revolution, where financial. Markets will be taken down by cryptocurrency in user based markets, and tokenization, will, take over markets, rather than gaining, or giving away equity you tokenize, things right raise. Funds through tokens, Raphael. Says do. You guys agree with me by the way yea or nay on the chat, Raphael. Says yes open, it will affect us any ths predicted. Will. It affect. Us any ths predicted, I'm not sure what you mean. Raphael. But. I would say that with with, Tron, and us, and their maintenance you soon it's, gonna be kind of hard to determine what's gonna happen because you, know like, I said fundamentally. You want to buy the hype and sell the news so you really, want to sell but, the same time in a technical sense we're very bullish in the next coming weeks because remember we're, expecting, a reversal, but if you guys are not following us on twitter slash snipers. To be posted this interesting, little. Picture. Another, day I don't know who saw it but it was pretty much what, happens to the market at every, sixth of the month and you, can see this picture here that we posted history for those of you following us on Twitter if not it's a sniper's. Tube but. Check this out right here so. This. Right here is. What. I was referring to and. You. Can see on this photo January, 6 reversal, to, the low February, 6 reversal, to the high March, 6 reversal to the low April, 6 reversal, to the high May, 6 reversal, to the low and now we're expecting June 6 reversal, to the high that, also coincides. With, what. We talked about with the RSI we have a little bit of room to go with BTC if, we see BTC drop a little bit more no big deal we have about, 6000 of a cushion to confirm a triple bottom or even a. You. Know double. Bottom but I would expect. Somewhat. Of a triple bottom to occur before seeing that true reversal, to the higher side of the pennant where we can go ahead and make those gains knowing, the RSI is completely oversold, I'm expecting, this type of pattern once we double bottom this RSI if that's the case then, we're gonna most likely bounce, resistance, at 40 go above 40 pierce through and then find support, at 40, that's what I'm expecting and waiting for. Vincey. Says you are very fine gentlemen, thank you thank, you I appreciate that. Rafael, says I don't know if you've looked into it it's a very new coin but from what I was reading said it was very likely to competitor to us and ETH do to ease of use Oh interesting, I've, never looked into I will look into that, that's. An interesting coin. Yeah, I mean, we hear a lot of that remember, there's tons of ecosystem, coins tons of interest infrastructure, coins. Mohammad. Ibrahim says 200 likes for Bitcoin beard you always say that I'm not doing that for 200 likes for. 200, likes we'll give away a book how about that we're at 170. So. We need 30 more likes we'll give away a book before we wrap this livestream, up I. Will. Definitely do that. Joakim. Says if MACD, is low, and our, size oversold, that if you look at stock, RSI, and it's low but it doesn't go up African explained I'm. Not sure you're seeing a lot of different things at once. Maximus. Is you think July we're gonna see a bull market all the way to December, I would say all the way to December because especially with the, fact that you can short this mark and leverage and then ETFs coming out soon I would say that it would take a little bit more of a bullish. Bearish cycle. Up rather, than just a bullish. Cycle up the way we saw it go up to 20,000, I would say it would be a little bit different I'm expecting, consolidation. My overall, thesis is we're gonna consolidate, here right consolidate.

Before Seeing the. Rise and, that, rise is really gonna come in my opinion from a major announcement from like government institutions, about, some sort of groundbreaking. Regulatory. Advancement. In this market and that's what's going to instill, confidence and, then allow this to become a true asset class to hedge your money and in regards, to traditional, markets and commodities. And, equity. Markets and things like that this will become its own market which is the cryptocurrency market. Somebody. Says please go research it absolutely. No. I said alright done, paying good questions only to be ignored for beard questions, no. I'm. Not ignoring you don't feel, so. Cynical. People. Are so. Self-absorbed. They're, like he's ignoring me I'm not ignoring, you I have, hundreds, of messages in the chat box let's. See what your question on is what happens if we break BTC, stripper bottom no one wants to talk about it but it's no good to be prepared or but, it's good to be prepared that's a good question well I would say this if it breaks the truth if it breaks. That bottom, I would. Have a little bit more of a concern in this of this market right I would personally I, would, hold my long term positions just because I'm so confident, in them of, course, I would, say that, you. Know we. Wouldn't see anything significantly. Lower than where we're at right now if we break that triple bottom I think. That it, wouldn't be as dramatic as, you think it'd be but it would still be a emotional. Barrier for people I just don't expect that to happen because, our size way to oversold, for that to happen right now that, would mean this RS I would have to pretty much come off the chart down to like these crazy lower levels, I just don't expect that to happen with Bitcoin, remember. There's unlimited Fiat. In the world but there's a limited amount of Bitcoin in the world if. Somebody ever asks you what's Bitcoin just say that to them, well I'll. Tell you what I'm. Not gonna tell you what bitcoin is but what I will tell you is government, can print as much of those. US dollars as you want but you can't make anymore Bitcoin, you. Know what I'm saying so. We've, got the leverage here, Vince. A says seven more likes come on. Six. Julie, says six likes away from 200. Rumber. Says in order for us to oaken's to change when launch happens if we haven't registered them do we need to keep them in the - exchange all of them remember, I think you can google that I don't, want to give misinformation. Because, there's a lot of ways to do it but. We posted, a couple different ways on our discord. Peter. Says what is the number of catalyst to bring in volume in your penny' name I would say confidence. And regulations, I think. That's why people are the most hesitant but we just recently saw Zimbabwe, lift, their Bitcoin ban well, you know we talked about today. You know Wall Street jobs you, know pretty much being. Taken. Away by, cryptocurrency. Jobs, South. Korea officially, you, can see here officially, recognize the script currencies an asset with measurable value so all, those things I think need to build up for us to see confidence, in regulations. So. This has got to stop the market manipulating well we see more liquidity that will pretty much even. Itself out so, let's. Do a book giveaway here so here's, the book giveaway I, am. Gonna ask a question to see who was paying attention to our livestream but.

The. Question, is going to be this. What. Type. Of pattern. Is this forming, here. What. Is this overall pattern in the blue what. Is this overall pattern called, well, you've got a descending, resistance, in ascending support level what. Is the word that we typically, use here on snipers -. Better. Yet what is the pattern called on our discord, because people. Can just name their own patterns but, on our discord, if you guys don't know this is a free resource available, to everyone I highly recommend you guys get on our discord, I've heard, testimonials. Of people that came, into this market had no idea what to do came into our discord, and learned everything. They needed to know to trade this market successfully, so I highly recommend you guys get on discord, there's also a mobile version so you can do this on to go and then just hop into our trading chat are 24/7, community, and we also have a premium version that sends. Out daily. Technical analysis and stuff before you go under education. And then, you go under actually, tools trading patterns we have all of our patterns here and the, answer is a pennant, so let's see you said penn pennant. Everybody's. Saying somebody, says symmetrical, triangle, reversal. Triangle, bullish pennant, ascending, wedge apex. I'm just gonna pick whoever said pennant all, right, here, let's see david esteban, Castro, says pennant. You. Won brother and if you didn't win just. Stay tuned we give out a ton of bucks guys sorry I can't just send every single one of you guys books but. You guys are all like Cory right Farook you're right key sands you're right Danny you're right Rafael. You're right David, said that's me yes send me a message on twitter at, snipers Tube paadam, says beat me by one. Muhammad. Said peanut. James. Says pen it, all. Right bars, decent what do you think about John Mackey face predictions. Well. Let me ask you guys a question instead, what do you guys think about data Dash's prediction, $50,000. Bitcoin what do you guys think about that I love the fact that he made that video when, he made that money I'm like that's, a true, YouTube. Influencer. I, was. Like I love it I'd. Rather, take data - his opinion than John McAfee oh I, can't believe I just said that. John. Back he's gonna message me hey, dude I heard on your live stream. Man. Loved. It. $50,000. Bitcoin, from one of the largest youtubers, about cryptocurrency I love it it makes sense danny else is very bullish i love. It, peter. Says yay for positive be so much nicer than the bear trolls well here's what I'll end this with you.

All Are part of the cryptocurrency revolution, you must spread the good word of cryptocurrencies you guys can't, spread. Fear and doubt continue. To spread the word go to your small businesses in your local areas convince. Them to start accepting cryptocurrency show, them how to use bit pay some of these businesses will even pay you to do this for them and I highly recommend you guys spread this good word so, thank, you guys all for tuning in today's livestream I think this was an awesome livestream, I hope you all enjoyed it and then we this every single week if you guys enjoy this like, the video subscribe to, our YouTube channel if you haven't already we, do this every single day thank, you all so much for, tuning in and, with. That being said love. You all snipers. Out.

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