Beurax Review And Overview Of Trading Platform - Automated Cryptocurrency Trading Platform New Video

Beurax Review And Overview Of Trading Platform - Automated Cryptocurrency Trading Platform New Video

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In this video, I'm going to talk about Beurax and  how I've already earned US dollars and Bitcoin   with it. I'm going to show you that it's really  possible to make money online with Beurax, without   working, without selling, without recruiting and  without doing any work. But before I jump in,   please make sure that you subscribe to my channel  and turn your notifications so that you never miss   out on my very valuable tips. Now, if you're brand  new to my channel, my name is Vanessa Medea's,  

and I teach people how to make money online  with affiliate marketing and paid advertising. So as I mentioned before in this video,  guys, I'm going to give you my Beurax review   and I'm going to show you my personal account.  I'm also going to show you what I have earned   so far in US dollars, as well as in Bitcoin  after being in the program for only five days.  

Is it really possible to earn with Beurax, without  working, without recruiting, without selling and   without doing any work? Well, my dashboard  is telling me that it most definitely is. If you want to join me and want to create an  account, let me go ahead and show you my account   so that you can see what that I'm really making  money with this company. The best part about this   is that you only need twenty dollars to start  with. The next best thing is that you don't   need to recruit anyone, you don't need to do  any selling or telling, you don't need to do   any work other than creating an account  and putting the funds into your account. And you don't need to do any advertising or  marketing, because when you create an account   and put your funds into your account,  the company will pay you daily profits.  

OK, so this is my account. As you can  see. This is my total balance so far,   here is thirty seven dollars in USD and  here's my balance in BTC in Bitcoin. So I created an account and I initially put in  some U.S. dollars and in a couple of days later   decided to put in some Bitcoin as well. You  can also add Ethereum, which I'm considering   doing this coming Monday. So in my case, I  deposited some U.S. dollars and some Bitcoin.  

And so far as of today's recording, these are  my total earnings in US dollars and in Bitcoin.   If I go to financial operation.  And deposit accruals.   You will see here when I deposited into  my account, so you can see here on Monday,   February 1st, I deposited five hundred dollars  and I got seven dollars and fifty cents back. On Tuesday, the second I got another  seven dollars and fifty cents,   that Wednesday, the third, I decided to add  some Bitcoin. So this is how much I added.   And this is how much I got in return, and again  Wednesday, the third, I got another seven fifty in   U.S. dollars. On Thursday, the fourth I got again  some Bitcoin and another seven fifty US dollars.   And on Friday, the 5th, same thing.  I got some Bitcoin and some dollars.

OK, so this one's from Monday through Friday,   so it does not run on the weekends.  Those do not count as days. So that's pretty good. And here you can see the total of the  five days for US dollars and five days   of earned. Thirty seven fifty. And remember,  bitcoin was only three days because I didn't   join until Wednesday, so I started  earning Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.  

So I can actually check the exchange and see how  much that is approximately in USD for, let's see.   So that's about almost twenty six dollars  from three days. So that's not bad.   So that's a significant amount of  money for doing nothing, right? OK, so as I said before, these seven fifty,  I got within twenty four hours of putting   500 into my account, which is  pretty awesome. And up here,   this is the Bitcoin that I received just  after twenty four hours of depositing Bitcoin. So this company promises to pay out at least one  point four percent on your investment on a daily   basis. And so far they are definitely doing so.  That's so much better than what a bank gives you.   I'm lucky if my bank gives me one percent a year.  

Now, if you want to skip this video to  get started right away, you can do so.   I'll also put the link in the description of the  video so that you can go to that page right away. OK, so all you need to do, you're going to  put your email in the email address and you   will click on Get Instant Access on the next  page, you're going to see a video about Beurax   and there are plenty of informational videos.  So I'm not going to take the time right now to  

explain what this company is all about. But I am  going to show you my results and my case study.   You can watch this video and then you  can click on this button to get started. You can also click on this button down here  to contact me on Facebook and ask me anything   on Facebook about this company. Now, one of  the things that got me into this company is   that they have this headline here, How to  earn passive daily income within the next   twenty four hours without selling or recruiting  anyone. And it really sounded too good to be true,  

but since creating an account was free,  I decided to go ahead and test it out. Well, I'm super glad that I  did. So I went to this page. When you get started, you and show  you some steps you need to take.  

So this is the page that you go to to create  your account again, I'll put the link in the   description of the video and on this page,  you should see that your upliner is Vanessa   M Diaz make sure that you see my name here  because you need someone to refer you. So   in your case, you're referred by me,  Vanessa M Diaz, I'm your sponsor. The good thing about this program  is that it works worldwide,   so no matter where you are in the world,  you can create an account. It's completely   free. So we scroll down here, you can see the  countries just you know, there's a bunch of   there is a bunch of countries listed to  just choose. You fill out this information  

and once you're done filling out this  information, you click on the next button.   And this page here, and it's blurry,  but I need to fill out this information,   but since I already have an account,  I'm going to complete another one. So once you complete this information  you'll go to this page here,   and that is where you decide which payment system  you want to use, of course, you can always change   that at a later date, but you need to choose  at least one for today when you create your   account. So if you want to accept Bitcoin, you  can either here or U.S.D. Or Ethereum or Litecoin,   OK, you can pick whichever you want. And again  You can always change those. And once you fill   out your payment system method you're going to go  to the next page, which is a financial password.

And so there you're going to just set up a six  digit password to complete the signup process.   So once you have completed the sign up process,  this is what your dashboard will look like.   So here's your dashboard. And of course,  yours will all say zero, right. Because   yours would be a brand new account. So the  first step that you would need to do once   you're inside your account is deposit some funds.  But before you deposit some funds, let me go ahead   and show you what I did so that you can also  copy and paste exactly what I did if you want.

So I go to make a deposit.  Actually, I need to fund my   account first. So you go to add balance and  then here you're going to decide, are we going   to do a USD or Bitcoin Ethereum? So you choose one  of those. So I'll just use Bitcoin and then I want   it going to come in as Bitcoin as well. But you  can also pick or choose something else. USD,  

you'll have different ways to fund your  USD and of course if you choose Ethereum. You would pick Ethereum as your choice right?   So here, which is BTC Bitcoin,  then you would put your amount,   let's say just put this one I would put the amount  and then I would just click on add funds. OK,   so same thing with the USD or Ethereum. So that's  the first thing you want to do is add a balance.   And then once you do that then you would  go to make deposits. So as you can see,   there's one, two, three, four here, four  different ways for you to earn with Beurax.

They also have this presentation here and I'm  going to put a link in the description so you   can read through this file. I'm not going to  go through this PDF because you can access this   on your own time. But there's a part here  that talks about investing. So here we go.   OK, so here it says different  ways that you can earn,   but actually this is the part you talk about  first. OK, so here are the four different ways  

that you can earn so you can  do the total return swaps. OK, so the profit here, you can see it ranges from  one point four to one point eight percent daily.   Then you have the interest rate swaps where  they promise a one point five percent to a   two point one percent daily profit. And then you  have the currency swaps, which promises three   percent to three point five percent daily.  And then they also have commodity swaps,   which is a fixed four point two percent daily. So  these are all different ways that you can earn. So the profit ranges from one point four  percent to four point two percent daily,   depending on which investment plan you choose.  So, again, let's go to the total return swaps,  

because that is actually what I did as a newbie,  that's what I would recommend you do as well when   you're starting out. But of course, it's your  choice. So here you can see the first example,   total return swaps one. So here, as  you can see, the minimum is 20 dollars. So if you want to just test it out,  you can just try 20 dollars. The  

maximum for this one is 500 dollars.  And it's going to run for 15 days.   The cool thing about this company is  that they have an in-house calculator,   so you're able to see how much you can expect  to earn depending on how much you invest. So let's use a 20 dollar example  and then put twenty dollars here.  

So here you can see that it would pay me Daily at  one point four percent, which is 28 cents a day.   And at the end of 15 days, remember, it's 15  business days. I will get a total of twenty one   percent. So out of my twenty dollars I would get  four dollars and 20 cents at the end of 15 days. So I know that doesn't sound like a lot, but  remember, you've only invested 20 dollars,   so that is quite a bit for doing nothing. You get four dollars and 20 cent of your  twenty dollars. Compare that to a bank.  

You'd be lucky if that bank gave you a one  percent a year on that same 20 dollars,   which would be nothing, but this company  pays you one point four percent on a daily   basis with this total return swap one, OK,  and you can play around, like, for example,   I deposited 500. So here the max is five hundred  fifteen days. So every day you do return swap one,   you would get seven dollars a day and at  the end of 15 days you would get one o five. One hundred and five, which is pretty awesome,   but because I did five hundred, I decided to do a  total return swaps two OK, so you can play around. And the reason I did that is because, if you  notice I would get one point five percent, which   is higher. Right, because I sound like a lot.  But the total this one's actually 20 days,  

but the total after 20 days would  be 30 percent. So let's compare. Here's five hundred. So at the end of twenty  days, I would have one hundred and fifty dollars   just pretty good because here I'm earning seven  dollars and fifty cents a day versus seven   dollars a day. Right. So this calculator  is really good because it helps you see   what to expect at the end of your cycle and decide  where you want to invest, which is super awesome. So yeah, I would be getting at the end  of 20 days, I'm going to be getting   one hundred and fifty dollars for doing  absolutely nothing other than investing. And then, of course, like you were like I told you  before, I also invested in Bitcoin. So to do that,  

then you would just come up here where it says  choose currency, you would choose Bitcoin. And,   of course, if you chose Ethereum you would  chose Ethereum. But let's go to Bitcoin. So same thing, right? So for total return  swaps, one one point four percent, again,   the minimum is zero point zero zero one Bitcoin. And the Max is point five Bitcoin.  Right. So then you'd be able to see. OK, I will show you what you would get. So   after 20 days, you would get a total of twenty  eight percent bitcoin, which is this amount here.  

And let's say here, I want to do point  five. OK, so here it would be 30 days. So pay attention to the dates because they  do change depending on which currency you're   investing and how long and which returns swaps.  This will be 30 days, but at the end of 30 days.   I would get forty five percent out of point  five Bitcoin and I would earn this much. OK,   so there are many options. It's up to you how much you  want to invest and which   currency you want to invest and in  which returns swap you want to invest. OK, so as I showed you before. Back here. I  decided to add about five hundred dollars in  

Bitcoin. That's what that translates into and  five hundred dollars in USD. And like I said,   daily basis on US dollars, I'm making seven  dollars and fifty cents. And daily on my Bitcoin,   I'm making point zero zero zero two two  seven nine zero bitcoins on a daily basis.  

And I'm saying earnings because again,  we aren't doing any work at all. All we're doing is creating an account  on Beurax and making an investment,   and that's it. So if you have US  dollars, you can use US dollars,   maybe have some extra Bitcoin, or  Ethereum, you can also use that as well. So in my case, I decided to use  both U.S. dollars and Bitcoin. And like I said, I'm strongly considering  using Ethereum starting Monday as well.

So I'm going to go back to the main. And  you can simply if you want to add more,   simply click on replenish, it's going to take you  back to the same screen I showed you before and   you can add whatever you want. You can add U.S.  dollars, Bitcoin, Ethereum, whatever you want. So once you have created your account  and have funded it, what you want to do   is go to total return swaps remember it's  under make a deposit, total return swaps. OK. You can play with the  calculators and see how much you want  

to invest and how much you can expect to earn.   So let's say I want to put  in a thousand dollars, that's   a thousand years here as a max, but  I want to since I have a thousand,   I'm going to actually go to the return swaps three  instead, because that gives me a whole point. This is a one point five percent and  this is the one point six percent.   So this one would be a total of 20 days,   This one would be a total of twenty five days.  But this one will give me a total of 40 percent.

Sorry, so we can compare again. If I put a  thousand here again to 20 days, my thousand would   make me three hundred dollars, which isn't bad.  But if I put it I'll be here for twenty five days   would actually give me four hundred dollars so  I would get one hundred extra dollars with just   five extra days if I just switch  to total return swaps three.   So that's pretty awesome. So again, it's up to  you. Go ahead and play with these calculators   so you can have a better idea  what it is you want to do. OK.  

So that's the total return swaps, we can go and  look at the other ones real quick, I haven't   invested in the other ones yet, but they work the  same, so, for example, currency swaps gives you a   huge three percent, but you also need to put in  quite a hefty investment. So the minimum is ten   thousand and this is for 90 days. So that's  three months. So we have ten thousand. Here we go   at the end of three months you would  get two hundred and seventy percent,   which is twenty seven thousand,  which is pretty awesome. I mean I don't know a bank that it's going  to give me that much back on my investment.

So if you do have ten thousand dollars to  spare that you can just hold for three months. Twenty seven thousand back on  that is pretty, pretty awesome. OK. And of course swap two would jump all the  way to fifty thousand so we can play on that just  

with that. Just for fun. So with that one again   three months would make you a hundred  and thirty nine thousand off of you Fifty thousand which is sweet. So that's currency swaps which  gives you a bigger percent   more days though you can check  on interest rate swaps again. So this one is a thousand, but it's for forty  five days, but it does give you seventy six point   five percent. OK, so here if I put a thousand.  Oh sorry. That's actually from one thousand.

Yeah. So if we put in a thousand in interest  swaps, you hold it in there for forty five days   and at the end of that cycle you would get  seven hundred and sixty five dollars back. OK, so you would have earned seven hundred  and sixty five dollars off of your one   thousand dollar investment, which is awesome. And  then of course, they have the Bitcoin option here.   And then finally, you have the commodity swaps,   which is a huge four point two  percent, but this one, it just   makes you keep your money in for a long time.  So this one, you could do your 20 dollars. Right. But you need to keep it  in there for two hundred days.  

And my twenty dollar would turn into one hundred  and sixty eight dollars, which is pretty cool.   I mean, you just put in twenty dollars and get one  hundred sixty eight back on that. So not only do   you get your twenty dollars you get a hundred and  sixty eight, so it's pretty good but you do need   to wait two hundred days. So that's, that's a  lot. I mean you want to just put in 20 bucks. I'm sure you won't miss them. Right. And  at the end of two hundred days you'll get  

a hundred and sixty eight dollars. So  again, that's your choice. And again,   they also have the option for Bitcoin  or Ethereum. So it's all up to you   which one you want to invest your money and how  much. And you can do as many as you want as well.

So. That's the cool thing about that  is the really flexible. OK, so it just   depends how much or how long you want  to be holding your money in for as well,   and I'm sure some of you are wondering, what about  withdrawal? Well, just as easy as make a deposit. I am sure you probably noticed you do  need to wait for your cycle to finish. Right. So I'm not going to be able to show  you that right now because my cycles have   not finished yet. But it's as easy as when  you replenish. You just got to withdraw.

And it'll show you the minimums that you need  so far, like Bitcoin, you would need to have at   least zero point zero zero one Bitcoin, which I  already have, that Ethereum we need to have 30.   Litecoin You need to have five USD you need  to have 50, perfect money you need to have one   dollar. OK, so now you would just  choose what currency and how. So   if I wanted to withdraw some bitcoin into  my bitcoin wallet, I would put the amount. So let's say it's point zero  zero one, because that's the   minimum well, oh so right now, it says  I have insufficient funds for now. So because that's just on what I've earned.  Right. I've only earned point zero zero zero six.

So I don't have enough to withdraw  right now and finish my cycle. But anyway, that's all you would do.   And then you would just click and it would go  to where ever you set up to withdraw your money   so I can actually make another video after my  cycles are complete to show that if you'd like. So I have shown you I've only  starting with this company.   They're already paying me  so you can go back again. You've seen how they're paying me on  a daily basis, both USD and Bitcoin.  

I have only been with this company for five  days, started on Monday, the 1st of February,   finished the first week. OK, so next I'll  start earning some more on this coming Monday.   So that's pretty awesome, because all I have  to do, again, was invest, that's it, and just   wait and do nothing. I'm getting free money. So if  you would like to join Beurax, make sure to check   it out and play around with a calculator so you  can see how much how much earnings you can make. Again, I'll put the link in the description of the   video so you can go to this page and  follow the steps. So this will be. Your page, right after you've opted in, you'll  see all the videos, all the steps and everything   and get started. You can also connect with me  on Facebook if you have any other questions,  

and once again, just make sure. When you're  signing up, that you see my name here,   upliner Vanessa M Diaz, so that you know  that you're in my team and that way I can   help you when you have any questions. I want to  make sure that I support my team members, so. That is how you make money online, beurax, without  recruiting, without working, without selling or   without any promotion. So right now, for those of  you who do have followers or email subscribers,   if you want to promote Beurax to them,  you can also do that. Beurax will

give you an incentive if you refer people to  them. As soon as you deposit the initial funds   in your Beurax account, they give you  the opportunity to become a consultant.   So here you can see that I must  say I'm a silver consultant. So that would be the link that I would  give to my followers or email. leads.   So let's see what else you oh,  they also have some bonuses.  

Here you see the bonuses, right? And I'm  brand new, so obviously I haven't qualified   for any of these, but you would make bonuses  depending on the structural turnover as well. So that's another thing. You can earn  from one thousand to three million   for reaching different  ranks, so that's pretty cool.  

We also have an exclusive process and you  can learn more about it when you create   your Beurax account and once inside your  Beurax and you can see the bonuses here.   All right, so I hope that I was  able to educate you about Beurax,   and I hope that you can make an educated decision  on whether this company is right for you. I especially love that we don't  need to do any selling or telling,   nor do we need to do any recruitment. All you  need to do is create a Beurax account. Put your   funds into your account. Click on make a deposit  and purchase a total return swap. So you then let   the company do all the work and pay you your daily  profit, which is at least one point four percent.  

I hope that you learned something from this  video, guys, and I do hope that you take action. If you like this video, please give it a  thumbs up or give it a like. And if you   have any other questions, please put them in the  comments section below and I will answer them.   Otherwise, I look forward to connecting with you  on Facebook and I also look forward to seeing   your results when you start earning with Beurax.  So thanks for watching guys. Talk to you later.


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