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Boy network and the introduction, of proof-of-work pow. Consensus. Numerous. Arguments have been made and fiercely, debated at its, core proof, of work power, is an incentive mechanism. Designed around the consumption, of energy in exchange, for a reward from securing, a global distributed, data ledger so. Long as securing, this ledger the, blockchain, rewards. Someone with economic, value that, is worth more than what they put in the incentive, works a wise, person once said show, me the incentive I'll show, you the outcome this. Deceivingly, simple incentive, has birthed new industries, e.g. Crypto mining and has the potential to trigger knock-on, effects, for global energy systems, and markets, as proof. Of work consensus. Mechanisms, mitchler traditional. Paradigms, advocated. In energy systems, engineering, energy, economics. And energy. Financial markets, e.g, power trading, project. Financing, green, finance purchase. Power agreements. Could, fundamentally change, this. Article, explores, some of the context, and significance. For these changes, split, across three sections, section. 1 understanding. The very, basics. Of proof-of-work, power. And mining, section. 2 power. And energy systems engineering, and energy, economics, section. 3, implications. For energy, markets, understanding. The very, basics. Of proof-of-work and mining to, set the appropriate context. For the rest of the article it is important, to understand, the very high-level basics. Of proof-of-work power, and crypto. Mining the, basics of the proof-of-work process. Is to convert energy something, which is globally, distributed and. Available, in various, formats, / quantities. Into a digital liquid. And mobile, form of economic value, represented. In the form of a cryptocurrency /. Token. Example. Illustrated, for the Bitcoin network the. Phrase proof-of-work. Refers, to the fact that work, in the form of energy consumption, which has real costs, is expended. And converted, into another form, of economic value Bitcoin. Or other tokens. Institutions. That participate in, the proof-of-work, process. Are called miners. Miners. Runs specialized, hardware, / equipment. To solve a cryptographic puzzle, e.g, sha 256. In, the Bitcoin network those. That can configure their mining operation to. Solve the puzzles and the fastest, time while, incurring the least amount of costs, will have profitable, businesses, this. Is not too similar to other types of energy in manufacturing. Eg. In the oil and gas industry, except, that the final economic, good being manufactured. Is digital, therefore. So, long as people ascribe a nonzero value, to the tokens being mined e.g. Bitcoin there, is an economic incentive to, mine refer. To an earlier article on non-sovereign, assets, for y tokens, may have nonzero value, miners. Do not necessarily need. To believe in the principles, of the block chains they are helping, to secure through, mining, in fact.

They Can be 100%. Agnostic. And mine, the block chains, that, the market deems to be most valuable e.g. The mined tokens, that the market will pay them. The most for in many, ways this, is the beauty and elegance of, proof-of-work, this. Property, and incentive, could have profound implications. For those who study, and work in the energy sector all away, from exploration and, production refining. And distribution to energy financial, markets and policy, power. And energy systems engineering, and energy, economics. Back, in university. I majored, in chemical engineering in, my, final year i took a course called energy systems, engineering, which, would proceed to have a major impact on my life the. Point of the course was, to design and, analyze. Energy, systems, that could technologically. Supply sufficient energy to, meet the round-the-clock demands, of customers of a given market while, also being economically, and financially viable, the. Basics of energy systems engineering. Matching. Supply and demand by, configuring, the optimal, energy iMix matching. Supply and demand in a, nutshell the, key to understanding, the complexity. Of energy systems revoir, around matching, the profile, of energy, supply how much energy can be produced in a given physical, location, at a given, point in time versus. The profile, of energy, demand how, much energy does a community, need in that same, location, at a given point in time the, energy makes based. On what technologies. And methods are available reflect. A complex optimization, exercise. In, addition, to supply and demand other real-world, constraints can, be overlaid including, but not limited to, things like. Environmental. Factors, e.g. Burning, coal releases, more co2, versus. Burning natural gas versus. Running a wind farm build. / decommissioning. Factors, e.g. Building a nuclear, power plant requires. Building, 100-year. Financial, reserves for future teardown, life. Cycle operation factors. E.g. Different types of ongoing servicing. / maintenance. Required, for upkeep, of different technologies, from. Carbon-based, to carbon, free one. Of the main focuses, of many energy, systems, engineering, exercises. Today is to try and maximize, the use of renewable carbon. Free, sources. Political. Developments, like that EWTN's sustainable, development, goals /, SDGs. And the Paris climate, agreement have, further supported. This however. The, challenge with achieving this often boils down to the inherent, economics, arising, from renewable, energy production the challenges. Most commonly, cited are twofold one. Most, renewable energies, iver are to intermittent. And/or to two geographically. Limiting, as a, result, the economics, alone may not always incentivize. Development, depending, on where you live in the world to. Solve this problem a number, of solutions have been proposed, from, government, subsidies and purchase power agreements. To technology, R&D. To develop better energy storage, each, have their own pros and cons, the, common thread across these solutions is that none, can immediately address, the issues we face at the scale needed, at least not yet further. Complicating. The matter is the high degree of global political, coordination. Acquired to even take baby steps, Ford given, the urgency as estimated. By some to, change our energy system, there is a risk in relying, on global, political consensus. To drive progress, proof. Of work is a potential, market driven bridge solution, a potential. Bridge mechanism. To kick-start the, longer-term solutions. Could be to, leverage proof of work based mining, mechanisms, proof. Of work presents, new potential.

Pathways, For the energy sector to monetize, energy, production, and unlock, it from its historical, physical, constraints, in particular. You. You. You. You. You. You. You. You. Lightning, loop lets, users empty, lightning channels, without closing, them lightning, labs the development, team working to grow the Lightning Network just, released the alpha version of a new protocol, called lightning, loop lightning. Loop is designed to give users the ability to, deposit, and withdraw, Bitcoin, from their payment channels the two-way payment, gateways, that allow users to send and receive funds. To and from each other without closing, these channels, entirely, lightning. Channels are like tubes of money the more you. More, you can receive and the other way around according, to a blog post written by Lightning lab developers. Alex Bosworth, and Brian vo money. Moves around in the tube but, the total amount of funds remains constant so, unlike. Other payment, systems lightning, requires inbound capacity, in order to receive funds when, setting up human channels, users, have to fund their accounts with Bitcoin to begin sending and receiving, inbound. Capacity, refers to a receivers, ability, to claim a certain number of Bitcoin, from a sender if, for example Molly, has a payment channel set up with Angela and Molly funded, her side of the channel with two BTC. While Angela funded, her channel with one BTC, then Molly's, inbound capacity, is 1 BTC, and Angela's, is 2 BTC, if Molly wants, to receive 2 BTC, from Angela, then they'd have to open up a new channel and fund, it with the appropriate, amount if, a sender does not have enough Bitcoin for a given transaction, the recipient, won't be able to receive an invoice amount through the channel but, if a channel is at capacity then. The recipient, won't be able to receive funds either this, new protocols, loop out feature mitigates. The latter problem, with, loop out a lightning, network user will be able to empty a channel, once it has reached its full capacity instead. Of having to close this channel entirely and set, up a new one they, can send a portion of these funds to a non chain wallet, instead the, blog post also noted, that this protocol, will also make it easier for first-time, users to fund their lightening wallets to begin receiving payments, further. When, a user joins, the lightening network they can use loop out to get initial receiving, capacity, as well as a, result new, recipients, on the network no longer, need to rely on others, to open, channels with them before they're able to start receiving, payments, Bosworth, and Lou wrote lightning, labs is also working on a feature to, work in the inverse rightly. Dubbed lupine this would allow users to refund, their payment channels when they become low on Bitcoin capacity. The, vision for lightning loop is to allow users to securely move funds in and out of the Lightning Network using, non-custodial bitcoin. Contracts. Per the blog post with, loop users, businesses. And, Note operators, are able to keep lightning channels open indefinitely making. The network more efficient, more stable, and cheaper, to use to. Try lightning, loops alpha, release check, out Lightning labs github, while, still in the testing phase lighting. Labs blog post emphasized, that loop out transactions. Are limited, to a maximum of, 0.01. BTC. And will require no additional fees beyond, on chain transaction, fees thanks. For watching the ohio bitcoin, comm, bitcoin, news channel, today we appreciate you, spending some of your valuable, time with us, disclaimer, price, articles, and markets updates are intended, for informational. Purposes only, and should not to be considered as trading advice, neither. Ohio. Bitcoin, calm, nor the author is responsible. For any losses or gains has, the ultimate decision, to conduct a trade is made by the reader always. Remember, that only those. In possession of their own private, keys are in control of their own money if you, enjoy this type of content, please smash the like and subscribe buttons below.

It Helps us to get more views thanks. Again see. You with more bitcoin headline, news and analysis soon. We're. Ghost CEO resignation. Could be surprisingly. Bullish, for Bitcoin Tim, Stallone is out as CEO of the beleaguered Wells Fargo, the new sparked, curiosity. And hope among crypto, players that, his replacement, is more open to the space than Sloane while. Wells Fargo, execs, were mum about who'd replace, loan the rumor mill chatter quickly, began to spin making. The list are several, people from JPMorgan before. You say that's a wrap considering. The outrageous, comments, its CEO Jamie, Dimon has, made about Kryptos just, wait some. Of these people have, expressed, being, open to Kryptos no. Matter if the choice is someone who thinks differently and not like a banking, vet the space is in for a treat, I'm out. Of here the. Many scandals, that plagued the Wells Fargo including. The setting up of millions of fake checking, and savings accounts. Are part, of the reason Sloan says he's retiring, even. Though he wasn't CEO, during, the fake account Menace, Sloan, said he didn't want to be a distraction, as the Bank continues, to try to get back in the good graces, of consumers. And regulators that's. Fine with crypto players who took issue with his debbie downer views, of Kryptos with. Him at the helm of Wells Fargo crypto. Acceptance, in the traditional, financial world has been hindered best. Choices for crypto space word, on the street is that Wells Fargo plans, to bring in an outsider, to replace, Sloane who had more than 30 years in the traditional, banking business, that, contributed. To his crypto pessimism, the. Old-school banking, train of thought has led many veterans, to, bark at the newfangled crypto. Space goldman. Sachs CEO, Lloyd Blanc faint even admitted, that he was resistant, to Bitcoin because, of its newness fresh. Outside talent, should include those who are don't, carry the men set of the traditional, banking, players one. Such person is Maryanne Lake the CFO, of JPMorgan in. 2017. During, a quarterly earnings, call Lake reportedly, said we, are very open-minded to, the potential, use cases in future, for digital currencies, that are properly, controlled, and regulated then. There's Gordon Smith co-president. Of JP Morgan his. Name came up in nearly every, conversation. With investors, as a potential. Successor, according. To CNBC, it. Was referring, to Bank of America analyst. Eric and Najarian who made the comment in a March 11, note the, issue here, is that Smith is Butte as a likely, successor, to longtime CEO Dimon. While, his fellow co-president. Has said Morgan, is looking into cryptocurrencies. Smith. Hasn't flat-out commented. One way or the other Silicon. Valley's the real threat not kryptos, no, matter who takes the helm at Wells Fargo observers. Are looking, for the leader to be less resistant, to Kryptos Schon, and ste, executive. Chairman, and co-founder of, big, a blockchain, agnostic. Analytics, platform, based in Vancouver told. CCN, thanks, at this time should not be concerning. Themselves with, 99%, of, the cryptocurrencies, out. There as these are essentially. Science, projects, developing, new technology. They. Should however be getting. Active with Bitcoin, Anstey. Added that the threat to banks is not kryptos, but, it is instead the entry into the payment space by tech firms they. Would love nothing more than to take a 600. Year old banking, industry, and turn on it on its head and they will use the Bitcoin network to, do it they, are the masters of the internet and bitcoin is merely an extension of they already dominate. Anstey. Predicts, that within the next five to ten years Wall Street will compete directly with Silicon. Valley in banking, across cryptocurrency, networks. You. Who, is to Daddy and what, is it.

You. You. You. Back, taps former, IBM, and Cisco exec. Tom Noonan to chair its board backed. Has tapped a former Cisco, and IBM executive. To lead its Board of Directors according. To an announcement Friday. Sharing. Backs board, will be Tom Noonan described. As a cyber, expert, and the founder of Internet Security, Systems which IBM acquired, in, 2006. Joel, X which Cisco, acquired in 2013. An endgame, he. Will be accompanied, by Akshay, Najera managing. Partner, at soft bank Sean, Collins managing. Partner, at Goldfinch Partners I CEO, and chairman Jeff's pressure and lo fuller herself, Noonan. Is already a member, of Isis own Board of Directors, once. Approved by the Commodity Futures Trading, Commission. CFTC. Backs. Physically, settled Bitcoin, futures, contracts, will be listed on eyes futures, us and ice clear us where, global, market, participants. Already, transact, low fuller wrote in a blog post Friday. The. Price discovery, function. In these new physical, delivery, markets, should contribute to building, confidence in, Bitcoin prices, she. Described, backed spending, products, as the first physical delivery, price discovery, contracts. Denominated. In Bitcoin in the US with, price formation, occurring. In markets regulated, by the US government. Moreover. She, added similarly. Just, as digital asset, custody, is at the core of Beck's infrastructure. Development, secure, custody, is at the heart of our physical, delivery, Bitcoin, futures contracts. However. Low, fleurs update did not contain, any specifics. Saying, only that we'll, share more about our custody, platform. Shortly, as we, work to set a new standard in digital asset, security, backed. Has worked closely with the CFTC in, recent months on an extensive, process, to, obtain regulatory. Approval, for the launch of our physically. Delivered, Bitcoin, futures, low fuller wrote and the platform, is making solid progress on. This front, however. The platform, whose, launch has already been delayed twice does, not have a firm date on when it may go live the, company, is waiting on the CFTC. To approve, its plan to custody Bitcoin, on behalf of its clients, typically. Regulations. Require, that customer, funds are actually held, by banks trust, companies, or Futures, Commission Merchants. While, CFTC. Staff have, been reviewing, Beck's proposals, since last year it is unclear, where in the process they are the.

CFTC. Is expected, to publish Beck's proposal. For a 30-day public, review, period after, which the commissioners, will vote to approve or, disapprove as, such backed is unlikely to launch before may we. Continue to work with regulators. To address, the emerging, global landscape. For digital assets, lo fuller wrote Michael. J Casey Kelly, lo fuller and Jeffrey's Prechter, image via KOIN des archives. And. That's the promise of tomorrow that has Dave Carlson, Wow. Going. Big really, big that's, impressive, this, is a rare exclusive, behind-the-scenes look, at one of the biggest Bitcoin, mining operations, ever, it's the largest mine in North America, and most of the rest of the world the, computing, power is immense, one peda hash it's. 1,000. Trillion, calculations per, second, two, warehouses, with racks of thousands, of specially, designed digital, mining, rigs on, each one of these boards there are a set of chips each. One of those is the one the individual, chip calculating. Bitcoin, so, the concept, is the, more miners, more. Chances of finding that we. Exactly there's, a bit of. Bluff. And statistics, involved, the amount of electricity you're using can run a city well. A town certainly. You know we're about 1.4, megawatts. And that's why he's set up in Eastern Washington, where power is stable, and cheap mega, miners, like Dave need, to cut costs you. Can't help but feel the heat yeah it's crazy we, agreed to keep his location a secret because he's making a lot of money are you doing okay. I'm. A smiling, when. We were there he said his rigs were making eight million. Dollars worth of Bitcoin a month in, the Bitcoin world that's, a staggering amount this, is speculate it's really not, much different than any other gold rush in our history and then, we're absolutely running, as fast as we can to grow but, here's the miners dilemma, when. Do, you translate, that into. You. First, Canadian. Municipalities starts. Accepting, Bitcoin, for property, taxes, the, town of a knispel Ontario, will, be the first municipality. In Canada, to accept, Bitcoin in payment, for property, taxes, the pilot. Scheme will be in partnership with Toronto, based coin Barry who simultaneously. Announced a new easy-to-use crypto currency payment solution, tax. Payments, in BTC, trend reaches, Canada, accepting.

Bitcoin For payment, of taxes, is becoming a thing south of Canada's border, after, a mad scramble a year ago to be America's, crypto tax pioneer, a florida, county eventually. Won through to become the first US locality. To accept, tax payments, in bitcoin by, the end of 2018, ohio, had planted, their flag for, bitcoin adoption, with statewide acceptance. Of BTC, business, tax payments, last. Month it looked like New Hampshire would be next to see the trend continue, northwards, however. With, this announcement, Innisfil. Has leapfrogged new, hampshire for a further hop, north into Canada, Innisfil. Mayor Linda, 'ln expressed. Her excitement, at the development. We are proud to be first in taking this bold step by, offering this new exciting, payment, option, to our residents, there's, no doubt that cryptocurrency. Is growing in usage, and popularity, by, getting into this now we are making sure our municipality. Is ahead of the game and signaling. To the world that we truly are a future, ready and innovative, community the, logistics, of the same from. April just, in time for residents. To pay their second, property tax installment. They will see a new option on, the town website this. Will initially, offer the option of paying in BTC, but may expand, to include other cryptocurrencies, in. The future, residents. Will pay taxes. Into the town of Annisa 'pls wallet using the coin bury pay service, coin. Bari will process the funds and instantly, convert them into Canadian dollars, and transfer, them to the town's Treasury, this. Gives the benefit of a cryptocurrency, option. Without, leaving the town exposed, to priced fluctuations. Coin. Barry CEO, and cofounder andre Polyakov, added leaders, from all levels of government who, are first to recognize, the benefits, of the new money economy, will be the first to reap the rewards we. Are extremely, pleased, at achieving a milestone in the history of adoption, of cryptocurrency, in, Canada from, the north and south to the east and west so, with the eastern, part of North America, covered will, we start to see some lateral, movement, certainly, it can't be too long before blockchain. Friendly, Wyoming, joins the party giving, the movement, a decent kick to the West for perhaps. The most progressive state. In the u.s. it seems, strange that crypto, payments, aren't already a thing there and we. Could even see a hot beast words all the way across the Atlantic if you came Member of Parliament Eddie Hughes, has his way the, Walsall North Labour MP, has, called for a UK local, authority, to plant its own flag and start accepting, Bitcoin, payments, for taxes, should. More municipalities. Accept, cryptocurrencies, for, tax payments, share. Your thoughts below thanks. For watching The Ohio Bitcoin, calm Bitcoin, news channel today we sincerely appreciate, you, spending some of your valuable time with us disclaimer, price, of articles, and Markets updates, are intended, for informational. Purposes only, and should not to be considered as trading advice, neither. Ohio. Bitcoin calm nor the author is responsible. For any losses or gains as the, ultimate decision, to conduct a trade is made by the reader dot this is not trading, or, investment. Advice this. Presentation, is for entertainment and, education, purposes, only please. Do your own research before. Purchasing, or investing, into any, cryptocurrency. Always. Remember, that only those in possession of their own private, keys are in control of their own Bitcoin, if you, enjoy this type of content, please, smash the like and subscribe buttons, below it helps us to get more views and continues. To spread the word about Bitcoin, BTC. Thanks. Again see. You with more Bitcoin. Headline, news and analysis, soon Weiss. Ratings, now favors, BTC. Of 122. Cryptocurrencies. Wiese. Crypto, ratings has published a report outlining its crypto, industry, outlook and rankings, have 122. Cryptocurrencies, using. Four different models the. Coins, with the highest ratings are btc-e. OS x RP and bnv, the, rating for BTC, has been upgraded due to the coins various, improvements, also. Read Indian, Supreme Court, set to hear crypto, case on March 29th, for. Top coins on Tuesday. Weiss crypto, ratings, published, a report entitled, dark shadows with a bright future containing, its outlook for the crypto, industry, a total. Of 122.

Cryptocurrencies. Were, rated based on four models, technology. Adoption, risk, and reward while. No cryptocurrency, has, earned an A rating BTC. X RP e OS and BN, b have been rated B dot investor, experience, has been poor for more than a year among, virtually, all cryptocurrencies, the, report, details when. Risk and reward are factored, into the overall wise crypto, ratings none get an A Weiss. Ratings, crypto, ranking, by overall rating, data. As of March 26. Weiss. Ratings, issues grades on 53,000. Institutions, on investments, including listed stocks mutual, funds, ETFs banks. Insurance companies, and cryptocurrencies. Its. Website, states that crypto, ratings, are updated weekly with of equals excellent, B equals, good C, equals fair D, equals, week and the, equals very weak martin. Weiss chairman. Of the weiss group and founder of weiss crypto, ratings, commented, despite, lower prices, since early 2018 a ratings, model gives us hard evidence that, a critical segment, of the cryptocurrency industry. Has enjoyed remarkable. Growth in user transaction. Volume, network, capacity, and network, security he. Was further quoted, as saying for, those willing to take the risk the best time to invest could, be very near, BTC. Now on top currently. Ranked first based on Weiss's overall, rating, as BTC, Bitcoin. Formerly. A c+ has, been upgraded to be thanks to various improvements including. The rollout of its lighting Network the report reads it, further asserts, that bit join the, original, cryptocurrency, is, still, the proven leader in adoption adding, it's also the best position, to become a popular store, of value for, savers and investors, reminiscent. Of the function of gold like, gold bullion, its value is not controlled, by monetary, authorities, and it can be a safe haven in times of turmoil, unlike. The yellow metal it costs, virtually, nothing to store a transport. Emphasizing. The diversification, beyond. Bitcoin, is also important, the report compares, the price of BTC, with three Weiss indices, the 50 crypto, index the mid-cap crypto, index and the non pal crypto, index the. Weiss 50 crypto, index includes strictly, cryptocurrencies, that, pass minimum, standards, of technology, and adoption, based, on the Weiss crypto, ratings, the report clarifies, while. A 100 dollar investment, in BTC. Held between January, 1st 2017. And, March, 12 this year would be worth $400. Today Weiss's, 3 indices rose from one hundred to six hundred twenty, two thousand, seven hundred forty, two and four, thousand, four hundred twenty-five. Respectively. During the same time period, heõs, close behind, heõs, is among the top coins, ranked, by weiss crypto, ratings, based. On its technology, and adoption, it is the leading coin challenging. If there IAM to become the backbone of the new internet thanks, to advanced, smart contract, capabilities. And innovative, governance, features the report, describes, between. February, 2018, and March 2019. Yo saw its volume, of transactions. Grow from fewer than 7,000, per day to nearly 4.6, million, that's. 14, times more volume than bitcoins, and eight times more than ethereum, z' martin. Weiss told news doc bitcoin, comm tuesday our tech adoption, grades tend to be relatively sustainable. Over time since, they include both a the, long term potential, of the distributed, ledger technology and, the real, world long-term trends, in adoption the, combination, of these two facets, is where eos excels, helping. To maintain its leadership going, forward at least as far as we can see today another. Ranking, which favors, EOS is one published, by China's center for information and Industry Development CCID. Under the country's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, on. March. 22nd. The center released the eleventh update of its crypto, project, ranking, report placing, yo stop of the list this, project, has been the CCI DS favourite since it started being ranked in June last year Tron, among top-10 the. CCID also, favors Justin's son's Tron ranking. The project second overall for two consecutive months, however. This ranking, is solely based on the project's, basic, technology, applicability. And creativity. It, does not take into consideration the, risk and reward of the cryptocurrency, Weiss. Ratings, places, TRX, among the top ten cryptocurrencies, based. On its overall rating, Martin.

Weiss Explained, to news doc Bitcoin, comm it's rated C+ for the same reason many other coins, with good tech are rated C+, week risk reward metrics. Elaborating. No, surprise there especially, considering. The disappointing. Upside potential, and big downside, risks, investors, have experienced. In recent months he, further remarked, the good news is that as soon as the space begins to show signs of sustainable, price recovery risk, reward should improve potentially. Leading to upgrades, for Tron and other coins, with good tech and adoption, what, do you think of Weiss ratings, crypto, outlook, let. Us know in the comments, section below disclaimer. Ohayo bitcoin comm, does not endorse or support claims. Made by any parties, in this article none. Of the information in, this article is intended, as investment advice. As, an offer or solicitation of. An offer to buy or sell or is a recommendation. Endorsement. Or sponsorship. Of any products, services. Or companies, neither. Ohio, Bitcoin, kaam nor the author is responsible. Directly, or indirectly for, any damage, or loss caused or alleged to be caused by hour in connection with the use of a reliance, on any Content, goods, or services, mentioned in this article images. Courtesy, of Shutterstock and wise ratings, need, to calculate your, bitcoin, holdings, check, our tools section share. This story about the author, Kevin Helms a student. Of Austrian, economics Kevin. Found Bitcoin in 2011, and has been an evangelist, ever since. Interests, lie in Bitcoin, security, open-source, systems, network, effects, and the intersection, between economics. And cryptography, tether. To launch new version, of us. Dt, s-- tablet, coin on Tron blockchain. Tether. Is pairing up to launch its controversial, stab lakorn as a native token on the Tron blockchain, for, the effort tether, is partnering, with the Tron foundation. To launch the dollar pegged USD. T s-- tablet coin is a PRC, 20, token, the companies announced Monday. TRC. 20, years a technical, standard used by the Tron blockchain, for implementing, tokens, similar, to and compatible, with Assyrians earth 20 standard, the, addition would allow users to more easily transact. With decentralized. Applications. Depths, and protocols. Based on the tron blockchain, the firm's said, specifically. They hope to improve, decentralized. Exchange liquidity. And make Tron more accessible. To institutional. Investors by providing, the stab lacoya option, to the network, tether, already, exists, as a stab lakorn, built on the Bitcoin and ether block trains in a, statement tether, CEO. Jean-louis. Van, der velt praised the partnership, saying this. Integration, underlines. A commitment, to furthering innovation, within the cryptocurrency, space, as we continue, to anticipate, the, needs and demands, of the digital, asset community, the. New version, of us DT. Is expected, to launch sometime, in the next quarter tether, is the world's most populous, tablet, coin and is a top 10 cryptocurrency, by, market value according. To kin market, cap however. Questions. Have long existed about, whether, the cryptocurrency, is actually, backed by US. Dollars, at 1 :, 1 ratio while. The company has promised, to hire an order to diversify its, holdings, it has yet to do so after parting, ways with Friedman. LLP, last. January, Bahamas. Based Deltek Bank and Trust which, provides banking services, to the company did release a letter verifying, that tether had an account and maintained, assets, worth 1 point 8 billion dollars at the time total. You, dat tokens. In circulation, add up to a little over two billion dollars, at pressed I'm asked. If drawn had any concerns, about these questions. A representative. Referred, coined as to a Bloomberg report, which suggested. The company had sufficient, holdings to back the total number of u.s., DT. Tokens, in circulation, at least for a four-month period Tron. CEO, Justin. Son said in the announcement. That the collaboration, with tether to bring out us DT. TRC. 20, token to Tron will bring incredible stability, and confidence to users these. Users will be able to easily redeem, their tokens, for US dollars, he added thanks.

For Watching the Ohio Bitcoin, comp, Bitcoin, news channel, today we appreciate you, spending some of your valuable time with us, disclaimer, price. Articles, and markets updates are intended, for informational. Purposes only, and should not, to be considered as trading advice neither. A ohio bitcoin, calm nor the author is responsible. For any losses, or gains as, the ultimate, decision, to conduct a trade is made by the reader always. Remember, that only those in possession of their own private, keys are in control of their own money if you, enjoyed this type of content, please smash the like and subscribe buttons. Below it helps us to get more views thanks. Again see. You with more Bitcoin headline, news and analysis soon, will, Facebook, become, the biggest name in crypto. You could call facebook, a technological. Pioneer their. Model for the social network has truly, changed the world the. Next step in Facebook's, progression. Will see the man to the blockchain industry. With rumors, suggesting that, one day Facebook. Wants to use crypto. Based currencies. To, become the biggest central. Bank in the world, Facebook. Have designed a platform, that is used by millions of people on an hourly basis, it's so engrained in our lifestyles. That, Facebook, exists, across our devices our telephones. Or televisions. Our computers. And what next, our cryptocurrency. Wallets. The big question, for the majority of the crypto, community, is how will, Facebook actually go, on to integrate, themselves as, a part of the cryptocurrency, community. Will, they design a wallet. To allow their users to store cryptocurrency. Will, they design their own cryptocurrency. Will. They adopt Bitcoin, or will it be something else perhaps. A Facebook led remittance, payments system. If you, haven't got the idea yet the, possibilities, are truly endless when, it comes to Facebook's, role within cryptocurrency, because, they have the technology and most importantly. The financial, backing to do whatever they, want they, can launch new crypto, products, in an instant realistically, the, really important, thing to consider something. That is bigger than Facebook's. Financial. Strength it's, their adoption, then use a basin, the sheer number, of people that, use their platform during. The last quarter of 2018. Facebook, recorded, over two point three, two billion. Monthly active users yes. That's, active, users, so this doesn't include Facebook users. That, have accounts. But don't use the platform, on a regular, basis now. Imagine. The scale of a cryptocurrency, project. That is used by 2.3, to billion. Users per, month a Facebook. Lad central bank according. To a new blog post by Lance then Facebook. Could plan to become one of the biggest central. Banks in the world Facebook. Could do this through the introduction. Of a cryptocurrency service. Or, things, considered, a Facebook, led central bank does seem like a logical, next step and it could mean very big things for cryptocurrency, adoption. Between. Messenger whatsapp. And Instagram, which, Facebook owns there, are a collective. 2.7. Billion, users if Facebook, decides. To back the value of its own digital, with a basket, of foreign currencies, then, it could potentially become.

The Largest central. Bank in the world because, that's what central banks do print, money backed by a basket, of foreign currency, reserves, furthermore. Not. Only will this become monumental. In world economic, history it is also going to become a serious, and rapid threat for the existing, Giants, of the finance, industry if Facebook, issue, it's own digital, currency, and all its users had a Facebook, mobile wallet, with Facebook, coins, in it then the need for credit cards will diminish more, and more you, make a purchase online you, pay for it with Facebook, coins many. Apps have already integrated user, sign in with Facebook accounts. Payment. Has just another step away this. Is a solid, theory based off solid grounds, Facebook. May not intend, to become a central, bank but, through the launch of their stab lick point for what's happened messenger, Facebook. Would essentially, become a hub for huge amounts of money transfer. In a range of different fiat, currencies, this, in turn would, make them a central, bank in a symbolic sense at least we, do know that a facebook coin will launch though, Facebook are yet to announce what the true nature of this coin will be many. Believe that it will facilitate some, ecommerce payments. Online shopping. Will become a two-step, process and, Facebook apps I see, I like I click buy I hit, confirm. Facebook. Coins move from my mobile wallet, to the celery immediately. There. Will be no exchange rate, spreads, and far lower transaction, fees, social. Networks, instant. Messaging, and e-commerce will, become truly integrated, you, consumers. Will come to expect the convenience, of to click transactions. Existing. Ecommerce. Platforms, using traditional, payment gateways, will have to adapt to compete, the, true implication. Of this a faster. And more efficient, online shopping, experience, backed by a cryptocurrency, that, is easy to use easy, to access, and cheap, to run the. Question, this then poses, will, this eventually led, to the adoption of Bitcoin if, facebook, do design as tablet point for e-commerce purposes. Will it be tradable, against Bitcoin, probably. Not or not for the near future at least a lack, of regulation, for Bitcoin, and traditional, cryptocurrencies, means, that, Facebook, will always, be uncertain about how they can adopt Bitcoin, but, still remain within the boundaries of the law moreover. Because, bitcoin, is legal in some countries and illegal, in others it would be impossible for Facebook, - actually police. Who is trading, Bitcoin with establish, something. That in turn could cause problems, such, as Facebook, becoming, a platform very, illicit trade too much, like Silk Road, Facebook. Faces, a real dilemma, here it, has gotten a lot of public backlash for selling user data in recent years but. If it swings to the other extreme and, guarantees. Absolute, privacy like rivals, telegram, and signal then it could potentially become. Another Silk Road the, internet black market, that first popularized, Bitcoin. When, users, started, using it to buy and sell drugs, Facebook. Are set to become the biggest name in cryptocurrency, though. As it stands nobody, really knows how they are going to tackle this the, design of a facebook coin is under way though, the true intentions. For this coin are still unclear, as we, delve deeper, into 2019. Hopefully. It's just a case of waiting, to find out thanks. For watching the Ohio Bitcoin, calm Bitcoin, news channel, today we appreciate you, spending some of your valuable time with us disclaimer, price. Articles, and markets updates are intended, for informational. Purposes only, and should not to be considered as trading advice neither. A ohio, bitcoin, calm, nor the author is responsible. For any losses, or gains as, the ultimate decision, to conduct to trade is made by the reader always. Remember, that only those in possession of their own private, keys are in control of their own money if you, enjoy, this type of content, please smash the like and subscribe buttons, below it helps us to get more views thanks. Again see. You with more bitcoin headline, news and analysis soon. You. If there am will be better if price, goes up reveals, villach butyrin death, price indeed, matters, for the development, of the ethereum says, Villach butyrin who also notes that if the price is zero then, the network cannot, be secured dada, therian price matters says Villach Buuren speaking. To a full house at the Columbia, Journalism school, on, Wednesday March 20th, if there iam co-founder, Vittel ik butyrin stated, that the price of the ethereum, token death zero zero must sustain its high level, to ensure that the ethereum, ecosystem, continues, to develop the, 25, year old russian, canadian programmer, explained, to host laura shen that many of his fellow developers.

Previously, Didn't pay much attention to, ether, price back. Then much, of the ethereum team downplayed, the market price of the earth token, as the focus was largely on developing, smart contract, technology, it, was also a way for the ethereum, team to distinguish, itself from other crypto projects, that were Lambo eing instead, dot, in retrospect. However this, position, was incorrect, he admitted I'm going. To be really candid said Buuren some. Of the early rhetoric about the price not mattering, at all in part, came from signaling, that, ethereum, was different, from other projects, that did pumping, and Lambo, eing way too much, today. If their iam developers, realize that projects, will be better if prices, go up according. To beuter n' it would be rather difficult to develop the ethereum, ecosystem, at a low price it's. Always better when the price is higher if. The price is equal to zero then, the network cannot, be sure he, adds beuter, and also weighed in on whether, the 2014. If there am token offering may be in violation of securities, law saying, we definitely, have our lawyers, in our legal team we, don't have a reason to worry right now pumping. Gas, today, s price is down roughly 90 percent from its all-time high, of nearly, 1400. Dollars in December 2017. So, it may come as no surprise that, funding. Protocol, development, is becoming a concern amid, a prolonged, crypto, winter and industry-wide, layoffs, earlier. This month butyrin, proposed a new way to boost project, development this. Involves, increasing transaction. Fees referre, - as gas from, network users, to fund promising, projects, on the ethereum, platform, I propose. We consider supporting a community norm, that client wallop devs can should charge a one-way, gas fee for TXS sent through their wallet we don't try to circumvent, such fees and we support protocol, changes to make such fees easier egg, abstraction. Enabling, multi sentence villag, non giver of ether ats Vitalik buter n' March 8 2019. At the, cost of only increasing, average user gas costs, by 7%, it would raise up to 2 million dollars per year in sustainable. Non-institutional. A biased market-based, funding, for client wallach developers, he continued, for reference, that would cover all F grants to date to ETH to client, devs not, including, parity which is not just ETH tube with room to spare today. ëthe price continues, to sustain levels. Above, $130. United, States dollars after recovering. From yearly lows of under $85. In mid-december 2018. If, there iam is arguably, the second most well known blockchain. Behind Bitcoin and, is the second biggest cryptocurrency. By a market, capitalization. Of over 14, billion dollars at the, same time some, analysts, are bullish on F a recent. Report from research firm Delfy digital notes that ether could even outperform Bitcoin. If the market makes another bull run like in late 2017, it. Notes we are beginning, to see upside volatility. Pick up fourth this is a trend we are monitoring, closely as f may be poised to outperform, if BTC. Rallies, what, do you think of it alike view Turin's turnaround on the important, of market price share. Your thoughts below just. In sum now planning 20 million dollars, cash a drop and Tesla giveaway Tron. Founded, just in some announced, that he is planning to do a 20 million dollar free cash airdrop, in addition, to a giveaway of 1 Tesla vehicle, to a random, winner dot, 20, million dollars cash airdrop, from Justin son Justin, son the, founder of Tron TRX. The, world's 10th largest cryptocurrency. By, means of market capitalization has. Announced his plans to do, a 20 million dollar, free cash shared. Prior, to the airdrop however, son, is also going to give away one, Tesla vehicle, to a randomly, picked winner to. Celebrate, BTT. And us, DT. Tron success, I am planning a 20 million dollar free cash airdrop, good. News it's coming bad news I may decide to give away more first. I will randomly pick one winner for a Tesla up until 3 27th. To, apply follow, me and Artie this, tweet simple. To celebrate, number, BTT, and number, us, DT. - number, Tron success, I am planning a 20 million dollar free cash airdrop, good. News it's coming bad news I may decide to give away more first. I will randomly pick one winner for a number Tesla up until 3 27th. To. Apply follow, me and Artie this, tweet simple. Number. Blockchain, pick Slash, W. F Y Zed, WT. B 3r, -. Justin Sun at Justin Sun Tron March, the 12th, 2019. Apparently. The first phase of the Tesla giveaway will end on, March the 27th. And those who want to participate have. To follow son on Twitter and retweet his, post so, far it, has been retweeted, over.

29,000. Times as for, the second part of the initiative which, includes the 20 million dollars, cash airdrop, there's, no additional, information shed, the, entire stunt celebrates, the success, of BitTorrent token. B TT and, the recent partnership between tether, us. DT. And Tron TRX. As Bitcoin, East reported, tether, is set to be introduced on Tron's blockchain. 20. Million dollars why, not while, 20, million, dollars, might sound like a lot of money for a giveaway just, in son's recent moves have brought in a lot more BitTorrent. Had its initial coin offering, ICO in January, through finance launch but it ended, in less than 15, minutes, selling. 7.2. Million, dollars, in BTT, tokens, at, 0.0. 0:01. Two dollars a pop at, the time of this writing, BTT. Traits, at. 0.0007. Five dollars a six-fold, increase on, any investments. Made in the digital token during, the time of its sale it's. Also worth noting that according. To the token allocation, plan of bittorrent 20%. Of the total supply is held, by the tron foundation. 19.9%. By, the BitTorrent ecosystem. And 19%, by, the team the, total supply of BTT. Is. 990. Billion in other, words approximately. Five hundred and ninety, four billion tokens, are held by entities owned by just in son at current. Prices that's roughly, around four, hundred and forty five million five, hundred thousand, dollars what. Do you think of just in sons twenty million dollars, cash airdrop, and Tesla giveaway don't. Hesitate to let us know in the comments below dot, thanks, for watching this has been the Bitcoin crypto, currency, market top ten report, today is sponsored by Ohio Bitcoin, comm we appreciate, you spending a bit of your valuable, time with us we, broadcast numerous. Times throughout the day so stay tuned, disclaimer, price. Articles, and markets, updates are intended, for informational. Purposes only, and should not, to be considered as trading advice, neither. Ohio, bitcoin calm nor the author is responsible. For any losses, or gains as, the ultimate decision, to conduct a trade is made by the reader always. Remember, that only those. In possession of their own private, keys are in control of their own money if you, enjoyed this type of content, please smash the like and subscribe buttons, below. It helps us to get more views thanks. Again see. You with the next up to the nanosecond edition. Of the bitcoin crypto, currency, market top ten crypto, report Sam, Singh really wants cryptocurrency, users, to ditch the elephant's it's, now no secret, that the Samsung Galaxy S, ten will support decentralized. Applications, depths, in addition, to its Hardware bat secure, storage for cryptocurrencies. But, will this force Apple, and other smartphone. Makers, to, also enter the crypto, alarms, race dot, Samsung, Galaxy, S 10 to support apps last. Week it was reported that, the new flagship. Smartphone of. Samsung, the galaxy, s 10 will, include a dedicated secure. Storage solution. For storing, private, keys news.

Coming From the Samsung mobile business, summit in Barcelona, confirmed, that, the storage solution will, support Bitcoin, ethereum. As well as thoughtcoins called, customer, point cousin, and engine end in, a bizarre turn of events, Sam Seng today announced, it smaller tab at MWC. Supported. Assets. BTC. F image. Some tiny in-game, currency, thing and cousin, absolute. Check point from career for buying beauty, products, WTF. Hardly. Any details, I'd. Wager this doesn't ship on US, models, pic. Slash. WX. A0 MJ. C y d2 -. Newly, Wertheimer, that you lure timer, February. The 25th. 2019. In addition, however, the, smartphone, will also, support, select decentralized. Applications, DAPs. As, of yet the, only DAP available, for samsung galaxy s 10 is called Qasimi, its, decentralized, nature, however is questionable. To say the least, cuz only is a korean project, developed by Cosmo Jane and it rewards users, with cousin, for leaving Beauty reviews through, the dad going. Through they white paper however, raises. More than just an eyebrow according. To the document, customer, provided, data will be stored on, the blockchain, somewhat. Expected, the white paper doesn't mention if the project will be developing, its own blockchain. Or whether it will use is an already existing one, it, only says that the team is spending a considerable amount, of time and efforts on research there. Is also no, mention, of nodes or consensus, algorithms, in any, case this, first project featured, on Samsung's, garlic, cs10. Does look like an attempt to capitalize, on trending, buzzwords, rather, than truly offers support for decentralized apps. Which may not even really, asked her as an EE D, asterisk, to be decentralized, in the first place. Prices. Search on the news the. Announcement, of Samsung, Galaxy, S tens, support, for cousin & M's has caused the prices of both alt coins to surge notably, ancient. Coin has managed to gain upwards of one hundred and four percent in the last 24. Hours according, to kin market, cap cousin. On the other hand is also marking serious gains at, the time of this writing the, cryptocurrency has, increased, with around 50% on the day samsung. Bets on a gaming, samsung's. Move to partner up with engine, is likely, in an effort to further the company's involvement, into the fast-growing, eSports. Market, especially. In Asia engine. Is a Singaporean. Based company, which launched, engine, coin and is creating, an ecosystem for gaming the, platform, reportedly, has 20 million users and over. 250,000. Gaming, communities, on-boarded, the, engine coin is used to purchase in-game assets, and assign ownership, of them Sam, Singh has also partnered, with game engine, maker Unity, Technologies in order, to enable games to run smoother, on the galaxy, s 10 in any, case Sam, Singh is certainly embracing, everything cryptocurrency. And blockchain in, an attempt, to sell, its latest flagship. Smartphone, it remains. To be seen if this, strategy, pays off but. Its biggest competitors, namely. Apple and Hugh Laurie are, certainly, watching what. Do you think of Samsung's, Galaxy S, 10 and its support for daps don't. Hesitate to let us know in the comments below thanks. For watching The Ohio Bitcoin. Comp, Bitcoin news channel, today we, appreciate you, spending some of your valuable time with us disclaimer, price. Articles, and markets updates are intended, for informational. Purposes only, and should not, to be considered as trading advice neither. At Ohio Bitcoin, calm, nor the author is responsible. Thread. You. You. You. Top, asset, manager, says next Bitcoin, having is attractive, for investors, now. Is the right time for investors. To create their core strategic positions. In Bitcoin says, a top asset management firm, new. York-based, grayscale, investments. Backed by Barry Silbert Stitch it'll currency, group published. In a value ativ report detailing, the historical, correlation. Between Bitcoin, having events and its price the firm used those metrics, to, predict how the Bitcoin price would react to the next having event which, is going to take place on May the 24th, next, year in, retrospective. Miners, contribute, computational. Power to confirm, blocks, on the Bitcoin network and, Adventura, its public blocked Shane the. System automatically. Rewards, them with newly issued Bitcoin.

Tokens, This. Reward according to the bitcoins original, white paper gets, reduced by 50% every. 210,000. Blocks since. The Bitcoin network since. Epson there have been two such events, one. In November 2012. And the other in July 2016. Each. Event reduced, the Bitcoin mining, or award in half thereby. Reducing. The supply of BTC. By half as well following. The next Bitcoin, having event as mentioned. Above the, block rewards, for miners will decrease, from. 12.5. BTC. To. 6.25. BTC. Bitcoins. Block reward having, is expected, to take place in May 2020. What. Does it mean for the dollar BTC. Supply, landscape, at Mathew underscore. C underscore. Beck looks into it in our latest note the. Next Bitcoin having. HTTPS. Tico. /, 8k. P 32 BBS, 8 d pick Slash, u, t8 z b7, hedge, -. Gray scale at grayscale, invest March, the 19th 2019. Grayscale. Investment. And research director, Matthew. Beck assess, that the upcoming having, could pose as an attractive, entry point into Bitcoin for investors, given they are ready to hold on to their investment, over the years and have an appetite for high market risks accepts. From his report for. Investors, with a multi-year, investment, horizon, and a high risk tolerance, the, confluence, of discounted, prices, improving. Network fundamentals. Strong, relative investment activity. In the upcoming, having may offer an attractive entry. Point into Bitcoin this. Is especially relevant for, investors, building, core strategic positions. In Bitcoin over time the, fixed supply scenario. Looking. Through the historical, Bitcoin market reactions. To having, it became, clear that the, asset, showed an upside momentum in, November, 2013, for. Instance, BTC. Price, surged from to, 1032, dollars up. 82.1%, since. The first having, similarly. A comparatively. More excited. Bitcoin market experience. To 3x, surge, following, the second having event jumping. From 651. Dollars, to. 2518. Dollars in just a year, historical. Bitcoin price performances. Around having event spa source, grayscale. Investments, Beck, noted, that the next having would reduce the number of daily minted, BTC. From. 1,800. Per day to 900. Per day based. On the Bitcoin closing, price as of March 15 till. To three thousand, eight hundred and seventy-six, dollars the, dollar denominated, bitcoins, supply would decrease from seven million dollars, per day to three point five, million, dollars, per day that. Covers one part of the equation the. Supply now. Comes the demand demand. Side, and fixed Bitcoin. Suffered, considerable, losses in 2018. Owing to both internal and external, fundamental. Factors, it is clear, that investors. Dumped the asset fearing an extensive, losses, it, is also evident that, a long bearish market takes a considerably, longer time to recover the, US, housing, market is one clear example which, 11, years after the global financial crisis. Is still attempting, to improve Bitcoin. Network activity. Factory return percent, bar source, grayscale. Investments. Bitcoin silver, lining, is regulation, and institutional. Adoption, Beck, noted, the same and presented. It various, proprietary factor. Model above, he, wrote improving. Fundamentals. Have generally, been the trend Road temporary, declines, are typical, after. Taking a brief tip in the first half of 2018. Bitcoin, network activity. Has stabilized, and is starting, to show modest, increases, over, the last few months notably. In the 12 to 18 month periods, preceding, the past two BTC. Having a similar, decline and subsequent, rise occurred nevertheless. The. Bitcoin demand side suffers, from outra, fluctuation. Due to its unregulated, spot, markets, there, is still no metric, that, could assess how many people, are entering or exiting.

BTC. Markets, on any timeframe that, has. Made big investors, to keep their capital away from BTC. Markets, for their fair price manipulation, at large scale on the, whole the, supply rate could be bullish for Bitcoin if demand, surpasses. It institutions. Like backed and Nasdaq are building an infrastructure, to attract, significant, monies rest. Assured the next Bull Run remains a prophecy, waiting to be fulfilled, thanks. For watching the ohio bitcoin dot-com bitcoin news channel, today we, sincerely appreciate, you, spending some of your valuable time with us disclaimer, price. Articles, and markets updates are intended, for informational. Purposes only, and should not, to be considered as trading advice. Neither, ohio. Bitcoin, dot-com, nor the author is responsible. For any losses or gains as, the ultimate, decision, to conduct a trade is made by the reader dot this is not trading, or investment. Advice this. Presentation, is for entertainment and, education, purposes, only please. Do your own research, before. Purchasing, or investing, into any cryptocurrency. Always. Remember, that only those in possession of their own private, keys are in control of their own bitcoin, if you, enjoyed this type of content, please. Smash the like and subscribe buttons. Below it helps us to get more views and continues. To spread the word about, coin BTC. Thanks. Again see. You with more Bitcoin, headline, news and analysis soon. How. Bitcoin may surge off of billions of dollars from I posed like lyft uber, after. Multiple private funding routes over half a decade the, San Francisco, had courted lift the world's second-largest radish. Airing start-up took to the Nasdaq on Friday after, months of media hype, while, this happening has little to do with crypto. On the surface some industry, commentators. Claim that lifts, initial, success, on American, markets, could bode well for Bitcoin. BTC. And other digital, assets, Silicon. Valley's biggest startups. May go public could, crypto, rally the time has come for some of Silicon, Valley's biggest names, to go public as firms, look to migrate away from the venture capital only funding, model lyft, of course, is now live on the Nasdaq, but. The transportation. Startup, which has consumed, one third of the world's raddish sharing market, is reported. To soon be joined by companies, like uber seventy. Two billion, dollars, Pintrest. Twelve, point three billion, dollars, post, mates two, billion, dollars, slack, 7, billion, dollars and, a bump 31, billion dollars, whose, products, he likely actively, use related. Reading, why, this early, ubirr investor, bought bitcoin at under $1, in, 2009. This. I Poe frenzy, as The Wall Street Journal. Drops it will, allow venture, capital firms to slowly unload, billions of dollars worth of shares in, the aforementioned companies. As long as they lock up contract, allows it much. Of the cash rumored, to be in the dozens if not hundreds. Of billions garnered. As a result of the sale of shares is, likely to be reinvested, in some of the Bay Area's hottest names Bitcoin. Friendly, firms included, Barry. Silbert, the head of digital currency. Group and New York headquarted, cryptocurrency. Conglomerate. Claims, that this newfound, supply, of cash held, by investors like, andreessen, horowitz, a16, Zedd axle the Founders Fund and Sequoia, all of which have serious stakes in the crypto, industry, already will. Find its way into the of cryptocurrency, and, blocked Shane names billions. Of dollars in private company, stock is becoming, liquid ver I pose this year the, crypto, asset, class is going to be a huge beneficiary, -. Barry, Silbert at Baris, Hilbert March, the 29th. 2019. This. Isn't just baseless, speculation a. 16. Zedd secured, lyft shares for four dollars and 25, cents apiece in a private round years ago these, same shares now sell for 77, dollars on the public market netting. The prominent, venture, firm were purported, 1.8. Billion dollars, with.

Andreessen. Horowitz, also, owning five the scent of pine tourists it should be able to cash five hundred million dollars out when the social, media platform, goes public a hefty. Percentage of, this liquid capital, will, likely be siphoned, into the American firms crypto, arm which, established, a three hundred million dollar war chest for, blocked Shane firms last year the, at a 16 said fun, three comma, nine, hundred, million dollars comma 2012. Vintage looks, pretty good own six, percent, of Donna lifts should, generate $1 point eight B in liquidity based, on dollar, 30 B valuation. A 2x on the fund also, own over five the scent of pine tourist which should generate five hundred million dollars plus, based. On those two deals will, likely hit three X dpi, -. Shy, at shake March, the 28th, 2019. Not. So fast, claims Bitcoin bull are phase while. Sailboats, conjecture, makes sense especially considering. The notable, overlap of IPO whales and pro crypto, venture, capitalists, our phase isn't convinced. That the arrival of Silicon, Valley startups, on Wall Street will be a boon in Hayes's, recent profanity. Ridden bit max crypto, trader digest, the industry, insider, adamantly, claimed that VC. Money is unlikely, to find its way into the blockchain space. Hayes, remarks. That 2017. S Bitcoin rally and other cryptocurrencies, -. Was, effectively, predicated. On easy or free money which was created, by the Federal Reserve's third quantitative. Easing key, session. On the, other hand the collapse in this budding market, over 2018. Went hand in hand with a period, of quantitative, tightening. Which also created, turmoil, in the stock markets, but, interestingly Hayes, explains. That that US, central, bank couldn't stomach a 20%. Correction, in the S &, p500. And thus could begin another round of key while. This turn of events makes, it sound like the prophesized, fourth key will boost cryptocurrencies. Yet, again the bit makes chief executive, claims that, the next influx of easy money, will manifest itself, another higher profile, and more, liquid, do G, s asterisk, asterisk tea, before crypto. Haze adds that this new fangled asset, class will be the last to feel the love v sees cashing, in on ipoed deals, specifically. As a result of 28, teams downturn, which, likely left a sour taste in, the mouths of bigwig investors, sour, enough to disenchant them, from fom. Going back into the markets however, this, all isn't to say that cryptocurrencies. Cannot, do well over 2019. In fact. Hayes explains. That he still fully expects, for Bitcoin to, reach Quinn, tuple digits by this year's end somehow, the. Former institutional. Player who, was slammed hard by 2008. Great Recession, explains. That by early q4. Green shoots will begin to appear giving, Bitcoin, a chance, to, rally back to $10,000, and potentially. Beyond. I'm. Gonna use my ask. The audience on this one all right yeah, okay I know it's a final okay audience, Joe. Could use a little help here so if you would pick up those keypads, and into your vote now. We'll. See what the audience thinks okay. Good. Job audience well I. Think. You used a fifty-fifty three, months. You. You. You. You. You. You, know what. I'm. Not leaving. I'm. Not leaving. I'm. Not, leaving. You. Bitcoin. Market, dominance is really over 80% new. Research finds Bitcoin. Market, dominance, or BT sees percentage, of the total market cap may not be the best way to get an accurate picture, of the market according to new research market. Share versus market dominance, there.

Are Certain Bitcoin, metrics, that we all understand, the price the, circulating, supply the, market cap and then, there's market dominance which is BT sees percentage, of the total market cap of all cryptocurrencies. But. What if we've all been wrong on this last one when, considering bitcoins. Market, dominance we generally, go to the measure used by kin market cap but. Whilst comparing. BTC, to the total market cap certainly, gives us market share maybe dominance, should include other factors that was the theory John Paul Thor Johnson, investigated. After feeling, the current 50 percent dominance, score didn't give a true representation, a better. Reflection of bitcoins, dominance, he suggested, might include some measure of liquidity or daily, trading volume Pareto. Distribution and, power law his, research, revolved, around the Pareto principle or eighty twentieths, rule this, states that 80% of, the effects come from 20% of the causes or in, this case the 20%, of cryptocurrencies, should. Dominate 80%. Of the market, this, principle, o

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