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Hello. Everyone I'm. Just, doing a video tonight I wanted, to get with everybody on some updates. On my channel here and we. Are we, are funded, on two live accounts, I've got the e a-runnin I've, got my power, package software. Running and. Indicators. And we're doing great guys we're really doing good I wanted. To make a video I get a lot of requests, on people asking me very similar questions, or, asking. Me questions, about their account or how much they can do with this or how does this work or, a lot, of the repetitive, same, questions, which are very you, know I get, it because a lot of people are want to get, making money but they don't want to spend a lot of money to get making money I'm. A consumer too I don't have a lot of money to throw around I get it so I figured, it'd be better for me just to make a video and show what, I do and, why I do it and how it works for me and I'm. Gonna be as clear, and as transparent as I can because I believe in those things my channel has always been about helping people, and. And, being. Very clear my. Channel is a pretty raw Channel I'm not professional, youtuber by any means, but, I felt. It was a very. Very. Good thing for me to, start. A YouTube channel to, help other people as I have needed. Help in the past and I looked. And looked and looked for resources, and I've been taken. By companies, that promised big things or bought, indicators, then in work or body aise. Was. Part of groups that weren't very good and, you, know I really felt the need that somebody, who's been through all that and kind of found its way found his way to get through that and found, some good techniques that, should share it I really, have so that's, that's the whole intention between, my behind my channel good, friend of mine David Soto kind. Of got some inspiration, for him I work with him quite a bit and, he's. A great guy I, look, forward to when I can go to the Philippines and take, him out for dinner and spend. Some time with them and honestly. I want to work with him a little bit in the future on building. Better things. And working. On more setups and indicators. Kind. Of help test some of the things I've worked with him for. At. Least a couple months on the DEA, I think on. His affiliate, program I've sold probably more than anybody else I also. Feel like I'm probably, as. Knowledgeable, as with DEA in the settings and real-life, scenarios, as anybody else so anyway. I get a lot of requests like. I said I've sold a lot of them I've been using, it for quite a while now so I feel very confident, what I do with it and this, video is going to show that so let's get into it and. I'm. Going to show you here what we got so on, the screen here you can see this is my traders Wave Live account I. Had. A couple small accounts that I consolidated. To make one big account and, if. You go into the history here we can see I deposited. $2,500. USD. And traders. Way gives you a twenty five hundred dollar bonus which, how that works is they give you the bonus on your, trading account and, it. Looks like this you're going to show your amount here and you're going to show the credit from traders way here now, that actually shows, 2496. Now because as the couple days went by you're. Gonna see on your statement you're. Going to see these. Bonus. Two balances, what. That does is you place positive, trades and they go through, every. Single day but traders way is going to take a bonus, they're, going to take a little small portion of that bonus they gave you and transferred over to your money that is now real money that you can use now. The only draw, down to having a bonus setup. Like that is if you have any losses. And. The losses can't exceed, I think, $100. Or $200, it's pretty small you'll, lose that whole twenty five hundred dollars so. It's very important, if you're gonna use the bonus and that's part of your plan to get your financial, goals that you keep that in mind. And you don't want to run a stop loss and you, don't want to take any trades, negatively. And, close them out manually. Speaking, of I get a lot of the questions I get or do I use a stops no I do not and here's. Why I don't believe in letting my broker, take my money I don't believe in the market that taking my money.

And. I trade I'm gonna trade every single day that the markets open for probably the rest of my life so. I, would, rather wait, even. If it took me a month or two to get a trade to go through as long. As I could post a profit, or even break even I would rather do that take a loss, the. Nice thing is I can show you right here, on. The account history I don't, I'm not worried about it because I got I got funded okay let me show you I. Got. Funded 7:26, was late at night it was the next morning when I saw that I'd had money in there from, when I did my wire transfer, and they, get and I had to wait until I can get this I didn't couldn't do any trades until I got this applied constrains, way didn't get that applied for some reason but they were quick to fix it it took less than a day, you. Can see that immediately, I started, making money and. You. Can see here from the timeframes every, 15, 20 30 minutes, I'm placing a new trade and closing a new trade out I mean. It's very consistent. Guys i've been i've been using the e a, several. Different brokers in several different timeframes and settings for months and months and months i feel very confident, what it does and how it's working so. That's. Kind of why I have my own formula, that I use I don't recommend, you using this high-low size on that much money, unless. You really you. Know really, confident on what you're doing which I am. Right. Now it's probably the highest drawdown, I've ever possibly, seen so I'm kind of glad we're looking at this on the video I usually. Have probably, half this much. For. The size of account but we just had some major news that you could see here which. Is kind of throwing its key Wampus here that's quite a jump right here on the hour on, the hour chart here a usd/jpy. Had, some news come out about an hour ago well, 45 minutes ago something like that and. As. You can see I've had some trades open on usd/jpy. I've. Done a lot of analytical. Testing on the usd/jpy, the. EI works, pretty well on that one, but, every now and again you get this kind of thing you get two or three trades it looks like it was going to turn around and that drops further. And we've been a what week week and a half with these trades open. It, looks like it is starting to come back now this is the first major spike. We've had headed back that way, we. Had some slow ones here but nothing major I really. Think it's gonna come back and another. Thing you can look at the in but inverse, pairs and they look like they're starting to drop a little bit so you. Know what we'll weigh these out and see but like I say I would rather I. Look. At this like I'm doing, a marathon I say it all the time but I'm running a marathon and, I. Would rather wait. To. Watch. A trade go through in the positive even if it took a couple days and even, if I had to pay lit with swap fees I get that and you're, gonna pay your commission I get that too but, it's still better than a loss think, about it guys I set. Up my account so I'm never gonna put my account in danger, I'm, always gonna be using margin, but that margin is making money for me so. I mean I know guys that have, the size of account that are doing point two five point, three five point four or five, lot. Sizes, which is three four times what I've got here so I've, purposely set, it up to give myself room, to maneuver. And to to. Accommodate. For your. Draw downs cuz there's not a way around it guys there's no you're. Never gonna find an EI or an indicator, any signal, or any group that's gonna be a hundred percent successful, all the time it's not going to happen but. You what you can do is you can get something that's high probability. Like, the power package chart that I sell and the EI it. Wins, more than it loses guys that's what's important. It's. Something that's running in the background and, how I use it as I do manual, trading on another chart and then. I use the EI on another set of charts and it works really well I've always got money coming in from somewhere so. If. You can see another. Thing that's really important, when you're looking at the EI. Every. Broker, is different, you can see right here this is traders, way. USD. The the, majors they've got some pretty good spreads right here click. Over to capital, city markets, and it's quite a bit higher and this is the Pro account this is their better account by the way -. I'll. Bet sometimes, they're similar but you can see there's there's a couple digits higher and that does throw it off a little bit I've, noticed that I've used the same settings, on both brokers, and I've got different results with.

Traders Way giving me better results, now I see. Markets, I was going to try those guys but since I'm in the USA, they won't allow me to sign up my. I tried. To talk with him about it see if there was a way around it and I can't, get to can't, get around it so I'm, not gonna use those guys for now. Tibet. So traders way in capital city markets I've had capital, city markets for four or five years now not. The best broker in the world but they I have a lot of bonus money with them that I'm working towards so, over. The next six months or a year I should be getting some pretty good paydays from those on some bonus money so. So. When you're talking about brokers, you need to get, a broker account, that has one and four hundred or, one and five hundred leverage or higher. One. In three hundred would work or one on two hundred would work but you're gonna have to double your account as, far as how much you deposit, and. They need to be very clear about this - I have never been, able to make this work with less than five hundred dollars, if. You have five hundred dollars or less you. Need to do one, pair one. At a time and work. Your way up until, you have enough money that you can open up another pair. And. Honestly, I would not recommend it with less than a thousand, if you can do it I would get a thousand, dollars by. The a get, a thousand, dollars and, then you could do two or three pairs let. It run in the negative if there is some drawdown. Meanwhile. The other pair was making you money or the two other pairs are making money or, three other pairs etc, you. Know there's. Ways to set it up so you can always be making money even if you have some drop down okay and it's kind of hard to get your head around it because everybody's, worried about. Everything. I get it I've, done the same thing I get it but, I'm telling you from what I've seen and how the all the messing around what I've done with this and the collaborations. I've done with other traders and the groups and I mean, you should see some of my emails there's been days have more emails than I've had time to answer that's. Why I'm making this video because I want to just make a video showing why do it how I do it and I. Tell everybody if, you if you buy this ei and you want to get with me and most of you know this especially if you've emailed me we've talked before I'm. Very serious about helping you get set up. When. You buy the yeah you get one live account password one demo account password, what, I like to do with my people is I work with them the first couple days I help them with their broker with. The amount money they have the pairs that we need to use the timeframe we need to use the settings that we need to use and after, a day or two of them making money then they can flip it to a live account and they're off and running simple. As that guys I mean I I really, want to help you get started, my. Channel is very raw very, not. Professional, compared to others but at the same time my. Point and my my. Drive. In, helping, people is as good. Or better than anybody out there, I've. Spent a lot of money in forex over the years I've got hosed a bunch of times I know a lot of people feel similar, I hear, stories every day just like mine, and that's. Kind of what gave me the drive that I need to to. Start a channel and to show people realized, results, some things I've learned over the years to help other people to not have the same problems and have, the same issues and things so I try, to just produce real. Results easy, to understand results, and. I'm a real guy I'm not some, millionaire. Living on a yacht promising. You the world tomorrow. But. At the same time we've, got some cool tools that we can all build our wealth together, and that's kind of exciting for me so that's. What we're doing that's why I'm here that's what, we're looking at here and you, can see guys live accounts. You. Can see the, account, history results. This. One is actually my capital city markets, I've had yeah, I'm there for months look, at these results guys. This, one I remember I closed this one out early because I believe it was Friday. And I had a couple open, I was just a little concerned, with so I thought well take a couple losses and then I may come up the next day and or.

You Know on Monday when the mark opens back up sure enough it. But. Vast overall. I mean. You. Can see much, much oh here. Here's what I was talking about these. Two I took on Friday, when the market closed I was a little concerned that I. Had. Too many trades going I just I you, know that the market closed and open time the spread can get a little screwy onion you've got a bunch of trades open you can really get yourself in trouble so. I kind, I'm a jump the gun because these look okay. Now. These would have been just fine I didn't need to worry about closing those. But. Sometimes. I will do that it, really, depends most the time I have not had to do that I'll tell you right now, you. Know for an account that that, I've had for two, or three weeks still, profiting, four hundred ninety three dollars on $2,100. Investment. That's. Killer guys you. Know granted. I have some drawdown this is like I say this is probably the most drawdown I've had but. As. Time goes on that those, trades will work through and the. Profit will will, just keep going growing and I are higher so. I. Hope that answers some of the questions what. I do I'm going to post a link in the bottom if you buy the power, package it's, $40. That gives you everything you need to trade on a 5 minute chart and a four hour charts, for confirmation. If you, buy the EA the, link is in the note this. Video just click below the. Video here and you'll see all my information I'll have my email address it'll, have my paypal address if you want to buy the power package only if, you want to buy the EA you must, click the link and go through the website that way you can instantly download, it you've, got one live password, you'll get one demo password, email. Me when that's complete if that's what you do and I'll send you the power package for free not, only that I'll send you the settings that I'm using to get these results and, you. Can see the pairs here but we can talk about that I just, need to know what your broker leverage is and how much money you got and then. We'll start, you on your demo account once. You're comfortable and everything's working smooth, well we'll flip your live account so, I hope, this answers some of the questions and, kind of would delve into. Why I do what I do and why don't you stop loss, more. And more I've ran. Into professionals, that don't use stop losses and they don't use take profits. You, know I I think it's a healthy thing to kind of change your take profit a, little bit here and there so I use a range a take profits, that. Way your, broker can't ever figure out exactly, what you're using so I change it on a weekly basis and we. Can get into that more when you when, you buy the ei from me so there's, some tricks to it but once you get it set up and it's something that's very low maintenance and very, high profit offered by probability, so. I, wish you all the best thank, you for all the supporters out there the. New friends that I've made, David, Soto good mentor and friend of mine I worked, with him a bunch on things and. Looking. Forward to working a bunch with more, with him in the future and, any.

Other Any other traders, that have joined my trading group, appreciates, your support and your kind words and, all. The new friends that I've made over the last six to eight months it's been really cool been really a fun journey and I, think we really got a lot of good things going, I. I. Strive, to have a really, good YouTube channel one day and to. Make it more professional to, put more money into it I'd. Like to do some better YouTube, videos that are the more professional-looking. I'm. Just brand new at this guy's I'm just starting out I'm just a real person just. Like you have. Bills to pay I've got to work. You. Know right what can I say I'm not a millionaire on yacht promising, you the world. You. Know this. Isn't going to be something that you can make a million dollars with quick but, if you're smart over a period of time it's totally possible and, in. This world anywhere, on the planet you live in right now there's, a lot of people and some, financial need have. Some financial goals or some financial, needs they need to met here's. How you can do it so. Pretty, exciting to me there's. A lot of good things going on so. Thank. You very much for the supporters, like I said and. In. The notes like I say in the notes you have my paypal address if you'd like to buy the power package. And. You'll receive a chart that looks like this for the four hour and then. A chart that looks like this with everything you need Oh for your your manual trade and I have other videos on how I use that if you purchase the EA which, I have running on here you can see it right here I will. Send you the power package for free it's a $40, value as, well as give you the settings that I use on. A daily basis, on my live accounts, so glad. To help everybody, please, if you have any questions email me that will be in the notes as well I joined. My Facebook group because I posted that every, now and again with results. And things and I. Like to use that as a trade platform, I don't want any advertising, for any companies or anything like that on there it's strictly for traders to share information to, ask questions, and to, post results that's, basically, what I set it up for so. And. I think that wraps it up guys I wish every one of you the best anyone who can hear my voice I, genuinely, want, to help you and I. Hope this shows you exactly what you're looking for and anything. That it's not or you have any questions on please get, with me I'd. Be glad to answer your questions just be patient with me it might take me a bit to get back with you. But, yeah the, link is in the bottom here's, your proof my, other videos I have other video show on the proof as well phenomenal. Guys I'm absolutely. I very. For. So long I wanted to find something like this that works well I've really delved into a, lot of things trying to get this and now, we're here and it's exciting a lot. Of the people in my group are excited, the people I contact, with on a daily basis excited, my family is excited I've. Sold this to a couple family members and, they're kicking butt. You. Know things are looking up very very well for me and my family and any. Of my trading family, as well I consider, them trading family so. Thank. You all guys I wish the very best to everyone who can hear this and we. Will talk on the next video, I. Will, do an update video in another week or two and. Again. Here's. The results guys if. You've been thinking about this if you've been on the fence about this if you not if, you felt like you're just kind of not sure here. Is your proof it's. A live account live, setting, I'm a real live guy no.

Reason To hide or not, anything, I mean I showed you my account information I, showed. You the deposit information, I showed you the trade information, another thing I haven't showed you is my settings, but. You by the ear from me I will get you those I'll help you get set up on a really good setting that starts working from day one so. With that being said I'm going to close this video I wish, you all the best and. Contact. Me for any information, and to. The best and success. In all of your life.

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Thank you for this EA! I also got my cousin to get this as well. We are working on a strategy that I will share with you soon. We are a month in and profit everyday around $50-$80 daily.

brad mayfield how awesome man ! I told you it would work out huh...thanks for getting with me and leaving feedback ! I personally had a killer day made 250 !!! Best live account day I have ever had !!!

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