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Of lightning Network developers. Bitcoin. Payments, V of hate pay are now available, in all 50, US states bitfury. Added, hate, pay runs on a hybrid model, processing. Both Fiat and blockchain payments. The, platform, can also be used by merchants, around the world to accept payments, through PayPal Apple, pay Square. And more hate, pay CEO, and founder Brian Nichols, said bitcoin, has always been a good low cost alternative, to fiat, payments, but with this integration, Bitcoin, payments, are now equally, convenient, as our fiat payment, processing. Services, thereby, paving the way for mass adoption in commerce it's, worth noting, that the, Lightning Network a second, layer scalability. Protocol, that operates, on top of the Bitcoin, blockchain is, still a beta project several. Projects. Actually with. Some risks, attached to its use at several. Iterations continue. To develop and see support, from the community, however, some. Big-name firms, and individuals have, been supporting, the technology, in an ongoing experiment. Known as the lightning torch with, financial services giant. Fidelity, investments. Lincoln, and co-founder, Reed Hoffman and Twitter and square CEO, Jack, Dorsey are, recently, taking, part thanks. For watching the Ohio Bitcoin, calm Bitcoin, news channel, today we appreciate you. Spending some of your valuable time with us disclaimer. Price, of articles, and Markets updates, are intended, for informational. Purposes only, and should not, to be considered as trading advice. Neither, Ohio. Bitcoin dot-com, nor the author is responsible. For any losses or gains as the, ultimate, decision, to conduct a trade is made by the reader, always. Remember, that only those. In possession, of their own private, keys are in control of their own money if you, enjoy this type of content, please smash, the like and subscribe buttons, below. It helps us to get more views thanks. Again see. You with more Bitcoin, headline, news and analysis, soon. Nasdaq. Technology. To be deployed by because cause. Has scored a huge coup by partnering, with Nasdaq, to deploy their matching engine clearing. And market, surveillance technology. Has announced on the Nasdaq website, March, 13th, 2019, once.

They Receive derivatives, trading and clearing approval, from the CTF, C they will be the only firm in the world to be involved, in all levels of the crypto, value system big, news over. The past few, years Nasdaq. Has openly, shown its commitment, to cryptocurrencies, in, February. 2019. They, announced, that they would be adding Bitcoin, and ethereum, indices, to their platform, and in December 2018, they, made an investment, in air escs now. Their technology. Will be put to use in helping cause a crypto, trading firm it, was announced on March 13th, 2019. That, cause the, creator of the world's first full stack cryptocurrency, ecosystem. Would be making use of Nasdaq's, matching, engine clearing. And market, surveillance technology. Via the Nasdaq financial, framework platform. Technical. Partnership, according. To the press release because. Will begin using the technology, in the first half of 2019. When, they debut their cause spot cryptocurrency, market, on top of this they have made an application, with the Commodity, Futures Trading Commission, CFTC. To. Become a designated, contract, market, DCM, and to establish, a derivatives, clearing organization. DCO, this. Is very significant. As when derivatives, trading and clearing begin because, will officially be the only firm in the world that, offers services, at all stages of the cryptocurrency value. System, this, will include crypto, mining spot trading, derivatives, clearing, and trading, and so on the, surveillance technology. Being offered by Nasdaq is a huge boost because, it will ensure that the surveillance protocols. In use properly. Fit the needs of the crypto, market, on, top of this they, will be able to detect manipulative. Activities, which will make trading more transparent. And are for all involved, Fred, greed the CEO of cause remarked. In the press release that his company, is honored to have access to this technology he. Also pointed, out that this will help attract, different classes of investors those that are already involved, in the financial market and are familiar with Nasdaq operations. And those that would be interested in joining the crypto, market, Paul, McKeon, the SVP, and, head of marketplace, operators, and new markets, market, technology, at Nasdaq said, cause, has methodically, built of unique ecosystem. That gives investors, partners, and market players a holistic, experience in tapping, the cryptocurrency market. And value chain he, also added that the use of Nasdaq technology.

Will Help improve on their scalability. And modular. Functionality. Which will help them meet the evolving needs, of the digital asset economy, thanks, for watching the Ohio Bitcoin, calm Bitcoin, news channel, today we appreciate you, spending some of your valuable, time with us disclaimer, price articles, and markets updates are intended, for informational. Purposes only, and should not, to be considered as trading advice neither. Ohio, Bitcoin comm nor the author is responsible. For any losses or gains has, the ultimate decision, to conduct a trade is made by the reader always. Remember, that only those. In possession of their own private, Keys are in control of their own money if you, enjoy this type of content, please smash the like and subscribe buttons, below. It helps us to get more views thanks. Again see. You with more Bitcoin headline, news and analysis soon. This. Side the Bitcoin lightning, Network capacity. Now exceeds, 4.2. Million dollars. Promising. To be electrifying, and covering. For the rapidly, expanding, Bitcoin lightning, Network is the nearest alternative. For scaling, the underlying, at the, time of press and perhaps triggered, by expanding. Bitcoin, prices an increasing. Number of BTC. Accepting, merchants, the Ln network, capacity is, up 54%. Processing. A massive, four million two hundred fifty. Nine thousand. One hundred forty. 1.7. Cents, or roughly, ten fifty seven BT sees as the, capacity, grows the, number of channels follow suit an are up 18 percent, to seven thousand, three hundred eighty one but. Why is lightning, Network gaining, so, much traction roughly, a year after, launch seg, which laid the foundation, for once. We, must understand, that bitcoin. Is a network, is limited, by block size back. In q3, and q4, 2017. Several. Solutions, were proposed, and in a bid to deal with a bloated network the community, agreed, to soft fork the network through a user activated. Upgrade, in segregated, witness, seg wit it was, seg wit that laid the foundation for LN as it ran a code separating. Transaction, signature, from data thereby freeing up space allowing, for more transactions. To fit in a block, supporters. Estimated, that segment, would quadruple the, nominal, capacity of, the network apart. From implementing, this space freeing, code sacred, also dealt with the malleability, bug, that would have directly, impeded, the activation, in launching of ln a layer, to an controversial. Layer to solution, that would increase the networks throughput, since, the business community, disagreed, to activate. And double, block size to 2 MB contrary. To New York and Hong Kong agreements. The only solution, that would scale the network was Lightning Network here's.

Why Lightning network is popular, Lightning. Network introduces. A smart, contract, that, runs on top of the Bitcoin, network allowing. I/o. Through, this code appear, can only one payment channel and connect with other peers he or she transacts. With similarly. Each peer will have one connection, to the underlying, blockchain, network, connected. Peers can transact, as they want execute. Private, payments, but once the channel is closed or funds in the cell and supporting, wallet are exhausted. Everything, is settled on the Bitcoin blockchain, because. Of this arrangement payments. Are processed faster. Costs, reduced, in the throughput increased, by several, factors, in, fact, according, to the official, lightning Network description. The, creation, of private channel, scales the underlined, by millions, to billions of transactions. Per second, meaning it can outperform traditional, financial. Intermediaries. Like visa which, can process 2,000, transactions. Per second, and other centralized. Network, by several, magnitudes, add. This to the efficiency, and lack of intermediation. Costs. That parties paid the network becomes this audit free secure. And cheap payment, processing. Juggernaut. Supporters. There, are weaknesses associated. With, the ln but, the promise of making small, transactions. In a scalable, manner is what is enticing, already. Jack, Dorsey is a supporter, and through, tip-in dot Emmy users. Can tip users, posting, quality, content, or breaking, news and Twitter that's. Not all, according. To maynot, lightning network stores more, merchants, are embracing, the future through, lightning, pizza you can order pizza from, dominos and. Pay with Bitcoin, via the Ln Weiss. Rating, is now favors, BTC. Out of 122. Cryptocurrencies. Weiss, crypto, ratings has published a report outlining its, crypto industry, outlook and rankings, have 122. Cryptocurrencies. Using. Four different models the. Coins, with the highest ratings are btc-e. OS, x RP and BN v the. Rating for BTC, has been upgraded due to the coins various, improvements also. Read Indian, Supreme Court, set to hear crypto, case on March 29th, for. Top coins on Tuesday. Weiss crypto, ratings, published, a report in Dark Shadows with, a bright future containing, its outlook for the crypto, industry, a total. Of 122. Cryptocurrencies. Were, rated based on four models, technology. Adoption, risk, and reward while. No cryptocurrency, has, earned an A rating BTC. XR, p EO s-- and BN, b have been rated B dot investor, experience, has been poor for more than a year among, virtually, all cryptocurrencies, the, report, details when. Risk and reward are factored, into the overall wise crypto, ratings none get an A Weiss, ratings, crypto, ranking, by overall rating, data. As of March 26. Weiss. Ratings, issues grades on 53,000. Institutions, on investments, including listed stocks mutual, funds, ETFs banks. Insurance companies, and cryptocurrencies. Its. Website, states that crypto, ratings, are updated weekly with of equals excellent, B equals, good C, equals fair D, equals, week and the, equals very weak, Martin, Weiss chairman.

Of The Weiss group and founder of Weiss crypto, ratings commented. Despite, lower prices, since early 2018 a ratings, model gives us hard evidence that a critical segment, of the cryptocurrency industry. Has enjoyed remarkable. Growth in user transaction. Volume, network, capacity and network, security he. Was further quoted, as saying for, those willing to take the risk the best time to invest could, be very near BTC. Now on top currently. Ranked first based on Weiss's overall, rating, as BTC, Bitcoin. Formerly. A c+, has, been upgraded to be thanks to various improvements including. The rollout of its lighting Network the report reads it, further asserts that Bitcoin, the, original, cryptocurrency, is, still, the proven leader in adoption adding. It's also the best position, to become a popular, store of value for, savers and investors, reminiscent. Of the function of gold like, gold bullion, its value, is not controlled, by monetary, authorities, and it can be a safe haven in times of turmoil, unlike. The yellow metal it costs, virtually, nothing to store a transport. Emphasizing. The diversification, beyond. Bitcoin, is also important, the report compares, the price of BTC, with three Weiss indices, the, 50 crypto, index the mid-cap crypto, index and the non pal crypto, index, the, Weisse 50 crypto, index includes strictly, cryptocurrencies, that, pass minimum, standards, have technology, and adoption, based on the Weiss crypto, ratings, the report clarifies, while. A 100 dollar investment, in BTC. Held between January, 1st 2017. And, March 12 this year would be worth $400. Today Weiss's, 3 indices rose from one hundred to six hundred twenty, two thousand, seven hundred forty-two and. 4425. Respectively. During the same time period, he owes close behind, heõs. Is among the top coins, ranked, by weiss crypto, ratings based. On its technology, and adoption, it is the leading coin challenging. Ethereum, to become the backbone of the new internet thanks to advanced, smart contract, capabilities.

And Innovative, governance features the report describes, between. February, 2018, and March 2019. Yo saw its volume, of transactions. Grow from fewer than 7000, per day to nearly 4.6, million, that's. 14, times more volume than bitcoins, and eight times more than ethereum, x' martin. Weiss told news dot bitcoin, calm tuesday, our tech adoption, grades tend to be relatively sustainable. Over time since, they include both a the, long term potential, of the distributed, ledger technology, and beat real-world. Long-term, trends, in adoption the. Combination, of these two facets, is where EOC excels helping. To maintain its leadership going forward at, least as far as we can see today another. Ranking, which favors, EOS is one published, by China's center for information and Industry Development CCID. Under, the country's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, on, March. 22nd. The center released xi update of its crypto, project, ranking, report placing, EOS top of the list this. Project, has been the CCI DS favorite since it started being ranked in June last year Tron, among top 10 the. CCI D also, favors, Justin's, son's Tron ranking. The project second overall for two consecutive months, however. This ranking, is solely based on the project's, basic technology. Applicability. And creativity. Does not take into consideration the, risk and reward of the cryptocurrency, Weiss, ratings, places, TRX, among the top ten cryptocurrencies, based, on its overall rating, Martin. Weiss explained, to news doc Bitcoin, comm it's, rated C+ for the same reason many other coins, with good tech are rated C+, weak risk reward metrics. Elaborating. No, surprise, there especially, considering. The disappointing. Upside potential, and big downside, risks, investors, have experienced. In recent months he, further remarked, the good news is that as soon as the space begins to show signs of sustainable, price recovery risk, reward should improve potentially. Leading to upgrades, for Tron and other coins, with good tech and adoption, what, do you think of Weiss ratings, crypto, outlook, let, us know in the comments, section below, disclaimer. Ohayo bitcoin, comm does not endorse or support claims. Made by any parties, in this article none. Of the information in, this article is intended, as investment advice. As an, offeror solicitation. Of an offer to buy or sell or as a recommendation. Endorsement. Or sponsorship. Of any products, services. Or companies. Neither, Ohio Bitcoin, Comm, nor the author is responsible. Directly or indirectly for, any damage, or loss caused her allege to be caused by her in connection with the use of a reliance, on any content goods or services. Mentioned in this article images. Courtesy, of shutterstock and wise ratings, need. To calculate your bitcoin, holdings check, our tools section share. This story about the author kevin, helms a student. Of austrian economics, Kevin, found Bitcoin in 2011, and has been an evangelist, ever since his, interests, lie in Bitcoin, security, open source systems, network, effects, and the intersection, between economics. And cryptography. You. Oh. Hello. Just. Hang on. You. Bitcoin, BTC. Lightning Network has, more active, nodes than XRP, little, coin and euros combined. Bitcoins. Lightning, Network has been one of the most instrumental, scaling. Solutions, for the cryptocurrency, since. Its inception the. Second, layer open, protocol, system, was officially launched, on the maynot in January, 2018. However. It, only recently. Picked up popularity. Due to the ongoing lighting. Torch experiment. According. To recent reports the, Lightning Network has, more active, nodes than the combined numbers, of XRP, litter coin and iOS, data, produced, by long hash comm indicated. That the Lightning network had 3000. 884. Active, nodes with active channels, at press, time, Bitcoin. BTC, and de faria meth were the only cryptocurrencies, with. A higher number of active, nodes with 10,000. 603. And. 7580. Nodes respectively. The, combined, number of active nodes acquired, by litter coin XR, p and e host was approximately. 3,300, an, indication. Of the Lightning networks active, utilization. And rapid growth had. Pressed time lightning. Networks channels, held BTC, would be worth over three million dollars the equivalent, to around. 759. Bitcoins. This. Suggested, that the Ellins channel, capacity had, increased, by a factor of 100, since, February, 2018, the. Graph below indicates. The sum of channels value, since, the launch of the Lightning Network source. P 2 s H dot info, according. To data from 1 ml com the, Lightning network had. 7320. Nodes at, press time in, February. 2018, the, number, of active nodes in operation, was close to around, 618. This. Remarkable, growth marked, an increase, of around 500. 32, percent since last year, source, 1 ml however. A major, criticism. Of the Lightning network is the possible, centralization. Of a few large notes according. To dire it, was observed that ten, of the largest ln nodes, commanded over 53%.

Of The network's capacity. At the, start of 2019. The 20, largest L endnotes had 38 percent, of the network's capacity. Despite. Improvements, in distribution over, reliance on larger, nodes was still prominent, thanks. For watching the Ohio Bitcoin calm Bitcoin news channel today we appreciate you, spending some of your valuable, time with us disclaimer. Price, of articles, and Markets updates, are intended, for informational. Purposes only, and should not to be considered, as trading advice, neither. Ohio. Bitcoin comm nor the author is responsible. For any losses, or gains as the, ultimate, decision, to conduct a trade is made by the reader, always. Remember, that only those. In possession of their own private, Keys are in control of their own money if you, enjoy this type of content. Please smash, the like and subscribe buttons, below. It helps us to get more views thanks. Again see. You with more Bitcoin headline, news and analysis, soon. You. You. Fidelity's. Crypto, custody, service goes live for selected customers, fidelity. Digital assets has launched cryptocurrency, custody. And trade execution services. Currently, it is available, now only four selected customers, would cease to institutional. Investors has, announced that its platform, is live selected. Customers, have got access, to cryptocurrency, custody. And trade execution operations. While others may have to wait until September we. Are live with a select, group of eligible, clients and will continue rolling, out slowly our solutions, are focused, on the needs of hedge funds family. Offices, pensions, endowments. Other institutional. Investors more, on our project. HTTP. Colon slash slash t, KO, / EK, j - p w, j t - y, numbered blockchain, fidelity. Digital assets, at digital, assets March 7th 2019. Fidelity. Digital assets, is a company, established, by fidelity a multinational. Financial services. Corporation, based in Boston Massachusetts and, the fourth largest asset, manager, with two point four trillion dollars, in assets under management as. Of December, 2017. The, giant spends 2.5. Billion dollars per year on technologies. Like artificial, intelligence. In blockchain, fidelity. Digital asset services, was set up in October, last year with the aim to provide cryptocurrency, storage. And trading services, to institutional and. Enterprise, clients the, company targets, institutional. Investors, and works on cryptocurrency, solutions. For commercial, space in January. Abigail, P Johnson chairman. And CEO, of fidelity investments. Revealed, the company's plans to launch Bitcoin, custody, service with ethereum, next and said, that the date of launch was set for March the. Promise, has turned out to be true and the service is now live however. Not, all customers are able to use it according. To Tom Jessup, fidelity, digital assets, had some, customers were using the platform in January, when it was in the final testing stage well, for other customers it was March others. May wait until September, Jessup. Explained, it really depends, on the facts and circumstances of. Each client it, is notable that this service was developed, when the crypto, market had quite hard times as Tom, Jessup the last year collapsed did not have any impact on the launch he, said, if you started a crypto, fund at the height of the market year probably hurting right now moreover. Jessup. Believes that despite the bear market interest. In cryptocurrencies, from, institutional, investors continues. To grow as they are looking for long term investments. But, having a desire to add some form of cryptocurrency, to their portfolios, they do not want to take risk connected, with the volatility, of Kryptos which at the same time provides, trading, opportunities, according. To the research conducted by fidelity, about, 22% of institutions, asked already own cryptocurrency, and, expect, to double their crypto, assets, over five years Jessup.

Said If anything, they are as encouraged, now as they were when prices, were higher fidelity. Digital. Assets will provide a perfect solution, for institutional. Investors who wait and see when it comes to investing, in cryptos earlier. Fidelity, said our conversations. With a variety of institutions, have served to underscore their clear need for a trusted, platform provider. In order to engage with digital assets, in a meaningful way we. Are committed to exceeding, the requirements and standards of, existing, solutions with both our custody platform, and trading venue providing, a combination, of security, and a central point of market access disrupting. The obfuscated. Nature of trading digital assets, today the, new company will conduct trades, on multiple, exchanges, for these investors, as well as handle custody and store digital assets, fidelity. Digital assets is one of the first companies to provide similar services the. Team behind the company is currently working, on improving, various, parts of the platform, and planning, to expand, its customer base in the near future. You. You. You. I. You. You. You. Indeed. Says big for consulting, firms dominate blockchain. Jobs market big, for professional, consulting, firms Deloitte. KPMG. And they are all in the top five when, it comes to posting blockchain. Job ads according. To new data from The, employment, site released its latest figures, for job postings, relating, to blockchain, cryptocurrency. And, Bitcoin in the US on Thursday, with the data covering, the period from February 2018. To February, 2019. The. Table was Deloitte with, IBM, and KPMG, and second and third place, respectively. They, in Accenture, another, major consulting, firm came fourth and fifth also, respectively. Deloitte. Top placing, is perhaps not, surprising. As the firm has been very active in the blockchain space, participating. In trials, developing. Products, and offering services, around the tech the, consulting, giant has previously, said we envision that Deloitte's ever-evolving, and nimble, team will build upon our past success, in helping our clients which includes, 92%.

Of The financial, service companies, listed, on the fortune, 500, list to, hone their blockchain, backed offerings, he said indeed. Dot-coms data also shows, that if all the financial, firms which Morgan, has placed the most ads for blockchain, staff over, the last year while, its chairman and president Jamie, Dimon, is notoriously. Skeptical, of Bitcoin his company, is actively preparing for a future where blockchain, is a key part of financial infrastructure. And notably, revealed, its own in-house cryptocurrency, in, February, no, other Wall Street institutions, made in deeds top ten discussing. The data Economist. Andrew flowers told Forbes that it's notable that there's a lack of financial and banking, companies, hiring for something that's made to replace money. Microsoft. And ethereum, development, studio consensus. Also made it to the top 10 according, to in deeds data in 8th and 10th place respectively. Flowers. Further said the last year marks the first time there have been more job postings, than searches likely, because of the decline in crypto prices, as indeed, as previously, suggested the. Data shows that searches, per million on its site for roles involving, blockchain. Ah currency, and Bitcoin, declined, by 67%, during, the period while the share of job postings per million increased by 90 percent back. In November, another data, report showed that the number of blockchain, job postings, increased, by twenty five point four nine percent. From October 2017. To October, 2018, San. Jose San. Francisco, and New York are the cities with the most blockchain. Postings, in deeds, latest, report, concludes, if, areum's long awaited. Constantinople. Upgrade has concluded. Will it affect earth future, if areum's, Constantinople. Hard fork which has suffered frequent setbacks. Has, finally, been completed the, upgrade was executed. At 7:52. P.m. on, February the 28th, that block seven million two hundred and eighty thousand, the, fork proceeded, uneventful, E and no technical, issues or divisions, within the mining community have been reported, although, the phrase hard fork might evoke a blockchain split. Such as the event that produced. Ethereum classic in 2016. Most, hard folks do not actually have that outcome since. Constantinople. Z' features, were largely uncontested, the, update, went smoothly as - activated. The new ethereum, software, and its features and unison, low, remaining rewards, the, main feature that constantinople. Introduces. As a reduction of block rewards, aetherium, miners will now receive, a payout of 2f for each block that they mine previously. The reward was 3f per block although. This is something of a sacrifice, for miners this course of action is relatively, conservative and, a gained majority, support, from devs last August, if areum's reduced, block rewards, are deliberately intended, to discourage mining, as doing, so will reduce the amount of new F that, the mining community generates. This. Will in turn reduce. Inflation, and keep the value of existing at fairly high lower. Mining, incentives, will also, help prepare, for proof of stake consensus. ARCA Kasper which, will be introduced, in ethereum. 2.0. Although. Lower in rewards, will make mining, less profitable, this, upgrade does not disincentivize. -, as much as it could have, Constantinople. Actually. Delays a difficulty. Bomb that would have made mining, much more system intensive, and harder to profit from that, bomb has now been delayed for 12 months, allowing, many miners to continue, enjoying, profits, other features. Although. Constantinople. X' biggest, change, concerns, mining, rewards, there are a few other features that, are built into the upgrade. Constantinople. Also reduces. The cost of using the ethereum, virtual, machine introduced. As a method for interacting, with the air to be created, addresses, and reduces. Gas costs, for particulate, transactions. Additionally. A second, theorem upgrade, called st. Petersburg has been carried out alongside.

Constantinople. This, update removed, a feature that, was discovered, to contain a rien trancey bug in january in other, words the, main feature of st. petersburg is actually. The absence, of a problem market. Effects, major, upgrades, can cause uncertainty. Among investors, and some commentators. Believe that, this upgrade could cause if areum's market, price to become more volatile. Sebastian, st. Clair at coin ask experience. Force. Constantinople. Could influence investment. Activity, for weeks to come, overall. It took a total of 34, days for EFA's price to break above the sideways Channel after the previous fork occurred so if history repeats, itself if, the prices may be destined, for a multi week sideways, trend after the Constantinople. Upgrade takes place other, analysts. Are predicting a, weakening of F's value, or an outright price crash however. Michael. Mauro of genesis global, trading has suggested, that constantinople. Reduced, inflation, rate could prevent widespread sell, offs among investors, in any, case no, major changes, have been observed in ethereum, market, value so far, settling. Down. Constantinople. Has finally, succeeded, despite the fact that it has faced numerous delays, first. In october, a denial, of service attack, vector, was discovered, immediately. Followed by a test nat issue there. In January, the aforementioned real, Trancy bug was found these. Issues collectively, pushed, constantinople. Back for several months those. Delays might make constantinople. Seem to be more of a feat than it actually is apart. From a possible, reaction, from crypto, traders, if areum's trials, and tribulations, seem to be settling down and the changes, to the mining, scheme may soon prove they worth the. Famous blockchain. Platform, is now another step closer to reaching version. 2.0. Please. Let us know your thoughts on, ethereum, and its recent upgrades in the comments below thanks. For watching the ohio bitcoin, dot-com bitcoin news channel, today we, appreciate you, spending some of your valuable time with us disclaimer, price. Articles, and markets updates are intended, for informational. Purposes only, and should not to be considered as trading advice neither. A ohio, bitcoin, calm, nor the author is responsible. For any losses or gains as, the ultimate decision, to conduct a trade is made by the reader, always, remember, that only those in possession of their own private, keys are in control of their own money if you, enjoy, this type of content, please smash the like and subscribe buttons. Below it helps us to get more views thanks. Again see. You with more bitcoin headline, news and analysis, soon. US. Presidential, candidate, infomercial enthusiast. John McAfee, has, declared, a hard day for a Bitcoin, price of 1 million. This, followed, a prediction, of $1,000,000. Someday, by Jesse Lunt vice president, of blockchain, and digital, currencies, at IBM's, two, weeks next someday, Lunt, made his prediction in an interview when, quizzed about his future outlook, for Bitcoin saying, I see, the coin at a million dollar someday, I have. Actually, blogged about this a little bit his. Prediction, may however partly. Be based on the preference, for round numbers, he, explained, that he liked the figure because, then if the tashi will be equal to one u.s. penny he, also noted, the twenty trillion dollar, liquidity of, the network, this meant would, massively, change, the global financial services. Landscape, that someday is just a little bit vague and difficult, to get excited, about which, is where mr. McAfee, steps in save, the date while. Applauding, lungs awakening. To the fact that Bitcoin. Will be 1 million dollars. McAfee wasn't, pretend, to win Sunday, so. He ups the ante and stated. A hard date for the forecast, of December, 31st 2020. People, are waking up to the fact that, Bitcoin. Will be $1,000. 0 0 & 0 Brooklyn. Someday. Maybe. Five years within. The decades, I'm the, only one giving you a hard date December. 31st, 2020. HTTP. Colon slash slash t, KO, / r, st 3. B cy, p. FB, will be 1 million someday says Jesse month VP, of blockchain, at in dot html'. John. McAfee, at official, McAfee February. 22nd. 2019. This. Updates, and in effect doubles, down on his.

Previous, Bet, Nathan, July 2017. That Bitcoin, price zero zero would move above five hundred thousand, dollars in three years, McAfee. Famously, claimed that if he lost that bet he would leave his own penis on national, television, one. Questions in the Twitter comments, McKesson. Confirmed, that this was the same event and that. Never lose a bet, wild, wildlife, whatever. One's opinion of McAfee his, life is nothing if not fascinating. Last. Year he declared his intention to. Run for the office of US president, with the libertarian, party's, for the second, time then. Earlier this year he. Revealed, that he is being pursued, by the IRS, for unspecified. Crimes. And living, in exile price. Prediction is a notoriously. Precarious. Occupation. And putting, one's manhood, on the line would, be a step too far for, almost, anyone except, Maithili, so. Will, we see them devouring, his genitals, on national, television I personally. Hope not for many reasons, chief amongst, them being personal, financial, gain, after. All the, prospect, of a 1 million dollar dollar, Bitcoin, in less than two years is certainly something, to get excited, about more. So than a man chewing his own tickle tackle, I'd wager do. You think McAfee, will be proven correct share. Your thoughts below. What, does little coin founder. Charlie Lee think we'll drive crypto, adoption, after Villach beuter and stellar keynote, about ethereum, 2.0, news, got the rare chance to, sit down with Charlie, Lee a corn-based director, of engineering turned, lytic oh and founder, the crypto. Pioneer, told us all about his thoughts on how this ecosystem is, developing, along, with litical Owens plans for global dominance, related. Reading exclusive. Whiterun CEO expects, Bitcoin crypto. Assets, to rally in 2020. Charlie. Lee's crypto, insights new, few. Months ago you, told CNBC, fast, money that the downturn, in the crypto, market, has allowed you in the little Cohen foundation, to properly, build out your product, does, that still hold true today Charlie. Yeah so. My point there is that when, prices aren't going up like crazy, there are definitely, fewer distractions, this. Means that it's a good time for people to keep their heads down and start to work on getting other products, live just, recently we've been working hard on trying to add more fungibility, into the litical and protocol, so, what we're looking at now is doing a minimal Wimble extension, block upgrade, for little coin so. We're doing a lot of research into that about how we could make such an implementation. In a safe way, we, want more fungibility, and privacy, in the little cone ecosystem. Newspeak, how has this crypto, bear market compared, to ones in the past charlie, well it's been pretty similar, one, thing about this bear market even, though it's been over a year now is that it hasn't been as bad for people the, drop is similar percentage-wise, but. During the last bear market, I remember, it got to a point where, people just, didn't think that it was going to come back people.

Just Weren't optimistic about, the price at the time now. I think we haven't gotten to that point yet and maybe we might not go there this time which, will be great but. I wouldn't be surprised, if there are more sell offs or if it takes a lot longer to climb out of it it, could be another year or so but. Who knows it's. Hard to predict these things new. Speak so you made crypto, history when, you purchased, a stake in Wegg Bank a few months, back how, has that been playing, out so far charlie, it was actually like almost a year ago that, that deal happened, we, have a nine point nine percent stake. In the bank meaning, we have some influence the. Bank is kin to creating crypto products, so, they're kind of approaching, it from a different direction of, starting with a regulated, bank then pivoting, to give us merchant processing, and stuff like that so the first step has been great, next, is supporting, crypto companies, with bank accounts then. Lastly. You want to add crypto, wallets, along with storing fiat and normal accounts for crypto companies, what. Would be cool is allowing, people to store US dollars, at a bank in cryptocurrencies, too but. Eventually there, will be merchants processing, and other crypto, solutions, it's, going slowly because, banks move slowly due to regulations, that, was to be expected but, it's going well I don't. Have anything really to announce right now but, I'm excited about what is to come in the future news. So you guys joined hands with Venice crane from the UFC, did. You see values, aligned between the UFC, and cryptocurrencies, Charlie. It wasn't quite a partnership, with Ben he's, a huge proponent, of cryptocurrency and he also understood, little coin very well, Ben, understands. The need for sound money, he, also said he supports, lit a coin so, members of our community, actually donated. To him over 100, LTC, for his previous fight and he, was very thankful for that and he, wore a little Cohen t-shirt, for a few of his interviews, we, also had a little coin logo, on the UFC, mat there which brought us a lot of exposure and drew, a lot of new people into this space I think, there's an intersection between the cryptocurrency community. And combat, sports fans it's. A unique opportunity for us to expand, the adoption, of litical and through that punk'd, for adult foundation, to sponsor me for UFC, 235. At, Satoshi, light at Joh and ki m77. Number of quest kiss number old ceased guest pic, OV, e 0b zy, to za bana, screen at Venice, screen January, 15th 2019. News. What is one thing holding, back crypto, adoption, as it stands Charlie, I'll tell you two things one. Thing is volatility, because. Crypto, prices, are so volatile, it's hard for people to actually use it meaning adoption, is Han volatility. Is kind of a chicken and the egg type scenario, once. There is adoption, volatility. Will decrease, meaning, more adoption, so, it's a slow process for, that to work for us to overcome that the, second, thing that's kind of preventing, us from getting a lot of adoption, is user experience of. Storing your own money securing. Your own money is hard there's, always a trade-off between security, and, usability so. People are using exchanges. To store their coins because they can't do it themselves it's. Easy but then you hear all the stories about exchanges. Getting hacked and, that really hurts adoption, so, probably, we, just need to work on having better easier, solutions, that allow people to store their own money that's, the whole problem really, so, I think usability. And user experience, is, really important, albeit it's something that is hard to solve thanks. For watching the Ohio Bitcoin, calm Bitcoin, news channel, today we, sincerely appreciate, you, spending some of your valuable time with us disclaimer, price, articles, and markets updates are intended, for informational. Purposes only, and should not, to be considered as trading advice. Neither, Ohio. Bitcoin, dot-com, nor the author is responsible. For any losses or gains has, the ultimate decision. To conduct a trade is made by the reader always. Remember, that only those. In possession of their own private, keys are in control of their own Bitcoin, if you, enjoy this type of content, please smash the like and subscribe buttons below. It helps us to get more views and continues. To spread the word about Bitcoin, BTC. Thanks. Again see. You with more Bitcoin headline, news and analysis soon. You. Bitcoins. Critical, resistance. And similarities. To 2015. Hi friends, welcome, to this update analysis.

On Bitcoin today. We're, going to be looking at another comparison, of the current Bitcoin market on the left to the bottom formed during the 2015. Bear market on the right let's. Get right to it the first thing I want to draw your attention to is the current 50 EEMA in orange looking, at the chart on the left you can see that the 50 ma is showing incredible support in fact, if you remember on February, 24th, when, Bitcoin fell, 9 percent in one day I posted, a chart telling everyone not to freak out because Bitcoin, had fallen directly, to the 50 EEMA and we were still holding it now here. We are a month later and we are still holding the 50 EEMA this, is very special, because bitcoin hasn't, held the 50 ml like this since, the bull market was in full swing these. Little nuances in the market are indications, that the tide is turning it's. Time to pay very close attention because, this market is beginning its metamorphosis the. Similarities. To the 2015, bear market bottoming cycle are, incredible, we, can see that on both charts price fell exactly to the weekly 200, ma in green also, on both charts we can see that the 50 Hema was resistance, and then it became supportive, however. This is slightly more pronounced, on the current chart in addition. To the similarities. Between the moving averages, we can see that price also formed an inverted, Head & Shoulders, pattern on, both charts, below, red trend lines looking. At the 2015, chart on the right price, broke out above the second peaks resistance, red, trendline, and skyrocketed. To the 61.8%. Retrace. Looking. At today's chart, it's clear that price could do something, similar, the, current, 61.8%. Retraces. Right around 50 to 36. However. As i've said in many other analyses. I don't, think that bitcoin will, rip like that right now because, i doubt it will be able to surpass the substantial, resistance that is in its way which, I have shown in previous analyses, with. That said if Bitcoin, confirms, above the red line on the current chart my view on that will quickly change. I simply, doubt that we will see such a move right now, you, have to understand, though that is my personal, opinion talking. There. Is a difference, between my opinion, as an analyst, and the evidence that I act on as a trader in, other words I may have an opinion on the likelihood, for something to happen but that is just an opinion what, I actually do, depends, on real evidence that materializes. On the charts so, as analysts. We often devise opinions, on what the market will do based on the data but it isn't wise to trade an opinion it is, wise to trade, evidence, therefore. I have the opinion that price will most likely continue, to grind sideways, this year but the second I see a conformation, above the red horizontal trendline, the opinion will be instantly, changed, by newly tradable, evidence that, is what being a good trader is all about it's, about not being nimble in making moves when the time is right even, if that means stepping away from your previous opinions, on what the market may or may not do looking. At the chart on the right we, can see that during the 2015. Bottoming, sequence, price broke out above the red resistance, line and exploded. Directly, to the 61.8%. Retrace. Comparing. That to today's chart on the left we can see that such a move would catapult, Bitcoin, up towards the 50 to 50 range interestingly. The, current chart shows a few candles, from mid November that formed accumulation. We X off of the 61.8%. Retrace. So. There, is a high probability that, the 618. Will act as initial, resistance when, Bitcoin finally. Makes it up there a quick, glance at the chart on the right shows what, is likely to happen next we, will probably, chop underneath, that level for a while and then explode, above it as Bitcoin, rallies. Up toward the major resistance at 6,000, again, I still, don't think that will happen until later this year but if we start to see price rising, above the 4200. Level I will be quick to pivot on that opinion it is, also noteworthy that. The scales between these two charts are a bit different the, chart on the right took, 300 days, for the inverse head-and-shoulders, to, breakout while, today's chart is only 124. Days into the pattern yet it is similar, in development, so, perhaps, we will see a breakout, that happens, sooner than I had originally anticipated. Either, way until, price gets above that red line we, can expect the sideways, grind between the low for thousands, and the mid three thousands, to continue, I'm, the master of the charts the professor, the legend the king and I go by the name of magic. Au revoir. This, information, is not a recommendation, to buy or sell it is, to be used for educational, purposes only, dot star JD, thanks, for watching the ohio bitcoin comm bitcoin news channel, today we sincerely appreciate, you, spending some of your valuable time with us disclaimer, price, articles, and markets updates are intended, for informational.

Purposes Only, and should not to be considered as trading advice, neither. Ohio. Bitcoin, calm nor the author is responsible. For any losses, or gains has, the ultimate decision. To conduct the trade as made by the reader dot this is not trading, or investment. Advice this. Presentation, is for entertainment and, education, purposes, only please. Do your own research before. Purchasing, or investing, into any cryptocurrency. Always. Remember, that only those in possession, of their own private, keys are in control of their own Bitcoin, if you, enjoyed this type of content, please, smash the like and subscribe buttons, below it helps us to get more views and continues. To spread the word about Bitcoin, BTC, thanks. Again see, you with more Bitcoin. Headline, news and analysis, soon in the, daily crypto. Datafeed. ESV, sale, bit Maine offers closed. IntercontinentalExchange. Has, added new coins to its cryptocurrency, feed. And we've, got the details on this installment, of the daily this, edition, also features, coin checks announcement. That it plans to sell its esv, holdings, and reimburse users, with japanese fiat currency, also, chinese, mining, giant bit Maine has closed its office in Norway also. Read crypto. Pierrots UN's trading, us. Crypto, lobbying, intensifies. Visa, crypto. Job ice, adds more points, to its script occurrence data feed. IntercontinentalExchange. Incorporated. The, Prater of the New York Stock Exchange has expanded. The scope of its I script occurrence, data feed to, cover dozens of new cryptocurrencies. The. Service uses, data from hundreds, of sources in the crypto, space as the platform announced. Earlier this month when, it launched in January, of last year it, was compiling, data from around 15, exchanges. Now, it promises, uses a comprehensive. View of the market that, can help them optimize their digital. Asset trading, the, service is also targeting. Traditional, financial. Institutions. That, want to enter the industry last. Week ice data services, tweeted, a list of the digital, coins that have been included in the data feeds so far among. Them are major cryptocurrencies. Such, as Bitcoin core. BTC. Bitcoin. Cash BCH. Ethereum. F and, little, coin LTC. Totaling. Almost 60, projects, the list also includes elf. Ardor, augur Cardno, basic. Attention, token, bsv. Btg. Pitchers. Bright, 'm cybermiles. Crypto. Calm, - decentraland. Deeply, white doggy coin alas, toes heõs, , ethereum, classic, gasps Gemini.

Dollar Gob, token icon, east Khyber, Network, Liske Metaverse, ETP. Mayo. Tur mithril. Manero nebulas. Nem nail, Odyssey. On the sago, ontology. Paxos, tongue rapport, sire, coin status. Steam, dollars stella tanks, theta, token, tether tron, truest. Asked, coin Vectren, verge, Walt, on chain as cash silica. And 0x. Crypto exchange, coins rector Sal ESV. Holdings, Japanese. Digital. Asset exchange, coin check has announced intentions. To, sell the PSV, holdings, accumulated. As a result of the hard fork of the Bitcoin cash network in November, the, platform, plans to convert the coins to, fiat money and reimburse, its holders with the corresponding. Amounts in Japanese, yen that, will be deposited to their trading accounts, coin. Check explained, in an announcement, quoted, by an crypto, that, the Fiat equivalent, could below within the market price of the coins and noted that a fee will be charged, for yen withdrawals. The exchange. Did not reveal the date and the exact time of the upcoming sale in order to avoid affecting, the market price of the currency, it, also stated, that only bsv, funds, will be sold 'but, main closes, office in norway chinese. Crypto, mining giant bit main has closed its branch in norway only a year after its opening the beijing, headquarted, company, has already terminated. All its operations, in the Scandinavian. Country, and moved its office to Germany at Ko shock reported, quoting, the former Norwegian manager. Of the company Chile, white Berg according. To the executive the, main reason, for the move is the revocation of electricity, subsidies. For mining facilities, in the country in, November, the Norwegian, government decided. That crypto. Based data centers, should pay the full electricity. Rates and taxes, unlike, traditional data, centers the. Publication. Highlights, the controversial, nature of the decision, which attracted, a lot of criticism from. The power and data industry, vide, berg who, has already quit, her job believes, that in the future major mining, plawls will, be concentrated. In China and Russia where, electrical, energy is much cheaper on the, backdrop of falling crypto, prices, bit Maine closed, its Amsterdam, office and suspended. Its operations, in a Texas, based mining, facility, in mid-january, and in, December, the company, shut down its research, and development center in Israel what, are your thoughts on today's news, tidbits, tell, us in the comment section, at Ohio Bitcoin, comm there's a bunch of free helpful services, for. Instance have. You seen our tools page, you. Can even look up the exchange, rate for a transaction, in the past or calculate. The value of your current holdings or, create, a paper, wallet and much. More share, this story Liuba. Matassa no. At our service a journalist, from tech-savvy Bulgaria, which sometimes, finds, itself at the forefront of advances, it cannot easily afford quoting. Hitchens, he says close. Quote being a writer as what am rather, than what I do dot open quote international. Politics, and economics, are two other sources, of inspiration. Thanks. For watching the Ohio Bitcoin, comp Bitcoin news channel today we, appreciate you, spending some of your valuable time with us disclaimer. Price. Articles, and markets updates are intended, for informational. Purposes only, and should not, to be considered as trading advice, neither. Ohio. Bitcoin comm nor the author is responsible. For any losses, or gains as, the ultimate decision, to conduct a trade is made by the reader always. Remember, that only those. In possession of their own private, keys are in control of their own money if you, enjoyed this type of content, please smash the like and subscribe buttons, below.

It Helps us to get more views thanks. Again see. You with more Bitcoin headline, news and analysis, soon. You. To. Island Lee removes Bitcoin support, for channel subscriptions. Ensuring. The mass adoption, of Bitcoin and altcoins, becomes, a reality is an ongoing struggle, while. Some effort has been undertaken. To make something positive, happen, a lot, of companies, have dropped cryptocurrencies, support. As well over the past few years the. Latest company to do so is twitched by the look of things their, bitpay payment. Option, has been removed in the past few days without, any prior warning twitch. Boots Bitcoin, and altcoin, support, a lot. Of people were initially, pleased to see popular, streaming platform, twitch intergrate, cryptocurrency. Payments. By, allowing users, to send tips through Bitcoin and altcoins an important. Step toward, mass adoption, was, taken this, sentiment, was later reinforced. When users could actively pay for twitch channel, subscriptions. In Bitcoin and Bitcoin cash, that. Functionality, is made possible through big pay the, world's, leading major cryptocurrency, payment. Processor. As is, always the case when, a company, integrates support, for Bitcoin and alt coins there, is some concern over the popularity, of this option as has. Been seen across other industries, once the initial hype calms down Bitcoin. And alt coins are used far, less frequently this. Is one of the main reasons, why, multiple, companies removed, Bitcoin, payments, support in recent years it, now appears, twitch has done the same without. Letting their users, and customers know, this change was coming when. Anyone tries to subscribe, to a twitch streamer they, can choose from many different payment, options, the, big pay option, has been removed, from this list although. No one can pinpoint when, this happened, exactly it. Seems this is not a region-based chain either as twitch, users, from different continents. Have, confirmed, this payment option, is no longer available a very, unfortunate, turn, of events, especially. During these bearish, times for all cryptocurrencies. One. Possible, reason why the big pay option, was removed is due, to a lack of overall, interest, although. There will always be a core audience which relies, on this, payment method, cryptocurrencies. Aren't. Necessarily, suited, for subscription-based. Services. More. Specifically. Bitcoin, and other currencies, do not offer native, recurring, payments, support which is rather annoying when dealing with subscription-based. Services. This. May be one of the reasons why. The bitpay integration. Did not work out for twitch in the end as is, to be expected when such a change is introduced, without warning, users in advance the community, feedback is not too positive, by any means a lot. Of reddit users are canceling, all twitch subscriptions. Or are simply shutting down their own streams, because, of this unwelcome, change this. Is a rather normal reaction. Although it remains to be seen if this, will impact witches profitability, in any significant. Way it. Seems unlikely this, will make much of a difference when looking at the bigger picture this. Is another sign of why, cryptocurrencies, are, not ready for mainstream used. By any means, even, though twitch saw merit, in experimenting. With this new form of money the collaboration, didn't, last all that long although. Streamers, can still accept, Bitcoin through coinbase, if they, set up and link their personal, account manually, it seems unlikely Bitcoin. And alt coins will make much of an impact on twitch in the foreseeable, future a very. Unfortunate, development. For this fledgling, industry, but, it was somewhat to be expected, disclaimer. Price, of articles, and markets updates, are intended, for informational. Purposes only, and should not, to be considered as trading advice, neither. Ohio, Bitcoin, comm nor the author is responsible. For any losses or gains as the, ultimate, decision, to conduct a trade is made by the reader dot this is not trading, or, investment. Advice. This presentation, is for entertainment, and education. Purposes, only please. Do your own research before purchasing, or investing, into any, cryptocurrency. Always. Remember, that only those in possession of their own private, keys are in control of their own Bitcoin, if you, enjoy this type of content, please, smash the like and subscribe buttons. Below it helps us to get more views and continues. To spread the word about Bitcoin, BTC. Thanks. Again see. You with more Bitcoin. Headline, news and analysis, soon. You. We, understand, the importance, of security, around private, keys dot the entry of institutions, into the cryptocurrency, sector. Has been an important, point of discussion in the crypto sphere this, reason was the backbone of the hype created, by the entry of fidelity into the world of digital assets, in a recent interview during, the DC blockchain, summit Tom Jessup, the head of fidelity digital, assets, stated, that the organization, had planned to get a foot in the crypto, race for a long time he, revealed that fidelity had hired cryptographers.

And Other officials, earlier to ensure that they were always one step ahead in, the crypto, race Jessup. Stated, that when he joined the company many companies, were getting ready to bring in digital assets, at a time when, the buzz around Bitcoin, was blooming he. Said one, of the main areas of focus is to understand, the current market infrastructure, and to create a roadmap aim to go further by integrating, new technologies, the. Security, around private, keys is another aspect we consider and understand, because, we have been mining Bitcoin, for some time we. Had the DNA earlier, all we need to learn is how to transfer, it Tom, Jessup, also claimed that fidelity had secure locations, in multiple, jurisdictions and. Multiple, cold storages, ie storages. That have never touched a network in the ecosystem. According. To Jessup, fidelity, wants to launch a state-of-the-art, platform. By the end of 2019 he. Also addressed the expectation, that fidelity would conduct of grand launch of the platform, in q1 Jessup, added we will also begin scaling, of the platform, but that is easier said than done the, company needs licenses, and jurisdiction, when earlier the interest was largely around cryptocurrencies, and, native hedge funds, fidelity. Also, commissioned, a study to talk, to many institutions about, crypto, allocations, with an aim to solve the issue of market volatility, in an, earlier interview with CNBC, Jessup. Touched upon the lack of education in the space and said they've approached us wanting to learn which, is an encouraging, sign that's. Not to say that there's a cohort, of people that once they get educated will still have a negative view. You. Bitcoin. Ether. An xrp, weekly market, update March, 28. 2019. The, total crypto market, cap gained 1 billion dollars, for the 7 day period and now stands, at 142. Point four dollars the, top 10 crypto currencies registered, mixed, gains with Cardno, a da a Neos, being the big winners, while, XRP, and stellar xlm, could not escape the red zone at the, time of writing Bitcoin, BTC. Is trading, at four thousand, seventy two dollars while ether, that stands. At, $140. XR. Pees ripple, is at zero point three one one $5. BTC. United, States dollar, Bitcoin. Closed, the trading session on March 21st. 2019. With, a drop to four thousand, forty three dollars the. Move represented. A two percent loss and was the first red candle, on the BitFenix daily. Chart since March 17, the, leading cryptocurrency was, ranging, in the four thousand, sixty eight dollars to four thousand, thirty four dollars owned, on March 22nd. But did not experience, any price changes, at the end of the session the. Weekend of March 23, to 24 started, with a gem to four thousand, sixty three dollars for, BTC. United, States dollar as buyers tried, to keep above the psychological. Level of, $4,000. And maintain, bullish momentum. Commentators. Saw a symmetrical. Move in the opposite, direction on March 24th, when, the pair dropped back down to, four thousand, $40, Bitcoin. Remained, flat for the seven day period the. New week began with a solid, price correction, of 1.7%. The. Pioneer, crypto, coin broke below 4000, dollars and stopped, at three thousand, nine hundred seventy, dollars as, the whole cryptocurrency, market. Was in red on March, 26th. BTC. Managed, to bounce back to three thousand, nine hundred, ninety two dollars as Bulls were not willing to raise the white flag yet. The, corn gained two point five percent on, March 27th. And stormed. Past four thousand, dollars and four thousand, fifty dollars to erase all losses, from the previous three days and closed at. $4,100. The, social, trading, platform, Itoro announced, on March 25th, that had acquired smart, contracts, provider company, for ammo according. To yoni Asha co-founder. And CEO of, the israel-based Exchange this, will help Itoro accelerate. The development, of tokenized, assets, offerings, which he sees as the future of blockchain, based trading products, as reported. In the press release formost. Contract, language called firma Lange can be easily adapted, to work with any blockchain, making it perfect, for creating deploying, financial. Contracts, at the, same time, trongs TRX. Token was added to the Itoro platformed. Making it the 15th cryptocurrency. Available. For trading on march 24th, the, company, announced, the launch of its cryptocurrency, trading. Operations, in the United States. Manager. Continues, to follow the coin beam situation. Yesterday. It, was reported that, a mysterious, maintenance. Message which, according, to some was. A cover-up for a security, breach on the exchange, in an, official, post this morning coin, being denied, the rumors and reassured, users, that their fund safety, by explaining, that the ongoing wallet. Upgrade, was a preventative, measure to enhance, security, after numerous reports.

From Other exchanges. Of recent fun thefts, the, independent. Rating agency, wife's cryptocurrency, ratings. Released, its March report putting, XRP, Chios and Bitcoin, at the top when it comes to adoption levels, and underlying, technology. The, paper named, dark shadows with bright future, listed the outs at the number one spot in a second, table which, takes into consideration risk. And rewards, ratio, and combines. Them with the already, mentioned factors. At the United States dollar, the, ethereum, token, lost, 4.2. Percent of its value on March 21st, and moved, south to 136. Dollars breaking. The uptrend channel it. Managed, to erase some of the losses in the sessions, thereafter and formed, two consecutive, green, candles, on the daily chart to climb back to 139, point four dollars, viii, United, States dollar buyers however. Could, not hold their ground and started, losing positions, on March 24th, when, the pair dropped to one hundred thirty seven point five dollars, it, was one point eight percent down for the seven day period this, decline continued, on March 25th, when, the cordon experienced. A two point one percent correction. At the start of the new week and was once again heading, towards the importance support, level at, $130. On March, 26th. The EFT successfully. Bounced, back from. $135. For the second, time in the last two weeks and moved, to one hundred thirty five point five dollars, from, their Bulls were able to follow up with another solid, green candle, to. $141. On March twenty seventh the, ether price went four point two percent up in its best day since March 25. XRP. United States dollar the, ripple company token experienced. A significant. Drop in price on March 21st, and moved lowered to zero point three one five dollars the, XRP, united states dollar pair, lost three percent, of its value and broke, below the zero point three zero four, dollars to zero point three one seven dollars, price range Carter, it, was trading, as low as zero point three zero eight, dollars, during the day session, the, coin remained, flat on March 22nd. As neither bulls or bears, were able, to take over control the, weekend, of March 23, to 24, started, with a green candle, to 0.316. Dollars. But buyers struggled. To keep one of the most popular, altcoins, in the uptrend channel on March. 24th. XRP. Lost another 1.2. Percent and saw its price sliding, down to 0.3, 1 $1, closing. The week with 2.5%, of, losses, March. 25, brought more problems, to buyers as XRP, continued, its fall this, time to. 0.306. Dollars, and was dangerously, close to the important, level at 30 cents as predicted. On the march 25, XRP, market, report, however, the, is almost perfectly, rebounded. From, 0.30. $5, and formed, a green candle, to. 0.307. Dollars, on March 26th. On March. 27th. The, XRP, United States dollar pair followed, the overall market, direction, and climbed, up to, 0.314. Dollars banco. Santander the, spanish multinational. Commercial, bank mistakenly. Told users, it was using XRP tokens, to perform international. Transfers, the, bank's support, team replied, to a user asking, for more details, in regards to the popular, cryptocurrency, but, caused a Twitter storm instead, they, were quick to correct the message, and clarified. To its customers, it is not using, the XRP but, ripples current, product, dot, for the uninitiated, banco. Santander launched. Their blockchain, based money transfer, service called Santander. 1 pay effects, in April 2018. Dot one of the biggest cryptocurrency. Exchanges. In terms of daily volume qob, announced. It would start offering XRP. Futures, contracts, on its ulb derivative, market, platform. The, weekly bi-weekly, and, quarterly. Contracts. Will be available, for users this on March 29th, thanks. For watching the ohio bitcoin, comm bitcoin, news channel, today we sincerely appreciate, you, spendin

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