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Billie Eilish: Same Interview, The Third Year | Vanity Fair

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Let's. Do this. You're. Three. Y'all. Been asking for it so here we are. My. Name is Billy Island Billy Eilish, name is Billy Eilish, I think, it's October, 18th. 2017. October, 18th 2018. October, 18th. 2019. I'm. 15, I'm 16, I'm 17, I have. 257,000. I have six, point, three million, forty. Point. Seven million. That's. Great that's so. Do. You Wow that's, crazy, one point one three million, nine, point six million. 152. Million. Google. Searches, of, me. Bing. Who, the uses, Bing. It's. A picture of me and Charli XCX isn't, it the one about me smiling, does, a lot. That's my face. No. That makes me feel good though cuz because sometimes, the most like pictures like you with like another celebrity are you with. Somebody. Else but that's just me she's hard come on I'd. Say probably Khalid, which, is weird cuz he's like just, a homing of mine Oh Haley, Bieber Justin, Bieber young, thug Avril. Lavigne Ariana, Grande Kid Cudi ty dolla sign Oh Taylor. God there's so many. But. Like Drake come on Drake. Drake. Is like the nicest dude I've ever spoken. To I mean I've only like texted, him but he's, so nice like, he. Does not need to be nice you know what I mean he's at a level in his life where he doesn't, need, to be nice but he is you know being. Apples, up next artist. Jeez. Hey. I. Did. Ellen last week Jimmy, Fallon so many festivals, I met Takashi Murakami and, went to his studio Dave, girl's daughter did a cover of my song he played guitar for her at a talent show I think there's, been a lot of that's happened in the last year. My. Skin was so bad, Jesus. Look. I'm glowing now yes. My. Skin got better I. Was. The season. Opener for SNL I just. Sold out a headlining, arena, tour did, Howard Stern Rolling, Stone cover el cover, v cover billboard, cover released, the album had. A number-one single had a number-two single, for like 16, weeks straight, or some right biggest.

Selling Album of the year I have. Drake's phone number. The. People that support, me my. Fans which I don't like to call fans my you, know my. Family, you know god, I was. So annoying then, finishing. This album and doing. The most crazy shows like I'm, capable of doing in, the next month I finished. That album thank the Lords above because I was about to jump off a building, to. Finish that album oh my. God. Exhausting. Thank God I finished that I can't honestly sometimes I think about it sometimes I'm like like. Me and Phineas have had conversations, while we're like can you believe we actually finished the album I swear, to God we thought we would never finish that ever. I love. That album um. Probably like I'm. 10. Dude, I love, it. It away. It's great sorry eh I never, went to school I ever got grades, sorry. A plus that's what I meant, a most, important thing right now though probably would be, maintaining. My. Happiness, which. I've been experiencing, for like the first time in. Many. Years. Lately. Which, is really cool and not that my friends aren't like also, the other most important thing in the world and doing, shows is also really important to me and doing crazy shows especially but I. Want. To stay happy, that's. A big goal for me. I. Don't. Know if I'm more confident, I just think I know what I'm doing more I. Think. I'm less confident, actually. True. I was less confident, for sure I. Was. Definitely not as confident, last year as I was before that, but. I am for. Sure a, billion. Times more confident, confident. Than both of those years I, feel. Like I'm probably the most confident I've ever been in my life I, guess. I. Don't. Know how the I don't know how it happened but I guess I am I, I'm definitely successful, I was. Thinking about that like earlier today because. Of this interview, I was like. Back. Then I thought it was. Like the biggest it. Was ever gonna be and I thought you. Know it was the most I was never gonna be recognized, and it was the most anyone's, gonna know me and it. Was the most money. That I would have the. Most clothes I have most, shoes that I'd have and, what's. Crazy it wasn't. Success. Is not. How. Well people know you it's, how, you're. Like. Looked, at I genuinely. Did. Not think. People. Would care I, like. Can't even stress. It enough I can't. Believe people care, so much. About. Me it's, crazy to me I. Might. Be safe if I go to Trader Joe's No. Not. Safe I tried, it I went, to Trader Joe's did, not work, nope. Did not work. Tried. It I also tried Costco, which I thought I'd be safe at and that didn't work fuck's.

Sake The reason it was like affecting, me so much last year was because all. I wanted to do was go out I don't, even, think. About going out anymore, I. Like. This life, that I have I like. Pain, in this it's very weird but it's very cool and, I can, I feel like I can say that now because I used to hate it I hated, doing press and I hated being, recognized. And I hated. Kind. Of everything that had to do with it. There's. A lot in Fame that's, gross and horrible and just. Miserable but. I'm. Very grateful for it and it's really rare and it's really I'm very, lucky so I'm done. With complaining, about it I complained, about it for so long. Probably, that stupid. Cheeto head man, November. 6th there's, an election soon I really. Hope everyone votes so. The, world doesn't end there's, an impeachment going, on. Honestly. The news is so bad I can't even oh yeah, Beyonce, had some twins, and. She still looks fly. Kalani's. Pregnant. Grete. Thunder honestly, she's, been. Kicking people's ass. As. To get it that, can die okay, as skin it's must be like let's get it but like a skin is so annoying, stop, oh that, stupid snapchat. Filter that's like Jenna, Jenna, I'm. Kind of over the whole like. Dueling. That. Is so ugly. Like. Smoking. Looks cooler than Julie I think. Don't like, don't smoke but yeah like. People. Think I'm pregnant and sad people thought I was pregnant first I can't they, did think I was pregnant. There, was like a story on snapchat the other day it was like wait, did, Billy Eilish have a baby, like. What. Biggest. Rumor though now. That. I sold. My soul to Satan. No. I don't have a boyfriend I, can't. I could not have a boyfriend that would just be mean to him I. Don't. Know I almost had, one for like it. Wasn't really exclusive, I. Hate. That's. So funny. I. Don't. Have a boyfriend I. Actually. Did then but. I don't know I still, am on good terms with everybody, um. And. I still have so much love for like the. Person that I was within and, but, I am, single. And. About to turn 18 goal. For. The first time in my life I don't, feel. The need to be. With. Anyone, for. The first time in my life I I. Don't have my eyes on anyone I'm not in the mood I. Don't. Have enough stamina, for. It right now and. I'm totally, fine with that so. Who. Knows, I'm. Open to it. I think, the month of May probably mid May I was in a horrible place, mentally. So. I'm. When a friend of mine died in June it's. Pretty bad in January. I had, a meeting showing. Me the schedule for, the whole year and. I. Sat. There and was. Totally silent and totally, still and just tears.

Like Just. Streamed. Down, my face I went to my. Garage. And, I just cried. It. Just was very overwhelming, and I was in a really bad place so. I. Don't. Want to take it for granted I. Don't. Want to take it for granted I catch myself. Sure. Even some things I've said today I catch myself what. Am i doing what am I saying, what 40,000. People what. Are. You ever conscious. That you're doing something that you don't want to be doing but, you. Just you're just doing it it. Was, like that, because I was, taking, it for granted and I that, makes me really mad and I don't want to be and I just was I don't. Know I worked really hard on not doing that as I said in that and I've kind. Of held my ground a little bit I think I have like kind. Of accomplished, not taking it for granted I've been really. Grateful, for everything and really aware lately. And I just, was realizing, that I was giving too much of myself to, other people's, lives into other people's situations and I was. Like you know what I need this, attention. On me right now so. Yeah. Fruitvale. Station Rubel station Fruitvale station the. Storyline, is so heartbreaking, dude, that. Grabs you and pulls you in oh. No. This I can't afford a real change they are real my chains were gifts I did not buy anything that I'm wearing I stopped. Wearing real, jewelry like. Real diamonds and stuff. Because. A. I'm. Gonna break that, be, i'ma, lose that. See. I. Got. Other to buy you know what I mean I, like. Bright green a lot I like. Black it's. Been pretty dark lately, so I've just wanted to be dark with it black is like the. Only time I can go through the airport and be fine that's. Cool because the airport is normally like basically being at a meet-and-greet but. If I'm wearing a black beanie and a black shirt and some black pants and black shoes I'm pretty good I don't. Like them all like I'm not opposed, to anything, anything. Yeah. Yep. Yeah. I feel. That there is pressure on me but I don't feel the pressure you know what I mean I feel. It less now that it's bigger in a way it's, like. Performing. In front of. 80,000. People is way, easier than performing, in front of eight people I. Don't. Know why I kind. Of would say, the the. No respect. Element. Of the getting recognized, I want. A hug I want. To talk to somebody and hear how their day went I don't. Want a camera, shoved in my face. Mm-hmm. It's. Gotten much worse since. Then. Excitement. Makes you be. Kind of stupid sometimes I did, this show last. Week where, I went down into, the, crowd, and I, just. Did this to all the hands, and, somebody. Grabbed, my hand and. Yanked. Me so. Hard, and. I. Had two security, guards two of my security guards with, my hand in one hand and or my arm in one hand and. Literally. Going like this to try to pull me away and it took a, minute. To do it I'm like bending, over and I was also singing ocean ice at the same time I was like like. And, I and then that when they finally let go I like fell on top of this. Thing and then somebody. Stole my ring somebody, grabbed my hand and pulled, my ring off stole. It whatever, I expect that and then I. Leaned. Back into this one area of all these fans and this one girl just went. And. I. At first I was like she, probably didn't mean to because she kind of went like this, they're. Only trying to be loving and sometimes. It just comes off wrong that's it. Don't. Post. Everything. You think. Should. Give it to myself then do, but. I do it now I don't anymore yeah, that's, what I was just saying, sometimes. Better to shut the up I would. Tell 16, year old me to to. Remember who her best friends are and remember who the people that care. About her the most are and not, throw. Them away for, somebody else or for something else. I. Really. Hope that I'm not an asshole, because. I'm really afraid that I will be and I really don't want to be you better not be an asshole or. I will whip your. Ass I, don't, know if I'm my asshole I might. God. She's, God. See, I didn't oh my. God, I was, so bubbly and okay. But. What's funny that wasn't, actually in real life I just, was new to new, to interviews, and I thought I had to be all like bubbly. When. I watched that when the other one came out last year I was like I like. Didn't know I could swear I was saying like freaking what the heck what the heck laryngitis. As heck tiring, as heck mine, asshole I don't think I'm asshole maybe, I don't know I, performed. For a. Bunch. Of Jared Leto's friends and Jared Leto in his, house I performed. For Leonardo. DiCaprio, injured. Big. Huge. Living, room bieber, watched my Coachella said. That's. Crazy Mel see sporty, spice came to my show Avril, Lavigne came to my show Thom Yorke came to my show Dave Grohl's come to my show Billie, Joe Armstrong came to my show. Julia. Roberts has come to my show Leonardo. DiCaprio, watched my S&L show but, a backstage, I don't even know why he was there Chris. Rock um.

Well, I didn't know for those last couple of they were in there Bieber. I was, thinking about that the whole time Bieber. And Haley were both watching me and I I luckily. I didn't see them because if I had seen them I would have lost my, whoa. Lil, Wayne Oh to perform, with Lil Wayne that's, a great answer, myself. I hired. Another whatever other. People doing, shows with other people is really stressful. Brockhampton. Tiara, whack is sick my, favorite, artist is techno there. Isn't one, song, that I don't like that he puts out every single. Song that that man puts out I love. Shouldn't. That count as your favorite artist is an artist that puts out music that you only like you. Know what I mean. Having. The approach that no one's had trying. To write something no one's written so. Stupid. I remember that try, to write something no, one's ever, heard. God. What an idiot, see that's why I'm still. Bad at it because that's what I was trying to do whoo. True. That's, so funny, um, yeah. She's. Right. Yeah, I still. Bad. At it okay honestly, I don't know because I kind. Of have no idea, what to expect like, I, thought, I knew like, last year I thought I knew what the what. People would like for my album and I thought I knew like what. Would be popular I was so wrong bad. Guy is like the biggest. Thing ever now which is so weird I did not think anyone like that one so. I have no clue I'm I almost have a feeling that the one that I would. Say is my favorite like. One. Right now, people. Might not even like it so. I have no idea. The. Music industry man we're. All sad as hell all these artists we're sad as dude everybody. I know that's an artist we, are sad mother. So. Annoying I. Somebody. Got that tattooed, that. Quote. I. Don't. Think it's fair, to say that we're all sad because I don't think that's true I was just sixteen and friends. With a bunch of other. You. Know, young. People that were kind of going through the same stuff like having. This crazy, spotlight, on them and they were. Sad too and. That's. Why I think I thought that but I hadn't. I didn't, experienced, it I think, it's a it's a beautiful thing we get to do I think it's really difficult and I think that's what people don't realize and that's why I wanted to say that then yeah.

It Was terrifying and it's like it still is but I enjoy. It and I I. Don't. Know Android, oh I, just want to do I. Want. To create what, I want to create when I want to create it it's gonna change no. Matter what same. Whatever, I want, oh my. God telling myself to do something different, next year I'm gonna just do what I want next year, so. I'm doing this year. That. I dress. And look really different than my music which is true for all the old music I have or like the stuff I put out like years ago but you got to remember I was 13, when ocean eyes came out and then. I was 14. When. I wrote, like. All the rest and then I was 15, when I wrote don't smile at me with, my brother when, we put that out no. I'm 16, and all. Year I've just been making music that's gonna come out when I'm 17, and then when I'm 17, I'll probably be like yeah this isn't me now but it was me when I was 16 and then I'll make music when I'm 17 and then when I'm 18 I'll be like this, isn't me now a. Genius. Oh my. God hell, yeah, damn. Articulate. She. Stated. It perfectly, dude, she. Put it better than I could have put it I mean. It the thing is that the ones that annoy me are the ones that are pretty true, like. My voice is really, soft. And. It's. Not belty and. And. That. People think that I oh I whispering, all my songs and like. I do in a couple songs but I feel like people just say that about because that when they've heard one. Song like listen to wish you were gay a Bishop, Elton and, like. My belt is not even close to it, Adele belt Adele, was like a literal, God but. It's, just different like, you. Don't have to be shouting, to be good. At singing my brother is my best friend my brother is my best friend my best friend is Phineas. But, he is also my brother, Instagram. Probably. Instagram, I just, remember hurting my feelings, lately, I really. See everything but that's the problem is that I see everything so then I see everything I don't want to see him you, know it's just this. Mmm, thing. In my brain so lately it's I don't, like looking at it. A, fan. Brought me a notebook, filled. With, huge. Like, letters. From, my fans to me all from different people and it's like tons of pages it's. Incredible. People. Throw a lot of things at me on, stage I've. Been thrown you know bras avocados. A girl gave me is, huge. Like. Stuffed, blows. That she made with this like velvet, material and, I. Have been sleeping with it for a week now. I. Wasn't. Gonna tell anyone that. It's. Really cosy, though. But. The other day I was lying in bed thinking like what, if she put a camera in this thing. It's. Really. Hard to talk about my life and have it not. Sound, like I'm bragging. My. Nose is so cute in. That, sorry. I just look at that nose look. A little button sometimes. I'll catch myself in, a conversation, with someone acting. Like I'm in an interview and in interviews you're trained to talk about yourself and not ask the other person about themself and so, I'll catch myself in art in conversations. Where I'm like, like I'm not. Be. I'm being, interviewed I'm acting like I'm being interviewed instead of acting like I'm talking to a human being and I think, some artists, and celebrities haven't. Even learned that and still, just do that and people, I love do that that, I've met where they just they're. Trained to, talk like they're in an interview and that's normal but it's like we forget that we're not though, yeah. The first year I was like you better know how to drive right and, didn't. I say oh. No. I, saw this part recently, it was like you. Better know how to drive because. I've been putting off drivers in because that stuff stinks I hate that stuff oh. That. Stuff, stinks. Why. Didn't I say that sucks like I could have said that that. Suck at what that stuff stinks oh my god so. Cringy. Jeez. Hey. Billy a year ago you have your dream car can, you believe it no you can, but. You can no cuz it's your car now um, it was a Dodge Challenger matte black. Actually. Literally two months from today is, my birthday so two. Months after, that day I got my dream car and I cried for about three hours. You. Better have a Lamborghini. The. Mom moment to please this is my mom she. Is sick as a booty I don't mind I can stay here that long. I love. It next. Year I hope you're very very, happy, and that, your happiness, you have this year continues, and only grows. We. Have everything you want in life and, you. Help change the world for. The better mom is definitely gonna help change the world though more than I am.

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I'd be the right person just to make Billie happy, cause I'm so nice and kind, and I don't have many friends and I'd stress bout it so much, and I'd just be sad and that, like really sad, I don't really show my sad side to my friends, i keep it in. I'm the only one that be's nice and kind and caring for everyone, I'd help my best friend she was upset alot and yeah she told me all the bad things she use to do to herself, she'd wanted to kill herself, I made things better. Know we laugh and smile and talk about things, and if thay happen again I'd be there. Honestly I feel like, i really really do care about Billie so much that know one would believe me, because I'm kind, caring, so nice. And I'm loving and sweet, I'm everything you need. I'm 14 years old, and I wanted to make music like Billie when I was 13. I absouluty love Billie so much, like more than anyone else. I'd care so much for her. Idk if seen my messages on Instagram, but I tried messaging her saying something, if you do see this, my Instagram is Kaila101catzs I have 435 followers or something, trying to reach 1,000. Only if thay happen. I love you so much Billie I'd wish I come meet you, but I live in Australia

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Billie Eilish: Same Interview, The 69th Year | Vanity Fair

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at my school i cant do your music at my talent show because my teacher thinks your music is qoute , "too dark".

iM 14 AnD tHis iS sO DeEp

She looks much better in the first interview

so happy she’s in a better place :) last year i remember watching this video and seeing her so sad :(

shes thriving sissies

An impeachment that’s not gonna happen

Selena Gomez AMAs live performance ------------->

omg yes I was waiting for this!!!

drake back at it again

Who asked for this?

Her mum is so precious

I love how they filmed this each year the day before my birthday

She is 17 and have 40 million follower


“Billie Eilish Same Interview, 50th Anniversary”

I feel like she just matured in like less than a year wtf

Maybe stop using her for clicks?

Title: *Billie Eilish: Same interview, the third year.* Me: *It's been three years already?*

"Drake is the nicest dude I've ever spoken to"-"Only spoken through texts" Hmm...

she looks so much happier now


The eillish sisters

Lowkey I first heard of bad guy was because of Jungkook's post on twitter

Imagine making billie a huge bloish and she sleeps with it !

just listening to her talk makes me feel so uncomfortable. how can people say she “matured”?

Random billie fan: *omgggg i can't wait for the part 4*

I really hope that she continues to do these interviews year on year. She’s such an articulate young woman, and super smart too. It’s inspiring to see her growth.

Wish it had one with X

Your hair looks so darn goooooood

Girl drop your skincare

I like her she is beautiful but she curse so much

Nobody: Literally nobody: Billie:*HAHA*

Congratulations on being happy

On my birthday :)

"I'm tired of other people" - mood, girl

In the beginning you can hear her voice getting deeper and deeper through the years

I’m not crying , you are

Someone noticed how shes getting happier?

The mom part is sweet

She actually looks like Scarlett Johansson when she smiles ♥️

the growth

7:07 omg

14:50 Nails & Hair Blending Perfectly

Now I have marked 18th October in my calendar..


A lot of dreams would’ve came true for Billie this year, now it’s opened her mind to realities of that life.


"Look I'm glowing now yes" ngakak saya teh

Why do 40M ppl follow this mildy annoying/ mildly fat kid/teen?


If she ever like break someone's heart (either deliberately or not or whatever) imagine they sing to her her song Ocean Eyes because LOOK AT THOSE EYES. AND THOSE DIMPLES HOW DO YOU EVEN NOT LOVE HER

She is so beautiful now. Her skin is perfect

She needs to do this at minimum every year till she’s 20.

2 days ago* 18M view me: dying inside

The person that has nothing to live for but their self is the most bankrupt of all.

Fan: chokes Billie maliciously Billie: they’re just trying to be loving

Time flys so fast

I love how genuinely happier she is this year than last year. She is really starting to figure things and herself out

No one: Billie Eillish: talks to herself in third person

Ей 17???

I'm hoping for 4 interviews like this like 2017 2018 2019 2020 pleaseeeee


This video made me feel better about mental health

She's more lively this year.

What a pathetic way to track someone's progression through life.

who’s been here since 257K???

what did she do to get that clear skin?

She’s matured

Jeez she is still barely legal

The fact that I watched all of these when they came out makes me feel time flies

Billie2017: Happy.

I’m glad she pointed out her skin is glowing now cause I noticed that too!

i love how she looks so much happy and healthier now

She becomes more and more average and basic with each one

11:40 “I like bright green and black” She literally defined her hair

It‘s amazing how every year I love this video and billie‘s character and how her character gets even more beautiful every year and even more inspiring

Who is this trashy person and why was this recommended?

Billy eyelash

Didn't she go to school.....???

She is fatter

She looks like Blackwidoww hahaha



Them drugs got her looking rough.

her music is overrated but she's a lovely person.

When she said teknoofficial is she meaning the Nigerian artist because that made me so happy

Billie looks more healthier and happier here. Its nice seeing her happy

Who else watched the video first then read the comments because you waited so long for this and didn't want any distractions?

Oh no, she's an SJW. I don't keep up with her, so this is news to me.

great to know she's getting better, love her

Woah she smiled


awh i love how everyone in the comments are so supportive of her

So how long is this StReAk goin to continue

17 yrs old girl hopes for happiness??? Gosh... I hope she will be happier than now soon.

2017: 257,000 followers 2018: 6,300,000 followers 2019: 40,700,000 followers ...........10 years later......... 2027: The whole population of planet earth has unanimously voted for Queen Eilish

First quest. "why do you have always satanic illuminati signs in your video, are u trying to get famous with pleasing satanic elit rich people?"

I uses bing and fire fox, better security and no stupid ads. Google sells your info we all know this

future goat

Wow watching the growth and change year on year for her is incredible. She's shown so much growth since the last interview, that takes a lot of guts. Well done to her!

I love maggie ughh the nicest human ever


Please translate for Japanese,please…. I can't understand she said the word almost of time….I tried to study English in shcool days,but I can't understand

I get kinda scared when she says things like '' I'm gonna jump of a building '' Know it's a joke but still, the feelings.

1:00 gotta admit she's Right

I don’t understand this girl. Her music confuses me.

The moment she said the old Billy "so annoying" i was like: Cuteness overloadddd

I love her SO much dang

This is what you call growth~

get the best tech for less right here on bay

Bruh I feel like she’s lost her flame

It’s sad

I literally have NO idea about all the 3 trends Billie talked about lmaoooooooooooooo

Billie: I have Drake’s phone number FBI: Say sike right now

Does anybody else think that she looks like Emilia Clark

No other interview has made me smile as much as this one. Billie is a beacon of light. What a incredible human. ❤️

Why is she speaking like a black person?

Who cares about this devil things...

OMG she said tecnooooo

Does anyone else think she looks like Emily blunt? Like a younger version.

Who is this?

Hate her

I'm happy she's a lot better now. I wish her the best!

I’d love to see them continue this

This is legit a puberty timeline

fucc drake

aight kids what hair colour she boutta have next year?

She grows up on my eyes

Got nominated for Grammy's

These comments are annoying

I hope that crazy fan returns her ring, wtf.

I like the first Billie, she seems honest.

You guys forget we’re watching a teenage girl grow up. Everyone goes through phases.

I'm just happy that she's happy.

Katy perry's daughter


Im glad that she looks happier just like the 1st year she got interviewed

I come to watch these interviews when I want to cry.

Aw the ending

She looks so happy and it just makes me happy skfkwjfjs

Wait... *17yo?????????*

I'm the bald guy

This series should continue forever

I am so proud of her. ❤

This girl is my inspiration... She somehow teaches me to be a better person everyday.

She is so much happier and it truly shows, Im so very glad to see thar she is doing good

Amazing! Thank you for exist! ❤

8:22 Joylne Kujo.

17:30, even my mom loves bad guy & has it on repeat.

I am the hairy guy

3:23 Thank God

Ponen como si estuviera triste y en realidad lo esta gozando xddd

she looks so much happier now, im so happy and proud of her❤

I'm more inlove with heeeeeeeer


That's some Adam's apple hiding there.....

no one cares

Am I seeing 3 different Billies? but no,

How did you become famous

how the f*ck is Billie Eilish...?

Who cares about an immature brat

0:59 Ай ай ай, плохие слова Русским, которые это слушали и не пользовались переводчиком респект

Her teeth look bomb

I hope everyone have their skin glow upppp

atleast she look more energetic and happy now than her last vanity interview lol. that was so deppressing to watch

This dude looks like a crackhead.

I wonder why Drake is so nice to little girls..

she got ugly

im 15 as well and she was 1000 times prettier than me at 15 wut?!

See y’all next year in another interview

why do they ask her her name? is she gonna change it or something

1. Billie is so beautiful! I think I have a crush. 2. I really love her mind. I could listen to her talk for hours. 3. The last part with her mom made me cry ♡

Search in YouTube „Whos dad is this“ if you having a bad day

I almost cried omg

I think this is gonna go on until she dies

Dear stranger who ever reads this : may your mother live for more 100 more years

Drake still trying to get into underage pants

Who else thinks Billie Eilish looks better and fells better this year ⬇

Billie looks like a younger version of my aunt

she really is pretty normal person and i love her i’m so happy for her


Anyone else think they’d got on great as friends w Billie

This is so beautiful. Love her and how far shes come.

She's a child


SHE IS GLOWINGGGG✨✨✨❤️❤️ i hope she stay happy and happier throught the year

Billie your so awsome

See you all when this gets recommended after year 4 was released

i love you billie eillish

Well guys see you in a year or when this is in our recommended in 7 years

I don't know why and how but she gave me kinda confidence I've had lost and made me smile

Billie swears alot .

I am so happy and excited. Have been praying and will continue to pray for her cuz she is so awesome! I have a brother battling this depression and it eats me alive inside cuz I wanna help, but there is only so much you can do and he doesn't even know wtf so...

Watching these 3 interviews is like watching a 3 stage Pokemon evolution

Billie Eilish

Billie Eilish is very humble

My brother have the same day of her birthday same month day and year

wow i was the whole video LIKE NOT CRYING and... 23:55 i cried

4:50 I love that face ❤️❤️❤️❤️

I want Billie to do this interview every year for the rest of her life


Nobody's gonna talk about her mother? "Help change the world for the better ❤️"

Billie glowing and concentrating on her happiness more softens my heart for her

I think for her age she really has terrible language. Whats with all the swear words.

I love her. She’s so nice

bro i remember watching the first two when they came out i keep getting prouder of her


I’ve realised now she can’t actually sing and her brother and parents take care of the producing and writing

So precious

2017-beauty❤❤❤❤and 2018. #I love you Billie Eilish♥♥

Well sorry to say what goes up must come down its physics

her improvement makes me so happy i’m gonna cry

What are those nails


Talent stay real young fresh ftr

Omg, this is so motivating, deep and absolutely amazing watching her "growing" up and being more mature year for year. Looking forward to the official Billie Eilish Vanity Fair day 2020!!


I'm like 16 years old I can't even curse in my household


So glad she seems way more happy and confident this year because i was actually a bit worried because she seemed so depressed in the second one in comparison to the first one

I just want billie eilish to do this every year

Who is she? Don't know her.... Am I weird?

Bro I’m crying

The editing on this!

she looks like Scarlett Johansson here

she listens to tekno? lol




I literally started tearing at the end (23:54)

She's actually pretty dang awesome

Omg she was sad now shes happy

who da fk is she

I’m so so glad. That you feel so much better about your self. I’m on the verge of crying tears of joy for you.

It's funny how fame, power and money made 17 years old girl like 23 years old me. Yes her experience boosts personality growth radically.

She is very ugly this realty

*She looks happier*

Let's wait to 2020 to see this star again, In front of the camera

She seems in a different place now, I hope she will be always okay.

I'm cry when I watched this film demn

She looks happy

2017: i'll make music no one's ever heard before... 2019: LOOK AT MY NOSEEEE


It was drake that planed to kill XXXTENTACION billie!!!

sub me

F DRAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

太ったし、顔がやつれてるように見える あとちょっと下品になった


I hate Billie eilish

ok boomer

i love how honest she is

I'm glad she's smiling more, she seems healthier and happier


Gretha thunburg

I love that she loves tekno

@Joanna abi were leleyi ni, o dabi pe wan jeun lori e , KMT agbako omo

With all love, I think you should cut down on the swearing a bit. It really feel very good to have a tongue that does not swear. Try it. I am sure you won't regret it.

Already can't wait for year 4

10:20 me when I'm procrastinating lol

It makes me so happy to see the improvement she has had throughout these years. I related so clearly to the way she felt every year that each interview was released and.... my god, it makes me feel so happy for her, to see her straight up improvement. She is happy, she found her way to happiness. And I think this video needs to be shown to people that are going through a lot on this exact moment, just for them to understand.... you can do it, you can fight your demons.

What's your favorite color right now ? Billie 2017 : Green Billie 2018 : Black Billie's hair 2019 : ... seriously bro ? u know the answer !

And third year on my recommended for interview.

I hate my life without her

I watch the last year interview, and I didn't know billie eilish back then. Now, wowwww

I love billie sooo much she is my fav but the only reason i dont like her its bc she uses curse words a lot

10:21 i relate so much

billie eilish is so thick

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2018 and 2019 billie are like two different people

Who? Why is this recommend for me?

Why is no one talking abt her mom

She looks way better now than last year ❤️

10:20 me when I'm procrastinating lol

2017—ugly 2018—uglier 2019—Godzilla

alliiz Oprsa rude

she accepted her popularity

She is just 17?!

What's her favorite movie, I didn't understand it? :)

Arsewhole..... not British I've just been watching alot of love island

Come to Philippines

oh hi billie eilish nice to see you nice song

5:21 She forgot to say "most hair colours I'd have"

Trustcyber_tech is so mandatory Hint on IG for more enquiry

the progression !!!

Will you do a song with drake

She’s so cute

yall cant b serious

Purple hair = depression phase for girls

2019: i dont have a boyfriend 2020:

I'm wondering that what her hairs colour will be

I don't like her music ( that's my personal taste ) but at the same time I kinda respect her for the person she is and how she has followed her passion ♥️

Watch her hit the wall and become worthless, in real time!

2019: im here 2020: 2021: 2022: 2023 2024 2025 2026 2027

Every year a new act

She's quite immature. Shes going to look back at this in 10 years & go yikes.

This the first year I know about Billie

She reminds me of Scarlet Johansen on the 3rd right slide

BE: he (drake) does not need to be nice, y'know what i mean? He's at a level in his life that doesn't need to be nice.. Me: So fame makes a human superior to the other ones?

1:07 the power of jojo fans

im gonna start a riot if theyre not doing this untill she’s 50 years old

Imagine growing that big in three years

Did you notice in the thumbnail,At first billie wasn't happy,2nd one is billie normal mood,on the 3rd one,She's happy

when she did the woah

I wonder how long this will go

Can you say G L O W U P

she looks so much more happier i am so happy for her

Drake is the nicest Drake has given his phone number to her She is almost 18....... Wait a minute

Who actually likes her music?

she is so humble I hope she stays like that all of her life. What a great child she is

She looks so much happier than before.


mumma eilish though

She's so CUTE

i felt like i was just watching her a few days ago

Omg the date of the interview is my birthdayyy omg omg what the heck yess maybe I can have some hope meeting her omg I love Billie omg

I literally cried one tear when she laughed @8:50 ... I love that she is happy ... my whole model

They should ask her to say "eighteengle" again next year just to watch her reaction

But whats the skin care routine? Or do we have to wait for a Vogue vid?


Billies music is not my thing but she’s cool

Is no one gonna mention about her being physically assaulted? Some of y’all need to chill. Celebrities are still people that need their personal space. I felt so sad while she was explaining what happened to her

I really love this artist. She keeps it real and stays grounded - her songs remind me of different parts of me or things I think. I absolutely adore who she seems to be in person and who she is within her music.

U 18 nice

I hope she does that every year

Everyone: shes going downhill no one likes her anymore Her: happy and finally comfortable with herself

She’s only popular because of m e m e s

She's a big part of my happiness, I just wanna be her friend. I mean, who dosent?

She rocking the jolyne kujo hair, just needs the buns

i already know i'm gonna cry. video hasn't even started yet

If they do this every year for long enough, then one year will be the first year her mom doesn’t come out

eyes color keeps changing


YAY! So glad you're finding your happiness, you deserve it.

What a waste of sperm.


I remember when my mum showed me a video of billie singing a song with her brother and I thought she was pretty good but then took no notice but now shes my favourite artists and I listen to her all the time

acl check

Wow this the first time ive seen billie so happy and joyful

Lol girl no impeachment is gonna happen lol lol

I love how this is filmed on my birthday every year

puts mano que lindo ver o progresso de mental health de uma pessoa

I hate everyone

Please don't, for every human around you is made in the image of God, hate the things someone does but not the person, some people really manage to open themselves up for demonic oppression.

She looks like a 2k Cheeser

She's getting more fat

• 4:15 •

Love this hair style and that naiiiils

any chance of uploading the recomposition of bad guy by Alfonso?


i'm happy for her

She's happy


영어 개잘하네

she looks so healthy

so dr*ke found himself another victim why am i even surprised anymore

Billie and her mom

She genuinely seems happier and I’m happy to see that

Is that jacksepticeye?

It’s so just so lush

日本語訳❗️ 頼む❗️

y’all notice how she used to call us family n now she calls us fans or friends :( thanks locals

Her Character has developed so much

Kyla Sharma are you deaf?

Firstname Secondname ??? Not true lmao u blind

Kyla Sharma she’s the exact same


She looks totally like Emily Blunt

She's grown so much as a person

ISTG billie just gets cuter and more precious

She Looks Pale What You Guys Think???

@ 8:35 I kinda like billie's woah hehe

The exact representation of how people change, made me cry of happiness ❤

Her eyes are glowing so much more compared to last year

Never been a fan of her music but I'm glad she is finally happy.

No one: Nobody ever: Not even Ariana Grande: Queen Billie Eilish: "mY nOsE iS rEaLly cUte iN tHaT"

Is Billie eilish pretty?Yes-like No-comment

this makes me so happy

It’s so cute how there’s a mom moment

At 8:21, the way her face expression changes is just amazing

I like how happy she is

This is so cute, she’s grown so much and looks much happier I’m proud of her❤️

her mama is adorable

Carn’t wait till next year

At this stage bieber was already spiralling into what he is now. Glad Billie is coping well as a person throughout all of this.

shes a bit annoying i dont know why

She grew up.. So much..

she was interviewed same day as my birthday lmao

Sometimes i forget she's only 17. lol

Billie Eilish look like Scarlett Johansson

Shes a little spoiled

She's glowing in every way possible LOVE THAT FOR HER

y’all see her teeth now? god knows that invisalign be workin wonders

Im the fat guy

I'm happy she's happy ughhhhh

In the age of 16 we are playing pubg

where’s dad

I am single and about to turn 18

Can somebody leak her skin care routine, please?

1:40 drakkeeeeeee? Soulja boy voice

Her eyes are so pretty!! I kept focusing on them...

Billie in 2020 interview: two months ago was my birthday and I have my lamborghini now and I literally cried for 5 hours when I had it. But whatever pffft, I have it now.

Yo my 47 year old dad has bad guys as his ringtone

I love how she sings her words because she is just so much happier now

omg jolyne cujoh interview

:)) finally year 3

She looks like scarlett johansson

you can tell she grew up :")

Hareem Khan why that edgy font though?

im not a fan of her music personally, but this was fun to watch lol

I think she can be Jolyne's actress for live action adaption

Although I’d be lying if I said I didn’t kinda like when she wasn’t a household name and her music was something like potential energy, waiting for the blow up, but I’d also be lying if I said I’m not happy that “mainstream” is giving recognition to music that’s artistic and not just entertainment.

It’s so refreshing to see how much happier she is.

I don't see why she's special. I really don't. Ooo, angsty edgy teen wearing designer with a raspy singing voice.

Erica Nichole perfect description, wow you covered everything

i came because i heard she had a jojo stylist. good tastes.

I wish I got that talent too

Hey billy eye lash

i feel like i was watching the 2nd one like 3 months ago?

okay I just realized something, Billie Eilish is the same age as me!!!! wth have I been doing with my life.

상태 작년보다 더 좋아진것같아서 다행이네요 ㅠㅠ

Yo guys we need a billie eilish squad to go beat the crap outta the person who stole her ring

1:49 ''He does not need to be nice'' ''He is at a level in his life where he doesn't need to be nice'' ???? logic? That is the most lowest IQ sentence I have heard in a while :D So, it means that if you have enough money or fame or something you don't need to be nice anymore? :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

2:50 she sounds like hotline bling

When she laugh it sounds like hotline bling

She annoys me so much. She thinks she's so gangster.

It’s crazy how much she grew as a person #cantrelate

i have the hugest crush on billie


She's shed her faux emo personality now that she's famous.

literally all my friends talk like they’re in interviews :,)

her voice is so soothing

I love her glow. Shes really matured to someone who is admirable


she's so happy which makes me so happy omg ♥

cant wait till she gets her justine, lindsey and britney moment... how she will talk about herself then?


this clip popped up in my view list - I am so glad I watched it because I went on to check out Billie and Finneas' music... a stunning and wonderful young person - as is Finneas... ... I feel relieved every time she mentions that her mother is with her, and even better when we see that her mother is with her... protect this gorgeous young person while she's out there bringing so much light to so many...

8:35 billie hits the woah

I’m just happy she’s happy. Every year she becomes more and more famous but she still remains so humble. She deserves it all.

What hurt her so cause such depression before...and even somewhat now...

This is cute

I DONT HAVE A BOYFRIEND *i did then* but I don’t know

She’s so much more open about her life and she’s so mature it’s amazing to watch

Rewatching because it makes me feel better

Her laughs were sooooo cute I can’t

12:19 I have never thought of it that way, yet here i am at 1 : 39 in the morning being mind blown away

Oh my god i love her so much

She actually seems genuinely happy. I love it

i love how she brought up greta thunberg. but i love billie herself and you're doing so great girl!!! so happy to hear that you're happy

Edgy industry plant for dumbasses

she seems so much happier

Oooo sooooooooo eddgggggggyyyyyy

is it just me or she's the realest

she's glowing

im so happy to watch this cause shes glowing and really happy right now

Ok I get it, she gets uglier each year. Such a shame because she is actually beautiful.

Billie: Don’t post everything you think Tori Vega be like


2020 : 100M foll

Even the thumbnail shows how she's grown. More smiles, more positive, she's more open.

I love her

This is the last one..

this is what drugs do to you

Her mom seems like a good person

She’s is maturing and glowing and everything and I live for it

ThAtS mY fAcE

17 years old with that much fame and talent??? She's special! Duh!

She looks so pretty

I'm so happy for her

But stop

She freaking beautiful.

Someone else posted this somewhere so I decided to look him up. I think she looks more like this in the 1st 2 interviews but I now think this was her male twin. She doesn't look like he looks now in anything! Just then, when he was cute and young. Ready to go to the 70's for a minute? Then come back and compare. Enjoy! Lol.

I feel so warm inside seeing how much happier Billie looks. And it's real. And I feel so inspired to see her mom seeing her so happy too. *Sigh* this whole interview made me so happy :)

"maintaining my happiness" That is exactly my goal, life and myself have taken a better turn and I want it to stay that way. Proud of her to be happy again!

Like if she should do a 4th interview Nov 18 2020

I wonder if she’s like "asexual" or smthn-


i'm kinda honoured its on my birthday every year tehe

The fact that she has a fan base of 40 million in two years

i dont like her

I just wanna say to her that things could change, you will not be forever happy. I mean you can't maintain that. But stillll no matter what you may face.. It can be a more lot difficult, you must still go on and remember that we love you, your fans hihihi❤️

@foopyu nooui many fans can also cause more stress and many bashers but still it is fun

Step 1. Go to Google Step 2. Search this keyword: 123moviestoday Step 3. Enjoy! Billie Eilish: Same Interview, The Third Year | Vanity Fair see you every Tuesday. I will love you as the starfish loves a coral reef and as kudzu loves trees, even if the oceans turn to sawdust and the trees fall in the forest without anyone around to hear them. I will love you as the pesto loves the fettuccini and ats the horseradish loves the miyagi, and the pepperoni loves the pizza. I will love you as the manatee loves the head of lettuce and as the dark spot loves the leopard, as the leech loves the ankle of a wader and as a corpse loves the beak

I need this interview every year!

He eyes like are so pretty and I love her so much!

She talks to her 2015 and 2016 self like it’s someone else

She does this on my birthday! 18th of October!!

Drake’s grooming you bro

I am afraid she is gonna die young

Ahh so drake has more underage girls in his phone

This came out on my birthday!

1:51 Says a lot about you Billie...if you think you dont need to be nice when someone is at Drake's level. I hope you will never reach that level

Who are you

But you do sold your soul to satan.

I dont think she is still happy happy. Inside her. I know she still sad.

dont suicide in 27 duh

2017 is better

Когда смотришь это и нехера не понимаешь что она говорит

“For the first time in my life” sis I love you but hold up you’re only 17 lol

4:15 hit me hard

15:01 "I was nude in interviews"


Why what?

Idk... I wonder if she is genuinely happy, Or just learned what every depressed person learns after a while... How to hide it better. Whatever it is, I wish good things for you billie. May peace follow you always.

Wow I love u bille!

Never heard of you.......

Me neither


if they dont do a fourth year im gonna be mad

Billie: Smoking looks cooler than Juuling. Also Billie: Don't smoke but...

Wait she’s only 17!? Wow this girl is doing really well at such a young age~

I just want to let this out billy has helped me gone through everything and make everything positive and she makes me the happiest and I want her to know that she is AMAZING and HELPING I love you billy❤️❤️❤️

she is grown now this is making me so happy im so proud of her


Aww I love how happy my baby looks

I'm so glad they came out with this video. I never did get to finish the 2018 interview because I could tell she was so unhappy being there. I am glad that she has grown, and that she can see where she was a year ago, accept it and move forward.

Her Demon transformation is coming along swell!


Can we just talk about how her hair matches her nails and it’s bEaUtIfUl

16:38 and that’s why you are my favorite artist ❤️

Can’t wait for next year

I just realized... if Marvel didn’t kill off Black Widow, Billie could’ve played as Black Widow’s offspring!!! I’m saying she looks like Scarlett Johansson........

I just love seeing her smile, laugh, basically being happy. Makes me really proud that I am one of her fans oh FAMILY rather that makes her happy and FREAKING YEAH BILLIE EILISH SAYS LOVES ME WE LOVE YOU TOO!

I really want to be her friend. Even just having one conversation with her would be amazing

Don't stop this.

“Hahaha I don’t have a boyfriend”

Am I the only one who cried watching this

You know she is a Satanist right?

3:05 *"I was so annoying **_then_** ..." ?!* - She's 10x more annoying _now_ than she was back then

does she have more than one song?

i love this video bcs they record my fav singer on my birthday.

All the shoes you have... you mean those size 12 Payless shoes lmfaooooo.

2056: Billie Eilish: Same interview, The The 50th Year Thumbnail: Am I a Joke To you

Her character development is precious

ITS god you like drake she sei do you love me i tel

20:34 when she said that, I said “Adele is a god” and then she said that right after me



No one: Next year:Billie Eilish:Same Interview, The Fourth Year | Vanity Fair

I like her sweater 2019 Burberry sweater

Okay but between Billie and Millie....Drake's a bit of a creep hey?


her nose is sooo cute lil button

lol I

i love her i

the heck is a bloache?

Notice how happy she is and how she talks about not feeling the need to have a relationship with someone “for the first time” in her life. Very important to reach a point in your life where you can create happiness without needing someone else. :) of course having support is wonderful, but some people feel that “need”, and that becomes overcoming in the worst of ways if not handled.

Aww Bills. Got me in the feels watching you grow through these years. I see you.

Drake the pedophile oop-

thick at 16 fat at 21 thats how it goes

Please do this for next year again :D

Her attitude this year is so dang inspiring. I want my mindset to be like hers, no lie.

So Billie is 15 16 and 17 at the same time

Scarlett Johansson had a love child with Scarlett Johansson

How are we calling a 17 year old person with green hair a double chain around her neck and internet fame ... “real”

is that a dude?

I love you

she said she can't understand how someone can care about her that much, as her fans for example, so then Billie please explain to me why I cried that much, when you said you're much more confident this year and that your most important thing is your happiness. I got soooo happy for you Billie, I felt full.

many guys billie ig is fake I know this ig is real

Why is she so beautiful

Please make her to react on her old vines

"Dont post everything you think"

i thought it was a video on RTX cards cuz of the green

Brilliant, hope this goes on till she's 100!

Omg I feel so and for her when the person yanked her hand and took her ring but I myself would probably pull out a strand of her hair to keep forever when she laid into the fan crowd...

Yall hear her album playing in the background???

Billie focus on ur own life right now

Her happiness makes me happy

Русские лайк

nobody: absolutely nobody: Billie: “I got drake’s phone number”

is nobody gonna talk about the mommmmmm???????

like a sisters

Im glad I knew her before the year 2 phase but Billie seemed so hurt and shes looking way better now and so great n awesome

I'm loving the transformation. Billie stay happy because we love you

Marihuana efect.

She looks so much mentally healthier. I’m so happy for her!

She was strung of the xans at first

i wanna hug her tbh

Happy to see her happy

Why is this little girl famous?

This might go on for 10 years

I'm glad your happy now.

I'm crying TAT She's much happier now TAT


You look like claudia sulewski. I don't know how did that happen but i'm pretty sure she's your brother's girlfriend. Hahahaha

And now me fans you

she's all grown up. im tearing up

“I wanna stay happy.” I lost it wow I felt that.

she was more pretty when she was 16 she seems to have taken it all in... like she can't do anything and now she is just going with the flow. I can't watch it anymore.

shes really grown up the past year

I almost cried watching this, I'm so happy for Billie man she deserves all the happiness!

Can I put in an application

Has she even acknowledged the fact that she has jolyne hair

Joda: Pseudo-intellectual wannabe deep spoiled brat she is. Much to learn she has.

Her hair and nail combination is actually kinda sick

as she gets older she seems to get more and more respectable and wearing less... edgy... I guess clothing and such

can i just say she is so successful she wrote ocean eyes when she was 13!!! im 13 now likw what?!

i was there when she got her ring stolen and got choked it was so overwhelming in the crowd we were all trying to see her but there was thousands of us all pressed against the barricades at ACL and it straight up wasn’t fun lol but i saw billie so it’s fine

She looked more mature, and glowing pretty~

Billie's mood in each interview be like: 2017:

Sometimes I watch so many videos of people and I feel like there my friend but I realize I would never be friends with famous people

It’s kinda sad how celebrities become like public property. Hearing stories like the one about that person yanking her arm and someone stealing her ring makes me so mad.

billie has grown so much and is so happy now, and that makes me happy. she was absolutely glowing in this video

2017: innocent 2018: sad 2019: mature

Billie: * ticks * My brain: "AWWWWWWWWEEEEEEEEEEEE"

unpopular opinion : i don’t like her hair rn

OMG I wanna talk about how much mature she's become but HOLLY COW her hair and nails are so fricking cool

Imagine 20 thousand people hates her? How?


She did the WOAH, 8:34

Shes 100% the worst dressed person in america

She's smart for a 17 year old, but she thinks she's become so wise. We all did at that age.. But it's interesting to see a child try to explain how much they've grown over 2 years.

With Peep, Without Peep, Without Peep

She looks like she about to cry. Or like she's on drugs.

Billie Eilish is just another patsy masonic troll. I would NOT listen to her garbage music if i got paid. PUTUGAL!!!!!

I don't know if it's the combo of the music or what!? I actually teared up a little bit; Happy tears of course! It's just so awesome to see her growth, not just maturity wise, but as well as her growth in just being so much happier & comfortable with herself. ❤

she looks more matured and talks more matured compared to both previous years of interview.

Dude. I like this girl.

i can see how sad she is in her eyes

I think I’m crushin on Billie. Lol she’s so cute

Billie Eilish: Same Interview, The Twentieth Year

Her eyebrow is really bothering me!1!1!1!

I would watch an hour of billies answering the same questions tho

I love her so much. She needs to come to more places in Canada on her tour

part of this is why people want to be sad becuase they think that successful people are sad

Nobody: Billie: My nose is cute

In 10 years these videos are going to be so long

Ok I feel like she’s 23

She sings what they tell her to, Wears what they tell her to, Gets the attention they want her to! Not much different then the others before her...

She's glowing :< i'm so happy for her~

My most awaited videooooOoOOoOo

She’s grown and matured so much! She’s amazing ❤️

I literally love how she’s so much better then last year I love her

lol shes more ugly this year than the last two

Glad She Is Finally Happy :)

I missed her concert and I’m still mad af

Not to insult her or anything but her hair is minecraft block textured


Good to see that smile girl, keep it up.

I love you

...2020 Brazzers

The new one, the exhausted one, and the A list I guess

I took care of her when she came to the mummy ride at universal studios and basically we ensure they’re safety and comfortability and she didn’t acknowledge me at all I would at least expect a thank you ? Idk I didn’t get mad or anything but I did find it kind of rude

Do Billie know in our country her nickname is miss pear??? That's a cute name. Miss pear.

She looks more messed up each year guess that’s what happen when you’re demon possessed

She seems so happy and that just warms my heart


she sounds so mature now wow

Ok so who wants to guess what color hair she will have for next year ? My guess is purple and black

Billie: “For the first time in my life.” Everyone else: Dude, you are 17. Clown.

9:24 it's xxxtentacion

Tbh I feel she changed I want the 2018 Billie to come *back*

Money is good...

Every single song that SHE puts out, I LOVEEEE!

She cool but she overrated

This is what drugs and stardom does to some.

you know your album is good when anthony fantano gives it an 8

I wanna stay happy

What if they interviewed her every year lol

Y’all gotta think. 15-17 is mad shifting for a lot of people now imagine having 40 million plus followers.

She definitely looks like Charlize Theron a little bit. Charlize, I like you.

Ofcourse Drake

The growth and maturity between her first and most recent interview here is so crazy to watch. You’d think 10 years had gone by. She’s so self-assured and comfortable here.

It's super fun hitting 18 the same time as Billie :') feels more fun that way lmao

I don’t know why you guys are pressed that she’s talking to Drake. SHE IS MATURE ENOUGH TO HANDLE HERSELF!!

I’m not crying you are

She turned into a fuckin' JoJo in 2019 and how is not anybody talking about that!??!?!!

She changed quite drastically each year in every aspect... glad to see she positively changed this year... more mature n happy

Billie eilish when older her voice got deeper.

Billie Eilish and BTS

Wooah!!!People do watch/listen to a lot of crap,these days!

Do you feel pressure? 2017 Billie: Nah 2018 Billie: Yep 2019 Billie: I feel less but more pressure blah blah blah...

I love her so much lol she deserves the world

She honestly looks so happy and it makes me

Watching this extremely talented girl grow up into a poised and articulate woman while keeping her essence is something special. I'll always be rooting for her

Was the cameraman drunk that day?

why am i crying???

i love you billie you are glowinggggggggg

She’s probably gonna have 300M next year

She quadrupled

Mom already did change the world she gave birth to you

Ughhh this is so good

When she stopped the interview to talk about her nose "lookin like a lil button" i was dead

1:07 lol the evolution of Billie's iPhone

I'm crying.

Drake the pedophile

Billie elish your starting to say a badword

I use Bing and Puffin its faster on my device. Chrome is laggy on my device.

I love you bill

15 seconds in and she already seems so happy and cheerful. That's all I was hoping for here, especially after seeing how depressed she seemed in last year's version of this interview, and hearing about her depression-related issues

Who is Gretta thunderbird?

Lot of accomplishments so early in life... Her mental health needs to be cared for and encouraged. I don't want to sob over another Amy Whitehouse situation. She seems like a decent role model. But she runs the risk of sounding a bit cocky, yet saves herself by connecting it all back to humble beginnings, and confidence, and inspires ppl to follow their dreams...idk. I'm ok with her. I'll listen to a song of hers now I s'pose...(nvr heard a single track she's done).

I hate u

Are y’all ready for year 4??

Okay but where is the skin care routine?!!?!?!?! I need it

makes me so happy to see her doing well

That laugh lol♥️

every year she laughs at her a year earlier

Glad to see that shes happy

Love the different hair colors for each video . They get more and more dramatic

She's matured so much! And looks so much happier. I'm more of a casual Billie fan, but I'm so happy for her growth and will continue to support her and her music!

She jendol

Love this

Drake just waiting for 18...

I can't believe Billie just ended juuling single-handedly

Not only she is a great singer but she also seems to look like a really chill and great friend

She def looks happier now


God, she is so cute. I feel like I’ve been 2017-2018 Billie for most of my life...I love seeing her emanate this internal happiness, it’s so lovely.

Half of yall either obsessed or detramentaly horn-knee

Am i the only one who thinks she looks a bit like scatlett johansson??

they shouldve done this with mcdavid

Read my bame


This is bull, this girl wasn’t even on the radio last year, I think the Illuminati makes bo backstorys on artist just so you’ll believe they’ve been around, so the public will buy them

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