Big Mouth Characters: Good to Evil

Big Mouth Characters: Good to Evil

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They’re going through changes, and today  we’re talking about them. Big Mouth is a  controversial animated show on Netflix focusing  on the terror that is puberty. No matter  what you think of the show, the writing and  voice talents of John Mulaney and Nick Kroll  give this show a lot of high  points, one of which is the   wide array of characters that are present within the series, and with Season   4 having just came out, now is the perfect time to talk about it.  I’m Brad with WickedBinge and  this is Big Mouth: Good to Evil.  Today we’re starting from the top of the  list and moving until we hit the worst  character in this universe, these are The Good. 

The gracious Gratitoad gains the gold medal  of good. While being one of the newest  additions on our list, The Gratitoad has leaped  into all of our hearts as the morally best  character in the show. Like all the other  monsters, he’s a physical embodiment of an  emotion, and in this case it’s gratitude, the  Gratitoad’s main focus is to show Jessi how  to be grateful for the things in her life.  The Gratitoad helped her realize how much her  friends and Matthew mean to her, and quite  happily helped Nick beat his evil self and  the giant Tito. Thanks to the Gratitoad, both  Tito and the Depression Kitty were shrunk  down to a more manageable size, even eating  one of the mosquitos when they tried to  make others feel bad. His southern charm  earns him high on the list and he deserves it.  The Silver medal goes to none other than  Coach Steve. Steve is the childlike idiotic 

P.E. teacher who really enjoys his job at  Bridgeton Middle School. While Steve lacks a  lot of knowledge he also lacks any and all  negativity which makes him easily one of the  morally best in the show. Steve also loves  being a coach, he even denied getting a  higher paying job to stay in his position.  Steve becomes friends with Jay and the Shame  Wizard without caring about certain actions  taken by those two, and stays friends with  them for the series. Sure, he doesn’t get  any respect from the teachers and most of the  students, but that doesn’t bring him  down, he’s happy to be in second place. 

A lot of you saw this coming, but Missy  Foreman-Greenwald takes our bronze medal  of good. Missy was raised in a very  progressive home, which means she was  encouraged to involve herself in the  sciences and be comfortable with her body.  Throughout the first three seasons, she’s  shown to not only be a loving and caring  individual, but has no problems being a  strong and independent woman. She has dated 

multiple boys in the series, but she stays  steadfast in her beliefs such as when she  dumps Lars for being sexist. While she was  pushed into harassing Nick before dating  him, this was because of her new Hormone  Monster. She also did have many problems  with dating Andrew in secret which was directly  disobeying her parents, so she tries her  best to keep her parents happy. Season  Four has her take a massive turn into  becoming her own person by getting in touch  with her heritage, showing a whole new  side of her, which while semi-crass, shows  her to be strongly connected to her heritage.  She has no problems cussing out Devin or  speaking her mind during this time, which is  why she only gets the Bronze. Next up on our list is Detectives  

DuMont and Florez. These two are the main detectives on the Ponytail Killer case   and while they try their  best to catch this maniac,  they quite often make mistakes based on  credible evidence. For example, they thought  Andrew was the killer because his DNA was  on some of the evidence or thinking Coach  Steve was the killer because he knew a lot  about some of the victims. Even though they  make mistakes they will rectify them, such  as releasing both of them after new evidence  comes to light. They were also shown to be  hired to find Jessi, and Florez even teaches 

kids his famous “Street Smarts!”. But they  are also shown as incompetent, such as not  being able to catch the killer or finding Jessi  whe they were hired to do so. If it wasn’t for  their incompetence they  would be higher on our list.  Coming up next is none other than Gina  Alvarez. Gina is a student at Bridgeton Middle  School and a prominent member of the  soccer team. When she was introduced it’s 

because she’s the first female student to  really grow breasts, which draws the boy’s  attention and the girl’s jealousy. Gina  comes from a working class family and doesn’t  have much, which makes her a steadfast  woman who protests the play put on by Mr.  Lizer as well as the sexist dress code  put in place by him. She even becomes good  friends with Lola, mostly out of sympathy  but it’s still worth pointing out. Hence her 

placement here on the list, still very  firmly in the good part of the list.  Following that, we have Elliot Birch on the  list, who is Nick’s father. Elliot has a lot of  screen time but there’s not a lot to talk  about when it comes to him. Although he  appears often he doesn’t do a lot that  lands him anywhere lower than here, since he  loves his children with all his heart and his  wife even more so. But we felt he still had a  place on this list, since he is very obviously  biased towards Nick over his siblings, as he  didn’t care that Judd was setting fire to  Leah’s hair since he was too focused on Nick.  But he still lands squarely  on this half of the list. 

Speaking about the main character’s fathers,  next up is Greg Glaser, Jessi’s Dad. Greg  is pretty good father, all things considered,  sure, he’s a pothead and is often-times  shown as forgetful or idiotic, but he tries  his best to be there for his daughter, even  though he had trouble holding down a job  for the longest time. He was with his wife  Shannon for twenty years and was fiercely  loyal to her down to the very end, nowadays  he lives in an apartment with his new girlfriend,   but he is still there for his daughter and nothing seems to stand in the way for him.   Greg is at the very least a good dad, and even more so a good person.  Caleb is the next person to land on our list.  Caleb is the asocial but intelligent special 

needs kid in Bridgeton Middle, and is one  of the most popular characters in the show.  He is the cameraman for Matthew’s multiple  projects and seems to be friends with him  at the very least. He is shown to annoy his  peers because he lacks the ability to read  social cues, having no problem in making a  list of everyone who went to the bathroom  or pointing out something embarrassing  about his classmate Nick. He also has some  sort of anger issues, since when someone  touches his backpack without permission he  will severely beat them, such as when he  did so to Andrew Glouberman or when he  pushed Guy Bilzerian into the pool at Guy  Town for touching his camera. But even with  all that, he still lands on  the good half of the list.  Rick limps into our next spot. Rick is  the old and decrepit hormone monster that 

coaches both Steve and currently Nick. Rick  doesn’t know what he’s doing most of the  time, but always tries to bring his patients  up, such as when he calls Nick the man for  vomiting when trying to ask a girl out. He’s  always trying his best and even tells Steve to  tell the Detectives more about what he  knows about the Ponytail Killer, even though  they thought he was the killer. He’s old and  is often lost, but he’s found his place here.  Duke Ellington is flying into the next spot  on our list. Loosely based on the real life  figure, Duke Ellington is a ghost that lives  in the attic of the Birch House and often gives  advice to Nick and the others. He was a  famous musician and had been training since 

his youth, which lead him down a lot of weird  paths, such as leaving a pregnant girl and  changing his name or blackmailing his father  so that he can leave the city with his  friends. But despite his past, he tries his  best to give good advice, such as helping  Andrew with his sexuality or helping Nick  get his body back from Nick Starr when he  was a ghost. Duke lands this low because he  made a lot of bad decisions in life, but in  death he has become a much better man,  which means he doesn’t fall to the gray.  The very deserving Matthew MacDell slides  into this half of the list. Matthew is one of  the only openly gay characters in the show, and   he’s by far one of our favorite characters on the show. Matthew runs   the morning announcements and also makes multiple news and news adjacent segments   for the school. He’s sassy and shown to be rude to a lot of students and even adults,  

but over the course of the series he shows to grow nicer over time. It’s eventually shown   that he grew up in a conservative area of Texas, and was shown to have gay inclinations   from a young age, and while his mother was not shown to be positive about this in   the latest parts of the series, his father said that he knew that Matthew was gay and wasn’t   mad at him about it. He grew up bullied at his old school and is still an outcast now,   but he is not out cast from the good half of our list. 

The first of our main characters on this  list, Jessi Glaser comes into our next spot.  Jessi is just as, if not more-so, sarcastic  as Matthew, and has no problems being a  sarcastic and sassy thirteen year old.  She’s a star student and shown to be very  outspoken, showing to be an avid protestor  of Lizer’s sexist and racist play or dress  code. She’s also a good friend, trying her  best to cheer up Nick after his date for the  dance dumped him, even sharing a kiss with  him. However, once she started puberty 

she started to become really angry  thanks to the introduction of her hormone  monstress. In the future shown by Nick Starr,  she’s still shown to be a potent activist,  which means she stays steadfast even far  into the future. In the same future however,  she does try and blow up a spaceship and has  no problems with leaving Nick to die. But  since this was all a dream, we can’t REALLY  count that against or for her. In the end,  Jessi is by far the best of the main characters. Speaking of Jessi, her hormone monstress Connie  

lands in this spot. Connie is a hormone monstress, which means she   helps young women through puberty, and represents the side of those women who   strive for glamour. She tries her best to lead Jessi down a good path in life, such as having   her dump Nick lightly or how when she became Nick’s hormone monster she still tried   despite him being her first male client. However, due to her shifting emotions,   she often leads Jessi down bad paths as well, such as cussing Nick out in front of the school   or being too blinded by Michaelangelo’s beauty to see all the red flags he was spouting   off. Another point that goes against her is that she can’t handle being told bad   things about her appearance, not having it when Nick insults her hair. But despite everything,  

she tries her best, and that’s all she can really do...right?  Rounding out the good section of our list  is DeVon, ex-husband of Devin LeSeven.  DeVon is the oldest student at Bridgeton  Middle School and has many “old man  diseases” such as arthritis and senility.  He was Devin’s boyfriend and eventual child  husband before dumping and divorcing  her because she was quote “a meanie  bo-beanie”. He did genuinely love Devin for  a while, marrying her even though everyone  didn’t find her the hottest. He even tries  to help Missy understand her culture better  during Season Four, teaching her the tricks  of Code Switching and other such things. 

But the reason he lands right outside the  gray area is that he’s kind of a very surface  level guy, falling for Gina specifically for  her body and feeling insulted by the fact that  other people didn’t find his girlfriend as  he does. But this doesn’t mean he deserves to  fall any lower than this spot on the list. With that, we wrap up the Good part of the   list, so now we move onto the morally gray spectrum we call “The Gray Area”.  Starting off the Gray Area is Leah Birch.  Leah doesn’t appear often, but she more than 

earns her spot on our list. Leah seems to  care about her brothers to a degree, handing  down her cellphone Cellsea to Nick when  she gets a new one or defending them when  need be. But although she cares for her  family, she’s not against a little “vigilante  justice” as it’s called. In season one it’s  shown she throws parties without her parent’s  knowledge, and during this party, after a chain  of events that lead to her boyfriend trying  to force her to do something she didn’t want  to, she put a barf filled beanie on his head  and embarrassed him in front of the whole  party. Because this is her most major  appearance, she really can’t fall  lower than where she is currently.  Following Leah comes Barbara Glouberman,  Andrew’s mom. Barbara is a good mom 

at the very least, since she very clearly  cares for her son and his health, even to the  point of being overbearing when it comes to  caring for him. She also doesn’t quite like  her husband’s anger issues, getting after him  for yelling at Andrew too often. She ranks  here because even though she appears often,  she doesn’t really have much of an arc to  pull from, since even the stuff with the  Menopause Banshee didn’t really go anywhere  past the anger issues that surfaced in that  season. Her past is also questionable, since  she seemed to be a groupie and did cause  a crash that caused her to meet Marty. Not  to mention the two of them decided on the  name Andrew because it was easy to yell in  anger. From one mother to another, Diane Birch   ranks next. Diane is said to be the smother mother, since she smothers her children,  

sometimes she takes it too literally however, since when Leah was little she would put her   in a cabinet until she would stop crying. This is why she ranks this low on the list,   however since she has gotten better since then, but it’s still a blot on her record   that is in definite need of pointing out. Finally we get to Andrew Glouberman one   of the main characters of the show. Due to being one of the main characters, the show   follows him and his misadventures, because of this, we know a lot about him. Puberty  

hit Andrew like an oncoming train, and you can see it, because of this, he’s been hounded by   Maury the Hormone Monster. He’s often shown to be a nerdy and awkward kid   who is such good friends with Nick he’s considered the fourth kid of the Birch Family.   But, he’s also an idiot, especially when puberty or girls come into the picture,   such as causing himself to be considered the  prime suspect in the Ponytail Killer case  because he got his DNA all over some new  evidence in the case. He’s also shown to  be intensely jealous of Lars and Missy 

hanging out, to the point of pulling Lars  out of his wheelchair because he thought he  was faking his disability. He only ranks in  the gray because he does try his best, and as  he’s going through puberty and under the  influence of hormones and Maury, we can’t hit  him too hard. That’s also why Nick Birch doesn’t rank   lower than he is. But he does rank below his good friend Andrew for a few reasons,   this late bloomer was spoiled from a young age thanks to his parents and as such has made a   few bad decisions in his tenure on the show. Firstly, when Jessi dumped him,   he had no problem going around and saying that he was the one that dumped her, or how he   touched Gina’s boob. But, the real reason he ranks below his friend Andrew is because  

of Nick Starr, Nick Starr is the future version of Nick as seen in his anxiety   driven vision, and who he fears he will become. Nick Starr cut off all his friendships and his   only companion is a robotic version of Andrew named Andrew 3000, Nick no longer   sees the people he used to be friends with as people worthy of his time. This fear was   so great that it overtook him in the last episode and Nick Starr took over his body.   Without the help of his friends and the Gratitoad, Nick could have very well   become this version of himself. This is why he ranks below Andrew, even though they’re pretty  

much in the same spot if we’re being honest.  Next on our list is Marty Glouberman, father  of Andrew. Marty is shown to be a very  loud and angry person, and often complains  about the smallest of things. Not to mention  that he is strongly opinionated and won’t  move from whatever position he holds. He also  shows no signs of loving his son, he said  that only cares about four people in the world  and Andrew wasn’t on the list. He also said  that he’d only ever been proud of Andrew  after his son struck him in the face. He also  makes wild accusations that have no basis, 

such as accusing his son for the departure  of an actor from a show or a child for  stealing his idea on Shark Tank. He tears  off his son’s moustache using a waxing strip  and verbally berates him during most situations.  The only reason he doesn’t rank lower  is because at times he can be good, such as  giving parenting advice to Greg or decent  romantic advice to Nick. Speaking of Greg, his ex-wife   Shannon Glaser is up next on our list. Shannon is Jessi’s mother and Jessi’s first post-puberty   target to yell at. Shannon ranks this low for one major reason, her unfaithfulness   is kind of the focal point of her character. She stopped caring for and loving Greg when he started  

to become the pothead we all know and love and the two of them argued   constantly. She started to have an affair with Cantor Dina and this tore apart not just her   marriage but Jessi’s home life, and she didn’t really realize what this entailed   until way later. However, after the breakup with Dina she does her best to make sure she’s a much   better mother and a much better person, which is why she doesn’t   fall any lower, although she originally did. But, Jay Bilzerian does fall into our next spot  

on the list. Jay is one of the main kids in the show and is a good friend of Nick,   Jessi and Andrew. Jay is by far the most horny out of the kids, some even assume him to be   his own hormone monster. It’s also later confirmed that he has some sort of ADHD  

and cannot self-reflect or self-actualize, also often seen as clingy. But his clinginess can be   because of the abusive home situation he is in, his older brothers beat him,   his father is absent often and his mother does not care about him. He became good friends with   Coach Steve, because the two of them are outcasts. However, the reason he   ranks so low is because of the bad decisions he makes, the most major of those being the fact that   he brought Cotton Candy Brandy to a party and was a major factor towards underage   drinking at said party. Other than that, and his rampant labido, he’s a good kid with a lot  

of issues, but he still lands solidly in the gray.  Jay’s ex-girlfriend Lola Skumpy ranks next  on our list. Lola was originally one of the  major bullies at Bridgeton Middle and a  good friend of Devin, even though she didn’t  realize that Devin wasn’t truly her friend.  We find out that she doesn’t know who her  father is, and her mother is verbally abusive  and/or neglectful. She’s melodramatic and  attention seeking, which is a definite  negative. She also doesn’t have many friends, so 

much so that she threatened people who  tried to have Devin as their partner for the  science fair. So, yes, she would bully people,  but that’s because she was trying to be  cool like her friend Devin. Lately however,  she’s become much better, which is what  saves her from falling to the  depths of the Bad to Evil category.  Don’t call him the puberty fairy, it’s  Maury, Matthew and Andrew’s hormone monster.  Maury is a hormone monster, and leads  teenagers through puberty. Maury represents 

the male’s hormones and swinging emotions  during the puberty years. Maury loves to  torment Andrew, making him masturbate at  the worst of times, no matter what’s going  on around him. He also quite often suggests  illegal, inappropriate or disgusting things to  both Andrew and Matthew. However, while  he loves torturing Andrew he absolutely  loves Matthew, he says that Matthew is his  favorite kid, and while he still suggests gross  or illegal things, it’s not quite often he  suggests it to Matthew. He leads Matthew to find 

and date his boyfriend and partially helps  him come out to his mother. He even blows  up on Matthew’s mother when she feels  uncomfortable about her son and starts baking  with his daughter instead of Matthew. Even  though she couldn’t hear him, Maury did try  his best to help Matthew, and for  that he ranks here instead of lower.  Next up is Shane Lizard, oh wait, we mean  The Shame Wizard. The Shame Wizard is 

a monster who’s entire purpose is to flare  up teenagers’ shame so that they can try and  better themselves. At the beginning he did  try to shame the teens into weird positions  such as making Andrew date Lola. He would  constantly point out the flaws in students  to try and weaponize their shame. He did  also force hundreds of students to feel a  massive wave of shame. He is also shown  to be sadistic to a degree as he enjoys  watching people wallow in self-pity. However,  we later find out that he has no social life,  has a poor relationship with his mother and no  relationship with his father. It isn’t until 

Coach Steve becomes friends with him that  he actually becomes a much better person,  not torturing the students anymore. It’s a  shame that he doesn’t get to rank higher, but  that’s just how things fell for him. And rounding out the gray area is Mona.   Mona is Missy’s personal hormone monstress and is by far the most intense of the hormone   monsters we’ll be talking about today. Mona doesn’t convince people to do illegal   things like Maury does, but she does convince Missy to do things against   her usual morals. She convinces Missy to harass Nick during the play or convinces her to ditch  

a school field trip to go hang out with her cousins. The reason she doesn’t fall into   the evil category is because she is the main driving factor behind Missy coming into her   own like she does in Season 4. But she still deserves this spot, because she constantly   tries to force Missy to break her moral standards and be a different person.  And with that, we are now  landing in the Bad to Evil   category, where the worst of the worst lie. 

Starting off the Bad to Evil category is  Devin LeSeven. Devin is the ex wife of DeVon  and was shown to be controlling and rude,  even to her child husband. She forced  DeVon to be called Devin, so that their  names would match. Devin also berates other 

people, such as when she made fun of how  Missy was after she had sugar or calls Gina  a slut because Nick touched her breast,  even saying that to her face. She dated Nick  just to make DeVon jealous at one point,  and said she “couldn’t be called basic”  because she was dating a black dude. The  only good thing is that she was at the  forefront of women who protested Lizer and  his policies. But she still deserves her place  in the hall of evil here. Up next on our list is Michael  

Angelo the fake hipster artist. Michael Angelo is introduced as someone who not only skips school,   but encourages that in Jessi. When the two of them start dating, it goes from bad   to worse, such as not only leading Jessi onto vaping but encouraging her to do it, which   could cause major problems down the line. He also commits acts of Vandalism via   graffiti that he does in the middle of the park in broad daylight. However, his worst actions   are when he tries to force Jessi into doing something she didn’t want to do, and then yelling   and cursing her out when she laughed at his exposed parts. He’s a prick,   doesn’t know anything about what he claims, and tries to force younger women into doing things   they don’t want to. He more than deserves his placement here. 

Following him is Cantor Dina Reznick. Dina  is the local cantor at the synagogue that  both Jessi and Andrew frequent. Dina is  introduced as the lady that Jessi’s mom is  smooching in the big city. As such is what  caused the entire destruction of Jessi’s life as  she knew it by being the woman that Shannon  was having an affair with. Not just that,  but after their relationship is in the open,  she makes Shannon change her looks and hair  to what she prefers, forcing her to do that  with threatening to break up with her. She’s 

manipulative in other ways, forcing Shannon  to do things just because Dina wants that.  Then after she has shamelessly destroyed  the Glaser family she dumps Shannon with  no prior warning and for no real reason.  Dina is a terrible person, no matter how you  slice it, she doesn’t rank in the bottom  because she hasn’t committed any crimes, but  she’s still the most evil  non-criminal, non-monster in the show. 

Even though he’s one of our favorite characters  in the show Judd Birch is next on our  list. Judd is in no uncertain terms a  criminal maniac and he’s been one from a young  age. In a flashback sequence, it can be  shown that even when he was young, he would  set his sister’s hair on fire or at the very  least, try to. As he grew older, he hasn’t grown 

better, since he’s committed every crime from  underage drinking to vandalism to full on  arson and pyromania. He calls himself an  agent of chaos, going as far to buy drinks for  minors, or hiring a gaze of racoons to kill  his brother. He doesn’t rank in the bottom  three because even though he’s committed  these crimes, no one has really been hurt  as far as we know. Unlike the next couple  characters on this side of the spectrum.  Ranking right outside the bottom three is  everyone’s favorite divorce lawyer, Guy  Bilzerian. Guy is the highly quotable  seedy divorce lawyer who has worked on more  cases than he could count. He is Jay’s  father and is very rarely at his home, much  rather being in Guy Town than with his family.  But he also cheats on his wife frequently, 

specifically with his assistant Taffiny. Not  only that, but he’s a self-proclaimed pimp,  which means he’s breaking the law more than  most. His care for his family is so low that  he wouldn’t even pay his own son’s bail,  letting a primate do it instead. He’s a perfect  example of the worst kind of man when they  have power, and he deserves his ranking. 

The final human on our list and the bronze  medal of evil, is none other than Terry Lizer.  Lizer was a teacher at Bridgeton Middle  School and was a bigoted, rude and  condescending man who constantly belittled  people, especially Coach Steve. He even  makes creepy passes at the female students.  The worst part however, is that no one  saw his bad side at first. Multiple female  students, especially Lola, thought he was 

dreamy, because he was a well spoken adult.  It wasn’t until much later does everyone  realize his predatory behavior, such as  making Lola rub his feet and harassing her. He  even told Jessi (under his breath of course)  that he wished that she would wake up deaf  and blind. He deserved everything he got,  especially the fact that he got fired, and 

possibly getting arrested, his  spot in our list is very secured.  Our silver medal of evil goes to the very  deserving Tito The Anxiety Mosquito. Tito is  the embodiment of human anxiety and is  often seen floating around those who have a  lot of anxiety, like Natalie  when she first introduced   herself. Tito’s whole job is to flare up and use human’s anxieties and make them  

overthink things. Tito will go so far as to make an entire dream in Nick’s head about   his anxieties and fears to make him doubt himself. She’s also good friends with the   Depression Kitty, and when the two of them combine forces, they can do horrible things   to people. She’s annoying, unhelpful, and could cause a lot of damage if left unchecked,   especially when you look at her Kaiju form in Nick’s head. 

The Depression Kitty finishes off our list by  earning the gold medal of evil. Kitty is the  physical embodiment of human depression  and causes her clients to feel sad and  unmotivated. We’ve only seen Jessi deal  with her so far, but that’s more than enough  info on the big cat. Kitty tries her best to  get Jessi to give up at every conceivable turn,  even on big tests like The ASSes which could  decide her future. When you combine her  forces with Tito, they can cause a lot of  damage, driving Vincent Van Gogh to suicide  the last time they worked together. But her  most egregious act happened within minutes  of her introduction. She brought Jessi to  the Depression Ward in Human Resources and 

tried to convince her to never move again,  and when she tried to move she laid down on  top of her. Now, this may not sound that bad  until you consider the fact that if a human  stays in Human Resources for too long, their  puberty is halted forever and they never  grow more mature. She not only tried to force  Jessi into this, she tried to do it with the  force of her whole body. That cements  her role as the worst character in Big  

Mouth’s cast.  But what do you think? Who are the best and  worst characters in this crazy cartoon? Let  us know in the comment section below. Don’t  forget to hit that notification bell and binge  our Good-to-Evil playlist. Where we break  down the morality of the characters on your  favorite cartoons, shows and movies.  But most importantly, stay wicked!

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