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Good. Afternoon everybody it is 12 through, 59, actually is now 1 p.m., Central Standard Time welcome, to two crypto markets. We. Are in. A nice, little move of a market here but before I say that I will hope you all had a good. Have. A good weekend. Hope it was a good Labor Day weekend those of us in the States had a extended. Weekend, or holiday as some people call it and yeah. And. Over. That whole time we, had a pretty, huge. And. Pretty, big, look. At the entire. The. Entire. Sorry. I'm like looking at two things at once here and trying to talk which doesn't work we've, had a pretty nice sizable move, up in fact if, we want to take a look at the daily here. You. Know how long have we been in an uptrend. It. Has been. 21. Days that, we've been in an uptrend. And. Actually. Hang on one second I'm just gonna stop streaming and then restart one more time. And. We're. Back okay sorry, about that said, we, had to reset something so looking. At that entire move you know 21, days that we've moved up also. I want to take a look at the. The. Percentage gain that we've had that's a 25 percent gain. We've. Added. $1,500. Roughly. $1,500. To this market in the last 21 days and, that. Is something to, pay. Attention to because you, know given. That we've been in a you. Know we've we've already had our bear move we're now we're in a consolidation, range, here, and so. That's pretty typical for us to experience a little bit of. Exultation. Is. That the word no. I don't think so. Just. Looking, at the, style. Of this, move it's been pretty, bullish, because if, you remember last week we were discussing by the way if you hear some pounding and stuff it's because contractors, are here again. Their. Nests. Sorry. About that just have to put up with it like I'm putting up with it so. We. Have the, breakout, here, of this. Linear. Regression. Channel and. We've. Been staying above we've been testing that angle you, know the thing is is that what's, really, nice is last. Week when we were discussing this. Drop, down to hear that this was the sign that we wanted to look at and that we wanted to pay attention to was is, the. Is. The. Bull. Phase. Starting. And is it looking like something. That has an honest moved. To it is there integrity, behind the move because, we have this drive up, until. The 28th, then. We had, some. Excuse. Me some selling pressure and. Typically. What we've experienced. In this. Entire will, the whole year actually it's hard to believe it's been a hole that we were going out a whole year here but ever, since. December. Onto. Now any, type, of a rally, that has been over, over. Two weeks has been met with very strong selling pressure but. That has that we've had a little bit of a change here you know just if you've been watching the markets, hour-by-hour. You've. Kind of noticed a change in, the. Direction of things for instance you. Know this act all of this activity right up here now this doesn't look very healthy to me I don't like how this looks but, you. Know we have these. There. There have been definite. You, know attempts. To drive, lower, but. That, has not happened so. We. Continue, to see a Bitcoin. Caching a bid and the whole market, really being propped. Up pretty, nicely here. Last. Week we, had some trades, that we looked at this was on Friday. So. One of them was. Neil. I can. Find right put that. Right. Yeah Neil Neil, was a long trade, idea, that we put in. At. 2083. That one is nicely in profit, that's, a. Gain. Of to. Do. 2083. About. 16. Percent on. That 17 percent gain, on that one we, had a long on ze see, this. One rallied up traded. Down flattened. Out and. Looks. Like it's doing, it again. Mm-hmm. Oh. Right, there, ze. See, the, long we wanted here was at 153, so we're not very far up on that one this one is definitely. Forming. A condition, for a long trade again though it's just taking a little while longer, yose. We. Wanted to go long I, had. A long trade at. 625. That was on a pullback that, was. With the Ichimoku system. That. One. We. Wanted to go long on a pullback, at. 625. Actually. We got up as high as, 680. But, now. We're just kind of resting above the hourly cloud here so not not a whole lot of stuff, to write. Home about there, oMG was a good one that turned actually just turned out very nice just, recently, the. OMG, BTC. Pair. What. The, got. The contractors, here again sorry if you're just, showing up and you're running what some of those sounds are those the contractors. So. We've, got Oh. What.

Did They do. 628. That's. What we wanted to get long in at 628. That. Was based on the. Daily Ichimoku, chart. On. The daily we wanted a break. Of the previous, high, and, that. Was, this. Over. Here. Right what was it I put. That what was that that was the day. Was that oh yeah that was this high yeah okay sorry I'm just talking to myself, sex, toy break of that previous high and one, of the things that you kind of get to notice about the Ichimoku system, at least on the daily, is that I was. Talking about this with the Forex lens. Subscribers. This morning is that when. You see, price. Cross, above the conversion, line and the base line and then you see the conversion. Line cross above the base line that, is a it's, called a TK cross. That. Tinkin sent in kitchens then when you see that happen, below. The cloud and you're near the cloud here that's generally, a good sign that that, you can take the long and that you'll have a good, high. Probability. Trade of that tranch ng because the, dailies, you, know very, not, very often do you get a cross, above here, and then, it gets halting you drop back down that doesn't happen that often. It, does on some shorter, faster timeframes, but otherwise it does that's not very common here so. The OMG trade, worked. Out very nicely. Then. When there was a ripple trade. That. Was the rippled dollar pair we wanted to go long at 34 27. Did. I I. Think. I actually belly pulled that one off here. XRP. That. Was, this, one's actually, end up being a this is a loser, right now it's at 34 27, is what we wanted to go long at and that's, just kind of hanging out here, Ripple's, actually got quite a bit of competition. Up against stellar lumens. And. Stellar's, actually, got IBM, working. With them so, IBM. Is working with the stone with. The stellar lumens blockchain, for international. Payments, so, stellar lumens a. Really. A super. Fantastic and. Excellent. Way, to for. Institutions. Not just banks, to, settle. Payments. Internationally. Very, very cheaply so this. Is a. Stellar. Lumens Excel M is way. Better than ripple ripples, of crap. Okay. Ripple. Ripple ripple or, is the next one then - -. Ended up being a nice trade - - we, wanted it along on the, - dollar at one ninety, three. Ninety. Obviously. That worked out that, was based on the one our Ichi muku, where. We wanted a break of the prior candle. High and. That. Was on the 31st. Okay that was yeah, that was back here, where. We wanted a break of the prior candle, high that was we, wanted price to go above, this, high here, and. Then price, was above the cloud anyway that would also fulfill, the condition of the of the lagging span, crossing, above the cloud that's exactly, it we had happen so that. Has turned out to be a very nice trade in -.

And. Now, it looks like it's setting up for just. Another another, breakout here so we see, a breakout. Consolidation. And then now it looks like it's setting up for just another breakout, get. Apologize, for the for, the banging, here it's, the, contract. Dose. All. Right what else do we got going on let's. Just a bummer back to Bitcoin so Bitcoin. Continuing. To catch a bid and rise higher here. The. Lagger definitely. Is a theorem aetherium was not doing much of a damn thing it is just sitting. Here and not. Really. Moving at all it, has been stuck, in this range you, know almost for an entire month now, we've been stuck at this, - 80 to 90 zone this six. One eight Fibonacci retracement. Has been sitting as the major support, we just have not had any, drive, higher I would expect that to change though, I, would. Expect aetherium to catch a bit here pretty soon, there, is a, SIBO. The, the. Chicago, Board Options Exchange, Board. Of Options Exchange, they. Are. Coming. Out with a ETF. Futures. Contract. You're not Nietzsche if I'm sorry it's just a futures contract. If, you remember SIBO where they were the first ones do a futures contract for, Bitcoin it's not very liquid the. CMI's is is more but. Yeah. Let's. See oh, yeah. That's a good point. Hold. On one second I'm, actually sending, that off, okay. Aetherium. Here we go that's that's going well. Bitcoins. Doing its thing light coin is actually caught a nice bed now light coin where, it's crossed here, this is something that we were talking about last week is when when, price crosses, an angle the rule of all ain't ganz rule of all angle states that would an angle breaks it'll move to test the next one that's because angles, as they're, crossed, and tested, they weaken over time and so, that, has worked out perfectly, you know if you've been with us for any amount of time and you've seen these charts, you'll notice that I haven't changed them you. Know I haven't done anything different with them. Haven't, altered them to fit the current price action this is just how, they look and we can see that you, know the market geometry, is so very effective it kind of gives you the pattern and the roadmap of where things happen because without. It you know it's hard to determine why things stopped here but it's easier to see why these things stop here because these these tops here were, met right at this this, angle, and so. That we break it the next move is higher to test this angle here so that's at the 77, value area and it, looks like litecoin, wants, to continue to maybe try and do that it's, moving up on, lower. Volume, though that, is not always a good sign. It's. Actually. Rarely, a good sign but. You know it's. Volumes. Kind of a funky. Funky, component, of crypto, currencies, one. Thing I do want to point out is this so, this. Is gonna blow your mind this. Is the. BitFenix. Short. Interest, okay, so. This. Is kind of an inverse chart so basically, where. You see this entire rise here these are all people who went short. Bitcoin. Okay, and they, did that on the. First of September, okay. So the first of September. Bitcoin. Was trading. You. Don't let me just drag this up here because it's probably. Good to have this up here. On. The first, we. Were trading. At. That time of the day at 71 60 and, then. We. Were just parked down here and then look at look at all these shorts that grew this. Was a fifty, one and a half percent rise, in short. Participation. Okay a fifty. One and a half percent rise and, there's. A lot of people expecting, Bitcoin, to sell off at seventy five hundred I. If. This, is indicative, of actual, people who are still short, because, they because this hasn't sold off yet this, has stayed high while. Prices, continued, to rise that's. Seventy five hundred you. Know if it doesn't sell off and we cross that threshold and, we form a bullish, Bart.

Candlestick. These, guys are gonna get roasted pretty, hard the, anybody. Short, here still is not. Feeling, very comfortable, because there's. This is the very painful process, for, people you, know that that are you know you you you think okay technically, we should be shorting here because it's gone up for a while blah blah blah so you have an open short but, the. Price, action is just churning ever, so slowly higher and higher it's not it's not really doing anything so people who are short they're. Just they're seeing these these. These, these quick. Breakdowns where it, looks like prices, going down they feel better emotionally and, that it goes back up and they start to feel bad it gets to be an emotional roller coaster for them you. Know the same, thing happens for people who go along during a bear market, but. This entire, activity here, is is. Very very, different. Than what we've experienced, over the last number of months and. Yeah. I think I'm. Playing, this safe folks at. 75. 74. 80 I have. Anywhere. Between well. It depends on what get what get gets hit but I have some profit being peeled off and then, I plan on adding. Higher, than that or on any pull backs that show a lot of support but I'm not taking everything off the table but I do want to just I want, to secure some profits, that. There's nothing wrong with that listen. There's it's it's better to secure profit. And miss, out on some, short-term. Gain, than, it is to hang, on to it forever thinking, that if you don't take profit now you'll you'll have a bigger win later on, because. Nothing sucks more than taking. Profit, when. You could have and then prices retrace, a whole bunch and you just lost out on it so definitely. Rotate. Your profit targets as you trade, don't, trade if you take one big position, that's that's awesome on an entry but then you know. Pyramid. It out. Okay. You, know reward. Yourself with, your trading, but. Looking. At Bitcoin, I mean it's there there is nothing in the price action saying, that this guy wants to trade lower here it keeps getting bought, up any, of the dips keep getting bought up structure. Here, continues. To grow. And it, continues to look like we're gonna have another breakout, here pretty soon. Yeah, it's it's just a it's, just a really, really, heavy. Buying. Market, right now even though the volume doesn't look that great but. Again. This is the season, for this to happen now one, other thing that I was looking at. Like. I have the chart down here is if. You remember on. Oh. Actually. Down. Here. Any. The Forex lens folks are people who have been here since we started this a, couple months ago. Where. Are you at. Okay. June 18th I wrote this trade idea here so, June 18th Bitcoin, was trading, right in the middle of a, square. Of 144. All. Right at 6 s square 52. And. We. See that, prices. Were made. A new low for, the. Year a new calendar, low a new, swing low from this major swing up here and that. Happened right, on the.

Mid. Of, the. Entire square 52, is it was a hundred and eighty day cycle, that we got here and. So. We'll, wait yeah, yeah I was 180 day cycle so what. This told, me was that this is a great setup for what's called a mirrored fold back mirrored fall back is a is where, you see the same structure, repeat, itself and. It's. Not a we're, not talking about the exact same price levels, we're just talking, about, seeing. If prices. Will trade, the same kind of style so it's it's, yeah I think it's kind of hard to see this on the stream if you don't maximize it and even if you do it may, be difficult, to read but if I hit the play button here. You. Can see it populate, and you can see how, well. Prices. Have traded this, kind, of structure, so far and when. I see one. Or two swings. Get. Repeated, in a mirrored fold back I. Then. Really follow that pattern quite a bit so what I did with. This and I'll go over to the the. Same. Chart here, and. Bring up Bitcoin. And. The, daily. So here's, the here's, the mirrored fold back pattern on this live chart what, I did is I looked at the. Black bars here okay oops. I, looked. At. The. The, future projected, swings. And. By. The way if you guys have any questions let me know and I took. A horizontal. Trend, line here and I. Drew, this. Angle. From these, two tops that's. What I wanted to know I want - no okay, relative, to the current price action. Where. Does, this show, up you know where would the high here be found so if, I make. This line thicker and make this line thicker then you'll. See what I was doing is I just so I just took this left it at the angle and I just brought it down to the high over here and that. Is where, I see, the high so where. I have, some. Profit, taking off is right, before 7,500. And then, some, a, little. Bit before. Here. But. Then if we, trade up. All. The, way to. Where this is at, relative. To where we're at here then that's sitting, here at seventy seven thirty so. I'm gonna I'm gonna go three-fourths, into profit, at that zone, and then, wait for it to. Wait. For it to pull. Back down and where, this level is at is, really. It looks like it's but, I'd have to measure it out but. Yeah. So. This has been following, this pretty well so far. The. Mirrored fold-back looking, for that swing high to show, up sometime, here anytime soon. Yeah. I think this is I think that it'll be really interesting to see how this plays out, from. The June date. That posted, that idea too to the end of the year it'll be interesting to see how, correlated. We. See these swings happen so by. The way maybe. I already said this already but if. You have any questions please do, ask I don't want to. Be. Babbling here. Without. People, understanding. What what. I'm talking about because I know that a lot, of this stuff is not. You. Know just stuff that you can read on any that's, not like I'm baby pips calm, or any of that kind of jazz but. Yeah. Anyways. This. Looks pretty, nice. The. Key. Zones right here, is this Gann angle here. This. Has been holding as a nice support zone so far then, we've got this angle, that that is the one that's kind of got me wondering well, price. Action is gonna probably more than likely if, it doesn't blast right through this little it'll find some short-term resistance. And that is really kind, of up against where we had that that.

Fold. Back pattern, so, you. Know if we do get a bullish, Drive higher here, all the way to 7700, those, those, profit, targets are gonna get hit and as. We're talking folks, we, are probably. Going to hit the. 7400. Zone. We. Keep painting new daily, highs here new weekly highs. So. This is a zone, to be looking out for. Cool. Cool. Short. Interest, here is not changed. And. Here's the thing so. If. The short interest is like, it is. And. It. Remains that way if the BitFenix short interest is the same as short interest that if it's, comparative, to all the other exchanges. Whether they show their short data or not then. That. Volume. Of traders, still net short, that. Is going to cause a really, really, big short rally and. 7,500, may be blown, through and may not like. Be. An area that we trade below for, a while or maybe ever, they're. That, short volume that exists as pretty is pretty sick. I've. Been watching, it quite. A bit and you know it hasn't really shaved off much at. All yet it's still sitting, in this. This high zone here so I mean. There's. Got to be some pain showing up we get to the 7400. And and. There's gonna be some hurt on, these. Shorts, but. We're. Gonna observe some pretty crazy action here in. The. 192. Square. Get. Rid of all these trend, lines oops. Looking. At it from this perspective. We're. Inside, the arc we get a break out here maybe. Some resistance at 75 62, but beyond 75, 62, in here there, is a whole bunch of nothing and speaking. Of a whole bunch of nothing. Let's. Look at the volume profile. For. A moment. On. The daily, from, our swing, high actually let's do it just year over year so, we're. September. What. Are we at September. 4th. So. We'll just. Hypothetically. Right there and all. We really want to look at is the right side of the screen here so. Why. Is that colored, like that that's weird. Weird. Ok well ok. Blue. Is buying volume, the. Yellow is the selling volume so looking. At the. Year's, worth of trade. Data from, September. To, now this, is the volume profile, and so. We're currently trading, just under the the VP Oh see the volume point of control this is where with. This red line represents the area where the most volume, has traded at a particular, price level, so sitting. Here at. 81. 8200. That is the most. Resistance. It's. Not 10000, the. Most resistance. That we see on this chart is at 8200. That is the level that has to get broken and, trade. Above okay, everything. Else below here, we. Can see we've been just forming, a really nice base alright, so from the current value area down to you. Know, 6,000. Or 6300. There's a there's, a huge amount of support built here what, there is not above. This here is a lot, of support, volume. Profile, is. As. Part. Of volume, is that the volume at price, analysis, we're all, price analysis, is just really studying the the, volume down here given the volume traded at a given time whereas volume. At prices a is a little. Different. But, how we read a volume profile, is that we look for these things called high volume nodes and low volume nodes so right here, where. You see it kind of highlighted, it's darker, this, is called a high volume node and definitely the high volume the highest volume node is definitely always the. Volume point of control and then. As we see what happens is is the. Behavior of price and, how. It is affected. By the volume profile, is that the, lower. The amount of volume that has been traded at particular, price the easier, it is for price, to move into that zone so, for instance right here between. 12,000. And 13,000. This is a low volume node I call them volume deserts and. Basically. What, happens is as volume, inches, up here it gets sucked. Into this zone it'll, it'll drive up here very. Fast very easy, because there has not been. There's. Been zero. Supportive. Buying or selling here, but as prices, are moving up it's. It, just zips. Right pass through here very easily and fills this up and in fact. Above. The volume point of control, all, we, see is. Price. Levels, of decreased, volume participation. Okay. And. So. You. Know from here, well. From 8200, and higher, Bitcoin. Actually, has a very eat, has a much easier, time. Moving, up than it does moving down, again. I've got the contractors, here they're, downstairs. So if you hear the pounding. I really do apologize for that but you. Know your, basement gets flooded, and. I actually, like to do the work, myself I'd like, I don't, like dry walling I don't know anybody that does but I don't mind dry walling, framing. That's all fine. For me to do but when, it's the entire damn basement it's like yeah it's way too much work, higher. So. Anyways. We've, got the, 8200. Zone here and. Not. A lot of activity, up, above. So. What. Does that mean in the short term.

Let's. Get this all back here. Looking. At it like this. Because. We have such a higher now we're at 7400, I, want to look at it this way and this this is I, want. To go over the the. The. Astrological. And then undeterred by that where you at oh. Yeah. I got a did, this for. Okay. So. Here. If. You remember last week or the week before. When. Was the 24th, was that yeah, that was last, week so, in. Financial, astrology, we've. Gone over this before and I know if you're watching recording you're watching live you never heard anything about financial, astrology before it probably sounds really stupid to you but financial. Astrology, is actually. One of the really, important, parts of, market. Analysis, it is, it, is the, definition of it is it's, a mathematical. Psychology based. On the science of astronomy so all we do in financial, astrology, is we. Identify. The. Angles. Of planets. In relation to the Sun or the earth geocentric. Or heliocentric. And then we correlate, those angles with behavior. In the market and human, behavior on earth okay, so, if. Basically. If this. Is the Mars retrograde cycle this big orange block so it says Mars turned retrograde, on June, 26th, and exited, it on August, 27th, we, know that, by looking at past price action that. Mars, has a high probability of, a. Rising market after, it exits. The. Retrograde, cycle, alright. We. Know that because that's, what the past price, action says, alright. We also know that, for. Instance that, the Sun in Virgo. When. It enters it when the Sun is in Virgo there's used generally rising market and then in financial. Analysis, we know that any. Trying, of the Sun are generally, very favorable, for a market not. All markets but for Bitcoin that certainly is so anyways. And then we had a moon phase we had an Apogee, Apogee. Perigee cycle here basically, when. You get a whole con from these are all real-time cycles, these this is just time cycle analysis, really if you want to get down to the bare bones of it financial, astrology, is just a study of time cycles, when. You get a whole bunch of time cycles that are converging. On, a same. Date or within the same date, range. That. Is generally, a very good. Sign. That there is about to be some type of. Move. In. In. In. A certain direction but. And, it's usually sometimes it's usually a counter trend move so we've, been in a downtrend, for quite a while all of, the culmination of these events is one of the largest. Culminations. Of cycles that that that. We've. Had all year and what's. Really interesting is that the, behavior, of markets. In a in a. Sun. Trine Saturn and. A Uranus trine Sun the behavior, of markets. Is to have it relatively. It's. It's a very positive, move, and. It's. Indicative of not a lot of effort behind it it seems very easy for prices to move and so, when we've been watching the, the. Bitcoin. Market ever since these popped, up you, know that is what has essentially, happened we have had a pretty, easy, rise, and value without a lot of difficulty, that is actually. One of the behaviors, of a of, a lot of the trying aspects, and trying just. Means that it's. It's 60. Degrees from. Front. From another that planet okay this is all it is I'm serious, let. Me show you this. Is all it is okay. Here's here's our, solar. System. And this is done with the earth in the center this. Because it's called geocentric, and that if you want to do it where the Sun is in the center that's heliocentric. But, actually. Whenever you do this kind of stuff you always whenever. You do financial strategy you check things for geocentric, and heliocentric. And then sit real as well. But. That's. All these are these are just angles, okay like the moon is squared Neptune, the Uranus. Is trying. With. Saturn, what. Oh. I. Did. Not. Hold. On. Let's. Pull that bad boy up. Let's. Use a. New. Chart. Okay. Aspects. Son. Saturn. What was that that was trying. Sun. Trine Saturn looks. Like are. There. Well. It's indicative, of rising, prices afterwards, that's for sure except. For here except for here maybe. It's not no, it. Doesn't happen enough nope, nope. Nope. But. I tell you what. One. Of the cycles that's present in almost every market this little this little kind this is really fun to show people so. This is, this. Is the. Sun in opposition. To, Pluto okay so all that means is that the Sun and Pluto, they are 180. Degrees from one another that's all it means this is not to, do with. Well. It sounds like you're gonna have a bad day if you're a Libra because, that's sad you Tereus you're in love with that work hates you, it says nothing to do with that this is just this, is not astrology.

This Is financial, astrology. This is this, is mathematical. Psychology based. On astronomy okay but, what's really interesting about this phase is that we have Sun, opposed Pluto, okay. So that, means that there 180, degrees from another one, another and then this is conjunction. That means that they cross the same path at the same angle all, right. Let's. Look at well. Let's just zoom out here okay. If. We, look at these, patterns. Or. These aspects, we can see and because they each show up once a year, there. Is a high. Level, of. Predictability. Associated. With these levels where, the. Opposition's. Are, indicative of market, lows being, at or near market lows and then, the conjunctions. Are at or near market. Highs. Does. It happen all the time, no. But. Quite a bit of the time it is and really, as far. As where. They are at as far as high or low sometimes, that does not matter because if we look. At other, cycles. And other technical analysis, sometimes, the, the, just. The presence, of this, aspect. Is enough to add support, to. To. Drive down. Or. Up and the. Other side. Of this this this okay, folks this this is I'm gonna nerd out here for a second because I did this on Friday I think but. There. Is I was, I was reviewing some of my notes and. In. One, of. Larry. Pest vent he's the guy is a, fantastic. Analyst, and he's written a lot of great books some of its over. My head but. When. I was going through the the. When. I was going through the. Notes. That I had and and reading and rereading some of the stuff he talked, about one planet, in particular, and then the angles, which was really weird to me because I've never seen, really anything, in in, financial, astrology, where where, there are single. Planets. Angles, that you should check out and he. Said that you should check out for gold you. Should check out. Venus. At, 72. Degrees 36. Degrees in eighteen degrees so separated, into fifths, eighths. And, sixteenths. Is that right maybe no, that's not right whatever so. I, did. That and. There's. Mercury so I have to go to Venus and I. Went to put it in 36, and. He. Also said to see, if they repeat and so. Repeat, means that every. 36, degrees, it'll. Repeat it so the goal from 36. To 72. To. 108 and so forth. This. Blew, my mind all right I'm gonna I'm gonna go this is so cool this, is one of the coolest things I have never seen, such, a correlated. Swing. Phenomena. In my life, this is just the most bizarre I, was. Just shut up and. Hit repeat and then put the lines oh, and. Then overall views this, is this is crazy, the. Is crazy I. I. Could. Not believe it when I saw this is just frickin nuts. I've. Never. Seen an angle. Planetary. Angle, show, up with. Such accuracy. At right. At the. Day of a swing higher swing low this. Is insane. This. Is this is just nuts. Okay, I, don't. Know but does anybody else think this is weird cuz. Cuz to me this is freaking weird. Okay. Drink some water. So. Yeah. This is this is this is just insane and, it. Doesn't go swing, high swing low swing high swing low swing high swing low but, what it is telling us is that whatever it seems to be whatever the short-term, trend seems to be. Right. On that date or shortly, before after. That's. A trend change so here's a deal on. September. 18th, if we, are continuing. Up, from. Here if we're gonna keep moving up, then. I plan. On watching, the hell out of this because, this. Is such a this is such a freaky. And. And. Constant. Appearance. That I I. Can't, not. That. It's it this happens too frequently, just to, put. It off as a yeah. As. A poops, or whatever. Third. That was 36 degrees excuse. Me and then 72, degrees was also. On. There this is 72 degrees it's just I. I I. Got up off the couch. When. I when, I was doing this on my laptop. I, was, watching something on TV with my wife and. Man. I just I could, not believe this. Sorry. Pardon, my french but this, is one of the weirdest, weirdest. Things and. I and I didn't check to see here I'm kind of getting off a little. From. From the technical. Analysis, and looking at some signals here but. One. Of the other things that you want to observe here, is in. Financial. Strategy one of the big trigger things is what is is there a new moon phase there so. That's. Something we want to check out just. Full. Moons and new moons if they show up at or before, or, after a little before after that kind of gives you a hint of what it. Kind of kind give some validity to, a move if that happens so there, was a full.

Moon Before this and market went down full, moon before this and the market went down. Really. Kind, of outs it's in the middle of a phase there. Again. I've got the contractors, here so sorry. About that number, one face here not, really they're not really, so just, something to keep keep an eye on but yeah, this stuff is just this, this this Venus, relationship, it's just. Just. Nuts okay. And so the next one is, on. September. 18th, and. That. Is a. That. Is a important. Area. For me to keep an eye out on and that would be how. Many days from from. Our swing low that we got on the 14th. Yeah. It'd, be within the time cycle so, yeah. Something, too something. To look, at pay attention to oh we got a little weakness, here as we, got. Now we got some selling pressure, we'll. See how, much of this is actual selling pressure. We. Got up to 70, 402. And. Then that's when we started to sell off here it's quite a bit of volume pouring, in but it's, really not moving, this market. Very much, if this gets bought up. It's. Gonna be pretty crazy. Actually. I really don't want, to see. Well. It's I mean yep this, is the other thing folks as the. Market geometry, they I mean these the the. Arcs. In. Gann. Squares act, as natural support, and resistance area so it's not surprising that, we, found. A little bit of a hiccup there. He'll. Probably pull, back to our support. The. Mid harmonic, here is an inner harmonic, of. 7253. Maybe. I, don't. There's a lot of there's a lot of, there's. Quite a bit of. Pressure. Higher here this is a this has been kind of a fun market to watch. It. Would be interesting, to see. Fundamentally. And then looking at like other markets, I want. To see what happens between, September. And December when, it comes to, the. Movement, of Bitcoin. And then, the movement of gold. I want, to see what if the gold market and emerging, markets, if they're, going to if, we're gonna see, a. Weakness. Basically, are we going to see weakness in the dollar moving. Forward okay I think we are I. Think. We've got a big bull trap going on again on the dollar this, is the dollar index the dollar index if any of you are forex traders or futures traders you know that the dollar index it's a basket of currencies that. Are weighted against the dollar it's made up of the Euro the pound, the Japanese yen the Canadian dollar and the Swedish Krona they've really got to update that thing but. That's, that those are the currencies that make it up and. So. The dollar index had, a nice, drive higher, you. Know last, week last half last week we drove up pretty high here and. Probably. Facing more selling pressure, what. We want to see is if. The dollar shows, a lot of weakness then is, that going to translate into. Strength. Behind Bitcoin, they're. Not often. Related. And. I. Know last year we saw the dollar rising, and Bitcoin rising at the same time but so I mean, there's. A lot of folks. That say bitcoins really not connected to anything and that's something I would really agree with. You. Know structure wise here Bitcoin is it's, displaying, a very pretty clear. Wedge a rising wedge but, when, I was. Looking. At it. We. Have a pretty, straight, up channel here, where. We got so. Yeah. From here. That. From. That swing and then from here this swing. This. Is a pretty. Pretty. Pretty.

Flat Channel, that we're trading in here and. You. Know this top. Here, if. We blow off this, top. Here it's got a it's got to be a pretty drastic drive, up because, otherwise we're just gonna enter, we're already entering, into a parabolic. Condition, here on a short time frame so you, know if I'm looking at this, trendline here then we have another trend, followed. By another trend. Oops. One. Parabolic. Moves. Are. Depending. On who you listen, to. This. Is this is what I look for in a parabolic move is a. Continuing. Trend, but. There but but but they rise the. Trend lines are rising the the. Pitch rises so you. Know we had this nice stable one here followed by here, and then we have another one and if, we wanted to we could draw. It from here as well, and it, gets too high eventually, we're just just, the. Momentum slows down so the only way that we get out of this parabolic rise is to. Have a, quote. Unquote Bart. Candlestick, that drives it higher and essentially, creates, conditions, for, a new, trend, so. We have a big, drive higher here and we. Would see some flagging, patterns or a pullback down to the base of the top. Of this channel otherwise. You. Know pull. Back back down to this, channel or even down to here, 6700, that is, that. Is totally, possible - its I. Think. That's a little too far but I. Don't. Think that one. Yeah. Let's try. Extend. Lines. That's. The same one we were looking at so. Yeah. We'll see what happens if we come back to the base here. Or. They're not the base with the top of this. Regression. Channel see. If that holds a support or not and if it doesn't next. Level support is looking down here but, I tell you what if we, continue, to see this is getting bought up just like it is right now, I mean. This. This is really telling us something that that, there's a big bull mode coming, and I tell you what I say. That a lot of tell you what I went. To the grocery store this morning I was listening to. Sirius, XM, Patriot Channel and right. Before I got out of my truck I heard. There, one of the advertisements, was. Bitcoins. Gonna rally past thirty thousand, dollars this year according to pundits, do you want to miss out by the time you read it in The Wall Street Journal, it's too late really by the time you listen to it on the radio it's too late to but, they, were at there's been advertisements. On the radio now for. People. To get. Into some et ends and. You. Know to call their call, your broker about how to participate, in the in the Bitcoin blitz, and blah, blah blah blah so okay. So the so that the stuff out there to suck in the sheep is. Starting. Okay. And. And. If you're in here if we're in here we're not sheep. Okay. If we've. Been trading. These markets, ever since, 2008. Or, 2010. Or 14 or even if it was last year if we're still around and trading these markets we're not sheep we, are exactly. In the, area that we want to be for. The, next bull.

Run Okay. This, is this. Is a textbook. Dow. Chart, Dow. Theory right here this is textbook Dow. Theory this is this is like. Market. Analysis, 101. Okay. Look what happened back here what did we have we had a flattened, market kind. Of slowly rising we had we, had the accumulation, phase followed. By. Our public. Participation. Phase, which is all of this that really from this swing low down here in November this is, participation. That he had the excess this is really just the example of a bubble followed. By profit-taking, which, was happening all up here and then. We, had distribution. And really the panic phase was over, over here so then, all we've done is we've really just formed a base ever since, really. Ever since April, we've been forming, a base ok, the, bear the news is continued, bearish, the news continues to suck but we're not seeing, drastic, drives lower, in the price action okay that. Is that is actually one of the signs that you're in an accumulation. Phase and that, the that the lower, prices are over. And that you're transitioning, into the next expansion that. Is when prices, are still trading near their lows and the. Sentiment, is still, ugly, from. The traders traders, are still bearish, on it and the news is still bearish but, prices, are not reflecting, that anymore. That. Is the. That. Is the technical and, the fundamental. Aspects, telling you that it's, that the move down, is over. Does. That mean it is no. But. That, is the high probability, and this. Is where pros get and actually pros have been getting in ever since April and buying at any of these lows, people. Have been accumulating. Down here because, you got accumulate, you gotta wait Bitcoin. When it moves up and it makes those, significant. Massive gains it only happens over a very short period of time and then, experiences. A collapse. And. This. Time last year. Okay. I'm gonna will. This. Time last year. September. Doot-doot. Alright, if. Bitcoin. Could go to 60, K or 80 K, you. Know there there are some really. Smart people that that are saying that that's possibility, now, that sounds kind of stupid right. Yeah. I mean if it was September 4th of 2017. And bitcoins trading, at 4,500. If somebody said bitcoins gonna reach 20k by the end of the year you're, stupid, that's no way no way that's no, way that's gonna go up five times. It. Did and. We're. Trading at. Seventy. Five hundred. You. Do five times of that. Where's. It go every, Bitcoin, has. Lost eighty, to ninety percent of, its value. Fourteen. Times and then. It is always rallied back exponentially. Higher. So. There is no reason why, we should doubt that trend, that's a depth that's been going on for ten years that is, long enough to find an established, trend and in. Ten years every year, -, two. Years I think three. Years actually mount. GOx year years. Bitcoin, has had an exponential, rise in value and so there, is no. Real. Indication to suggest that that is going to change it's, very easy to believe that it's not going to get up past, 20,000, this year especially if we've been trading. You, know ever since, especially. If you're new to trading and you started getting into Bitcoin at 13,000.

Or Higher then. This has been like the worst thing of your life but. Actually you're pretty lucky if you're still, interested. In trading and you've suffered this this one of the worst bear moves I've ever seen in. Anything. Really. So. Yeah. It's it's, these. These markets, are just going to rise between. Now, and December. There. There. Is a. This. Is the seasonality, for, Bitcoin, to go up and, bless. Those idiots, going to college, and putting themselves in debt for the rest of their lives but. I know that there are college kids who take out or use, their their, loan. Reimbursements. Or not reimbursements, but they're they access money from their student loans god what are those called again I forget what they call those we, had to go up to the office, and they used to give us a paper. Check no, I think it's just automatically, deposited but. Yeah. It's it's. Kids. Not. Kids but, adults between, the ages of 40, and. 20. There's. A 30%. Of that age group has. Traded. Or owns, some, type of cryptocurrency, and that, is going up by a large amount every year especially. Because people 40, and younger are very distrustful, of. They're. Very, distrustful. Well. Very. Uncertain, about the future like we, don't have the same. Happy. Economic. Hopeful, outlook like, our parents or our grandparents, you. Know thankfully those generations, have decided to rape our futures and our children's futures by you know making sure they live comfortably but they've been saddled that's no, problem settling, the rest of us who, are gonna be living through paying. Back that debt but we're. Very distrustful, of of. Government. And we're very distrustful, of of. Government, being able to supply some type of financial. Security, you were just a very. Skeptical. Group, of people 40 and younger and and. Cryptocurrencies. Represent. A way. Out, and. It's. A source of value that, that is, not something that can be confiscated, very easily at all so, anyways, I kind of went out and preached II there but. Anyways. We, may be approaching, a little bit of a top here. But. You, know really looking at the. Overall. Market. Conditions, I definitely want to see what happens with the with with the. Rest of the day as we get closer to three and four o'clock Central, Time which is in. Two. Hours an, hour hour to two hours really. Want to see how this pans out here to see if there's actually a lot of follow-through, selling, or not otherwise. I mean really this is a pretty easy breech hire and. Yeah. So, anyways. I hope you guys enjoyed, today's, session.

We'll Be back again tomorrow at 1 o'clock Central, Time. Forex. Lends members I'll see you tomorrow morning again seven-thirty, the rest of you hope you guys had a great, great. Weekend. A great safe Labor Day weekend hopefully. We're gonna have a great trading, week and yeah. We should all the best and I'll see you tomorrow bye bye.

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