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Oh. Everyone. Who is watching this. With. This group in particular here. Are all of our discomfort ah. Seeking. Discomfort. This, is not what I do about it. Don't. Do this at home directly. Like copying, don't, do it these guys are experienced. He's. Able to withstand extreme. Cold this, guy run to the top of Everest in his underwear he says it's easy experts, are baffled how, is, he able to survive wim, HOF. Or, as some of you may know him, - the Iceman. He. Might well be one of the most unique humans, currently. Alive, the, past 20 years he's been breaking countless. Endurance, records mostly, around his ability to resist extreme, cold, temperatures. From. Spending nearly two hours submerged, in ice water without, his core body temperature, changing, to climbing past the Death Zone of Mount Everest barefoot. Wearing, nothing but shorts while, running a full marathon in, the desert of Namibia, without, drinking water he's, surpassed what anyone thought the human body was, capable of over. And over. And for a while that's. What he was known for as the. Iceman the, freak of nature who, breaks impossible. Records but after a series of independent scientific. Studies he's proven, that with his specific training. We're. All capable of pushing our minds and bodies way, past what was thought possible, thank, you and. He calls it the wim HOF method how. Is it possible, for a human being to be exposed. In, an ice bath for, one hour and 44, minutes wim HOF is changing. Scientists. Understanding. Of how the body works. He recently shook, the scientific, community after injecting himself and a few of his students, with the form of an infectious, ecoli, bacteria. We saw less fever he had less flu-like symptoms. And he. Also had lessened concentrations. Of inflammatory. Proteins. In his blood together they fought off the disease the breathing, and meditation both. Of which are major pillars, but his method, leaving, the world confused. And us, like many others. Fascinated. While wim may seem superhuman. And a total anomaly, to the human race there, are now millions of people around the world practicing. His method. His. Records, and his life raises, the question, what, if there is a world of untapped potential and all of us just waiting to, be released an ability to tap into deeper parts of our brain to regain control and will power over. Our own bodies and, do, things we never thought we were capable of before. And so after meeting women in LA a few months ago and hearing about all his claims we were fully intrigued, by the possibility, of unlocking. Our full potential we felt like we had no the choice but to fly out to his training camp in Poland and experience, it in person our, goal was to understand, whether wim is simply a madman, with superhuman, abilities whether he has actually made a groundbreaking discovery about. What the human mind is, capable, of we brought a group of friends and filmmakers, to help capture the process, and even though we arrived in Poland with over three years of experience and seeking discomfort, none of us could have expected, the wild journey for answers we, were about to embark on and. It begins. As. A starter you don't have to wear a t-shirt you can wear a jacket amazing. We, haven't done like the breathing I. Don't, run less that sure let's tackle mate this is good. Midnight. Last night it progressively. Kept getting colder. Wow. Zack. How are you you're refusing to kind of show. Any emotion, about everything, they said that everything that is happening there, is patiently, waiting just, because someone's message is good doesn't mean that the messenger, themself, is like anything special said, you have to fully believe in order for it to work.

That's. Me. I'm. A simple man yet. I'm, going, to change the world we are made to believe that, a whole lot of things a lot of crap is normal, like, war and disease, and mental disorders. Tomato sort, of playful like yeah, that's, life life it can be a tough. Bitch and, all, that shit I don't. Believe that within, four days I will. Bring. You guys into. A state. Of mind more than ever you. Have experienced, people making. You able to go in very stressful, environments. Like. A freezing, cold, mountain. Or, even over-insured. For, hours in, four days it's not like a training, its, awakening. And in. This awakening, we show the world that we have so much more power, already. Here right now and it. Needs just a couple of steps. To. Disc, cover. Welcome, to climbing the mountain. What. Kind of gear are we gonna have yeah. Just a couple. Of spikes under, your shoes and as shorts a little. Short. Yeah. Yeah Shores enough to cover at all you know how long is it gonna take to go up you, don't know oh it, depends on the mountain a mountain in, sunshine, is it very nice you, can stay for hours, there's nothing going on but, you will not do that when there is a wind chill of 100, kilometers it's, like a whip on. You. Don't stay picnicking. While a whip is going on you just want to go as fast as possible, and maybe, it's not even possible, the mountain, is a mirror of our, capacities. Coming, up and, we got so, much more within. Us and the mountain will just bring it out but, before that is going to happen we're, gonna pray lude it we're there a nice splash, you, better be ready are you ready do, you feel ready. Okay. That's. Exactly what I need a natural. Expression, let's. Do, this. You. Want to ring the bells. Right. Off the bat we got a feeling that wim had no intention, of treating us like a regular group normally, he begins by teaching his breathing and meditation techniques. That allow you to cope with the extreme cold but, his most recent study has indicated that, this may, be possible, to be achieved all through, the power of the, mind so instead of training us he thought it'd be an interesting idea for the first day to, start off with a real-life trial of that study by, taking a straight to cliff jumping into. Ice water he doesn't usually do this where we go in without any breath work, he. Doesn't specifically, we've been told if you're in water, without training that, temperature, for three miniature body shuts down yeah I mean all he said was to put on free control so I'm assuming we're about to get really cold I'm down for, the breathing and the training I'm not, down for the jumping with nothing and no training and no breathing, nothing just full-on noobs. All right we are about to go for. Our first adventure with wim to the waterfall, we're jumping from six meters up we have never we have not done any training. Fights. No. No cross right here that is in the long. Time exposure, into. Cold. That. Is the one where, we jump, from down. Into, the ice, water zero. Degrees. And floating. So. It's cold in a normal we're, about to discover. The definition, of, freezing. Your nuts off. What. Do we do. Dude. I've never jumped in cold water why are we doing a cliff jump six meters up freezing. Shovel. Yeah. Haha. Good. Tape a bloody. Good tape yes exist comfort power. Powers. With us as we, were celebrating, completing, his initiation without. Us realizing, it wim was carefully, watching, us and our reactions, were about to completely, determine, how our next three days would. Pan out. I've. Never liked pushing my body like that before like every single voice inside your mind is just like screaming, at you like are you insane, you. Cannot think about nothing, then survive. And when you are in the cold you don't think about you're, indulging, into, your emotion, and you brought a broken, heart and all those things you, just got to survive. Thus. You learned to control your emotion, today when we went to jump off the cliff you said that the anxiety and the fear that we're facing is natural, yes, what, would you say your relationship with anxiety and fear is today. It was great day because, I saw not, only me having. Fun day at the wharf but. You're holding this. Ballgame is going to be good he's coming for days so how I'm dealing with this anxiety there, is no anxiety, there's only power and, that. Power is, going to be ours, and it's gonna be our mind and my challenge these, four days is, to bring you to the food for understanding. By, feeling, of your, of the power of your own mind, and send, that into the world then it is there that, we not point to heaven's door inside. And that, you are the master of your own brain you are the owner of your own brain, got.

That Your own mind your. Own happiness, strength and help is your our first, day in Poland, came to an end without, training we went to bed hopeful that the next day would finally start, preparing for the intense climb up the mountain in three days but. When we woke up we were told at whim and other plans. Normally. I don't. You, I go, gradually, into, step. By step but, not with this group they. Are all about, discomfort. Seeking. Discomfort. Is exactly, what I needed so we, jumped, straight into. The depth which, normally. I do, absolutely. Not it's bringing heart attacks to, people because, the vascular system is is not right but. In this case I could specifically. With this group and, want to try out the, last study, I've shown, that, it is all in the morning, we, are built to, be happy strong and healthy we got all the tools but, they are not awakened. But who is going to wake them up that's. Us, this week we're gonna do things. I've never done because, I've. Been a guinea pig on my life and I, changed the books now. I'm going to do that with yes. Feeling. Here's. The plan, there, is no plan, we. Do whatever whim decides, we, were supposed to have do. Something up here but apparently we're gonna go downstairs to. Figure out what his plan is he tells you to jump in the water you jump in the water if he tells you to sleep, you sleep, if. He wants to slap you in the face you get slapped in the face that's. What a master does. Women. Told me to do that, dude. I. Woke. Up at half past three. And, since then I've been thinking oh shit this is gonna, go a complete different way we don't want a another, vice documentary, who. Wants something new. In. Its ice pack for, you guys, ten. Minutes all, of you set, you mind the latest. Study, showed. We. Are able to tap into the deepest part of the break just at will, we, will show and without you how, to handle, the brain how, to handle, the mind set, your, mind your. Mind will. Make your body able, and survive. From a ten minutes, ice bath as a treat we come back up here and we, have a great. Festival. In the sauna and then you get food okay. Maura. We gotta do breathing. We, make it a short cut because you guys all from. Going out of comfort, into the discomfort. There, is the comfort, I will show you what is comfort. We. Were supposed to learn the breathing techniques to cope with the cold today but he decided to skip. That step and just throw, it straight into call and see if we. Can just put the power of our mind adapt, to it. What. Does that mean man I was freezing when I had my toes in the snow I'm I supposed to sit in the free ice bath. It's. A very long time in ice water. Involves. Breathing. A big, part of it we're. Surpassing, that and just trying to go straight through the mindset, I've, never died, like a school I talk about the breath you know it's a nice. The. Whole point of us being here is to learn. When. I feel like we're just being thrown into shit and, being like the. Power of your mind, just, shut up and, do it when, your house is on fire you'll run fast. You. Don't need to think you go because, adrenaline, is there so. It's like the house is on fire it's not on fire, but you are follow. Me in this and, it's gonna happen begin. To doubt and it is something else is gonna happen so is there something, physically. I do or, something mentally, delenn need to do - like Center. My mind just follow, the breath. Yeah. The. Only thing is don't interfere what, the body is able to do with, what the body is able to do adaptation.

Meditation. Is dynamic. It's, real it's, a deeper part of the brain having, a sufficient, blood, flow, now they studied, mindfulness. Of research and they, saw that within 10 minutes what, we do people. Even, after. Years of training in mindfulness are. Not able to get into you know put, the signs out of there and get back to your sense you, are the one in command over yourself. Got. That. Three. Minutes is hypothermia right yeah. Now. We're doing ten minutes without. Training. Okay. And the last year we were in the water for probably 30 second and I never in my wildest, dreams thought that I could stay in cold water for three more, than like two minutes this is testing every assumption, I've ever made about myself in, the cold I hate the cold and in a way there's like a method to his madness you know at first I was I was mad at him I was like why aren't you training us and then, the other part of me after a while thinking about it was like shit, just happens, in life and you have no control over and there's, no training you just have to like. React the house is on fire what are you gonna do, survival. Actually, surviving, is something that we never do you never have to survive, you. Know you. Have to survive your. When you were living at hyperthermia like if, you lose control over your body you will literally just collapse. I'm already freezing go, down we. Had to pack, on, your thighs. Long. Exhalation, and, let the body do what the body is able to do George interfere, let. It go you. Got it yeah, are. You ready yeah it's. Just talking to Thomas let's have a say. Yes. Here's. What I've come to terms with without. Training without any of this the, only thing we can rely on is our, own mind if we can accomplish this something, that either genuinely, think is impossible right now then, we should be able to push our minds, beyond. Anything else in regular life. Whoa, nice you can do this come. On. Get, them on your thighs touch, feel. The palms of your hands they, are war this. Is the way you learn how. To deal with utmost. Trust. Let. It go you are thinking. Oh. No. Oh. My. God just. How. Do you feel. Hey. Guys your, 10. Minutes like, no preparation, just the power of demands dealing, with stress, severe. Stress, I have never ever seen Thomas like in that much the skin that much pain that much discomfort, like, the. Vein on on his on the side of his neck was just popping I've never seen like that suffering, on a human space yeah I'm so proud of Thomas you, just feel so. Alive. Like. All your primal, instincts, just kick in to, save, you I could do this again and they're just a nice man not born for this weather but fuck it survive. Anything I. Can't. Feel my hands I can't. Feel my feet. Is. It a myth that if you stay a minute and a half to two minutes and freezing water like that you just get hypothermia, there, are people in cooter, collapse, because. They are vascular system, is not right okay you're not in good condition but I prepared, you and you walking. Well now, you, feel good amazing. Just ten minutes, no.

Preparation. Just the power of the mind. Thanks. Around the corner opening up so. Your extremities, the blood from your extermination. From your arms your legs are now mixing in with your warmth or blood. Like. I did not shiver for a second, in the cold water but here you're like my. Entire body is just going. In. The water I was picturing like, headlines, being like youtuber. Loses his hands in Polish I don't, know I was like so scared for, a lot of it like, I in legitimately, thought I was gonna get out and no longer have control of my hands when I get out I couldn't move them I was looking at my hands and they, couldn't I couldn't fold, him in they were stuck here I've never experienced, that before are you proud of yourself though yeah. Definitely I legitimately was, convinced I would get out there's several moments when I was like alright I'm standing up now and what made you stay is probably. You guys like looking around being like if you guys can do it I can do it too what do you think of Thomas he. Sucked. That's. It that's that. Thomas. Was great he, had an issue but. Look how he, got with this focus through. His trauma through. His issue and, you've got an issue you, think looking. At this hey. Man you follow. Thomas, during, this wildly, unpredictable day, wim put us into ice water five times longer than what he ever usually, does with, fully trained, groups and by the end of it we were promised, that the following morning, wim was finally, going to introduce us to his famous breathing technique to help us cope with, a cold. Too, early for this incessant. Coughing. Finally, the breathing is gonna be leading the team for about 45, minutes and. Okay. Are you relaxed. Just. Move your body a little shake it you know you. Get. The shit outta me. I mean, I wake up I'm. Gonna do my best and everybody, is gonna. Possibly. Do, three minutes without air, in the lungs so, think, and feel, as. If, you fill up your belly through. Your mouth or nose doesn't, matter Julian. Then. The chest and, then into your heart and then you let it go. Barely. Chuck, high, letting. Go. Barely. Just, hard. Letting. Go. Barely. Julian. Like the sea. Waves. On, the shore and. Letting, go. Letting. Go is, a round number one if you feel light-headed loosen, the body tingling, it's all alright, breathe. Into it. Intensify. Whatever. You feel, intensify. And three. Boolean. As. We're. Finally, starting to learn the method I think you might be a good time to explain what, it consists, of there's, three, main components breathing. Meditation and, gradual. Cold, exposure and its, main objective is to awaken the deeper parts of the brain that wim claims we've lost control over first. Wims meditation, technique differs from traditional practices.

By Preparing the mind and body to, stay strong and calm during situations of stress when, the fight or flight response is, activated. He, then gradually, takes people through cold exposure, countless. Independent, studies have shown that cold exposure boosts, the immune system, and decreases. Inflammation in. The body which is also why pro athletes, use it all the time for, recovery but one believes the cold can do so much more and lastly, his breathing technique is designed to take deep inhales, and gentler, exhales in order, to take in more air than we're letting out this, allows your body to function at a higher level than normal and can get you to hold your breath for three, to four minutes this. Process, can in some cases cause, a wide variety of physical and emotional, responses. All. Right. Breathe. And. Relax. It's. Deep enough and three, full, yet. Letting. Go. -. For. The end. Letting. Go. 148. Letting. Go. At. Some point I'll just, just. Get me out of my body I. Feel. Amazing, I've, never been able to like hold my breath longer than like 45, seconds so holding it for three minutes was psyche trippy. It. Felt like ten seconds, like. You'd lose track of time like, I'm holding my breath and. Then he's like good that's three minutes. As. We. Thought we were finally going through the full wim HOF method he. Decided to fully flip, the script again and, skip, the rest of the training and go straight to the mountain. Shut. The fuck up and. Let's climb this mountain, it's about do it leave the mountain alone with your pathetic thoughts, over. Done and, now we go up the mountain and do it buddy. Already knows what, it is going up I, guess. It. Is, so. Cold outside and, it's. Snowing and. We're about to climb this mountain hopefully. We'll make it to the top. So. When, decided to completely reverse, the, the whole set up for us so he started with showing. Us the power of our minds and then training, us but even with all of that he still decided to skip day three of training, which is usually more more breathwork and like kind of ice baths and take us straight up the mountain they've never done this with a group before ever, and all the group's they've had here for training is the first time he's done it like this it's, like we're the guinea pigs for it I mean the only thing we can rely on is ourselves at this point like, and each other right like it's just like.

The Verge of being reckless I mean. It is pretty much reckless and I think here in the college is it but I guess we'll see. Already. Here. Let. It snow let it snow let. It snow that, and. Let us go talk, so, that's what we do yeah, there you go hey pep talk is over man we are just going to do it so here it is Oh guys. Know what to do yeah what, is it one, step another. One another. One and then, we reach a talk this is it. Fuck, now, or never. Thomas's. Fuck, is the fig I. Got home. Did. Nobody's, even skiing, that's Hough. Not. Figured it's cold it's, hot it's hot. How. Does this make any fucking sense, somebody tell me please no it doesn't none. Of it does. We take today where it's the worst wetter conditions possible, no shit did, my mom is gonna watch this and she's fucking. Kill me. Fuck. Are we doing it's -, fucking, 3 or 4 Celsius. Climbing. A freaking mountain in Poland right we could be in Hawaii right now you know Kobe. In Hawaii, fuck. It. Can. We cross anyone, right now coming, up or down they, think we're freaking but it's. Just like eight people, shirtless walking, up this reason to thing I mean. Maybe. We should take that advice and do a stop. Okay. Okay. Just focus on like one step at a time that's the only thing that works for me right now I think, about the ocean, two, hours ahead. Of us makes. Me very sad. For. Through the way they're starting. To feel it on my back mostly. But. Just, trying to focus on the breathing and. Just follow winds footsteps. Keeps. You distracted, just thinking of your breath, this is like slow. Pain whereas ice-bath was instant, shock and so if you keep keep. Your calm I think. You can you. Can make it up. Good, job, Bridget. Good. Man, element major. In. An ages it's, a power, of, the moment, coming. To you and. Then suddenly the bear buddy is, able to do so much more. Nice ball with sharp, just. Like a plunger boys. This is getting colder, and. Colder how. Because we're climbing up a mountain as well we're. Getting more tired a little, bit more altitude would, you feel that. That's. A whip straight, to the chest ah. Ah. This. Fresh snow it's. Not helping the situation though, it's. The fingers, feel. Like blocks. So. Fucking. Win, we. Just got to the point when the wind. Is really starting to catch up and there's. Snow hitting, it hard. So. Come look. At these trees. This. Is so crazy. Let's. Go max. Oh. My. God. We're. About 1900, meters in elevation it's, just almost like, it's over it's 5800. Feet and. At. This point that's no. It's. Also possible. Thomas, is gone just, wants to fucking run down there and I second that let's go a few, hundred meters from the mountain summit we got stuck the snow levels were getting up to our waist and making the call to continue, the track to the top became.

Extremely Unsafe, amidst, the intensifying. Weather, conditions. Together. With the windchill he this more than minus 20 and, it. Is impossible to to, go after the, snow. It's gonna be yeah we. Bloody. Did it oh yeah we bloody did it work continuing, past this point would have put us in real danger, but, in our eyes and in Wims eyes we. Did it. It. Took us a silent, climb down of reflection, and a day of warming back up to fully understand, the purpose. We. Began to realize is that Wims objective, this entire week hadn't. Been to teach us his method, but instead to show us that even without it the, human mind is capable of so much more than. We ever thought possible that. We were, capable of so much more than we thought possible and, that no matter what challenge, were going through in our lives we should never lose, hope and underestimate, our ability to shine and, find the strength within us to succeed. We spent the morning after the climb during a group reflection, with wim and he decided to end our trip where, it all began, I wanted, to were complete, yeah, make it full circle and so, now. I want to entice. You, to ballistic, basically, he wants us to take these torches light, them up and walk back to that waterfall that you guys everybody. Jumped off the first day normally. I go, and do not exceed. No. Longer than two minutes in ice water immersion. You. Guys did five times, you. Guys jumped. Directly from, seven meters down even, gainers, I saw, hey. What was going on here, because, you have three years of working. Together or, even more always. Going into, discomfort. That means you have gone out of the normal, way, of thinking, and that made, you for. Me perfect, to be my guinea. Pigs. For, new research. Pioneering. Because. We gotta revolutionize. Something, in this world and show, that we are made of much, more than we think and for, that we have to dive into the telephone yeah that. You, got fear right now cuz. This. Is normal. This, is nature, this, is for the guys who, venture, who pioneer. Who, go past their fear and their, controlled. Way of thinking, they. Go past and show, new ways new, directions. And that, was the aim of these last, four, days you guys did. Bloody, great to, unlock, your potential, we, have given, ourselves, fully. The, last four days to. Show new directions, past fear, and. Past fear there is a lot, more, coming. To us you. Are the new generation you. Are to youth you, got to change this world now only luck your own power, of, your own mind. Because, it's so beautiful. You.

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It’s called being canadien

they didnt even moentize this... amazing

white ppl.. am i righ?!


Probably the best video I've watched in a while.

28:00 ah, the pleasures of respiratory alkalosis and possibly mild carbon monoxide intoxication in a secluded environment under non-medical supervision... And the way he managed that unconscious person by pinching his scalene muscles... sublime

*This Feels Like I'm Watching A Movie....*

I tried the breathing technique and it fucking calmed my athsma, this is real dudes no bs here

You guys are my fucking inspiration, I absolutely love how you help each other through things and just dive in your fucking legends!!!

Everything about this film is just perfect


Uhh is this Detroit become human and this guy be come a deviant

Alan walker bruh

I love how this one guy of the group is so motivated like no one else in the group

He sounds like dr Monty from bo3 zombies


Amazing video need more of this

getT ouTT of My Recommends You WigGA

Did the cameraman , did the challenge too? just askin

25:44 : casualy puts in airpods

What happened to his stomach?

This man will defeat the Night King.

This feels like a promotional cult video

Where do I book

Fucking crazy vid good work

At the end of the day they lost 10 years of there life


One of the best YouTube videos I think I’ve ever seen.

This man sounds like a Polish Matthew McConaughey

Call him dr strange

My goodness what a Movie

I love to stay in a ice water lol

Thomas is such a cry baby and he needs a real mood check did enjoy watching this just because of him on the other hand video is cool

25:44 airpods users be like...

I thought this was a documentary about kimi Raikkonen


wtf is this hippy shit

my mom walked in on me while they were yelling and now im grounded

5:11 Look at the cameraman....

Awesomeness cold tempering I do it but not this extreme might have to up my game

The local military academy came to a state park i was at to train so i went down to the water and started swimming in the lake with snow cause i knew they'd be down there sure enough 5 mins later the came down and i was just doing laps and they got in the water screaming like girls and i laughed so their drill Sargent made them stay in till i was done so i did another 20 or so laps then dried off and went back to fishing as they left most were glaring at me

ah i se you are a retard seeking for attention. what a loser boy

Its funny as hell just watching them yelling and making a beat in the freezing river, but as the same time, it empowers me!

I hopped in my shower too early I definitely felt a mental awakening

This guy would be a great army drill sergeant

welldone guys!!

Fake paid actors

Top quality! So impressed!

-20c isn't even cold for me

so quirky

It could have been a seizure. But I personally think he passed out while holding his breath. I haven't seen anyone have a seizure before but thats exactly how people react after they get choked out in jiu jitsu before they regain consciousness.

If this man had a child... it would grow to be superman

good shit

When they all came out of that water they went spartan rage lmfao

36:02 they are all dressed up?

you all are truly amazing humans to have been able to do these things!!! this was unbelievable to watch!!!

Yes Theory, this was absolutely amazing! Always be seeking discomfort! I love it


You guys should make a Netflix series of meeting people


"no, no frostbite here" i need to see this man's "studies"

25:43 i DoN't SpEaK bRoKe

This is called swedish summer

Unclassified cia documents, look up gateway process and gateway program, namaste

Was I the only one who saw Allistar Overeem in the intro?

Great video, I loved watching them overcome their emotions.

It's so interesting the chanting in the freezing water almost seemed like the thing that allowed them to survive the stress. It was so primal and tribal, gave me goosebumps. Made me feel human.


that moment when they wanna be in hawaii but hawaii had a storm that actually brought snow

20:15 "Let it go! You are thinking..."


Airpods. Smh

I'm glad the cold exists. It is a tool to unlock our brain, and for that I am happy.

This video is just flat out awsome !!! Great quality and even greater content !!!!

That blondish girl is the real baad ass.

You have to be crazy to do what he does and most people will lose these sanity if they tried.

You guys are awesome! What an amazing group of people.

this dude is a wizard

That girl was so calm whilst all the guys were screaming their heads off

Dear Thomas, As a hypnotist who’s regularly questioned on the power of the mind from those with limited experience-based beliefs...I’m proud of you! Live Limitless :)

Wim Hof has reached 100 percent of his brain.

That's easy shit compared to SEAL training lol

This mans is a prophet for spiritual religion

Fucking awesome guys, well done

song at 9:26?

I felt like I was watching avatar with all that spiritual talk and touching deeper parts of our brain.

Boys, you keep raising the bar. Bravo on this one.

Im the Thomas type of person

Plot Twist: The camera man is the real Ice Man.

Ive been preparing alot then. Taking 10 min full cold showers. After a while you don't feel the cold and once you're out of the shower, You cant feel wind

Just be

What the fuck, It was 43 minutes?! It felt like 10 lol

“Freezing cold mountain, minis 3 or 4 Celsius” bro it’s minus 40 in Canada

The woman is beautiful and strong. Wow. Can't get enough of her face.

Hi, I'm johnny knoxville, welcome to cognitive behavioral therapy

I love how they thunk an ice bath is gonna kill em, athletes do this shit all the time

Wonderful video. Wim Hof really puts this group to the test. Thomas was actually cool to have because even having someone doubting in the group he still powered through with the others help. I'd encourage anyone watching to practice deep breathing and gradual cold exposure... (P.S: This comment section is lame, everyone is just trolling for Jokes. THIS IS HISTORY PEOPLE. TAKE CONTROL OF YOU HEALTH, STRENGTH, AND HAPPINESS. ) much love

3:34 happy face shirt

By far the best episode so far guys, this was truly inspirational :) !

is it just me being high or is it just hella funny how there screaming like animals before they jump

Did you know my great grandpa is a Nazi he was a SS

Watching this while sitting in a hot relaxing bath.

Thats alot of fuckin screamin

Wim Hof’s breathing methods are just amplified versions of Astral Projection, I’ve being doing this for the past 2 years and have had countless out of body experiences, check out astral projection if you’ve never heard of it

9:50 top right corner

Man try -50 Celsius in Canada

i love all the videos you make and it made me challenge my self as a child to do a half marathon

@36:06 is this guy so cold, that it sounds like he has a Scottish accent? LOL i don't remember hearing a Scottish accent earlier in the video?

Something tells me this Wim Hof guy is a bit crazy. His methods may work for himself but may not work for others, especially for the unprepared ones like these guys. You can't just become like him overnight it takes training for the body to adapt to these things.

He is so knowledgeable. Kinda reminds me of Gandalf

2:28 reem lmao

38:19 the guy on the right has his hands in his pants LOL

i would never do this ever

i felt cold watching this

There are to many edit jump-cuts for me to take this series seriously. It is such a shame, because otherwise it is great quality, but over edited jump cuts completely kill trust worthiness that is important for films like this. Great example of it is 12:30 . One of the most important things for videos like that is gaining viewer trust, so that idea shown gets considered as something real, and so much over editing completely blow away trust of many people, because it just makes it look like staged reality show.

Here for Overeem

He is a true nord

So hyped for my fellow Norwegian Andreas Hem!

U know he can be the new aquaman because he can handle cold water wtf??!!! ∑( ̄□ ̄;)

what if in the next next year there will be a man who can breath under water

No mě jebne

What if the scientist make a experiment on ice man that he will be frozen for many years ?

The Egyptian fella is an absolute boss!! Goes into it with no second thoughts and no reservations

I could do -3or-4 shirtless

I live in Canada and here a usual day is -25 lol

Why walk barefoot when you actually have shoes??

Fuck this guy, and fuck the retarded shit he's preaching. Any of these guys could have fucking lost a limb from hypothermia. "It's all in the mind." No it isn't, you fucking caveman. The 'breathing technique' is also fucking bullshit. You're literally just hyperventilating, and FUCK WHEN HE SAYS, "If you feel any tingling it's completely alright!" NO IT'S NOT. YOU'RE LITERALLY INDUCING HYPEROXIA, AND GAVE THAT FUCKING GUY A SEIZURE AT 28:35

On their first cliff jump they are all freaking out and Ammar is just chilling in the ice water with the camera. :D

Plot twist his wearing a camouflaged coat over his real body

It gets to -50 Celsius where I live

Wish u guys could come to are an addiction and excitement to me @yes theory

Where is apetor the viking god

Howly Fucking Shit !!!!!

The reactions are hilarious


I was so sad that the video was over

2:22 first stages of summoning zozo

Better channel then pewdiepie. This channel deservse to be on 70+ mill.

The girl in this video is badass. Didn’t hear her complain at all and she got through everything with ease.

9:51 he just went sicko mode

did i just miss colin and samir or were they actually not in the video

28:25 ahh thats what happened to me when doing the breathing exercise

poor camera crew

I took a cold shower 3 days ago and I haven't seen my balls since that day.

*sticks feet out of blanket* Nah ah! Oh hell naw yall fucking retarded

It's called oxycodone ya fkn noobs


Wim Hof is Jesus in disguise.

one of the most underrated videos on youtube , by far ... :)

I thought Jared Goff was in this video 4:29

he training people for when someone uses all the hot water

Is it weird that I feel like I can do this?

Lol I saw some Vikings

Thought that was ninja in the thumbnail

when they first jump in the cold water, that girl in the back is chilling (excuse the pun) while all the men are winging and yelling!

-3c is nothing in Canada it was -50c last month

i feel like a pussy now i put on a jacket when its like 60 in my room :D

*Ice man: DONT TRY THIS AT HOME* *ME: no problem*

What was going on at 28:49

Dude is a legend, y'all did great

what happens when he goes to the beach? does he get too hot or he freezes and has to wear a snowsuit?


I' so glad I did some of this before they did it

Bruh I've been in cold water balls bout to freeze

"We do whatever Wim decides" *Deep*

35:00 the squad up in vikendi

Antivaxers have been using the wrong methods!

Ice man is like a modernized Mr freeze Arnold Schwarzenegger

31:09 best part

Putting in the AirPods during the dance was the most “im better than this, im so glad I have an apartment to return to after this annnd ohh boi.”

This video felt like 17 minutes long but it was 40

Wha- What is this? *Honey please give it a sec* ITS BEEN 10 MINUTES WHAT IS THIS? *This isn’t even my final form, just wait a bit, I trained in the cold*

28:38 can someone explain what did just happen?

Bet We Can’t get This 1k Liked

"o o ch choo o o ch coo chca uhhg oo cga"

You could tell his ass was cold the whole time

As a kid when I played in the snow I thought I had a superpower because my hands got warm instead of cold when I touched snow

As someone who's from a pretty cold place (canada) it doesnt look tooo cold to go up that mountain in the beginning, they said it was only minus 3, idk, depends on the windchill really. If the windchill is high I'd be really worried for them... ahh shite, I'm fatter in he says with the windchill its minus 20. B you better cover that skinn

Such a great video. Everything was done well

@16:26 "When your house is on's not the house that's on fire, you are." Wtf?

Notice how not even the master took off his beanie when they were climbing up the mountain, even he knows the importance of keeping the brain and head atleast somewhat warm in long, cold walks like that.

If you think this guy is impressive, check out the channel apetor. That guy is insane

this guy like a sensei

Why did they act so wierd from the breathing?.

+Advan zvornicanin ofc but why was he twitching and laughing not normal lol

increased airflow to the brain is my best guess

28:20 I find this part extremely interesting. These physical/emotional responses are exactly like the physical/emotional responses when someone experiences some sort of spiritual awakening. At the church I used to goto, laughing was a pretty common side effect. The seizure like effect was more rare tho. That's more similar to something you'd see during/after a DMT or other strong psychedelic drug so the fact he experienced that through breathing alone is pretty wild.


25:43 lol thomas doesnt speak broke

مــقــتــرحـــات طــبــيــة

No lie they definitely had some thoughts about Wim hof being crazy i bet.. lmao i think he's not crazy, he has just mastered the primal survival skills necessary to survive harsh weather... everyone can do this but it's hard to do in modern day society. that is why Wim Hof decides to live alone in a snowy forest i bet.

What an incredible video! Top quality editing especially. I was hooked the entire time.

Lotta power

0:46 His voiceover right here would've been perfect for horror movie.

Are we not going to discuss the fucking seizure this guy had at 29:00 ??

White people smh

Can he chew mint gum and drink cold water at the same time doe


actual fucking viking. what a unit

What if i like the cold anyway, usually dont get cold till about -10c,-15c

that is very nice, Here in norway, we have apetor. Say hi to him as well.

Wim Hof: dont do this at home, these guys are experienced Me: pffff, nah these guys just stupid


Worst part is 42:56 nooo

This guy mains Sub-Zero...

don t try this at home , we re professional retards

real life hamon.

20:35 that’s so fricking cringey

Who else took a cold shower?

It’s that girl from buzzfeed that got handcuffed to her ex for 24 hours

Idk why but this reminds me of 1 punch man

"Normally I don't take people cliff jumping into ice water, because i can give them heart attacks because their vascular system isn't prepared, But with this group I knew I could take them." Yeah fuckin right bro. If this mans is risking their lives based on a first impression then he should be locked up.

I'm completely speechless

I absolutely loved it!!!

This whole film was incredible. Thank you for sharing this for FREE with us.

their screaming makes me cringy

It was cringy for me too. Until I put myself in THEIR shoes. Imagine the amount of pain they all went through--screaming would just be only a glimpse of probably what they endured. It's incredible.

Watching this really filled me with a big sense of motivation that I could do anything. Thank you.

“im afraid of my hands”

What exactly happened at 28:33 im confused

I want to know too. What happened?

Plot twist. Iceman gets a cold

(31:10)' Leave the mountain alone with your pathetic thoughts'

I bet he used just 2% of his power... May I battle with you.

Thomas is such a bitch tho

Icredible, this almost made me cry of excitment and energy

You're a tourist, visiting Poland. And while you were out, just minding your fucking business walking through a little forest you come across this 21:08

When pussys go looking for trouble, annoy a poor old man and complain the entire time.

Well Jack from the movie Titanic should've seen this

23:31 thank me later guys

Hands down one of the best videos you have released thus far, awesome work!

this is Poland kurwa we are doing this everyday

I heard that your dick shrinks when you're in cold water

This is inspirational

There’s no one even skiing we’re all doing yoga and breathing like we just got done wrestling a bear I can say from experience this is the best workout for your cardiovascular system there is nothing better you will never have as healthy of a workout as this I have broke the ice on my pond to go swimming and gone running in the snow in. I thing but shoes and shorts it will reset your system you will not get sick nor feel pain the same ever again

SEALs prepping for Hell Week like...

All for Wim to be added to For Honor as a Viking say “I”

I think Wim's intention was to activate their survival instincts without introducing a muscle memory training. When you consider the mind, age and experiences turn your Fluid Intelligence into Crystallized Intelligence making you less capable of taking on new abstract things such as languages but more capable of building off of things such as making more efficient inventions for everyday needs. If Wim was to introduce them with a training method they therein have a foundation to build off of, but if Wim throws them into an experience they have never had before, the learning curve is therein fluid and easier to activate their survival instincts so to speak. Consider adrenaline correlating to Mom's having super strength to rescue their children in danger and such. The body is 'superhuman' when the mind is exposed to something foreign.

This is funny -3 degrees I’m a skier I race in -45 degrees with one layer on

Welcome to hiking in MIchigan.

Shoutout to the cameraman sitting in the water for the whole time

This guy let his followers go out in the icey winds he so cold get it?

Good shit!

Wait. That’s illegal

tbh they deserve this like and comment!

I live in Minnesota so I have +100 cold resistance

All the guys are screaming and the girl is just chillin there silent.

i know someone like him he is the russia guy he have the youtube name

Don't he gets frostbite?

-4°C? Hahaha it’s been -40 in Canada for the past month..

that’s nigga wildin

first time I comment on a video but this is amazing

Lowkey looking like Frank Gallagher

Best YouTube video I’ve watched in a long time

Oh yeah that's just normal here Canada we ride mooses wear nothing but pants here in Canada

I wonder what there neghibers are thniking

Just imagine having s#x with him and the girl catches on fire

Funny, the only one of them who doubts Wim is named Thomas ... Much like Thomas in the Bible.

he is a real life greybeard if you get the refrence your cool

How the hell did I get a brain freeze

Even if I could stand the cold I’d still use a blanket at night just because it’s comfortable

i had to rewind to see if i actually saw Andreas Hem in the back seat, very talented young norwegian film maker, now I have to watch the whole thing :)

This remindid me of pointbreak

Ayee I swear I did the breathing technique and I was tripping out like the girl before she even did it

That’s one strong wuman

-3 degrees, more like normal day here in Norway, ive experienced -36 degrees here, now THAT is cold.

did Matt have a seizure

How does he not get frost bites?!?!

This man is a true nord of skyrim

Im untrained but imma do this when the coldest part of Winter rolls around

Looks like he could be a for honor character.

This was interesting and engaging, I was intrigued throughout the entire video. Loved it!

I felt like I was watching discovery channel for a second and forgot this was YouTube I haven’t seen a video of this quality in s long time and I want more

what its like to chew 5 gum

Imagine going on a walk with your mom and seeing people going “uh un shika” is a freezing river.

I turn on my air conditioner in the winter

for some reason, i actually shivered for a sec watching this video


Yes Theory is changing the Internet...

What a great video, wow

This is fucking amazing...

Literally the most amazing video

That made me cold

This guy is a skywalker

You guys were freezing in the ice water off the cliff jump when you went in for a few seconds but the camera man was in there the hole time

sounds fun i wanna do this

Is he sub-zero?

25:48 look at them air pods

Seems like a very homosexual experience

I was getting cold just watching LOL

Is anyone else watching this and just feeling worse for the videographers who are filming while doing the events??

He has harvested the power of six Scooby snacks

What drugs are Iceman on

I do this with molten rock. Come to my class, only new students are accepted.

This man does not have to wait tell summer to cliff jump he can do it in the winter and summer

it was so funny when they were doing the 10 min thing

Just fucking imagine climbing Everest in shorts, like I get cold walking to my bus and waiting for 5 minutes

What was that black done instrument

imma take cold showers now

Meanwhile I step on cold tiles first thing in the morning and think im dying.

I won't try this at home but I'll try this in the snow

I've wore shorts, t shirt, and flip flops in 18°

A true nord

Who else kept seeing this in there recommended and got tired of it so they just clicked on it

Me. And i'm really pleased by the content itself.

I really think the guy is trying to explain that you need to stay in between concentration and survival panic to stay in focus of the situation

What a bunch a simpleton morons!

That blonde guy looks like Kenny Wormald from Kid Cannabis

21:28 what you hear when its near the end of the round and you leave a couple zombies and a crawler

This is straight up amazing .

This was amazing! Very moving at the end!

28:40 When u accidently park at a disabled parking spot, so u gotta act it out

25:51 oh no he cant hear us but is ok he is the next ice man

21:28 they were all going supersayan

why are there no comments or am i tripping

“Yeah.... Life can be a tough bitch... eeeeehhh.”

Thats elsa,s father

Yes theory are the best. He has inspired me to go out of my comfort zone and my friends and produce some YouTube videos, I would love for people to check some of my stuff out and even subscribe. thanks

24:45 he sucked xD

This is a super good video!! The filmography, the story, the content, it's just super cool!! Youtube doesnt deserve this! Keep up the good work!!

What about being in super hot weather?

Of course you don't want another VICE documentary... Nobody wants a VICE documentary. :D

Apetor : hold my beer

Yes YES yes

I think Thomas was going insane during this whole video

28:40 that was fake af

wel i actualy use the breathing technic since childhood becus i never like wearing a jacket so i adapt myself to the cold easy

Some of the people in this video were being kinda rude.

the airpods dude

Wait a second, did I actually watch through 42 minutes? Huh, I’ve never done that on YouTube. Seems I unlocked the potential to watch things for that long.

27:44 Alistair Overeem

Lmao as an indonesian who lives in the tropics, i can only imagine how cold this would've been.

This was 10/10. Wim Hof is right up there as one of the best people of our time along with Elon Musk.

Bros I wish u come to New Zealand I can be your tour guide to exterm awesomeness

Does this guy ever get fevers

at 29:00 that is caused by oxygen saturation in the blood far higher than what is considered to be 100% as well as pH of the blood spiking which leads to the CNS being overwhelmed with conductivity.

Somebody send this man to Mars

I love how at 20:30 when all the guys are yelling and freaking out being so cold, and the girl in the water behind them is just floating there calmly with her eyes closed

cavemen survived on the ice; actually thrived on the ice

I’d call him “Man of Vitality” or “Man of Diamond”

At 28:40 wtf happened did he like start having a seizure

But like bro idk if y’all taken physical anthropology class but how you think our ancestors survived? Why y’all think the human species dominants the earth. Because of this. It has taken thousands of years, we have lost the capacity of what the human body can do. Years of years of us controlling everything. If we are cold we use a jacket, if we are hot we use less clothing. Like it’s amazing. I feel like every human is capable to be in extreme weather. You just have to adjust. We were made like this for a reason. We are not immortal but we do have a capacity, we just have lost it through the thousands of years of shaping our environment. Another example is people are already being born without their wisdom teeth, because we are always taking them out and they don’t have a purpose.

Shoutout to the camara guy who stood in icy pool while you guys jumped!

Can we just take the time to notice that girl was in the sauna nude with a bunch of guys

THIS IS THE MOST EPIC YOUTUBER’S FILM! Loved every second about it. Would love to see a “post adventure talk” about this tho. Please? Just a quick look back to all the things we didn’t see in this film.

cocaine is a helluva drug

33:55 -3 Celsius? Bitch please, no wonder Wims methods are "Working" -3 is nothing, I constantly see teens in shorts and tee shirt when is -5 or lower in Canada. I am really confused on how they are surprised that they can mentally push through the cold.

The highest level of respect to you guys..!! #seekdiscomfort from India

In other words warrior mind and every day practice will make you adapt to environement near

He’s Dutch BTW I’m Dutch to XD

23:31 what she doing over there

The girl “oooh this is soooo painful”

I never saw snow ;-;

I just went in an ice bath for 10 minutes it wasn't that bad

This was fucking beautiful

I love how the girl has no effect on anything

Yo i like this guy.. He is just like fuck it... Shut the fuck up... Let fucking gooo

Fact about the male body the males are more cold blooded than girls

These are the people who wear shorts to school on cold days

If love to do thia

Crazy Minnesotans at Vikings game

Anyone know the music from the first challenge

My first Yes Theory video. Epic!!!

This is stupid, you use 100% of your brain and meditation and other forms of “training” yourself won’t allow you to withstand such temperatures. He most likely has a condition of cip, where he can’t feel pain. stupid.

Would he be able to swim in lava

the guys could see the girls boobs

They were all amazing!


This video is so cool

He only used 0.1% of his power

Is crazy how the yes theory had a dream and that dream was friends being together and self-employee there self and I have dream I will one month travel around the world making videos and social media is my passion please take 30sec to sub my channel and help me get my first 500 subscribers

Meditation is one hell of a drug.

Who are these people the walmart try guys and that one girl...

Iceman Etika

that breathing part was so interesting and crazy

This nigga slowly killing these mofos and they there like "mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm" lmfaaaooooo

"Shut the fuck up and lets climb this mountain" -Wim Hof

Master oogway 2.0

*I just came here because in the thumbnail it looked a bit like Ninja so I just wanted to see in the comments if some people thought the same thing*

This inspired me so much I took off my blanket XD

This is powerful

the ending was so professional

So they purposely gave him E. Coli?

This guy blonde hair he’s fln pussy

Come to West Virginia to Kayak fish for Giant Catfish!

this is what a cult looks like

28:39 wtffff yoooooooo thats kinda freaky

20:00 what the fuck am I watching

Me: "IMA TRY TO BE A SUPERHUMAN *Dies because of hypothermia*

Were i live it snows all the time and i wear shorts all year and people ask me if im crazy, its not even cold to me

i can't do this because I have something called Cold Erticaria and i would die if i was in the snow with shorts for 5 minutes

This is very skewed in many different ways... but intent is there I hope

Every football player has taken ice baths before, their not that bad... If anything their fucking refreshing.

21:11 when you start to go super saiyan


Doubting Thomas, good job

For anybody wants a quick summary: It’s just some half naked men screaming with intense music in the background

24:09 the "i am proud" looks :)

You are insane

He looks exactly like robin williams

That one guys looks like markiplier

I like to imagine that one of them mildly offended him in some way and that's why he started with cliff diving

I knew that guy was a mamas boy!

Real Life Jedi

Amazing Video, I loved it and watched the whole thing!

I guess you could say that he changed the plans ... on a *wim*

27:45 is the overeem?

am I the only one that still thinks this is BS and that it isn't "awakening" but really hypnotizing to get through it

this should win an oscar

this guy is someone you would have leading the most badass vikings. definitely someone you want to be around

I feel like i'm going to die in the wind in wisconsin X_X

I was cold just watching this lmao

21:38 when you don't get that battle royal

lets try it in -30 lol

Bear grills gone siko mode?

If you guys want some discomfort, go climb some mountains. Something like Kilimanjaro or Aconcagua. Great video!

*That man its like:"I drink ice every single day."*

Wim Hof plays guitar really well!

Wow I would have thought that the blonde guy would be the best at the cold but no the middle eastern guy seemed to handle it the best, very interesting.

He looks like a jedi master

That’s amazing, so much power in one video! Love this video, it was an inspiration for all of us

20:01 anyone else hiding in the comments ??

i cant stop laughing 21:24

wait is this apetor on yt

Wim doesn't blink very much. Just an observation...

shit fuck, i was freezing just watching this

There's always the speedo guy.

What the hell is happening at 21?

Any small accounts want to help each other out? Carry on the yes theories approach and help others achieve amazing things

In that ice bath there turning super sayain

1:05 You are not the boss of me. I do what I want.

My friend passed out in this video and got hypnotized and hit his head and almost died, fuck this video

Welcome to Poland. :)

Anyone else reminded of Fairy Tail rn

Ever heard oh hypothermia??

*_i thought this was another episode of dragon ball z_*

It makes we don’t reach our potential I mean think about it at school a few scores determine your “ potential” like they don’t but of these limitations that don’t all for us truly reach our potential and it’s just sad and if you were thought to go beyond and truly seek discomfort to discover our new true potential because it’s easier to just be like everyone else and think that you’re supposed to be this way but they society we created and yes we cable of doing things this it’s something we used to do a few hundred thousand years ago hunting and things like that we did without proper clothing it’s can be developed throughout life and his course is a short version of it.

25:44 when you can't afford the wire

Everyone watching this from Pakistan....follow "yestheory_pakistan" on instagram to be the part of yes theory community. THANKS


Holy fuck, I didn’t even know it was 40 minutes, it felt like a 15-20 minute video

I'm feeling cold.

This man single-handedly opened the 8 inner gates...

Scientist are motherfuckers... They resist us from doing impossible. They are actually dumb.

21:37 when u go super Saiyan


What If humans have an ability to fly that need to awaken. Is it possible?

33:19 Ahhh that's hot... that's hot...

What a lil pussy Thomas is

this was 40min long i thought it was too short cause i wanted more

I'm glad he chose to really challenge this group, even if he only did it on a Wim.

that poor friggen camera guy in the water the whole time while they are jumping in and hes just in shorts too lol

This episode was insaaaane! Awesome frickin job guys #beasts

daym that was inspiring

21:27 Vikings in 2019?

If no one was recording thomas whould kill the instructor

Wim: there is no try.. just do

Who else felt cold will watching the video

I fr just held my breathe for 1.5 min

It looks like ninja in the pi

this mans is insane

20:00 dont close your eyes

Imagine what would’ve happened if they had hyperthermia

His training and technique would be very beneficial in detox programs

-3 or 4? Are you kidding me? That is literally nothing

when they all screamed i died

33:55 So cold its minus 3..... i be like MAN I SLEEP WITH -8 IN SWEDEN!

Not gonna mention how the cameraman was sitting in the water?

Y’all should have a Netflix show

Wim is a beast! He is the most motivating person I've ever seen.

Thank you! Awesome beyond!!

What happened to that man belly button ?

Todorokis ancestors

This is basically a video of people taking the ice bucket challenge to an extreme level

I just can't say anything, it's.... WOAW !

I’m planning on climbing Everest once I save up enough for it and have gotten enough experience and expertise as I’m only 16 now, before hand I’m likely going to see if he can train me as that would be incredible and hopefully reduce my risk of death as it’s about 3% on average, Thank you yes theory for publicising this I never would of found it otherwise ps love all your videos so basically this guy

This is the kind of thing i would love to see on youtube, longer more though provoking stories and ideas shared

legends exist

Canadians: Hold my beer...

It's so fascinating watching this and seeing Wim's total comfort in the cold, and everyone else struggle (but power through). This is home for him--his domain.


you sure know how to enjoy life

i wish wim didnt take the reality tv approach of throwing them in deep water. wouldve been better to watch as a standard, informative retreat. either way, really liked the video!

What’s wrong with his belly button lol

*Apetor sees ice man* Hold my vodka

Thanks for shairing this experience, wish I was there with you.

21:30 sounds like their taking the biggest dump ever

Only white people would do this shit

Not trying to take anything away from you guys but -20 was the max on the mountain, come to Canada for a week in February. -30 or -35 without wind chill is normal

-3 or -4? That’s not cold

He has strong willpower

I love that one guy I think his name is Thomas. We could f be in Hawaii right now. My mother is going to watch this and kill me. A YouTuber lost his hands. He pushed through and did it though.

Anyone feeling a bit cold?


OMG! Laughed hard to your reactions "no breath exercise, but go to the ice directly"

38:14 wim got me

Sky is an effing boss. Her in the water and her in the breathing scene....she exudes power.

You know what people I'm inspired im going to take my socks off while in bed with no training somebody call the police there's a bad ass in the room

i watched the whole vid now im motivated AF

Im twelve years old and my dad made me do this...

I've been hearing a lot about wim hof recently. dude is incredible. also there's something at 21 minutes when they're all in the water for 10 min, that whole process was humbling/inspiring/emotional/beautiful

This was amazing to watch! I'm in awe of what we can do with our mind!

Wow empowered I've started the cold showers

As an african who lives in scandinavia I thougth it was funny the scadinavian was afraid of the cold when the african was not.

Very good content i love them but like -2 -3 celsius its warm as fuck for a casual mongolian summer nights in winter people go hiking half naked at -30 to -40c running usually the wrestlers im not saying these guys are not though they are indeed but still tho

Great production

I've been watching you guys since like 200k subscribers and this is the best thing I've seen from you. It was so intense to watch, I was on the edge of my seat the whole time. This was amazing. Job well done.

Have you seen apetor YouTube Channel. Hes a true Norwegian viking

Proud dutchh

Better not talk bout the frostbite, eh?

plzz check my channel you know im good since i use other ppls videos for my own benefit ;D

this guy only discovered hamon

This guy might actually be a genius.

Man's not hot

Well deserved Guys Best Experience

Them screaming is so funny lol

He seems like the type of guy who would be your cool uncle.

One of the few videos over 40 mins that i’m actually watching..

Wim Hof and his mindset is what i imagine actual vikings where like.

*Hyperventilation enters the chat*

I'm gonna hop in a cold river now in the morning

At 1:28 that's in tanzania

I loved this. Great content! I loves how he showed them that they dont need his techniques to surpass their limits and unlock their own mind. You are capable of so much more and yes following his breathing techniques may have eased them into it but life is about adapting and when “the house is on fire” you don’t think. You survive. You adapt. And I think as human beings in this day of age we have lost that. The primal instinct of survival and adapting and it is beginning to show. Amazing content I was happy for all of them and I definitely will take the time to learn more about myself and unlock my true potential. I needed this

„Don’t do this at home“ Yea no problem

Nothing short but amazing

Only by watching this video I started to feel cold.

Yesterday was my first time sitting in a freezing lake, while that was only 1 minute the very next day i did already 2 !!! I know it's not 10 minutes but i never thought i could even do that. This video is so beautiful and inspiring !

imagine you are just on walk with your dog, and you'll see something like this in water 21:34

Everyone in finland

10 thouasand years ago the last ice age ended, it had lasted for over 2.6 million years. Humans had lived all the way through it, its believed that humans evolved in Africa and spread over the world over the ice. We were weren't used to the hot, its no wonder we function better in the cold seeing as we lived in it for over 2.6 million years.

Ok... I typed in cheese for everyone expecting to see sheogorath but instead I found another madman

“I could do this no problem” as I sit in my warm house drinking whiskey. Lol.

i want to do this so bad

ice man: Don't try this at home, seriously me: oh yeah, I'll never leave my house

If only 1500 people who died on titanic knew this lol

If only Jack knew about this method. He and Rose made a nice couple.....

Bro that breathing technique works I could only hold my breath for 30 seconds but now almost 3 minutes

9:16 don't worry people on the titanic did that but a bit higher up and some of them lived

If jack was that guy he may have lived lol

You can stretch it to BS.End of it, all of us are still human!!!!

Thomas smells broke in there

Jarred goff look a like lmao

Seeing this makes me hate where I live right now. MN. SIGH!

I feel bad for the girl they only brought her there to not to be sexist

Their sperm has froze to death. No joke

I'm always hot, can do it

Great work guys truly inspiring! Love it I will subscribe and check out your other videos now

ironic the dude with 'seek discomfort' on his shirt is the softest one

Wim Hof - God of hippies

How did Wim not address this dude LITERALLY having a seizure on the ground? Makes me not want to do this

Sky's hot

24:49 the truth has been spoken, he acted like a little bitch

How do you even try this at home tho

Wim Hof: don't do this at home Me: Opening windows and undressing

7:43 what study?

21:20 just imagine walking past seeing this... im running

Crack is an amazing thing.... i tell ya

What an amazing video

Why the darn are they screaming like Thanos?

One word Adaptation Everyone is capable of it Still this guy is amazing doe

Lol -3°C in Finland its -30°C and we are doing that shit!

I would do that easily im from a cold country n im used to it

His balls maybe hate him


In finland people are doing this for fun go ocean or lake when it is freezed and jump to snow after sauna but you guys are doing it in next level

Do not try this at home. Yea I’ll do it outside

his breathing technique is on youtube... ya'll could have just searched it.


21:21 Goku has joined the chat

38:14 did he just..

What is the song 9:35?

how did you like my home country Poland?

Hypothermia has left the chat...

21:32 thought they were charging there ultimate


He has the nose of an alcoholic.

Wimp Hoff is a white supremacist confirmed(tiki torches at the end)

Im from czech republic

I thought ur guys were real and not this cringey netflix like meditation montage...hope u guys go and be discomfortable in public

yo u can exercise the cold, and your body can do some insane things, but sleeping in the cold is a horrible idea and can make you very sick, never sleep in the cold.

Could it be that this is like the sickness of dont feel any pain? Like that he doesnt even feel the cold

Amazing video. Congrats on meeting him and doing this

what happend at 28:33

love how at 42:55 zac is the back holding his nuts

Sponsored by NewBalance

Wie is hier nog meer Nederlands xD


I saw these guys filming when I was skiing in Poland. They were in Karpacz :)

14:12 suck it Vice

this is truly the best content on youtube. I want to do it but I feel too comfy to do it haha where should I begin? what questions should I ask myself

I started to do the breathing exercises and I was holding my breath for a long time and I didn’t even feel anything.. I didn’t even try to gasp for air.. it was crazy

And i think it's cold in my room when the oven was not on. :|

Hey, guys. Since seeing your videos, I have done plenty of things to seek discomfort. I used to be an unathletic kid who never wanted to leave the house. Over the last six months, I have become a really good cross country runner, and have conquered most of my irrational fears. For some reason, I always see the negative side of events, thinking something either could go wrong, or I could have done something better. I just want to inform you of the impact you have had in my life. As I am about to enter high school, this means a lot to me. Thank you.

Nike should put him on their fucking shirt

yetis lil' bro and his friends with cameras

Who else took a cold shower after watching this?


They laugh at "Winter is Coming"

What happened to his stomach ?

It's TRUE humans can take alot more than we in the west are use to... but common sense and discernment are go along way. Remember the cults from the 70s?

Is this is possible to get somehow subscribed by Shawn Mendes on Instagram.


I would love to do this

Wim Hof*

Every single part of this is begging me to join knowing how much pain they’re in, the joy all of them felt being together through the struggle and realizing what they’ve accomplished after they were all through and done with is beautiful and I would love to do the same, Wim Hoz is an amazing man and I hope this becomes even bigger and more and more people meet the same trials from him and that he has a long, happy, and healthy life

EPIC Yes Theory!

Hyperventilation followed by holding breath is dangerous. Your co2 level gets low and by the time it has built up to the point you want to breath your already too low on oxygen.

I already know when he passes away there gonna use clips of his speeches and it's gonna be a sad day

29 mins dude turned special

Just went outside for 10 minutes and did the Wim Hof Technique. It's 25 out with wind chill right now and about 6 inches of snow.

I heard awakening and I’m like *Holy Shit*

loved it

No training or nothing, just do it. Let's get some YouTube views. Who cares if somebody dies. Ridiculous.

21:53 when you reach full retard

I feel Thomas so much in this one. "If My Mum would See me, she'd kill me" "we could be in Hawaii right now"

7:43 what is stickimg out of his pants?

Absolutely LOVED this video! great job, great message, great filming!

20:37 the face when you take the fattest shit ever

For a second I started thinking this was a Big Stan's sequel.

What A great Film Very Motivating and Inspiring What a Beauty I LOVE this Kind of Content Keep it going guys Saying thank you for this very beautiful video you have shared to us A thank you from the Philippines

Jim Carrey and Brian Cranston are the only right actors to portray this man in a biopic. (Yes Patrick H. Williams, they are.)

You guys should do something to do with global recycling or smth like that since that is a major issue nowadays...pollution :\

2:28 that’s Alistair Overeem

9:40 songname?

This guy is like a jedi master

The noises for this video omg my friend thought I was watching some crazy ass porn

Throat has left the chat

My dad went with wim 2 times to poland and iceland and is now a certified trainer in the ice method he had an bacteria that was destroying his skin and now he hasnt felt it in like 3 years

10/10 that was great

Everyone send this to Netflix.

21:17 :3

this guy is fucking insane!!! I love it!! i want to do this and change open my mine up.

So the secret to controlling your body temp is to go super sayan?

29:20 he almost died what we're all those noises for?

Ohhhh okay he had a seizure never mind

21:40 He is teaching them how to achieve Super SAYAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Edit: This is not a joke.

him wof

But wait why did the water not freeze over with ice?


Natures steroids

I have a question if really want to get out of your comfort zone invite one of your subscribed fans to be apart of Yes Theory for life. P.S. I really like this channel but you have to do what nobody else has done on youtube that's what will make you special.

can someone explain to me why that girl starting laughing oddly and dude had a seizure during that breathing technique ?

Lol. Everyone in the ice bath was shouting their way through it except the superhuman in the background. Not sure what the girl’s name is, but she pretty much owned this whole situation. Huge props to her.

Showers are cool for me and hes swiming in ice water

The old dude has an outie

I’ve yet to see a bad video on this channel. Sheesh

Dont try this at -35 celsuis here in Canada tho

i was gonna take a shower now im gonna take a cold shower let's gooooo

I walk in rocks bare feet all the time... am I superhuman

Sounds like he is testing if the breathing technique is just a placebo. Something the people convince themselves is the key to surviving this stuff.

It's one thing to say take control of your body, mind over matter, but it's another when you're skin gets frostbitten.. wtf

amazing guys...A must watch film and do a part 2 plz

Once they were in the 'ice bath' he was telling them how to breathe...


This guy hof is such an OG i got a muay thai tournament coming up and im getting the usual fight nerves but hearing him talk about its all in the mentality he is making me feel the power of the mind

good luck brother!

I’m an edumacated hillbilly ima try this now

I missed the whole video cause I just kept thinking that everyone was so worried about jumping in the water and the freaking camera man was just chillin in there filming the ENTIRE thing

That breathing technique is the real deal!

They did a cliff jump because of cold shock, its when your body hits a cold environment very quickly and it knocks the wind out of you.

Voice is too distracting, fell asleep.

42:28 when theyre both tryna smash

I once took a cold bath

Iceman:don’t try this at home Me:tries the breathing technique sees him having seizure stops breathing technique

I wanna do this now but I don’t think he’ll train a fourteen year old Asian American girl.

What is the guy playing at 27:15

I wonder if he takes cold showers

I thought he was Luke skywalker

Amazing, guys. That was intense and awakening! Yes!

I like the thumbnail

The netherlands is proud ❤

Going to be like -10 f tonight should I try???

Inspired (:

What’s the girls name?

This man would be best for snow ball fights.

I didn’t even realize I was watching a 40 Mom video, I wanna do this now

Whos heres after the Sanchez v Gall fight?

27:45 a wild Ubereem appeared!

so.... long story short.. This dude is trying to kill himself with but he *CAN'T*

Me:pssshh I can get into that freezing water with no problem Also me: *dips toe in 100 degree bath* iTs tO cOld

This video is absolutely amazing you guys!! Well done I love it

Nobody: White People: 20:00

he look like Luke sky walker

damn yall fking good at making videos great channel boys :D



GOOGLES - Wim Hof definition DEFINITION - something that makes a person feel physically and/ or mentally uncomfortable.

Looks Like Kratos To Me

this hit hard. better than most shows on Netflix.

That girl is fit

Just because you can do something doesn't mean you should. Just like with rigorous training and not letting your body recover after an illness, this is foolish. Yes, your body can do it, but it's not made to. With every time that you do something like this, your lifespan shortens. The heart just isn't made to handle such things.

*gets infected with deadly disease* survives by meditating science: wait thats illegal

that was incredible

best fucking yes theory video I have seen!!

So basically with your own willpower you can withstand extreme cold that would normally kill people? In that case... I believe that i can make 1 million dollars in 2 weeks!

Russian field trip

25:44 when your at a broke boi cousins house for thanksgiving

Have you guys heard of hypothermia

An experience like this breaks a persons ego and opens his humanity towards himself and others and his surroundings. If only we could all meet Wim Hoff for this life changing experience.

Loved it!

29:16 mushroom class

21:00 all the dudes just screaming in pain while the girl is just sitting there with her eyes closed

All the memes that r gonna be made out of this oooof

why the hell are they screaming when they get in the water when the f***ing camera man is chilling in there recording them all jump in

Glad to see ammar being able to travel again!

i live in finland and i love wintter and i use summer clothes in wintter + i sleep my window open and I keeep the wall radiator close all winter but big part of finnish never get sick because they are out side many many hours and swim in frozen lakes or in sea we call that "avanto uinti" also we do that same when been in hot sauna we get out and jump in snow and roll there some time or in frozen lakes or sea then back to sauna or if you live middle of forrest and there is no option to jump lake peoples have dig a pit where is plastic tarpaulin placed around to keep water in or a 200 liter barrel where you jump in if there is no other option

There balls probably burrowed into there asshole

One of the most motivating and powerful pieces of content I've ever watched. Great job. And that women is a fucking beast! She was probably the strongest of them all.

@33:44 "This is the Speedo guy of the group, you always have the Speedo guy" LMAO

Hes not from earth

Miss-information and pseudo-scientific nonsense, I don't know where you got the 2-3 minute figure from but the general consensus is that the human body would last about 15-30 minutes in these conditions so although immensely tough, this wasn't miraculous or extraordinary by any stretch.

Jaa wim hof nederlands

Amazing! Best video you guys have ever made! This is better than most TV documentary

Those 1.4k peeps need some milk

awesome! just inspiring!!

Bro the camera man is the real OG he was in there filming the whole time

25:49 I’m surprised that I don’t see any AirPod memes

Probably on of the best episode ever. Loved it

Thomas is one of the most cringe people I've ever seen on YouTube in a good way , ik kinda unrelated but yeah



What is the name of the type of clothes that wim is wearing? Look dope. Would want to have one!

In AMERICAN LANGUAGE CENTER, the teacher showed us this videos with english subtitles, in order to help us to understand, as we are begginner, please give me the link of this video with english subtitles. thanks !!

He is the best because he is dutch

I have no idea why but the ice bath made me cry. It was so extreme, so emotional seeing you like that, I was so scared for your guys!! And seeing you all encourage each other and have each other back... To me that is the true power of us humans ❤️

I recently found your channel. I am a 54 year old man. You guys are an inspiration. I spent most of my weekend watching your videos. Life is not easy for me. Thanks for giving me something to laugh at, to cry about, and inspiring me to "seek discomfort". Inspired, Rawdy Smith

-4? -4 Celcius. I live in Alberta, and rn it's - 35C When he said it was cold I actually laughed out loud

What camera did they use?

This is so inspirational I was literally crying while watching it.

lol bitch please -4 celcius? Canadian praries are regularily -40

bro i need to get my genes modified to some of his

*imagine the shrinkage*

Amazing film. Incredible.

That girl I’m thier circle is fiiiine. Lil shortiiii

This was an incredible video

Teach me Dady no homo

33:34 bro I live in Canada thats like warm weather here

10 minutes and were already going back to our primal age

Thomas will never go far with any type of training in the cold, but the girl however is a freaking badass

Me in Iowa: Oh this looks pretty cold Translates C° to F° 26 degrees are u kidding me thats like summer get outta here

soooooooooooo lame!!!!

Yo I don't have the balls to do that. That's crazy.

They only brought the girl to see her shuttle you know it and I know it

[14:11] ''We don't want another Vice documentary'' Savage

That breathing method is used often by free divers. But it’s dangerous for divers because u just can’t afford to pass out under water

why he remind me of robin williams :(

I wonder how hard there nipps are

Anyone know the name of the song at 9:30? There's something hella primal about it that sounds so cool.

People forget that humans have some of the highest stamina compared to most other species. This is still sick though!

This video made me check if I was subscribed

This is the best Yes Theory video.. you should try more experiences like this. Congrats!!

I swear Thomas is the only sane person I can relate to in this video

When you realize the cameraman did all the task while recording

Sorry thomas cant hear you he has his airpods in

Thomas flexing with those airpods though.

thomas is going super sayan

21:09 my new ringtone

21:25 imagine a random person walking by and thinking wtf are they doing there lmao

-3 degrees... cute.

Ammar you truly inspire me... coming from egypt, crazy heat and then doing this. Wish i had your mindset. Great job keep up the great video guys

This is... this is... inspirational

Truth is u could handle - 20 aswell as u handle 20+ celsius. Just experience it often enough. Then its ok

Did that girl sky work at buzzfeed

Iceman is Savage though

fuck, yes!

I’m nearly immune to the cold so I could take this

That was amazing

Shit gets real 31:12

He walk bare foot ok

Am I the only one who thought that was triple h in the thumbnail?

Damn that’s a powerful ending!!!

I’m 20min in and Wim has told them focus on your breath. He then takes them into the snowy woods and tells them to squat and do deep exhales. Yet, they all keep saying “He isn’t training us. We have no training.” People like this frustrate me. He is guiding you as you do it. Trust him. Stop expecting strict school book style teaching. Learning through doing with guidance will stick with the student longer.

25:45 literally me

he is like Chuck Norris

that dude saying he could be in hawaii right now is exactly how i would feel

Just think about walking over bridge and seeing people naked in the water shouting.


One of the best vids ive seen

Anybody know What Brand that blue fish tshirt wim is using @ 14:08?

❄️❄️❄️ Souvenirs for everyone for only 1 like.

I really want a version of LET IT SNOW from Wim now

Walking polar bear, immune to the cold

I really think y’all should take a leap of faith and visit the people in the war driven countries in the middle eastern. So like iraq or Pakistan or even mainly Syria. Like Vice.

Om fezzimg for just watching so insane

But...what happened to Matt? I was so worried and Wim looked so chill!

Give the girl her own show, she made the guys look like the Sallies.

What did you eat

These guys went super sayian (Thomas was over 9000)

can this dude survive radioactive conditions?

man can never be hot

im so proud of you guys omg

The real Ice Man is Apetor

If you look careful there kin is cleaner and looks better

If this isnt insprirational, I honestly dont know what is, this is incredble.


i'm still trying to fiure out why they never have foggy breath

i used to snowboard in -30 in a tshirt. why is this considered a new thing? i'd have to ride the chair lift and not be walking around.

Amazing documentary. So well produced, and really funny at times. WM is a madman, but absolutely inspiring. There is no anxiety, only power. Power to do or not. Consider me a new subscriber.

Wow. Am out of breath just watching.

Im gonna try cold showers at home

This is insane

The level of your success here was proportional to the level of your sheep in mass production.

what do you do when you want to travel and have money for it, but no one to travel with?

Cold showers it is.

I really would like to have my merge i ordered about 4 months ago... or at least have my money back.... Nice video though

RIP Dude Filming in the water

didn't summit.

Guys, I think you should change your motto from "Seek Discomfort" to "Seeking ways to almost die!!"

the most inspiring video I’ve ever watched this really put a differbt view on my life

Wach Apetor

tbh the girl was rlly better at everything than everyone else

Doesn't it just make you enthusiastic as well to leap in and do it too?

I am crying,  great great video,  so proud I love you guys and the whole Yes Theory Fam

you all just a bunch of pussies, complaining all the time, FUCK YOU

Amar is such an badass

Whata up with his stomach??

Love this video

Imagine going for a walk in the Woods and suddenly you see some random dudes sitting in ice cold water making primal noises :D Respect guys!

like als je ook nl bent

@ElectroBOOM look at this, this is similar to that superhuman conductor video you did, the current mohan, hahaa

i wanna go

EZ he's santa..

the mini seizure was slight brain damage its a side effect of hypernia, basically lack of Co2 in the blood could cause dizziness false emotions irritability its not ok. But yes you can push your body very far if your healthy. But when pushing things can break sometimes so be careful. without discomfort in the right path growth wont happen.

21:30 New zombies black ops

Beautiful cinematography.

31:11 this guy's a savage

You think thats cold?

This old man is strong af!

Wim was a super human until he took a arrow to the nee hahaha comment if you get the joke

It's -20 degrees - I decided to go for a run at 2:30 am in just my running suit and slippers. I'm pissed, I lost one of my Acorn slippers. Remember folks, only do things like this with a Wim!

Imagine walking on the trail and you see them in the water screaming haha

29.:04 matt looking like he just came out of the womb

Im gunna do it

if i walk past this i would shit my self

All those mens were like monkeys in that bath

Athletes take 10 min ice baths. What’s the problem?

who's in control you or your brain?

I walked to school in -40°C in a sweater and khakis

This like the only 40+ vid I’ll watch

“Shut the fuck up and let’s climb this mountain”

Thank you so much for this film. It is so inspiring. I wanted to tell you that, you all did an amazing job in this work of art.

F the warning, I have a river on my property in Michigan and it's winter. I'm going out there and trying this, It's time for a change I will become the best me I can.

So amazing guys, what a great movie. Much love, yes theory! Thank you for being so inspiring

حــلول طــبــيــعــيــة

Can anyone please subscribe I'm trying to start YouTube

- 4 is not that bad still mountain climbing

+Icantthinkofagoodname name ya I responded too soon maybe I could do it in - 20 without the knee deep snow, where I live it is usually around -15 to -25

It got to -20

This is great I believe everything they do here it 100% possible

Are we gonna ignore the fact that this comment has less than 200 likes?

I can escape and evdade , run wild through ice and scorching heat, make shelter in the rain wind and blizzards, seek food from the depth s to the skies, make shelter anywhere on earth and call it home. Im what the masses would call the ultimate survivor, i don't seek credibility , this is just who i am.

So hoy do you get ultra instinct ?

Close your eyes 23:28

Wim if you want Share your “true” and help the humanity do it for free, your tickets are insane expensive ✌️

can we talk about the camera guy?

One of the best Vids on YT! Thank you for the great content Yes Theory! :D

I’ve binged a bunch of your videos, there’s nothing of this quality on YouTube. You guys are way beyond anything on here and you guys are destined for greatness. Keep it up!!

this was brilliant

its all mental lol

Do you use soap/shampoo when you take cold showers?

This guy aint got shit on the Norwegian "apetor" guy

So I can awaken ultra instinct?

The music you used is absolutely amazing >

Wtf am I watching

31:11 lmao

I guess you'd have to be there to fully understand it but imo, there's a difference between mind and body. Saying "if you don't think about it then you'll be fine" doesn't make any sense. That's like saying "if you're on fire but don't think about it, you won't burn to death." Now, the breathing is different because that's physically training, not mentally.

is this far cry 3 dlc?

21:30 Black Ops 2 Zombie is back babies!

Not like monks have been doing this forever

guy on thumbnail looks like. Ninja


They’re lucky it was only -4, so probably with the wind around -10 / -20. The average day in Canada is like -30

Wim Hof is an actual viking!!! Insane shit right there.

+Rahwa Debessay Han duger mycket mer än resten av tattarna som vill ge illegala gratis tandvård och inte "aktivt" hjälpa is terrorister. Han vill ha en sjukvård som fungerar, en invandring som fungerar. Resten vill bara ha halal slakt och hedersmord på gatorna.

Åkesson 4President Åkesson duger inte till nåt!

Greeting from beautiful country... from Poland

sweaty face smile on mans shirt on 3:34 XD worth it...

Girl got bigger balls then all the guys respect.

Not really she already had training and the guys were just starting

This is just beautiful. Love your adventure.

The lady showed discipline, I'm guessing she has done this before, doing this shit in Canada would be almost impossible, it gets real cold up here.

Yep she had training

Oh yeess

Omg he had a seizure

Na,it was just hypeventialation but I guess it's kinda the same

And I got a winter coat ad on this vid

Now thats apsolute madlad.

33:52 -3°C? Wait that's supposed to be cold? This whole time I was thinking they were dealing with -25°C conditions. After dealing with this winter here up north I'd love me some -3 weather! (Edit) 38:11 ah there we go, with the windchill it's more than -20°C you lost my respect for a bit there Thomas but you gained it back.


I’m upset no one made a joke about it being “a little chilly out”

Losing feeling in my fingers just watching this...

I watched the full video, no skips

Who got here from Matt D'Avella's channel?

I can only do 60 seconds to hold my breath and i almost died

Thomas scaredy cat

Fucking crazy

The screaming is the best part hahahahahahahaha,I can’t help but laugh at their pain. They sound like vikings and the a second after that they sound like crows

This changed my life

that's a pitty that this guy isn't from poland too, but still impressive :D

3:20 look at his stomach

This type of content should be on netflix, someone agree with me?

He's like superhuman

Every one knows that the real ice men is apetor

En este vídeo podemos comprobar como las mujeres tenemos más resistencia al dolor , la única mujer y nunca la ví quejarce , llorar , cuestionar o no intentarlo .

24:47 dutch humor

Thomas' roar is the best

I'm going to start taking cold showers, that's all I can do lol

Wilhelmus van Nassouwe ben ik, van Duitsen bloed, den vaderland getrouwe blijf ik tot in den dood. Een Prinse van Oranje ben ik, vrij, onverveerd, den Koning van Hispanje heb ik altijd geëerd. In Godes vrees te leven heb ik altijd betracht, daarom ben ik verdreven, om land, om luid gebracht. Maar God zal mij regeren als een goed instrument, dat ik zal wederkeren in mijnen regiment. Lijdt u, mijn onderzaten die oprecht zijt van aard, God zal u niet verlaten, al zijt gij nu bezwaard. Die vroom begeert te leven, bidt God nacht ende dag, dat Hij mij kracht zal geven, dat ik u helpen mag. Lijf ende goed tezamen heb ik u niet verschoond, mijn broeders, hoog van namen hebben 't u ook vertoond Graaf Adolf is gebleven in Friesland in den slag, zijn ziel in 't eeuwig leven verwacht den jongsten dag. Edel en hooggeboren, van keizerlijken stam, een vorst des rijks verkoren, als een vroom christenman, voor Godes woord geprezen, heb ik, vrij onversaagd, als een held zonder vrezen mijn edel bloed gewaagd. Mijn schild ende betrouwen zijt Gij, o God mijn Heer, op U zo wil ik bouwen, Verlaat mij nimmermeer. Dat ik doch vroom mag blijven, uw dienaar t'aller stond, de tirannie verdrijven die mij mijn hart doorwondt. Van al die mij bezwaren en mijn vervolgers zijn, mijn God, wil doch bewaren den trouwen dienaar Dijn, dat zij mij niet verrassen in haren bozen moed, hun handen niet en wassen in mijn onschuldig bloed. Als David moeste vluchten voor Sauel den tiran, zo heb ik moeten zuchten als menig edelman. Maar God heeft hem verheven, verlost uit alder nood, een koninkrijk gegeven in Israël zeer groot. Na 't zuur zal ik ontvangen van God, mijn Heer, het zoet, daar na zo doet verlangen mijn vorstelijk gemoed: welk is, dat ik mag sterven met ere in het veld, een eeuwig rijk verwerven als een getrouwen held. Niet doet mij meer erbarmen in mijnen wederspoed dan dat men ziet verarmen des Konings landen goed. Dat u de Spanjaards krenken, o edel Neerland zoet, als ik daaraan gedenke, mijn edel hart dat bloedt. Als een prins opgezeten met mijner heireskracht, van den tiran vermeten heb ik den slag verwacht, die, bij Maastricht begraven, bevreesde mijn geweld; mijn ruiters zag men draven zeer moedig in dat veld. Zo het den wil des Heren op dien tijd had geweest, had ik geern willen keren van u dit zwaar tempeest. Maar de Heer van hierboven, die alle ding regeert, die men altijd moet loven, en heeft het niet begeerd. Zeer christlijk was gedreven mijn prinselijk gemoed, standvastig is gebleven mijn hart in tegenspoed. Den Heer heb ik gebeden uit mijnes harten grond, dat Hij mijn zaak wil redden, mijn onschuld maken kond. Oorlof mijn arme schapen die zijt in groten nood, uw herder zal niet slapen, al zijt gij nu verstrooid. Tot God wilt u begeven, zijn heilzaam woord neemt aan, als vrome christen leven, 't zal hier haast zijn gedaan. Voor God wil ik belijden en Zijner groten macht, dat ik tot genen tijden den Koning heb veracht, dan dat ik God den Heere, der hoogsten Majesteit, heb moeten obediëren in den gerechtigheid.

He is so intense, serious, and strong-willed, but loving, joyful and playful at the same time. What a wonder of a man.


Ohh that's me

If I tricked u sub 2 me

28:56 That's what you call lack of oxygen kids

23:30 what the hell is going on in there?? XD

Ok so Jiraiya is alive

Well these ppl won't be alive too much longer

Zaskakująco mało polaczków.

całkiem ciekawego mamy mieszkańca, szkoda że o nim wcześniej nie słyszałem. muszę tego spróbować :D

I felt cold just watching this. Amazing video though love the yes theory videos.

You should try to travel to a country for free and maybe go help others in need in poor countries just suggestion love u guys keep it up


ULTIMAS NOTICIAS : un grupo de jóvenes fueron encontrados muertos en medio de la nieve

Wim Hof is the newest species of human, its confirmed.

This inspired me so much that I decided I will wear thinner clothing during winter lmao

best video I ever saw


Where in Poland is this

Iceman: can spend hours on ice Me: cant even hold an ice for a minute

This was fucking awesome

His eyes tho 11:02

What is that music when they go cliff jumping?

I want to see them do special forces training or something to see how they cope with that

I have a crazy cold I took off my sweater and blanket and u actually feel better I did a few breathing exercises as well

Obi Wan Kenobi

When I was watching this I was warm and I felt inspired so I opened my window and now I gave up

I love you guys You change my life

Great video!

Fucking excellent!

Wakanda Forever!!!

This was such a pleasure to watch. I hardly think that about the hundreds of videos I watch every month

cool :)

im taking a cold shower tomorrow

Yes Theory do breatharian prana initiation with Ray Maor, scientific studies cannot explain why he has gone over 8 days without food or water Unlock the power of your MIND

Stuff like this always reminds me of Dragon Ball Z lol.

the girls its like huh what ever she just in peace tehw whole man gang there its like crazy neathertal XD

Were i live it can Get to below minus 30 celsius

THey Using hammon

I really wanna jump in a freezing cold lake rn

This is some jojo type shit

28:36 had me worried, holy sh*t

You know how useful this would be in Canada. Ya me too

you need to condition your cellular structure before doing extream things such as this, some people are more naturally attuned to things at birth which is what I'm hoping for the icedude was banking on when throwing these people into something like this.... i grew up in California and near beaches I naturally was talented with controlling my lung H2O use at the age of 8 I could hold my breath for 7 min swimming and 12min still, I am 23 I now hold my breath 13:32 moving and 17min still. the difference is I grew up in water and spending more time swimming at beaches then walking around haha



Gracias por traducir!

I dont think i can hike at home even if i wanted to lol

9:28 Wooh! King Arthur: Legend of Sword soundtrack represent!

Thank you for making such inspiring videos, I am sure that you guys help a lot of people with your videos.

When he was moving I thought he was having a seizure.


Wim Hof should play Subnautica Below Zero

8-------------D After this video: *8-D*

i would never do this

I think they forgot they lived in Montreal where it goes -1000 ....

wwim hof saying let it go is quite weird isn't it?

Didn’t that girl used to work at buzzfeed?

I watched this in an ice bath

Thomas is a bitch

camera guy spent the most time in the water lol

I’m just saying the camera man was in there the longest

the best video i've ever seen

This is the most incredible thing I’ve ever seen! You guys are inspiring so many people, keep it up and continue to seek discomfort

Dude! He was playing a jaw harp

How I feel sitting on a cold toilet seat

23:30 what exactly is she doing? lol

Which mountain in Poland is it? I really want to climb it tho...

Super Nice video i wanna Test my brain now!✌

It’s cool to see how our mind works in different ways we usually don’t see

That's so awesome. Warriors!

That was AMAZING ! Thank you !!!

its like finland guys

He's winning every MrBeast Challenge

Nobodies lips are blue from that plunge in the ice bath....pretty impressive

I haven't commented on any video in years, but this was truly amazing! Pushing boundaries physically and mentally.

Honestly what happened at 29:00 is so scary.

Eliz Da Unicorn, I thought we were going to lose him there..

put yes theory through marine boot camp. I wanna see them say yes to that! lol

Ketkä Ronin videosta tykätkää kommentti

Also I just read that wims belly button got fucked because he tried to give himself an enema in public with a pool jet but apparently the pressure was too good

How was this 40 min.?

The chick is a fucking monster. She just chilled the entire time.

Why are they applauding Thomas though? That chick just sat there in the cold water for 10 minutes just chilling, none of those primal roars.

"warning: dont do it at home, these guys are experienced." Guys: *walks out into -40 degree weather in underwear*

So fkin inspiring

Best video I have ever seen

And then there’s me who can barely survive temperatures under 20 degrees

alright, i just want to go take a hot shower watching that

This is intense

9:54 when mom finds the poop sock

Does anyone know the name of the song at 40:30min ?

quality content

started taking cold showers since i watched this video feeling better than ever! keep it up guys love your videos!

if you think thats cold come to Finland bitch

Did they mention that they are the first group to be in a ice bath for 10 min without training?

Thomas: "It's minus fucking three or four!" Me: "well that's not cold at all - oh wait, farenheit."

Thats hyperventilation, that breathing technique

29:30 did he died?

Who win apetor or wim

Heart speeds up for blood flow which makes your body work harder to stay warm

It's the weed

Don't like the cold weather? That is why russians always is mad! Cause it's freaking cold every time!

21:25 close your eyes


I just realized that I just watched 43 min I was thinking it was 11 :D ... Great Film

This man is no medical professional. He is going to get someone injured.

Wow guys just wow THANK YOU that is so inspiring. Wow wow thank you

you're all about discomfort? I WILL SHOW YOU DISCOMFORT!! XD

I mean shit if taking a ice bath for 2 hours is a way to fame sign my -40/60 living ass up

9:30 is that a fucking big rock right there? dangerous

the women is the best

camera man is the awesome

at 21:00 i like everibody is screaming and that girl just chilling there

I need this.

He's a true nord

Apetor is the original ice man. This guy is a knockoff

In Poland lots of people do it on weekly basis. You can't be negative, you must not follow your fears! It's normal that you can't feel your feet and hands. I always run after that until I feel warm. This guy is awesome.

if one can't feel their feet, they can't walk, no? rabble rabble

adrenaline prepares you .. that's why he told them to jump first. . clever! we are beasts! there is no anxiety only POWER!!

I bet this wim guy could convince me to drink some koolaid with him in his friends after a week or two , dudes motivational lol, at the end he was like “ you gotta jump in where it all began “ to finish the “ritual” I was like “yeeahhh let’s go jump back in!!” Lmao


His teaching is like, when you don't have legs to run you can still use your hands to survive

imagine u just walk true the woods in the winter and see 6 people screaming in the fking water aahoeehhhh oehhhhh whoeee

I must rate the girl, she did not complain for 10min at all

New fan guys...I was a fan of the Wim Hof Method before, but your video really brings it home. It seemed sincere and very inspirational.

Was this filmed in Harrachov?

i shower in cold water all day and i coudnt feel anything

Surprised there hair didn't change

2:28 Alistair Overeem ?

my brains telling me this is all a bad idea

9:50 everyone screaming meanwhile the cameraman stands calmly in the water.

Believe it and it will be so...

Going super Saiyan

This man mastered ultra instinct

I've *never* been more captivated by a film in my entire life............. By 5:59, I was completely hooked... I've heard of Wim Hof before, heard him speak a few times.... but I didn't realize he went deep like that..... He's knows something that the rest of the world is missing out on. I can't thank you guys enough for putting this video together and saying YES to the absolutely crazy things he told you to do..... This has definitely made me realize how much more intention I need to put on controlling my mind. God that was an outstanding 42 minutes well spent. Thank you!!!!!

39:00 thats what i was about to say. he didnt teach you shit lmao what a legend

Dude this had me so motivated, that i went outside for the first time during my school break

2:28 Alistair Overeem pops up

this dude Wim must have like most neanderthal blood in the world

Cant beat death...

Even if it said don’t do this at home I kinda wanna try it......

Umbrella Academy 2.0?

Of course the non believing skeptic is the most interesting character.... We all watched for him till the last

This is absolutely incredible!!! Well done!!!!

Plot twist:Wim is just a douchebag messing with people by freezing them alive

my dude win hof learned hamon.

I don’t know if it’s just me or the girl in the video didn’t have a bra when she was in the shower thing

it works to train you but you dont haveto do maditation

it is suppernatural, that is about the mind,but when it comes to when you Start meditation then its geting wrong its not good you are searching for something else an other place, and when you do that you can be affected by the invisible world there are bad things , Long story short its bad to do meditation. you are calling on evil spirits when you meditation like that. I recommend jesus he is the way and the life.and God and the holy spirit

shulder under come on

shulder under come on evry one is forgeting that you most have the shulder under

This happened to me I was 9 and I was locked out my house for 20 mins of -5 degrees and I had to walk to my cusions house

i live in florida 60 degrees Fahrenheit is cold to us

Has any one noticed how the Ice mans skin is so much more red even though he is a whiter complexion. maybe the Insane amounts of blood he has,presumably gained by his training and Mindset he can move blood bore efficiently to part of the body that need it the most. I thought that maybe actually really cool. you can also see that at the end the guys and the girl all had more red complexion in more areas around vital organs. don't know if anyone else has said this though sorry.

I met you guys in real life

Soooo inspiring!!

Iceman: Can climb mount everest in his underwear Me: Almost passes out after 3 seconds of cold water

حــلول طــبــيــعــيــة

What happen if he comes to Miami

I drank an ice cold beer while watching this... how have YOU challenged yourself?

Mdr il est tellement ravagé

I want someone like Ammar in my life. His enthusiasm and optimism is relentless. Great, great job you guys! Love you all.

Lol damn this dude tried to kill u guys

*tries the breathing technique once it is show and realizes that I haven't even breathed a single time in 20 minutes* holy fuck I'm dead

What a great video and adventure!

If you watch free divers pass out from lack of oxygen, you will see the same seizure that gentleman had. That was purely from a lack of oxygen. I dont doubt that we as humans are capable of survival. These however are incredibly dangerous feats.

"Today, shut the fuck up, and let's climb this mountain." 31:09

Fucking navy seal training for coldness eh?

I really want to buy the light blue "seek discomfort" 90's looking sweater. Every time I click on it to buy, the website says "Newsletter Unavailable." Help??

These guys deserve a Grammy award !! Thank you for this!

the legend himself

Yes theory is chill when chilled.#absolutelegends

Now try to become alphahumain with David Blaine.

I dont have body fat so id be fricked bois

So impressed with the girl. Quiet and mighty power. Way to go guys!! Showing us all the power of our minds...

imagine taking a walk in the forest next to a river and hearing roars coming from the waterfall

go out on a WIM boys

This guy would survive the titanic waters easily

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