Biden answers questions from press for the first time in weeks

Biden answers questions from press for the first time in weeks

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Thank. You. So. Good afternoon folks. Welcome to the queen theater. I'm here today to, talk about a crisis. A crisis, uh. Being felt all across, the united states of, america. And. Jill and i have just been briefed as you know, in this room. By our public health and education, experts, about what it's going to take. To. Be able to reopen our school safely, and effectively. And, back to school, has always been a special time it isn't your families of mine but particularly. In mine because, for. All the years jill and i are married. She was going back to school too. As a teacher. Jill's an educator, and she'll be the first one to tell you that. This should be a season of promise, for our country. Times when crass classrooms, are crackling. With the possibilities. The new year. Students, hopes. And. The, all about the future. But this year, we're facing the most difficult, circumstances. And we're seeing an awful lot of heart and a lot of grit. From our educators. Our students, and, to try to rise to the occasion here. But our government hasn't come up to that bar, i haven't shown much grit at all or determination. Let me be clear. If president, trump. And his administration. Had done their jobs. Early on with this crisis. American, schools, would be open, and to be open safely. Instead. American, families. All across this country. Are paying the price for his failures. And his administration's. Failures. Like many of you because you're all reporters, you also have a lot of friends and you have children and, you're probably hearing the same thing i'm hearing throughout this pandemic. They're struggling, to figure out how to do the right thing. But they're worried, they're worried. Like the devil. They uh what does it mean for my kids. Is uh is this setting my child's education, back. Beyond, just, a semester. What impact will i have. How my child's going to how's my child going to catch up. What if. What if i'm not doing enough to help my child succeed. All those questions, the self-doubt, that's been, engaged. President trump may not think his, this is a national emergency. But i think going back to school for millions, of children and the impacts, on their families, and the community. Is a national emergency. I believe that's what it is. Protecting, our students. Our educators. Our communities. Getting, our schools, open safely. And effectively. This, is a national. Emergency. But president trump still doesn't have any real plan. For how to open our school safely. No real plan. For how to help parents. Feel secure for their children. He's offering, nothing, but, failure, and delusions. From the start to finish the american, families, and our children. Are paying the price. For his failures. Failure, to take this virus seriously, early on in january, and february, and it's spread around the globe. Failure. To take steps we needed back in march and april. To get this pandemic, under control, to institute, widespread. Testing, and tracing. To control, the spread, failure. To provide, clear, national, science-based. Guidelines. To state and local authorities. And failure. To model even, basic, responsibility. Like socially, distancing, and wearing a mask. And failure, to make sure educators. And administrators. Have the equipment. The resources. And the training. They need to open safely under the circumstances. We find now. Donald trump and betsy devos. Having secretary devos haven't stepped up. And we're all seeing the results. Millions, of students, are now starting, the new school year. In the same way they finished the last one. At home. At home. Parents are doing their best but more and more were. Finding themselves, at, wit's end. Struggling, to balance, work and child care, and education, duties, educational, duties.

Or Worrying, about their lost paycheck. And how they make ends meet while trying to keep their kids on track. With remote learning. Educators. Are taking on countless hours of additional, training to learn, how to use remote learning tools. So they can still be there for their students. But they're worried about, all the kids who used to count in ours on our schools. All those children. Who need it so badly. And particularly, those children. Who need more than the education. They provide, their meals, and safe places to spend the day. You know. We're all concerned, about making sure covert 19, doesn't further exacerbate. The disparities. The disparities, that already, have existed in our educational, system. For so many poor children. And in so many communities, of color. It's unacceptable. And it can't go on like this. We all want our schools to reopen, safely. With a plan that prioritizes. The health of our students. And our educators. And staff alike. I laid out my plans, back in june and july, a road map for how to open reopen, safely, and effectively. You can read them by going to, We need straightforward. Common, sense solutions. But trump refuses, to act. Starving, schools, of the needed, funding. Funding they need now. Now. They needed it, beginning, of the summer. Now, trump's fema director is cutting schools loose. Just yesterday, fema announced. That they're not after helping three districts. I think it was three. They announced that they're not going to help pay for cloth masks. Other ppe. Or. For school settings. Cleaning. Those, basic. Health needs, or sanitize. Everything from the laboratories. To the classrooms. And safety, costs for schools that, don't qualify, for emergency. Assistance. This is emergency, mr president. This is an emergency. And donald trump and his fema. Should treat it as one. If our president today i'd direct fema to make sure that our kids k-12. Get, full access. To disaster, relief and emergency, assistance. Under the stafford, act. I'd make sure that ppe, and sanitation, supplies, for school, qualify, as emergency. Protective. Measures. Which is the phrase they use. To fully be eligible, for federal assistance. On top of that. I'd be working with the leaders of congress. Now. Today. To pass emergency, packages, for schools. So they have the resources, they need, in order to be able to open safely. Money for ventilation. I heard that a lot, when i had all those health care workers, those health care experts. Up on the up on the zoom. Money for ventilation, other health measures. But also more money to hire more teachers. Every recommendation. We got was they're going to be they should be dividing, into pods, smaller, classes. Smaller, classes. Mean, more educators, are needed. Keeping, classes. Socially, distanced. Small. Money for more psychologists. And counselors. I introduced, legislation. A long time ago calling for, i introduced, i proposed, legislation. A long time ago. We have. One. One, school psychology, every 1507. Children in school. And the health care the mental health. That our children. Need now. The anxiety. They're feeling. At home. In going to school. Not being able to go to school. The nation's, superintendents. Of schools. Have estimated. That they'll need at least 200, billion dollars. To support, k-12. Schools. Throughout. The year for safe reopening. And we need the money to hire educators, as well of our for as for our four-year colleges, and universities. For community, colleges, for hbcus. For minority, serving, institutions. Democratic, leaders, are ready to get this done. They've already proposed this legislation. Mr president. Where are you. Where are you. Why aren't you working, on this. We need emergency. Support funding for our schools and we need it now. Mr president. That's your, job. That's your job. That's what you should be focused on now. Getting our kids back to school safely. Keeping, schools. Safely. Able to remain, open. Once they stay once they open. Not whipping up fear and division. Not inciting, violence in our streets. Get off twitter. And start talking to the congressional, leaders in both parties, invite them to the oval, office. The oval office. And stop. Your boast about. Never being seen, but you you can do anything you're you you always talk about your ability to negotiate. Negotiate, a deal. A deal for somebody other than yourself.

Now I'm happy to. Take questions, you may have i guess staff's going to call on whoever. Follow fire. Away. You mr vice president. Uh two quick questions for you faimei, uh first ahead of your trip to kenosha, wisconsin, tomorrow. Last week your running mate senator harris, said that. The officer, who shot jacob blake, based on what she has seen should be charged. Do you agree with her and do you also believe the same for the officers, who are involved in the death of brianna, taylor. I think we should let the. Judicial, system. Work its way i do think, there's a minimum. Need to be charged, the officers, and as well as brianna, taylor. And, i might add by the way i think what happened in uh. In, portland, where, a. One of the. Trump guys riding along in vans and citing. Responses. Shooting rubber bullets i guess or paintballs. Apparently, there was someone shot by someone in the crowd. With a bullet, killed. I think that person, should, meet the legal requirements, that whatever that calls for, we should be investigated. And it should follow through on what needs to be done, let the judicial, system work. Let's make sure justice, is done. And just, quickly on a different topic, there's a new book. By the new york times's michael schmidt that says, that when president trump made an unannounced, visit to walter reed hospital, in 2019. Vice president pence was told to be on standby, to take over, in case president trump. Had to receive anesthesia. Penn said last night that he doesn't recall. Uh being told that, as vice president were you ever told to be on standby. Or given, you know a, any kind of special, alert, when president, obama, was going in for a medical appointment, and i also just wonder whether you have any concerns about the fact that that walter reed visit that president trump made, it didn't follow. You know prior protocol, about presidential, visits. For medical, examinations. I'm not going to speculate, on what it means always, what i can say is that nothing, this administration. Does is normal. And so i'm not being a facetious, when i say that. So, who in god's name knows, what it's all about. I just don't know. I don't know and i'm not going to speculate. I'll let. The experts. Do that. And. So and, the only time. That. I have been, on notice, is when. The president's, out of the country. And i'm in the country, that, not that i should wait for something to be immediately, be aware of anything. But that. That, that's something that would, might be called for it wasn't called for, thank. You. Thank you mr vice president. On this visit to kenosha, tomorrow. Local democratic, officials including the governor had previously, discouraged, president trump, from visiting. And just yesterday the president of the local naacp. Said he didn't want to see either of the candidates including herself visit that this is such a sensitive, situation. In the city. Why is now the right time for you to go to kenosha and what do you hope to accomplish tomorrow, well i have uh, we've spoken, to. All the leaders up there and uh although i have an outstanding, call. With the governor. We dealt with the staff, because, uh. And there's been. Overwhelming. Requests, that i do come. Because. What we want to do is we got to, heal, we got to put things together, bring people together. And so, my purpose in going will be to do just that to be a positive, influence. On what's going on. Talk about what need be done. And try, to, see if there's a beginning of a mechanism, to bring. The folks together. We have to heal, this is about. Making, sure that uh that we move uh. Then we move forward, uh. And so, i, i've gotten, advice, from. Sitting, members of the congress, and the senate as well to go. And that i should go and i'm not going to. Do anything other than meet with. Meetings with community leaders. As well as business, people, and. Other. Folks in law enforcement, and to see a. Tough start to talk about what has to be done. Not i'm not going to tell kenosha what they have to do what we have to do together. The idea, that. We are. Saying, you know we've. The president encouraged people to retreat to their corners, and. Keep this, this, moving. Is just a mistake. I've spent my whole life including, in this city you're in right now. Bringing people together. Bringing the community, and, and police officers together. Bringing business leaders, and, civic leaders together and so that's my purpose in going. And on the fact that you're traveling, to wisconsin. At all i believe this is only the third time, in the last. Few months since the onset of the pandemic that you'll be on a plane, you've talked about. How you want to make sure you follow all the advice of your doctors, in terms of campaigning, safely. But the question we keep hearing from voters from others is why aren't you out there more you may be aware the president, was calling to question your campaign's, schedule today how far are you willing to push the envelope of what's safe, in order to get your message out and to be among, the voters, speak to them directly, well, i think.

My Message is getting out based on what the. All the polling data shows. And the millions of people who've watched what i've had to say and the circumstance, in which i've said it. But. I would like to get out more but i think. A president has a responsibility. To set examples. Set the right example for how to get out. Not go out and not wear masks, and not to have large crowds of people standing next to one and not wearing masks, not being the potential. Cauldron, for. Significant, outbreaks, of, covid. And so. What i've done. Is i've met with. Via, via. What i did this morning with the medical experts. And so. We've worked out a protocol, where. How i get in the plane what kind of plane i get on how it's sanitized. Where, how i engage, people. It's like when i'm engaging, all of you everywhere i go it's always at a safe distance. And. Everybody's, wearing masks, and the vast majority of people. That i'm meeting with have been, that come into my home and staff and the like they're all. Tested as well so. I'm just trying to. Set the, example. Wearing the protective, gear, the, mask. Which i have with me i'm, able at this distance to take it off. Number one number two making sure that. Um. We proceed in a way with adequate, social distancing. And, do it the right way, and last quickly they announced the format and the moderators, of the presidential, debates today nbc's kristen welker batting cleanup, for that last presidential, debate, is there anything you said you'll participate is there anything that could dissuade, you, from participating, and how have you begun to prepare. Well, i began to prepare, by. By. Going over what the president has said, multiple, lies he's, he's told, what i'd love to have is a crawler at the bottom of the screen a fact checker. You know we speak. If we really wanted to do something. I think that would make a great, great debate. If everything both of us said was instantly, fact checked by. By an agreed to group of people out there that we. Move forward. But that probably wouldn't get very far in the debate, no i'm looking forward to debating the president, and i. And i'm going to. Lay out as, clearly as i can what i think we have to do to bring this country back and build it back better. And i'm looking forward to the debate. Thank you mr vice president.

Um One of the things that i've heard a lot from voters across the country, is that a lot of them are worried. And concerned, about some of the ongoing, violence we've seen in cities in this country, including the situation in kenosha wisconsin, where you're headed. I'm curious. Obviously, you are not president now and donald trump is but i'm curious. If you were president, what would you do to ensure that people are kept safe in situations, like these, first of all i wouldn't incite, violence. I'd condemn, it when it occurred. I would move, to look the vast majority. A police officer, good decent honorable, women and men. They pin on that shield every morning, and they have a right to go home that night safely. The vast majority. But just those who are, not. Good cops. I'm, all the police i've dealt with my whole life and i've been dealing with. I've gotten overwhelming, support from law enforcement, through my whole career. They're the ones that want to get rid of the bad cops even more than anybody else does because it reflects, on them. Number one number two. I would make sure everybody, understood. If i were president. That any violence. Any violence, protesting. Is a right. And free speech is a right. But, to engage. In violence. Burning, looting, the rest in the name of protesting. Is, wrong. And the persons, should be held accountable. For their actions. And so. What i'd be doing, is i'd be bringing people together, in the white house right now. I'd be having that police commission, set up i'd have law enforcement, at the table. I'd have the community, at the table, i'd have people and saying how do we get through this, what do we do to deal with this because i believe the vast majority. Of the community, at large, large, as well as law enforcement. Want to straighten things out not inflame, things. But this president, keeps throwing gasoline, in the fire. Every, place he goes. I noticed. And i didn't watch much of it but i watched the reports, from, all of you, not all. From the press. And uh, you know when he was asked about, what should be done with regard, to. A young man shot in the back seven times in front of his children, i didn't hear, much of anything, come from him. What should we be doing about and he went down down the line. So i wish he'd take responsibility. As much as he'd like to be running against somebody else he's running against me. Joe biden. And the fact is that he is not acting very. Responsibly. Here okay, you've outlined your school your plan to reopen school safely, but what about what happens, in the interim, right now millions of parents, across the country are facing this very, impossible, task, of trying to work full-time. And help their children, full-time, to learn virtually. What is your message to these parents, and what can you do to help them, while you work to reopen, schools. Help is on the way i've laid out a clear plan, for child care. A clear plan, for. Starting, early education, as well so, three and four and five-year-olds, are in school. And like. But, i'm not president right now what we should be doing. Is we should be providing, for. More, help, for, people who in fact are trying to juggle. The choice between do i stay home. With my three four or five year old. And take care of them. In the middle of this covet, problem, or do i go to work and earn a salary. What do i do. And so that's why we have i have a major initiative. To deal with, child care and elder care, so people can be adequately, paid to come and take care of folks. Children, as well as the elderly, that you may be taking care of a parent, a. A a. Husband or wife may be taken care of, as well as making sure that. Those folks are able to get back to work. And that's why focusing, on daycare, centers and making sure they're. Safe and healthy, now, is equally as important. As, dealing with almost as equally important as dealing with schools. And we should be providing.

All Of the ppe. And all of the safety, that is necessary, in sanitary. Capacity. To allow them to open. Hundreds of them have been opening, because some states have gone in and done that. There should be universal. Guidance, coming from the president united states of america. There should be basic standards, to, how in fact, in what circumstance. You can safely, open a daycare, center, you can safely, safely open a child care center. In addition to that in the future the idea. This has brought home, a number of glaring, problems we have in america. This whole pandemic, and what's happened in terms of, jobs. The idea, that we're in a situation. Where, you have so, many, parents. Who have to make the difficult, choice. As a single parent or both working parents to decide whether one gives up their salary and stays home, with a child under the age of five or six. And or. Somehow, leaves them with somebody, that is not, particularly, qualified. And goes to work so they can earn a living. Is a choice that is not we shouldn't be making we're the only industrialized, country in the world that forces, people to make that kind of choice. So there should be. No one should have to pay more than seven percent of their income. Any income, to provide for child care. And be able to go to work. This is something that is a major element, of my build back better program. But in the meantime. In the meantime, the most important thing that can be done. Is have cdc. Issues. Really straightforward. Guidelines. On, what circumstances. You should be able to open up. A. Your day care center, or your child care center, now. And there should be clear standards. And states should have the wherewithal, to be able to go out and inspect, those facilities. Now. But you know, one thing i haven't mentioned and i think it warrants mentioning. You know one of the things we did. Remember. Well. When we inherited, the great recession. And we were going into the tank heading off the cliff for a. Heading to a depression. I, was able to convince, three republicans, to change their vote and we ended up with the so-called recovery, act, which spent over 800. Billion, dollars, in 18 months. Kept us from going into the depression, but what did we do. We spent, almost. We spent billions of dollars making, sure. That states, were able to maintain, their essential, workers. Everyone from their fire departments, their school teachers. They're doctors, they're nurses, they're, public hospitals. Now what's happening. This, republican, administration. Will not support, that. And the republican, leadership, in the united states, senate will not support, it so what's happening. We don't have that help. It's not out there. And states are in real trouble and to quote my good friend mitch mcconnell. He says let the states go bankrupt. States have to balance their budgets, under the law. Communities. Counties, cities. They have to balance their budget. There's a reason why, the federal government is able to run a deficit. To compensate, in times of real economic, crisis. And what's happening. Nothing. And guess what. We came out of that, recession. With the. The longest spurt of economic, growth of any administration, in american history. But these guys don't i don't see and i could go on, businesses. Look at the money that was passed. Under the cares act. For businesses. Small businesses, be able to stay open. You've got tens of thousands of them going out of business many of them permanently. Why, because the money didn't get to small businesses. They're not they're not open we should be dealing with those, those. Businesses, that have been burned out and those, and damaged. We should be finding federal help for those businesses to get back on their feet. But this administration. Seems to think it's all of a sudden going to go away like angel dust is going to be sprayed around everything's going to be okay. I just don't get it. They have to know better. They have to know better. And we had an example, just the last administration. How much good you can do and how much growth you can generate. I just don't get these guys i really don't. Not a joke i've been doing this a long time. But i've never seen a president, lack as much leadership. Unwilling. On, inability. To make a deal. And you got about i'm told the reason why they can't get anything done in the republican, congress. Is 20 members of the united states senate say under no circumstances. Will they raise the deficit, at all. Well that's wonderful. And we're in a position right now. Look at other countries. We're doing one hell of a lot better. And yet we still have over, what's up two hundred eighty six thousand people dead. Over six million was it six million three hundred thousand whatever the number is. That have contracted, the disease. And no end in sight. It's just. Irresponsible. Talk about a know-nothing.

Congress. On the republican. Side, no nothing president i mean i don't get it, i really don't get it. But it's going to change. Come january, god, willing. Sir what do you say to the teachers, who are afraid to return to the classroom, even if the safety protocols, that you've proposed, are in place. Well i say that. I understand, the concern. Because so many of the teachers, also, have other pre-existing, conditions. That lend itself, to the fact that if they were to contract, the covet. The cova disease. Cover 19. That they would be very susceptible, to be in real trouble. So it's understandable, why they're doing it, but, the first thing to do is, make sure. That all the protective, capacity, that we have available, to us is made available. And then, make choices, about whether or not, let the districts make choice about whether or not they open fully, whether they rotate. And whether or not those teachers. Are able to be able to teach from home. And remote, learning. But i it's. Really understandable. Why they would look, look what's happened, in in this, covert crisis so far. A hundred. Million i think a hundred thousand, people. Have died. Who were above the age of 65.. 100, 000 out of the 200, and some. That have died, are not 200 some yet it's 189. Or whatever it is now. Estimated, i heard today the estimates, range from, two uh two significant, universities. One is going to be as many as. 239. I think and another one said by december, 312. I don't know that but that's, you know it's going to go higher. And so i just don't uh. I don't understand. Why, it's a political. Problem. What is the politics. About, not being willing. To go in and help. Provide. The protective, capacity. For people, to be able, to go back to work and don't go to school. I i i i. Just don't i can't fathom. It. Thank you mr vice president um you talked today about reopening. Schools, i wanted to ask you about something you said last week about rio, the potential. Of having to. Shut down the economy, again you were asked. If. You'd be willing to shut it down if your health experts advise you to do so and you said quote i will be prepared to do whatever it takes. And that you would listen to the scientists. But i'm curious how you would do that at a federal level and how you would balance that, call to shut down potentially. If you had economic, advisers, saying. You do this again, you could plunge the country into an even deeper. Economic, crisis. Well look. I know you're tired of hearing me say this. I've been saying it. Since, uh last january. The idea. That you're gonna be able to get the economy, back on track. Without getting covered under control. Is completely. Counterintuitive. It's not there. It can't happen. So unless, we're able to deal with the disease. And drastically. Cut, its impact. On people's, confidence, of being able to either go to work or walk into a business, or. Do business. Then. It doesn't matter a lot. There is going to be no need in my view to be able to shut down the whole economy, i got asked by david muir a question, if i was asked to shut everything down. I took that as a generic, question if, am i going to follow the science. I. Am going to insist. And i insist, now without, any authority. That. Every, responsible. Person in this country. When they're out in public, or not with a cohort, that they have lived with because, they know they haven't spread, your husband, wife etc.

That They wear a mask. That they wear a mask, and keep socially, distanced. You can take a mask off when you're 12 15 feet away. But, i would follow, i would. Really, really make the case and by the way. When i find these. Folks talking about my freedom. I talk about, patriotism. Why, do you wear a mask. To protect. Your neighbor. To keep someone else from getting sick, and maybe dying. I call that. Patriotic. This is the united, states of america. Every generation, has made sacrifices. To help, others. In moments of crisis. But so you don't see you, you suggested, there would be some kind of a federal mandate about masks and now you're saying no no. No no, here's. What i suggested, was, i would ask, every, person, in authority. There's a question whether or not a president. Under the constitution. Could mandate. Every more mass. And remember, all during the primary i'd have a lot of people telling me i would buy executive, order do, i'm a constitutionalist. You know you can't do things the constitution, doesn't allow you the power to do, what i would be doing is putting as much pressure as i could. On, every. Governor, every senator, i'm excuse me every. Mayor every county executive, every local official. And, everyone. In business. Putting pressure on them to say, what you're doing is irresponsible. Make sure you wear a mask and maintain. Social, distancing. And the vast majority of the american people accept that notion. One more quick campaign, question, you raised. 364.5. Million dollars, your campaign, in the dnc, last month. Uh record for a monthly haul apparently. How are you going to spend it. You want to go to dinner. No. I tell you what look um. What i'm having to spend a lot of it on is to. Counter the lies, that are being told. Um. By. My uh. By trump's campaign, and uh. And swift boaters, out there. Um a new, pack. Um but what i'm trying to do, is spend most of that. And by the way i think the average contribution, was like, 40 bucks. We have over a million, 600. 000, people. Who contribute, in the middle of this economic, crisis somewhere between 5 10 15. I'd say that shows some genuine, enthusiasm. About wanting to make sure. That we have a chance of becoming, president united states. And so. What i, will spend most of it doing. Is trying to explain to the american, people how i want to unite the country. What i want to do to make the country better. Why i'm so, confident. We can do it, why i'm so confident, that we can bring the country together, and be in a better position than before. This crisis, occurred. Because, there's been so many. Fissures, exposed. As a consequence, of what's happened, that people are now, realizing. My lord, i didn't know, that, people in that circumstance, didn't have that kind of help i didn't know whatever. And so i think we have an enormous. Opportunity. To bring the country together. And once again. Lead the world, and you've heard me say it a hundred times. Not just by the example of our power. But the power of our example. Thank you all so very much for taking the time thank you. I know you always ask a hostile question but go ahead um. So uh. You said, and you have said recently, that. Uh you warned. Us. You said that you warned, president trump. In january. That there was going to be a pandemic, and what needed to be done. If you knew that. Then why were you still hosting. Crowded, campaign, rallies, in march. Now what i talked about was. Not what had to be done what i said you got to take this seriously. You've got to insist, that we have access. To wuhan. Insist, that we have access, in china to find out for ourselves, we had 44, people from cdc, there. You cannot, continue, to talk about. The president of china saying he's done a, marvelous. Job he's doing a great, a great job. When it got up to march. I kept saying look you've got to invoke, and you remember i think i was the first i may be mistaken. Person calling about, the defense production, act, we don't have enough of, the, i it's amazing we use a phrase like ppe and the public knows what that is now, but protective, equipment, and gear and ventilators. Use that authority. Use it to go out there now and don't wait. And don't wait to talk about the need for us to have masks and don't wait to talk about. That's when i what i talked about, and then i began to lay out for him we actually had a conversation. I i can't remember when it was i think it was march, maybe it was april, and that rains. And i said he said, biden wants to help i want to talk to him so i talked to him i laid out what i thought, should be done to be able to reopen, safely and the things we should do. And he was very polite he listened, and he said he'd think about it and that was the end of it. And so. What, i, would begin to become, really clear.

Is That, as the science, began to, show, that, this was able to spread, much more easily than people thought two, two issues. Was a pandemic, coming. And how, did it most. How, what's the most the way it did the most damage. And as that became clear and clear. We concluded, that, we just can't continue, to have these large rallies. And, you know think about it here we are. The rest of the world the places that have done extremely, well. In terms of dealing with this, covert, crisis around the world. You know we have. The five, largest. Countries. In. Europe. Have a population. Larger, than the united states of america. Yet we're in month of august we're losing a thousand, lives a day and they're losing 57, a day combined. Combined. All of them combined. So. I just don't as we learn more, and we did learn more and why. By, march and april we knew a whole heck of a lot more. Why weren't we doing what needed to be done. Why are we being told that don't we have plenty of protective, gear. And the one, the one big thing that. I did push a lot on i wasn't the only one. Was on the need for testing, and tracing. And moving, rapidly. To make sure. That you had the capacity, to test. And trace before it got so out of control. We need to do that now. But here's the thing i'll end with this i apologize, for keeping you. Are you. Oh. Well. Um. The thing. That. I i just don't. Quite understand. Is when it's clear. That some of the things. That the president, says, are simply. Not, true. Relating, to this. Crisis. And when enormous. Pressure. Is put on. Professionals. In the administration. From the cdc. To. Nih, across the board. Why do we think. God willing, when we get, a vaccine. That is good. Works. Why do we think the public's going to line up to be able to take the. Being willing to take the injection. We've lost so much confidence, the american people, in what said. Because we're finding, out, again today. Plasma, well that doesn't quite work the way we're told it was a hell of a lot of pressure put on that person to say that. This president, has said, so many things. That are untrue. That are just, wrong. In order to do anything. He looks at in one way. If the market, stock market is high. And it's moving. And we're reducing, the number, of people who are in real trouble economically. Then it doesn't matter what i say, that's the objective. That's the objective. The objective, is to keep, the american, people, safe. So we can, begin, to. Get back to normal, rebuilding, our economy. And bringing back economic, growth thank you all very. Much. Uh. Foreign. Oh. You.

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