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So just now, Are we clear with all the rules in option buying? that how the technical setup should be in option buying? It should be a 5-star trading setup and a super setup It should be like a festival such that brother, It comes rarely and I am going to get a very good trade. Now your psychology should be like- that one- to one option buyer An option buyer doesn't think about risk/reward, If 1:3 - if he doesn't think about 1:4, Then there will be no meaning for him to trade. If the market gives him, he should try for this.

He should think about his risk management that brother, who am I lying to? To whom? Whom am I lying to? I can't lie to myself. Should I sacrifice 30%? Should I stake 30% or not? is this a lie or not? Is this true or not? Tell Is it truth?/ Hardcore truth So if you seriously have Rs 1 lakh And you have nothing in your,- You have Nothing No saving, no capital Father will not give you the money, your wife will not give you money, Your husband will not give you money, Nobody will give, the bank will not give you a loan You have a total of, let us say Rs 5 lakh with you, You put everything there. If you put Rs 5 lakh and that was your life savings, Are you ready to accept a Rs 1.5 lakh loss? Even if you are ready or not ready, will he enter? Will he enter? That also if you are a good trader who use SL.

People who do not use SL, what will happen to them? People who do not use SL what will happen? They will lose 92%- 90% of their account. Yes or No? I'll tell you people, how many candles will it take to block the account for those without stoploss? I'll tell you. How much time is needed? How many candles is needed? Only 1 candle How many minutes do you think is needed to blow the account? I think 10-15 seconds are enough to blow an account. Yes or No You guys have less experience in the stock market. I'm telling you 15 seconds. In 15 seconds, about 50-60% of your account will blow, Just as 50-60% account blows up, 50-60% blows up, You won't be able to even breathe! You won't understand what happened.

In the next 10-15 seconds, the rest of the- overall 90% account will blow up. Exactly this happens. It happens like this itself. When its first movement comes, You won't understand what to do. You would remember what I told you instantly Brother, my trainer told that,- My trainer told, My mother told, My papa told, everyone told, What did they say? That son, use stoploss. You would say "I made a mistake god, please help!" In the next 15 second the rest of the 30% will clean too.

Did something like that happen with anyone of you here? What is its solution? What is the solution? What is the solution? Brother! Just use stoploss! That's it! But tell me one thing, why this- Ay, tell me one thing, Now you tell one thing, why not place it Of course stock options can be waste completely When it's such a basic thing, why do people not place stoploss? Why do they not use stoploss? No! They are not- They are not ready to give 30% Is it the correct answer? No, this is the real answer. They don't want to give 30% even, to the market. But now you think, you don't wish to give anything to the stock market, And want to take this much from it, is it possible? you see- in today's class, I'm trying to make you understand real-practical psychology. It's a truth.

I have done Long term and shown this to those people who are not ready to give 30%, They ignore stoploss. They think it will come up after going down. It doesn't work like that. Done. So now the whole class on option buying I'll finish here And I'll answer you directly in Hindi, in English That there are two types of traders in this world- 1st type who don't use stoploss, Who are they? Those who don't want to give 30% to the market. And the 2nd type are those who use stoploss in the market and agrees to give 30% to the market, So the people who are ready to give 30%- I'll call them A And those people who don't use stoploss - I'll call them B Now listen to me carefully.

Those who don't use stoploss and those who use, Pain comes first in which? To those who place stoploss or those who don't? Pain comes first in which? In placing stoploss. You as a human being- you know how you are made genetically? There is a subconscious mind in human beings, do you know what its work? What is its job? What is it? To survive. You know this or not? What is the work of your subconscious brain? Is it the same job? To avoid any pain? Yes or no? This is your basic nature.

So you placed stoploss and didn't place stoploss, So pain comes in which one? In the first step In the first step In this. And who feels pain in the second step? And how does that second pain feel? That pain is called account blow. Ok? Done I am explaining deep psychology very clearly to you That why do you do this? Why are you like that? If you take these things seriously, Then all your problems will be solved. So you have to take pain So when 2nd ... Ok Those who use stoploss, you feel pain in both steps right? In first step and second step too. Right? This one only feels it in one step, in second step.

But still, which one is big? You say man, Still, the second one is big. Even though our mood gets spoiled even after placing stoploss, I know, like - man my stoploss hit, mine also got bad a bit, stoploss hit, But still, which one is better? OK, Understood? Guys, what I will ask you directly- When should we totally avoid option buying? We shouldn't totally avoid option buying, We should accept the truth. Who can buy options? Can I say? The person who is psychologically ready to give 30% to the market, Can that man buy options? Done? In simple terms, The man who is ready to give 30% to the market, Now the 30% you give is your life savings, It's a very small amount of it, It matters on your position sizing. If you have 1 crore, 1.5 crores, 2 crores, 3 crores, now from 10 lakhs, 20 lakhs, 25 lakhs, 30 lakhs. But if you have only 25-30 lakhs overall, And from that 25-30 lakh, you are buying of 15 lakhs, It's a bit more.

If you have Rs 30 lakh, Then you do it with 9-10 lakhs. 9 lakhs is also a bit more, Do it with 7-8 lakhs. now According to me, you do it with nearly 20% or nearly 25% I mean just reduce it 4 times If you are reducing your capital times, then 30%, how much is it reducing? how much is it reducing from 30% Think.

30 - 15 - 7.5% 7 Then what RPT are we using? How much are we using here? 7.5 But can the reward here go up to 1:3, 1:4, 1:5? It can. That's why

this is possible. It's not possible in futures, intraday or equity, I'm telling you. It's only possible in buying options, to earn a lot of money.

But to earn a lot of money, what do people do? They become this. No, no, they become this. They become this, and in this just as a big candle of 15 seconds comes up, That account will blow up. OK So are we clear with the best option? According to me, I gave you people the best knowledge on buying options.

I have told you clearly, In order to summarise everything- In order to summarise everything, who can trade options buying? Can you give me answer? Is it the person who is ready to give 30% to the stock market, 2 times in one day, But still can survive and show up the next time a super set up comes, Agreed? What did I say? I'll say again. The person who is mentally ready to give 30%, not one time, but 2 times. OK, who'll give2 times, this fellow trade how many times in a day? 2 times.

The man who trades one time will give it one time. But if you trade two times, do you understand Let it be anything, stoploss will be genuine. The person who is ready to give 30% two times in a day, I mean 60% loss happened, But still, that fellow won't trade the next day, But when a super setup shows up the next time, A super setup is showing up And today he has money, it's not like he doesn't have money now, Now he doesn't have money. Has money brother, and when the target hit today, Then how much money- 30% if we achieve 1:3, then how much percentage did we earn? Earned 120%. Yes or no? 30 into If the stoploss is 30%, then how much target will we get 90%. We will get 90%. Yes or no?

You'll get 90% of your capital? No. No. You won't get 90% of your capital, You would get the 90% of the positions you took. Yes? So you're earning. Don't think like who earn this much money? You are not earning 90% of your capital, You are earning 90% of the positions you took.

OK Brother if you give 30%, then won't you earn 90%? Tell. So this option buying is an extremely higher skill, It’s an extremely tough skill. Those who don't know the meaning of call put in today's date in India, Even they are doing it. Right? Right? So I think this class- you understood now what I wanted to say.

Understood guys? Done? Everyone? Right? So whenever you don't understand- Now maximum people those people who fight with the market, that they won't option buying ever, You shouldn't do it like that. Only when you are ready to give 30% and you know - that today you should feel the fear brother- Ishaan Sharma. You should fear the options. If you are not afraid of it, then there is no meaning to it. You have to be afraid of this. OK? Man, Harsh Jalwaniya said now- should we buy monthly expiry so that we get a little help in the time decay Do you really think that will help? See, see Is time decay a problem in intraday trading? Do you think so? Is time decay a big problem? Let’s talk about it openly.

Buddy I think time decay has no problem. I think movement is problem. Brother when there is a problem in movement, then we face loss. Leave time decay.

If I'm getting a straight trade, time decay doubles, I'll earn money. I have no problem with time decay. Who has a problem with time decay? Who has a problem with time decay? Brother, speculators has a problem, who hopes that the market to rise after 3 days Yes? Yes or Not? Right? Man, let's buy and keep it, The market rose this much, so it will fall definitely- Man, it fell this much, so it will rise definitely.-

These people have problems, who don't know anything technical. They think that if the market goes up 3 days, then buy put. When we buy put one correction would come, so we will earn. that's their problem You are a technical person. You have setups. What are you talking about time decay? There is no problem with time decay sir, you just ignore, You just follow my- my things.

What all things? Which I have told you, That option buying is something that is like a festival And you celebrate a festival, not every day, but only when you get a super setup. Now when you get a super setup, what should be your psychology? Technical setup should be good What should be your psychology? What should your psychology be? And And Very good. 1:3 and 30% loss is ok 1:3 gold-winners. Very good. I’m speaking clearly, you people you don’t have to know anything else, you can become an extremely good option.

so this Now, I have said this thing so should I say after this class that overtrading and revenge trading in option buying is like suicide? Can we say this now after this class? the scope of these two things - Come on brother, you are a future trader and you do future trading, I understand. You do overtrading. You do Equity trading I understand you do revenge trading You do option selling, I understand that you made a mistake. You made a mistake. That what have you done? You did Revenge trading and if you do these 3 things. If you do forex, no problem with it. If you do crypto, no problem with it.

But if you do option buying and by mistake, you have done this. What will happen with you? 30% of the amount will go like this of a respected trader. what to do? Do you understand why this class is being held after so many days? Because I was making you understand in psychology class to stop this Why is this class held after so many days? What are we saying about these two things today? We’re calling it straight away a suicide. What did we say that day? Brother, don’t do it.

What did I say? Don’t do it, it will be wrong, it will happen and that’s what I’m talking about today. Total Total death. T otal death. Is it possible to avoid overtrading and revenge trading in option buying? Is it possible? It is 110% possible.

You saw after I took a trade today, Where did I take the next trade? Did I take it in Nifty/Bank Nifty? I took in Tata motors How much quantity did I take? I I could have taken 5 quantities, but I took only 2 quantities. 2 quantities. Good. Why do you think- -why Anish Singh Thakur has so much confident in this class? Because I recently reviewed the yearly journal. I went back to data over a year. I, from all my year experience, I can confidently vouch for myself and you.

You just stop doing this thing, these two things. And come In The Money If you are afraid Total In The Money. Don’t copy me. Don’t copy me. You will not be able to copy me. i am

What I’m telling you today, I have already applied and I’m doing a lot more. You only follow these two things for today, so please be In The Money. Brother, See, if wants to make it 1:10 so that is only possible in OTM i am telling you on your face If you want 1:10, you’ll get it in OTM. Account means, suppose you have to make 1 lakh to 5 lakhs or 6 lakhs, it's possible in OTM, you will have to hold on to them for two days, telling you on your face But up to 1:2, 1:3, and 1:4 are possible via ITM. Don’t you you should think by now you should start from here? What do you think? Right? My final tip is that you just stop overtrading and revenge trading. Get ready with your mind that you’re going to give up 30%.

That I'm giving 30% No problem. OK. Done Now let's talk about equity option. Alright, so I hope you have watched this video and saw how I have shared my experience in such a good flow. with you all Everyone here wants to do business and earn money.

But my mission in my life is to provide them with correct information on stock markets. That’s why I put this video clip for 500k half-million subscribers’ celebration in advance for you guys. that you watch this video and use it seriously, and understand. that what did I explain in this video? Alright. so now I have two good news for you. First of all, I’m so happy to tell you that, through Booming Bulls Foundation, We don't celebrate much like we did this we did that, till now we in more than around 20-25 cities or we could say 20-25 zones we did good things and those who participated are normal traders like you, Normal traders like you, they are feeling so blessed.

OK. Everyone helped me Now on 24th September, my videos and if you want from these 24 zones or 24 cities, Look at these names from these 24 cities, Definitely contact us through this number, And if you want to congratulate me or support me or meet me on my birthday, no financial support needed. I will be sponsoring everything.

Till now, I have done- Booming Bulls have done everything and on my birthday also I’m doing it. I’m doing it massively. I’m want to work a little positively and want to show everyone that I do it on my birthday so you also do it. Today, I have the power of YouTube, so could reach these many people don't now till now we We touched more than 1000 people.

My birthday aim is to at least, don't know how but we'll 10000+ people. How will we? Whom will reach? From where will you give food? Where will you give money? we'll see, but if you’re interested, join us. The second thing, the most important thing, just tomorrow I’m going to post a mind-blowing video tomorrow or day after which will blow your mind means with you I’m going to share such a thing I’m going to reveal my plans. What our future plans I have Many people asked me I’m going to do something big. I will post the video in 1-2 days. Be excited for it. Where a lot of people who desire to be educated about the stock market, they'll enjoy it, whoever wants to learn And whoever gets inspired by me and wish to start a huge business, that we also want to do something good A business opportunity is coming for you.

which is going to come So guys, be excited for that. So I have an excellent opportunity for everyone, I ‘m not joking, I’m serious Guys, i am going to a very important video So, be excited about it. and let’s see you in that video. So, if you find this video you like which was the 500k special gift, for you I want maximum likes on this video. If I get 10k likes, I would be pleased.

So, I want 10k likes on this video and we are close to 500k subscribers, thank you so much. Guys, please comment on what have your view on today's video, means on that video too what have you learned today, and about my birthday thing, if you want to be a part of Booming Bulls Foundation, or how it's going on, Or third that if you are excited about the coming videos, Please let me know through the comments Ok Thank you so much, guys. I'll See you soon in the next video.

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