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The, full list of cryptocurrencies, can. Be seen on Isis website, our on Twitter it is not clear if the listed cryptocurrencies, will. Be integrated, with backed backed. As specifically, a trading, platform that, will offer Bitcoin, settled, crypto future, contracts, Isis. Data feed simply provides, market, information and can, be used separately the. Two could be used together though, as the feed does include information on crypto, futures, who, can access the data, Isis data feed allows investors, to access, very comprehensive. Information about the crypto, market, however, the, company's, data feed is targeted, at institutions, not at the general public that, means that ice provides, very extensive, data at least compared, to freely, available market, aggregators. Such as can market cap according. To a video from ice its, crypto, data feed can be used by hedge fund managers, index providers. And portfolio. Managers, among, others these, customers, will benefit from greater efficiency, more insight and better, transparency. Presumably. Individual. Clients, of these institutional. Users, will also benefit, just not in a direct way no. News on fact, although, Isis, data feed is thriving backed, itself is still in limbo ice has announced delays multiple, times and backed, is now long overdue by any measure originally. Backed was set to launch on December 12th. 2018. But it was soon rescheduled, for January, 24th, 2019. Back. Then suffered another delay in January, which, put off its release indefinitely, recent. Reports from coin discs suggest, that regulatory backlogs. Stemming, from the government, shutdown are to blame for the most recent delays the, site notes that backs novel, trading model is not helping matters either nevertheless. News. About Isis data feed has made many people hopeful that backed is drawing nearer thanks. For watching the Ohio Bitcoin calm, Bitcoin, news channel, today we appreciate you, spending some of your valuable time with us, disclaimer, price, articles, and markets updates are intended, for informational. Purposes only, and should not, to be considered as trading advice, neither. Ohio bitcoin calm nor the author is responsible. For any losses, or gains as the ultimate decision. Conduct a trade is made by the reader, always, remember, that only those. In possession of their own private, keys are in control of their own money if you, enjoy this type of content, please smash the like and subscribe buttons, below. It helps us to get more views thanks. Again see. You with more bitcoin headline, news and analysis soon. Fidelity's. Crypto, custody, service, goes live for selected customers, fidelity. Digital assets, has launched cryptocurrency, custody. And trade execution services. Currently. It is available, now only for selected, customers, with the customer, base expected, to expand, in the near future, fidelity. Digital assets a new company, that offers, enterprise quality, custody, and trade execution services. For cryptocurrencies, to, institutional. Investors, has announced that its platform, is live selected. Customers, have got access to cryptocurrency, custody. And trade execution operations. While others may have to wait until September we. Are live with a select, group of eligible, clients and will continue rolling, out slowly our, solutions, are focused, on the needs of hedge funds family, offices, pensions.

Endowments. Other institutional. Investors more. On our project. HTTP. Colon slash slash t, KO / EK, j - p w, j t - y numbered, blockchain, fidelity. Digital assets at digital, assets March 7th 2019. Fidelity. Digital assets is a company, established, by fidelity a multinational. Financial, services, corporation, based in Boston Massachusetts and, the fourth largest asset, manager, with two point four trillion dollars, in assets under management as, of December, 2017. The, giant spends 2.5. Billion dollars, per year on technologies. Like artificial, intelligence, and blockchain fidelity. Digital asset services, was set up in October, last year with the aim to provide, cryptocurrency, storage. And trading services, to institutional and. Enterprise, clients the, company targets, institutional. Investors, and works on cryptocurrency, solutions. For commercial space in January. Abigail, P Johnson chairman. And CEO, of fidelity investments, revealed, the company's plans to launch Bitcoin custody, service with ethereum, next and said, that the day launch was set for March the. Promise has turned out to be true and the service is now live however, not, all customers are able to use it according. To Tom Jessup, fidelity, digital assets, head some, customers, were using the platform in January, when, it was in the final testing stage well, for other customers it was March others. May wait until September, Jessup. Explained, it's really, depends, on the facts, and circumstances of, each client it is notable that the service was developed, when the crypto, market, had quite hard times as, Tom Jessup, the last year collapsed, did not have any impact on the launch, he, said if you started a crypto, fund at the height of the market year probably hurting right now moreover. Jessup, believes that despite the bear market interest, in cryptocurrencies, from, institutional. Investors continues, to grow as they are looking for long term investments. But, having a desire to add some form of cryptocurrency, to their portfolios. They do not want to take risk connected, with the volatility, of Kryptos which at the same time provides, trading, opportunities, according. To the research conducted, by fidelity, about, 22%, of institutions, asked already own cryptocurrency. And expect, to double their crypto assets, over five years Jessup. Said if anything they, are as encouraged, now as they were when prices, were higher fidelity. Digital, assets, will provide a perfect solution, for institutional. Investors who wait and see when it comes to investing in Kryptos earlier.

Fidelity, Said our conversations. With a variety of institutions, have served to underscore their clear need for a trusted, platform provider. In order to engage with digital, assets in a meaningful way we. Are committed to exceeding, the requirements and standards of, existing, solutions with both our custody platform, and trading venue providing, a combination, of security, and a central point of market access disrupting. The obfuscated. Nature of trading digital assets, today the. New company will conduct trades, on multiple, exchanges, for these investors, as well as handle custody, and store digital assets, fidelity. Digital assets is one of the first companies to provide, similar services the. Team behind the company is currently, working on improving, various, parts of the platform, and planning, to expand, it's customer-base, in the near future Apple. Co-founder Steve, Wozniak lost, respect for Mark Zuckerberg but not Bitcoin. Wozniak. Calls Bitcoin is something, which has provided massive, value creation. He, admits holding a few bitcoins, for experimenting. With new devices and applications. During. His recent interview with Bloomberg, on, Wednesday, February, the 26th. Apple, co-founder Steve, Wozniak openly. Praised Bitcoin, although. Not at crypto, invest to himself he, said that Bitcoin provides, massive value creation, Steve. Wozniak. Has been a longtime support, forums proponent, of Bitcoin, BTC. Last. Year in June 2018, wasn't. He axe stated that he believes that Bitcoin will be the single native, currency of the globe during. The recent interview, Bloomberg's. Massive game or alt and asked if he continues, with his stand after we've seen massive value destruction. In Bitcoin, responding. To this Wozniak. Said I'm not, sure I can fight that we've seen massive value destruction. I think we've seen massive, value creation. Psychology. Will often, drive market, I never, invested, in Bitcoin, as an investor, I only had Bitcoin to experiment, with and find, out how to buy and sell things around the world and find restaurants. That accept Bitcoin. However, Wozniak. Admits, holding a few Bitcoin, for experimenting. With new devices and applications. He. Also noted, that once he had a lot of bitcoins, which, he sold during the 2017, bull run he. Said when, it went up high I didn't, want to be one of those people obsessively. Watching, the Bitcoin price so, I sold out I don't, know where it is now but, it's way over what I bought it at lost. Respect for Mark Zuckerberg says. Was besides. Bitcoin, Wozniak. Spoke on a range of issues like artificial, intelligence. And combating, data breach issues on the, latter issue wasn't. He except that he lost respect for Facebook, co-founder Mark, Zuckerberg after. Last year's Cambridge, analytic a scandal, the epic data breach had compromised, data from millions of, user. Accounts. One said I lost, a lot of respect for Mark Zuckerberg watching, him speak and answer questions, and supposedly. Taking some steps that are nothing not one little or one penny of Facebook's, income I don't trust that just. Like Facebook, as a popular, social media platforms. Like Twitter are, also facing, similar, data security, challenges, but, Wallace goes to praise Twitter's, chat Dorsey, Flair firts to combat it he, says that I think Jack Dorsey, is doing a lot more than Mark Zuckerberg to correct it besides.

This Wozniak. Favored, introducing. A healthy regulation, in the tech space he. Said regulation. Is good, regulation. Says companies will not do bad things or governments, will not do bad things the United States is way behind Europe, on recognizing. These data privacy, issues last. Year Steve, Wozniak, joined a blocked shame powered, venture capital fund called equi global as its co-founder. Equis, global is an ethereum, based fund that is aimed at allowing investors to, discover examine. And invest in a wide range of new business, opportunities. The, investments, are to be made with a token Kovach were talkin, what, is more investors. Are also able to sell their aquatic ins on external, crypto. Exchanges. At anytime they wish to do it published. At SU 28. February, 20 1910-11. And seven seconds plus zero, zero, zero, zero. What. Outcasts. Hey you can. Teach us about Bitcoin, mass adoption the. Members of outcasts, have parlayed their hip hop careers, into decades-long. Endeavors. That extend, beyond, the music industry. Most. Recently, big boy performed, 2004. One hit the way you move that the Super Bowl alongside. Maroon. 5's Adam Levine, and sleepy, brown the, latter of whom sang, on the original, version while. Reading, Charles Duhigg the power of habit recently. I learned the story of their smash hit hey, EV this, song's unique trajectory to, success, could teach us about blockchain, adoption. I thought, people. Listened to top 40 because, they want to hear their favorite songs or songs that, sound like their favorite songs when. Something, different comes on they're offended they. Don't want anything unfamiliar. In his, book the power of habit, Charles, do have addresses how change makes humans, uncomfortable. He, describes, how hey by, Outkast was projected, to be a massive, success but. Fell short when initially aired it, was later discovered, that, it was so radically, different from, what listeners, were used to, they changed, the station upon, hearing it enter. The sandwich model, this, entailed radio, stations, playing say, a Celine, Dion song. Followed. By Hagen, then another, hit song they.

Sandwiched, A live with well-known and popular songs, of the time hey. You have gained traction and, won many accolades the, story, of Hagen is similar, to the current state of the block Sheen at the, time of writing the, Bitcoin network experienced. 320. 1563, transactions. Over the most recent 24. Hours, for. Comparison. Visa, neck processes, a daily, average of, 150. Million transactions. Dover. The 1839. Decentralized. Applications tracked. By DAPs radar, there are barely. 180,000. Users on a 24-hour, basis. Facebook. A well-known, centralized. Social, media platform. Boasts. A massive, 1.5. Billion daily, active, users, people. Are not adopting, the blockchain after, all perhaps. We, can learn a thing or two from how, a radio station introduced. Halia to its listeners is, sandwich. Inge the blockchain the, answer, let's, take a look at how some projects, sandwich, the blockchain within, familiar, concepts. Helping, them to create a familiar experience for. Their consumers, payment. Solutions, crypto, debit cards and mobile payment, solutions, today, it is still much easier, to spend fiat, money than crypto, despite. That most our mostly, digital 8%. Of cash is digital entering. A public key remember. One mistake could result in loss of funds and waiting, for confirmation that, funds, were received, is neither, sustained, Abell or ideal, when considering, mass adoption. Projects. Such as tanks, and Cardno, are exploring, the realm of crypto debit cards to make payments, fast and easy tanks. Tanks. Created, a dynamic, duo in the form of a crypto wallet, and cart the, tanks Wallet allows users, to send and receive cryptocurrencies. BTC. At LTC. With, other tanks wallet, users the, wallet can be paired with the tanks card which, is accepted, at 42, million online and, offline points, in nearly, 200 countries, users. Are able to easily manage their, funds through their wallet app and allocate. How much will be available, on the tanks cart if the, card is lost or stolen it, can be locked via the app card. On Oh Cardinal. Has also expanded, into the crypto debit card space its. Partnership. With met ups plus gave. Rise to prepaid. Debit cards, in amounts of 100. And 1000. AD a medics. Plus is accepted, at over 40,000. Shops, mobile. Payment solutions. Lob. SDR. Lob. STR, the largest, wallet provider, in the stellar ecosystem. Provides, an easy and secure, way to store send. And receive, lumens, and other assets, on the stellar blockchain. Lob. STR, amongst. Other mobile crypto solutions, sees, itself as a competitor. With centralized, mobile, payment, options, like venmo and Apple pay, solutions. That offer familiar. Means of transacting, like crypto, debit cards and mobile, payment, apps allowed for much-needed portability. And ease of use, consumers. Learned behavior, is left untouched allowing. Them to spend transfer. And receive their crypto just like they would fiat money, existing. App integration, the. DAP ecosystem. Is not pulling in droves of users today's. Decentralized. Applications, commonly. Known as the apps face, a plethora, of issues among. Others taps, generally, provide a poor user interface. And experience, and lack, large active, communities, the, entire data Co system, does not exceed 100. 80000. Users. There is very little to incentivize. Switching, from popular, centralized, alternatives. Digital. Bits digital. Bits a fork, of the stellar blockchain. Integrates. With existing user, applications. And is currently focused, on introducing. Asset tokenization, transfer. And trading, to the multi-billion. Dollar loyalty, in rewards, points sector, the, company, wants to foster, interaction. With blockchain, technology. Whether, the user knows it or not consumer. Behavior, must not need to change the. Protocol, optimizes. The applications. Back-end infrastructure, to bring the benefits of, blockchain, to the user in a familiar way, blockchain.

Is A revolutionary. Technology, but. The DAP ecosystem. Has become more of a developer, playground, than anything else says Michael, licoo digital, bits VP, of Operations we. Need to bring this technology to, the masses in existing. Applications, that, people use every day the. Time for daps will come but we need to lead people there and throwing, them into the dab fire is not the way to go about it cross-border, payments and, remittances. Cross-border. Payments and, remittances, amount to an excess of 20 trillion dollar dollars, in value on an annual, basis, the, infrastructure. Currently, in place to move money globally. Is severely dated, the, current leader of cross-border, payments Swift. Subjects. Users to high fees and can take up to three five days to settle migrant. Workers, lose on average more than 10% in, fees when, sending money back home which, sometimes, forces, them to work a second, job or give, up days off to make up the extra funds these, fees can put a large strain, on families, relying on their relatives, working abroad ripple. Ripple. Addresses, the issues of speed and cost that currently plagued the cross-border payments if, I, want to move money from here, San Francisco, to, London the, fastest, way is to fly there said Brad Garlin, house ripple, CEO, we. Can stream video from the space station but I can't move my own money from A to B especially. For, international payments. But, is also true for domestic, transfers, ripple. Net transactions. Are completed in 3-5 seconds. And cost, mere fractions, of a penny zero. Point oh-oh-oh-oh. 1xrp. Or zero, point ooo oo to nine, united states dollars, at the time of writing ripple. Works directly, with banks, and financial institutions. Consumers. Will not have to interact directly with the technology. But they will benefit from the reductions, in time and cost web. Browsing, users. Generate valuable, information when. They use the apps created by, technology, corporations. The, Amazons, Facebook's. And Google's. Profit, from this users. Receive, no compensation. Google. Currently aggregates. More than 1 billion monthly active users, spread. Across seven, unique products, brave. Browser, brave. Blocks, ads and website trackers, while, paying content. Publishers. 55%. Of the replaced ad revenue, brave. Software. Ad partners, and browser, users, are to be allocated, 15%. Of the revenue, users. Would be able to donate their revenue share to content publishers, through micro payments, brave, is founded, by Brendan, Eich a co-founder. Of javascript, its, native, basic, attention, token that allows. Users to tip websites, and content creators. Metalife. Metal. I a full, web 3.0. Enabled, browser is creating. A portal, for housing and monetizing. Data, that, its browsers, collect, users. Can leverage the ownership of their personal, data life. Coin the, native. If. Areum's, long it it Constantinople upgrade. Has concluded. Will it affect earth future, if areum's, Constantinople. Hard fork which has suffered frequent setbacks. Has, finally, been completed the. Upgrade was executed. At 7:52. P.m. on, February the 28th, that block seven million two hundred and, eighty thousand, the, fork proceeded, uneventful II and no technical issues or, divisions, within the mining community have, been reported, although, the phrase hard fork might evoke a block, split, such as the event that produced. Ethereum classic, in 2016. Most hard folks do not actually have that outcome, since. Constantinople. Z' features, were largely uncontested, the, update, went smoothly as - activated. The new ethereum, software, and its features in unison, low. Remaining, rewards, the, main feature that constantinople. Introduces. As a reduction of block rewards, ethereum. Miners will now receive, a payout of 2f for each block that they mine previously. The reward was 3f per block although. This is something of a sacrifice, for miners this course of action is relatively, conservative and, a gained majority, support, from devs last August, if, areum's reduced, block rewards, are deliberately intended, to discourage mining, as doing, so will reduce the amount of new F that, the mining community generates. This. Will in turn reduce. Inflation, and keep the value of existing at fairly high lower. Mining, incentives, will also, help prepare, for proof of stake consensus. ARCA caspere which will be introduced, in ethereum. 2.0. Although. Lowering rewards, will make mining less profitable, this upgrade does not disincentivize. Miners as much as it could have, constantinople. Actually, delays a difficulty. Bomb that would have made mining, much more system, intensive, and harder to profit from that bomb, has now been delayed for 12 months, allowing, many miners to continue, enjoying profits.

Other, Features, although. Constantinople. X' biggest, change, concerns, mining. Rewards, there are a few other features that are built into the upgrade. Constantinople. Also reduces. The cost of using the ethereum, virtual, machine introduced. As a method for interacting, with the air to be created, addresses, and reduces. Gas costs, for particulate, transactions. Additionally. A second, aetherium upgrade, called saint-petersburg has been carried out alongside. Constantinople. This, update removed, a feature that was discovered to contain re-entrants a bug in january in other, words the, main feature of saint-petersburg, is actually. The absence, of a problem. It effects, major. Upgrades, can cause uncertainty. Among investors, and some commentators, believe, that, this upgrade could cause if areum's market, price to become more volatile. Sebastian. Sinclair at coin desk expects, that based, on previous, Forks, Constantinople. Could influence investment. Activity, for weeks to come overall. It took a total of 34, days for ethers price to break above the sideways channel, after the previous fork occurred so if history, repeats, itself if. The prices may be destined, for a multi unique sideways, trend after the Constantinople. Upgrade takes place other, analysts. Are predicting a, weakening of F's value, or an outright price, crash however. Michael, mauro of Genisys global, trading has suggested, that Constantinople's. Reduced. Inflation, rate could prevent widespread sell, offs among investors, in any, case no, major changes. Have been observed in ethereum market, value so far settling. Down. Constantinople, has finally, succeeded, despite the fact that it has faced numerous delays. First. In october, a denial, of service attack vector, was discovered, immediately. Followed by a test at issue then. In january, the aforementioned Rhian Trancy bug was found these. Issues collectively, pushed, constantinople. Back for several months those. Delays might make constantinople. Seem to be more of a feat than it actually is apart. From a possible, reaction, from crypto, traders, if areum's, trials, and tribulations, seem to be settling down and the changes, to the mining, scheme may soon prove they worth the. Famous, blockchain. Platform, is now another step closer to reaching version. 2.0. Please. Let us know your thoughts on, ethereum and its recent upgrades in the comments, below thanks for. Watching the ohio bitcoin, comp, bitcoin news channel, today we, appreciate you, spending some of your valuable time with us, disclaimer, price. Articles, and markets, updates are intended, for informational. Purposes only, and should not to be considered as trading advice neither. A ohio, bitcoin, comm nor the author is responsible. For any, or gains as the ultimate, decision, to conduct a trade is made by the reader, always, remember, that only those in possession of their own private, keys are in control of their own money if you, enjoyed this type of content, please smash the like and subscribe buttons, below it helps us to get more views thanks. Again see. You with more Bitcoin headline, news and analysis soon. Branded case brings military, tech to Bitcoin wallet, protection, Bitcoin. Management, startup khasinau, offers, a full suite of sipping, devices, revealed. Exclusively. To Coyne desk Kasich, just rolled out Faraday, bags for Hardware cryptocurrency, wallets. Protective. Cases made to block electronic, signals often associated, with remote, wiping or alteration, of the data stored on hardware, devices we. Didn't see anyone else providing. A good enough case so. We went to the extreme and found, a pro in the market and designed this together casa CEO, Jeremy, Welch told Coyne desk via email, he, added we wanted something that would protect the device from a wide variety of potential, risks water, dust, etc and, also, anything electronic, wireless, signal, GPS. Bluetooth any, kind, of radio signal, all the way up to and including any, potential, impact romantic. Pulse blasts, Welch. Says hundreds of platinum, and diamond casa members, paying upwards of. $1,800, a year have, already received the cases as exclusive, perks meanwhile. Up to one thousand Lightning node buyers are eligible, to get waterproof, Faraday, bags - if they claim the gold membership, associated. With each node the startup, offers, branded, hardware wallets, in addition to the Faraday bags key, management, mobile apps the, above-mentioned nodes, and other services, related, to self custody, Bitcoin, storage, the, protective, case manufactured.

In Partnership, with bug blocking, bag makers, silent, pocket can fit up to two devices along with cords up, until this point most, Faraday, bag manufacturing. Has been for military and law enforcement clients. However, a tech digital forensics. Software, developer, Matthew Huber, whose company, sells up to ten thousand units of year to such clientele, told, coin desk he's seen a recent uptick in demand from privacy conscious survivalists. Who want to shield their devices from geo low in tracking. And hackers Huber. Said the bags are the best defensive, technology, on the market with regards, to dangerous, power surges, and explosions, even. So he added there is still a great deal of research needed to better understand, electronics. In war zones some, people are concerned about him he said it would cause electromagnetic. Interfere, that could damage the product the, bag would help protect against that although we don't have any guarantee, there's, not really a whole lot of information about him as such. Casas, Welch said his team of roughly twenty employees will continue, researching, and improving the tools they provide clients interested, in self sovereign, Bitcoin management, plus, Casa collaborates. With several, device manufacturers. Across its offerings, including. Hardware wallet makers trees err and ledger to protect clients from supply chain attacks specific, to any device this. Is about a full experience Welch said we, are looking to improve on that every year so that people will want to keep resub, scribing, and continue. Being a part of cosa speaking. To Casas broader mission Welch said the start-up wants to make key management and a note in every home accessible, to all he. Added if we can achieve that we can totally rebuild the internet thanks, for watching the ohio bitcoin, comm, bitcoin, news channel, today we appreciate you, spending some of your valuable time with us disclaimer. Price, articles, and markets updates are intended, for informational. Purposes only, and should not, to be considered as trading advice, neither, ohio. Bitcoin, calm, nor the author is responsible. For any losses or gains has, the ultimate decision, to conduct a trade is made by the reader always. Remember, that only those. In possession of their own private, keys are in control of their own money if you, enjoy this type of content, please smash the like and subscribe buttons, below. It helps us to get more views thanks. Again see. You with more bitcoin headline, news and analysis soon, in, the daily mount, cox claims, crypto. Derivatives, facebook. Vacancy, Swiss, Regulations, mount. Cox rehabilitation. Trust enob Yuki Kobayashi, has reviewed, the claims filed by the exchanges. Creditors, and we've included his announcement, in the daily also. Caspian. Launches, crypto derivatives, trading in partnership. With terabit, Facebook. Is looking to hire a blockchain a lawyer and Swiss, lawmakers, have tasked, the federal government, with adapting, existing regulations, to cryptocurrencies. Also. Read coins at kiosks. Micro, payment solutions, token, launchpad GPU. Inventory, mount. Trusty completes, review, of claims the, rehabilitation. Trustee, in the mount case knob Yuki Kobayashi, has, completed, the review of the claims filed, by the users, of the hacked exchange, according. To an official announcement. Kobayashi. Has approved or disapproved the, claims of the creditors concerning. Their rights to, ask for the return of their funds from mount GOx and submitted. The respective, statements, to the Tokyo, District, Court the, English translation. Of the document, dated, March 19, reveals. That in the coming days the trustee, will inform the claimants, of the results, of his review, users. Who have filed their claims through the online filling, system hosted. On the mount Cox website, will be able to check the results, by logging, into their accounts, other creditors, will be notified, of the approval, or disapproval, of, their rehabilitation claims.

Via Email. Caspian, launches, crypto derivatives, trading, asset. Management, platform. Caspian, which, works with institutional. Investors, has, announced it's now offering, options and futures crypto, trading, the, new services, will be provided through, an integration. With the crypto derivatives, exchange, terabit, caspian. Clients, will have access to financial instruments. Based on bitcoin core BTC. And ethereum. Perpetual. Crypto swaps will also be available, according. To a press release Caspian. Connects, to the durable platform, via an API, that, supports, high volumes, with low latency, providing. Traders, and investors with. Access to the exchanges. Full options, order book, representatives. Of the company noted that no fee will be charged, on deposits. And withdrawals of. Funds from the platform, clients. Will be offered, leverage, up to 100, ex Facebook, to hire lawyer experienced. In blockchain, social. Media giant Facebook has. Recently announced a vacancy, for a legal expert with, blockchain, experience. According. To the ad the future LED commercial, counsel will be expected, to support, the company's new initiative, in the development, of blockchain, applications. You. Will be responsible. For drafting and negotiating a. Wide variety, of contracts. Related, to our blockchain, initiatives, including. Partnerships, needed to launch new products, and expand, such products, internationally, details. The job posting, published, this week on Facebook's, website, the, lawyer will also advise clients on the legal risks, related, to commercial transactions. In general, operations, although the. Announcement. Does not explicitly, mention digital. Assets, or cryptocurrencies. Experience. With blockchain, or payments, technology, is among the minimum qualifications. Candidates. Are required to have they, should also have prior experience in, dealing with the legal issues arising from blockchain. Applications. And payment systems, Swiss. Law makers want crypto. Regulations. The. Federal Assembly, Switzerland's. Legislature. Has approved, a proposal, to, task the alpine nations government, with adapting, the existing, provisions, and procedures. Used by the judicial. And administrative authorities. So, that they can be applied to cryptocurrencies. The. Motion, filed by Giovanni, merlini a member, of the Swiss Parliament was, approved in a 99 to 83, vote with only 10, abstentions. According. To an announcement published. On the Assembly's, website, merlini, insisted. On the importance, of closing, the gaps in the protection, against, abuse in the crypto space the, lawmaker, noted, that cryptocurrencies, could, be issued to anyone, via decentralized. Peer-to-peer, networks. And warned that many of them are anonymous this. In his opinion, favors, extortion. In money laundering the. Federal Council the, Swiss central government. Is now expected, to clarify how the risks, can be contained, and whether, entities, operating crypto. Trading, platforms. Should be subjected to supervision, by the country's, financial, watchdog. Fin, ma what. Are your thoughts on today's news tidbits, tell, us in the comments, section, at Ohio, Bitcoin, comm, there's a bunch of free helpful services, for, instance have, you seen our tools page, you, can even look up the exchange, rate for a transaction, in the past or, calculate. The value of your current, Holdings or, create, a paper wallet and much. More thanks. For watching, the ohio bitcoin comm bitcoin news channel today we appreciate you, spending some of your valuable, time with us disclaimer, price, of articles, and markets updates, are intended, for informational.

Purposes Only, and should not, to be considered as trading advice, neither. Ohio. Bitcoin, calm nor the author is responsible. For any losses, or gains as the, ultimate, decision, to conduct a trade is made by the reader, always. Remember, that only those. In possession of their own private, keys are in control of their own money if you, enjoy this type of content, please smash, the like and subscribe buttons, below. It helps us to get more views thanks. Again see. You with more bitcoin, headline, news and analysis, soon is Morgan. Stanley following, fidelity, by forming, new crypto, initiatives, photo, morgan. Stanley, facebook, fidelity. Recently, entered the crypto markets, and is providing, digital assets, custodial. Services, to users just. For a reminder, fidelity. Digital, assets, a company. That offers enterprise. Quality, custody, and trade not execution. Services, for cryptocurrencies to, institutional. Investors, has, announced that its platform, is live, selected. Customers, have got access, to cryptocurrency, custody. And trade execution, operations. While, others may have to wait until september, sources. Close to morgan stanley suggest, that their clients, are growing impatient with, the seemingly, endless wait, for a crypto, option, they, also said, that a small percentage, of the company's, clients are always inquiring. About their foray into, digital assets, Morgan. Stanley's, archrival Goldman. Sachs has been more open about its investments. In cryptocurrency, sector. It is already invested. In bit going circle, while Stanley, hasn't made any significant. Moves in the sector yet the, retrogressive. Market, noise the. Cryptocurrency, industry. Has suffered from various setbacks, including the persistent, bearish trend that lasted, throughout 2018. Also. The reason government, shutdown, is accused, of causing various, delays in this new market, including, the postponement. Of the backed launch, amidst. All this undesirable, noise. It seems, like developments. In the blockchain and crypto. Industries, have not slowed down so far, abacus. Journal writes of how Goldman, Sachs led investments. Position, the firm to quickly scale, up once the regulatory, landscape is, clear and defined they, say that Morgan Stanley hasn't. Made those any in-kind, investments. That match Goldman's, and clients, and brokers have been grumbling about it but, there may be some, hopes according, to two sources, Morgan. Stanley leadership, is enamored, with the path that, fidelity, is taking and believe, they can take the same path and fashion. It to be of interest to the firm's largest, institutional. And, UHMW. Clients, are we behind yes. That, really can't be disputed at this point said. The first source near the top of a communications. Org chart at Morgan Stanley he. Added but that won't be the case once, we commit to a particular, strategy we. Believe we are well positioned when, the time is right a second. Source closer to the broker rank said the word we hear is that leadership, finds, the fidelity model, for crypto appealing, and that, could be the way it goes down here whatever.

Strategy. They choose it needs to come quickly we. Are getting asked about it daily it, does seem like clients. That are aware of Bitcoin in particular, see it as digital gold that. Phrase has popped up often with you hnw clients. To, market, watchers, point to Morgan Stanley as a buying opportunity, saying. The stock looks good from a technical and fundamental standpoint. Strategic. Wealth partners, mark temper beliefs the bull market is in its final innings, and Morgan, Stanley has, diverse revenue, streams that will hold up even if the economy slows, he. Said with Morgan Stanley you, know we have a company, that has M&A exposure, which is good and because. We're in this slow growth economy. Right now where. Companies, are an acquisition. Mode to fund further growth M&A. Is good like. Tipper insta, nets Frank, capillary says that, Morgan Stanley is the most attractive financial. Stock, at current levels although. He too is not pounding the table on this trade he, notes that the stock has been firmly in a downtrend, over the last year, shedding, more than 30% since, its recent, high last March the stock, has been through this before I point. To the ten-year chart we, see from, 2009. To 2012, the stock was down 70 percent and then from 2015, to 2016, another. 50 percent whole. Time it was able to make higher lows on a long term basis. And those, rallies, coincided. With relative, strength versus, the XLF, he explains. Crypto. Industry, execs this Bitcoin bear market is the best yet as much, as some like to sugar-coated the crypto market has lost 85, percent of its value since the jaw-dropping early, 2018 peak, this, collapse which pushed Bitcoin, from $20,000. To $4,000. Has effectively, stopped the cryptocurrency gravy. Train dead in its tracks gone. Are the days that blockchain. Was a popular, word at the dinner table as mainstream. Media outlets the CNBC, Fast Money segment in particular. Have slowed their coverage to a near halt more. Likely than not retail. Investors, who no think Bitcoin is nothing but a distant memory on Moss have removed can market cap from their bookmarks lists purged, their coin base and line ins accounts, and unfollowed, cryptos most eccentric commentators. On Twitter but, some, argue that this industry is stronger, than ever far, from the worst Bitcoin, bear market, at, tlk Heon 20:49 Hong, Kong's premier, crypto, event news book was lucky enough to sit down with some of the industry's leading insiders, and executives, in the handful. Of interviews, a common, theme emerged the ongoing, crypto, winter is far from the worst ever, Charlie, Lee the creator of little coin told, us that while the drop in cryptocurrencies, percentage-wise. Is, similar to that seen in 2014. To 2015. Now stake holders are sure that this industry will not dropped off the face of the earth he. Elaborated, during, the last bear market, I remember, it got to a point where people just didn't think that it was going to come back people. Just weren't optimistic about, the price at the time now. I think we haven't gotten to that point yet and maybe we might not go there this time which, will be great, related.

Reading Exclusive. What little cohen founder Charlie Lee thinks will drive crypto, adoption, interestingly. Others. That spoke to us made near identical remarks. Liske, smacks core deck explained, that in the previous cycle many, were telling investors to pack your bags and say, your goodbyes, this, time however there's, bonafide development, instead, of a sense of pure capitulation. Core, deck adds that believe it or not he, believes that there is more blockchain, development, right now than any other point in this industry's, decade-long, history. Economics. Wise activity, wise, and, sentiment. Wise the, last one was much much, worse, Pascal. Gauthier of Ledger who once claimed that, he wouldn't be surprised, to see another 18, to 24, months of what he calls nuclear, winter, was in the same exact, boat as core deck and Lee Gauthier. Tells news that, 2015, - 2016, was, much like nuclear crypto, winter meaning, that nobody wanted to touch Bitcoin, with a ten-foot, pole at the time financial. Institutions, purportedly, believed that the crypto currency was evil drug, money and all those other things this. Time however it, is just a winter as everyone, is eagerly awaiting a spring then finally, a summer in closing. The self-proclaimed. Chain agnostic, crypto entrepreneur, stated and everyone, including, institutions. Is just, building infrastructure, in tech to prepare for the eventual shift, there are many things coming that are much bigger than crypto, itself and large institutions. Are working on this they're, not alone in their buoyant sentiment, outside. Of Tok an 2049, other crypto, pundits, are also sure that this cycle isn't anything game ending, for this budding ecosystem. Because, that's the thing it's budding not shrinking, fundamentals, wise related. Reading BK, cm CEO crypto. Winter coming to an end as Bitcoin fundamentals. Turn positive in an, interview with Bloomberg TV. Spencer, Bogart, of blockchain, capital, explained, that there's an actual argument, to be made that, bitcoin, is currently the world's most, compelling asset, Bogart. Explained, that while BTC, is unlikely to establish, new all-time highs in the next few months this, nasan space is still rife with innovation, talent, and capital. The, prominent, crypto investor, explained, that the levels of entrepreneurial. Talent, and institutional. Interest hasn't seeded, with the price he. Added this industry, hasn't slumped, at all really we operate a fund that invests in, both digital assets, and companies themselves and we see more higher quality, companies come into our offices, every day behind. The scenes when you think of the macro-environment. With rising, debt levels money, printing the tension between nationalism. And globalism, and jurisdictional. Competition, there's a strong case to be made that, bitcoin, is the most compelling, asset, in the world right now even. News box Joseph Young has expressed, optimism, in these dreary times on Twitter. Joseph explained, that while many investors, are worried about a fully fledged winter, where as absolutely.

Every Entity in the crypto space will get hit even harder stake, holders are still pushing ahead as the. Analyst explained, companies. Are building and expanding very rapidly I, think. Many investors, were worried about a full-fledged, crypto, bear market, because developer, activity, market, interest and the rate of building infra and drop massively, this. Bear market so, far has, exceeded, expectations. Companies. Are building and expanding very rapidly, Joseph. Young a DM Joseph young March, 12th 2019. But could. This session of building just be the calm before the storm, Travis. Kling sure thinks so the, former Wall Street investor, who has become the head of a Morgan Creek backed crypto, hedge fund once took to social media forums calling, for more pain cling, a self-described. Libertarian. Noted, that if Bitcoin is to eventually, see a resurgence the, current array of shortcomings, including, the countless layoffs, exchange, collapses, stringent. Regulation, and cries, that crypto is dead, will be just the tip of the proverbial iceberg, thanks. For watching The Ohio Bitcoin, calm, Bitcoin, news channel, today we sincerely appreciate, you, spending some of your valuable time with us disclaimer, price, articles, and markets updates are intended, for informational. Purposes, only and should not to be considered as trading advice neither. Ohio. Bitcoin calm nor the author is responsible. For any losses or gains has, the ultimate decision, to conduct the trade is made by the reader dot this is not trading, or investment. Advice this. Presentation, is for entertainment, and education, purposes, only please. Do your own research before. Purchasing, or investing, into any cryptocurrency. Always. Remember, that only those in possession, of their own private, Keys are in control of their own Bitcoin, if you, enjoyed this type of content, please, smash the like and subscribe buttons below it helps us to get more views and continues. To spread the word about Bitcoin, BTC, thanks. Again see, you with more Bitcoin. Headline, news and analysis soon. How. Balor is focused, on Bitcoin and crypto, to, grow its tech industry, the, belorus government, used the growing popularity, of Bitcoin, as a tool to boost its technology, sector, reported. Sunette the, media agency, collected, quotes from people who were working closely with Bella Rouge and President Alexander Lukashenko, in, drafting, tech friendly, laws one, of them was a lawyer named Dennis oleynikov, who, helped, the government draft, a bill that, would make foreign companies, to receive tax benefits, in Belarus he, told Snape that president, Lukashenko, wanted. To boost Belarus, as a global technology hub. But, their oil and the gas dependent, economy, didn't have a budget to run a viral, campaign so. They came up with a plan and to, Bitcoin boom the, entrepreneurs. Close to president, Lukashenko, suggested. Using Bitcoin and bitcoins popularity. To promote Belarus's, tech sector in December. 2017. At the height of the crypto, boom president, Lukashenko, signed, a decree that gave foreign tech companies, unlimited, access to belorus tax-free, climate, the, order enforced, 36, types of tax exempt activities, for tech companies until. 2049, there's, zero percent v80 zero. Percent, corporate, profit, tax customs. Duty, offshore, Duty, income, tax for foreign entities, tax, on sales of shares of, high-tech park, and zero, tax on revenues, of foreign companies mid, treaty Tov the press secretary, of the Belarusian, high-tech part holds net helped. By the decree the ICO industry, also gained legal, status in the region they, could now issue tokens. Facilitate. Bit coin and crypto trading. And run mining, enterprises under. A tax-free, structure, which would expire in 2023. Cutting-edge. Technology. Is a very, nice marketing, instrument, for a little country explained.

Elena Cough we, decided, that it would be good for belorus to, be the first country, to make smart contracts. Legal, shady. Companies, approved by, lacks regulations. Global. Regulators, had and continue, to have severe. Concerns, about how the ICO, industry, operates at, ideation. Status, crypto. Startups, would go on and raise millions of, dollars via, tokenized, public, funding but, in the end a majority. Of them failed to turn up with a working, project as a, result, over, 85%, of, ICO projects, failed and their investors, underwent massive losses, reported, Bloomberg. These, losses further, pushed the cryptocurrency, industry. And one of its most extended, bearish, phases, so. There, is a possibility, that belorus, despite, its noble intentions. Unknowingly. Allowed shady, companies, to operate smoothly. A recent. Example somewhat, points, in the same direction, relaxed. Development, a cryptocurrency, enabled. Real estate startup, recently. Received an operational. License from the belorus authorities. At, the same time the, firm was facing, allegations of, insider trading, by its community, a redditor. Alleged their, CMO was, caught in manipulating. The community, which allowed him to accumulate. Tilda 4%. Of the total supply of owner Alex when. Confronted, the team deflected, and pushed this situation. Off to the side months, went by and as more investigating. Was done more, light was brought to the table by, seeing the damage that cm o did, by using alt accounts, on telegram, the. Issue was, brought up again and at the beginning of December the, CMO stepped. More, info, available on this and this link boom, is boom a few. Bad examples. Do not necessarily make. Belarus, a hotbed, for poor projects, just. Recently Belarus, approved currants calm, a tokenized. Securities, exchange, which raised eight million, dollars, investment, from loanable ventures, and VP Capital, the trading, platform allows, crypto, investors, - but, tokens, that are linked with stocks on NASDAQ, exchange at. The same time there, are blockchain. Solutions. Firm like intellect, surfed and smart and pro working as third-party developers. For innumerable, crypto, projects, around the globe, independent. And popular, blockchain, projects. Like openledger Dex cop pay deepens, quorum, are also hail from Belarus's high-tech park with. Its friendly, regulations. The, park has also attracted. Companies, sectors other than crypto, there. Include firms from machine learning. Telecommunications. Space, robotics. And Information Security over. 260. Companies, entered belorus in 2018. Leading, to an increase in software, exports. Bring, the sector one point four, billion dollars, in FY, 2018. That. Earnings were 38%. More than the previous year thanks. For watching the Ohio Bitcoin, comp Bitcoin news channel, today we, appreciate you, spending some, of your valuable time with us disclaimer. Price. Articles, and markets updates are intended, for informational. Purposes only, and should not, to be considered as trading advice neither. Ohio, Bitcoin comm nor the author is responsible. For any losses, or gains as, the ultimate decision, to conduct a trade is made by the reader always. Remember, that only those. In possession of their own private, keys are in control of their own money if you, enjoy this type of content, please smash the like and subscribe buttons. Below. It helps us to get more views thanks. Again see. You with more Bitcoin headline, news and analysis soon. Probing. Colorado, governor, signs cryptocurrency, friendly. Bill Jared. Paulus the governor of Colorado has. Signed a cryptocurrency friendly. Bill exempting, digital tokens from state securities, laws if, their primary, purpose is as a consumptive, Colorado. Digital, token Act in November. Bitcoin, is reported, that US representative. Jared Paulus who is a known cryptocurrency, and, blockchain advocate. Became, Colorado's. Governor on March. 6th, Teresa Sur Act said that paulus has signed Colorado's, digital token Act the, Act is supposed to enter into effect on August 2nd, 2019. And it aims to cement the state's position as a hub for companies, and entrepreneurs that. Seek to utilize cryptic, anomic, systems to power blockchain. Technology, based business, models the bill outlines, the uncertainties, companies, face when buying selling, and even, issuing their own cryptocurrencies. It. Also exempts, certain digital. Tokens from state securities, regulations. Exciting. Day for number, blockchain, technology. At, kvass, co @ dreadful, assigned the number digital, token act today with key legislators, attorney, general a tweezer, and number, colorado cabinet, members patty Salazar, with at Dora Colorado, at, Betsy, Markey with edit and at Teresa Surikov, added Colorado pick,, era, load P Teresa.

Suruc At Teresa, suruc March 7th 2019. Exemptions. Based on purpose, Colorado's. Digital token Act will effectively exempt, cryptocurrencies, from. State securities, laws if the primary purpose, of the digital token is a consumptive, purpose. Additionally. The law is clearly, addressing, the ICO fundraising, model it, stipulates. The tokens issued through a crowdfunding. Campaign of, the kind will be exempt, from securities, regulations. If the issuer of the digital token markets, the digital token to be used for a consumptive, purpose, and does, not market, the digital token to be used for a speculative, or investment, purpose therefore. Digital. Tokens will be subjected to securities, regulations. If they are used for speculative, or investment, purposes. The law also outlines, how, exemptions, will be granted for, the document, each issuer, of a digital token shall file a notice of intent with the Securities, Commissioner, before, he can qualify, for an exemption what. Do you think about Colorado's. Digital token Act do, you think regulation, is needed for cryptocurrencies, to, recover and thrive don't, hesitate to let us know in the comments, below dot, thanks for watching the Ohio Bitcoin, calm Bitcoin, news channel, today we appreciate you, spending some of your valuable time with us, disclaimer, price articles, and markets updates are intended, for informational. Purposes only, and should not to be considered as trading advice neither. Ohio. Bitcoin calm nor the author is responsible. For any losses, or gains has, the ultimate decision, to conduct a trade is made by the reader always. Remember, that only those. In possession of their own private, keys are in control of their own money if you, enjoy this type of content, please smash the like and subscribe buttons, below, it helps us to get more views thanks. Again see. You with more Bitcoin, headline, news and analysis soon. Hello. Cutie-pie. Ethereum. FS vigilic view turin many, products, like noose tablet, coins and brave browser, are positives. For ecosystem. The, progress, in the world of cryptocurrencies. According. To many users, has. Been measured by the charts, and the prices, of individual, coins in, the recently, concluded token. 20:49 conference, many, proponents, of the space gave, their perspectives. On where the crypto sphere will go in the future and about the latest updates from the crypto space the. Roster, of speakers, at the conference included. Vigilic butyrin, the co-founder, of ethereum at charles, Hoskinson. The co-founder, of Cardno, a da as well as bil bar hid the chief executive, officer, CEO of, abre a popular, cryptocurrency, wallet. Vitalik. Butan, stated, that aside from the technicalities. Of the field of cryptocurrencies, there. Were a lot of things happening, in the ecosystem. Which were really positive and encouraging the. Ethereum, co-founder, pointed, out that many cryptocurrency. Exchanges. Merging, stab LaPointe's, and cryptocurrency. Related. Browsers, were paving the way for a faster, and more reliable. Crypto, sphere butor and also mentioned, the brave browser, as well as operas decision, to integrate, ethereum, wallets, into the browser the. Brave browser, gives users the option of earning basic, attention, token, back for browsing websites like, Vimeo in The Guardian the.

Browser Recently. Announced, that the preview, of ads developer, channel, had entered the second, phase of development with, an announcement, that read with today's developer, channel, update, version, 0.6. 3.4. Testers. On OS X Linux, and windows in x64, with 32-bit, x86. To. Follow shortly we'll start to see the ads they are viewing being counted, ad notifications. Received, on the brave rewards, settings, page accessible, through brave rewards. Charles. Hoskins, and also up hind on the current bear market, and claimed, that success, takes time he, stated success. In the field takes time and it won't be instant it will take Atlas three to four years we, are out of the building phase and are in the development, phase right, now what. Is bizarre is that we have been a launched product, for a long time now and are aiming to go from a federated, system, like ripple to a fully decentralized, system. We, are aiming to become 100. Times more decentralized. Than Bitcoin and 50, times more decentralized, than, heõs thanks. For watching the ohio bitcoin, comm bitcoin, news channel today we, appreciate you, spending some of your valuable time with us disclaimer, price, of articles, and markets updates, are intended, for informational. Purposes only, and should not to be considered as trading advice. Neither. Ohio. Bitcoin, comm nor the author is responsible. For any losses or gains as the, ultimate decision, to conduct a trade is made by the reader, always. Remember, that only those. In possession, of their own private, keys are in control of their own money if you, enjoy this type of content. Please smash, the like and subscribe buttons, below. It helps us to get more views thank. See. You with more Bitcoin, headline, news and analysis, soon. The. Pitfalls, of using kin market, caps prices, as a novice crip to investor, the, crypto, set price Data Platform kin, market, cap is not only the go-to platform. For digital, asset prices, but, remains one of the most visited, websites, on the Internet, while, cane market, cap CMC. Has, managed to play a vital role in introducing. Cryptocurrencies. To. New investors, since the early days of the altcoin market the platform, has increasingly, commander, scrutiny, for its lack of professionalism.

And Questionable, business practices a. Problematic. Pricing. Methodology, those. Who have been in crypto, for longer, than 5 minutes know, not to trust kin market, caps prices, the, main reason, for this is it's problematic, pricing. Methodology, to. Calculate, the asset, prices, you see on its platform kin, market, cap takes a volume weighted average, of market pair prices, the, rationale, for using a weighted average is because in general markets. With higher volume, have, higher liquidity and are less prone to price, fluctuations. While. CMC. Does state that it excludes exchanges. If the exchanges, price does not seem indicative, of a free market price the, platform, seems to happily accept all exchanged, later fees as they come seemingly, without, conducting due diligence, on the legitimacy, of the trading platforms, data sources, several. Exchanges that, can market, cap includes, for its data feed our small unregulated. Exchanges. Whose data integrity, is more than questionable, the, volume of any cryptocurrency, is the total spot trading, volume reported, by all exchanges. Over the last 24, hours for that cryptocurrency, the, company states on its website kin. Market, cap does mention, though, that it refrains from using volume data if an exchange, does not enforce, the trading, fee or otherwise, offers, significant. Incentives. To trade on the market pair however. This, does not even come close to filtering out all exchanges. That engage in washed trading hence. CMC's. Volume, data is far from representative. Of an assets, available liquidity. It, has been reported on numerous occasions, that many did all asset exchange, volumes, are not representative. Of an assets, real trading, activity, and thus. Its actual, liquidity, the, blockchain. Transparency. Institute has recently published, a report highlighting, this issue therefore. Since. CMC. Puts, more weight on prices, from exchanges. With the highest trading, volumes which, are often falsified. The prices, on the platform, cannot, give an accurate representation, of the price level of crypto, sitter's actually, trading, an unfortunate. History of promoting scams while, cane market, camps history of promoting cryptocurrencies. Counts, through banner ads may not have many implications, on the quality of its data feed it would suggest that, the company's leadership ethics. Are questionable, as castle. Island ventures, partner, Nick Carter highlighted. In a blog post kin. Market, cap has run ads for cryptocurrencies, Krantz, bit connect its connect and bit petite for which the company has been paid handsomely at the expense of unwitting, investors, who eventually, lost money, moreover, kin, market, cap pranked bit connect in its top ten cryptocurrencies, in, July 2017. When, the market value of the BCC, coin, merited, an entry, the, issue however, was, that the day to use to calculate, BCC's, market, capitalization. Came predominantly. From the Ponzi scheme zone exchange, day t feed myth. 7 kin, market, cap hosted, by connect banner ads, for five months, it was, actually, six -. Nick Carter at Nick underscore, underscore Carter. Made the fourth, 2018. Despite. Warnings, from notable, community, members, kin, market, cap did not Delos BCC. And continued. To rank it among the most valuable coins, in the market, additionally. Even after bit Connect collapsed, its fraudulent coin, was still being priced on kin market, cap for another six months a lack, of coin due diligence, the, kin market, cap bit connect story also, highlights, the issue of the platform's, complete, lack of due diligence for the digital currencies. And tokens, it lists while, one may argue that, the crypto, set markets are the pinnacle of free markets and that any tradable. Seht deserves to have its price listed, the reality, is that retail investors, often with little to no investment. Knowledge go, on to Kin market, cap to discover new investment, opportunities, by. Listing, effectively, every tradable, digital, asset regardless, of how do you piss it maybe kin market, cap is facilitating. Potentially. Fraudulent cryptocurrency. Projects. By introducing, them to potential. Investors, the. Number of scan coins that have come and gone and have been listed on CMC. Are in the dozens if not hundreds. CMC. Has seemingly made little to no effort to filter, out assets, that, have a high potential, of turning out to be scams, use. Can market, cap with care kin. Market, cap is an excellent platform if you want a quick and dirty snapshot. Of whether market roughly, is however. Using, kin market, camp prices to make trading decisions, or worse. To, price financial, instruments, or value portfolios. Means opening, yourself, up to an added layer of risk kin, market, camps shortcomings. Are perhaps most pronounced, when it comes to small cap crypto, suits whether, price listed, on CMC.

Is Regularly, far away from where you can actually, trade the asset especially, if you are looking to trade more than a few hundred dollars, the, current pricing, methodology, deployed, by kin market, cap combined, with its lack of due diligence makes, the platform unusable. For serious investors, hence, it is not surprising that, a range of new crypto, set price data platforms, have launched, in the last few years as financial. Institutions are, searching. For trustworthy, pricing, to build new cryptocurrency, based. Financial, products, and solutions kin. Market, cap remains the go-to crypto. Pricing, source for retail investors and, this is unlikely, to change soon the. Platform's, first mover, advantage has, enabled it to establish itself as an authority, despite, its evident shortcomings. For, the sake of new investors, entering, the space commentators. Can only hope that CMC. Cleans, up, its act and improves, the quality of the data it provides on its platform want. To see accurate, up to the nanosecond cryptocurrency. Pricing, that is faster, than kin market, cap visit. Our sponsor at Ohio Bitcoin comm thanks. For watching this has been the Bitcoin crypto, currency, market top ten report, today is sponsored by Ohio Bitcoin, comm we appreciate, you spending a bit of your valuable, time with us we broadcast numerous. Times throughout the day so stay tuned. Disclaimer, price. Articles, and markets updates are intended, for informational. Purposes only, and should not to be considered as trading advice neither. Ohio. Bitcoin dot-com, nor the author is responsible. For any losses or gains as, the ultimate decision, to conduct a trade is made by the reader always. Remember, that only those. In possession of their own private, keys are in control of their own money if you, enjoyed this type of content, please smash the like and subscribe buttons, below. It helps us to get more views thanks. Again see. You with the next up to the nanosecond edition. Of the bitcoin crypto, currency, market top 10 crypto, report, bitcoin. Is creating, a better banking, system for a better world the, core banking system sucks, it sucks for everyone but it sucks more if you are poor or live under a dictatorship. Technology. Allows us to build a better core banking model by, core banking I mean, deposits. And loans in the real economy not. Just transferring. Value between, users, or creating, synthetic financial. Products, here. Is the formula for a better banking, model matched. Funding, deposits, loans plus, insurance, plus. Locked, Shane technology. This, will help reduce inequality. Combat. Authoritarianism, and, diminish excess, variance in the business cycle in this, coming struggle, you are either with the spirit of our better human, values epitomized, by Satoshi, Nakamoto. Or you are with the big banks if the, idea of a better banking, model speaks, to you and you are willing to get your hands dirty join, us the. Problem, billions. Of people live in a darkness that, a better banking, model can lighten according. To the World Bank, approximately. 3.5. Billion, people live in poverty and don't, have a savings account at Bank dot, 1 this means that, a couple in Mozambique, has no savings mechanism, that could help them in they hope to educate their, daughters like. Many their only choice is to operate in cash even, though the father has a job the, human rights foundation estimates. That 4 billion, people live under authoritarian. Governments. Dot too this means that, a young man studying, in Vietnam, keeps, quiet about the malignancies, he sees in the system, he, does this because, he dreams, of getting married and to get the girl he needs a house and to get the house he needs a mortgage from the state bank consider.

This Reality closer, to home Bank. Of America will charge low income customers 12, dollars per month for the checking accounts, unless, they ha

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