BFDI:TPOT 1: You Know Those Buttons Don't Do Anything, Right?

BFDI:TPOT 1: You Know Those Buttons Don't Do Anything, Right?

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-what if I add back the original BFDI as a prize? *gasp* Maybe we should switch back! I won't! Wuh? Why not? Four has reinstated the prize 'after we thought it was gone for GOOD. He has betrayed our trust! How can we know he won't just change the prize again and again and AGAIN?! All: Yeah! You have the spirit of a leader, Fanny! And I admire that. But do you really think Two is doing any better? Think of all the time we've spent waiting to compete, the promise of limitless power dangling over our heads. We're dying to get started! Well why didn't ya say so? [all scream] Hush now! I'M talking! *clears throat* anyways...

It's time for Cake at Stake! Fries: What? I SAID, IT'S TIME FOR CAKE AT STAKE! Nickel: Huh? *sigh* never mind... ♫ dadadadadada cake at stake! ♫ Wait, why are we doing Cake at Stake? Don't worry, I'll remind you! Two: Last time, 59,151 voters voted on these 26 newbies, Two: so that one of them could join you forty other people, here to compete for... Two: The Power of Two! Nickel: Ohh! Now I remember! Two: Good for you! Two: So, let's get started. If you got the most votes, you get to join my show! AND, you'll also get this... t.. guh... purple tomato!

[offscreen group gasp] Everyone got at least 200 votes. That's good to know- Just kidding! Rubber Spatula only got 177, hah! No debut for you! I can't believe it! Nobody likes me! Don't look at it THAT way! Over a hundred people liked YOU more than anyone! Y-you're right! Hee-ere! Now you can tell them how thankful you are! Oh, okay! *inhale* Thank you so much, Gaming Aiden webber gaming Maurice yiu Hurry up! Kab Soki Bro-kun _ BakerBakie _ TheAlphaForce Bloons td 6 is best I SAID hurry up! Jose Luis Calderon Mega Gamer Hope the Galaxy Wolf Dallas a guy who makes videos Essam Burhan Observantville 77 Delvoin Yoshulf Stephen Schaeffer Jenky Espole no Hahn Loopers Maddtooner 931 Bennz Zzz Kamek uwu PurplePeepSquared Official Sir Zernoblox Umansky Gaming with Jake Tj Washington Iron 59 tan sintee Kid perfect Behind the scenes cheese trap Amy Jeffers atlantid fox Woodygaming BFB BlBean Mufudzi LovesRoblox RBLX Scorch Delilah TheGreat Franklin Hatch 808 Diamond Exzavier Wright Norman Zahn Zacyade And Friends Andrew Dixon Rishabh Baluni EverAurora cakes jay Randy Alarcon Kai 's world Matthew Last Name Bates Hawthorne Chef BraydenT Right Hand Toni Don RobloxianDa1 itsleokid - roblox, minecraft etc. Mr. Creeper Aji Dorani Oliver_AEX Mary Rose Bolo Fatima Zoguaghi Jamie Koch Mercedes Gabriela Moreno Rodriguez Dr. John Charsle Felipe Novaes LazyGamer 16 Vhengelynn Carl Nicholas Velasco SpongeBobFTW DoraStinks Debbie Wolfe Torpedo Dorito The Phantom Raid bobo Alecc bev deep Amy Pahl alen razic GAMER BOY ZAMER ELI Lane Pensinger Gabby Martinez Jesus Salazar Benjiman N Glowing Scramble Eli Hansen Mr Bland Kiko Animations nood the oof Daniel Luna Sonic The Hedgehog Official legoike 123 Robby Taylor gb Techno AKA Josh Teddy Walker Damario Rio Davionz Bambam NightFuryCat zogji Sofa King We Todd It The C. Channel Lauren G Super Plushy Movies David Austin Elias Miller ImNoahtheawesome PurpleChase Brayden Tran ClashOftheClutters Official 3346 Michelle Gaudet Shane Smith Photosynthesis Arrow KyleBusch_18 Rowdy Fan Lincoln Hatham Mallard Ducks salamaraa Bede Gleeson Austin Hletko Samuel Shock rickey the pickle rissa blissa Papyrus Skeleton Multi Thompson Faze Table WMG Gamer *Lancey* Axcg Asdv cliqq is cool Bulletbills darkanddirtymind HeyItzRane Lizza Gaming2 Pedro Flores Dominic DiMartino Garbage Disposal SAVAGE Willk Ninja Tintin Michael Valencia Fernando Leon Seb's Marble Races Sophie H NEStalgalia Jenay Bonilla Israel Rodriguez Noah's World Gamming unboxing and field trips DUDE SIMONS nidhal M.S Philip Army tbr DDraken Addi's Gaming Jesus TOTO official EpicIron_Gaming Hayley C Matoko Preston Meyer Captain Starrex nice yeah urmom kimberly winsby Nathanielugh Gaming 9292fifa 2018 Ahmir Reed Evil Nerry Marin Keith Givens Marcy Rivera Pepper Pult Jonah Wall Kristian Russell tyamato 588 dianne bryant kamari Myles Ryun Jones Linguiça derretida Ryan Trent SuperDragon 2005 Raquel Reid-Stultz Mathew Mathew U u, and Ruzi Dane. *inhale* phew! *inhale* okay. You finished? Yep! Okay! Bye-bye then! AAAAaaaaaa.... [all gasp] Now, let's see who else WON'T be joining the game! Two: Shampoo! You only got 240 votes, so you're out too.

240? I wanna thank MY voters too! *inhale* KidsReviewToys. - Shampoo: Azeplayz. - Two: Nope, stop that! ZOoPek Ah. Ooga Boogie... Two: Sinky, Scissy, and Drummy! None of you made the cut. Hey!! I make cuts all the time! Grr! AAAaaaaaaa..! Two: Shelly, Micy, and Clappy? Clapboard: Looks like it's curtains for us. Two: Looks like it's curtains for- ... :(

*startled sound* Right right, sorry about that. See you in post production!~ Now, everyone left got at least a thousand votes! You're not joking this time, right? Don't you trust me, Clock? Uhh, of course NOT. Well prepare to get over it because Leek got 1014 votes. Aww, no nickname for me? You're not... leaking, are you? 9-Ball, you only got 1033 votes.

That number sounds hard to spell... not that I would care about that... Two: Cammy, Blendy, and Onigiri...y... you didn't get in either! This is embarrassing. Hide me! Now there's just 13 of you left! We're half way through! Finally! Ohoho, eager now are we? Um... YEAH. Weeellllllll, I'm gunna make you wait for it. Discy's out! No more waiting! Wait! Two: VHSy, Taxy, Salty Lampy, and PyDyAy, you guys didn't get iny eithery! You'll pay for this, Two! Yeah! And we won't help you figure out how much! You think I need help?, I KNOW how to use a pencil.

What's wrong, Ice Cube? pencil Yeah! Final 8! All: Yeah! Winner: w00t Anchor is next to leave with only 2265 votes. Apapap! No need to clap; I got this! Thanks! Tapy! *gasp!* Nono Foldy, not Stapy... Tapy. Foldy: Oh...

Time to fall through the floor! Hahha! Looks like you're STUCK with me! Uh huh, alright. No no, STOP! AAAaaaaaaa... Shoppy Cart? Awh, looks like I didn't get in... Oh heyy I never said that! So I win?! Figures... Two: Battery and Avocado! You- We're out. Yeah, maybe you should learn a thing or two about suspense. *insulted noise* *clears throat* Suspense, eh? Alright, there are three of you left! Only one of you will be joining the game.

Huh? Three of them? But I only see two. I'm flattered you find me so attention-grabbing, Nickel, but the final three is over there! -Nickel: But- -Two: Hang on, Winner and Taggy, can you make some room for Nonexisty? There. Now he's bigger. What? The next one out iiiis... Taggy. This is so cheap! They only got 4907 votes.

Two: Nonexisty and Winner. Two: You are the final two. So who's it gunna be? Let's see the results! With 15762 votes, Winner joins the game! Two: And here's your purple tomato. Thaanks! Mmm! Tasty. Now you get to join the 40 other people, and- wait... 40 + 1 is... is 41!!!

What's wrong with 41? 41 is a... a PRIME NUMBER!!! Are those, like, illegal where you're from? Wha?? Even I'm a prime! You mean, I'M a EVEN prime! But what's wrong with prime numbers? They're impossible to divide up evenly! Yeah exactly! There CAN'T be a prime number of you, because that means the teams won't have equal amounts of people! Well, the nearest composite numbers are 40 and 42. None of us want to quit, so we'll have to add somebody! Why not go with the second most voted person from the pool of joiners? That's a GREAT idea! Thanks, Golf Ball! Okay! So, the 42nd person should be...

...Nonexisty! Let's see: 41 + 0 =... ...41?! Well, that wouldn't work, so we can't do that. Guess we'll have to go with the third-placer instead! Taggy, welcome to The Power of Two! Aw yeah! I take back all the things I said about Winner while I was down there! Uhm, just to be sure... you DO equal 1, right? I can if you want me to! *gulp* Great! Then that means we have 42 contestants now! *release of held breath* Now let's head downstairs for team picking! So... how many teams do you think we'll have?

Let's go wiiith... 6 teams of 7! Okaaay! Have fun making your teams! Well, I know I'm stickin with Barf Bag. And I know I'm sticking with Bomby! Cool! So you wanna stay on the same team? No!~ Oh, okay. Coiny: *gasp* Donut's got so many free spots left on his team! D'you know what this means? Uhhhhh It means we're getting the Bunch back together! Come on! Hey Clock! Whatcha lookin at? ...Clock? Uhh, hello? hh;, it's... it's Winner! Y-you guys remember Winner, right? Uhhhh Winner? Who the egg is that? Come on! Don't tell me you don't know about them! Way back at the start of Loser's career... Winner and Loser were a duo!

They performed together, toured together, ate chicken nuggets together... At some point, Loser went solo and hit the mainstream, but... Winner? Well, they just faded into obscurity. But only a TRUE Loser fan would know that.

Ehh, I'm more into Loser's recent work anyway... Wh- You're not seriously passing up this opportunity, right? Well, suit yourself but, I'm not gunna miss out. Waaait!!! You two are my friends!! You can't split up' Cake, we never even do things together. It's okay.

*pitiful whimper* Wow Cake, that was rough. Wanna join MY team? *snif* YES!!! Can I stick with you, Golf Ball? Despite your grammatical error from earlier, you are a true friend and I appreciate your loyalty. Let's team up! Yaaaaay! oOOoo! Can I stick with you too, GB? fine Hey!!! Huh? Don't think I forgot about last time. You guys teamed up because you're "all balls".

Well, I'm a ball TOO! And you didn't even think of ME! Oh gosh Puffball I'm sorry, we didn't really mean t- um... I don't care. I'm joining this team.

...kay Whether you like it or not. If Puffball's on this team, I'm joining too. If this is where the free food's gunna be now, I gotta be on this team. Alright Death P.A.C.T., there's... 7 of us already so we can basically just stay the same team. Remote: Great idea. Pie: Sounds like a plan. Bottle: Okay! Black Hole: cool

Uhhhmmmmmmm, Come on, Pen, don't you wanna keep preventing death with us? Well, it's just- Or are you a murderer? -I'm not a murderer! I just wanna- When you joined this team, you pledged to prevent death with us. That's weird, I don't remember a pledge. Ohh! That's... right,

weren't you the last person to get picked for a team, and we just... took you in? Oh yeah, I remember that. Hey, you know- Has Pen even prevented death at all? Not that I remember.

Buh!! bbbfine!!! Uh well I was leaving anyway! Later, haters! Did someone say haters? Wait, where's Pillow? Eraser! Guess what? We get to be on the same team again! Now, where's Blocky? He left us. W-what do you mean? He means that Blocky stayed behind with Four, to battle for a BFB. But it doesn't matter anyway because our team already has 7 members. What?! The team is complete? I can't believe we ended up with so many useless people! Don't worry Golf Ball, I know how to solve your 'useless people' problem...

Hey, you two wanna be on a team? RF: Yes! Grassy: Yeah! Yes! A free spot! TV, want to join? ...and, for a limited time, if you- - huh? Rocky, are you asking to team up? Mm-hmm! aw, I miss Lollipop and Taco... Don't worry Saw, I'm still here for you! Can I stay with you guys too? Oh, uh hey Book, listen, I know you're trying to 'be better', but maybe you should try to find some NEW friends, to 'be better' AT. Okay. Arright Book, see ya around! Yeah! Ice Cube! Do you want to- Hm! Okay then! New friends, huh? Hmm... Uaaagh! Uhh, what's happening? Hey Icy! We're still in a truce, right? Wanna team up? ya! Nice to meet you! Hey Barf Bag, you wanna team up 'cause we're all zigzags? sure lol But... I'm a zigzag too... Don't worry Lightning! You have me! I don't really... want you...

You guys seem cool! You seem pretty epic yourself! But... just to be sure. can you do THIS? You're in! Yess! I'm joining too! You seem pretty tough. SB: Even though you're armless, but I can settle for that. Naily: What do arms have to do with anything?

Ough!!! Good riddance! I-I-I can't believe it... I've been OWNED... Hey um, Foldy! Wanna make a team together? Oh, of course! I'll join Foldy! Uegh. Hey Lightning! Wanna be friends? Oh, NOW you're interested? Basketball! I'm impressed that you stood up to Golf Ball like that! Oh, thanks! I mean, she was just being a total- This'll be your first time on a team with no other balls! Hmm... well, Eggy looks KINDA like a ball! What. did you just call me? Uhh, I just meant...

... I'd love to have you on my team! Alright. And... you know what? I think I want those two as well. Eggy: Good choice.

Cool. One spot left. Gotta make it count. Winner! Are you ALSO a cloud? I've never collected more of myself before! I'm not a cloud, I'm winner! So you DON'T want to connect teams? Oh 'connect'! I thought you said 'collect'. Yeah of course we can connect teams! I was just worried because I thought YOU were gunna collect ME! Haha haha haha! Hah. Hahahahah. This team is gunna be so much fun! (echoed) "fun!" Pie, are we here to have fun? We're here to prevent death.

Nnh! More like prevent JOY! I'm gunna go where the fun is. That's the team for me! Tree: Bottle, you can't be serious about this! Uh yeah! That's why I'm switching! Oh, Pillow! Was that you? Y-ya know, I-I would appreciate if you didn't suddenly read me like that. Don't worry! I wasn't reading you! Then wha- I was just looking at the pictures. Well anyway I think we should find a team to join. I don't wanna be picked last! How's this one? Oh.

Oh this is great! Bomby and I go way back! Remember all those days we spent cranking the HPHPRCC? Uh, kinda? Nickel! You were there too, right? Remember cranking? Uh yeah it SUCKED. Tree: Hey! Does anyone want to prevent death with us? Do I have to be GOOD at preventing death? No, we accept students! Why didn't you say so before? Still thinking about who our final teammate will be? Uh yeah why? I have some... bad news for you. Hm? What is it? Eggy: There's only one person left. Well, I'm sure whoever it is, they're gunna be just f-huueughh....,

So this is my team, huh? Ha ha! You're stuck with Snowball! Grr! I'm NOT gunna lose my dignity that easily! To uphold my honor, our team must be... The Strongest Team on Earth. Oh, are we picking team names now? What should we use? Isn't it obvious? Let's just be Death P.A.C.T. again. Ooh, ooh! I wanna be Death P.A.C.T. again too! That team name is AWESO- Pen!, they're already Death P.A.C.T. again. Our team name will have to be- Are you okay? I mean, duh, we gotta be W.O.A.H. Bunch, right?

What? That's so stupid Coiny we're not W.O.A.H. Bunch, we're the Zigzags, Gaty: ya know? 'Cause I have zigzag', and Saw has a zigzag, and, and B- and BARF BAG has a zigzag, and you know, if we're being honest, Coiny: Hey, 'know W.O.A.H. Bunch is a good name! That's the name we've had for the longest time and that's a historical name... you do NOT disrespect history. Woah woah, you're making some susPICIOUS arg- Pin: Part of me agrees with Coiny- I-I also like being called W.O.A.H. Bunch, but no one acknowledges my pointy point! I think our team should be Needle: It's really dumb of you to say that like we're all going to agree with you. Why the heck do you think that's a good idea... Hey, hey now, hey, come on, stop fighting! We're teammAAAAATTTEEEEEs!!!!!! Let's be called the Winners! Uhh, I'd rather NOT have my name in the team name actually? Oh! O-o-okay! These team names are so stupid. Is it always like this? Pretty much.

Book: Don't worry Taggy, Book: as long as everyone stays careful, Book: we AREN'T goinna have a name like that. Cake: Yeah! Nickel: Yeah, we won't! Yeah, we're just not! Hey Two, we finished naming our teams. Oh, that's a relief! I was afraid I'd have to Make Up team names For you. I'm... not gunna lie, that probably would've been better than-

So what's the first contest? Well I was ABOUT to announce it, but I got distracted when I noticed how uggly it is around here. Where's all the plant life, eh? It all got burnt up by overflowing lava! Yeah, I remember that. Well, I can fix that for you! Now, what color were the trees and the grass? Green and yellow! Got it! Oh wait, I meant- Shh! It looks nicer like this. Now that that's taken care of, we can FINALLY start the battle for... The Power of Twooooooo♫OOOOOO!♫ So what's the first contest? Glad you asked! The first contest is to get to the TOP of that building. Two: Everyone on your team HAS to get to the top in order for YOU to be safe.

Two: The last team to get there... Two: WILL BE UP FOR ELIMINATION. Two: Oh, I almost forgot! Once you get to the top, you're NOT allowed to go back down. Gaty: WHAAAT??? Fries: Seriously! We can't hear you when you're up there! I think they said "go"! Bottle: wuh! Don't worry guys, I WON'T forget to fly this time. Yes! I made it! Tree: What about us? Huh? Nnnnh! Here. WHAT ABOUT US? HOW ARE *WE* GOING TO GET UP? Oh, I'll carry you guys! Lightning!! Going back down is against the rules! Remote: He's not coming back down.

Pie: Why? Remote: Shrug. Forget it, let's just think of another way up. Are You Okay! All: yeah Fries: I've been worse. Get onto Puffball A-S-A-P! Huh. I guess there really WASN'T enough room up there.

TV: Let's use the trebuchet Tennis Ball built Uh, hey Cloudy, can't you go faster? No, I can't! If I go faster, Rocky will fall through me! See? Rocky: (muffled) bulleh! I see. Wha? Two at a time, okay guys? All: ok! Robot Flower: Affirmative. Cool! Now go get the rest of us! No going back down I said! Seriously?! Grassy is upset! They're not coming back down? They betrayed us! *scoff* Robot Flower wouldn't betray us.

I mean... other than the... time that she... Shh; look over there! Rmlgyeh! Yeah! High five! Did you see that? That's how we can get up! I'll throw because I have ar- Uh huh. But more importantly, who're we gunna throw first? How about Foldy? I AM one of the lightest contestants, but... it's a bit windy toda-WHOA!

Aaaaa! Whoooaaaa..! Well that won't work. Gheh, OMP, are you seriously taking the stairs? You're gunna lose if you take the stairs, you know that right- We're taking the elevator, stupid! UOGH!! I FORGOT ABOUT THE ELEVATOR! Nyeheh.

Hneh! GYAAAH!!! After them!!1 Ah shoot! Wait, um, Eggy. Keep an eye on Foldy, will ya? Got it! Hurry!! Hah! Oop! Wait for me! Enh! Heheheh! NOOOOOO oooooo... [distant sound of metal being distorted] [loud emergency beep] Uh oh. Why'd you do that?! We could've just waited for it to come back! That would've been too slow! Well NOW, it's gunna be even SLOWER, 'cause you made the elevator get stuck! Get outta the way, lemme see if I can fix it. The elevator... is not an option.

I HATE broken elevators. Can't we use Fanny to propel ourselves up? No, she's not powerful enough. Ahhhhhhhhh. Just right.

Never fear! I have an idea! Black Hole waits outside while we take the stairs- Wouldn't that be too slow? I HATE stairs! Let me finish! As I was saying, we don't go all the way up. Just high enough that we can jump out and steal some of Black Hole's gravity. Good plan, but you're vandalizing the wall. No she's not! I'm washable! Pie: hup hup hup Marker: hoop hup hoop hup Tree: hop hop hop hop Fanny: I hate stairs I hate stairs Remote: Hup. Hup. Book: Hey, I think I heard footsteps! Cake: GET US OUTTA HERE!!! Are you dying? Cake: Um... I guess not...

Ok, bye then. hup hup hup Price Tag: Bwh- HEY, GET BACK HERE! Okay! I finished fixing the lava damage. GB: Great job! Although, next time, consider using a lava-proof material. TB: Okay.

Fries: Isn't this more of a catapult? TB: I had to improvise. (all scream) (all scream from left to right) (all scream) (all scream again) (all scream from right to left) (all scream) (all scream) (all scream) (all scream from left to right) (all scream from right to left) (all scream) (all scream, especially fries) PB: Mmm! (all scream and get caught) (all scream) *gasp* Are you okay?! All: yeah?? Eraser: What's up? Foof, that's a relief. Anyway! Are You Okay, you're the first team to finish, so you're safe! Five teams left! Who's gunna finish next? Winner: mm-hup! Clock: WHEEEeeee... Winner: hoop! Bottle: Weee!!... Winner: huip! IC: AAAaaaiii... Clock: ...eeeyuh!

Bottle: Uh oh! Nuhh! Sorry for this Yellow Face! Unh! Wrow!!! yea! Clock: Hey Two! Since Bottle's dead, but her body made it to the top, does that count? I dunno, should it? I think it should. Ok, then it counts! Oh no! Winner: I overshot! Rocky: bulleh! Foldy: Ack! Good! You're back. Aw flap. I'm not acid-free anymore! How's Winner gunna get up? mm-up! oop! oop! hwoop! And with that, The s! is safe! Only four teams left! Team8s, *snap* I have a plan. Finally!! What is it? Ack! Coiny: Hueh-urh! Hueh-urh! Ahhhh! Donut: hum, huah! hueh-hooh! hoo... Donut: Now, how are we gunna get Gaty up here? Oh! I know a trick! Here, just hold me out over the edge! Like... this?

Yeah! oOOOoohhhh! Arright. *inhale* Magnet powers, ACTIVATE! Gaty: wuh! Wow! Team8s, you're safe! [Gaty sighs in relief] [heavy, exhausted breaths] (out of breath) Do you think... (out of breath) this is...

(out of breath) high enough? Only one way to find out! Maybe we didn't think this through. Remote: khuff, khuff, I'm recharged!!! And I! have a! new plan! Remote: We're already most of the way to the top. Let's just go up the last few flights of stairs. Tree: uuuhghh.... What's taking so long? Relax, man! I'm trying to figure it out! Awh, I just don't know which one of these pulleys does theEE-- Let's just pick one then! WHAT'VE YOU DONE??!?!??! Cake: You know, I could really go for some- All: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Look out!!! Basketball: uuueeeeuhhh- ouh! Yes!! Just Not is safe! Two: Now there's only two teams left! Two: One of them will get to the top and be safe! Two: But the other will face consequences... Basketball: hooh! For once it was GOOD to be bouncy! Wait, it's fixed? I don't believe it, Snowball! Y'actually managed to fix something! Of course! We're baaaack! Perfect timing! C'mon! We've got no time to lose! [elevator button press sound] Remote: khuff KHUFF khuff KHUFF khuff KHUFF khuff...

Pie: ouff Tree: ooph Fanny: ernh! Remote: Come on!!! We gotta get Black Hole! Black Hole! Black Hole!! Oh no! Blaack holes aaren't known for their sense of hearing. Don't tell me we have to go get him... You can't. We're not allowed to go back down. Oh. That explains a lot. I forgive you! Well don't worry! I've got this megaphone, remember? yeah i gave it to you (tree fumbling sounds) whoops! Augh, noo! If only it landed NEXT TO him and not IN him it might've still got his attention! What a waste...

Then let's throw something else! But what could we even throw? Ah! I won't let it go to waste, Remote! [hasty, repeated elevator button pressing] Hey!!! This isn't the roof!!! Stupid elevator, close already! You know those buttons don't do anything, right? Yuh!! Huh? Oh. They prolly want me to fly up. Two: The Strongest Team on Earth is safe! ... so Death P.A.C.T. again loses, and they'll be up for elimination. Noooo! It's all my fault... But none of us heard Two say that extra rule!! Fanny's right! It's Two's fault our teams did so bad! Well *I* think you guys should stop projecting the blame onto me. *I* think you should *START* PROJECTING YOUR ***VOICE!!!*** All: (yelling at Two) Two: Wait! Wait a min-ow! OW! Aagh, Ow! Ow! Arg! Ow! Ow! Ow?, AAa! Agh, AGH, NOOOOOOO- Vote in the comments using the letter AND square brackets for who you DON'T want to be eliminated.

That's riiight!~ Vote for who YOU want to stay! The person with the least votes will leave the show! Ow... Get up, Stapy! It's time for plan B! Every second counts, so let's hurry! Right! Hup! Uagck! Pencil: uuuuuuUh?? HUUNH! What're you two doing? I didn't even get to take a peek before Four caught me and boarded it up. I WON'T hesitate this time. [intimidating door sound]

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