BEST ONLINE BUSINESS to Start in 2019 to Make 6-Figures (or MORE!)

BEST ONLINE BUSINESS to Start in 2019 to Make 6-Figures (or MORE!)

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Hey what's up you guys this is Branson with vision, influences. In this video I'm gonna answering, one of your biggest pin, your biggest struggle your biggest question, what, is the, best online business. To start in 2019. Which, one should I start there just so many I'm overwhelmed, I'm struggling to make a decision, okay, so, in this video I'm gonna share with you the exact, model the exact business to. Make six figures a, year or, even more okay, if you can able to hit that hundred, thousand, a year you, are literally. The top 10% earning. Top 10% earners. Okay in the United States it's, pretty powerful and it is completely, possible. Yes, you can okay. Yes you can absolutely possible, if you, follow what I'm gonna teach you in this video so. If you have missed out my previous videos yesterday. About the 7 best online business ideas for beginners to start in 2019 make sure the watch that video first I'll leave that in the top right corner that should be an eye button watch, that first okay I'm gonna give you options 7 different one and if, you decided. To choose on the best of the best and you come back here to watch this video, so in, this channel we talked about different, different videos about myself success. Online business. About marketing. And about money okay if you want to have more of this kind of video don't, forget to subscribe my channel because I'm giving you daily, new videos and training on this channel right here revision, influencers. I hope this button, is big enough if you write, in case you just forget about this make sure to subscribe and I'll give you my little friend right here if you subscribe to my channel that's my Christmas presents, no. I'm just kidding I'm gonna give it to you I love you so much but make sure to subscribe to my channel and. Let's get into this the top business models I'm gonna leave that here. So, the top business models, is affiliate, marketing hands-down, okay hence dumped affiliate marketing legs, now I hope that you can see my leg hands down legs now affiliate. Marketing and the reason why okay, it's because they, are just so easy to get started it absolutely, has no barriers to any beginners, you don't have to have any skill set you don't have any startup, fees no investment, nothing, at all you can start just you know just diving into a flaw, but. Hear. Me out there's a disclaimer it is easy to start okay easy, but. It is very difficult to get results and only a small percentage, of people are going to be successful, if you're watching this right now okay if you're really serious you're committed, you're gonna make it happen, you're gonna crashing, in 2019. Make. Sure to take action, okay be uncomfortable. Every single day be, you don't be like you you just want to vomit every day you're trying difficult, stuff you're expanding your mindset you're doing something difficult you are taking action instead, of just watching videos, you are watching my videos right now every, day you're watching YouTube videos you're, reading that post you're just you know you're just keeping on this kind of learning face over and over again without taking any action and, that's, the reason why you are poor okay I'm. Gonna be very upfront to you that's why you are poor there. Are a lot, of people that tell you this one because they don't hurt you they're gonna make, it feel good but, I'm, sure you know just just wanna slap your face and pr3 or so that you are poor because you are keep on consuming, content and instead, of taking action and producing, content of the marketplace, so today. Okay. Today I want to make the decision to, learn a new skill sets, to learn about marketing that's the number one skills that's gonna change your life and a financial income, and I highly, highly recommend, you, to, get started in a flipped marketing, because. A few. Reasons that I share even if it's in this. Video okay there's just a few reasons so. Make sure to watch the entire video so, I'm gonna give you a quick explanation a, quick definition that's. Given, my path leads I'm sorry I bloggers me right here but path lean okay one of my online mentor so, this is the definition so affiliate, marketing is the process of, earning a commission by.

Promoting, Other people's or, other companies, products, you. Find the products that you like okay you promote, it to others and you earn a piece of the profit, for each cell. That you make fair. Enough, literally. You become a media person you promote other people's stuff you earn Commission, in a short way so, I know. It's boring you know you're not coming here to watch video to learn but affiliation, is like a classroom. No, I'm gonna dry it out for you okay real quick I'm, gonna drive out for you so, this is you right here, okay. I'm good at drawing so this is you very happy so. You have, some hair right here okay, this is you very, happy so you want to make some money online okay you, don't make some money okay. So what. Are some of the best way to earn money online okay you have to sell something okay, you have to sell something that that's how people earning profit, you have to sell something now, you might ask what, should I sell okay what if I don't have products I highly, recommend you to you know just create, your own products, but, okay. You are not gonna getting started on that that's, your future okay that's your vision to sell your online courses to sell your digital products that's, how people earning say seven, or eight figures online because digital. Products you don't have you, know any manufacturing. Costs no investment, nothing you put on the products and you can sell it over and over again online and you can automate, the entire process that's. The future okay we don't talk about that you, don't have the skills I don't have the knowledge you don't have the, domain hosting the sales I know that everything. You know, nothing okay so, instead. Of styling your own products what you can do is you selling. Other people's company's, products that, you take care all the, stuff for you they take care of product creation there, the products manufacturing. The shipping, you take care for the customer, services, the testing, the marketing, you they take care all the stuff for you dude you don't have to own any inventory you don't have to own nothing, okay, you just promote other people's stuff and you connect both parties together okay.

You Connect a company, right here okay. A company. It. Kind, of soil, it be real I hold you okay this is a company alright it's not what, you think okay this is company so you could have a company right here and you connect to person, that want to buy something okay some person right here you're. Gonna sell to these kind of people okay they're very sad because. They have some of biggest, pain biggest problems in their life maybe they want to make more money okay. Maybe they learn to lose weight they. Want to become sexy, so this is their body they want to become sexy, okay so, maybe they are fat so maybe they don't they want to learn how to play guitar. Okay. This is get guitar. So, video learn how to play music so, there, are some of the problems in the they don't a soft okay so they need a products, that hit a course to, learn something, and they, don't know where to find okay which are the best course to learn about it's hard what are the best supplement, to lose to wait for the best um programs, to learn how to make money so they go about that but jus here is you okay the handsome guy right here you know everything, about that you, know a company that is good so what, do you do you, promote these products right here to these kind of sad people right here and you earn money you earn money you earn money from them that's. A very simple illustration over, here so, I'm going to teach you how to automate, the entire process, and that, way you can build your business on, complete, autopilot okay, automation, by building a system you think about Montano okay man don't know they are not the best burgers out there they're not the best wonderful. Delicious foods are that in fact there's some but sometimes they just sucks okay I'll. Just buy my own because I'm gonna save some time I'm busy doing, my business but, why. Why. Can't honor, become such a successful, online business because, they have, what. We call a system okay they have a system in place where, people buying franchise, they are just buying the system, Vatican ultimate and so our business they are proven, to work system, so, how we can do that how we can apply this into, affiliate, marketing business so, now the, first thing is that you have to learn about, what.

Kind Of audience that you want to sell to okay first thing first you have to learn about what other people what, are your audience what are your target audience what are your armed people, that want to buy the products that you are offer and, the second thing is that you have to think about what kind of products, that you want to promote because they are literally, hundreds. If not thousands, of millions of products on the internet that you can promote they happen affiliate programs, okay best buy affiliate. Programs Amazon. Affiliate, programs okay. Even fiber even Walmart they have the Flip programs all, of the big companies they have a flip and, flip marketing model, in some sort of some way in a business because these. Are literally, if. You don't incorporate, affiliate. Marketing, into. Some of a business models you're leaving money on the table okay because you see that some of the biggest company the joint ventures where are people they, you know the interview, and other people and they talk about the stuff that business and other they promote one of tourists to you okay and that's how they earn their, money okay, the earn Commission may be fifty fifty seven, thirty by, promoting other people that get one people one famous guy Tai Lopez Grant Cardone they come here they talk about business they promote after that at the end of the videos okay they say you can buy these right here okay so they mix place okay that's that's how they make money there's a business models, based on a fear marketing, okay that's that's maybe not the whole the. Whole mainstream. Or income but some, sort or some way they're in corporate, affiliate marketing the business I want to make that in mind it's not multi-level. It's not pyramid. Schemes it's legit, business, okay, uber, even have a flip program some of the biggest companies they have affiliate, programs right here so, five, products, that you think that you can no I'm sorry not your thing okay you have to find products that's proven, to convert, proven. To win okay and that way you can make a lot of money from that they. Actually literally, so many stuff that you can promote online maybe you want to promote something right here maybe my best friend you're gonna promote it maybe Amazon, is selling this one right here maybe it sells for $20. And you promoted, the earn five percent commission okay you can start doing reviews, on the videos on YouTube things and then different different ways that you can promote okay I'll teach you maybe, in the next video okay make sure to subscribe to my channel because, I don't want to squeeze everything in your brain right here in just one video and in this video it's just a quick one to brief the, blueprint, okay the ends up the game plan why, you should, get started okay I forgot. To tell you the reason why you should start up their marketing okay remind me later. So. Get. My elephant, Dow back here so audience. Find. The audience that you want to target you wanna sell to them and you have a products, right here that you are ready to promote and after that the third thing is that you have to find your traffic, matters, okay traffic, which, is the. Methods, that you bring your products to your customer okay so. There are just millions and millions of people on the planet how, you put the products in front of the face okay how, you make them to know about your products that's some marketing, okay you have, to do the marketing part and that's the reason why you're earning Commission, because they've deserved, that because you do the marketing you bring customer, to the company and you, make a sale you earn commission so if. You focus on these, three things right here you. Are gonna be crushing. In a flea market trust me if you are able to get, a know build a targeted, audience. People. Who actually very. Inclined, and very interested, to buy what you offering, okay, you, can build the audience you, can be a huge huge, email list you can be followers subscribers. That, are super, super inclined buying stuff. Man. You are gonna be rich okay and a second stuff it products that actually proven. To convert, proven. To convert, so. I'm. Gonna teach you how can find proven to convert products, and also the third thing is that how you get quality traffic, quality. Traffic. And you, drive the traffic, to. Your products, to your audience, okay and convert, that into sales so, these are the three things that 'try most important, components, in affiliate marketing, so, in the next video I'm gonna show you seven.

Simple Steps, okay Nanette exactly seven step how can go from zero to making a hundred thousand, before filling marketing how, we can do that stay, tuned for the next video but before. I end this okay and I'll talk about some of the reasons why you should start off their marketing it's what are the proofs okay what are the benefits of flea marketing the first one is that they, have little to no money that you should put, in to start and grow an affiliate, marketing business yes, if you have money if you have some, money to get started it is good for you you can scale there and grow that even faster but if you have zero. Money if you're dead broke okay you can still tap into affiliate marketing then, I'll explain to you in details, on the next video if I don't, make make sure to watch tomorrow's, video okay but, depending, on what time you're watching this you can check that out in a video description, or top, right corner I button check that out okay so I'll, show you seven steps on how you can start up their marketing business so, the. First thing is that it has the minimum barrier, to get started the second thing is that you don't have to have any experience okay. It's very, very beginner friendly but. Okay. The process is very simple it's like running a marathon okay you running marathon just keep, on running running it's very simple okay just one, one leg in front second leg in French just keep on running the process is simple and why why, so many people fail in a marathon, okay because, they. Don't have the mindset, to run a marathon. Running. Method is easy just running, but why so many people cannot finish the journey why so let's let people get it because success, because. You. Need to work okay - you need to consistently put on your kit you need to keep on walking running if you keep on doing that okay, and that way you can see results or not people they fail not. Because they, are failure not because they don't have money not because they don't have experienced no those are just excuses you. Have to repeat be resourceful, okay and the reason why people quit, and, fail is because they, quit too soon okay. They. Just quit too fast, you can imagine that you have the land right here and you have so much all down, there or a patrol. That works so much money and every, single day I get, run over let's say this is land okay full of oil full, of all right here and you this is you okay. Every, single day you are drooling here you're drooling drooling, ruling and you. Say, this man, this this is a scam, okay I'm not making any money and you jump, on you have a shiny object syndrome you jump to another one you're drooling here you review then this time you say, it I'm gonna drill a little bit deeper and, you it but see damn no oh no pressure this is such a scam and after that three months later you can be here drill really, good. Go deep okay you still failed no I damn. It okay, I think another dumbass right here and a dumb ass right here you say. I'm drilling one, month two months female four months I'm not even from biomass well one year two years or three years. That it got a pad true okay that. Is doing one single thing that being a one-trick, pony, they keep on doing that and running a marathon they're consistent, we did that every single day doing it one thing and they'll. Get success okay they can do all the kind of petrol and you see this guy this dumbass right here is jumping from here here, here here and continue.

To Become poor and company, but well all a scam okay all that this is nothing I'm, not gonna make money you're, good for you you're lucky you have subscribers, everything's. Like that so, make. Sure okay, watch, this video I want to take action. Take massive action and keep, on keep, on doing that believe, the process okay that's what pushed me true I'm looking, a full-time, job okay and that's how I built a business on a site like creative freedom for myself I always, believe that, vision. That's why this channel is about vision, influences, I want you to define, your own vision and go, out there pursue, your vision and able to influence people impact, the world and make, money. Okay make money and also believe, if, you don't believe in something okay, you're gonna fail because if you don't believe something you are not gonna take massive results, when, you didn't take massive results, you, are not gonna see results okay, okay. Okay Lovejoy, if you I'm gonna dry it up for you so. Let's. Say if, you don't have belief okay if you don't have belief right here, what. You gonna do next you. Will not take massive action okay you will do little, to no effort you, do very very small, actions, Maurice small, things small action, you're not taking, massive action and after, what's gonna leave that - it's, very sucks results, okay very sucks without, such. With us no money nothing posts. And squeezed out and what's. Your minds gonna tell you hey you see stuff is done per okay you see that that's not gonna work okay it's all scam you see see that it's not gonna work and it just, may. Be just, make a belief, ghost, even, even more wrong okay you're, fitna mind that this is a scam this is not gonna work and and after you will decrease a belief and after guess what you make less and less of an action and guess what you'll get less the less amount of results and this, one is like a evil. Cycle, that just churning in your mind some beer stuff that's, making, you become. Poor okay so what. You're gonna do first, thing first belief, take. Massive action see. Results, so is the results gonna fit on give your confidence, yes it's coming okay I make, my first sales online me or his business online yes, keep on crushing it and it becomes a positive cycles, and you know, that's. How I'm crushing in affiliate marketing that's. How you become an entrepreneur and, start an online business and, I want to believe affiliate marketing truly, some, of the best online, listen you can start you. Have zero to no startup, costs. You. Require no. Or very very, less. Even know it's experienced at all and you don't don't, have to create your own products. You, don't have to take care of the shipping, managing. The products testing the products inventory. Management, nothing, at all and, some, of the great products they even has a good sales team that close the sales for you and your earn Commission what you have to focus is just driving, driving. Targeted, traffic to, the targeted person okay get the right products in front of the right person and that's, how you do marketing and you earn saves your own commission and, that's. Super super powerful and has the potential to, make passive, income that's, why I love a flip marketing so much because if you put in the world upfront you put in so much effort you're, doing all all the front work up front and you get to enjoy all, the fruit all the, money all the passive income at the back end okay, but. It requires, work upfront a game if you see some of the people out there in the YouTube channel and say make, money online Craig you can make files create money a quick cash right here please. Stop listening, to them okay they just want to make some quick back out of you so it, requires, hot, what you requires. Time and effort, but it is all worth, it okay imagine you're just working on a 95 job okay how, long will you have to work 40, years 50 years just, making other people's dreams come true and you're still gonna be poor you can't gonna buy a new house a new car you cannot go for a net vacation, next, week you, have to listen to your boss got, to jump at the head you know just stuck in a traffic, why, not just build your dream built, for yourself even, if 40 years 50 years it's all worth it man right am i right if you do it for yourself it is woven okay.

Or You just want to do it for your friend I'll do it for my best friend I start a business because of him okay, so, think about what are your vision why you're gonna start a business just to make money more, freedom more time what it is okay, think about this think about your why the reason, and you have to believe strong, enough that you can take massive action and you. Will see results even quicker, okay, I know I'm like kind of psyched right a little bit I'm not explaining, very much details, about these business, models because I want, to leave the goal on the next video okay in the next video it's like a complete. Tutorial then, I'm gonna walk you through one step one duty step to do these steps we do that. What who to do what website, everything, in much more details because I want to hook you up okay. I want to make sure that you watch the next video because if you not okay you are just gonna be a, passerby. Okay you just watch the videos and you go back to your normal life you stay where you are 2019. It's not yours, if you want to make 2019, your joy, gear okay, your breakthrough year you, have to take action okay. First, thing for a subscribe, to my channel, that's. All I want you to do okay subscribe, to a channel and watch my videos and get yourself educated okay. Learn it learn, some stuff and after that take massif action if you just keep on learning that's, still not gonna make your money okay so I think. That's, I'm gonna wrap these videos up I hope you you get what I mean in this video so I just don't pass this message to you affiliate marketing is what I think the best online business models, right here for, beginners and has the potential to earn a hundred thousand, a year six, figures a year and even more it's absolutely possible and I'll share with you all my secrets in, my next videos the seven steps you. Can watch that down in the video description or, top right corner that should be an eye button and that's, it for today's guys you guys make it an awesome day and I see in my next video and don't forget to say bye to my best friend right here I think. Okay it's, quite cute so. That's. It for those guys. You. Should be closing these videos right now while you still haven't be closing, why. You still haven't closed these videos right now, okay. Why if. You still haven't closed this video it means that you like this video okay so if you like this video don't forget to give me a thumbs up thank you so much I appreciate that that will help this video a lot okay the hardest video to rank rank, up and also, you will help this video to reach more people want to make money online I, appreciate. You so much and also my friend Alicia so much as well and I'll see you my next video on til next time okay take massive action find, a vision and pursue that I see you my next video bye. For now.

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Thanks but how can I stay in the right way ?

Francisco, be consistent and stay on one track, one path for long enough time before decide to switch. Almost all people who fail just because they quit right before they are about to succeed. I understand that we are hit by shiny object syndrome every single day. It is hard. But you gotta #believe the process of entrepreneurship. Make 2019 your year, prove to the world you can make it. And if you don't have the confidence yet, I believe you more than yourself. Take my belief, and do it.

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