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What's going on guys Patrick here bringing you a brand new video. Today we got another killer video for you guys full, of information. Today I want to be talking about the biggest daily dump, in crypto, currency, in this year, what is going to happen next what are the possibilities. We're all gonna be looking a triple cerium, and tons of other news that went on in the cryptocurrency space, but guys before we get started with that if you want to enter a chance to win some free Bitcoin, all you guys have to do is number one be, subscribe the channel and have your notifications, turn on number, two give this video a thumbs up and number three leave a comment down below saying something, related, to the video also if you're interested in making money trading cryptocurrencies, even while the market, is down make sure you check out the first link in the description, or the first link in the comments for the cryptocurrency trade, alerts group so far we've been making great money, guys the market goes up or down it does not matter so if you are interested in making an extra 100, 200, 300, 400 500 we've, had people make up to 2 Bitcoin, in one, single. Day that is absolutely, life-changing so if that sounds interesting to you and you don't have the time to do the technical analysis to find and find the trade yourself, well I post every single one, of my traits in there so it does save a lot, of time so if that sounds interesting to you guys like I said make, sure to join and I can't wait to see you guys in there now let's get started with some bullish, news so first of all a luxury. Car dealerships, accepts, Bitcoin, and basketballers. Are also going to be able to earn, crypto, currencies just some of the news that, recently, came out so the owner of the NBA's, Houston. Rockets, guys they, almost won, the championship this, year actually was between them and go on state the finals obviously at Cleveland in it I don't think anyone thought Cleveland was gonna be either Golden State or Houston, so, the Western Conference Finals was technically, the NBA Finals, in my opinion but that's not here nor there the, owner of the Houston Rockets and a star of billion, dollar buyer, on CNBC. Has announced, his luxury, automobile. Dealership, Post Oak motorcars. Is to, accept, Bitcoin cash, and Bitcoin. For, payments. Now this is super, super smart I think all luxury. Car dealerships, should be looking to do this because if you just think of it in a business sense everyone's. Always talking about Lamborghinis and now obviously people might have, favorite luxury cars but, if you know the luxury cars the symbol for cryptocurrency, for, people who've made money with cryptocurrency the. Luxury cars should definitely, start accepting cryptocurrency that just makes sense enable, just make business sense now I checked out their website and they, sell three different brands right now I there, is no Lambo though I'm. A little bit upset they, do have the Bentley the Bugatti and the, rolls-royce though, now between the three. I'm. Gonna have to go with the Bugatti and I want to know what you guys think so leave it down below in the comments, right now which, one of these three do you prefer do you prefer the Bentley do you prefer the Bugatti or do, you prefer the rolls-royce I really want that speed and power especially since I'm 121, it's not gonna mess with my back too much so, I'm gonna go with the, Bugatti next, I'd probably get the rolls-royce and Bentley it's, gonna come last, still a great car though but let me know what you guys prefer what, which, one of the three would you guys pick up let me know that in the comments down below now, coinbase Pro added, the Great British pound to, trading.

Pairs As well and like. I said basketballers. Are gonna have the opportunity, to, earn crypto. And this is the WNBA. So the Women's National Basketball Players Association, the, W and BPA. Which, represents, the professional, female basketballers. Of the, NBA, have, found a new way for players to earn some crypto so the organization has reached an agreement with, sports, caster a live streaming platform that, all current players will be invited, to provide live, commentary, across a range of professional, and college. Sports they, will have a dedicated portal, within the platform, that aggregates, all player content, highlights, featured, content. And includes a dedicated leaderboard. Where fans can discover the most popular, player, stream, so again an opportunity for them to earn some cryptocurrency, earn some extra income, I think it's a win-win both ways one they, get a have some cryptocurrency, hopefully, that'll start you know hopefully I'll get them interested what I think best-case scenario, for this is it. Spreads, the news it gets them interested to where they start looking at looking, looking. It up and maybe you know making some investments, picking their favorite crypto currencies and then, starting to endorse it now this, wouldn't be this is not the same as if let's say LeBron James did it but it's definitely a start, and you know basketball, communities the basketball community starts, somewhere and then, maybe it'll grow and it'll just gain it give people more, confidence it'll just give it, just expose. The good parts of cryptocurrency to more and more people that I think is the. Best-case possibility, and one that I think is actually very viable that could happen now. Let's move on and talk, about the, biggest daily, dump, of the. Year, guys this was absolutely. Huge, forty, billion dollars, exited. The market every, cryptocurrency, was. Just, bleeding, down 20, to 25, percent the, altcoins, personally. I think that's just a field, day to pick some up and then obviously if it's not the bottom we will continue to die cost average on the way down I do that all the time I explained it to you guys I'd do. It myself that's, just the way it works now later on before we, actually get, to talking about the market I'm actually gonna show you guys why, we went down or how this is honestly, not that big of a surprise and how a lot of people were expecting this to happen the, one thing that I don't think anybody, predicted. And if they did guys, show. Me the link send me the video where they predicted it I don't think anyone, predicted how, fast, this was gonna drop right so I think everyone, knew that well, I think it's time to start considering some shorts in the trade alert group we've been talking about where, the market would be going long term and a, short was definitely. In the cards there's definitely something that could, happen well. It. Nobody. Predicted something, that, happened like this so people who were in the shorts made a ton of money on just a rip Bitcoin loss, $1300. In a matter of like an hour, - guys. Like. I said I haven't seen anyone, who's been able to predict this 100. Seen people debate if this is manipulation, or if this is something else honestly guys to, me there is really no debate it's, 100%.

Manipulation, If you look at how everything played out if you look at how everything lined up its we're still in a space that's very easily manipulated, and we're gonna talk about that more in just but forty billion dollar exited, it, exited. The market in you, know the biggest dump biggest, daily dump of the year and it wasn't even a daily dump it was a dump for like three. Hours it was the biggest three-hour, dump probably, of all. Curve of all Bick actually probably, now we seen a lot of manipulation go on stick absolutely. Huge, so what. Exactly happened, well there were reports, from Goldman Sachs trying, to talk about more than just baseball to show you guys how manipulated, things actually are so there were reports, about, Goldman Sachs how they change their crypto strategy, there, was also the, the, article that came out coined Telegraph that was seems, like it was set out specifically. To trigger BOTS to sell and then when it did it happened in the middle of the night in, the mill, the night eastern, standard time where, you, know coin coin Telegraph is located, so a lot of people found that really, really really. Really fishy triggered. A lot of sell. Orders because of the headline, because the bots could, actually the, bots have gone really very smart you guys know there are some very advanced BOTS out there that can read the headlines, that are following the Twitter accounts, reading, of what's going on and then making decisions based, on that so they've read though, they put. In the article that was it like Bitcoin ETF was rejected, or Bolden's the yeah, denied Bitcoin, ETF something, like that and you. Know BOTS got triggered everything's, sold but it was the middle of the night so, nobody was awake to manually, do anything about it now that sounds, really, really fishy. To me now people are saying we're, not sure if this is if this is manipulation, or if this is something else honestly, yes, like I said I think this is 100%. Manipulation. We are seeing another good example of this and how things can, be affected out guys keep in mind this. Is happening in cryptocurrency but, this, is also happening in the world, around you in every, different aspect, this. Is happening so what happens is the, media has a control, over what you read the media has a control, over the headlines that you see first and humans. Do. Everything, based off emotion and, usually, off first, glance so that means that you'll read it you'll instantly, make a conclusion, on it and, and you'll react that's how most people do it and that's honestly why I try and provide the most information I can on the channel so you guys can be you, know better informed, and maybe not run through run into the same issues that a lot of other investors are running into because, you. Know they they don't know what they're invested in there they fall for the fear they fall for the uncertainty, they have they, have fun they fall for the FOMO all that stuff I don't, want to see that happen to you guys so what happened was goldman sachs is focusing, on crypto, custody, in the short term which, will bring more funds into the cryptocurrency, sector. Then a trade as i'm bringing more funds means the market overall will, grow market cap, overall. Will grow prices. Will go up so it's going to bring more funds in into. Crypto current into the cryptocurrency sector, then, a trading, desk so they shifted their focus they, changed their strategy when, it comes to cryptocurrency and this is what they decided was best to focus on first, now. What was the headline that it was what, was the headline that was but that got put out was a headline that people read what was the headline that caused all of the fear, well. They basically said, goldman. Sachs ditched bitcoin, trading this note that it's. Just hugely. Manipulated. In the title, that's not what happened they quote-unquote. Did alter their, strategy, to where they, ditch the idea that she does for something, else but that's not what people put in the title they simply put what would get the clicks or would get people you know we would get people. Scared. And that's exactly. What happened and I agree, 100% with what this, person says speechless. And, just, unprecedented. Stupidity. Now this is manipulation. At its finest, now this is something that would happen, anywhere. This is something that does, happen absolutely, anywhere. When it comes to like I said every different aspect in, the world the, media controls, a majority, of what people read most people don't go out and do their own research and, things and that is another reason why I'm in, every video every time I say something I say this is not financial, advice and I encourage.

You To do your own research because. This. Is this type of stuff that happens if people don't do their own research always good to get in habit you see something you verify, it you check it you, try to understand, what's going on first and then make your decision based on that if that's how things work we wouldn't have seen a dump, yesterday, we won't have seen a dump as big yesterday and of course the bots and the coin Telegraph thing it's very hard to actually fight against that still that's. Why the, market tanked and there's, just a lot of things going on that I don't. Condone, in the market but there's, not much we can actually do, about it there's only the, only thing we can do is focus on making money trading which is what we are doing there's not much we can do when it comes to manipulation, I think in due time it will, with. When, we get more people, into cryptocurrency, get more attention I think and get more regulation, I think we'll slowly, start to bring down the manipulation, amount and how easily, it is manipulated, like, we've seen in stock market again I think there certainly is manipulation, there it's, just a lot smaller, than, it is encrypted, of currency it's a lot better, hidden, than, it is in crypto currency, and I think in due time we're gonna get there as well where there is less, manipulation. Now, let's, take a look at the graph and show you guys why this honestly, isn't anything, crazy this isn't anything to necessarily. Be. Too worried about in the market well it did take a huge dump we know that but if you follow the trend that we see right here in my, in my trading view account I have all the technical analysis for the group that's why I don't have it open here right now it'd be a lot easier to show it if I had there but, that is specifically, for the group to see my technical analysis and where things are going so we. Do have a trend, line right here which we hit the bottom here bottom, here bottom, here and you. Know we've constantly, had this fake. Bull run I'm gonna call it I don't know if there's a better word for it we had the fake bull run over, here then we had a fake bull run over here we had a fake bull run over here and we had a fake bull run over. Here as well, now it happened, you know the cycle, has been going on over, and over and over again I guess, not necessarily a fake born it was technically, a small, bull run um. Nothing. Too different from what we saw in the actual big. Bull run when we set the all-time highs, it, wasn't anything too, far off from there we just had you, know a huge spike and then we crash back down a huge spike crash back down huge spike crash back down and as you guys can see every. Time we've had a smaller, spike so again, people were predicting at around this level that we were going to eventually, see, a, turret. A shift of direction, and start seeing the market go down that, was expected, what wasn't expected, was how fast it happened and how pretty, much in like the blink of an eye things, just completely. Tanked. So it's not anything to be too worried about now what we can see moving forward though what I think could, happen is I still think we have a, ways, to drop before we finally, level off hopefully we, don't go to, too low but I think the 5,000, to 6,000, region definitely. It's something that should that, we could be seeing we're only four hundred dollars away from getting into that region now so I definitely. Think something, we could be seeing. Ya. We have to play it out day by day it's very hard to make predictions in like one. To two to three weeks time specifically, when something's gonna stop dropping because a lot of things affect that as we've seen in the last 24, hours we've seen how much one. Piece of news can, actually affect, the market, but like I said nothing to be worried about market.

Falling. Off eyeing a lot faster than it did here following, I approved, fell pretty fast here but fall off fast and it did here file, off faster than it did here but, nothing, to be concerned about I think it's just one of the cycles we're in we're still not in the bull run I emphasize, that so many times in London in the last few videos we're not in a bull run 10k. Is the region I'm looking at once we pass this, 10k, right here then, I will be confident to say we are in a bull run until then everything's, very, very volatile still, in a bear market and everything has to be done with, that in mind now let's take a look at the overall market as we're back to just a little over 200, billion dollars in market cap Bitcoin Tama is hitting a high of fifty. Four point six percent we keep scrolling up as you guys can see there's still a ton of red in the market I don't know if anything, is in the green yes, we have NCO one crypto currency in the green we, have cash. I don't, know I don't even know it pronounce that is in the green by 0.32%. And chain, Lee gives it the green by, 0.05. Percent so three crypto currencies, are in the green everything, else is in, the red Bitcoin, diamond I told you it look a little bit like a pump and dump come straight back down. Bitcoin. Dark well apparently is just the losses of the big right here right, Bitcoin, dark also had a huge bike and coming, back down and Bitcoin, private didn't even have the huge spike it's just going back black I said everything is down definitely an opportunity to start looking at when you're going to be picking up the crypto currencies that you want the, all coins that you want because I explained this yesterday to me red and grant both are absolutely. Fantastic especially, in the bearish market we are right now red means I can dog cost average I can pick some more up then, eventually we are going to see the the, bigger, green day is just having one. Or two green days and everything getting wiped out like we've seen happen right, here isn't necessarily, what we are looking for so I'd rather keep talking. And then when the bull run comes a bit quick past 10k when all of that happens then. I'm going to be be. Comfortable be sitting, back being and join the profits because I have, been dollar cost averaging and building up my portfolio now. Let's take a look at aetherium because I see a lot of people talk about aetherium, being dead right now I personally, don't think at their iam is dead I don't think the theorem is going to be dead any time soon given it is the second biggest cryptocurrency, there's, a lot of use case for lot, of tokens are built on the etherion blockchain and just, over all there, is an actual. Use for it is actually a useful cryptocurrency, now the recent um atheria, has been tanking so much the, reason it had the huge spike actually, which um obviously, we were we were in the, very at the very very bullish.

Market So everything was going up but the recent theorem, I think got itself up so high was, because, of all the ICO is now there was the ICO hype going on everyone was investing in I cos I shows, were making a ton of money and, a majority of investments, in I SEOs are done in a theorem so what happened was the etherium got locked up by Thea got. Locked up by the ICO, and it, wasn't necessarily, in circulation. Meaning, the overall price did. Go, up now, what's happening, what we've seen happen shortly after this huge dump ahead and then the huge dump began is that, I CEOs are selling their etherium to fund their projects, or if they were scams they ran away with and they're selling it for not whatever it may be they. Are selling, their etherium now to fund, whatever, it is that they have to fund that they raise the money for so I SEOs have sold. 13,500. Etherium in the, past, 24. Hours and, 200,000. Etherium in the, past month that, 13,500. 3m dumped in one definitely. Is going to cause them are the the price of aetherium to have a little bit of an effect and it did, obviously all cryptic razor down so it's no surprise to see it down as well but, I don't think aetherium is dead in that sense I think aetherium will have a recovery, this, I think if there is gonna work in cycles, based on ICO, hype in my opinion that's how that's. How it's going to work I think when. The bull market comes people are gonna get more confident we're gonna want to do want. To get riskier, with our trades and invest in more ICL's, they're gonna put their money inside cos which again he's gonna cause the theorem to go up because of the cycle I just explained so no I don't think a theorem is dead just want to clarify that especially. In a sense of why, it's dipping right now everything's. Dipping and the ice skills are selling that's basically, the only thing about it now ripple I did announce that I picked up some ripple the other day I wanted, to share with you guys that because I know we, have a lot of people who really like ripple in known, as viewers the channel as people who comment I see a lot of people who really really like ripple and the, more I've seen ripple drop the more I just could not hesitate, on this opportunity, as an, investment, opportunity because, of how high I think ripple, could go, still hopefully, we will be seeing that $10, maybe even that $20, very uh somewhere. Down la obviously we need to get to the bull run first we need to get to the all-time high of over $3, first then, we can continue our climb up and see, where things go but I did invest in here hoping, to have some nice returns the third biggest cryptocurrency, in terms of market cap should be a relatively, safe investment, ISM as well and their, partnerships, and everything are showing, how useful it can be so its partnership, helps, Japanese, a banking, giant SBI, across, five hundred billion yen in overseas.

Remittance, And overall they were saying that it is cost-effective speed. And um yeah, it's extremely superior in terms of cost-effective. Speed and economy. The use of customers has increased, remarkably so, I think. Ripples, showing that you, know it has its place again here it is XR P is faster cheaper and more, scalable than any other digital, asset, I don't know about any other but obviously I strongly, believe it will become the global standard, in digital. Cryptocurrency now, that could, cause a very big increase in price, again why I did, decide, to invest a bit, in, I'm not gonna say specifically, how much but I did want to emphasize that ripple I think still might, have a little bit too job if we do enter the bear market but these prices honestly. I don't think you can go wrong buying in right, now and holding, it for, you know one two three years I don't think you can go wrong and guys if it falls then I'll probably be dollar cost averaging, ripple as well you heard me say here first I'm gonna be dollar cost averaging increasing, my portfolio, size in it because, these prices honestly. I just can't I I can't. Hold myself back but guys hopefully I did enjoy this video if you did don't forget to leave a thumbs up and leave a comment down below in order to insure a chance to win some free Bitcoin, also, make sure you are subscribed and you have your notifications, turned on so you can check back in to see if you did win the free Bitcoin so you can go ahead and claim, it guys thank you so much for watching I'll see you guys tomorrow for another video.

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