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Oh dear. Lord Jesus I have it man. Just, get in the Aventine a listen happenin. You. Pending. Crypto currency. Legislation list, highlights, high impact areas with. The advent of blockchain, and cryptocurrencies, disrupting. Our financial, systems regulators. Are forced to investigate, the utility, of this technology and propose, new rules to ensure that, citizens are able to receive the maximum benefit, from using decentralized. Digital assets, while minimizing, any of its potentially, harmful effects, crypto. Focus coin, Center recently published a federal crypto currency, bill tracker it lists the introduction, and current status of all US federal legislation, that mentions, are relate to cryptocurrencies, through. Each crypto, bill proposed, we are able to better understand, how the US government views, cryptocurrencies, where, they think it can provide benefits, to citizens, and where, it could be most harmful here, are some of the key takeaways from the list low. Income lending and investing, opportunities a, priority, for black and community bank members. Of the government are starting, to recognize the, utility, of cryptocurrencies, for. Lending and making crowd investments, On January. 3rd, 2019. Bill, HR 41. Rescue. Act for black and community, banks was released its. Stated purpose is, to provide regulatory, relief, for black and community, banks to codify the minority, bank deposit, program and for other purposes, the, minority, bank deposit, program MB. DP is a voluntary, program that encourages, credit unions as well as female and minority owned, banks, to become depositories. And financial, agents for low-income communities. The. Initiative, was created by the US Department, of Treasury and is meant to make banking, services, more accessible, to the most underserved, communities. Although. Not stated, explicitly, codifying. The MB DP program, could imply the use of a blockchain ledger, and smart, contract, system to record and deploy, short-term, loans based on a predefined, set of rules written in code such. A system would be a huge boost to communities, that are under banked and often, targeted, by payday, lending services, payday. Lending is a 40 billion dollar industry that makes its money by, preying on those desperate, for short-term capital loan. Interest rates can start out at a modest 10 to 15 percent but can easily jump to 300, percent once borrowers, become trapped in a debt cycle of continuous borrowing. To keep up with bills and everyday expenses, according. To Pew trusts research 12 million American currently, used payday, lending services, twelve percent of whom are African Americans, smart. Contract, based lending would be a highly efficient, and cost-effective alternative. For both the borrowers, and lenders within. The same bill it mentions, that the Controller, General of the u.s. intends, to conduct a study on blockchain technology. And how it could be used to enable lower-income, individuals to. Invest in startups and other crowd funded companies crowd. Investing, has long been thought of as a way to, give businesses, who aren't a right fit for bank loans or VC, capital a chance to raise money while opening, opportunities for. Regular people to, grow their wealth through access, to more investment opportunities. Blockchain. Technology. Would give investors, the transparency. They need to feel safe about, where their money is going especially. If rules were embedded, into smart contracts, to ensure that, funds were only allocated, when certain business, milestones, were achieved cryptocurrencies. Still. Viewed as nefarious, tools the. Vast majority of bills proposed, center around the topic of consumer, protection, and national security while. The government sees some potential in using cryptocurrencies, to, provide financial opportunities. To consumers, the main concern, outlined, in at least 7 of the 10 bills proposed, so far were focused on preventing, cryptocurrencies, being, used to fund terrorism human, trafficking, drug trafficking, and financial. Scams one. Bill HR, 56. Is called, the financial technology. Protection, Act its, stated purpose is, to establish an independent financial, technology. Task force to combat terrorism and illicit financing, and to, provide rewards for information leading, to convictions, related, to terrorists use of digital currencies, not. Surprisingly. Bill, HR 56. And bill HR 502. The fine trafficking, Act are so far the only two bills to, have passed the House been, received in the Senate and referred to the Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs as, well as the Committee on Banking, Housing and, Urban Affairs. This. Indicate. Preventing, the potential, dangers of cryptocurrencies, takes, precedence, over promoting, its many benefits the, perception, regulators, have about the crypto, space is still very much based on what was observed between 2010, and 2013. Where Bitcoin was primarily, used to pay for drugs and illegal weapons, in marketplaces, like Silk, Road, the, FBI eventually.

Shut Down Silk Road in 2013. And the site's founder, is currently serving a double life sentence, plus 40, years without the possibility of, parole when. We think about the pace in which the government, conducts, investigations it. Makes sense that there is still a perception, that Bitcoin, could be used for illegal activity, after, all the, FBI is only just now conducting, an investigation into, but connect a crypto, Ponzi, scheme platform, that launched in 2016, and shut, down in December 2017. This. Lag in time between crimes, committed, and investigations. Occurring creates the false perception. That the current crypto space is not evolving, and that consumers, have not learned about how to protect themselves from being victims, of cryptocurrency funded. Financial, crimes crypto. For fighting, drug trafficking, and terrorism funding, with, regard to the drug and terrorism, issue a recent, report by bloomberg, showed that $2, trillion worth of shady transactions. Still occur each year from non cryptocurrency, sources. Primarily. Cash but, also digital money transfers, from colluding, banks one, of the most famous cases was the case of HSBC which. Failed to accurately monitor, over six hundred seventy billion dollars in, wire transfers. From Mexico, and nine point four billion dollars, in purchases, of US currency according. To a 2012, deferred, prosecution agreement. With US authorities using. An elaborate, system of deposits, and money transfers, Mexican. And Colombian drug, cartels, were able to launder their illicit proceeds through, the bank without detection, the, bank was eventually fined, one point nine billion dollars, cases. Like this should make it clear to regulators, that cryptocurrencies. Are, far from their biggest problem, when, it comes to shady transactions. In fact, with a better understanding. Of blockchain, technology. Regulators. Would know that the immutable, and transparent. Nature of the technology, actually makes, it harder for, Jadey transactions. To go undetected and that the token economic, structure, that most cryptocurrency.

Networks. Are established, under it can be leveraged, to create all kinds of incentive, schemes to reward users for identifying, and reporting shady, transactions. Hence, eliminating. The need for centralized, governing, bodies to waste resources, launching, investigations. Especially. Ones that occur years after the crime has been committed, conclusion. Ultimately. There, is something positive to be found in the efforts regulators, are making to pass bills around the adoption, of cryptocurrencies, as, many leaders, in the crypto, space have been urging Congress, to do for months now however. The kind of bills being proposed, indicate, that there is still work to be done to educate lawmakers. About how cryptocurrencies, and blockchain, technology. Can not only provide, financial, opportunities, to everyday people but also help solve many of the terrorism, drug trafficking, and financial, fraud problems, that some regulators, are incorrectly, claiming, it enables thanks. For watching the Ohio Bitcoin, comm Bitcoin, news channel today we appreciate you, spending some of your valuable time with five. Useful, ways blockchain. Technology. Can improve your business right, now if, you, are a business, owner you, have likely had a quarter or two where, you did a ton of works served, a million crimes and ended, up with nothing more than a few pennies in your bank account, don't, fret though I hear this is normal. There's, a popular, saying that, you need to spend money to make money and that, may be true but, if you are like me I'm sure you've wondered if success. Could be a bit more affordable. Than it currently is most. Businesses, today lose. Money due to procedural delays, human. Error and fees, paid to middlemen. Can, you imagine what, your bank account would look like if you could speed your business up eliminate. Silly mistakes, and kick, those infernal, middlemen, to the curb if those, ideas sounds. Likely a wishful thinking, you'll be surprised, to know that they are actually quite possible, what, the heck am I talking about making. Your business faster. More, efficient, and more cost effective, with blockchain. Technology. But. What is block. Blockchain. Is a type of technology that records, transactions.

To A digital ledger, where they cannot be changed or altered these. Records, or blocks of information are linked using cryptography, the info, on a blockchain is, easily, verifiable, and open, to the public block. Chains are also decentralized. So the data are shared with all the computers, on the network, PS. If, you've, ever wondered why decentralization. Is so important, these days just, take a look at this a number. Of applications, are built on the blockchain. Blockchain. Applications. Provide a wide variety of solutions you need to improve your business how. Can you use blockchain. Technology. To increase your learnings. Instead. Of the five ways, outlined, below one. Use. Smart, contractors. The smart contract, is a self-executing, contract. That has the terms of all parties, written directly, into the code the, code in terms of the contract, exists on a decentralized. Blockchain, network, smart. Contracts. Ensure all parties, in the agreement, do what they are supposed to these. Self automated, programs, run without downtime, and without, the interference of, external, parties, so. How does a smart contract help, you get more money Wow. It ensures, you get paid once you deliver on your end of the deal plus. If the other party backs out on short notice your, goods / services. Are returned, to you this. Means you never have to use lawyers, government. Officials, or other, fee charged amid omen to settle disputes all. In all the smart contract is a fantastic. Tool to use when you are forced to do business with jerks people. You don't trust or people, you simply don't know to. Hire. Better people a team, is only as strong as its weakest, member and the same is true for your business, it is, important, to choose the right people to work with you so that your business can grow hiring. The right employees. Requires a lot of time effort, and research, however. Blockchain. Technology. Can make the job a whole lot easier, have, you ever tweaked your CV to make it a little more impressive, to potential.

Employers If you've, done it or consider doing it before you, can be sure your potential employees, may think about doing the same to you job. Candidates, often use Photoshop. To forge impressive, documents, or they may claim to be the former captain of their high school basketball team, even, if they don't have, a single athletic. Bone in their body the, main reason, they do this is they know you likely, won't have the time or resources to, double-check, their qualifications. But. Just imagine having. Access, to easily, verifiable, records, of a potential, employee right at your fingertips. Academic. Records. Extracurricular. Activities, past, employment, records and references. Are all stored, for you on a nun in logic viable ditch léger if you, encounter, an impressive, candidate, you can quickly confirm, the authenticity of, his or her qualifications. And hire the individual, on the spot having. Trust were the data that, is readily available reduces. The length of the hiring process and helps, you hire the right people to improve your business 3. Make. Faster, cheaper, payments. Blockchain. Had its start in Bitcoin so. It shouldn't be a surprise that, Bitcoin. And other cryptocurrencies, can. Be used to pay your employees, making. Crypto. Payments, on the blockchain is, especially, beneficial when you have international, and/or remote workers, blockchain. Allows you to compensate your workers in less than an hour without the outrageous. Transaction, fees associated, with, traditional banking, systems or remittance, services paying. Employees, using cryptocurrency, may even help you save money in other ways, having. Records of your transactions. On the blockchain makes, it easy to track your cash flow and keep track of all your payments so. You'll never overpay, on your taxes, and you'll have nothing to fear if the IRS, comes, knocking for. Get. To know your customers better, blockchain. Facilitates. Reliable, Identity, Management, your. Customers, and your employees have. Digital, IDs, that, make it easy to verify their identity, if this, information is, stored on a blockchain network. It reduces. The risk of identity theft money laundering, fraud, and other cyber security, concerns, as the, information, on the blockchain cannot. Be changed it allows, people to take control of their personal, data clear. Transaction. Records also help, you and your customers, to, see how your relationship. Has progressed, over time with. Blockchain. Technology. You can identify loyal. Customers, learn more about their spending patterns and steadily, build your customer, base 5. Improve. Your marketing campaigns, good. Marketing, is vital to every business but. With the number of businesses, competing, for attention today, it may be difficult to get yours to stand out to potential, consumers. I'm sure. You are already familiar with using, social media. Billboards, in high traffic areas. TV. Commercials. Newspaper. Advertisements. And direct, mailing as methods of promotion, however. Blockchain. May make your marketing efforts, even more effective. Blockchain. Can be used by marketers to, keep track of client information, and consumer, behavior with. This data skilled. Marketers, can craft, clever campaigns, that bring greater ROI any changes. Made to your campaigns, or other, media, releases during, development, can, also be identified with these if you, encounter, a mistake down the road you can use the blockchain to, find out who made it and when, finally. Blockchain. Allows marketers to verify, that the, traffic they've tracked is from real people when, you're marketing stats, are not inflated, by bought activity, you get a much bigger bang for every buck you spend on marketing it is evident that blockchain. Technology. Will soon take over many of the everyday processes, that businesses, undertake, why. Not stay a step ahead and, put some money in your pocket by, trying it out it, is already a reliable, option for a number of traditional, businesses, in the banking and insurance fields. Even, if you are a budding entrepreneur by. Harnessing the power of the blockchain you, can get an immediate leg up on your competition, liked. What you just read do you share on our vision of making life easier, for people without compromising. Their privacy click, the O below, to clap for this piece share. Our story with people you think will, benefit from it get, the latest updates, follow, a blog reddit, Facebook. Or Twitter we. Working hard to bring you great content if you have something you want us to write about let, us know in the comments below written, by, Dmitry.

Thompson, Thanks. For watching The Ohio Bitcoin. Comp Bitcoin news channel, today we, appreciate you, spending some of your valuable time with us disclaimer. Price. Articles, and markets updates are intended, for informational. Purposes. You. Bitcoin, is nothing, more than bovine excrement, Berkeley researcher, move, over Jamie Dimon because, there's a new contender for the coveted title of King bear of the Bitcoin bashing, brigade technologists. Nicholas Weaver, technologist. Nicholas Weaver rants, against Bitcoin while. He might not have the mainstream, name recognition, of Jamie Dimon, or Warren. Buffett or even, Ariel Rubini Weaver, a senior, researcher, at the International, Computer Science Institute at Berkeley has proven that he can sling Bitcoin barbs like the best of them Nicholas. Weaver is of contender, to lead the Bitcoin, bashing, brigade source. Exceed, Berkley speaking. During the latest episode, of Bloomberg's, odd lots podcast, Weaver who, previously said, that blockchain. And cryptocurrencies should, both be burned with fire wasted. No time in heaping, more insults, on the NASA and asset class alleging. That anyone with any actual technical, knowledge immediately. Understood, that Bitcoin, was bovine excrement, when it's first appeared, on their radars, in the early 2010's. So, what happened when the cryptocurrencies, first. Came out in 2010, and 2011 as, most people, who looked at it with technical, understanding, went oh this, is bovine, excrement, and walked, away why. Is Bitcoin, just bovine. Excrement, because, while it might use cryptography, it not early fails as a currency leaving. Proponents, with very few non criminal uses, the, big fatal flaw is that it doesn't actually work as currency, if you, can't use it as a competitor, to all the other actual digital currency, systems, we have like, Oh papal. All, of these payment, systems are vastly more efficient, than the cryptocurrencies, unless. You're interested in criminal activity, three, reasons cryptocurrency, fails, as money plus a bonus Berkley's, Nicholas Weaver is not optimistic, that Bitcoin, will ever develop, into a reliable, payment, tool for anyone other than criminal, enterprises, source.

Shutterstock, Weaver. Says that cryptocurrency, fails. As money for three reasons first. Bitcoins. Immutability, makes, it difficult to acquire since, sellers must take enhanced, precautions, to avoid chargebacks. Like the one that, grifted, seventy-five thousand dollars from Apple co-founder Steve, Wozniak, second. Cryptocurrency, is difficult, for the average person, to old securely as demonstrated. By the prevalence, of hacks targeting, both crypto, exchanges, and individual, wallets, finally. Weaver, alleges that cryptocurrency, is, far too difficult to spend the, dirty little secret is the merchants who say they accept cryptocurrency, aren't. Actually, accepting, cryptocurrency, he, said noting, that they instead use third party conversion, services, such as bitpay echoing BAE's commerce unable. To stop himself at three Weaver further indicted, cryptocurrencies, such, as Bitcoin for, operating, on a deflationary. Model, which incentivizes, saving. And punishes spenders note not every cryptocurrency is, deflation, area as, we remember our economic, history from, the Great Depression the only thing worse than inflation, is deflation, he said these, cryptocurrencies, are, supposed to be deflation, Airi which means if you say buy a pizza back in 2010, you end up dining on regret when, the price surges, as the result of a speculative, bubble two. Ways to burn Bitcoin with fire Nikolas, Weaver says that, the US government, could destroy Bitcoin, by, taking down stab lacoya issue or tether source. Shutterstock, goaded. By bloomberg hosts, joe Wiesenthal, and tracy loa Weaver. Concluded, the podcast, by wargaming the, two scenarios that, could lead to the collapse of the cryptocurrency, sector. Or in his words burned the system with fire the, first is that the US government, could take down tether the company behind the USD, T stab lakorn that serves as a proxy for the US dollar on the vast majority of cryptocurrency, exchanges. The, second is that proof-of-work how, cryptocurrencies. Like. Bitcoin could enter a death spiral, he, explained, there's two things that can really burn the system with fire the, first is the federal government, getting their act together and going after this crypto currency, called tether dot if tether is destroyed, that removes, the entire Bitcoin, exchange, ecology, number. Two is a death spiral situation. He said warning, that if the Bitcoin price falls too precipitously, then the network would lose its security, as unprofitable. Miners flipped off their machines still. Weaver, takes comfort in the fact that if nothing, else at, least cryptocurrency, is comedy, gold thanks. For watching the Ohio Bitcoin, calm Bitcoin, new Channel today we sincerely, appreciate you, spending some of your valuable time with us disclaimer, price, articles, and markets updates are intended, for informational. Purposes only, and should not, to be considered, as trading advice, neither, Ohio, Bitcoin comm, nor the author is responsible. For any losses, or gains has, the ultimate decision, to conduct a trade is made by the reader, always, remember, that only those. In possession, of their own private, keys are in control of their own Bitcoin, if you, enjoy this type of content, please smash the like and subscribe buttons, below. It helps us to get more views and continues. To spread the word about Bitcoin BTC, thanks. Again see. You with more Bitcoin headline, news and analysis soon. You. You. Son-of-a-bitch. You. Electroni. Room etn, launches. $80, smartphone. That mines crypto, blocked. James startup, electro, new has just launched a dirt cheap Android, smartphone, that mines cryptocurrency. Announcing. The news on Monday the, firm said its new m1 is a Google, mobile services, GMs. -, certified. Smartphone. That comes with a cloud mining, technology. Integration, enabling. Users to earn, crypto, through an app the, $80, smartphone, however, will, at launch mine only electro, news native, token etn with, a claimed monthly, return of up to $3 once. Setup mining. Can be carried, out offline, the firm said the, ETM toe concerned, by users, can be utilized, to pay for services such as mobile, top-ups, online, services. And shopping, it's, also tradable. Exchanges. With 1 et:n, worth, around. 0.007. $3.00, a time of writing according. To data from kim market, cap it has a market, capitalization. Of around 65, million, dollars currently, the, m1 offers 4G. 8, GB, 32 GB. Of storage and, 2 SIM slots and is powered by a quad-core, 1.3. GHz. Processor. Cameras. Are less than overwhelming, 5 megapixels. Rare and two megapixels.

Front, The, device is apparently, being offered at the price of reconditioned. Handset, because, electro, noon looking, to target developing. Countries, and grow, the adoption, of blocked chain and cryptocurrencies. In. Some countries the firm may price the phone even lower at around $60. To. Start with we will be selling the m1 in South Africa, as this is our first launch market, Nick cook head of operations at, Alette clonely the Matt told point desk the, m1, will be sold through local, vendors, cook, father said that after device will also, be sold over Amazon, in South Africa, in the coming weeks electro. Founder, and CEO, Richard. Ellis said in a separate statement shared, with coin desk South, Africa, was an obvious choice for us we. Carried out a large survey, in the country, and found, that 97%, of those who responded said they would like to use etn. To pay for mobile airtime, and data. Electro. Knew has partnered, with cybersecurity firm, hacker one which, is also used, by the US, Department, of Defense to secure, its network, cooked, old coin desk m1. Image courtesy of electro, new thanks. For watching The Ohio Bitcoin, kampf bitcoin news channel, today we, appreciate you, spending some of your valuable time with us disclaimer. Price. Articles, and markets updates are intended, for informational. Purposes only, and should not, to be considered as trading advice neither. At ohio bitcoin, calm, nor the author is responsible. For any losses, or gains as, the ultimate decision, to conduct to trade is made by the reader always. Remember, that only those in possession of their own private, keys are in control of their own money if you enjoyed, this type of content, please smash the like and subscribe buttons, below it helps us to get more views thanks. Again see. You with more bitcoin headline, news and analysis soon. You. Is. $1,000,000, for bed for milk IBM's. VP, of blockchain, Jessie lund face it is bed. Coal BTC. Continues. To be the darling of global, investors, despite, the recent crypto, winter, recently. Jessie, London, VP of blockchain, and digital, currencies, at IBM, showered, praises, on Bitcoin mr.. Lund remains on triple ish on the future of Bitcoin in the long term in, a recent, interview published, by finder, calm on YouTube mr., lund says that, the Bitcoin price will eventually, reach 1 million dollars, in the long term he, also went to say that higher the price, of the crypto asset, higher, will be its utility, thus, mr., lund believes that if we focus more on the utility of the crypto token, higher will be its demand, this, will automatically.

Drive, The price of the crypto asset, northwards, he says if, the price of Bitcoin were, higher there, would be more liquidity on the network we could be having a really different discussion. With banks right now he says embedded. Content, mr.. Lund notes that, if Bitcoin is to touch 1 million dollars price then, città, she is on valued, parity, with the US penny, in, this case the, whole network will have a whopping 20 trillion dollar liquidity, he. Also believes, that this liquidity, is enough to change the structure of corporate, payments, while, commenting, on the Bitcoin, BTC. Price by the year end none said that he sees are going to at least, $5,000. IBM's. Close, association. With blockchain. In crypto, industry, Dover. The last few years, iBM, is aggressively. Working on you Shayne projects, working on different platforms, the. Tech giant has also developed its, own cross-border, payment, network blockchain. World wire BW. W during. His recent interview one. Spoke about their partnership, with stellar xlm. And use, of the x LM cryptocurrency, M DW w blockchain. Network currently. IBM. Uses the x LM crypto, token, on the BW w network to, pay the transaction. Fees as well as an intermediate, currencies, lund, also, opened, up by the possibility. Of working with other digital, assets we, said there should be an ecosystem, of a variety of digital assets, that provides, settlement, instruments, that enable these cross-border. Payments and, the participants, in the network should, be able to choose and negotiate, their choices in real time he. Further added, that, it could be ripple it could be ax RP, even, it could be Bitcoin, but, it would also probably include. Other instruments. Likes tablet, coins and even, eventually soon, hopefully. Central. Bank issued digital currencies, however. IBM's. BW, w payment, network is different, from the ripple net in a way that, the tech giant, doesn't have a native crypto token, iBM. Is already, working with our three quartet, to create cross-border, payment, solutions, using different, digital assets, earlier. This month IBM. Also released, its blockchain, network for use in Melbourne, Australia, along. With mr. lund there are several popular analysts. Who continue, to stay bullish on bitcoins, future, price mark. Jeffrey a longtime. Bitcoin, proponent, and author of Bitcoin, explained, simply said that Bitcoin, will reach dollar, 250k. Circle CEO Jeremy, lar also spoke that, Bitcoin, will continue, to rise in the upcoming years, without mentioning, any specific. Target, taking. A modest, target, crypto, bull Tom Lee explained, that, the fair value of Bitcoin is at least thirteen, thousand, eight hundred dollars, thanks. For watching is Bitcoin. Headed, for 1 million dollars United.

States Dollars, let, us know your thoughts in the comments, below. Becoming. A little bit wealthy, how to save for your retirement the. Bad news is that almost half of Americans approaching. Retirement have, nothing saved in a 401k. Or. Other individual, account the, good news is that Doug Lynam offers sound doable, financial, advice so, that anyone can live comfortably and, enjoy their golden years Doug. Was a Benedictine, monk for 20 years and is now director, of educator, retirement. Services, for an asset management, firm in Santa Fe New Mexico, doug is also a self-proclaimed, suffering. Prevention, specialist, he, will be the first to, let you know that prayer may help your soul but, not your savings account get. The full Seth Klarman series, in PDF, get. The entire 10 part series on Seth Klarman in PDF, save. It to your desktop read, it on your tablet or email, to your colleagues, q, for hedge fund letters conference, scoops, etc, doug, has the following advice for older people who have nothing saved build a workable budget, to reduce expenses, clear. Up debt increase. Their savings rate select. Better retirement, investments. Or start investing, now try. To buy a modest, home so, that living costs go down as they age consider. Relocating, to a less expensive city if possible, stop. Supporting adult, children if possible, put your own oxygen mask on first before you assist others and for. Younger people who'd like to avoid this situation, remember. That the Holy Trinity of finances, 1 earning, 2 saving. 3, investing. Ethically, you must, win at all 3 to build a sustainable retirement. Doug, points, out too many people, only focus on earning money even. If you have a high income if you don't save and invest, you'll always be broke which will increase your suffering, and your family's. Suffering Doug. Offers, advice about saving, for retirement or, how anyone can get on the road to becoming a little bit wealthy, his, book from monk to money manager, a former, monks financial, guide to becoming a little bit wealthy, and why that's ok Thomas, Nelson March, 26th, 2019. Was, just released, Doug's, goal is to help as many people as possible manage. Their money effectively according. To their highest values, money. Management done correctly is a spiritual, practice. You. Tron, prizefight, it's to survive outrage following, Justin sons bashed Tesla, giveaway not, all of the top markets, tend to follow bitcoins, bearish, price trend at this time that. In itself is a good sign, primarily, because all projects, have their own individual. Value, and worth despite. Facing a ton of controversy. The Tron price is still rising given. How I rate a lot of community, members are over just in sons bashed Tesla giveaway that situation. May change sooner. Rather than later, Tron. Priced momentum. Can sell our at anytime although. The actions of Justin son and the value of the Tron networks, should be seen as two separate, things that, is not necessarily, the case for everyone, in fact. It would appear the community, is starting, to turn its back on both Sun and Tron because, of the recent Tesla, giveaway flick show, cryptocurrency. Community. Members, can be a feisty, Bunch, although, drawing, a winner sharing, it in a video then, pulling the video who offline and posting a new random draw video will, not bode well for the public image of Tron either over.

The Past 24, hours the. Tron price has gained. 1.35, ascent to rise to. 0.02. 3/5. For, $8.00, there, is also a mere 2%, improvement in, TRX. /, BTC. Pushing, the ratio to 582. Satoshi, it, still seems unlikely a, push to 600, Satoshi will, occur over the weekend although, one never knows what the weekend will bring there. Is also more than sufficient. Trading volume to keep things going right now although, it remains to be seen how, dire things will, get due to this community, outrage. Maintaining. The $11. Rank in market cap is also a big challenge it would seem the, big news is how Justin, Sun recently confirmed he would live stream the Tesla contest, winner while, that video was indeed uploaded, to the Internet, it was also rendered, invalid by Sun himself due, to a Twitter glitch a bit, unusual, especially. When considering, how the video, can be seen on Twitter just fine as. Such the person, who effectively, won the giveaway will not receive his prize which, has created a lot of bad blood between Truong, son and, the crypto, community, stay. Tuned for the live streaming to pick the winner number. Tron number, TRX. Number, BTT. Number, block shane. HTTP. T KO /j. See, a vl1. Son, -, justin, son at justin son Tron March, the 29th. 2019. It, would appear this hot way of dealing with the crucial, giveaway has already, created a lot of bad blood splash. For example, wonders, if anyone is even surprised, by the scam, the. Answer, to that question seems, rather self-explanatory. Although. It should not serve as a platform to, promote both Leos and card I know in the process even so. The, way this giveaway was conducted, tends to, raise a lot of new questions which do not bode well for the Tron project, as a whole once. A level of trust is thrown out of the window it can never be regained in for is anyone. Actually, surprised, with the TRX. Competition. Scam Tron. Is overhyped and overvalued built. On false hype and eyes ears. And Cardno, are far superior tech, and doing, it organically without, all the. So. No surprise the Tesla comp is full of lies - number. TRX. -. Splash, at, SPL. Ash7601. Psa's, regarding, Tron from his Twitter profile, it will, be interesting to see how this entire situation will. Be resolved, in the near future as there is still a chance everything. Will be made right it seems, unlikely at, this time but, one never knows how things evolve, in the cryptocurrency, world, stranger. Things have happened after, all I'll, leave that number TR x number, Tron bashing, at that I'm so. Ashamed. I've taken all Tron references, from my description water. Shitshow, -. Krypto. Gumby @n, w, ql. D, March, the 29th. 2019. Based. On all of the extracurricular. Activities, surrounding the Tron creator it will be interesting, to see if the TRX, price, is affected in any way knowing. How this particular market, evolves, it seems, unlikely the, Tron army, will let that happen as the, top markets, remain bearish though there, will be some repercussions for, TRX, at some point down the line this. Weekend, may prove to be very crucial in many different ways although the price direction, remains uncertain. Disclaimer. This, is not trading, or investment, advice the. Above article, is for entertainment, and education, purposes, only please. Do your own research before. Purchasing. Or investing, into any cryptocurrency. Thanks. For watching the Ohio Bitcoin, calm Bitcoin, news channel, today we sincerely appreciate, you, spending some of your valuable time with us disclaimer, price.

Articles, And markets updates are intended, for informational. Purposes only, and should not, to be considered as trading advice. Neither, Ohio. Bitcoin, comm nor the author is responsible. For any losses, or gains as, the ultimate decision, to conduct a trade is made by the reader dot this is not trading, or investment. Advice this. Presentation, is for entertainment and, education, purposes, only please. Do your own research before. Purchasing. Or investing, into any cryptocurrency. Always. Remember, that only those in possession of their own private, keys are in control of their own Bitcoin. If you, enjoy this type of content, please. Smash the like and subscribe buttons, below it helps us to get more views and continues. To spread the word about Bitcoin, BTC. Thanks. Again see. You with more Bitcoin, headline, news and analysis soon. You. Twitter. GERD threatens, controversial, Trump, tweets president. Donald Trump has long been known for his colorful, personality, and his inclination for, making highly, controversial, statements. This, habit is finally, starting to, cause a stir for the top brass at Twitter the, left-leaning, social, media site which has long been his favorite communication. Channel wants, to create a labeling, policy, for his tweets that violate, their Terms of Service, Twitter, will slap trigger warnings, on Trump tweets the, issue was brought up at a recent Washington Post, event where vigil egad Twitter's, head of legal policy, and Trust and safety, was asked, whether, or not Trump, had the license, to say anything, he wants on the platform, dad. Said that politicians. Are given a certain amount of leeway on Twitter because, their comments, are often newsworthy. And thus crucial, for the public to see even, if they violate, the service's rules however. Get, argued, that Trump should not be completely, unfettered, she, explained, an example. Of a tweet Trump couldn't make would, be a direct violent, threat against, an individual, that we wouldn't leave on the platform, because, of the danger it poses to that individual. So, it was indeed just, proven, in court papers last, in his class annapolis, john mccain that sent the fake dustier to the FBI and media hoping to have it printed before the election, he and, the Dems working, together failed.

As Usual. Even, the fake news refused, this garbage, Donald, J Trump at rial de now Trump March, 17th. 2019. Many. People, cringe when they read president, Trump's tweets and for, others they, believe they are in direct violation of. Twitter's terms going. Forward, GAD revealed, that the social networking, platform. Is working, on creating, a labeling system for the tweets of politicians. Speaking. About the thought behind this idea, dad said Twitter wants to be balanced, in its approach so. It was indeed just, proven, in court papers last. His class, Annapolis John, McCain that sent the fake dustier to the FBI and media hoping to have it printed, before the election, he, and the Dems working, together failed. As usual, even, the fake news refused, this garbage, Donald, J Trump a tree Alda now Trump March, 17th. 2019. How. Can we put some context, around it so people are aware that that, content, is actually a violation, of our rules and it is serving, a particular purpose. In remaining on the platform, the microblogging, platform is, trying to create a compromise. Between the need to keep Trump soft offensive, tweets coming without upsetting to many Twitter users, and sending the message that it's perfectly, fine to violate, the platform's, rules Trump. Tweet Hall of Fame left-leaning. Twitter might not approve of many of Donald, Trump's tweets but, he's also responsible, for cementing. The platform's, central, role in the public square, source. Twitter, even. Though many Trump fanboys, would undoubtedly like, the President to spew whatever he wants online it is hard to argue with Twitter for wanting to at the very least provide, people with some warning when he goes off the rails just. Look at how he talks, about his political allies, much, less his enemies, truly, weird Senator, Rand Paul of Kentucky reminds. Me of a spoiled brat without, a properly, functioning brain, he. Was terrible, at debate at Franklin's. Is a low-class, slob who came to my office looking, for consulting. Work and I had zero interest, now. He picks anti-trump. Panels, Twitter's, complicated. Relationship. With Donald Trump it is clear, that Trump, has a pattern of making derogatory. Derisive, comments. He, likes to target, anyone he views as a threat many. Would call this behavior, narcissistic. Supporters. Call it a great example of a man exercising. His First Amendment, rights. Kevin, cork at Fox, News don't, forget, Michael. Cohen has already been convicted of perjury and fraud and as recently as this week The Wall Street Journal, has suggested, that he may have stolen tens of thousands, of dollars lying. To reduced jail time watch. Father-in-law, Donald. J Trump a tree Alda now Trump January. 18th, 2019. Still. Twitter owes Trump a significant. Debt even if and perhaps, because, his, comments, are often controversial, in, 2015. When, President, Trump announced, his candidacy Twitter. Experienced. A surge in growth, particularly. As the election, drew closer the. Company's, monthly, active, user most, count spiked from, 318. Million to 327. Million, most as the president-elect, made, Twitter his preferred medium, of communication, with the American, public what. I've learned by talking to normal people about Bitcoin, crypto. From, the outside, looking in when. I asked my friend Liz a public, school teacher living, in Louisiana, and my very best friend since junior high what, she thought young women might need to embrace Bitcoin, she, said I see Bitcoin in the headlines and occasionally, on Facebook, but, even I don't really get it and it's not clear why I should care about it, so I'm not sure why my students, should either this. Sentiment, is echoed by nearly every normal person that, I speak to who doesn't work in technology or finance, yes. I'm making an incredibly, lazy distinction. In calling these people normal. Because, of course they aren't normal but. For right now this, word will have to suffice in capturing, this impossibly, large, diverse, and multifaceted, population. Of Americans, who are currently on the outside, of the crypto, movement, crypto.

Twitter Startup, founders, VCS. Tech, journalists, these are the insiders, their, vantage point is radically, different their. Point of view is exceptional, these, communities, contain, individuals, whose credentials can be extremely, impressive and so they dominate, the discourse, yet. Their understanding. Of crypto its potential, and where it's going feels warped compared, with what the rest of America thinks according. To them the world is primed for crypto domination, maybe, it's not going to happen this year but, in the meantime we're all running notes and passing. The lightening torch and pumped about bak KT and yes. There, have been hand slaps for a lack of diversity and representation but, there are all women, Chane panels, now okay for the past year or so I've been trying to understand, as deeply, and with as much compassion as possible, what it is the people outside of this echo chamber think, and feel, about crypto, I'm doing. This because I believe in the echo chamber and because, I'm committed to the vision of this revolution, in money and I, want it free v ery Oh an e dot but in order to achieve that goal I wanted, to first just sit back and listen for a minute so, here, are some things I've heard a lot from people who don't have any Bitcoin, or crypto, assets I won't, be offering any refutations to, these comments, as they are abundant and often obvious I also, don't want to make wrong the people who are feeling these things I, can't. Afford Bitcoin, they. See the price of one Bitcoin trot out in the headlines, and assume, that they need to buy a whole Bitcoin in order, to own any at all this, is such a common sentiment, and I've heard it said by very smart people, bitcoins. Divisibility, isn't, apparent and many, people aren't even making it to Google to ask where or how to buy as a result, do, we move to bits or Satoshi. What's. The best way to position this new money so, that it is familiar but without all the old money baggage, I'm intimidated. By it oh no, I'm, not a technical, person this, sentiment, is rooted in the feeling that this isn't a thing for them this, is for smart people rich, people tech, people finance.

People What's, the benefit, for me to put the work in to figure this thing out when it scares me or makes me feel out of touch the. Feeling here is that the upside isn't clear and that the cards are probably stacked against, someone like them anyway, my, personal, Bitcoin journey had a false start in 2013 when, I first heard of it but couldn't get my head around the concept of mining and couldn't, move past it I abandoned. Ship because, I had frustrated, too many kind people with my naive questions, about math puzzles, how, do we strike a balance between driving, literacy, and needing, to show people what's under the hood people. Get on airplanes everyday, without understanding how, they fly is that how we should treat these technologies. As well I tried, to buy some but I got confused and overwhelmed why. Do I need to give my social security number what if I lose my password, will my bank close account if they see me buying Bitcoin, my, accountant, told me to not buy any related. I don't, know where to start onboarding. Is a well-documented, challenge. And remains, a significant. Hurdle well into 2019, an, uncertain, regulatory, landscape is, no doubt contributing, to this to, the frustration of many small crypto, companies, mine, included, as issues. In compliance, kick, AML, tax, law etc remain. Unsolved it's at the expense of our nation's underbanked, who arguably, need this movement, the most cool, sounds. Like venmo peer-to-peer. Payments. Already exist, in the minds of many PayPal, and venmo are frictionless, for their purposes, the, subtext, is that their money and its value, has always felt safe so, these digital, financial, platforms, feel safe too maybe. The people that I've been speaking to don't understand, how their money moves or maybe, they don't care but the idea of controlling their funds is not one that I find resonates, with Americans, very often why. Is this better money, when my money is fine, Taylor Monahan unpacked, this idea with such clarity when she tweeted, decentralization. Is not the value proposition. Rian Radloff, wrote an incredible article. Exploring, this idea of a money evolution, versus a money revolution, and goes into far more detail on this topic it, is definitely, worth the read err three Bitcoin. Is for criminals depending. On the day the pendulum of the Bitcoin brand swings from criminal hacker masterminds. To taky nouveau, riche, illustrating. The latter Kyle Chuck a recently, wrote cryptocurrency, has, evolved, from a financial, tool into something more akin to a Lewis view tone suitcase, a Cartier, watch or a Jeff, Koons sculpture, the, last bull run flushed, out much of the talk about Silk Road but the unsavory Association. Still remains a deterrent, for many who want a very well lit path for their money what, are the values that this movement once associated with its brand and what will it take for them to be realized, Bitcoin, isn't stable enough it's crashing, right, volatility. Makes for a great headline, Bitcoin. Should n fruit is so tasty of course. Price action has both an enticing and chilling effect depending, on the direction but, the preoccupation, comes, at a cost. Boosting stories, about utility, is critical, in moments have both crisis, and joy how, do we make crypto man-centered, so that we can move away from speculation. And toward benefit for a more equitable and just financial. System yet, making the space feel more inclusive, is no small task coinbase. And Kashyap, are both doing amazing, things for accessibility. But there is still an astonishing, amount of work to be done and a countenance worth of land to cover if we want the outsiders on the inside on this movement as well my, opinion is that if we don't address the issues repelling, the people that need crypto, the most we, will have squandered the opportunity, of a lifetime, my, company, gratias is focused, on driving education, and adoption, amongst one segment of this population, young, women and teens we.

Are Taking stock of all of the questions I laid out here and more like what would it need to look like for more young women to feel safe exploring, and experimenting with, crypto, we'll keep listening and please, get in touch if you were thinking about these same themes. You. You. You. Why, bitcoin is, incomparable. To history's, famous bubbles, the, rundown, Bitcoin. Economist, savetti Annamma says that, nothing has ever risen as fast and as much as Bitcoin price which, makes it imperative, into, the greatest bubbles, in history, bitcoin. Is a completely, new animal, Bitcoin. Economist. And author of the Bitcoin standard, Safed Ian amis recently. Shared his views on whether, the world's, most popular, cryptocurrency, can, be compared, to history's, famous bubbles. Paul, Krugman, Jamie. Dimon, Warren, Buffett, and other critics, often referred to Bitcoin as a bubble, particularly. As BTC, united states dollar price, has dropped from nearly. $20,000. In December, 2017. To around, $4,000. Today but. Comparing, it to historic, stock market, crashes, is comparing, apples and oranges, argues, Emmis bitcoin. Is a completely, new animal, different. From all before it he says your. Old toolbox, for analyzing. Bubbles currencies. And stocks, doesn't, work on Bitcoin it, is these outdated, tools that prevented, the likes of Buffett from missing out on one of the best investment. Opportunities. In history even the most robust, stocks today such. As Amazon, AMZN. Have. Been outperformed, by the digital currency even. At today's. $4,000. Price dot. What's more is that after every time the bubble popped it has come back even stronger in. Fact, there, have been at least 5, 80 plus percent crashes. Over the past decade, amaz, notes Bitcoin, appreciated. To 200, million percent, of its value in 9 years then. Crashed, back down all the way to around a 30 million, percent, rise in other. Words had, you bought $100. Dollars, worth of Bitcoin, in 2009. You, would have about 8 million dollars today, Bitcoin.

Incomparable, To history's, famous bubbles. The, picture also looks different, when comparing, Bitcoin, against, history's, famous bubbles, it has, often been compared, to tulips in the media with every drop in Bitcoin, price but. This comparison, is widely in at just like the common misconceptions. About tulip mania as, a whole because, BTC. Price posts, a lower high after every crash dot. No pointers favorite, bubble Dutch, tulips, lasted, for just over two years in which the price appreciated. Around sixty, fold then, crashed, lower than its original price explains. Amis, it, also goes without saying, that, while bitcoin, is the world's, first borderless. Decentralized. Neutral, money that enables, anyone to send millions for pennies the other is a flower duck, the rate and scale evaluations. Is another factor, making Bitcoin, nothing, like the 2008. Housing bubble, for example, when housing prices tripled, in two decades and, then lost around forty percent within only a few years the, famous housing bubble saw housing, prices triple, in around twenty years and then lose around 40, percent over a few years pick, Jb9. Qk, j j k bx Safed, ian amis at sayfudine, March, 24th. 2019. Then, there's the 1929. Stock market bubble. That rose six folds during, the roaring, 20s, the, subsequent, crash saw prices returned, to their original price. Meanwhile. BTC. United States dollar is still ten times greater than its pre bubble price of around, $400. In 2016. Amma, says, dot bitcoin, is not only a more comparable to bubbles, its fast, rise is also incomparable. To the most successful. Companies, and innovators. As far. As I can tell nothing, has ever risen as fast and as much as Bitcoin has risen, Bitcoin. Self-corrects. To suck up fiat so. How did Bitcoin, manage to rise so, much and so fast in such a short time span, the. Secret, lies in its design, namely. The inelastic, supply of 21, million Bitcoin, a number, set in digital, stone. Making. It the hardest form of money that ever existed. What's, more is that unlike, central. Banks this supply mining. Of Bitcoin, this program, to grow at a predetermined rate, up to 21. Million this. Makes it the most predictable, asset, that ever existed. Not, only does everyone, know how, many bitcoins will, exist ten or even 100. Years from now but, this data is also transparent. And verifiable, but. I am us notes another, important, feature that, plays an important, role in between, the economics, the mining difficulty, adjustment. My, explanation. For this rise is that bitcoins, difficulty, adjustment, makes it a truly unique monetary, asset, built to rise fast. He says dot. Is covered by Bitcoin 'test the difficulty, adjustment, acts as a counterbalance. To fluctuations, in Bitcoin hash rate or computing, power of the network that came with the spot price amaz. Notes that the difference, between Bitcoin, and traditional. Money is that the latter is linear, resulting. In boom and bust cycles, the, former, however, is a positive, feedback loop that strengthens. The network over time even with erratic, price swings this. Makes Bitcoin a completely, unique as it does not behave like a traditional, asset whose production, depends on supply and demand it's. The world's, first self-correcting. Asset that keeps the most efficient, miners, profitable. Regardless, of market conditions while.

Siphoning, Off more and more fiat, money by design, simply. Put bitcoin. Is not the bubble, it's the pin do. You agree that, BTC. Is not like other historic. Famous, bubbles, share, your thoughts below thanks. For watching the ohio bitcoin comm bitcoin news channel, today we, sincerely appreciate, you, spending some of your valuable time with us disclaimer. Price, of articles, and markets updates, are intended, for informational. Purposes only, and should not to be considered, as trading advice, neither. Ohio. Bitcoin, calm, nor the author is responsible. For any losses or gains as the, ultimate decision, to conduct a trade is made by the reader, always. Remember, that only those. In possession of their own private, keys are in control of their own money if you, enjoy this type of content, please smash, the like and subscribe buttons. Below. It helps us to get more views and continues. To spread the word about Bitcoin, BTC, thanks. Again see. You with more Bitcoin headline, news and analysis, soon. The, six biggest misconceptions. About Bitcoin. Cryptocurrency, from. Scaling to securities, the environment, in the SEC here's what you need to know so. Much has been said about Bitcoin, if there ium cryptocurrency, and, blockchain, over, the course of the past few years that it's almost impossible to, keep up with what's fact opinion. Or a mixture, of both, the, blockchain industry. Moves fast is always, in flux there's, so much at stake and we're, still building a collective, understanding between, the vast and global spectrum, of players involved further. In the digital media landscape. In general and specifically. In the realm of cryptocurrency and, blockchain media, there's a trend towards sensationalism. That makes gaining a nuanced, understanding of, important, issues something of a challenge as the, team's building, out the infrastructure, of a blockchain future, work towards number crypto, spring and the next phase if blockchain, development, comes into view a few fallacies, linger on from blockchain, salad, days that are worth addressing some. Views are held by the general, public while others are more commonly, uttered in the crypto, sphere but here are the six biggest misconceptions. About blockchain and cryptocurrency, right, now and what's, being done that proves them wrong, cryptocurrency. Mining is, bad for the environment by, now you're, familiar with a popular, narrative that, often arises when discussing blockchain. Or cryptocurrency that, mining, Bitcoin via proof-of-work, algorithms. Consumes, more energy than, insert, emerging, economy, nation and is contributing to the environmental. Downfall, of the earth there's. Just one problem with these gleefully, apocalyptic. Appraisals, all of the data upon, which the entirety of this alarmist, coverage is based was, whittled up by an ethically suspect, loan blogger who estimated his numbers flubbed, his methodology, and completely. Overlooked, fundamental, aspects, of the issue at hand a deep, dive in hacker noon by Robert, Sherrod lays, out just how badly our most trusted news sources, got this in an excellent take down the reports of Bitcoin environmental.

Damage Are garbage it's, a must read a 20-18. Report. By the World Economic Forum, even identified, 65, use cases for blockchain, technology, that will help the planet and the fight for environmentalism. Projects. Like the bounty for basura are creating, new models for sustainability. With blockchain, and as, ethereum, development, continues, towards a proof of stake model that is far more energy, efficient, and environmentally, friendly. Than the proof-of-work models, that dominate, blockchain, technologies. Today we are moving towards a future where this issue will diminish Bitcoin, as cryptocurrencies, blockchain. If you're, reading this the likelihood, is that you've explained, your interest in blockchain, tech to someone only to receive a blank stare in return until you drop the other b-word Bitcoin. Although. Trends in this regard are moving fast in the right direction, many people, still equate blockchain, with cryptocurrency, and cryptocurrency, with, Bitcoin, however. Bitcoins. Market, dominance, in regards, to other tokens near, 100%, for, most of the currencies existence, sits at 50% down, from 85 percent less than two years ago and up from a recent low of 33 percent, although. The crypto craze of 2017. Has clearly diminished, it has laid the foundation, for a global ecosystem, of tokens that proves, that there's a lot more to cryptocurrency, than, just Bitcoin it's. Also become evidently, clear that Bitcoin, and cryptocurrency, are, just phase one in the long arc of blockchain, and technologies. Like ethereum, programmable. Smart contracts, and decentralized. Apps are the future recent. Reports have indicated that, if areum's global developer, base the, Bueller's, working on the infrastructure, solutions. Gaps and protocols. Of the network is more than twice that of Bitcoin, and that's a conservative, estimation check. The speeches, of any of tech's greatest, figures and they'll let go the same the projects, and industries, with the most developers, get the best results, that's, why sectors, like decentralized. Finance, enterprise, solutions gaming, and media integrated. With blockchain, technology. Already, Bitcoin. Market dominance, since 2013, notice. A trend all cryptocurrencies. Are, securities, some. Tokens, and cryptocurrencies that. Launched through the ICO process, are indeed unregistered. Securities for. Example, tokens, or cryptocurrencies, that, provide dividends, meet the holy test or share the same qualities as typical, stock will result in the classification, as a security, however. The emerging, reality, is that not all cryptic, on seize our securities, the, US Securities, and Exchange Commission, has previously. Stated that ether is not a security, more. Recently, senior, members of the second cluding chairman J Clayton and director of corporate finance bill Hinman have been playing ping-pong with public, statements, echoing positive, sentiment, most, recently, in March clayton stated, a digital, asset may be offered, and sold initially, as a security, because, it meets the definition of an investment contract but, that designation.

May Change over time if the digital asset, later is offered and sold, in such a way that it will no longer meet, that definition, regulations. Are notably slow to change, and while necessary, to protect individuals, from scams and malicious actors it's worth noting, that regulations. From 1933, should, be approached with a modern, viewpoint, new, regulations, will need to take into account the various types of token models if, they're ium can't scale scaling. A decentralized. Networks, ability, to handle transactional. Volume without sacrificing. Security, or speed is undoubtedly, a difficult, problem to solve however. Some, of the smartest, minds in the world are currently, working on solving scalability. Through layer one eg, sharding, and layer, 2 eg, state channels plasma, solutions, many, of those solutions will, launch into reality, this year and Consensus, founder, Joe Lubin stated at his SXSW. Interactive keynote. This year that the ethereum, network with layered solutions, in play will, be able to handle millions of transactions, per second within two years all, new, technologies. Take time to mature and develop if. Their iam has made significant, strides towards, becoming, the base layer protocol, of web 3.0. The, overall ethereum, ecosystem, continues, to show remarkable signs, of growth and it is now evident that the roadmap, towards scalability. Is clearly, laid out and achievable, cryptocurrency. Is, only used for nefarious ends, as, a private, secure, and global, network for transactions. Cryptocurrencies, have. Provided, incredible utility. For transferring, value in conflict, zones for, remittances, retail, payments and yes, also, for dark web transactions. For illegal goods however. Chain, analysis. A leading, blockchain, research, firm has shown that bitcoin is no longer the predominant, currency, for darknet transactions. The, global drug survey GDS, similarly. Found that cash is still king when it comes to purchasing, drugs or exchanging, value for illegal services, and you'll probably find that, those decrying, cryptocurrency, have, little issues with cash the. Murky techno underbelly, of darknet transactions. And cryptocurrencies, being, used for illegal purposes, certainly, make for great news stories, but by now with, many of the world's leading institutions. Like Facebook, and JPMorgan, on the verge of launching their own digital, currencies, it's clear that the shady reputation, of bitcoins, earlier days was a factor, of the technology's, status, on the fringes and that we have now moved on to a more mainstream era, tokens. Are useless, Heiko, mania resulted, in thousands, of crypto and blockchain projects. You. You. You. First. Canadian, Municipalities starts. Accepting, Bitcoin, for property, taxes, the, town of a knispel Ontario, will, be the first municipality. In Canada, to accept, Bitcoin in payment, for property, taxes, the, pilot, scheme will be in partnership with Toronto, based coin Barry who simultaneously.

Announced A new easy-to-use crypto currency payment solution, tax. Payments, in BTC, trend reaches, Canada, accepting. Bitcoin for payment, of taxes, is becoming, a thing south, of Canada's border, after, a mad scramble a year ago to be America's, crypto tax pioneer, a florida, county eventually. Won through to become the first US locality. To accept, tax payments, in bitcoin by, the end of 2018, ohio, had planted, their flag for, bitcoin adoption, with statewide acceptance. Of BTC, business, tax payments, last, month it looked like New Hampshire would be next to see the trend continue, northwards, however. With, this announcement. Innisfil, has leapfrogged new, hampshire for a further hop, north into Canada in this, Ville mayor Linda, LAN expressed. Her excitement, at the development, we are proud to be first in taking this bold step by, offering this new exciting, payment, option, to our residents, there's, no doubt that cryptocurrency. Is, growing, in usage, and popularity, by, getting into this now we, are making sure our municipality. Is ahead of the game and signaling. To the world that we truly are a future, ready and innovative. Community the. Logistics, of the scheme from, April just, in time for residents. To pay their second, property, tax installment. They will see a new option on, the town website, this. Will initially offer the option of paying in BTC, but may expand, to include other cryptocurrencies, in. The future, residents. Will pay taxes. Into the town of Annisa 'pls wallet using the coin bury pay service, coin, Bari will process the funds and instantly, convert, them into Canadian, dollars, and transfer, them to the town's Treasury this. Gives the benefit of cryptocurrency option. Without, leaving the town exposed, to priced fluctuations. Coin. Berry CEO, and co-founder Andre. Polyakov, added leaders, from all levels of government who, are first to recognize, the benefits, of the new money economy will be the first to reap the rewards we, are extremely, pleased, at achieving a milestone in the history of adoption, of cryptocurrency, in, Canada, from. The north and south to the east and west so, with the eastern, part of North America, covered will, we start to see some lateral, movement, certainly, it can't be too

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