Big 1000$ UNBOXING Einhell Tools !?

Big 1000$ UNBOXING Einhell Tools !?

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Yo, yo, yo, yo, yo! Welcome guys to my new video, as you can see, today we are doing major unboxing of new Einhell tools. In front of me is a box valued around 800-1000€ of tools. It's mostly new tools, one old that I was using for quite bit of time now. Let's get over with unboxing and see what we got in here! It's safe to say that you can hit that like button, share and subscribe would be good too. It's free you know, follow me on Instagram too, I made a new profile which I will post teases about

upcoming videos so you will be informed about what is happening on the channel. Also, follow einhell_croatia. Well guys, you can see there's a lot of new stuff here, and here's the old product. Let's start with this product now. That's Einhell AXXIO angle grinder. We reviewed it a while ago, you can find link somewhere in the corner of this video. It has cut milions of stuff for me in the last 12 months so I'm not surprised it's career is over. I've literally cut tracks with it so.. I've also cut different kind of profiles which isn't recommended. I'm more than satisfied with it. Let's unbox it! Stickers..

Opening now.. It's like I'm opening it for the first time. Here is paperwork that is a pretty thick. More of it.. Here you should have handle if I'm not wrong. Yeah, that's it. Wrench is inside the handle. Also, here's protector, I like how it has that little strainer, you don't need to screw it in. That's all that in the box, there's nothing more in it. Oh, ohh, ohh, how good it is to see brand new tool.

Ohh, look at this, this is new. The old one didn't have this dust protector with net, this is really good solution if you work with it in very dusty enviroment. Let's jump and take one grinding wheel. Here I am, here I am! I must say that reception angle is 125mm. Let's screw that disc in now. How good it is to have new tool in your hands! Here you have handle which you just screw in. Oh yeah, look at this handling, look how it fits in your hand just perfectly. I like how they put this dust protector. I think my old one is here somewhere, oh here it is!

It is really, really similiar, just a little bit darker red, it's basically the same angle grinder, just that dust protector is new. The perfect thing that they made is this power exchange batteries, you can use one battery on 100-300 different tools. First start.

It's also good to mention, it has slow start up, so it won't fly from your hands, it will slowly get up to speed. Good stuff! Next in this box is... We can distance ourselves from angle grinders and take a lamp! It's a battery lamp powered by same power exhcange batteries, it's in the shape of handle. Let's unbox it! Also, we first have a lot of manuals and stuff here. Papers. Empty box. Manual again.

Nylon. Paper.. Ohh, this is very good! Oh yeah, look, you have this hook so you can hook it somewhere. You can turn around the lamp in different directions. Let's put the battery in.

Let's try out the lamp now. You just put battery the same way we have put in grinder. It kinda looks like drill, just missing the head. Let's turn it on! Oh yeah guys, this is extra! It is very strong, it's not like reflector, that it spatters the lighting, it's more in one cone, it's a very good tool if you need very bright and precise light. It's very collapsible, you can carry it, put it on one spot.. Like for flashlight. Next is.. Hmm, let's do the bag. This is great. This is a bag for cordless drills, all different kinds of tools, I like it a lot, it has plenty of space. It has a lot of small pockets, for screwdrivers etc..

A very strong and soft handle. I think it has a very high capacity, let's put a flashlight, grinder, eccentric grinder, electric drill, ohh, it's hard to carry now! Anyway, I like it a lot! It has good design, I'm recommending it! We can use some rest... NO WE CAN'T DOC! Next we have two batteries, this are two newest 18V batteries from Einhell, it's exchangable, but variable, it can go from 4A to 6A, it's much stronger than other batteries, it's bigger too, let's see how it looks like! Oh, look at that! Papers.. and an empty box. Manual again. This yellow sticker can go off. That's it. Regarding batteries, it's bigger than the strongest one, well, that isn't the strongest one anymore, this one is. It has button where you turn it on

Led show how much A you have in your battery and how much percent of battery you have left. It's good to show how you change from 4A to 6A. You just press this button and hold it. Baterry will start to countdown and when it comes to 6, you press the button again. Let's see now how will grinder work with it. It looks like it works efficiently with this battery. I can hear sound that like it has more rotation, more power. This battery is really extra for me, it has a nice design.

It a little bit bigger, but this one has 6A, not 5.2A, which is expected, we will see how it will show itself. Let's now show this battery holders. Those are plastic holders that you can mount on walls and put batteries on them when you don't use them. They look like this. No screws.. Oh, look we get the screws and a pretty good dowels for them, very good. It's interesting that you can combine them like this, I like that a lot, let's how you put battery in here. It goes like that, and you just pull it like that.

This looks nice on the wall, you won't have batteries thrown around your workshop, this is perfect solution for that, it will look much nicer. We got, 2x3=6, 6 pieces. Next thing is, I think everyone will like that, and everyone that has at least 1 battery will buy this thing. Look at this, are you ready?

Bluetooth audio speaker which works on power exchange batteries, you can connect with your phone and listen to music in your workshop. Isn't that perfect! This is speaker, manual here, manual there, box.. Nothing more here, just manuals..

Ohh, this looks nice. This looks really, really nice. It's interesting, this is speaker, you can press this, like a real JBL, if you are bored, you can press it. Just kidding, don't do that. Here you have buttons for power, volume up and down, here is aux connector, if you maybe don't have bluetooth on your phone, but I think everyone has that. Also, it has LED usb light for maybe phone charging, that's great. Battery here charges your phone throught speaker and that's good. Let's see how this works. Oh yeah, you see light here. First, the ad... Phone volume is on the max..

The best thing that if your battery goes off, just put it on charge, take another one, plug it in and play the music again. You can enjoy it while you are drilling, grinding, painting, etc.. I believe battery life is quite high, but it's so cool, I used original JBL speaker, pls, throw it here.. Production is asleep..

This is one I was using, it's original JBL Flip 6th generation, great sound, battery is great, but if is empty, its empty, you need to have pluged in constantly, you need to charge it up for few hours, but no music for that time, while on Einhell one you have. Just plug another battery in it. It can work 24/7. That's what I like about it, you can charge your phone with it too. We have only 3 products left. Let's get on major one. Angle grinder. It's similiar to AXXION, without brushes, same power, but this one has 150mm discs. Let's unbox it. Let's get the sticker off.. Did you like the video? Subscribed? Don't make me mention it again.. Oh oh oh.. Why do we have two protectors..

Okay... Wow, I like this one a lot. This is extra! You have protector that is half-open, and this one is full closed, maybe for cutting metal, while this one is for grinding. Honestly, well done Einhell! You don't see that very often. Very nice from them to send us one cutting disc, its Einhell KWB, thank you for that. You are all ready for action, let's go.

Next, AXXION was better and nicer, classic, wrench in handle. Very good, you have it here, ready for use. And here we have the grinder. Handle on. Yes, this looks very nice. Let's put protector. Tile first.. then we have cutting disc. You screw all that in with a nut. I really needed that in my workshop, usually I have big one, or the smallest one, I don't have anything like this, middle sized.

It's really good for thin profiles, you don't have to burden yourself using small or bigger ones, you are not that precise with bigger ones. I REALLY needed that! Let's try it now with our new battery. Honeslty, it has very good balance, it holds pretty good, it looks very, very nice.. Now, I didn't put it before, but I will put protective glasses now. Excellent! This is perfect, I love it. Now, we have two add-ons for a vacuum cleaner which you can see on this review. Here is filter and then we have dirt bags. Unforunately, we have come to an end.

So, dirt bags and filter for wet and dry vacuum cleaner, I will leave link in description, it's TE-VC 2340 SA. You get the cover and here is filter for dust. It looks powerful with this yellow colour. Empty! And here we have dirt bags. There's 5 bags in one pack. They can store up to 40l so you can vacuum a lot. Also, that vacuum, I have it around a year now, it's terrific, it vacuums everything, water, dust,

metal pieces, it's really good! As you can see, the bag is quite big. Guys, we came to the very end of the video, write in comments down below which tool would you like to have from here, I'm definetly going for the angle grinder 150mm and bluetooth speaker. I will make seperate video for that two tools in the next few days so we will check them out quite closer. So, hit like, share and subscribe button if you liked todays video, follow Einhell, Doctor D.S too and that's it! Bye!

2022-04-05 17:54

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