Behind the Scenes of the Business: 2018 Artist of Life Workbook Vlog

Behind the Scenes of the Business: 2018 Artist of Life Workbook Vlog

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Hey. Guys welcome back to lavender it's Eileen so you probably know that I've created something called the artist of life workbook, I've talked about it so much on this channel hopefully you know about it so today I wanted to share the vlog of my, journey to, creating, and. Shipping. And, getting. This workbook out I just want to show like the behind the scenes of the business side of things, and I was just gonna make this like a normal vlog, but I realized I have a lot of like holes in my vlogs because I'm not good at thinking to vlog sometimes, so I thought it'd be better if I just narrate it like this so, I actually launched, the artist of life workbook for the first time in November. 2016. In November, or December and, it, launched, as a digital PDF. Workbook, that was it and I, got a lot of people, asking for a print version so, I, scrambled. And I made a very small, sample, size of print workbooks, for the 2017. Artist of life workbook, so that version will hold, a very special place in my heart because it was the time that I took like a big leap, anyway. That first print workbook was kind of an afterthought, like I didn't put so much effort. Or planning, ahead in, creating. That so it just came out really really last minute like delivered. In like late January, or February of, 2017. So, for. 2018. S version of the workbook I was like okay this year I've done, it before I know how to do it better this time I'm gonna start a lot earlier, and so, after, gathering feedback, around, August, was when I started to actively, work on the next version of the workbook so in August, that's when I went, shopping for journals. That I liked found like the, colors that I liked the materials, that I liked the papers that I liked and I sent, that to my, manufacturer. But, yeah in like August and September I, was really working on like completely. Redesigning, the workbook, just making, it a lot better than it was last year and designing it in color because the, first version was just black and white so the second version was like prettier. Exercises, were more refined I added more so yeah, I was really proud of my, design for that one so fast forward a little bit I finally get the first sample, of the. Artist of life workbook, and immediately. Upon like seeing that first sample. I was like oh my god the cover is so bad because the font was too small it was aligned, to the sides but I realized, that with books you have to align it to the fold so, I had to just redo. The front design, and, in. The book I think I just found a couple typos, and fixed, that for the next versions, I also, did love the material from the first sample so I asked them to give me some other options, of materials, so, then, I waited, a few, weeks maybe like a month for the second sample to arrive and the. Second samples, they, I don't know why they sent me so much maybe it's because so, you have to pay like $600. Each time you get a sample made just because they have to like they have to recreate that mold for the gold foiling of the cover I don't know it's just basically an expensive, process but I was like I have, to see a sample before I you. Know pick the final product so they created all these samples and, I have a lot of extra covers by the way if you guys want one, for some apparent reason let me know I could send some to you so, here's the point where I was sorting through the second round of samples. I'm. Kind of confused why they sent me so many different, covers. Oh. I. Feel about this right now. It's. Too thick so this, is before I thought it was a little too small and it's not like the, boss so I made it bigger but I think I made it too big.

It's. Kind of hard to catch upon. Seeing the second round of samples I realized, that I made, the font a little too, big it just looked too overwhelming, on the cover at this point in time we were cutting it real close there, was no time to have another round of samples, made sent, to me and then me to decide yes or no if I like that sample then go. Into final production so. I just, basically shrunk. The design of the font a little bit, so it was like bigger font than the first sample smaller, font than the second sample I just, hope that the happy medium would be perfect so I had. Like a small version a big version and then I was like okay hopefully the, next version will work and I didn't have time to see it before, it was printed I was just like let's. Just hope this goes well so. That third cover design was the final, version that you see on all of, your artists, of life workbooks, so at this point I have these samples, that I'm supposed, to shoot with to, promote the artists of life workbook, because if I were to wait for the final version of the artist of life workbook to be done, and sent to me I would have had to wait until Christmas and there, was no way I was gonna wait till Christmas to, get the books then, take photos and then sell it because. It was too late it was already New Year's so I was cutting it real close so I had to have a photo shoot with, the sample. Workbooks, I don't, know if you guys noticed but the, photos. And videos promoting. The workbook, that I, shot, with Karen, the, cover design is actually slightly bigger than the actual version, of the artist of life workbook and the reason was because we had no time to wait for the final one to be made we just had to shoot with something so you could imagine me, at this point like I'm super, nervous I'm super frustrated. And. I was just very not. Confident. In my product, I'm like I don't think it looks good I don't think it just, doesn't. Meet my standards, of like how good I want it to be but, I already booked a dates for the photo shoot with Karen, and I, was like I'm just gonna show up with these books and see what we can do and luckily. Like honestly I'm saved. By Karen, Rosalee because she made the workbooks look so good she, is like a flat lay Queen and everything. About her aesthetic, is soft. Dreamy, beautiful girly. Feminine floral, like everything, that I love and so. I feel like thanks, to Karen she brought, my workbook, to life like she really brought my vision to life she, went above and beyond anything that I could. Have expected, of the workbook and honestly. Guys the highlight, of this whole workbook, journey was that, day having. A photo shoot with Karen, because we're. Just too creative, friends working together like, getting excited about creating.

Pretty Things together and that, was so fun also because for me, and, oh this, is not the final version like, it's not gonna look right and then Karen's like girl. I know how to do Photoshop I can make it smaller if you want and so, I'm like oh my god I forgot, that you could Photoshop photos, and Karen is like a whiz Photoshop. I'm used to like videos, and in videos you can't really like change. Images, like what you see is what you get in a video but with Photoshop. Thankfully. You can like edit, things so it let me show you this photo right here where there's like three workbooks, the. Workbook. Numbers, are actually photoshopped. They were essentially, different sample, types and we, just made it look like the. The, one sample that was the best-looking sample, after the photo shoot I was literally like high on life I was so excited I was so happy and like a few days after that I was working, on creating. The pages, for my shop so I stayed, up all night to like wrap things up finish everything make sure it looks good so, it's about 1215, a.m., right, now and, I'd. Literally spend the entire day. Working. On my website, working on like the product, pages for the digital work book print work book and the mastermind, and I didn't realize that it would take me this long it took me like all, day basically, went in my head I was like I could do it in like three or four hours so, I wanted to do my launch today, but, I mean, it's. Way past the, time that I wanted to lunch and you. Know what it's okay because now that it's night it's kind of this like quiet. Time, where, I feel, like I can breathe again like this whole day I was just been like you know stuck on my computer, but. Uh I. Just wanted to capture this moment because. I don't, know I'm just excited cuz it turned out so pretty. Okay. Maybe I don't have the energy to do like a lively, vlog, right now because I've. Just been like zoned, in, and. Then. I launched, it in the morning and then, I went to bed and then. When I woke up and I wish I've logged this but I was too in a nightmare state to vlog it but when, I woke up like my. Website basically was. Down everything, crashed like once, I sent that like first email blast to the soft-launched, people my, website was maybe up for like three or four hours, for it crashed because of like the traffic and who, knows what so yeah. After launching, my site people were trying to buy the workbook, and yet it continually. Was, crashing, and you guys who were there experiencing. It you, get it it was frustrating for everybody, okay and I, wish that no, one had to deal with things like that but technical, issues are a part of reality and, so, like I spent like a whole week with like two different web developers, and like working, with tech support with, my hosting provider boring. Boring background. Stuff okay brushing. Over that whole chaotic, scenario, I have. A friend named Lynette who was organizing, an event called a vision board soiree, where she was bringing like a few influencer, friends there to make vision boards and, she asked me like hey Eileen can i buy some of your workbooks or promote some of your workbooks to the influencers, there at that event and I was like oh my god yes so, because the workbook was still in production at that point I basically, paid, extra, to tell them to just like finish. The first 40, workbooks and heirship it to me like ASAP, so I can make it in time for this event. Okay. Unboxing. This for the first time this is the final, workbook. Okay. Here's, the final product, the final workbook. Opening. It for the first day. All. Right. Binding. Looks good. Colors. Pretty. Good. So. The event was a success and, it was so nice to see people like hold, my workbook in their hands, and look, at it and say like wow this looks so pretty this looks high-quality, like it, just felt so amazing, it was definitely, like I felt, like I won that day you know like I accomplished, something and I was really proud of myself so, today I'm back at the office I'm wrapping. The, influencer. Workbook, so I ordered like a special, batch to send to like my, influence or friends, and stuff. By. The way on over there we're dealing with a shipping problem. So, right. Now there's a problem like connecting, my website, orders with their. Shipping. Software, and, so I guess. It's a good thing that we didn't get the workbooks today because then I'd be even more anxious that we have the works books, but can't ship them yet because of this issue so we. Got to work on this issue it's already like 5:00 p.m. and it's like Christmas, basically, so yeah. Working. Overtime so after. That events. Was, waiting. For the actual, actual, shipment, of the workbook so that I could prepare to like send, them out to you guys ASAP, keep, in mind that this was like a week before Christmas where we were expecting, to receive the, workbooks, to ship out and I'm, just gonna let the videos speak for themselves yeah I'm back at the office for the third day in a row and, we're, expecting, the workbooks to come today I know, like basically the plane, was delayed three, times and it is the week of the holidays, so, I know what.

I've Learned this week is shipping can be really unreliable like they'll tell you it they told you it was gonna come Monday and then, they said it would come Wednesday and now it's Friday and the, guy says he's stuck at the airport and he's gonna come here by 6 or 7 p.m. and it's Friday before Christmas so, the. Good. News is we did figure out the issue on why. My, website wasn't connecting, with their shipping software so I don't. Know I feel like every, step of the way there was like a problem, or, something goes wrong and then you have to figure out how to fix it and you just deal with it and that's. Life that's, business by. The way my brother's here. So. I picked him up from the airport yesterday and. He. Came with me he. Was. A great hey so we got a call from them saying the shipment will come at 10 p.m. today so we're, just gonna just wait, till tomorrow to do, everything, because no, one's gonna be packing orders at 10 p.m. here but. It's, fine, I think, the workbooks are gonna go out whatever they're meant to go out and. There's not much that, I can do at this point except wait and then tomorrow morning which is Saturday the Saturday, before Christmas I'm. Gonna come here with my boyfriend and we're both gonna work on shipping, these workbooks hopefully I can find. People to help so. Holiday. Season equals a ton of delays, and it's, not that I didn't, expect, it it's that, like I started, earlier but because of all the mistakes, and errors with the samples, I think I really just like pushed, it to the limit just, because I wanted the cover to look so good and so. What. Happened was in one week our air shipment got delayed three times so what happens is like you're, supposed to send something on the plane, but, another. Company a bigger company like Apple, who's. Trying to sell iPhones during, the holidays as well they, take up all the space and so your, small shipment gets pushed back to the next plane earth on the next day and this happened three times where, we got pushed back and back because I'm sure a ton of other much, bigger companies, have much more important. Products to sell during Christmas but, yeah so that happened, and Saturday, morning was the time we finally got the work books arrived. At the office and Saturday, is a difficult, day because the post office closes early around, like 1 or 2 p.m. so, that morning I asked, my mom and my brother to come to the office to help me package, as many, work books as we could so, we did our best we might have finished like 3 to 400, work books packaged. Them and then delivered. Them to the post office just, before it closed so that. Was the Saturday before Christmas. More. Boxes in the trunk. And, the boxes, in the back seat. At. The post office we, just finished. Unloading. All of these boxes. That is the truck the last truck of today. To. Ship them out so we made it. Don't. Many, work books as we could. Merry. Christmas is. Actually Christmas, and we weren't planning to come in today but Wilson wanted to come in to, do some work for just a couple hours so I came with him so I could just package somewhere have focus by myself. So. After Christmas people came back to work so we finally got help on packaging, and shipping the work books at that point we were pushed back because of the delays we were just doing our very best to catch up but it was just a chaotic few, weeks just shipping out that, like, first huge, chunk of work books as you can imagine we, had to deal with a lot of angry, customers, and I felt really bad that I couldn't deliver early. Before. Christmas, or just like as expected. And so it, was just a whirlwind, because we definitely, like didn't expect, so, many work book orders, I there. Was one time where, one customer. Email was so like. Long, personal. And hurtful, that I genuinely, felt, really, really really bad and really disappointed, in myself that I just, I mean I'll just show you a few clips today. I got like the angriest. Angriest. Customer. Email. Saying. That it's unacceptable, all. These shipping delays and, it's supposed to be a new year workbook, but it shipped after New, Year's, and basically. I think, what really sucks, is like the person was genuinely, hurt, and said. That it looks horrible, on, lab, there's part in my part it's bad, PR which I understand, yes, at the socks what customers are mad at you and yes I personally, feel bad but it's.

I'm, Trying to be, as perfect as I can but. When you're just starting out and when you're just learning you're, not gonna be perfect and you. Shouldn't let that scare, you from trying because. You. Have this is what I've said before and I'll say it again you have to be willing to suck you have to be willing to suck in the beginning if you're starting out as a business owner you you, kind of have to take this you have to be willing to make, mistakes in order to learn from them and I've, made a lot of mistakes this, year and I've learned a lot I've learned that I have to start a lot lot earlier, in planning, this, workbook shout, out to Justin, and Alice, who have been helping, us work on these, orders from the fulfilling side and the customer service side it's, been a whirlwind, and. It's, not easy guys, but I'm, definitely. Thankful because, my problem is a good problem we had many. More orders, than I ever ever, predicted. Let, me tell you guys this, is a long rant but my. Original order, of workbooks this was 500. I thought I did I wasn't even sure if I could sell 500. And then, right. Before I started selling it my confidence. Got boosted, and I was like I think I could sell a thousand. So I made, an order of one thousand pieces and one. I lodged I think about like 200. Or 300, people bought it in one day and then. I think. It was during those first couple days after, launch when I'm like oh my god I might need more than a thousand, so I ordered, another, thousand, and that's why these shipments. Came like separately. And. Then somewhere. Along down, the line I was like oh my god I don't think 2000, is enough so, I had to order another thousand. And guys when, I set my goals for the, workbook this year my, biggest. Goal like my minimum goal was I want to sell 200, workbooks and my biggest goal my reach goal was I want to sell 800. Workbooks, and we've sold over, 2000, so it's like I didn't. Expect this it's definitely like I'm so grateful that it's above. And beyond everything I expected but, with that success, comes a lot of problems. And issues and just with a greater, number of customers, you have a greater number of angry, customers a greater number of like problems, coming up so. Even, if someone hates me it's, part of my learning and it's part of my growth the, failure, is part of my. Journey. It, can make you teeter-totter. When you get messages. Like this because on, one hand. You. Know that. You. Have to keep going no matter what on the other hand when people, like are. So upset because you want to cry and give up because, on. The, insecure. Side it makes you feel like should. I even try. But. On the bright, side obviously, people want to keep buying this thing so you're gonna have to learn, how to give it to them but, can. You really feel I. Feel. Bad. So. The customers, who expected. Better of me. Because. I if. It weren't my ideal world obviously I tried to do everything like, perfect. I want, everything to be high-quality, all my content, on my videos so delivery, the customer service I want everything to be high-quality, yes. That's. What everyone strives to be everyone strives to be high-quality but, I think you just have to learn to be okay with sucking, and be okay with the the, transition, of the journey and the in the middle part.

Learning. How to get there and. Even though sometimes you want to give up. You. Just have to suck it up you just do it anyway even before hate you. In. The end this whole experience, was a whirlwind. There were highs there, were lows there were a lot of things that were unexpected. And I definitely, learned a lot and I'm, learning how to better manage like a large amount, of orders and hire people to help with like customer, service and. Shipping all the stuff that is completely new to me so I'm, learning, and it's, a process but at, the end of the day I'm super. Proud of what, I've created and, my favorite part really is the creating, part and the, photo shoot like creating, something beautiful creating, something that can, actually help people in their lives and I'm I'm really grateful. And proud, to say that I've created, something that adds value because, I truly believe in my work book I truly believe in the mastermind, program and that it really genuinely. Helps, people's lives and that's the, best part of it the best part is at the end of the day I believe. In this product and I'm so proud sometimes, I can't believe that I made, this thing like it, was hard I procrastinated. It took a lot of like just, over years of learning these exercises. Putting it all together making, it look good so much of creating a product is just like incremental, steps of improvement. So, yeah, I don't know it's a journey and I'm, grateful. To be here and I, hope that this sheds some light on the behind. The scenes of starting. A business running, some, an online business selling something there's, a lot that you don't see on social media even though it might look really pretty on the outside it, might be like a completely, different story on the other side so, I, mean, what I want to tell you guys is just to be empathetic. To everybody. Who's, trying, to do something anyone. Who's making an effort to do something they're trying their best so, be empathetic, about that don't put people down don't. Judge others, because. When, you do that it just makes people want to quit or it's, just putting, negative vibes out there so so, just be more, thoughtful, be, more compassionate and empathetic and. This, is how I see other people too like now I'm a lot, more forgiving, to businesses, and I'm a lot more forgiving, to just, people in general because I realize, that everyone's, doing their best and it's things.

Are Not easy you you learn as you go that's, just life so I hope, you enjoyed this if you have any questions let me know in the comments below and I'll do my best to answer them in some future videos and stuff but, yeah check out the artist of life workbook if you haven't already love, you all so much and I'll see you next time bye. You.

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yes! every year :)

You're so inspiring. I can't begin to explain. I found your channel, and immediately I was sucked in. Since then, I've been inspired to get my life together, even at the edge of adult hood (I'm 17) I don't have a grasp of what I want to do, and what I need to do. For two months, I've learned to meditate, drink more water, and even organize some of my basic life. I've gotten a better understanding of the different things I need to learn and keep track of, thanks to you. All of this in a few months! I plan to buy your work book, even if it's March, I say it's better late than never. I think you're someone I look up to. Not in a pressure "You're my hero," kind of way, but you give me hope. Even through the struggles and bumps you go through everyday, you still seem to make time to give us advice. Which in my opinion, is amazing. Among other things, I love your aesthetic, and the overall professionalism. I find in your videos, it adds a sense of maturity and credibility. On top of that, I wanted to personally thank you for inspiring me. It gives me hope for my future when I become an adult, and in a way, that's not too far away.

Wow. That's amazing. I'm so proud of you for your growth on this journey even in a few months! You're on the right path

Is it possible to have links for your friend Karen's social media links? I'd like to check out more of her work as well!

Of course!! I've talked about her before & even interviewed her on my channel before :)

Alieen, thank you for being so personal with us. It was so saddening to see you so hurt in the end. But I’m really proud of you for accomplishing so much this year and I’m proud of you for being so open and mature about your growth. You did a great job with the workbook! ❤️

you're so sweet, thank you so much love

Aileen! Girl! You've got me tearing up when you started tearing up at 19 minutes. I know that you already know this but you are truly awesome! I want to say thank you so much for creating the artist of life workbook. My sister and I are both starting new journeys in a new field of career this year and your workbook has just been real helpful and has been keeping us to stay positive and on track. I am so glad to have stumble onto your channel because you are truly an inspiration. Thank you so much for what you do and thank you for helping us on our journey. You're the best! =]

ahh so happy to hear that it's helping you and your sister! sending so much love

Nope, no judgements. This just made me love you even more! ✨ Thank you for sharing!!

Oh, my...... So were you not able to enjoy Christmas at all? Sounds like a Christmas nightmare story...

lol it was chaotic but I enjoyed Christmas evening with family & had tons of fun!!

You're an inspiration. ❤

Aileen, I love ur lashes

Early bird here, love seeing the process!

Oh Aileen! Im so proud of you and you inspire so many of us. You took us with you on your journey with this vlog! I got excited, anxious, proud, and when I saw you cry I wanted to just embrace you. Thank you for everything you do for us

aww you're so sweet. Thank you so much!

Hi Aileen! Next time you can print the cover in your house in real size to check the typography. I also recommend you to do that with all pages, read it and give others to read before making the first sample to check grammar and all of that. This way you are probably going to reduce the money and time invested in samples.

hehe thank u for that tip

I adore behind the scenes and learning about the process and the up's + down's of any projects so thank you sincerely for sharing!

This is such a transparent video. Thank you for sharing! As a creator myself, I’m super curious by the actual process it took to create your workbook. I’m trying to figure out a printing company for certain products I’m trying to get going and I’m curious where you started in finding the right manufacture for you. If you could share about that I would be so grateful!

This was so inspiring. You created something amazing and I’m excited to get my order!

So proud of you!! I love the workbook and my friend does too!

yay so glad to hear that!

I’m so glad that you shared this. I was one of the people that ordered as soon as you launched and I waited and waited but my book didn’t arrived. I’m an international customer so I was in the middle of thinking that if that’s normal time or of my shipment got lost? I wasn’t mad just worried. I wrote and Justin helped me and I finally got my workbook! He was very kind. I loved to see this because it reminded me how stressful it can be for small businesses owners. I think people tend to forget what it is to support small businesses... you are supporting someone’s dream and not some CEOs third vacation house. Why are we so inpatient? I don’t know. Im glad I could support you so you can keep making more videos and workbooks or whatever you wanna do in the future!

Aww Diana, I'm glad you got in touch w/ Justin and finally got your workbook! Thank you so so much for your understanding. So grateful for your support

Thank you for showing this process! It was really interesting to see the process that went into making and promoting these workbooks - and props to you for all the overtime and hardwork that you put into selling them! I think that is such an important note, not being afraid to suck. I’ve only been watching you for about half a year, but you’re an amazing person and I’ve seen you succeed in so many ways - and that includes in how you deal with your short comings. I strive to be as motivated as you are and I look forward to more content from you! :)


I really really enjoyed watching this behind the scenes! Thank you for doing this! And just always remember you're a BOSS and bomb AF and haters are always going to hate. Life happens sometimes and people need to be more understanding.

It's important share the reality too Aileen ♡ we feel indentified with it in some aspects, so thanks ♡

Thank you for sharing this it was inspirational.

you are one of the most hardworking persons i have ever known here in youtube. this is so real, raw and i so admire you for this for showing the bumps, tears and cons. it’s so humble and honest. the pictures that are so beautiful that we often see also has its story and thank u for sharing it. your success is well deserved. though i really wanted to support u through buying ur workbook, couldn’t afford it for now. but i wanna support you through this - ur such an inspiration to women like us. so real and pure.

thank you for your kind words & support

Wow, this video was amazing! Your hard-work does not go unnoticed. I have been watching you for a long time and you are truly inspiring. No matter what continue to be a light for others. You're going to run into hardships, but it's all apart of success. You're doing an amazing job and I'll always be rooting for you!

aww thank you! rooting for you too girl!!

You did a great job Aileen! I'm saving money from now to buy your 2019 workbook. ❤️

I feel so inspired by you. I wish I'd known what to do with my life so I could put this to use. But I thank you for sharing your experience. I learn a lot from you, and I'm always impressed of the quality of your content. Please continue to share your value with us, not everyone is in a place of appreciation and understanding, but I assure you, there are way more people like me who grow just from listening to your ideas. Much love!

thank you so much

This is so motivational! We need to be willing to suck in order to improve. Thank you Aileen ❤️❤️❤️

Happy women's day...

Amazing job! I am so so so happy to have found you in December of 2017 and purchased your workbook just on time. It's changed my life :).

So proud of you well done!! You did an amaazing job! X

Girl! let me tell you! You are so amazing

i'm so grateful for you! thanks for being so kind & sweet

Lavendaire you’re always favorite friend

Beautiful, Inspiring and positive as always~ ❤️ You are literally my favorite YouTuber ❤️ You never disappoint me with your content! Love and support from Puerto Rico!

I have the PDF version, it's helping me so much. I'm so glad you didn't give up!

thank you!

finally...omg m waiting like a fish for water....watching ur vedio n listioning ur podcast each day is my daily self care routine from india ty

me too

❤❤❤❤❤❤ Keep going aileen

I absolutely love this video. Not only are you living out one of my goals, but your openness was so motivating for me to keep going. Thanks for your amazing content!

This is so helpful! I’m working on writing a book (a devotional) specifically for my students I mentor at Bible Study but I’m thinking of actually selling it, too! So having a behind the scenes of your journey it great to see. It’s just great inspiration, information, and motivation to do it!☺️

Aileen u r one of the reasons of the change in my thoughts n personality ... keep growing n inspiring me to grow ... lots of love , i literally cried with u girl ... hugs n kisses out there for u , dont be disheartened ! We love u

I so appreciate you and your behind the scene journey that you were willing to share.

I envy you for doing the great job! How to be you..

Thank you for sharing! You are a huge inspiration always! I can't believe how much work you manage to get done!

Thank you for sharing your journey and experiences with us. Even the highs and the lows because we all have them. It was inspiring to watch as people don't always share their beginnings. You have greater things ahead of you!

Really proud of you. Everytime i watch your video i always have the motivation. You're such a positive person. And yash keep creating a great thing.

I don't really understand how customers can be that angry and intolerant ! You did your book yourself, you're not a big company like Amazon, I think it's normal to have some problems, and people should be understanding. They also buy the book to support you and your work ! Anyway, I hope you're proud of you and your book, cause you really should be ! :D

This video was very inspirational. Than you for sharing all sides to your experience. As a mental heal nurse I really appreciate your efforts to help people to help themselves. Well done on your success and I wish you all the best for your future.

Oh my god! As a designer, i loved your story so much!

Aww Hun, so good to hear about the story behind this beautiful workbook. Sorry to hear there were some stressful moments and thank you so much for all of your beautiful ideas, effort and energy in creating this for us :)

great job Aileen. you done wonderful job!

Lavendaire. The work book was so well made and absolutely beautiful, I didn't actually mind the wait once I got it. I've been working customer service for years and I've learned that when it comes to dealing with customers, especially if it is over the phone or through an email, is that you never know what is going on in that persons life. Most of the time, customers just want an outlet to vent their frustrations to and, unfortunately, they don't realize that it can effect another persons day. And getting several people doing that in a day, it can really weight you down. The good thing is that you still rose above it and produced a wonderful product for such a tight knit community that loves your content. Keep up the good work!!!!!

Awesome! Your story inspired me to try something new in my life ❤️

You are absolutely amazing. I aspire to accomplish my goals like you! You’re doing so much to contribute goodness into the world, an entire piece of you and that’s daunting as it is! I’m rooting for you love! Stay blessed!

You did well. I don't mind starting the workbook from March instead of Jan. My friend should be coming to Beijing tmr so I can get started with the book as well. What you've done is impressive. Please share more about this business experience. It's so useful for us who are trying to make it work as well. So much love to you Aileen!

I wish I can say hi to you someday. You're so awesome. Keep rocking! :)

Congratssssss, Aileen!!!

Loved this so much Aileen! Thanks for sharing with us! How did you go about finding the right manufacturer?

it's crucial to have important failures. it's only then when we will be able to have growth and learn! ❤️ so proudddd of you

Jean Wang thanks bb

Honey, you are amazing. This is your first MAJOR launch of a product, and you have done such a great job! I really enjoy using your workbook and I plan on keep buying them!

Aaliyah Dailey thank you!!

im so proud of how hard youve worked on this. and doing something new is hard. honestly, seeing this made me want to buy your workbook, so i hope that makes you feel better. :)

You are soooo inspirational living your best life

Hi, can I have some of your samples covers please they just look too pretty.. :)) Ig: Sav.Raven14

Maddie2005 CB Check the pinned comment!

THANK YOU so much for sharing your process! =) I'm in the midst of creating a product with a manufacturer right now and can relate to SO much of what you shared. When most of my friends aren't creating their own physical products, it's nice to have a reminder that I'm not alone


Dearest Eileen, I appreciate your inspiration, vulnerability, and just showing all the raw truth. It’s so sad in America we have no tolerance for waiting on anything. First World Problem. There is always going to be haters.... they don’t deserve one second of your time... You are changing the world and you are such a blessing to us... you did a great job! Not one of us can foresee airplane issues LOL ... You keep going girl...You are making a difference... a good difference in a really challenging time of life.

Well done for being so honest ❤️

You can change things in video too using After Effects. It's incredible what you can do!

thank you so much for sharing, this is all the stuff people dont tell you!

Thank you for sharing this! I would love it if you could give some tips for someone who wants to publish a book in the near future like how to find and choose the manufacturer.

Emily Michail find a sourcing agent / person you trust ! This is a whole other topic that I’m no expert in!

You are awesome. Thank you for sharing

"you have to be willing to suck" YUP. Thanks for sharing the behind the scenes with us! The workbook was worth the wait

Thank you so much for sharing the behind the scenes, it was really eye opening for me as an entrepreneur also. You are amazing and you created something valuable ! I am Happy and proud to own and use your artist of life work book, you should be so proud

Alee Sang thank you

Oh girl! I loved this video - the raw emotions, ups and down. THANK YOU for posting this as I know I am to share and create - but I am so scared. Seeing this make me feel like YES I can do it and there will be tough times but the happy times outweigh the bad. You are amazing and are SO strong. You are enough and please keep on creating!

Jenn Lieu

Great video, Aileen! I have a couple questions. I am creating a different kind of book, but will need someone to print it, just like you. How did you find a printer? If all went perfectly, how many weeks before the end of the year would you need the books in your possession? I would imagine you thought there was plenty of time to get everything done and shipped, but things do happen, it's life. I want to know how to have a smaller chance of me freaking out. LOL Thanks so much for all you do!!! I'm 54 years old and have chronic illness. You inspire and motivate me more than I can say. I'm grateful to have found your channel. And I think you created a beautiful book! Peace, Jules

What program do you use to design?

Tesla Cannon indesign & illustrator for the cover

Congratulations on your success! And btw, you look really pretty in this video. Love lots.

I feel so sorry for crying Aileen in that car I just want to give her a big hug and say that those tears will end up to be so motivating and inspiring to many!!! I LOVE these sorts of behind the scenes videos!

Evelin Kivi aww you’re so sweet

But dear I am from India so how can I get your work book, pls let me know, and as always I love you, and I love to meet you at once if possible

Thank you for your video

You inspire me so much, Aileen! Keep on creating beautiful things. I wish you all the best in life!

I sincerely appreciate you showing us the behind the scenes to the making of your product. Honestly, I constantly battle with perfectionism in my own life but we have to be realistic. This video shows your hard work and effort into this product and that is amazing. There will always be angry customers and there will always be haters. It’s not about accepting that you’ll suck, it’s about accepting that those negative people will always exist. You don’t suck. You’re not terrible. I think it’s amazing you put together this workbook for the world to buy. I’ve never seen a product that can help on the daily achieve our own goals. Don’t live by expectations of others because then you’ll always feel like you’re a failure. And I can see you’re so passionate about what you do and that’s why it hurts when those angry customers say something to you. But you’re a sweet girl and your heart is big! I hope you continue to do these kind of projects. You’re amazing and keep shining doll!

You rock girl! Everything you produce is so Beautiful and it is obvious that you strive for perfection. But we are all imperfect beings and you shouldn't be so hard on yourself. It's good that you are the type of person who doesn't just quit because of some criticism. You learn from the experience and move on. I myself (who is much older than you btw) have only learned this in the past few years. I used to be a quitter, but now I just use struggle or criticism to motivate myself to try harder and do better. You got this!

I love you. It hurt my heart to see you sad

I LOVE seeing behind the scenes stuff. Thanks for letting us in. Question: Does everything REALLY look that perfect in your life??? You don't have to answer that, LOL Thank you

This was such a great and honest video I loved it.

Girl stuff happens. You will not be able to please everyone no matter how perfect you strive to be. You created a product that most people don't even have to courage to do. You're helping so many people with your book & videos

Hi Aileen! :) Congratulations for your great effort, and for giving yourself the opportunity to have those experiences. At least for myself, I really appreciate that you share your process, because it gives me a slight example of what I will deal with my first projects. Have an excellent week! Blessings!!

20:15 I totally feel you. I sell clothes made by myself online and this happens A LOT and it's not your fault and you can't do nothing else....

Your lifestyle is guide for me

I’m very happy to be one of those over 2000 costumers. Aileen, I’m so grateful that you didn’t give up. Thank you so much for sharing all these things

María Camila thank you

LOL you should make more vlogs

What is the program that she used for doing her papers

Farah Mohammed indesign

Best vlog ever ✨✨✨✨✨✨

I love the way you talk about learning experiences and narrate your videos. You are a great speaker: so clear and organized. The story from a previous video about your experience from your internship really stuck with me. Also, congratulations on the workbooks!

Keep up the good work, there are lots of people making fun of my YouTube videos but I still make them.

I'm so glad you posted this video! I think that for some reason, my mind wrote off this year's workbook as something that must have been easy and glamorous. I realize how naive that sounds. It's like "innocent until proven guilty." This was really wonderful to see for so many reasons.

thank you for sharing. the process was really interesting to see. I love your videos & wish you well. I'm a longtime subscriber I just don't comment much.

I am so so SO proud of you!!! There are so many times I’ve wanted to quit, as well, but then I see inspiring people like you who just push through, and it is so encouraging. Thank you for all the light and love you bring to this world.

I felt so bad when you started crying and it's so evident that you care more for others than for yourself and that makes you a beautiful person

i really appreciate your content and message. You are very transparent with what you want and that builds trust. Would love to talk business with you at some point :D

Thank you Aileen for this video. Following you in your journey was very interesting! From the outside, this business seemed so well managed to me. It's reassuring to see there is a real human being behind it, who doesn't live in a perfectly organized world but encounters difficulties as everyone else. I have usually too much tendency to look at the end result thinking "it is so easy for this person because she's perfect and I'm not" without being aware of all the work and sacrifices that this has required. It reminds me of the importance of persevering, not giving up dreams because doubts, obstacles and mistakes are part of the process to reach them.

Farah so glad you see the reality!

Ah this was a rollercoaster just to watch! Sooo happy you stuck with it because I absolutely love the workbook

This video makes me want to be an entrepreneur so badddr

Wonderful job on your work book and videos! I always come to your channel for inspiration and positivity! You deserve all the success in the world. Thank you for sharing this!

Aileen, you have worked SO hard and put your whole heart into your workbook and I’m honestly so disheartened that people would be so negative and mean... but I really think you handled this so well, because when you’re selling something you have to learn to give the public a reason to trust the product, not just you, and I think you did an amazing job proving that your work is worth investing in. Great job hun! Ps. I love my workbook lol so thank you for everything you do!

Morgan Billings Writes thanks love!

Happy Women's Day!!! This was such inspirational! You are doing great! Life throws you curve balls that are out of your control sometimes and people fail to realize that often. Keep up the good work and keep doing what you're doing!

I love how real you are with everything. Too many people who have a similar theme with their social media make it seem like their lives are perfect and it’s intimidating. I love that you show that having your dream life still comes with struggles and bad days so we know that having a bad day isn’t failure. I think your honesty makes you trustworthy and genuine. Sending you so much love.

Watching this is such an inspiration!! And I realize I really need to up my professional game hahaha. You work so hard and the result shows it is awesome :)

Pia Edberg uh you’re already amazing girl!!

...just keep being yourself, Aileen, by making small improvements everyday. You're wonderful and your products reflect that.

If you ever need an assistant. I'm your person! Student of life, diligent in helping people become their greatest versions of themselves and enjoying the journey! I'd love to learn from you! Please train me! I'll relocate!

Loved this!! I love how you went back and fourth. You worked so hard!!


I love my Artist of Life workbook because it’s helped me track my habits, and I’m slowly shaping my life into what I want it to be. I realized that I don’t have to settle for a job I hate and am starting a new job next week. I truly think investing in your self-care is of the utmost importance, so thank you Aileen for being a role model and vocal reminder to always chase your dreams and focus on your happiness. I’ve learned so much from your channel and podcast!

Libby Snedaker

Thank you! I'm taking notes!!

I really enjoyed watching this vlog and hearing your story! I think it is very inspiring for anyone working at starting or learning something new. Keep up the great work!!

Where can I get your artist of life workbook here in the Philippines?

No hate but this work book is so expensive I know it is high quality and everything but still it is overpriced .I think it is unfair that everything you offer on this community is so pricy I was so excited about I really really needed it but when I went to the site I was like shocked and dissapointed at the same time . 30 dollars worth 600 of my currency. if it was like 100 it would stil be l expensive but I could have sacrfied other things to get it .but this price is insane .also the supportive mastermind group you created was also expensive. it it just a facebook group it didn't cost you anything .why do you charge us for entering it .I know that you work hard and you deserve to profit from it because it is your full time job but as an influencer you should but in consideration people who simply can't afford it they deserve part of the love too.

benika may I understand the price may not translate well in other countries and I know not everyone is able to afford it. That’s why I’ll always provide weekly videos & podcasts for FREE.

I think this is the best video you've ever made! Informative and inspirational at the same time.

Process videos are my favorite and yours is, by far, the best I've ever seen! So inspiring and beautiful. What a great job!

are the sample covers free and do they include the pages? :o

Jason Feinberg yes free, no pages. Check the pinned comment if you want one!

You are an amazing girl. U influenced me a lot. I will be waiting for ur videos. Happy women's day aileen. I love u so much.

You're so strong and kind hearted, I'm so proud of you so much. Thanks for sharing this with us

I think that you're like a dream boss

I find the behind the scenes to be more interesting than the final product. Thank you for sharing this! You definitely taught me a few things I didn't know. I didn't realize samples cost as much as they did and I wouldn't have even considered time of year being an important factor. I think it's so cool that you designed everything on InDesign! That's a program I need to learn!

Thank you, Aileen, for sharing your experience. We learn all the time (that's the life about, isn't it :-)) and such these situations make us stronger. Keep up the great work you do and thank you for all your inspirations you provide us with. :)

your disappointed because you make money from selling the workbook and are scared this will affect you selling things in the future and people buying them

You have to accept your mistakes we all make them and learn from them to be better and do better next time and move on


If you are going to put out a product for the new year sensible and practical individuals would make sure they send them out or stock them well before yime

An people being willing to buy your products in the future

Aileen! You are amazing! Loved this video! Could learn so much from it: -to be fearless -to keep pushing -that it’s okay to be vulnerable -good intentions yield good outcomes -to never let hardwork fall short -to think of the customer first (even if it’s a holiday) -to plan well in advance -to take it as it comes by focusing on the next best thing to do -to try to be perfect but let go off it if it holds you back! Gee, I just had to type all this out coz the video was really inspiring!

Vrushali Ketkar ✨ great summary!

I'm sorry people were mean to you. I think sometimes people think that customer service means that you can't be human. I am surprised that in this space someone wouldn't be kind to you, knowing that you're doing your best. Youtubers are people, that's WHY we watch them... So why would we treat them like a corporation? Thanks for sharing your process. You are sweet, and your work is beautiful. ❤

So interesting ❤

Hey Aileen just wanna say you inspire me a lot! Your ambition is beautiful you are a wonderful woman and even if I don’t know you well I can say at least that your creations guide me to realise my dream to be a writer even if I’m just 13!! My first book will soon come out in Paris( it’s written in French ) and I thank you for the courage you gave me!! Xoxo ❤️ Emma

how can 9 people dislike this video ?

U keep urslf calm in all that hard situations. Which made me to watch the whole video. U r really a inspiration for us. Thank You lavendaire.

Wow...well done dear. I am so happy with your business, its boosting day by day. Much loves ❤❤❤

Aileen, I'm so so so proud of you!!! :) Thank you for all the work that you do for us!

You are so brave! Thanks for sharing

Lavendaire i am a new subscriber from india

You did an amazing work Aileen! And you enriched so many lives with your workbook! Thank you!

Hi Aileen, I just found your videos today and I am already sucked in. I really like journaling and I would like to produce a journal book like yours. What's your advice and tips on this? I train women who have lost hope on life completely.

Thank you so much for sharing your process in such a realistic and open way. It's very inspiring and it helps everyone realize that big goals are not easily attained. Thank you!!

So much love to you .... you are doing good job. I just love love your videos and don’t know why I was smiling n crying throughout the video. I have seen this first thing in the morning and now m super motivated to start my day. I hope I can also buy the workbook but am from India. And whenever it will be available in India please don’t make it expensive plz

Hi Aileen! Just wanted to comment and say thanks for all the time and effort you put in to making all the content you do! I'm a perfectionist myself, so I know how hard it is when you notice a "mistake" that doesn't live up to your standards, and you end up re-doing the entire process. That's happened so many times for me too, but at the end of the day, I know it's because you want it to be the best it can be! And if you put SO much effort into creating something already, obviously you want to be 100% proud of what you're putting out there! You're one of my favourite content creators & I learn so much from just watching you grow! & I love how even though you were going through such a rough time, you still tried to encourage us and teach us a life lesson in the middle of your struggles haha. I really admire your mindset and work ethic, and I wish you continued success in the future! Lots of love & support from Canada! ^___^ - Mel

want the coveeeeer✌✌✌

Thank you so much for sharing this very valuable for us who want to create a business online and sell a product so many lessons learned thank you x3

*To that one customer that was so upset she emailed you--is she now a returning customer? How did you make it up to her?*

I love this video❤.You are an inspiration.

Thank you for sharing this! It has helped me have a different perspective. Also, even though there was a delay in my workbook, I knew based on your online content that it was going to be worth the wait, and it was! ❤️❤️❤️

I truly aspire to be like You. I really want to create and produce something, but I don't know where to start... But I still feel so inspired by You, so thank You!

Any links for Karen Lee?

Here's Karen's instagram!

We are all proud of you Aileen! Even the ones who were a bit disgruntled with their delayed order, they were probably so darn excited to get your book that they couldn't wait and the delays disappointed them!

The transparency that you showed in this video is just amazing

none is perfect dear you did a great job , none in your conditions will do a better job than you did , you did the best ♥ wish you success and happiness ♥

Please add a calendar page for each month to the workbook!

I can’t imagine how much stress you had to get when working on this workbook ❤️ it’s really difficult to run a business where all the costumers are 100% satisfied, i mean it’s impossible, even the best business woman/man can’t even do that. That person who started hating on you because of the delay, i mean, yes.. you can complain in a nice way, but it’s not respectful to say that something is HORRIBLE. wtf. how can you say that? do you even know how much time, and effort the creator put into that product? do you even understand that? and if you bought the product you should know how a FANTASTIC person is Lavendaire and she would put her very best in everything. From this type of experiences you really learn a lot, you learn how to improve nest time, learn about dealing with things better, etc.. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to buy it this year, but I’m willing to next year ❤️ excited that maybe you’ll do the next workbook in green color (my favorite color) since you already did pink and blue

One of the things that I most love about you as my favorite youtuber, is your's the fact that you keep things real and don't make us feel like the world is all perfect, but that even when we try, we are also subject to failures and that doesn't make us be losers...but that makes us LEARN TO REACH OUR HIGHEST POTENTIAL! Thank you Aileeeeeen!

loved this video!! makes me want to buy the workbook. Does it start from January or is it something you can start at any time?

There are goal/review pages for each month, but you can definitely start the exercises anytime!

Just wanted to say that if nothing else, this video had an impact on me and how I approach reaching out to small businesses with an issue. Instead of being overly aggressive, I'm trying to provide them with information to help me right the transaction. Thank you for the reminder to be kind!

Hi! I normally don't comment on post, but I must say I admire your willing to share the ups and downs of pursing a goal. My husband and I have started a non-profit for at risk youth. We are year two of being official and kind of in the "why are we doing this" but seeing this video has encourage me to keep encouraging my hubby and I to keep trying and keep going. We are doing this not for ourselves but for the youth that need us. Thank You. I also hope to be able to purchase your life book soon. Keep up the great work!

Would you mind sharing how is it like working with manufacturer? Did work with local US manufacturers or foreign manufacturers?

Beautiful video.

I am so grateful that you created the AoL. I am so happy that it is part of my self-development journey.


And you're only ONE person. Creator, director, marketing, shipping, advertising, etc. Yes you had help but you're learning literally by scratch. You didn't go school for this so kudos to you for taking this leap into the unknown and not allowing these few hurtful comments to stop you. Let it fuel you to do better and just look what you accomplished despite it all. Amazing job!! You're definitely an inspiration.

this was such a fantastic vlog! great to see behind the scenes x congrats on all the orders

Yes!! Total Girl Boss! I need to see more of the business side of creative work like this!

Thank you for sharing your journey with us Aileen! And thank you for not giving up and keeping strong until the end. Your hard work and perseverance is inspiring :) I absolutely love the workbook and use it all the time. Keep up the good work and being the amazing person you are!

you can order the workbook here! we ship internationally :)

Thank you Aileen for this video. Following you in your journey was very interesting! From the outside, this business seemed so well managed to me. It's reassuring to see there is a real human being behind it, who doesn't live in a perfectly organized world but encounters difficulties as everyone else. I have usually too much tendency to look at the end result thinking "it is so easy for this person because she's perfect and I'm not" without being aware of all the work and sacrifices that this has required. This video reminded me of the importance of persevering, not giving up dreams because doubts, obstacles and mistakes are part of the process to reach them.


Thanks For Sharing This Video..... And As You Beautiful Your Business Will Be Beautiful Too ....May God Gives You Tht Strength Tht You Can Chang Everyones Life....Yes Your Every Videos Are Inspiring Mee Too.....You Are Great Aileen

This video was amazing! Thank you for showing all the crazy sides of business

Being a business owner is never easy, it may only seem like it from the outside, to the people who never tried. But it's worth the struggle and the sacrifice. Thank you for not giving up, I'm kinda obsessed with success stories and yours is one :) your workbook is beautiful and I hope you'll make one next year as well :)

Come and see my videos! xx

Thank you for sharing your experience it was really inspiring for my projects.

we love you Aileen

You are very special person, i am glad for your work is apreciating. What is say for success: " BREAK A LEG!"

I’ll have to look at your other videos to preview it, it looks wonderful. I just found your videos yesterday and have watched over 10 so far. Some people suck, I love your attitude about the negativity and the website crashing. You know how to deal with it. The part where you understand it is out of your control and it’s not for lack of you trying. You just accepted it.

I just have to say this, I absolutely adore your content. It's so put together and beautiful, I love your elegant, girly vibe. Your videos have helped me so much in my self love journey and I get excited every time my notification bell comes up with another video from you. And although I understand you feeling bad and wanting to make all your customers happy, that customer who talked to you like that was out if line. You aren't a corporation, you're a creator. As an artist and business woman there is a different process when you are an artist shipping their product, the expected wait time is usually longer especially when it's on the shipping companies end. The situation wasn't unacceptable, the customer was.

You are amazing! Keep up the great work! Don't get discouraged, looking forward to your 2019 book as well

This video was everything. Thanks a lot.

Thank you so much for posting this!! I am working on starting a business and it's really inspiring to see this type of video describing the hard times and the good times of a business. So thank you Lavendaire!

Aileen i am so proud of you still you did so so so well.

Thank you for being so open and vulnerable about the process. Running a business is hard and I hope your video helps people remember the human element behind the scenes, working long hours and dealing with things outside their control.

Aileeen, you're amazing!!! Keep it up

i would really want one of these books because my mom had her bday and i didnt get her anything for the first time and i m sure that she would love this. Also follow me on insta @alexandra.trianta

I wasn't expecting this. At first, I didn't want to see a video about the launching of the workbook, but I just clicked. And then I was watching a hole journey about starting new projects. The excitement to start something new and the loss of motivation few weeks later, failures, frustrations, and finally to be proud of yourself of accomplishing something bigger than you expected. We see on social media how successful and happy someone is about their life and projects, how everything is working on for them. But the truth is they're struggling. And I loved how you showed everything, being honest about all process. And watching you go through this process made me feel encouraged to keep battling for my projects because not everything will be perfect and we have to accept the fact that we're gonna suck eventually. We just can't give up. Thank you very much for this. And I wish you courage and strength to keep pushing forward other projects. Sorry for my English. Love from Brazil

This was great, it's sad people send angry emails over thing that are out of your control. One question, how do you find a supplier to make the books?

Such a great job. You inspired me.

Coloque legendas em português.

You’re an inspiration

I'm learning so much from you Aileen.

Can't wait to buy it soon this month

Hard work pays off for you dear Aileen. Congrats on that project and keep on doing the great work. Thank you for sharing your work.

Dont know why I got so emotional during this. Ended up crying a bit. Thank you for sharing all of this.

Thanks for sharing this! What's Karen's info, where can we find her work? I'm obsessed with the photoshoot for your book

You did great Aileen! :) Still very happy I bought the workbook! Do you think this year you'll make it even earlier, so it would definitely be on time for Christmas? Whatever you decide, you're amazing for achieving this, keep up the great work! :D

Hi Aileen ❤️❤️ i really loved this video it inspired me soo much Can you do a video about starting up your company or business? Im 17 but i really want to accomplish something and start something now ❤️❤️❤️ love u

Well said. Thank you for documenting your journey and sharing your lessons learned! Sending you lots of love and wishing you the best this year!

teariffic ko

i am so inspired by this

I love your videos!!!! You are such an inspiring person. Can you please do a video of video editing? Thanx for being you!

Hi Aileen, thank you for sharing this behind the scenes video. I'm currently in the process of creating a crafter's workbook and this video definitely gave me some pointers on what to do and not to do. As well as what to expect during the process and how to handle any bumps in the road along the way and after. Thank you again.

Hi from France ! I really really love your video ! Big thank you for sharing this with us ! Have a great day Aileen ! I can't wait to see your next video !

I would love a cover of the big font if you still have some left

Thank you for this. I wanted to start my own business. I got a lot more insight now on how I can be able to do that. I appreciate you sharing your journey.


here's Karen's instagram!

we're starting the 2019 workbook process in the coming weeks! we're starting early to try our best for holiday deliveries

yes, there's going to be a new workbook every year!

I never comment but u want to say that I absolutely loved this video and the raw footage you had - this is what you should show ALWAYS. I will also help people go on this journey with you and get inspired themselves to feel it's okay to go on that journey too. Next product - take us on this journey!

I had the same experiences when shipping things before Christmas to my customers. The packages are all delayed 1.5 weeks after the expected delivery day. I got bad responses too. But I still felt happy when people trust and buy my goods. There is no need to worry, sales fix everything.

I tried to buy the Artist of Life Workbook, but I the page of your shop is empty, I don't know what to do

ah thanks for bringing that up! I'll fix it. You can also click here directly:

I'd loveeeee a cover!! ❤️

I am really moved by this video. I have a totally different outlook towards businesses, I am really happy with your success, you have done a fabulous job! I am pretty sure you will do even better and better in the future! I wish you all the very best! I kinda genuinely hope to meet you one day and spend some really quality time with you. I adore you! :) Take care!

Thanks for sharing your journey in this! This video was RIGHT ON TIME for me as I'm creating my first print book also and I and terrified. I appreciate you giving me insight into your wins and challenges this video is super inspiring. I'm glad you stuck with it and launched through the drama. You are amazing!

I'm in the process of starting my own business and I've been watching a lot of your videos for tips, inspiration and motivatoon. This video especially was a real eye opener. It was so real that I teared up watching it at work. Really love your content. Kind of sad it cost so much to ship to Canada otherwise I would totally buy the workbook for myself and all my friends. Keep fighting the good fight!

Loved your message in the caption. Thanks for sharing!

Hey Aileen,I'm not much of social media person.but after I saw your videos,I eagerly wanted to buy your artist of life workbook.....can you please reply to my message.also one request,can you sign the workbook for me...for me you are like a celebrity to me.looking forward to it....with lots of love from INDIA....

Hey,from where can I buy your workbook.......your videos are really awesome

the workbook is available here!

I never comment but I want to say that I absolutely loved this video and the raw footage you had - this is what you should show ALWAYS. I will also help people go on this journey with you and get inspired themselves to feel it's okay to go on that journey too. Next product - take us on this journey!

Lavendaire Wiii!

i really enjoy seeing the process of creating something from start to finish with all the problem solving. it sucks when things don't work out as planned but it sucks even more when it's not your fault and you can't do anything about it. i'm slowly finishing my masters thesis now and my supervisor didn't even give me proper consultation until 2 weeks ago. i was so mad... i worked on it for over a year by myself without knowing what i'm doing. it's my first time writing such a big paper. now i'm waiting for him to get back to me after i sent him the first full version. i really hope i can get it done and printed in time because the deadline is soon!

This was so much fun to see the behind the scenes. I don't know how anyone could have given you a hard time when you're doing this on your own and just starting out. I bought your first workbook last year + really liked it, but i was so impressed with how much you had improved it in this year's version. Mine arrived on time and i was very happy with it. I'm glad to hear you're going to have more help for next year's because I'd like to order 4 or 5 as gifts for people. So buckle up because i have a feeling you're going to sell a lot more. You are crushing it & love your vulnerability in sharing & your work ethic! xo

That was wonderful - thank you for your candidness. Makes me feel more human about my own fudge ups ;) x

Hi do you ship overseas? I'm veryyyy farrrrrr from you but I would like to get one

yes we do! you can check the estimated delivery times to you in the FAQ:

i hope you can also make a video about productivity vs. busyness :D

I absolutely loved this video. Seeing all the behind-the-scenes is so fascinating. It was so inspiring and informative. I’d love to see a video on how Lavendaire makes money. How do you monetize your business, pay yourself, and pay people who work for you or do contract work?

Thank you so much for sharing this! Not many entrepreneurs share behind the scenes, and seeing this is so encouraging. There are so many highs and lows, and seeing someone else have them makes me feel sane! Lol

Just putting it out there for someone who is interested in the idea (I'm sure it may already exist or someone else thought about it too) but perhaps there must be a shipping company that deals with smaller businesses only. Like start up companies and influencers and so on. And they can figure out a contract or something to make sure the shipments aren't delayed. I don't know, just throwing it out there because I can imagine how insanely frustrated I would be if my shipment got delayed... It's nerve racking publishing something, but to do it and then have to wait for it.... That's tough! I congratulate you for your astonishing work. Really. Much love to all, and much respect from Lebanon. :)

So insightful, inspiring and interesting! Thank you for showing us what really goes on behind the scenes :-)

Omg you do not suck! You are doing your very best! You are doing GREEAAT!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Lavendaire! Stay positive! You are achieving great great things and inspiring me and so many more people! Like you said there will always be obstacles even when you strive for that best "quality". Something is always bound to come up to test you and see if you're worth the prize at the end or to test you to see if you can get through these little road blocks to be strong enough to handle the ones in the future. Thank you for trying you best, thank you for putting in the overtime, thank you for even starting this project and sticking it through! Thank you for shining your amazingly honest and positive light onto this world! Peace & Love!

Soo proud of you!!

Seeing you cry made me cry to

Remember, nobody hates you. They are putting out hate and anger, which they will get back. You keep sharing JOY and love and that will come back to you. I worked with Alice on my order, and she was great.

That was a good start Aileen for creating the work book journey. I’m really respect your big steps in to the business and you fulfilled as a reality of your passion.Not everyone could have do this. Keep it up and all the best. Don’t let the angry customers bring you down.

20:40 my new life goal: be okay with sucking

Whoa seemed so stressful. And this is how you earn respect! Cause Im amazed. Also you and your brother were so cute.

u teach about emotional control and u get emotional about some angry customers?

Hey Aileen, who did you publish your workbook through?

“You have to be willing to suck. “ The most inspiring words.

Number one rule for emails & messages: Don't text when you are mad. Some people will never get that and that's what makes me mad too, because it's putting other people down in such an unnessecary way. You did great! I had problems with my order, but I tried to stay as empathetic as possible because I understand the problems behind the scenes ❤

Love your channel, and so sorry you had to go through that mess...but as you said it was a great learning experience. I admire your strength...keep up the great work

You are really awesome and you have very nice creativity.... beautiful soul lavendaire.....

You’re pretty amazing, wish I had friends like you at your age

You are truly inspiring ☺

You are amazing! I love the awesome message of empathy you shared at the end. I run a business as well and can't believe how rude people can be sometimes. You are so authentic, kind, and inspiring! Keep shining your light for the rest of us. We love you! Thank you for sharing this!!

Fascinating to see the behind the scenes process. Thank you for sharing that. As for being perfect, it was obvious that you guys worked super hard and that many things were out of your control. While it's a beautiful workbook and I love mine and will gladly buy one next year... and the end of the day, it's a workbook so I'm not sure why anyone would get that angry or worked up over it. Appreciate your work ethic and drive for a quality product. Keep up the good work.

Hi Aileen, Thank you for sharing this video. This is really inspiring and I'm very proud of you.

Omg I cried watching this lol — I love how transparent you were! Congrats on your creation

You amaze me. You inspire me. Love your page. I’m the mom of 5 girls your age an as a mom I can imagine how proud of you your mom is. I’ll be on your next years workbook.

Hey! Love your videos. Ps can you please consider putting a year in pixels page at the end of your 2019 version of the Artist of Life Workbook. I can send you a picture, it’s super super cool! And would make the book perfect for me :) even though it’s already great I know you like feedback.

I really admire you. I wish I would live my dream like you

I just discovered you channel. I LOVE it!! This is what I totally need right now. I'm gonna purchase the workbook! :)

How did you find your manufacturer?

this video is amazing we get to see the behind the scenes of the production of your book its crazy hard but also very fulfilling towards the end. omg this is so shameless but im a broke student it would mean the world to me if u could send me a copy of the sample workbook since i couldnt afford one. but even if u dont i still love you nonetheless, thank you for being so inspirational through your contents aileen

CONGRATS on this milestone Aileen! Just looking at you and your family wrapping up the workbooks it made me feel so happy and satisfied for you, so I can't imagine how you felt that time!

You did an amazing job! Two of my close friends are entrepreneurs and I have seen how difficult it is to bring something to life and provide the best version of that creation to every single customer. It's a tough job but a really satisfying one. And I am so happy that you have documented those ups and downs in a really honest way as everyone needs to understand that things are not always perfect but you should never give up on your dreams. You are truly an inspiration

I think the best thing we can make in life is to publish a book. Congratulations! I'm really excited to buy it!

I am SO excited to order the 2019 one! Do you have left over 2018 ones at a discounted price?

I really enjoyed watching this! Thanks for sharing. It's encouraging to persevere with my own projects and to work until I get it to be the way that I want it to be.

Hi Aileen, I love your video. What printing company did you use? The work book is beautiful. I'm curious :)

Aileen, watching this and binge watching your videos for the last few days was AAMAZING! You are so genuine, inspirational, someone I look up to! I am so grateful that I came across you! I’m here to stay in your journey and I love that you love inspiring people, something which I’d like to do in the long run. Thank you so much for being a part of my life ✨

I'm watching this video so late BUT I love you and this channel !!!!!!! Please never stop making videos !!! Lavendaire is AMAZING !!!! You and your channel are so refreshing and beautiful and a true blessing !! Thanks for sharing your behind the scenes and being realistic!!! ❤ You are the best !!

Be prepared for another order, lol! You are doing great! There will be ups and downs but that’s just life. Keep going. People don’t understand what they don’t see or experience themselves but now that you explain and show us what it’s actually like and what you had gone thru to make it happens, I believe most people are understood now. Lots of air hugs from me

It was so heartbreaking to see you cry but also so beautiful and I feel so valued as a customer and member of the Lavendaire team that you would be so vulnerable with us. Thanks Aileen!

You are AMAZING! You are getting me through life right now. Thanks for showing your vulnerability. You never gave up! I wanted to order a book in January but never got around to it. Will you be creating one for 2019? Love everything you create.

yes! I'm working on the 2019 version now

Thank you for sharing the different sides of your process with putting together and releasing the workbook. You're right about social media only displaying selected parts of our lives, because the reality is that not every part of the process is cute! Thank you for sharing your vulnerability with us. I hope this encourages all viewers to be mindful and empathetic. :)

Love to see what's going on behind the scene! Thank u!!

Love your all videos. First time leave a comment here. Thanks for sharing the progress including up and down things. When I was watching this episode, I got really touched by how you do best for yours. Thanks again for creating great contents. Love them all. :)

Hey Aileen, I remember when I first discovered your youtube channel and your business, I thought like "Wow, if I'm ever gonna start a business, I want to be like her. She's so professional and she looks like she's got it all figured out"! And even when you got emotional and said you were in "that middle stage" I still think that. And it has also made me realise that I might be able to do what you do too. Thank you for inspiring me


I honestly can't wait for 2019 Artist of Life Workbook! ❤️

Hey! I know this comment is late, but I just wanted to say thank you so much for posting this and being brave enough to share. It is so easy to see others’ successes and not see the hard work behind the joy. I hope you can reflect on how FREAKING COOL it is that you created a product and sold it!!! All the best to more success in the future!

where can I get this workbook? It says the page can't be found. If anyone can help me that would be awesome!

I really love this video!

Wooowwwww I love this video ❤️ I admire you sooo much!!! Lots of people aren’t aware of how much work you put into something and they don’t respect you as much as they should. Hopefully it will get better... I will launch my own planner at the end of the year and hopefully everything goes as plannet but I’m a bit afraid because I want everything to be perfect and at the same time don’t know what to expect from people... We’ll see... keep doing the great work, you’re my idol and you helped me so many times already to encourage me, to motivate me... so thank you a lot ❤️❤️❤️ love you to the moon and back ❤️

You SHOULD be very proud. You are so young and so incredible! If you need more automation, check out the book: THE FOUR HOUR WORK WEEK by Timothy Ferris. It will help you immensely in your endeavors. I will be getting the 2019 workbook. Love love love your KONMARIE series.

It was so exciting to learn about the behind the scenes of your Artist of Life workbook. And it was sad when you cried, but I'm so grateful and thankful for how you inspired me in so many ways!!!! You gave it your all from what I've seen behind the scenes and you did one incredible job of executing your Artis of life workbook!!! I hope to buy your new Artist of Life workbook for 2019 when it comes out!!!!❤️❤️❤️ Thank you again Aileen so very much for being an awesome person!!!!

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