Bernie Sanders last campaign: start for the elections 2020?

Bernie Sanders last campaign: start for the elections 2020?

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Together. My friends, we, have begun a, political. Revolution to. Train. Bernie. Sanders, lost, the primaries, choosing, the presidential. Candidate, for the Democratic, Party to Hillary Clinton, but. It was a glorious, loss it's, a beginning not, an end the. End of Bernie's campaign, marks, the start of a political, movement. But. How do you build such a movement and how, can a new political generation. Bring, American, democracy back, into, the hands of the people. This. Is back light, welcome, to the laboratory for truly, representative. Democracy. The. Judgment. Thanks. For joining us. In. The shadows at the bazaar race for the White House between, Hillary, Clinton and, Donald Trump, and inspired. By the remarkable, success of the Bernie Sanders campaign a new, movement, is now gearing up. During. The primaries, the, then 74. Year old Democratic. Socialist, Bernie Sanders. Came closer to a victory over Clinton than almost, any one friend, or foe had expected. Sanders. Won 43%. Of the popular, vote beating, Clinton, among young people his. Campaign, made primary, history, by receiving a record number of donations from individual. Citizens. Not, Wall Street. How, fun. And. Contributions. To. Conclude the, primary, season members, of the Democratic, Party convened, in Philadelphia. To choose their presidential, nominee, this. Is where the anti-establishment. Insurgent. Campaign, run, by independent, senator. Bernie Sanders, ultimately. Came, to a close. The, official, record and. I both. Thank, you very much I. Wanted. To ask you about this, moment, which. Basically, is. The you know the official end of the, campaign how. Did you experience, this moment. Bittersweet, and, we knew for. Quite some time that, the campaign was not going to be he was not going to win the presidential. Nomination, from. The Democratic, Party Jane. O'Meara, is not only mrs., Sanders, but, has been Bernie's closest, political adviser, for years and was, part of the core team leading his campaign, for president. For. Me the, low point of the campaign was the convention. It. Was difficult. They were. Not. Being, as. Warm. As we, might have liked it, was it was definitely a, convention. That didn't treat, our supporters, as, well as, we. Wanted, them to be treated. We. Stayed in to, move, the agenda forward, and make it as progressive, as we could and. Use as much leverage as, we, had the. Media was asking us every, day every time he was in front of a camera when. Are you going to drop out when are you going to endorse and, it. Was hard because it was clear, he was not going to be the nominee and, they started to say well this is just a personal thing that. He's doing no it. Was to get the health care in the higher education. Plans. Through, so we sat down we. Met with Secretary. Clinton for, a couple of hours in a hotel room to. Map. Out what, we needed you, know to be, able to, to. Move forward together, in, unity. One. Of the harder things was not going out to the protests, it. Was such a delicate, time that, we, wanted to have a unified, convention, and if. We went out the, media would have taken it totally out of context.

Thank, You senator, Sanders. Senator. Sanders, has moved, in the spirit, of unity to, suspend. As. The Sanders, campaign, became, more successful there. Was a growing sense among his supporters that the Democratic, Party wasn't, particularly, open to the new generation, of voters naught. Of the campaign, themes Bernie, Sanders, was bringing in, this. Becomes painfully, clear at the beginning of the Democratic, convention the. Party chairwoman, is forced to resign when 20,000. Internal, emails, released. Through WikiLeaks show, how the leadership, went to great lengths, to try to discredit, Bernie, Sanders, in order, to prevent a Clinton, defeat. What, Democratic. Party leaders had orchestrated, as a festive, show of unity turns. After the, WikiLeaks, exposure, into. A chaotic, scene of angry, Bernie delegates. Leaving, the convention, floor in protest. An. Interesting, situation Bernie. Sanders seats with us Bart empty, inside people. Outside here protesting, what they view as an unjust. Result. To. The new. The politics, is dirty it's time to clean it up on 66. Years old I have wisdom I've. Been a Democrat, for 45 years I didn't join the party just to support Bernie they're. Rubbing the, mud in our faces. To. Hear just before, the convention. What. Would I say a, confirmation. Of what we already knew, and had been complaining about for, six months. But, to have it be that everybody, knew and all our supporters, had, their. Concerns. Verified. Was. Really, hard and it was really hard for other people. More. Than it was for, us. Actually. I'm Sam I'm I'm saying more than it was for Bernie it was hard for me and for the kids. He. Felt. His. Response, was chain. What's. New here we, knew this this, is not a surprise. So. Nothing, has changed, but it was detrimental to. Moving forward immunity. That no one is more disappointed than. I am. Here. Around the country I hope. You take enormous pride, in, the, historical. Accomplishments. We are achieved. Evolution. Continued. It. Is nice to be home I. Think. The question, on the minds of a whole lot of people is okay we ran a great campaign we, woke up the American, people but. Where do we go from. Here. Burlington. Vermont the, headquarters, of the campaign, is where Bernie's, political, career started, as mayor. Then, congressman, and since, 2007. Senator. In Congress, if the. Democrats win back the Senate he is likely to become the chairman of the powerful Budget, Committee the Sanders. 2016. Campaign will live on in a new nationwide, movement, so. Tonight I want to introduce, you, to. A new independent. Nonprofit. Organization. Called. Our revolution. It, has always been, right, from the beginning a. Two-prong, approach it, was run, for the presidency, and began, a political, revolution so. We figured okay we're moving forward and now. We focus on the political revolution we, keep keep, that agenda, going, and, people. Engaged. Our. Revolution. Founded, by James Sanders, aim is to keep the campaign's key issues, high on the agenda of the media and wants. To help elect progressive, politicians, into office from. Councilmembers. And mayor's to, state and US representatives. They. Are running locally, on a political platform, similar, to the Sanders campaign, to, try to hold the ground that was gained during the primaries. If. We. Can hold that ground, and then, move forward and keep, on moving, forward, dealing. With criminal justice reform and immigration reform and all these issues that we've, outlined in, the in the platform, if we, can actually implement. Some of those changes, then. I think, we. Will have steered. The Democratic, Party in the right direction. If. The Democrats, don't. Move forward I think. There will be a third party I don't it's not our decision, it'll, be the people's decision but, if. I think things have changed, enough that people.

Have, Higher. Expectations, of, their government, now and they're. Not going to go away and say okay. The elections over we're, done we'll, be back in four years we'll. Miss the midterms, that's, not going to happen and we're, gonna do everything we can to make sure that doesn't happen there. Are major major. Major. Issues, that confront, us, today, and, we. Need your, help. We. Need the, idealism. And the, energy, and the intelligence. Of millions, of people, to, join us in the fight to. Make America, the kind of country, we know, it must become. When. You're building a movement you're, really trying, to. Organically. And systematically. Change. The idea, of what's possible in people's minds, and. In. An election everyone always knows what's possible maybe, that person will win right. Like, that's, what's possible, but, with a movement it's a much more soulful. Intellectual. Philosophical process. Of actually. Expanding, your mind to say. That's. Something that's change in my life that's. Something I deserve that. You know I have enough value that I demand these things and. That. Will never happen in an election cycle even. In a longer election cycle that will only happen over, the course of decades. Arun. Shah dari was creative, director for the Bernie Sanders, online, campaign, prior. To that he had worked closely with the man who entered the Oval Office in 2008. You know I was lucky enough to be the first White House videographer, which meant that I got to tail around after, the president holding a video camera and. It was a great job like an absolutely, outstanding job, and people always wonder how could you possibly have left it and while. It was a great job it was very. Demanding and very repetitive and I, remember. When. I came into work on st. Patrick's Day my, fourth year at the, so whatever was and they, had you know dined the fountain green and the tea shock was coming and basically everything we had done exactly the same for the last four, years a Patrick's day I was like I just don't want to do this anymore, I don't think I can handle this anymore it's just sort of too repetitive I'm not sure I'm getting anything out of it, and.

Sort. Of felt a little despondent about how was I gonna put, my energy and you know what, stories was I gonna tell you know I had been working for this one person for so long, literally. Focusing, on his face every morning. One. Of the reasons our campaign, is doing so well is, that we are discussing, the, real issues, facing the American people I was really excited when we heard that Bernie Sanders might be running he was someone who even in my sort of punk-rock youth, I had very much admired, and, you know they're all crooks in Congress but there's actually this one guy. And. More. Americans, are living in poverty than almost, any point in. Our nation system we, actually approached them and said we would like to do this we, think we'd be a good fit and after. Even only a couple of meetings, that. Was definitely the case I remember Bernie was, in our office and, he. Was having some. Talks with folks and his campaign about whether or not they were really gonna use the political revolution this, is subtitle, of this, campaign and he, knew he was in good hands when he looked over at us and he was like guys you think it's a good idea right the political revolution and we're of, course. Good, huntin. It. Is wrong that people, have to work two or three jobs to. Survive it is wrong, that young people, are leaving school. $50,000. In debt how, do you keep the momentum going up a movement like this I. Think. The idea that we, keep the momentum going is, is incorrect. I think the momentum goes. I think it's it I think a lot of the ways in which a, new. Kind of way of campaigning, and of doing politics, was was, formed was during the Obama campaign, those. Same tools were, then used, further, democratized. By. Bernie, Sanders, to. Sort of put cracks in the political machine that's going on our. Job, is to bring people. Together. Normally. A political, campaign is about control the fart along you get into it the more first-year. Volunteer, you know then your precinct, captain you get talking points, you're sort, of brought into a campaign, family this. Was a movement it relied so much on, people. In the community making. Content, sharing content, that, I wasn't gonna be able to control the look feel of our designers, weren't gonna be able to manipulate. Vote. For us the. Single mothers who work for seven dollars an hour and never quite make it the graduates, with dreams defer by crushing student debt the veteran we made. Our. Contents, knowing, that it was gonna kind of live in a sea of very. Colorful, self, created content, someone. Who kind. Of came into this. Campaign, from the Obama World Thinking user-generated, content, is kind of a fishy weird proposition. That I don't really want to have anything to do with to, being a cheerleader, and champion of it, the. Bernie Sanders campaign, message. Focusing, on income inequality and. The economy, of the 99%. Particularly. Resonated, with young people. Sanders, dominated. The youth vote beating, Clinton by 80% in, some states young people.

Understand. That, they are the, future of America, and, they intend, to help shape. I. Think. When, we're talking about the young people Bernie Sanders rally they have a very common experience which. Is the Great Recession 2008. They, have a time in which they were told that they were growing up in the richest country on earth but no one they know has any money everyone. Is working a million jobs but no one is getting ahead and I think they, feel. Inherently. Like, politicians. Were. Lying or lying, and will continue to lie about that and so, want to see an authentic, face on someone. That they will actually support, and I think you saw this really clearly with. Bernie Sanders I. Think. When I when, I watched, them you. Know in the beginning it. Brought, me back to that first debate when, I met Bernie I fell. In love with him then a mayor I think I mean I I fell in love with his ideas, I thought he embodied everything I ever believed, in and I, would see, that in people's eyes and I, remembered, having that feeling thinking oh I recognize. That, but. I. Think I think people liked, that he will he spoke, from the heart and he told, the truth. He, never changed, his words. From one group to the other he said the same thing to everyone whether they wanted to hear it or not. Thank. You for coming. We. Went to an event in Iowa, we. Drove up phil was driving, and Bernie said oh look, Phil. Look at look, at those lines of people what are we competing with, confuse. Us I think. That's you Bernie. You're. Not only protecting the, people in this community. The. First huge, rally we did was, in, Minneapolis where you, know we were trying to get bagels for a couple hundred people and, like 8,000 people showed up which, was, amazingly. Gratifying, to me and very reminiscent of Obama, it. Also I think showed, how. With. An insurgent, unlikely, campaign, like the Sanders campaign how you have to catch up with physical infrastructure. In. Phoenix, Arizona, there were like 10,000, people there where, we, were very surprised, I mean it did you know we were surprised when it happened, in Portland Maine but, not, shocked. In in, Arizona, we were we were shocked it. Was just it was exciting, as could be it. Was something. That we said. This. Can happen all over the country. The, movement that's built around Bernie Sanders, is a, specific. Response, to our times, you. Know we're living in, a post recession, post, citizens united, you. Know this. Generation, of people we have seen some things directly. That the culmination, of many decades of bad. Policy, and they've, come home to roost and. If. We and, I think specifically, people, are reacting against, those things, so. The thing that really got me excited was I think when when, he started pulling thousands, of people are rallies and it was just one of those things where, this, is sort of this moment where you suddenly have, see. Daddy like okay it stops changing and this. Is a really, a chance to like be a part of something that's gonna change the, world. After. College, and, I've actually worked at a hedge fund for. Ten months as, going, to work there for a year and a half and I didn't quite make it whenever. You asked anyone the hedge mire are doing this a couple of times like so why like what drives you why do you think is like a worthwhile thing I do and the usual, answer feel good was like well, increasing, liquidity in the market is a very elegant, like. That. Sounds like crap and so. I kind of thought, I'd saved up enough to, quit so I just quit and then the economy crashed so I lost most of my savings. When. It comes to economic, issues I think a lot of Millennials are facing, the, crunch quite, upfront thing. I think it's literally a destruction, of faith and the institutions, that they've been told of and so people are trying to you. Know to be cliche wake up and. Rethink. Those institutions, and rethink. What an actual overall. Just. Life, and government, should be so. I think that's. Great and I don't think that's gonna change until the institutions get fixed. Together. With other former, Sanders, campaign, staffers. Shoukata. Chakrabarti. Founded. Brand new congress from. The bottom up they, want to create a new political generation.

With People from all walks of life including. Both Democrats, and Republicans. They. Are already prepping, for the congressional. Midterm elections. Of 2018. If. We can get the, word out there and let people know that you know that together we're gonna go to keep this revolution, going forward, I think we're gonna be able to bring in not just people, who have been active for Bernie but, a whole swath of other people because this concept. Is gonna. Be bigger than a president, it's gonna be Congress, I don't think darn people, who vote Democrat, are bad the idea behind, brand, new Congress is that. What we want to do is recruit, and run over 400, congressional. Candidates for the 2018 races, but, as a single campaign. So as sort of special style you. Have one campaign, organization. One. Platform one plan and it's, basically, like the Bernie Sanders campaign except, at the top you have 400. People instead of just one it's we, think it's not that hard to win, and a lot of these primaries, but, we think the way to do it is not, doing a piecemeal one cat at a time we think you present, them yes big enough with a very, explicit goal if I vote I'm gonna get this very aggressive. Plan for, going. To 100 rubles, or by our midterm turnouts, for elections are low every. Single time. And it's always because you. Don't know who to trust you don't you, don't necessarily. Know. What you're voting for and you don't know why it matters so. That's the whole premise here is that if it's something big enough people, will go out to homes unity at the bottom people talk about the 99% all the time and if, we're gonna have the 99% truly, represented, that means there's gonna be a lot of different political ideologies represented. Right so, we've got to be able to be an open tent a big tent and that's the only way we think this is gonna work and I think it is gonna work because like I say I've spent the last year on the Sanders campaign go on city to city state, the state and seeing a real huge variety of people that are supporting this cause and this, platform we're, gonna be going around in this hundred city tour and in other ways recruiting. People that are already active in their communities in different ways right so we don't want just lawyers, and career politicians, we want doctors. And nurses. And stay-at-home, mom and dads in Congress, right we want to see a real, variety and diversity and, backgrounds, there's, also not much variety in, economic. Status. In Congress, most of these people are either millionaires. Or multi millionaires, and they spend their time talking, to other millionaires, and billionaires right so they got a very narrow window of, who they're trying to represent all, of the logistics, of running a campaign are actually going to be handled, by brand new Congress so that's that's the, the, one of the main reasons we want to run this sort of unified. Single campaign. Is so, that, normal, working people can sort of plug into our infrastructure, we're. Going to handle raising. Money for you we're. Going to handle doing voter contact for you and. It's. Essentially, this large volunteer, base that you, are able to use, as to. Run your campaign we, don't, even think a lot. Of people are going to have to leave, their jobs. There's. Always going to be a part of the campaign that you have to do which is speaking. To people talking to constituents you, know the parts that a candidate, should be doing. But it but it's not gonna be on YouTube you figure, out how to raise money for how to hire a campaign, manager. But. How can a new, political generation.

Make Its entry, into a system, that currently, seems open mostly. To politicians, supported. By corporate, money big, banks, and the Washington, elite if, we shift a system word you are forced, to make the most effective campaign you're forced to do, small donor contributions and have a good message and have something that people are going to back. Then. That completely shifts how the system, works, I think this is a game changer with, donations, from individual, citizens, brands, new Congress, wants, to follow in Bernie Sanders, footsteps, his. Campaign, set new records, during the primaries, by, often, raising more money from small individual. Donations. Than, Hillary Clinton got from Wall Street this. Means of funding a campaign, has the potential to completely alter the, current division of power in American. Politics, what, we said. Was. So revolutionary. And. Simple. If you. Want a candidate, who will. Stand with, you please. Stand with, us. And in, the last year, we. Have received. Seven. Million. Individual. Campaign, contributions. That, is more. Campaign. Contributions. Than. Any candidate. In the history of. The United, States of America. We. Couldn't believe it we. We. Were astonished, that that. Many people were, giving money right from the beginning. And, we. Would get letters which we always have from people. Who are on fixed incomes, or just didn't have that much and they'd, be sending in five dollars, or ten dollars and, it, was just so, heartfelt and, and. Wonderful. It gave. It. Gave more, of a sense of. This. Is. We're. Representing, the people we want to represent these, are our people, that are hearing this. Plan, and, this vision for the future and, they're on board one, of the first of now many progressive. Candidates, for Congress endorsed. By Bernie Sanders, and the movement, is Sofia, Teachout, after. A career, of teaching law she is now campaigning, in a large rural district. In upstate New, York, please, welcome. Zephyr. Teachout. Somebody. From his staff reached out and said, Bernie. Sanders wants to send out an email including. Your campaign, is that, okay. Yes. That's that's okay but. It wasn't actually it wasn't clear to me what that meant. Either. Yeah, like it wasn't clear that that was an endorsement and. Then in the next day became very clear I, am. Totally, committed. To being a representative, only, of the people of this district, this is the sort of old-fashioned, idea of representation. That. You, listen, to the people. Here, and then, take their ideas, to. Washington. And. What that means has been really, important to me that we are not, funded. In the traditional, way, we. Have now. 58,000. Individual, contributors, the. Average contribution is $19. I like. To joke that my donors. Are much stingy, er than Bernie. Sanders, you know where's. The extra $8. It's. Been really important to me to fund this campaign, with low dollar contributions. Not just to, win but. So when I am in Congress, I can only respond, to people in this district. This. Is a good lady thank you goes to mine I like Chris but. I'd. Be interesting, to see a lady in there for a change you know but I don't.

Know Fast so I don't know her but she's, very thick go meet her she's up there out yes or any questions you got. This. Is the you. Know you hear battle ground or swing this, total. Split. And. Actually one of the reasons that swings so much and you'll see people who, will vote for a Democrat. For, president a. Republican for. Congress, a Democrat, for something else. Fundamentally. People are really, independent, so. Party line matters, less than, the. Spirit of Independence and whether you're going to fight for people here. And. I have a bumper sticker on, my back window on my truck that says no, farms no food right, well here's some more bumper stickers if you wants them I'll. Put one of those are matters yeah okay what, that candidates, do is they just spent time talking, to incredibly, wealthy people, who then give them money to put up those signs that you see and so. Instead of listening. To farmers, that, basically, they just spend their time listening, to New, York City billionaires, somebody. Congress members spend all their time or. Actually. The average is for new seventy percent of their time, forty. To seventy percent the, majority, of their day job is is. Calling rich people as. You may see, this, is that this reach this part I don't think John Faso has been here so the guy I'm running against just to be clear not. Only he's, gonna lobbyists for the last ten years whose lobbyists for payday lenders lobbyist for the Constitution pipeline, lobbyist, for the NAV, pipeline. And. He was the assembly and, in the assembly, he, was always. Saying, the exact same thing a pretty conservative I mean you don't get more different, than John. Faso, and myself so. You I have on the one hand a campaign that is funded by. Two. New. York City hedge fund billionaires, and on the other hand my campaign which is funded by, 58,000. People. I love. That you have, an intense, connection, to. Working, with the people and you're, very tuned in to financially. Representing. The people and not the large. Investors. And the donors in a big part of your campaign I think that's incredibly important, I think. That that is one of the major issues, with our country a state, government, and the trust in government is, whose, voice is represented, and, so. And. I think it's very brave. And of, you don't see I'm ever I think more people need to run for office and I am so, far I'm not yet been that brave but are, you will maybe. When. You have these billionaires. Trying to take over politics. You. Can't play, you, can't sort of combat, that with by just trying. To raise billionaire, money on the other side that, doesn't work the, response, to billionaires, taking over politics, is. Harder. But. Far more rewarding, work of local organizing. I think that not having to raise money, directly. From, large, campaign contributors, from having to go to fund raisers just. Allows you to keep focused, on your core, issues on your core message and, just doesn't dilute things and I think sometimes especially in, an era where transparency. Is demanded, by people, you. Do want to keep up the appearance even. If you feel like you are not being influenced, by something you. Want, to keep up that appearance, that you're not because, people can. See what's happening, now we live in a more transparent society. The. Only reason. A small. Donor campaign. Or, small donor back campaign like Bernie Sanders as possible is because of the. Just. Because of the fact that the Internet is so big and that things can spread now without, having a mainstream channel be the thing that spreads, it and, it's. It was a huge bet on the campaign's part to say, actually we're gonna raise. Almost all our money this way and not. Even have a fundraising, team not focus on dinners and we're. Gonna make the bet that you. Know for technologists, like me and like yeah obviously there has been, big like, I kind of know, but it is it's it's groundbreaking, in the political world. Hello. Everyone. And. Technology. Is not only a game changer, for campaign, funding, but, also for organizing. Campaigns, the. Group coders, for Sanders, was a fast growing number of coders who volunteered, during the primaries, to, develop software and apps for the Sanders campaign. Um, so we're just basically going, to talk about progressive coders Network and. Just. To give. A sense of what has happened this week let's. Renamed. The progressive, coders, they, have expanded, into a nationwide, movement, of, more than 2000, programmers. Together. They are building the technology, for future, elections I'm. John Culver I'm from Seattle Washington I'm a Bernie, Sanders Eliot I worked, on the campaign for a while I worked with crappie.

Encoders, For Sanders. Belts. I built a bunch of stuff we worked on the events, map together I built a caucus, explainer that Washington, and other states used to great effect for an advisory. Brittney. Showed us a problem of this society and that, clicked into the coders psyche, like there's, a solution for this and and. We thought about and what is what is the problem the problem is organizing. How, can we engage these, people into, being. Into, participating, in the political process because Bernie. Keeps, on saying if we show up we, win and that. Was this the core of like okay how can we make people show, up and that's. Where burn advisor comes in that's where Bernie, BnB comes in that's we're right with Bernie comes in all these things put, into a hole engage, millions, of people. I'm. One, of those antsy people like what can we do from this if we're not happy with this this party structure has been put in place let's. Get to work like let's let's see some better candidates let's let's put ourselves up let's start. At the you know the smallest level of building. This up ourselves because, it is, people powered we that's, that's. Us if we could organize in, a way that we. Can combine, our efforts and, really. Help the progressive, movement I think there's a there's, a huge chance that we are going to make, a difference this is we're, in a time where in where. We're. In the non set of the Golden Age of progressive, progressivism. I filled with the, close involvement of, so many young people at the tech generation. The, Sanders, campaign, built a huge online, presence, through. Amongst, others snapchat. And read it Bernie. Still has over 4 million followers, on Twitter and 5 million Facebook, friends, and his, team was able to garner extremely. Valuable data, on voters. To. Secure, this digital, inheritance. And to make campaigning, accessible. To and affordable, for all citizens. National. Guard soldier, and progressive, coder Josh Smith is looking for new coders, so as, students. Here at Lauren you're a pretty unusual audience, you. Enrolled in this school because whatever you were doing before wasn't, enough for you for. You that could mean any number of things, for. Me it's, been especially hard, to determine how to make a meaningful difference where, do I even start you. Know I thought, that the best that I could do was join the army or join the Peace Corps, I. Went, to basic. Training this. Is me. As a platoon, guide we, doing all of our, platoon, through. The. Very. Dusty. Trails of, South, Carolina, while. I was there this. Wispy. Haired 74. Year old self, about Democratic, Socialist started as run for president, I grew. Inspired I mean. Like. Talk about a moonshot, candidate. The. Skills that I learned the hard way and you're. Learning a hard way here, are, especially. Unique, in some way they feel unique there's. A power to the leverage, of building for the internet I wanted. That kind of impact here, now. Fortunately. I found a group called coders for Sanders and I, don't, think that we've really begun to understand. How. Technology is going to have significant, impacts on politics. On governance. Given. That you know incredible. Growth that we've gotten technology, it, seems. To me that nobody has really understood, what. That's going to do in terms of social. Structure social institutions that, need to upon those changes, I think that you end. Up, being able to transition a campaign, into. A political, movement by, building, on the. Roots of its success, things. Like the volunteers. Building. Software. For the campaign you. Didn't have to run campaigns the same way that you ran them previously you don't have to go out and build. A field, office, and bring. In volunteers and. Hand out paper and clipboards. It was certainly possible for somebody to say I want, to volunteer for the Bernie Sanders campaign open. Up an app on their phone, start. Canvassing, and talking about what they believed in with their neighbors right away so. When you first load up the app you'll, end up clicking. That house button and you'll, get the address that you're at geo-located. For you we're, gonna tap add person, and then. I'm talking to Jane Doe right now so, Jane. Doe is the first time have you ever talked to her you know maybe she's not registered, voter um. You, know I say that she's a Democrat, and she is strongly for brain especially.

Interesting, To is. When you click on Bernie on the issues, you, get everything that the feel the Bern work, people had put together directly. On your phone so if, you're talking to somebody and asking them do, you care about you know the military, which is important, to me and see, everything. That Bernie Sanders has ever said about that topic and communicate. That to them you know look through and say hey, would this, information, be interesting, to you what, I'm trying to do with the things that I'm trying to build going forward is saying, this, was, great that we did this for the Bernie Sanders campaign but. Any, campaign, should be able to use it in fact, tea, partiers should, be able to use the same sort of tools that we built this. Is movement which is the you, know second, coming of the, field of Bern app so, you can see the key differences already the. Numerous. Elected, officials here rather than it just being the, Bernie app you. Basically get to choose you know maybe today I want to go out and canvass for Bernie or maybe I want to go canvass for a particular cause or maybe. I want a canvass just, generally. Go talk to voters then, we'll give you a walking list, with, actual, data and of course you, know the data, ends, up being one of the fundamental, parts of this. These. Are tools for democracy, itself. We're. Trying to build this public. Service this infrastructure, that our government, hasn't but, we as the people can certainly build. The. Survival. Of those ideas of, that way of working of, the, infrastructure. That powered all of it aren't, going to be dependent, on a single individual, but instead. Everyone. Can adopt everyone. Can use everyone, can benefit from and if you have that sort of pluralism. Powering. Those, tools, that, way, of working then. It, will survive. Anything. Right it's not even just the progressive, movement at that point it is. Governance. As a whole democratic, governance. Are, these then the components, of a movement that can build towards a truly representative, democracy. Barack. Obama's, victory in 2008. Was historic, but, it was not followed by the birth of a new political generation.

There. Was a different kind of president, but the system in Washington remained. Largely unchanged. Will that be different now because. The Sanders, campaign was a movement right from the start in a. Post crisis, society, with, a millennial, generation more. Open than ever before to Bernie Sanders call, for a political revolution it, looks, as if sooner. Or later, systemic. Change will be inevitable, I, actually. Would go back to the crash of 2008. And, say. That after the crash of 2008. Basically. The country woke up and politically. Stayed asleep and Congress. And. Senate. And pundits, all acted, like nothing had happened and, the, rest of us said wait, a second, you. Can't get. All these subsidies, as big banks, and then become so fragile that you can ruin our economy, that this is not a way to run. An economy this is not a way to run a democracy. With. The Sanders campaign, you. See that, legitimate. Anger and that legitimate, other understanding. Waking, up and finding, a real political voice I. Think. We have an entrenched. Political class, but. I think for the first time ordinary, people think. I can do more than throw money this problem I can do be more than volunteer, to try to get rid of this I can, make this, my life and. I think there's no way to calculate how. Much that will accelerate. Progress. And, also, political and, cultural, life in this country I think it's about to change in a lot of ways because. Of this, moment, where message, and Technology, meet, a. Population. Who is ready to, move on this. Isn't a one-man show this is this. Is something that will have staying power that. People will write. About we'll think about it and we'll. Consider. I, can, do that I mean Bernie doing come up with a silver spoon in his mouth he didn't come up in a political family he. Decided, he. Wanted, to have a voice and, one. Of the best things about this campaign, is that. The country, has, shown that a progressive, perspective is, something, that a lot of people are very interested, in they. Are, aware. That wait, a minute we don't have to accept this we, do not have to say this, is the way it is I'm, giving, up I am, NOT going to do anything with politics, no, this, is our democracy. And and we, are going to participate. Fully and make, the changes that are necessary and. It. Takes time that's, the difficulty, that. People sometimes. Don't. Understand. It does take, time. It. Does be lovers. Will love your, fortunes. Together. I've. Got some real estate, here in my, back. So. We bought a pack a cigarette. And, he's just like yeah. Over here. Sorry. All. The millions of people that, went out and hoped, that. This. Was going to be at their moment and it wasn't hurts. But. We're. Not done, for. Not done yet. Thank, you for watching, for. More on this subject take a look at the playlist you can also watch this recommended, video don't. Forget to subscribe to, our Channel and we'll keep you updated on our documentaries.

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Pietro Bembo I do not envy others, that would be a sin against God. I give thanks to the Lord every day for what I have. ☮️

+G M Well, that is very clear, concise and to the point. I agree with most of what you are saying, not sure with that "communism" thing because I always have the feeling that the US is still suffering a bit from the "McCarthyism" effect However, for me personally; it doesn't matter who you are, what you are or where you come from as long as what you have to say is thoughtful, within reason and comes across in a respectful way; than I will always listen. Not necessarily agree but at least a platform for a constructive discussion/compromise, because if their is not give and take it will always end in violent conflict as seen in history; time and time again. Oh, my dad had Italian ancestry by the way.

Pietro Bembo PB, I’m Italian-American, my parents and sisters came here in the late fifties. I was born here, first generation American. My parents came with little more than the clothes on their backs. They worked hard for not a lot of money, but they managed to buy a little house, take care of their daughters and save money. They never asked for any government hand outs, they had something called pride. Should we help those who are truly in need? Yes. Should we help those who are just lazy? No. Should we help welfare mothers who have babies they can’t support? No. Put the babies in an orphanage or in families who can care for them. The mothers should go to work and have visitation rights. You should not reward laziness and irresponsibility. The poorest people in this country are still better off than most of the people on this planet. Is that to say we don’t have problems? No. We shouldn’t have people living on the streets. But we have plenty of government programs and private entities who provide food, clothing, medicines and housing. Furthermore, socialism is just a stepping stone to get to communism, don’t be fooled. “Democratic Socialism” is just a misnomer to make the ideology more palatable to the masses who, unfortunately, are easily duped.

+G M Sorry for mistaken you for a male. I am a middle aged European, and sorry to say; but often In the US socialism is confused with communism. The fact that he expose the social ills in the US society doesn't make him a communist in my opinion. Also, one of the main pillars of communism is to denounce private ownership and property. Now due to the fact that he owns three houses as you informed me; is a strong indicator that he is rather a socialist than a communist. I, like yourself (and may more) are maybe the ones who are working hard being considerate etc. some people are not; due to the situation they are born in others due to the situation they created for them self. Should we as a society care or not, are the few worthwhile the effort compared to maybe a majority that doesn't deserve help or caring. I think the these are all very difficult questions to answer and often our opinion is shaped by our own experiences. I know that a lot of social experiments/politics went seriously wrong but should we stop caring about other people because of failures in the past ? I leave everybody to make their own decision but like you; I try to be civil and respectful which some people find this very difficult these days. And I for one don't think that being rude, disrespectful and calling people names is the way forward. Sure have your say, but try to do it in a decent way especially on the net because we don't know who you are talking to. Just compare it to walking in the street and all of the sudden a person starts to call you names without reason or even knowing you. Not nice indeed.

Pietro Bembo I am a middle aged female. True, my opinion, we all have a right to one. I appreciate you being civil, it’s always a pleasure to discuss issues in a civil manner. However, I do truly believe Sanders is a communist, please research his background. Have a lovely evening!

+G M Well, that is a clear opinion and not just a name calling for the sake of it. I didn't want to come across as rude towards you, because you are probably a nice guy. However, I just don't like people giving names to other people without a clear explanation. Thank you and a good evening to you too :)

Rob Cormier Having “health insurance” does not guarantee access to healthcare. Government provided health insurance will bring rationing of healthcare with government bozos deciding who goes first, last or not at all. Everyone has access to healthcare now. No one can be denied healthcare at the ER, there are clinics and Medicaid. Whatever the government touches turns into a corrupt debacle. The federal government can’t even do the one right they are supposed to do, secure and protect our borders!

Pietro Bembo Taking over healthcare and every other business to make everyone and everything “equal”, or should I say equally poor, miserable and under the complete control of those “oh so smart” few who control the government. No thanks, I prefer to make my own decisions and money. My labor, money and property belong to ME not the government! Have a nice evening, Sweetie Pie.

+G M Try to explain were at any point he states something that makes him a communist sweetheart

Try actually reading my comment, dear.

+G M No reason to envy someone else then my friend

Look out!! its a 78 year old man wanting to ensure everyone has access to healthcare! Run for your lives!!!

Pietro Bembo On the contrary my friend. I have a lovely little ranch, fully paid, by me, no government hand outs. The point I’m making is communist LEADERS always make sure that they have all they need, while the “the little people” are only allowed the scraps that the “leaders” let them have. Take a look at Venezuela, Cuba, North Korea... Research communism and socialism my friend, it’s not the paradise you think it is. Regards,

I have the impression that your are a capitalist with none. How sad isn't it :(

Let's go Bernie

If you are actively claiming Democrat then you have no idea what's going on period. Republicans are also corrupt but Hillary just got caught rigging an election red handed. You can not be an adult and not see deep the corruption is. THE U.S. WILL NEVER BE A SOCIALIST COUNTRY!!! Be warned socialist supporters are pushing the U.S. to a civil war!! The Democrats are not winning this election!

Steven Marzullo He is actually a Social Democrat like individuals in the Scandinavian countries.


Socialism is populism

Sj J If you really understand the differences between sweden/denmark and Venezuela/former Sovjet states, then you should be happy that Bernie wants to mirror Scandinavian policies, not from socialist countries.

Pietro Bembo hoho))) believe me I know what socialism really is)) I was born in “social” state where everybody is lying)) However every system is capitalism, the main difference who own that resources, inefficient state or people) And I believe that maybe Sanders is a good man, and strongly believe that he want to make people’s life better) but he do not want to see how things are really working) And maybe you want to tell me about Sweden and Denmark But Sweden was develop during low taxes rates) and Denmark also is not a socialist state) and they also were developed their economy before it build welfare state)) If you want to know what socialistic state is, you have to note Venezuela and former Soviet Union states) socialism and high taxes reduce business activity and only business activity push economy and people’s welfare) that’s why socialism is populism, it sounds good but do not give expecting results) do not know why other politicians are misleading you)

Wow what a structured argument to explain why you dislike the man. Socialism is not populism, maybe you should give it a thought to educate yourself before you wright words that you obviously do not know the meaning of.

Actually. We would have won against trump. Lol

wait...she had actual supporters?.. i find that difficult to believe.

+2016 2017 : Well, until you actually cite it, I'm going to say that you're a liar.

+Hewlett Craphard Yes I do.

Got any evidence to back that up?

+mr. asshole go away Russian

Nobody is afraid of him.

Adnan, you are absolutely correct and these Donald dumb asses on here are insane!

Trump got elected because Hillary was repulsive

+Steven Marzullo WoW you're really stupid. Do you also believe the earth is flat?

the more the DNC dug its heels in, the more radicalized Sanders supporters became. Clinton is corporate warmongering trash and everyone knows it.

He let them rob him!! No he is they're puppet! Bernie is a sell out

+Sharon Formation Just like last time when they stabbed him in the back and Hillary was going to win by 90%.

+Big Boy you keep thinking that

Bernie will never get the nomination. period.

You all may need to skip the 2020 General election and tell Trump he will be President until 2024. Because Trump has already won. Why? Socialism.

Same. I would take a bullet for that man.

Shawn Dymond, not in the first vote but superdelegates will vote in the second round, so they’re still a problem.

At least super delegates aren't a factor anymore

Great documentary. Brings back the 2016 memories. #Bernie2020

Bernie for President of NAMBLA 2020.

Gotdamn right he will.

+Trooper 256 : About a quarter of all US presidents in the past failed their first attempts.

He tried last year and lost and he will lose again

You need to be drug tested.

DRourk, Where is your evidence that Bernie is "very corrupt"? If Bernie had announced that he would not endorse Hillary, he would have split the Democratic Party and handed the election to Hillary. As for your claim that Bernie has "no chance" in 2020, you simply can't read a poll and are a total ignoramus. Either provide evidence or stop polluting the internet with your misinformation.

Bern the old cuck would not have won.

Devin Ray hm... do you all want to give your money to less or more corrupted politicians through taxes and they will build scandinavian social model in USA?) did I understand right?) I’m not American, I’m only curios)

+Devin Ray Not at all.. much of it loves him. Such as VPRO...

+DRourk Corporate media is always against Bernie. What, are you delusional or something?

+Devin RayHe's arguably in the less corrupt half of congress but he's certainly not the least corrupt, and that doesn't mean he's not very corrupt. He is. I'd wager you hadn't heard of him much if at all before 2016. If you were familiar with Bernie prior to that (I once thought he was a good guy too, in the early 2000s), you'd likely already have known he was a lying SOB, as is his wife. None of this has anything to do with your assertion that I watch too much corporate media. A media that generally does not point out his corruption, but champions him. i.e. The video above.

Lewis C. Slaves who love being slaves for their Daddy Trump2020

It doesn't matter how old he is. He's the only one who can beat trump. He brought young people in.

He looks like a human at least; whilst Trump looks like a malfunctioning 18th century automaton.

It's funny what a fake wig and a spray tan can do.

He passed up his IQ by 89 years, bless his little Marxist heart....

Devin Ray Bernie Sanders is 77 while the Donald is 72. Bernie Sanders is obviously older. Makes sense because that’s like saying a 17 year old would be the smarter person than a 12 year old especially when it comes to honest leadership.

Old, con man, Bernie already stealing money again. From a bunch of brain dead, fucking, zombies. LOL. Enjoy the next six years of YOUR President Donald John Trump. Stock up on the tampons.

+Lewis C. : Trumpbots have a short memory. $Hillbots were so cocky and sure of themselves in 2016. Trumpbots are the new $Hillbots. XD

I'm a Canadian happily living in China and I love Bernie Sanders!! Come on Americans!!!!

Philosophy nerds: @ 46:20 there are about 11 to 12 books to the left of Josh Smith. I can identify 5 of them: (1) Cambridge Dictionary of Philosophy (GE, Audi) and (2)-(5) Copleston's History of Philosophy. Can any other Philosophy nerds suggest possible books on that shelf? Thanks! -MA student in philosophy and '16-'20 Bernie supporter

And in the end, Bernie betrayed his supporters, renounced everything he said he believed in, and tried to demand support for Hillary. So much for integrity, but at least he got an extra house out of the deal.

Bern the orange in 2020!!!

Hitler and Stalin were socialist just like sanders

The 2 party sytem is a fraud, we have the choice to vote for the devil of the devil lite, it's a joke.

10:16 Our Revolution announcement. 22:03 Brand New Congress. 34:37 Coders for Sanders/Progressive Coders.

Don't make the same mistake again in 2020 for Bernie!

According to Wikipedia, "Intel vPro technology is an umbrella marketing term used by Intel for a large collection of computer hardware technologies". Why isn't there a credit in the video description for narrator? The voice, if it is human, is very monotone. I also ask: is this propaganda for the uptake of technology? I have been networking via computers since the late-1980s. Nothing is as good as face-to-face communication. In any case, there is only one rule in politics: do not turn cynical. Bernie never did. That is what inspires.

The voice is human, we do not have robots that do the voice over.

Oklahoma's got you Bern. I'll probably VOTE SWAP like I did last time because my state always goes red. He Needs to pick a high profile mate like Tulsi Gabbard or Andrew Yang. No lame running mate!

It's sickening how many people support Bernie in this comment field. More people have realized he's a fraud and a weaselly liar than this. Makes me wonder how many of these accounts are paid bots. How anyone can think Bernie is the "people's man" at this point, is fucking insane.

Why not vote for Stalin again?

The man of the people for the people. Remember people go out and VOTE. Give your friends and families a ride and don't believe the fake Polls By CNN and FOX.

Melanials will be out in full force for Bernie. BERNIE 2020 to make America Great again. Trumps legacy will be destroyed soon enough along with his Crime Families.

Bernie 2020.

Sorry but I cannot see him winning. I just cant see him winning a debate against Trump.

We just had eight years of fundamentally transforming America, and it was a disaster. Some people never learn.

America's first Independent president after the two parties formed? That would be the day.

The DNC needs to stay the fuck out of the way band let democracy play out.

Old dirty Bernie is the Republican scapegoat. Bernie is only there to ruin the Democrats chances against trump the punk just like he did against Hillary in the 2016 elections.

Just watch the creepy Uncle Joe...his hands are all over the congress men ' young daughters...he smell their hair, pull them to his side, rubbing his hands on the little girls and sell their hair and kiss their hair, putting his hands on their chest area. I don't want my kids to be near that creep! So if you are hoping to be in that circle....please leave your daughters at home, it's much safer place for them. Please just watch him. I know Bernie has nothing to do with Joe, but what if they want t team up.JUST PROTECT YIUR DAUGHTERS PLEASE.

Bernie Sanders, always. You will get my vote again

This is so good

My God they really pack it on thick.. how many ways does someone need to convince you that they are the best fit...get down to brass tacks... enough with these quotes and Nobel prize word's..they never talk like that after they get elected...

I love Bernie Sanders!!!

what will your ''tools'' do for or to Tulsi Gabbard ?

2020 Bernie Sanders

Bernie 2

This was an honest documentary. Bravo.

Thanks a lot Kenny Peagler!

39:10 what's technology going to do, rob authority away from government, radically decentralize power; exactly the opposite of what Sanders wants.

he should make his VP Alexandria Ocasio Cortez

If they cheat Bernie out of the nomination they will cheat all of a decent future.

ive donated 450$ so far and i work at minimum wage, itll be worth it if homelessness is ended

Bernie doesn't support reparations :(


Great inside view of all that we experienced together in the 2016 election

Thank you Amy Fink!

arc of fairness.... throughout history there has been an Arc of Fairness.... I vaguely remember this statement being attributed to MLK. That's why these ideas of Fairness will eventually work it's self out.... but it always happens in a radical shift of ideas.... humans inherently know truth.... that is undefeated and will continue to be.... question is.... do we stay awake or do we go back to sleep.

I am sick and tired of the Cheeto. Bernie 2020

I don't like berne I rather vote for trump. btw Clinton support

Time for us to buy out the DNC and DCCC. Hillary did it. We can do it.

-They are going to try and turn the people against Bernie like Hilary did last time. DON"T LET THEM DO IT THIS TIME AMERICA!!!!

Don't stop until Nov 2020! It ain't over until the fat lady screams! Bernie 2020!!!

Bernie is an Independent. He needs to run as such. Not as a Democrat. He gave Trump the Presidency by being a scumbag to Hillary. He only cares about the white male working class. He's not in pace with world demographics.

only reason we had trump was because Hillary cheated him out of the race

You know you are on the right side of history when Establishment Democrats and Republicans work together to discredit you by calling you a soviet commie. Bernie or Bust, 2020!

Already donated and signed up for Bernie2020 ❤️

Bernie 2020 = Defeat. Cannot have an 80 year old running the country. Get a life Bernie, and retire.

Thanks Sander for running again...... Too many politicians are trying to run in part of your platform,while taking money from wall st and big corporations. We won't buy on it.........

Remember when burnout was outstaged by two woman during a rally and all he could do was cower behind them? No balls burnie is not a leader but, thanks to hrc he is a follower.

Trump won the presidency because of the same corporate democrat corruption that brought down Bernie. He would have beaten Trump and only the most ignorant or dishonest people would deny that.

You have my vote!!!!! Bernie 2020, he will kick the tyrant dog trump OUT!!!!!

His legions only wait his command and we will be there.

Vote for millionaire Comrade Sanders! Turn America into a Socialist craphole!! Spread the garbage-strewn streets of California North to Canada (another Socialist utopia) and East to the coast!!! We need 8 more years of Soetoro's bankrupt Green companies!!!! Vote for Comrade Sanders, you brainwashed nit-wits!

Going to vote for Trump thanks anyways

28:46 and she lost. Go figure.

27:10 Bernie doesn't stand for me, he's an old Marxist, the anthesis of freedom.

+Curran Kemp when has Bernie said anything about government force?

+Curran Kemp your conservative I guess because only a trump supporter would say that.

How? He's not about freedom, but use of government force.

Bernie is best


lol I love the ELO music that starts the video! Here is the news!

lol and later on there's some Steely Dan in there too lol

22:00 he lost all his saving? More likely bad investment.

I’m kinda confused did they cheat Bernie out of the race? Someone please help me out here please.

David Bower then how come you don’t just tell me what happen on here. I tired to find out but I couldn’t really understand what in the world was going on

I really would love to but it's a miracle I can even turn a computer on so I don't know how to do links. The evidence is well documented though so a quick internet search should do the trick. Also most of the progressive channels have covered this extensively in the past.

David Bower you wanna show me a link. I’m just curious.

Yes they did Wikileaks proved it.

step aside bernie (sheep dog). tulsi is in town.


BTW, Canada needs a Bernie. It's one of the few things I'm jealous of the american people. Bernie inspires people not directly affected by his views/plans.

Volunteer in 2020 people! Let's make this happen!

So many young white men! I don't think I saw a SINGLE female, or POC or older person supporting Bernie! He is "literally" the old white male (jews are white now) choice of the under 25 white male voting group! YOU CAN DO IT BERNIE, ALL THE YOUNG WHITE MALES HAVE YOUR BACK. /SARCASM

You know it's biased from the start when it talks about "truly representational democracy," you mean mob rule. The U.S. was set up as a constitutional republic.

I want to thank bernie bros, bernie hoes and all the left for supporting bernie. YOU will make 2020 glorious like 2016. Seeing all of you bring over whelming tears or joy and happiness. And this is the reason why... The fraud bernie will lose ;D

sanders is playing his followers as fools. he runs on promising fairy tale dreams he knows full well the gov will never pass or even consider. he's just trying to get richer, maybe buy a third multi-million dollar vacation home, or a turn his mere many millions in cash into many hundreds million like the office did for the clintons.

Bernie is a sell-out - a sheeple-herder that never intended to win. He was a gatekeeper for Hillary because she is AIPAC-beloved and he is an Israel-firster. He threw his supporters under the bus as they told him in real time that the nomination was being stolen. He's part of the con, and the sooner we realize this, the better off we'll be. Vote Third Party (REAL third parties, not the Bernie Sanders' kind).

let's get this straight.......Bernie didn't lose the primaries...they were rigged and he sued the DNC for it. their defense was "we can do whatever we want with our elections because we're a private organization"

Bernie and his contribution to America will live forever, Hillary and the Clinton machine is dead.

Please list his contributions for could fit them all next to the lucky numbers on a fortune cookie paper...

Bernie's got no chance of winning in 2020. Prediction: Kamala Harris will get the Democratic nod and Trump will get another term. Sorry you Bernieites it ain't happening. The colonel should save his money or he should run as an independent. Now that would work . He needs to run as an independent . He will stand a better chance of showing his cause socialism by running as an independent.

I cannot believe you all are falling for a Socialist who wants to ruin this country and turn it into Venezuela. AND he supports ABORTIONS! What is wrong with you people? His own State of Vermont doesn't want him to run again. Promising tons of “free” stuff without even a hint of the oppressive taxation of every working American it will take to pay for any of it. FREE isn't always FREE. NO SOCIALISM! It will NEVER work in the USA. NOT voting for this idiot.

Hurry up and win Bernie! America and the world can use some compassion, and understanding from the deep state.


Im not crying, youre crying

Watching this while studying abroad I realize the whole fucking WORLD needs Bernie to be president of the most influential country in history.

I haven't been so excited for a candidate since Ron Paul 2012.

Do Not I repeat Do Not ever vote for Bernie Sanders he may tax his brother the Colonel into oblivion and then my Kentucky Fried Chicken coupons are obsolete!

Even in this video they call him a socialist. Stop calling him that, he´s not a socialist. His model is inspired by countries like Sweden with healtcare for all etc but Sweden is far from being a socialist country.

No one would've done this for Hillary...once a bernie voter always a Bernie voter

GOOD job,especially at the time when Our Society is divided than NEVER before. don't Stop what are u doing. KEEP it up....

What time of idiot would vote for this Bolshevik


Voters of bernie are the loosers and ignorants of society

bernie, the original and the only !

DUDE. #vicenewssucks I am just now realizing that #vicenews is a right wing show. All they do is report after report after report on the alt right. This documentary is beautiful beyond words. Thank you from a 42 year old Native American woman/ #berniebro You are picking up the slack from America's right wing, disguised as progressive news, shows, including the #lateshow #stephencolbert and #latenight #sethmeyers

MN represent

Barney say no to war. Obama play nice and beautiful before elections show . Say no to Wall Street stay with people

Lost my vote when he told us to vote for killery

Just what we need a 79 year old pres

What about Justice Democrats

Go Bernie!


Bernie is an establishment puppet . TULSI 2020

Bernie Sanders is a Coward. He couldn't stand up to Hillary and the DNC, how do you think he is going to stand up to what he will encounter as President. Besides, the c-i-a/nwo secret police probably have enough on him to bribe him into oblivion.

democrocide headed our way if bernie wins will you happy peeps feel justified dragging people like me off to a reeducation camp will you even care?

i wish American media can actually produce unbiased documentary like this. Unfortunately they don't even know how to broadcast news.

No one has ever given Obama credit for the changes that he made in US politics. It was Obama who led the way and was the first to get the people to fund his campaign and yet this documentary makes out it was Bernie Sanders because he raised more than Hilary ( the Obama way). This is the problem Africans have, white people and their friends whiten up our history! BUT the truth will come out eventually when you have truth and honesty in the world! White people and their freinds are all a bunch of fucking liars when it comes to black achievements. And now they are doing the same with the Chinese eg "Amazon" is rip off of Chinese "Ali Ba Ba". 5G was an oriental concept which the white man had no idea about but told everyone was stolen from him and there are many more things like this Jeez

Want to know what America doesn't want to talk about? Donna Brazile was willing to expose Clinton as well as the media pundits such as Sarah Silverman, Bill Maher, Michael Moore and John Oliver. The big question today will be... is the DNC still corrupt? Can the DNC still be bought by campaign funds? Is Senator Sanders running to be elected or is he running to stimulate in order to gift his supporters to the DNC choice? I supported the Senator in 2015-16 but was devastated by the obvious bias and backroom decisions made to make sure Clinton would end up being the Democratic nominee - I support his ideals but I am not in it to drop it all at the end of the trail.

Bernie didn't win last time simply because they couldn't overcome the Clinton and the Media machine, not because they didn't have the support of the people. Americans are too ignorant to looking for facts and records, they glue to their TV to get their 5 second soudbites for things they don't even understand!

Bernie for Venezuela 2020!

holy shit, i'm crying for 20 minutes already


why so low views ????

Did you share the video? ;)

here we go again...go away old man..he divided the Dem and helped hand Trump the off Bernie...nvr vote for this old dude

Free education, free healthcare, green new deal, free drug, minimum $30 per hour wage, free housing for the poor, nationalised all industries. All wealthy people must share 70% of all their wealth with the poor. Mob rules !!No More corrupt elites. They must share their wealth with all the homeless. Bernie is the new Chavez. We want the new socialism utopia.

Hey far left loons, get your Adam Savage tattoos again for 2020!

Please Americans vote for Bernie. Was supporting him in the previous election. I’m glad he decided to run again. During the last presidential elections I worked with one guy from Vermont in an NGO here in South Africa. He spoke highly of Bernie and I followed and loved Bernie way before I even met this. He’s genuine. I hope y’all do the world a favor in vote for Bernie once more. Much love from South Africa

Even us In Denmark that has free healthcare and free schools, many many many of us are not being treated well. People that are elderly, people that are ill or sick, physical problems.They are been worn down til they crack by the jobcenters.No matter what a docter say about a persons health,mental health.the job center will force you to work or take your has never been our spirit but it is now. ll over the world, it's the same problem. Rich people getting richer and richer and the rest of are getting poore and poore and more stress.AlthoughBernie is inspired by our version, it is going down hill for the weak in our sociaty. No matter who you vote for, there is no one who wants to protect the week. It's all about money, the budget.What they say is that the Government cant afford to pay for this and that and they want lover taxes so they can compeate with others.It's just a bad excuse. We can't compeate with china nd that very very low wages.While business move their business to China.

Another old white dude...

Bernie 2020!!!!

the Bern has returned BERNIE 2020!!!!!!

I think if Clinton had asked Bernie to be vice President they would have crushed Trump

I travel a lot to many countries around the globe and everywhere I go America is a joke. They laugh at how dumb Americans are. It’s become something of a stereotype that in their eyes has been proven true after electing Trump. Can’t blame them for thinking this way we had a chance to elect Bernie Sanders the only decent uncorrupted politician who actually cares about people and we didn’t take advantage of it. Thank god he’s running again. Hopefully we learned our lesson because there won’t be a 3rd chance.

These voters are all too stupid to know that, after a long train of abuses and usurpations, they are required to throw off such government. That means every democrat, republican and attorney must be removed from our government.

Instead of trusting the epitome of "career politician" like the Kool-Aide drinkers feeling the Bern of cyanide they willingly swallowed.

The colonel has no chance of winning the nomination or becoming POTUS. His best chance is running as an independent.. Harris will win the nomination and lose to Trump in 2020 election!

dnc debt was bought by clinton a long time before clinton announced her run... ignoring that is ridiculous when talking about sanders campaign

Liberate tute mae Ex inferis I mean he’s dead, kinda hard.

Then why does he poll the highest among all currently running candidates?

Um why? Clinton basically stole Bernies ideas once she realized they were the reason why he was popular, alongside his consistent background.

I think it's also safe to say the Bernie wasn't the one being divisive, seeing as more voters for Bernie Sanders in the primaries were willing to vote for Hillary Clinton in 2016, then voters for Hillary Clinton were willing to vote for Obama in 2008.

+Kathleen Papaleo And yet, no one has been able to prove it.

Jeff Suhr He got arrested for being violent at an event. He wrote an article about women having rape fantasies.

He is not a racist. He stood up during the civil rights movement and walked along side martin luther king. He is also standing up for womens rights.

Jeff Suhr I've fully researched Sanders and I am disgusted by his racism and misogyny.

you need to learn more about Bernie then.


I want a "Breadline" Bernie back scratcher.

He’s a scam like green deal! Don’t cry later! It won’t even be close in 2020 he will lose!

A society grows great when old men plant trees under which shade they know they shall never sit." - Greek proverb BERNIEEEEEEE/TULSI 2020!!!

This man will go down in history as the best president ever!! I’m voting for you again my man you deserve the White House for all of us.

Bernie is a fuckin scapegoat just like I said. I wouldn't care if that old mother fucker is some number one candidate he's still a fookin scapegoat for those Republican bastards. Bernie is a fookin hater bottom line. Ruin Clinton's chances against trump telling his voters not to vote for her. Bernie is a fookin trader.

mount kimbie! 42:30

U will not get my vote for u at all because U are crazy on stupid idea of your Socialism!!! Byeeeee!!!

it's amazing how USA is approaching the spectacular implosion of USSR; communism should be banned just like fascism!

I'm conservative and proud of it. Tear down with Bernie

Loser socialists go to hell

The Office of The President of the United States is, by right, a Non-Partisan Office! Even if the @DNC oppressive request(s) 'to serve' their party, #WeThePeople know fully well that @SenSanders will represent ALL Americans Equally as #POTUS2020! @TomPerez @dccc

How do other 'Candidates' generalizations create solutions? They DON’T, and unless a candidate is specific; their 'statements' are nothing but 'fodder'... Everybody wants to be him in 2020, but there’s only one @BernieSanders @SenSanders

You can always move to Venezuela, vote for Nicolas Maduro and live the life... ( ueen'O)

I am from Germany and Education here is much better financed then in the USA. That you have to go soooo deep into dept is so terrible! Its an good example for how good Bernie Sanders would be for you in the USA and the World! Best wishes for you!

One of the major negatives of the New Deal was that it upset the balanced Federal budget and created a huge deficit for the nation while at the same time failed to end massive unemployment. Roosevelt's program, based on Keynesian theories of economics, called for massive government spending to stimulate the economy. Roosevelt obviously could not do this with large tax increases; so instead large sums of money were borrowed to fund New Deal programs. When the economy did show some improvement, Roosevelt worried about inflation, and ordered cuts in government spending. Unfortunately, he did so at a time when the new Social Security tax had cut people's disposable income. Businesses were too scared to spend, and the economy in 1937 was in worse shape than in 1929. At the end of that year, two million people were out of work. Roosevelt eventually reinstituted government spending, but it was too little too late. Employment levels did not reach those which had existed prior to 1929 until the outbreak of World War II.So, although the New Deal gave people hope, its program of Relief, Recovery and Reform did little to end the Great Depression other than push the country into more debt.

Bernie looks like he could be the real deal I'm not an American but I'm thinking of doing small recurring donations to his campaign

Geriatric leader for geriatric idea... Socialism makes people poor and then kills them. It use to be only problem for populations of countries with lower IQ, but looks like West want to join in...

Sanders wants America to become another Venezuela

Bernie was paid off by Hillary camp. about 2 million ....that's why he is starting up again...just for the money to sell his supporters

The unraveling of Jane Sanders' Burlington College legacy.... She left it better than it was by it closing down in 2016! HOW MANY HOUSES DO YOU OWN BERNIE???

Even us In Denmark that has free healthcare and free schools, many many many of us are not being treated well. People that are elderly, people that are ill or sick, physical problems.They are been worn down til they crack by the jobcenters.No matter what a doctor say about a persons health,mental health.the job center will force you to work or take your has never been our spirit but it is now. All over the world, it's the same problem. Rich people getting richer and richer and the rest of are getting poor and poore and more stress.Although Bernie is inspired by our version, it is going down hill for the weak in our sociaty. No matter who you vote for, there is no one who wants to protect the week. It's all about money, the budget.What they say is that the Government cant afford to pay for this and that and they want lover taxes so they can compeate with others.It's just a bad excuse. We can't compeate with china and that very very low wages.While business move their business to China.

Pretty pathetic if you have to start campaigning now. That or desperate. Or both.

more liberal trash what did Obama do for 8 years

Our Revolution continues! Victory in 2020! WE WILL OVERCOME!


The info about The Sanders family holdings are transparent public knowledge. Don't bother with insinuations, just look it up.


Fabulous documentation of contemporary American political history. Thanks!

Wow, if Zephyr Teachout ran for President in the future she'd have my vote.

WHO IS KAMALA HARRIS?: Kamala Harris began her political climb as an ambitious 30-year-old skank who was the mistress of 60-year-old San Francisco mayor Willie Brown and was referred to in the LA Times newspaper as Willies mistress. Kamala Harris is a marriage wrecker who used her skills in bed and on her knees in her political climb. She used 60-year-old San Francisco mayor Willie Brown's weakness for streetwalkers and was referred to in the LA Times newspaper as "Willies mistress." She was HANDED high paying jobs in California(party 72k yr and 92k) in her political climb for her sexual "services" to Willie. She's a repugnant, bottom-feeding skank who climbed the stairs of success on her calloused KNEES and San Fran mayor Willie Brown's weakness for streetwalkers. Old Willie's weakness for young women has led to a grandstanding arrogant skank fouling the hallowed halls of Congress. *She is brilliant and she is dedicated and she is tough,” said the president of the United States in 2013. “She also happens to be, by far, the best looking attorney general in the country.” Actually, Harris' rise was more like street-walker than a politician according to her colleagues: "That would be former California Attorney General Kamala Harris, daughter of Indian and Jamaican immigrants, and now the state’s junior U.S. senator. As it happens, Barack Obama was not the first prominent Democrat to be dazzled by the UC Berkeley beauty." "As speaker of the California State Assembly from 1980 to 1995, Willie Brown was by far the Golden State’s most powerful shot-caller. In 1994 Brown, 60, met Kamala Harris, a full 30 years his junior, and she became “the Speaker’s new steady,” Brown’s “girlfriend” and “frequent companion.” The two-year relationship worked out well for Harris." "Willie Brown appointed Harris to the state Unemployment Insurance Appeals Board, which paid $97,088 a year. She served six months and Brown then appointed her to the California Medical Assistance Commission, which met only once a month but paid Harris $72,000. Call it “patronage,” a politician’s appointment of his steady girlfriend, frequent companion, and main squeeze to a lucrative government position requiring little work." "Brown also raised money for Harris in her run for San Francisco district attorney in 2003. She defeated her former boss Terence Hallinan but promised never to seek the death penalty. She kept that promise the next year when gang member David Hill used an AK-47 to gun down San Francisco police officer Isaac Espinoza. Even Dianne Feinstein took Harris to task, as she alienated police across the state."

People; its simple, billionaires monitor the needs of individuals! Where you find a basic need, such as food, shelter or employment; you will find the revenue stream of a billionaire. Multi-billionaires bundle these needs to influence revenue growth. Example; in America you need a college degree; billionaires provide the money for students, while economically controlling the salaries of families who can not afford to send their child to college . It is capitalism imposed on Americans with devastating effects. I tell you this because, today you are watching the political push back . More Americans are realizing Freedom is more than a word; it is a feeling you have once you protect and defend your mind from, ignorance, tyranny and fanaticism! Multi-billionaires killed freedom for Americans and replaced it with Corporate materialism. If America had real freedom; we would have new federal laws that protect Americans from behavior like Fox News, CNN and MSNBC. Freedom can only live in a population when its majority of citizens,willingly fight; ignorance, tyranny and fanaticism, and as you can see freedom is dead . My proof is and i hope you will agree; we need new federal laws for clean water, food and air. We need new laws on voting rights. We need new laws on Human rights. I could go on and on: Our revolution is trying to give birth to Freedom and these new laws, and that is why Bernie 2020 is so important. Respectfully submitted

Funny how people say that socialism will kill the country ..From one of the most hated and Love person that ever walked this planet "Adolf" had pulled Germany out of depression going into full socialism

A sex symbol in his 70s.

Socialist prick!!

He will win 2020

I stand with Bernie Sanders

So tax, tax, tax and give that money to a corrupt, lazy, waste full, unaccountable government? I dont think so Bernie, we been there been doing that. A country 22 trillion in debt cant do 1/4 of what he is trying to sell.... Trump in 2020

No doubt about it

+Shanna Sweger Bernie/Beto 2020 ?

Thank you

Are you an idiot? Really? Are you that stupid?

Bernie is the people’s choice. A warrior for the people and a gift to humanity. Long live Bernie sanders

Too young. Tulsi Gabbard is a better puc

Taxes are going up with Bernie open Borders and he did go with HRC. In the end. What a joke the Dems will own us . Trump 2020

OH man I'm just so sick of apologizing for being white and putting the negro on a pedestal to kiss its ass. I'm not even a racist yet. We need an alpha male at the helm when we have mexican soldiers pulling guns on our national guard.

I wanna vote for Bernie....but am against illegals when it’s not fair to those who came legally.

I'm democrat..this time BERNIE ...To The VICTORY

Unfortunately I also am old enough to know this but yet another generation of voters has now been disillusioned. Voters in my older grandchildrens age group. Maybe it's better to be disillusioned than to be illusioned though. They might as well understand that unless we can truly make changes voters have no power over our government unless we have a huge amount to donate. Because we had some truly progressive candidates we came out for the midterms in order to give them at least a little power. You had nothing to do with it DCCC. In fact you came close to derailing all Democrats. After your fundraising efforts and moves against progressives a lot of people were close to not voting.

Instead of explaining Socialism to people, Bernie should simply Demonstrate it by giving 90% of his $500, 000 book earnings to the government and at least 2 of his three houses.

They don't want Bernie because Bernie cares for the poor. Politicians can't end poverty because they win the elections by promising they will end it.

I remember that in Mexico and El salvador people got tired and decided not to support their 2 main political parties anymore. The current presidents belong to a new political party. This might happen in the U.S if people get tired of the same thing.

The reason why Trump won was because Hillary was the democratic candidate. Many democrats didn't want her. What they did to Bernie was awfull. If Bernie would have being the candidate in 2016, he would have beaten Trump. We have to fight now so he is the candidate in 2020 and not Biden. People have to give him a chance and listen before judging him and calling him a socialist.

Not done yet is right! No rest for the weary.

Linda I will too. Bernie 2020

The only reason these people want Bernie Is because they want Pot Legal on a Federal Level. What they dont realize is they will only pay MORE for their Pot. And its the first Step toward to population control Socialism.....

FOOLS............... TRUMP 2020 BS = Bernie Sanders.

There is a video on MCSC with Niko House (Convo Couch) with Greg Palast interview tell what happen in California and what happened to Bernie and the cheating that took place. Because I’ve been censored from commenting about the interview. Please check it out. I’d post a link but I’m afraid it would trigger the censor.

Bernie's our true President.

12:22 "To make America the country we know it must become" is so much better than "make America great again." We need to progress, not take steps backward.

Bernie Sanders 2020!!!!!!!!!

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