Bitcoin & Altcoin Technical Analysis / Q&A / Price Predictions - Private Premium Member Live Call

Bitcoin & Altcoin Technical Analysis / Q&A / Price Predictions - Private Premium Member Live Call

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What. Is going on guys my email, Abady here I hope you're all enjoying your, day today I'm super excited to. Do this live, stream, with our premium members here at traders profit club as we, are going to be taking, questions from, some of you guys we'll probably have a you, know a couple. Dozen of you on this livestream, and then a lot of you will watch this after this. Video is already published, however, we're gonna be looking at technical, analysis, requests, for coins looking. At some alt coins and specifically, talking. About what's, happening right now with Bitcoin, what, the best possible, entry points are, and, really, also. Go over the different trading, styles, that we utilize with our signals, because I know a lot of you guys have been asking about you know the new platforms, that we've been introducing, to our members such as mt4, Hugo's. Way 3 commas and things like that and so I'm gonna go over a lot of that and, I also included, those links in the description, below so if you guys aren't, on and aren't, on any of those platforms I highly recommend that you get on those platforms because, you can really start making some profits, fast. If you guys are following our analysts. Signals, which. Are all being, traded, on these platforms, and so I'm gonna talk a lot about that and then take some questions in order to help some of you guys that have some questions about the. Premium group how to utilize it in the best possible way but most. Importantly. I wanted to just talk about the overall sentiment, of this market, what's happening right now with Bitcoin, you can see we're seeing this extreme. Amount of exuberance, this parabolic. Growth. Here in the, last couple of days here and pretty much less. Than a month up a little over a month you can see we have over a hundred percent, gains. Here with, Bitcoin, we're gonna talk about why that's important, I see, we have a live, audience already on here CJ Malik, Anissa Hwan greatest-ever. Michael, effects. So sick mister beeston and good. To have all of you guys here on the live stream so we'll take some questions from you guys in just a sec good to have you guys on let's. First and foremost, talk, about what's, happening this market so I just. Actually started advising another, company, today called Moby, pay and this is the ninth company, in the blockchain sphere, that I am currently advising. And as an advisor my, role is really just to, help these companies in any way in, regards, to marketing community growth token. Economics, as, well as any inputs, with any decisions, that are made and so I'm able to get a back you. Know I would. Say behind, the scenes perspective. Of what's happening in this market, and what. I'll tell you right now is you know the, first, and foremost when I take a company on to advise I'm. Looking for certain fundamentals. Within the team as well as the project before, even taking that company on and so first. And foremost you know we have to look at the intrinsic, value, of altcoins. Right so the, first thing I want to talk about is really, what's, happening in the market in general for you to pull up coin market cap and look, at these altcoins, versus Bitcoin I think. One thing that's really important, to emphasize is a lot. Of these alt coins are not good long-term investments. And will lose their valuations. And so I'm gonna see if I can put this on night mode so I don't blind some of you guys that watch this, at night put, in the chat if you guys are in. The dark right now um it's currently 6, p.m. Pacific, Standard Time here in Hollywood California by. The way if you guys don't know since you guys are all premium members you get access, to our monthly. Masterminds. Where we have 8 & 9 figure business owners 7 figure traders. Billionaires. And celebrities, attending, it's a 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. event, where we have speakers, and every. Hour we switch the speakers out and we focus on finance entertainment, technology, you, know people pay thousands, of dollars to attend this mastermind, it's something that my partner and I, started, and so I'd love for you guys to get involved if. You guys want to take a flight out to Hollywood California our, next one is May 25th, you can always send me a message on discord.

If You guys are interested in that and I will go ahead and add you to our guest list and send you that information and, so it, looks like I just, have got, an alert here, another trade coming in so I'm, gonna talk about what. Platforms, I use personally. What, platforms I think you guys should use and if you're a new trader what, the best place. To start, coming into this market right now is a lot smarter, than the liquidity that came in in, 2017. And so what, we're seeing right now is gonna be very similar to what we saw here where we saw this parabolic run up that took us over four hundred and thirty eight percent however. We're gonna see a smaller, version of that right now and what that means is people, have now pretty much confirmed. Within themselves. Psychologically. That yes, okay this asset. Class is limited. In quantity, therefore there is an intrinsic value and I want to pay attention to this asset class and start investing, money into it and I can go on and on and talk about reasons. Why more. And more liquidity is gonna come into this market and, that's something we definitely will talk about some, things I haven't mentioned before, is you. Know in regards to investors. Coming to this market, Cambridge, analytics, which, issues. The the. The. Recommended, points, to. Hedge funds, of, you know in regards to what to invest in you, know they they actually recommend. You, know you, know the investment, portfolio to over, three hundred billion dollars in managed assets and. For the first time ever two months ago they issued, you, know a you know their report, and they for the first time ever added Bitcoin. You, know what specifically, it was blocked in and crypto currencies, as, a recommended, investment, for these funds and you. Know they said to allocate 31, points, to these you, know to that technology which. Is very interesting and a very good, thing for this market when it comes to institutional. Money coming in because the start to this boron was when someone, made that 100, million dollar order across, multiple exchanges, which took the market up about 24 percent and that, right there initiated. This exuberance. Of retail. Investors and now institutions. Coming in but, for the most part institutions. Are, still not in this market and I'll show you exactly why that is if you guys look at this volume here you can see when that $100,000,000. Came in, 100, million dollars from the institutions. Or. An institutional. Fund you, can see how that peak volume, came in but right now we're not seeing that high of a volume spike, and that tells, me that the institutions, are smart, and they're, looking for this next pullback, in orders are entering in a position and that's what's gonna kind, of transition, this this, live call into how, you guys can, best utilize, you. Know our sir, services as well as the information we provide on a daily basis, to, best you, know make a return on your investment. When it comes to the the funds that you are putting it into this market and so um. Where, that starts is you have to first understand the three different types of trading styles when it comes to day trading swing trading and long term investing, and so I would.

Recommend For. Everyone to have you, know a portion of their capital dedicated, to each one of those categories depending on the amount of risk and reward that they want to have, and so when, it comes to long term investing, in this market is it time to start dollar-cost averaging. Into this market and so by, the way guys I see we have michael cera sano on malik. Is on raj. Endure greatest, ever so, I'm gonna take your questions but I also have questions that I know are good questions then, I'm gonna just ask myself and go into before I take questions from the audience cuz I'll probably answer most of your questions as, I, go through this because I obviously planned, for this webinar, in this livestream and, and I want to bring you guys some, very valuable content, so I know you guys are just listening right now but pay attention because this is all important and so when. It comes to dollar. Cost averaging, into this market right now where is the best place to start entering in a position well we're, gonna be seeing a hallow, top or what I call you. Know an exuberant, run-up followed. By you. Know a lot, of shorts coming in taking, this market back down to more reasonable, levels very soon and so when, it comes to long term investing, in this market if you want to put in long term positions, I would be waiting for you. Know where the institutions. Are gonna start putting in their money which is when we're gonna see that, that that really strong, push to the upside followed. By a very, violent, you. Know crash to the downside, where we're gonna be able to accumulate positions, at certain levels and so some, of those levels, that we want to watch and this is pretty simple this is just technical, analysis, or you. Know these consolidation. Points in the past and so one, place that we want to look at here is gonna be that 6,000. Level up to around that 6500. Level as a, first point of entry if your dollar cost averaging, into this market, long-term and looking. To get Bitcoin why is it important to get Bitcoin, right now and not focus on all coins well understand, this bitcoin, is 56.4%. Dominant. Right now in this market it's, one of the most valuable. Asset, class is in the cryptocurrency sphere, due, to the fact that it's limited in quantity, there's only 21, million bitcoins that we can be created, and so. Bitcoin, is the asset class that, is you, know most. Valuable. Right now and. It's what these alt coins are gaining value. Off of as well and so when. Understanding that, you have to look at what we're seeing here we see the spike in Bitcoin. Dominance, do, I believe we're gonna start to see Bitcoin, dominus continuously. Increase. Absolutely. And I'll tell you exactly why, so we have to understand why was aetherium so dominant, at one point and you know really skyrocketed. Past $1000. What was because its primary use case was to raise funds for icos and the, thing is that this year we have raised so. You, know in comparison in 2017. To this year we've raised a lot less funds you, know when it comes to IC I've been a lot less IC o---- is a lot less funds it went from billions, of dollars to now only millions, of dollars being raised when, I cos are coming out now and so therefore aetherium, is losing its intrinsic value in that sense now does it have an intrinsic value in other ways absolutely. There's a lot of intrinsic value to theory but we. Just have to be honest, with ourselves and realize that there's very little use case so when, it comes to investing long term in this market you have to be very specific, with what you choose to invest in and so if I were to invest long term in this market if you would ask me what my long term investments, are in the cryptocurrency sphere, I actually have all these charts here laid out in my trading view and by the way as we.

Go Through this I'm gonna also give you guys a lot of you, know practical. Things as we go through this so for, all of you watching this live right now also, realize that you know you want to take notes as we go through this so if you're trading any asset, class right now you. Know on a consistent, basis, you should have a specific. Chart. For on your trading view account, and if you're not using trading, V I highly recommend you guys get this on a desktop, mobile. And web. Version. And you know utilize, this as much as possible because it's one of the best tools, to look at technical analysis, and, you want to be able to constantly keep, a watch out of your asset. Classes now what's cool about all of this is you know in you know in combination. With trading view and traders, profit club on discord most, of this can be done mobily you, know so you can, pretty much like for me personally I'd trade better using my phone than I do using my computers you, know and the reason is when. It comes to trading, especially. When it comes to day trading which is typically what you'll be doing, if you're using your phone you, know long-term investors can you know you can get out of computer you know map, out your long-term, investment. Plan for you, know this market but when it comes to being a day trader your, phone is your best tool and, so that's, why we're going to talk about which apps to have you know there's apps that you must, have on your phone, mt4. Hugo's weight using, the Hugo's away broker all. These links down in the description below three, commas in order to automate your by Nance trades and be able to have more custom, trading options including, setting up trailing, take profits, setting, up trailing, stop losses setting. Up you, know multiple. Take profit targets, on your swing. Trade so you want to use three commas for your swing trades you want to use mt4 on Hugo's way for. Your leverage trades, and. Your day trade so that's gonna be up to 500, X leverage, so it's very very you. Know risky. And therefore. I highly recommend you start with a paper account on Hugo's way and start, taking advantage of some of you, know our bit max singles as well as momentum. Trading and we're, actually gonna be doing a lot of partnerships, and, adding a lot more to, our premium group which is why we're still in pre sell and I'm, super excited to announce that you know one thing that we're doing soon, is we're gonna be adding in-person training. And so, I just partnered with a Forex, team that's been doing, in-person. Forex. Courses, in Los Angeles and Miami and. So you. Know what's interesting is they're scalping, strategy, is also. A very good strategy when it comes to, bit Mex trading, and trading with margins. When it comes to Bitcoin in aetherium which are the ones I focus on primarily.

And Also you have TRX, XRP and things like that but. I love using mt4, versus you, know bit mechs because in the u.s. you can't use a bit mechs without a VPN, blah, blah blah you know and, so you know you don't want to be, in that gray area so, I'd use something like Hugo's way it's using the BitFenix, exchange. So, volume is high it's, you know it's using one of the most you, know prominent, exchanges, for its first. Of the quiddity so very. Very important, that you guys keep that in mind so have, your, asset, classes you trade on your trading view chart at all times I'm gonna, talk about how I've laid mine out but. You, know as we start going into some. Long term trades just to kind of pedal back to where we start where, we kind of diverged. A little bit so. When, it comes to long term investing right now I'm looking at Bitcoin as a long term investment I'm looking at B&B as a long term investment I'm, looking at BTT as a long term investment something, I've talked about time. And time again and, so what we'll take a look at those charts talk about what those, are doing the reason I like those is I just like those teams they, all have intrinsic value in their own way Bitcoin is limited in quantity, it's, it's the it's the main coin PNB, is being used by everyone on by Nance which is a huge use case they get discounts. On using B&B and, so it has you, know a very very strong intrinsic, value and a long you, know a long, way to go in terms of growth and then, we've got you, know BT T which is the BitTorrent token, which is a you, know being, backed, by Justin, Sun and. You know I feel like it's what Justin's son really wants to do versus Tron you know because we're seeing some downside with Tron and I feel like Justin son really wants to lean, towards, the BitTorrent side, and. You know interesting and interestingly, enough before I started, talking about the BitTorrent token, uh this is you, know complete transparency, so. Recently I actually got connected, to BitTorrent, CEO um I haven't really had personal, interaction, with them but one of my buddies who. Actually won a Grammy for, writing, one of Beyonce's, song sandcastles, I introduced. Them he was actually the BitTorrent CEO was at one of my events I, didn't. Realize that and. He met my friend Vincent now they're actually partnering together because, he loves music and so forth and, so like I'm planning, to possibly get him on an interviewer here soon but, you know I obviously, you, know I've never had contact with him I'm not getting paid to you know promote B & B BT C or B TT and I will never take a paid promotion, when, it comes to that you know the only projects. I will promote our projects, that I'm involved in as an advisor and that's, because I've vetted out the team and I, know exactly, you know what their intentions are and, I've been a part of their meetings I'm you know in the background with them and that's when I'll you know you know talk about those projects, but when it comes to you know long-term, investments, in this market what I'm looking at Bitcoin, B&B. And BTT. Because they have the most intrinsic, value that I see in this market right now and you have to understand what's happening right now is exactly what happened in 2000. When we saw the dot-com, bubble there were like websites, that just got popped out you know like like I think it was like this pet smart company. Was called pet smart at the time they created a website and they you know they made it announced and say hey we created a website and their stock went up like ten thousand percent then crashed just, because they created a website and people didn't know what what that meant they thought that that was like revolutionary.

Same, Thing here we're gonna see most of these coins you, know looser liquidity, looser valuations. As we, start to see more and more of these long term investments, come in but does that mean that there's no opportunities. No that, doesn't mean I'm, gonna stop trading aetherium doesn't mean I'll stop trading XRP, doesn't mean I'll start stop trading altcoins. Because, at this point in time what. The, main use case in my opinion for these altcoins in, you know in taking advantage of them in the highest degree it's gonna be in trading, them right and and swing trading altcoins, those. Are you know those are always fun because you. Know those you can just kind of input into three commas put your trade in and just kind of watch your profits come in and that's you know typically gonna be posted here on the crypto signals, chat when. We're doing altcoin, swing trades and then we'll have the major coins like Bitcoin and theum signals, here as well but. Then you go into like Forex signals, some, of these are day trades some of these are swing trades you learn to stock signals, they're more of these swing. Trading types so you know what we try to do is we make it as efficient. As possible for you to trade in this market, by, allowing you to do everything Moberly and in a short amount of time and and so we do it the hard work of doing the analysis, and finding the setups and we send that out to you and we're not gambling, we're looking for good, risk to reward setup, so when you see an altcoin go up 20% don't, feel like you're missing out you know at the end of the day that's you know the fear of missing out we want to get into that so that's. That's my long-term, investing, rent, and, so hopefully that helped out is, there any question, when it any questions, right now when it comes to long-term investments, in this market this, is gonna be the you know that for the next five minutes we can take questions from the audience here the live audience about long-term investments, and then we'll move on and start, talking about swing trading and day trading so hopefully. I added, some you with that rent and let's see if we have any questions, and if we don't we're just gonna kind of go into you, know the next portion of this so greatest-ever, says I have ten thousand XRP coins in hollow mode since two years ago take, on it when you get a chance so, it. Really depends on what, your entries, were, so. One thing you want to do at, all times is you know if you're a long-term investor, you. Want to look at this monthly chart right and so, when, you're taking profits. From your list so when, it comes to long-term investing, there's dumb, long term investors and there's smart long-term investors, and so dumb, smart long I'm, sorry I said dumb smart, long, um. Dumb, long-term, investors, will just hold something not even look at it and I call that dumb because you, know when Bitcoin hit it stopped here at twenty thousand you know and agree or disagree with me right now in the chat if you want but even. If I was a long-term investor, I would, have probably wanted, to take profits up here and let the you, know price can you know see its downside, before re-entering a position and that's called rebalancing, your portfolio and, so, that's why you want to look at a monthly chart when you're long-term, investing, in, order to determine when, to start taking profits, on those and went to re-enter positions, on those investments, and one. Strategy I like to use is house money strategy, which means you, know you can take seventy five percent of your position. Out and hopefully, that is enough to say that you're not only breaking. Even but making a lot of profit on that and then, what you leave in the, investment, could just be house money which you know is it's it wasn't yours in the first place and, you know you're just hoping for the long term but I wouldn't recommend that really what I would recommend is doing technical. Analysis, on a monthly chart and taking, profits when it makes sense and, re-entering, when it makes sense and that's called the rebalance here portfolio when it comes to long term investments, so like for example if, I were to look at X R P to, the Bitcoin chart because that's what I would want to look at when.

It Comes to should. I sell my XRP right now well looking, at this monthly, chart and seeing this, potential, bottom you can see we have this huge wicks, here. You know if you guys understand, technical analysis, this is a bullish. Reversal wick, and, what that means is you can see how that went, all the way down but immediate came back up and this. Is a potential, bottom where we're gonna see upside. Here in the long term when it comes to ripples, Bitcoin value, and so there's a potential of up to 70%. Value. Here in order, for your long-term trade, here and so I would say take profits, you, know if that's a long-term investment, around that area rather than now. When we're at this bottom, right but if we look at the XR PUSD chart it may, look a little bit different, you, can, see here we've got this pennant, that was formed and we, see this breakout looks like it already bottomed out and it's starting its trend up broke. Through that monthly, moving. Average and so also. Looking quite bullish with volume coming in so it looks like XRP is something that you want to hold if it's a long-term investment you have to ask yourself whether or not that is long-term investment, so let's, see if we have any questions about long-term investment, and we'll move on to swing trading and day trading best, platforms, for those we'll talk about the stock market crashed what's going on with traditional, markets where I believe liquidity. Is gonna head based, upon personal experience, with institutions. Investors. As well as hedge fund managers I'll talk about what they're talking about in the you know in the background. As well, as going, into. Understanding. You, know. Let's. See here. Bitcoin, dominance, which we kind of already went over so we might not want to go over that again. Are. You guys enjoying this so far I hope you are so. Somebody. Says Wan L will beat ECB hitting 9,000, within the next few days I highly. Doubt that um so that's one thing we will do we will go over a Bitcoin technical, analysis and you. Know we're gonna have to do a lot of technical, analysis, here soon and chart. Requests but we will be doing that in just a second let's go through some, questions, your thoughts. On hot so. We'll do that technical, analysis, so you're certain Bitcoin and hot what do you think about 74,000. Bitcoin being put into these exchanges. Think. It's to sell them soon gee Bailey yeah absolutely we're gonna see eight you know a top. Forum soon won't, we see, that momentum, spike and then we're gonna see a drop and, that's typically what happens it's exactly how this topped out we're gonna see a smaller, version, of what happened in 2017. Happened now because investors are more rational about what price should, look like obviously. In the fundamental, sense Bitcoin is seeing amazing, fundamentals. You know daily transactions, per day you can see here staying above, these, highs over three hundred and twenty three hundred thousand transactions, per, day the same that. We saw in. 2017. When. We saw that $20,000, Bitcoin so we're in the same amount of transactions, per day but prices a lot less however, people. Are getting a little smarter and realizing okay you know this isn't just gonna sort, of the you know the top this is obviously, gonna see some sort of pullback on its way up and so that's. What I would say on that litecoin long term good. Question Michael so what is my opinion on litecoin long term I think it's bitcoins, little brother um and I think it'll, definitely be valuable. It's also limited in quantity, and so it has that intrinsic, value, and so um I you know like coin I would say I I have a little I'd rather put a lot more of my capital into Bitcoin as a long-term address and then litecoin but it probably wouldn't hurt because when it comes to long-term investments you want to have your, asset allocated, properly so this is just in every portfolio, you have whether it's your day, trading or swing trading or your long-term in portfolio, you want to have your assets allocated.

And So you know a port a small portion into litecoin I wouldn't say is a bad idea. Maybe even a small portion in the top ten coins right I would also recommend having a small portion in aetherium having a small portion possibly, in Cardno right have, a small, portion possibly, an EOS right because at, the end of the day like you you're, just kind of you're putting your bets you. Don't want to put all your bets in one basket you want to be able to kind of spread it out but you know you also want to use probability. To, your advantage and that's why you want to look at okay well bitcoin is the main coin and it's you know what people go off of people are not going off of white coin value when the trading coins and. So you know it's it's becoming you know the staple, coin here and so you, know you don't want to, unjustified. That so. Hopefully. That helps out here, what. Do you think about siren, a seem I haven't, heard of that so therefore I don't think it's a good long-term investment, it takes a lot of analysis. And time to determine, something is good for long term investing, I mean. I want to say it takes a lot of time but uh you, know there's very few coins that are good long-term investments, in this market right now because there's, just not any use case so you know I just I already know there's no use case for silent cuz I haven't heard of it and I travel, all around the world speaking of blockchain conferences, I'm around some of the top, leaders in this sphere and so if I haven't heard of and they haven't heard of it it's probably not good, so. Garrett, says important question I believe to all of us with this parabolic movement cause potential, for bare market conditions. Like. It in 2017. Um, I think it, won't, and the reason being, is because people. Are more, rational, with. Their investment, strategies, right now and so, we're not gonna see a parabolic, run, up to 20,000, again I think we'll see a parabolic run up to possibly, and we'll talk about the 8600, level the 9000. Level why those are really important to watch but. In regards, to you, know seeing. A pullback I think we'll see a normal pull back to. More rational, levels and it you know an overall continuous. Trend up you, can do we can also possibly, even draw out this this this ascending, support line here on the monthly and you, know and determine, that you know will most, likely not be below 4,000. You. Know anytime, soon, or potentially. Ever and. The reason I say that is because you, know when Bitcoin saw this exuberance, you know it was you know I remember I was in this I've been in this market since around 2010. So. Bitcoin was sitting around $1,000, and. You know we just never saw that price point ever again after the 2017. Rally because, that's just how markets, work you, know so, it you know there's always going to be higher, highs that form and higher lows that form and so those. Higher lows are what, create that that, that ultimate. Support level that justifies. That this asset class would never be worth less than this unless. Something dramatic happens, right and and fundamentally, we would probably want to know that and, another thing is you have to understand that there are a lot of uncertainties, in this market still it's not fully fully. Certain, I would say it's I would say it's a lot more certain than it was in 2017. There's, a lot more development in this you know in this technology there's a lot more use, cases than, it, was in 2017. However you. Know with tether manipulation. Things like that you have to be careful at all times and that's why is a long term investor you still want to take profits on a monthly, or. You know on a quarterly basis, but, you you know the point is you want to use that monthly chart to your advantage and so tech, Ron says good stuff so far thank you so much so. Let's. Move on to the next topic here and, then we'll go into some technical, analysis here for Bitcoin, so the. Next topic here is just understanding. The day trading and swing trading opportunities, in this market you know one thing that people don't. Realize is you know when, we're seeing these trends, up you know so that when we're looking at you, know a swing. Trading.

Strategy. You want to look at a daily, and a weekly chart, and you want to look at overall trend, and you want to make your assumptions based on what's gonna happen in the next few days or a few weeks and and, so that's, what happens, when you know that that's what you how you want to analyze the market as a swing trader as a day, trader you want to trade, based. Upon the, trend and so if you're, trending up right, now with Bitcoin we want to be trading Long's not shorts, right because we have better probabilities. Of getting, that. That you know that that position. Then. Then if we were to trade against the trend you don't want to go against, the water here. So. When, it comes to day trading and, in leverage trading, you know there, are a lot of strategies, that are, involved, in in doing. That and so I would, very, very, very. Much so say, be. Very cautious, if you've never date raided or if you've never done a lot margin. Trading there's, no, reason whatsoever, to trade a live account with, real funds if you've never done it before you must, start with a demo account and not only that you must get, a pattern and a consistent, you. Know pattern of you, know making profits, before even funding, a live account because it is, very, risky how it's however, it's very rewarding. When, we see these strong trends, right because we know bitcoin, is going long and so when you're able to leverage up to 500. X that means a one. Dollar account can be leveraged that's a 500, dollar account, then. You know the, downside, can, be very quick, so you, know so that's why your stop, losses have to be set up extremely, tight, your, entries, should always be through by limits. And it should preferably be on a 15 minute wicks so, like for example if we started today trade right. Now here, you, know we want to look at so, like for example if, we wanted to trade, this top breakout, we, know that resistance. Was right here and so, what we're doing is, as we're, entering this position, on Mt 4 you, know let's say you have a thousand, dollar account and you do a you know a full you, know a full, lot on a 500, leverage, I would never recommend that if you're you doing 500 leverage, to a point one law you know I'm not gonna go into like full-on, tutorial, I will guide you there's a link. In the description below actually of. This video called baby. Pips calm, slash, learn. Slash 4x, I would highly, recommend you take this free course and. It will teach you exactly how, to do all of this how to manage, your risk how to use mt4, what, lot sizes, are what margins, are and everything. You need to know I would take that course that's. Step one and then I would go into paper accounts, using our signals, and, typically. What. You'll want to trade on mt4 is gonna, be the Forex signals you, know and the crypto, bit, Mexico's, and then you can even trade on your own time because you, know when it comes to trading, like this this is a trading. Style that can allow, you to create. Profits. On a daily, basis, and allow, you to quit your job or create a secondary source of income and be. Very consistent, upon, it and so you're, never missing, out when it comes to day trading day trading is a daily thing people do this as a career, I've been, day trading for a very long time it took me 3, to 4 years to become profitable I I, got into Bitcoin Iran 2010. And so, it's something that you know it's a skill that once you learn you will never lose and it's very valuable warren, buffett once said people stay, in the lower class because, all they do is earn, money they never multiply, their money if you learn how to multiply your money very, lucrative so for example you could take a $1,000 account, when it comes to the leveraged trading and turn that into a $2,000 account with one trade happens, all the time so let, like so overall, we I'm gonna give you an example here of you.

Know If this is for more of an intermediate person, but. Even if you're beginner this will help to understand, when it comes to managing proper risks and this is how I would trade bit. Mixed signals boards and so we, know this trend is up right now we're heading towards this resistance, which is why you, know we're not really sending, as much signals out right now because you know there's a very very strong resistance level here at 8600, and, that we're gonna be talking about here soon but, for the most part we know this is trending up we go on our 15-minute, chart and, and honestly, I like using mt4, on my mobile then I even do using tradingview and doing day trading because. It's just you don't really need much other than understanding. Price structure. Understanding. Trends, and then understanding, certain indicators, for confirmations. And and. Everything else is just all on price action so price action will never lie to you it's all of the momentum so let, we know this is trending up we know this is resistant, so let's say we start to see price action going. To the upside here right we're starting to trend, up straight up trend test resistance what, we can do is set up an entry right here at, 74. 80. Let's, say 74. Right. Above, that previous. Resistance let's say 70 460 right so entry at 70 460 with, a stop loss at, 74. Let's. Say 70. 420. So it's a very tight stop but, we leverage, and now that's, our risk our risk is right here so now as you. Can see here it's a long position our risk very. Minimal here for this long position. So. It's you know it's it's a. Person. Like a small. Percent of 1% risk, and, we. We know we're trending up so, what. You'll want to do is you want to look at previous breakouts. To determine, where. To set your targets, right and so I'll, take my ruler here and I'll look at what is a previous, breakout, right so if, we, go down here and we look at this right here I like to use the volume here to see the breakout sue said this was a consolidation. Here so. You can see this right here was a consolidation. And then it broke out, from. The top of that resistance, to the top of this how much was that five, point eight three percent you're typically gonna find it's going to be around four, to five percent right now if, you're trading Bitcoin and so, when, you're looking at this next point. Where's my target, I go four to five percent and guess what that's exactly where it broke out to and now, when you're leveraged trading, on a small account, you. Can have. So much upside, so you know this is your trade you, enter here and guess, what trade, starts to go up with momentum, doesn't hit stop-loss because you knew. Exactly where to enter after that breakout on that resistance and as, this trade starts to go up what do you do will you take that stop-loss, that you set and you, raise it and so guess what so now as, it starts to trend up let's say it starts to go to 76, you raise your stop-loss, up, here and now, no matter what you can just leave this trade and you're, gonna be in profits, and so. That's how momentum, and date trading works and it doesn't take much time we, send the signals out and then, you have the setup there for you to play so. It's like at then you know where, you where your coach on the sidelines or say hey here's, the play and you just gotta know what you're doing and so if you don't understand this take the baby pips course the link is in the description, below if you understand this let. Me know in the chat if you what, do you think of this if you have any questions and concerns about it but that's that's what you do and so you you set your targets, here hit, 77, that's, a target hit 77, 60, that's a target 78. It's a target you take your profit you let it drop consolidate. And you wait for the next move, consolidation.

Areas, Are typically either at a top or a bottom right, so that's another little tip you'll start this is stuff you'll learn in the course. Also. One thing we're adding in the next month, we're gonna be adding our own course so you. Know as I mentioned earlier we partnered with it's. They're, called c4x, they're, they do in-person trainings, they also have a very extensive course it's, one of the best, margin, trading momentum. Trading courses and scalping, courses I've ever seen and I've ever taken and so, we're. Going to be providing that all to you for free. You know and, being, the fact that you guys are premium, members of course and that's all because, you guys are here in our presale we'll never change your prices as long as you guys you, know stick, with us and there's no failed payments, but we are going to be raising prices soon as, we add more services. That increases, our overhead, increases a lot of our administration, cost, a lot of different things. It's just a lot more to manage so we need more people involved, but, you know what we want is profitable, traders we are currently the largest cryptocurrency. Forex, and stock trading group in the world you. Know IML is a really big Forex and crypto group you know learn to trade is a big stock group or. At forex group but there's not one group covering all Marcus and I believe that there's opportunities, in every market if you're trading you might as well trade. Multiple different markets and. It keeps you diversified, and it keeps you at, you know as in my opinion the smartest investor, in the room because. You understand, every angle and so I've. Seen the results we've had thousands, of testimonials, and, and so that's an example of proper. Risk management, proper laddering so. One other thing I can talk about is laddering into the trade so, what sometimes what I'll do especially. If I'm doing a scalp here on you know I'm looking at it I'm. Trying to get that I'm trying to catch a bottom what. I'll do is is let's say you, know we saw this breakout to the upside we. See the drop the consolidate, we know it's starting to consolidate, and and. So we're seeing this consolidation we, know this is an overall uptrend, so now I know okay well this is the support, here I'm, gonna put in a point a, point maestra. Might my biggest lot size is gonna be the, most, bottom, point on that wick so my, you, know my point for. For, example my point for lot or my point 3 lot will, be at 68, 70, I'll put a point to lot right, above that and then I'll do a point 1 lot here and so, I'm hoping that this is gonna trend down and guess what happens look it, it ends, up you see these wicks here it trends, down it initiated, entry, and it immediately goes back into profit, and then, guess what you set your stop-loss right. Below where you had that large lot and now, you just, enter that trade, on the trend up and so not only were you able to catch, the breakout but you're also able to catch this trend up and that's a little bit more of an advanced strategy, so instead of having that you, know that 10% you can triple if not quadruple, an account if you, do this right and. So you know, what ends up happening is your trade will look like this so you'll. Have all this. Right. Here as your. Downside. And then you'll have all this, here as your upside and so now you've got that 10% instead, of 5% upside, with, leverage that's you know you take $1,000 account turn into $10,000. And I, I'm telling you I'm. Not recommending this, if you have no idea what you're doing this. Is the skill, that you learn and it makes you a great trainer and guess what you learn this swing.

Trading And long-term investing, becomes a lot easier and so, you become, a way better swing trader you become a way better long-term investor, one, thing you can also do if you want to just trade real funds is just do this strategy, on by. Nance without leverage, and so you're, not risking much but you're still kind of getting in and out but, I would just recommend mt4. Once. Again it's on your phone I love it it's you, know better than charting. On computers. For me when I'm day trading and even, when looking at long-term investments, or swing trader and I'm looking on a monthly or weekly chart, I can take a trading new chart and on my phone it's the screens big enough to do now an analysis, and so, most. Of this can be done on your phone and so that's that's what I want to emphasize is, this helping you out by the way any of you guys if this is helping you out say yes in the chat let's. See if we got it let's, see, if what we've got any questions about this portion. Of the tutorial because. If we do I'd love to answer those questions if. Not you. Know we'll move on here so somebody. Said super L hello, dynamite took profits on my B&B Holdings but I would like to reestablish the long-term position how do you go about scaling into that position of what should I look for before. Liquidating, it so, I haven't posted, a signal on B&B yet because we're waiting for more confirmations. But oh by, the way let me I'm not even gonna type in so check this out so I have all of my charts here that I trade so I trade B&B so, when I open my BM beater I'm gonna have a b NB b TC chart and a B&B USD. C chart why, because, i want to watch the satoshi, value, and the USD, value when I'm doing any technical analysis on all coins why. Is that the case because once again bitcoins, 56, percent of this market so here's another little, nugget that you should probably write down when. You're looking at alt coins that you swing trade or you're investing in long term always look at both Satoshi, and. The, you. Know you just USD, value and. Do a side by side chart, and, and so you know you, in a long-term position, and, and so super L what. I'll do, everybody's, saying yes Michael Klein Anissa Avery, Juan CJ.

Malik Erik effects, our del good to have you guys thank you guys for tuning in live once. Again you know I'm. Behind the scenes right now I haven't been doing as much YouTube videos because we've been adding analysts, I just started this new partnership, with the c4x, which is gonna be brought to you guys real soon you guys are gonna have Monday. Through Friday webinars, with, these analysts, are seven-figure, traders and, they may be just doing its it's gonna be 4x because, they're 4x but, their strategy is what you use for bit Mex signals, trust me the, scalping, strategy, they use for their forex trading, is the exact, strategy you want to use with bit max so the. Point is you're using that so if you learn their Forex strategy, now, you'll also become, a dynamic trader, because you can do the forex side now and the crypto. Side and so I know most of you guys are crypto, based but, all, of this works so anyways, looking at BTC. So. Being beat to the USD cbnb, to, the Satoshi, chart as a long-term, question you, know you want to know how do you start dollar cost averaging, into this so obviously. With the u.s. devaluation. On the monthly you can see what we've got here on the weekly chart is a. You know a parabolic, run-up right now and so is that a bad thing no that means we're in an uptrend so obviously. This has intrinsic value I made the video 2018. Saying this was gonna happen we, predicted, this almost a year, and a half ago and so yes. We know the u.s. devaluation, is just gonna skyrocket so, there's literalist, really look at here but, that's where the Satoshi chart comes in and so looking, at Satoshi chart right now it, looks like we've potentially. Found a support, level here, where, we're starting to see kind of that reversal, come you saw this reversal, wicks you know this wick was a you, know it, had that that. Wick here that candlestick was a reversal, candle and. Then it came into this. This. This, buy candle, and, so. This. Could have potentially. Have been the, you. Know the point of entry however the. Reason I haven't, sent out a signal yet and I you know I haven't started, you, know really swing. Trading the B&B coin is, because, we just don't know if this is kind of yet, so. One, thing I will mention is if your dollar cost averaging. Into your long-term position, which is what you should be doing this would actually be considered, an entry, point and so I actually did, dollar cost average, a small position buying, in the B&B coin soon but, it was a very, very small position I even show you here on my by Nance and and. The reason is because this is an area, of entry, and so the. You know the reason I obviously. I didn't send out a signal for this because this is not something that I you, know I could, really recommend, to every, single member in our group because it's not a setup of risk and reward it's just a dollar cost averaging. Method. Of long-term investing, that I utilize, and it's. Because I want to have a long-term position, in B&B and so if you were to look at this portfolio you can see I've got B. And B right there and, it's. Because, it was a very small position I went ahead and added into, one. Of my portfolios, that are on Finance and it, was because it entered. You know it had this reversal, wick. And. So, what that meant is I wouldn't, like I don't mind entering. Here but I'm not gonna put in my full position, you. Know until, I have more confirmations. Than I can start dollar-cost averaging, more but, what if Bitcoin starts to run up even more we see it drop down to this next level, of support here at 26,000. Satoshi's, right so you don't want to be caught in that full, position if it's starting to go down but if you have you, know a 10, or 20 you know a 10 or 20 percent of your position size in at that entry then, you're able to catch other entry points and so that's why even when, it comes to dollar cost or when it comes to long-term investing, you want to still dollar cost average, in the ladder your position, in and then also pay attention to the monthly chart to understand, where.

To Start taking profit so if you look at the monthly here you can see, the. Candle even right here looks you, know it looks like it's starting to trend, down, because. There's not it hasn't even closed on it on a green candle yet and so you. Know that's why I didn't, send out a signal that's why it's a little bit of a higher risk. You. Know position but if your dollar cost averaging, and you believe in this long term it doesn't really matter because for. The most part you're in this for the long term when it comes to that investment, and so that's, what I would recommend there, and hopefully that helps out. Mark. Says great advice urge to FOMO buy-in can be hard as tether finally consider safe to use now I would say USD C t, USD is safe but, not USD. T just because they you know it was just proven. That they didn't have as much money to back their coins and then on top of that they're, being sued by the US Attorney's, general's office and so I'd. Be very careful so. Malik says this price increase, affects for existing, users no, nobody, you guys will maintain, your. Prices, everybody, is Grandfather, at their price so because, you guys are, part of our group right now that, you know you you stay a part of our group as long as there's no missed payment or cancellation, you'll be fine. Sardo says I'm in Honduras, right now I feel so great that is awesome and I heard Honduras, has beautiful, beautiful views, Garrison's. Did you cover Beatty tiers that's something you could cover as well yeah we went over Beatty team when we went, over long-term investments, so you'll just have to rewatch that garret sorry so. Good. Good so far you, know I don't want to take too much more time here but there are a couple more very important, things we want to discuss here so first. And foremost just, to cover platforms, if. You guys are not using, mt4. On your phone or the hugo's, way broker the, link is in the description, below I highly recommend that and then download the metatrader 4 it's called mt4 on the app store on your phone there's, also a desktop, version and I would recommend trading, our, bit. Mixed signals on there I would, recommend trading our Forex. Signals there are some stocks on there as well but if you want stocks I would recommend like Robin Hood or e. Trade, or, TD Ameritrade, those, are more advanced, and recommended. If you want to have more custom options of stop losses and stuff but Robin Hood is a free platform that you can just invest, in take your profits, but.

You Know there's obviously a little bit of downside to not having as much advanced, features and then, with crypto signals you want to utilize buy Nance and three commas or three commas will allow you to set up those targets, and, and, so those. Links are in the description below and then the trading view chart is a necessity. On your phone on your computer always. Use the trading view charts and then save your charts in your, trading abuse that you always have ax, to that and so um, and then if you guys don't understand. You, know price structure. Momentum. Candlesticks. Margin. Trading if you don't understand scaling, in and out of positions, your risk management all, of that you have to take a course on that link. Is in the description, for the baby pips course it's a great course and then we'll also be launching. A new course for you guys soon by the sea forex Academy. That we're partnering with and. That's gonna be a very good strategy, if you're doing bit Mex trading. But of course when you learn that you also learn swing, trading in you, know long term investing, and properly, doing that with technical, analysis, and fundamental analysis. And so other. Than that we're gonna start going into some, price predictions, here and we'll wrap up with some price predictions this is my favorite part so let's first, and foremost pull up the USD, chart here and I. Got my sinus issues cuz it's cold right now in California it's ridiculous. So if, we. Look at this chart here first. And foremost we want to pull up this monthly chart because it's, a very powerful chart, and you can see we. Are approaching this. Next, resistance on, the monthly, which, is right around that 80, it looks like it's right around that. 8500. Level and so that's. Really the next major, point, of resistance that we're watching and the, cool thing about being in this type of parabolic, trend, is it's gonna be pretty easy to know when this tops out and that's because it's gonna top out the same way we. Saw the, 2017. Run, up top out and it's how most. Of these parabolic, run ups will top out and it's pretty much with. This huge, huge, wick. To. The upside which is pretty much just crazy, amounts, of momentum, in a short period amount, of time before, you see the, huge, drop, down, and so. When. We look for this this, top, to just blow off that's. When we want to you know either, start, going into a phase of shorting, the market or. Going. Into the phase of taking, profits, from, not, only your long-term investments. But, your swing trades your. Day trades and you want to stay as liquid, as possible and. As hedge possible, to, prevent. Yourself from getting caught, up in that and so it's. Cool because three Commons offers an option, that allows you to just liquidate your whole by Anne Anne sport folio with one click of a button and. And, and stuff like that will really come in handy, if. If you do get yourself caught up in that but hopefully you don't because. You're paying attention to our signals and that's why we're being very very cautious with what we send out right now closing, trades fast because. Obviously we're in this point where we're approaching, that next resistance and we want to see what's gonna happen but. The very interesting, thing about this chart is we've got all of this this. This, sell, pressure starting, to deplete, and we're, going into this this buy mode and so it's. Gonna be very interesting, to see what plays out here at this resistance, level if we, start to see this resistance, level break, that's, gonna be a confirmation that will potentially see price levels go, to ten thousand, US dollars and. That will be the next target, and. At that point we'll, have all the way from around, that that, eighty six hundred level to. Ten, thousand, to be able to set up long positions, with, swing trades with. Altcoins. You, know depending on how they react as, well as day trading long, positions, on the way up to that next target. And, once again we'll know when that occurs, because we'll see that crazy momentum, to the upside what, could happen is we see the momentum to ten thousand, and that's the top and then, we see that huge pullback, that will probably, take us back down to, around six thousand, to, five thousand, and then that's because that's that consolidation, period and so my. Entry, point for, my long-term investment, my. Long-term portfolio my, next dollar cost average point is gonna be right in that zone here so that's the next dollar cost average point here for Bitcoin, and. That, would be around that 6,000, level if, that breaks down that next dollar cost averaging points are gonna be around that thirty five hundred level, I don't believe that will happen I think, at most you, know I think we may see a, potential, to see four thousand.

But. That really depends, on how, this tops out and how high it tops out but. The point is institutional. Money's coming to this mark, if you guys paid attention to the beginning, portion of this webinar we talked about cambers analytics, recommending. You, know hedge funds to invest brach, Pierce is actually the one that I heard that from and, then not only that I got a call yesterday from a friend of mine saying hey what's. Going on with Bitcoin this guy is an early investor in Spotify he's exited. Multiple. Companies for tens of millions of dollars and, he's like yeah man I'm ready to start deploying money into the market you, know I'm hearing a lot from hedge fund managers that Dubai is putting, in a lot of money right now and then of course we heard from Cambridge analytics, they recommended, 30 points towards blockchain and cryptocurrency technology. So it's just a lot of institutional. Money being directed, towards this market and this actually transitions, us into one of my favorite parts here but it's the stock market, the stock market and the traditional markets are also starting a top out we've, been in it over 10, to 12 year boron, here with traditional, stocks that we haven't seen a pullback that we need to see for a correction and so, I believe, and this is something that my, friend and I were talking about on the phone yesterday the investor is that, we believe people are getting tired of stock markets, and traditional assets the only other option is real estate or Bitcoin. And so they're going to Bitcoin as a potential, option we're, seeing way way more interest, on an institutional and, a development. Side, we're seeing a lot of these these, large companies starting, and want to develop their own technologies, but, that's really. The rough estimates, of technical analysis that I would right, now consider. If, we were to go on that you know look at it weekly here you know what that could potentially do, is form, that, that that, that, you. Know it's probably.

Almost Be like I would say it would be a rounding, bottom pattern so the, downside, the. Pop to the top here we. Form a little handle here consolidation. Before we see continued. Upside, momentum. And, so, don't. FOMO, into the market right now that's pretty, much the biggest message here just. Realize that yes we may see further upside, but, that's why you want to utilize different trading styles, to take advantage of that and make profits, but. In terms of dollar cost averaging, something, in right now as a long-term hold I wouldn't recommend that I wouldn't recommend large, amounts of funds coming in and, obviously institutions. Understand, that as well because if you look at this daily chart you can see you, know is really that 100 million dollar order that, really shot, things up and that was the highest volume that we saw we, know that was an institution, now these you know could potentially, be a mixture of institutional, and retail investors but this is just parabolic. And exuberant. And it deserves, and we'll see some downside, and the top suit and so that's. That's really what's happening here with Bitcoin. One. Interesting, thing about that is if and do you guys have any questions about bitcoins technical analysis, michael, says ETH just at 270, I've been in a long since 195, awesome, good job what. A selling point rebuy point for ETH in this run so with, the theory I'm you know what we're looking at as well is you. Know a potential. Downside. Soon. But. For. Now obviously. We're trending up it, just recently broke out of its ascending triangle, which, was very interesting, and you can see we've, got heavy resistance, right around that 295. $300, target so we'll, probably see aetherium hit that $300 level before seeing any sort of resistance. And so, that's really that next target here. And. I actually posted, on the discord, and this is why I recommend you guys stay in the chat I, did, post what. Was happening, here, there, wasn't a signal because there wasn't a set up for it but. If you guys do look, at the discord. I did. Mention, here. That we were gonna see aetherium, reach.

These Levels. I'm. Sorry this thing is not. Shown, here it's not pulling up. But. Yeah you know this was this is all predicted. It's. Just when, it comes to trading you're not a gambler, so you. Know when being, in a trade you want to see the right setup, you don't want to just enter in and so, when. It comes to take a take profit point, right now I would say that the, first take profit when's going to be right around that 300, level. And, you. Can see all that consolidation, and resistance, here at that 300, level as well and so that's, gonna definitely be a point that you want to watch and. And and that's where you'll, most likely see, some some, dips and. Then a potential reentry. Is going to be right. Around that support. Here which is gonna be between. That 200, and that 220. Mark potentially. Even hit that 190, but. That would really be that reentry in, terms of that that dollar cost averaging, strategy, because you can see here the weekly as well that's the consolidation, point. And. You can see the different amounts of volume here and, so you. Know you don't want to be caught up in this area here if you look into the right-hand side of this chart room my pointer, is that you don't to be caught up here you want to be entering. And exiting at, these high volume areas, where. There's either resistance, or support, and so. Right. Now when it comes to aetherium you know that's really what we're looking at here on the USD, chart now, one thing we want to look at as well when looking at aetherium is the Bitcoin chart, because that's going to be extremely important, in determining, whether it's better to be holding a Bitcoin, or aetherium, and. As you can see with this Bitcoin jar if we were to go on this weekly you've. Got this really sharp, push, to the upside here, but, we do have some, resistance here, as well and so. You. Got to see that we've got that 4100. Resistance. That 41 level. And then, you've also got this. Level here, I mean. Really this whole area here is going to be considered, a resistance, because these are all just wicks and. So even that 38, is gonna be considered a resistance, level. And. And, you know so we're just now starting to kind of come up from, this this drop, and, in, the past we've seen this come up and drop back but you, know for.

Me If I were to potentially. Assume, what's, gonna occur here I think, that we'll see some upside and, then I think that will take us a 38, level that 39 potentially, a 41 level before, potentially, seeing any drop, down and then we may find that turn into a support, level and now we just won't go below that 3,200. As we did before and so, you know that's really what we're, looking at with the theory but we have to also, realize how. It's lost all of this satoshi, value, and and, why it might be better to position. Yourself in Bitcoin, but. You, know for the short term yeah I mean we can we can assume that yeah we're gonna continue to see upside, here with aetherium. And. So that's that's where that lands, and, if we push this weekly chart here on this USD, value you can see it's. Just parabolic, and you know if we've wanted a little bit more. Data. Here we can pull up this bit Phenix chart here and, then you can see how. The USD, value is starting to find its trend up, and. It finally broke out of that ascending, triangle it's starting to head up you know really. 385. As well on that bit finished chart here's also a pretty. Good level here in terms of resistance. And so you, know aetherium, definitely has some upside to it and that's for sure

2019-05-23 00:15

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@Naeem Al-Obaidi Where?

@Naeem Al-Obaidi when and where bro? Look forward to meeting you brother....

@Naeem thanks bro

@Naeem Where?

@Naeem when and where bro? Look forward to meeting you brother....

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