Belajar Dari Dasar Price Action Teknikal || Learn Trading Using Price Action Technical

Belajar Dari Dasar Price Action Teknikal || Learn Trading Using Price Action Technical

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If the market is consolidation, we wait for the market more and more. Because there is no good potential for us Don't force to take order when the market is consolidation. Because it's very dangerous. Suddenly, it can rise and down strong *Opening Music* Good morning Mr. Arif! Assalamualaikum Wr. Wb "Waalaikumsalam, good morning Mr. Wijaya. How are you?" Alhamdulillah, I'm fine "The group is crowded" Have you ever joined the night class? "I often joined the class but sometimes I fell asleep in front of laptop. I feel sleepy at night"

If you have free time, you can join the class. So that your knowledge will increase. Sometimes, there is new knowledge which we can get. Because News often happen at night So, many lessons we learn from it. If it's in the morning like this, the News is seldom

If you join the night class, at least you understand the movement before the News release If you have free time, come on join the class! If there is big News, at least you have learned it. Did you understand the last material? Related to money and risk management, our mindset when we do trading "It was very clear. It was easy for me to understand the material" "It's clear and complete" Any question related to the last material? If you have no question, I'll continue to the method/analysis material You can mute your audio first so that you'll focus on the material. I'll start technical material or I've told you about 3 pillars We've discussed about money and risk management Then, we've also discussed mind or trading psychology Last, we'll discuss method/analysis There are 2 kinds of analysis; Technical and Fundamental. Fundamental is related to the Geopolitics News of big countries It's related to economic, politic, social, and etc.

It will affect USD movement USD movement will affect almost all the pairs in this world Although it doesn't always have impact, but it affect them If we don't understand Fundamental, can we get consistent profit? We can. We can use Technical or Fundamental only. Because there are some traders who master Technical only. They don't care with Fundamental. There are some traders who master Fundamental only. they don't too focus on Technical Every method has master At least, we have these both knowledge It's much better if we can analyze it both technically and Fundamentally. We learn technical because we don't use indicator. We use Price Action.

The basic is price which is formed in candlestick Actually, without Fundamental, we can read the candlestick movement However, if we understand both of them, it will make our trading perfect. In reading the opportunity and movement potentials We'll focus on technical analysis which is Price Action based What we will learn is related to Price Action Because our technique is Price Action technical Analysis Technical analysis which use price movement There are some kinds of price movement/action; History and current price We'll combine those prices and we'll find the opportunity there Well, we start it from the first technical analysis What we learn is market structure or it can tend to trend or we can use it as small trend First, we'll learn about market structure/trend/small trend What I mean by market structure is candle arrangement which direct to 1 trend Whether it rises, down, or sideways To understand it, we must learn many structures/candle arrangements. Why must we understand market structure? Because it becomes the main direction. It's like the wind direction. We'll follow it. How to determine the direction? First, we can use visual Second, we can drag trend line or channel trend In visual, we can see the direction by our eyes For example, if the candle movement rises, it will be like this If we see this visually, it rises. It means that the structure formed to rise. So, we focus on Buy.

Then, we'll find opportunity and order point later If the market goes down, we can see that the structure will be like this. The trend goes down, we focus on Sell Of course there are another components which must be paid attention too. Not only the trend which we see. If the market is flat, we'll wait for the opportunity more. Because there is no good potential for us. Don't force yourself to take order when the market is sideways Because it's very dangerous. It can rise or down strong suddenly If we're wrong, we take Buy position. Turns out, the market is strong. It will be long minus I try to see the candle. How we see the structure there

Here's the example Structure is when it starts to be a trend If it rises like this, See the previous candles If the previous candles were too small, doesn't have big impact, so, we focus on Buy Of course, there are many components which become our consideration. It could rise up to there then it goes back down the important thing is we see the structure first. It rises. If we drag the line, the trend rises. So, we focus on Buy Sometimes, market can't be seen well Like this. In this condition, the direction can't be seen well So, we call this as sideways or flat. In flat condition, it's hard to utilize the opportunity Then, there is also trend direction which can be seen From flat, it starts to go down We call it as trend. So, we focus on Sell if it goes down Of course there are many aspects which must be paid attention. After we learned all of them, we practice the steps

the point is you understand the direction first The main thing is the one which is closest to running. Not too far. This one is down trend and this is up trend We focus on Buy here if we do long-term trading If we do daily trading.. daily trading is we try to make the transactions clear in a day So, what we utilize is the candle which is the closest to running. We see the direction and structure there That's about trend direction. Next.. The second is the last candle character Which one is the last candle? The candle before running candle If there is a running candle now, the previous candle is the last candle It can be applied on all time frame. It depends on what we focus on. If we focus on H1, then we do it in H1

If we focus on M15, we do it in M15. Don't always move your time frame! You'll feel confused. Don't try to look a like professional trader. You'll be more confused later. We take one of time frame which becomes our priority Learn it deeply. Understand the last candle character. We can combine it later the third is Support and Resistance What are they? Support is bottom level where there are many rejections. It was unable to go down and it's rejected to top. This is Support levels Then, it rises again. This is Resistance level Then it goes down and rise again. It becomes Support again

Here's if we draw SNR This is Support The top is here This is Resistance When it goes down and form a new corner, it becomes Support again. This bottom is the closest Support. Because the candle doesn't goes down up to this bottom When it rises, it's breakout in the Resistance So, the Resistance becomes Support now. The Resistance is above this (which is formed a corner again) Or it rises and it's unable. It's rejected again. Resistance is the area when the candle rises and unable to continue. Then, it goes down. then, when it goes down, the Support is still limited here We'll see whether it's breakout nor no. If not and it rises again (becomes corner), this become the closest Support.

Meanwhile, if this top Resistance is breakout, the Resistance function changes to Support. Then, the top forms a new corner. It becomes Resistance again. It goes down but it's not breakout here, it rises back and form a corner again. It becomes Support again At first, the Resistance was here. But it was passed. It becomes Support. Now, the Resistance is here If it's on top and it goes down - breakout the Support, so, Support changes to Resistance. It's tested here If the Support is breakout again, this Support becomes Resistance again If it rises and breakout the top, it becomes Support again, and so on.

That's about determining SNR How to determine the SNR? First, we can use psychology level Psychology level is the candle rises then it's unable. It's rejected. It starts to go down continuously. It can be the psychology level The Demand of market is up to there and it's stopped. The price goes down again. That's why I often say that Psychology level is the price where the highest price stop and rejected again by Seller.

If it's at the bottom, the lowest price stop and rejected again by Buyer. So, it becomes Support. Fourth, Retracement area/correction. Retracement area is when the price rise then it tries to against At the end, it doesn't against long And it rises back So, this is correction or retracement How to know the retracement limitation? For example, the dominant is Buyer, we drag the line from end to end volume We double click then there will be dot in the middle.

that's the correction area. Usually, we use 50% for it Usually, it becomes an area to test if the candle tries to against If it's unable and rejected again, it will rise back Otherwise, when the candle rises and Seller pressure is strong, it's more than 50%, In Fibonacci, it can be around 50 - 61.8% So, if it's strong to be breakout here, it means that Buyer is unable to hold Seller pressure.

If it's like this, it still has potency to continue to go down Our basic of retracement is between 50-61.8% area I always use 50%. It's easier. So, if it rises and the down movement is just short, we must be careful. It doesn't mean will go down again. It could be correction then it rises back much higher Fifth, we understand range. Range is a movement capability in a period Usually, I take D1 time frame.

In XAU, the range can be around 1.600 - 3.000 Pips in normal condition. In high impact News condition, it can be 3.000 - 6.000 Pips In extreme condition, it can be up to 13.000 Pips Extreme is conditional. there is amazing fluctuation. For example, have you ever heard about Brexit? It's when English exit from Europe. The movement can reach 13.000 Pips even more

But, in normal condition, the range is between 1.600 - 3.000 Pips If in the last few days, the range will be around this, today will be same. Except if there is high-impact News, it can be more than 5.000 Pips

This is a part of the steps in reading the market After that, the last is trigger. We discuss the trigger too There are some triggers; candle pattern, 2 confirmation candles, 2 long rejections, correction, breakout, Candle pattern, 2 confirmation candles, 2 long rejections, correction, breakout, changing color candle There are 6 triggers which can be used. You can find it by yourself. You can add it. We try to practice it. to be continued...

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