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We go uh how's, that, it. Might help, that's. Hilarious so. Now. We started, out with zero sound and now we fixed, so we've. Got three, minutes with no sound. That's. Hilarious, I was working I was working in the kitchen on. The laptop, and then, I ran in here with it and I forget, to plug in the microphone though that, is hilarious, so, you guys heard nothing, of what I said I'm. So up to, give. That a, recap. Um. That's. So funny um, anyhow. So. As. I was saying, welcome. Everybody, to the stream I can hear you guys here okay guys. Here okay. Thought, I was really having a great time talking to myself too. Bad you guys couldn't hear, but. I said some pretty amazing things so. Huh. That's it's gonna be funny though because on the playback you'll, get the you'll. Get the subtitles. But. That's about it so. What's. Up WB, welcome. We love Chinese, bamboo. And it's early early, starting. Off big here crypto, Sifu appreciate, that so. Man, that's awesome so. Here's what I here's what I intend, to do now you know let. Me see here I'm. Trying to get this get. This up and running and see if I can get this going here without. Any issue. I'm. Not sure if I'm gonna have any issue here, trying. To see if I can see what I'm gonna do so. Chip, always, does a. Intro. And welcome, and wants to acknowledge the first person, on to. The stream each. Time so, I. Want to I want to change it up a little bit and. So, somebody. New. To the stream our first. Person on the stream I'm, going to send some XRP so today. Is Anneliese, gorge and i'm shooting some XRP your way as. We, speak. Utilizing. The, XRP tip bot I love it I really. Appreciate, all of you guys you, know for joining in and being, here with me. You know sometimes. Three. Times a week and sometimes more, depending on, whether, or not we throw in an extra, stream, for. You know for the week so, last. Night there, are definitely, some some. Great streams, going on, always. Always. Trying to work out actually this morning I, skip. My workout. Specifically. So I could, make sure that I do these streams but, I always make sure that I take my dog out for a long walk on Saturday. Mornings we, always try to go out for like an hour and a half because that's kind, of gives. Him an opportunity to get out to whoo so. Alright. Let's, see where are we at here. Okay, so. Now. Completely, lost track no all right so so, what, I wanted to get into today and really yesterday, you, know in the past couple days we've. Really been you know touching, on some. Of the topics, at. Hand when, it comes to, what's. Going on right now in. This space so number. One you, know obviously we just see, Facebook. And. The and, with, the Libra launching. And you. Know I think we've all pretty much discussed, it at, length but.

I Want to take a different spin on what's. Happening, and I pulled up some interesting articles, we're, not gonna go through each individual, article I pulled them up so we can at least have an interesting, guidance, of what, we're gonna talk about it all fits into the narrative and into, the theme, and. Oh far, shot what's up man welcome, glad, to see one. Joining. Us on an early morning it is, over. In Texas, and, it's like 7:00 a.m. so, getting, up early just just, to tune in and see me I'm sure you're on your way to the gym as well, so if you guys I started, out actually. Before we get into it make sure you guys get your favorite drink favorite espresso, coffee, whatever that might be I'm, just a quick story. So. So. I have a buddy that comes in, and. He, comes, in once a month, from, overseas, and brings, coffee to us and. I think it's important, because you, can't get this coffee in the u.s. it's. An espresso roast, and. So the. Espresso. Is outstanding. What. Time it's 10 o'clock over there oh wow. So night time if you guys are in Australia or anywhere on, the other side of the world make. Sure that you're drinking your favorite drink you don't need a spresso but, maybe you need a spresso to stay awake for the show today so. But. Anyhow so I ordered so, we, get that coffee coming in but there's another brand. Of espresso. I like which is made by illy and so, we can get it on Amazon and you get it in four packs so I just have it almost like on a reorder, so I get my espresso. The, other day I reordered, it it show and, it's, bold, it's not dark roast and they just have no idea what, they're messing with when, they try to bait, and switch somebody's, coffee I was, so upset that, I left I just sent them this this really. Yo nasty. Message, then, I said and. And then they finally contacted, me back I'm like what the hell you, know he can't uh you. Can't mess with somebody's, espresso, then, you send him a bold roast it's not even the same thing you, know sometimes it's like it could be a medium, it could be a light or you, know and, it sometimes. They in in the bold roast they pack it so that there's more caffeine and typically the light roast and the, medium roast will have more caffeine than a dark espresso roast and but, there it's drastically.

Different In flavor as well so that. Was killing me it was just killing me so now I'm all set I ran, out of my illy fortunately. We still have some of the sake Fredo that that we have brought in. By. My friend that comes in once a month of and. So we've got that bag I got a bus that one open and hopefully. The guys over at Amazon are fixing my illy problem, you know so that we'll be all set on the espresso front, um so, now. Um. Hang on a second, let me find. It. Close, the chat by mistake, there. We go uh yes. Yeah. We get coffee from overseas, oh I. Get, it I get it yeah. It's good coffee, though. Just. A bald roast. Man. I have a feeling, I have a feeling, I don't know Carl I don't. Know what they're up to over there so. Those, guys over at Amazon, trying to bait and switch my espresso with, a bold roast the. Hope, all. Right so here we go now, we're getting ready to talk about what what's going on over the past couple days, talking. About the Libre coin. Also. Going back and looking, at some of the themes that we discuss on here thinking. About the fact that we're, beginning to see a, blending. Of. Banks. And and digital, asset exchanges, digital. Asset exchanges, getting, more and more involved. Or integrated. Into, banking. Which is the natural progression and, it's. An obvious natural, progression at this point especially, seeing a lot of the add-ons, especially. Considering, the fact that. You. Know that that. The digital asset exchanges, are identifying. And, recognizing. The, significance. Of being able to lend. Out. Lend. And and and, you know pay, out interest, we've, seen you know multiple exchanges. Uphold. Is doing it point basis, partner with somebody finances. Partner with somebody there's. Multiple, exchanges, they're, getting involved, in that Plus from a custodial. Perspective. All. The big exchanges, are, actively, involved in a custodial. Arrangement. With, some of the larger financial institutions, to be able to hold the. Digital assets of financial, institutions, are buying. For you know as they're investing, for their for. Their clients, so there's a lot going on in the space now. I think it's interesting that. It. You know that we saw this response. Coming. Out of government, coming. Out of central, banks and we, already talked about this a length and D&I talking we've all talked about it but I. Really. Do put kind of a final, cap on it you know what I'm seeing is that governments. And central banks are in. Reactionary. Mode right now so, for. The past number of years well. From the from the beginning you know think about the inception of Bitcoin, and the response, and I and I think it's funny as it comes full circle, with, with, the expectation. Or anticipation of. What, Bitcoin was all about so, Bitcoin, as a response, to the global economic. Collapse. Well. Maybe not a global economic collapse. Everywhere. Because I think Australia, for the most part was spared during that period of time but, overall you, know as we see the dynamic, and and the shift of the economy, due, to you, know what happened, in the, bank, in the you. Know in the banking mortgage, crisis, space and then. We have Bitcoin, coming out as a response, we have multiple, people and and and you know the outspoken. During. That period of time which was a relatively, small community of, talking. About Bitcoin. Replacing. Banks. And. That people wouldn't be banking everyone's gonna be using Bitcoin, so, I think that were really, identifying, oh man that's awesome WB. I was waiting for that sign I was waiting for that notice, that Bitcoin, was going to exceed 11,000. And it was right now and we can announce it first on the hotle report before anybody else news, is being released. 11,000. For. Bitcoin, first time in this, bear market and that's it's exciting, and that's actually showing the trend of where this market, is is going and XRP. Showing. Us once again that it's a super, super, stable. Coin so, that's. Our favorite stable, coin moving. Up incremental e and. Then we're gonna start seeing you know some big gains 11:50. Man, I'm expecting. That bitcoins. Gonna hit if it keeps this trend, according. To coinbase okay, up to we'll pull it up on multiple. Exchanges, we're gonna see a Bitcoin probably around 15,000. I got to believe you, know by next week at this if this pace keeps. Up but. What's so significant.

About It and I believe the markets are finally reacting, the, markets are responding. Directly, to, how the, central banks and the government's, are actually, responding. Oh Kevin. Paul what's up man thank. You for that really appreciate, it really appreciate it that's, awesome. So, yeah. Man you know people are waking up, Facebook. Forget. About what we think about and I talked about this the other forget about what we think about the, Libre coin forget, about what we think about this consortium, and it's, it's so amazing. That you have all these, this, involvement, of financial, institutions, no banks, no Google. No. Apple, no, Amazon, they're not participating. In the, Facebook Libre because each one of those entities are trying to do the exact same thing, Amazon. Is trying to do it Google, is trying to do it you. Know Apple, is trying to do it they all want to get into this payment space because, this payment space is so, so, vitally, important, and we're gonna go down one of the the. Comments, that well, that we're gonna get into a little, bit later is something, that mr. B posted, up on on Twitter and it specifically, highlights, the significance. Of the p2p space why, is it so important, why, are people vying for it why are people trying, to capture it and the, central, banks and the government's, had been there really they've been sleeping on the job, 2010. We see Bitcoin, come out they. Do nothing, about it now a number of years go by it's. Too late now you have mass, adoption globally. You, have. Acceptance. Of it of digital. Assets, you have more digital assets being added. You have major corporations, getting involved, in digital assets and blockchain technology, they understand, and they see that blockchain, technology, is revolutionary. They understand, that blockchain. Technology, is probably. One of the more significant. Technological. Developments. Of our lifetime, you know next to what the internet brought and probably, on par with what the internet did you know for everybody in terms of what. It's going to you, know provide, obviously. In the payment space what. It means in the supply chain space, what, it means in in the in the art world what it means in micro payments, what it means you know just across the board it has. So much significance, of what can be accomplished, with this technology so, god mints don't want to crush it governments, are also realizing, that digital. Assets are are life-changing. For. Economies. Globally, anywhere. In the world everybody's, struggling. To talk about this economic in, this, incoming economic, recession, around, the world we see some, struggles, going on over in Australia we, see some struggles, going on over, in Europe right now. Obviously. We're, also seeing some shift, in dynamics, we talked about this in the past, economically.

Speaking In, terms. Of the division. Of the. Eurozone countries. Going back to their own currency, but can they go back to a fiat, currency Italy. Is is has. Is is now, initiating. A shadow currency, that's going to operate you know side by side with. The euro which, is an intent, to separate, off and and, I meant to to I should have brought this down it I was going to bring all this fiat currency from pretty, much all over the world from traveling, and and and just stacks and it's just kind of crazy because you. Know as you go through this fiat currency, you. Know people. When. You travel you you, know almost you know it's it's rare that you touch that fiat currency, anymore everything's. Moving in a digital direction. And the. Banks. Are attempting. To embrace, this, digital, world but they've been outmaneuvered they've, been outplayed, and. I think that's what we're seeing right now this response, this reaction, and and, Facebook, has just you know moved a piece on the board if we look at this digital, space in, general again forget, about what our discussion. Or argument might, be on, their technology or whether, or not they're, there their digital asset, is a centralized. You know forum of you. Know of digital, currency, and whether or not you might think it's a PayPal 2.0, whether, or not you think it may or may not even be a digital. Currency the point being is that this Facebook, they, that that movement, that that chess piece has just, been played and now, you know we're moving into checkmate, you, know and and it's crazy so we're probably you know at a point where you, know we've, just put we've just put the banks in the central banks and the government's, on notice you know now they're in check and now, they're, realizing holy, crap you, know we got to do something yet but it's too late you know how do we embrace it then, we have rumblings, from within, government. Terminator who speaks out against. Digital assets, to his own detriment, to his own folly, because. If, anybody, in California, that's in his district, decides, to run against him they need to run against him on his. You know lack of knowledge of technology. Representing. A district. That should, be reliant, on technology, in California. Regardless, of what, part of California are in you, know you've got a major epicenter. In Silicon, Valley whether, it's in your district, or not that, is. Significant. Worldwide. And if. You're gonna take a point where you don't even know how Facebook works you don't even know how, Google. Works and you're, gonna sit up there on Capitol Hill and you're gonna voice your opinion on something you don't know you better keep your mouth shut you know instead of you know uttering. You know some some falsehoods, or Mis statements, or you, know a preconceived, notion or. Or. The message, that's passed you by the lobbyist that's paying your bills you, know and just doing their dirty work and and that's the shermanator, unfortunately. There's a lot of people on the hill that, do that you know that are like the shermanator you know but but that voice is relatively, strong you, know so he's outspoken. You know and and he's trying, to serve as a counterbalance. To. What's going on with. Mchenry, with. With ted, bud with warren davidson there's so many other positive, bills. That are being proposed, right now to, support digital asset, and there's, a good, number on Capitol. Hill that understand. The, significance. Of blockchain, technology, and digital asset now you, know when we go around the world globally, they're, getting, it and they're moving. You know lightyears ahead you, know in terms of this technology at a rapid.

Pace Away. From where, the u.s. is right now and now we're playing catch-up in the US and it's important, that we catch up you know because this this space is so significant. Now you, know going back to you, know why are central, banks and governments, you know terrified. Of Facebook, they're really terrified, of social, media money you, know there's so they're afraid. Of social, money they're afraid of, individuals. Being able to transact, between, themselves. Without. Full, involvement. Of a, banking. Entity or. They're. Also afraid, of the fact that individuals, can, build. Wealth, without. The. Impact, and control mechanism. Of the, governments now. Taxation. Is, obviously. Something, that they're concerned, about they're, gonna keep pushing out lies that, you, know that this isn't transparent. In nature where, we all know that even the Facebook, through their Calibra app is going, to be fully. Transparent at least to, Facebook. You, know might not be fully. Transparent, to everyone else but if it's truly, built on the blockchain that, will, be transparent, unless they're developing as a as a privacy, coin which, they're not so. Those, transactions. Are traceable, and are transparent. Now the thing is the government's, can work with the, individual, exchanges, or the, individual, apps that are going to be used for payment you know in order to collect their. Taxes, but, the thing is is, that a certain, component, within. Within. A country. Within society, is, government. Control, over, the. Populace, and there's, different mechanisms. In place in order for a government, to control their people I know this is really serious for anyone, joining early-morning but there's, a is of, those of you that are you. Know huh you know in the evening maybe, it's you know too in-depth, for that as well but but, anyhow you know so governments have multiple. Mechanisms to, control one. Of those mechanisms is, controlling, your healthcare one, of those mechanisms is, fully, controlling. Your assets, you know controlling, your, your means of economic, gain, over. Taxation, is a means. Of controlling. You spreading. Misinformation and. And, getting individuals. To pay tax. And. And doing it, you. Know in doing it with with. Intent, so, we have you know there's all these ridiculous taxes, out there like, the carbon tax for, instance that's a voluntary tax, that, you can pay to offset, a carbon, footprint, that's based off of. That's made up by the government, because why, in the world would, anybody pay. For a carbon tax when the government does absolutely nothing, with that except, for take that money and and dump, it into their coffers and laugh the whole way as they say look at all these people that are volunteer, volunteer. Attacks. On top, of all the high taxes, they're already paying so, this is why they're terrified, you know they're terrified, what, digital assets, represent, they're terrified, what, digital asset, exchanges. Represent. You know so the digital assets at the digital asset exchanges, have painted. A target on, the, backs of central. Banks on the backs of these brick-and-mortar, banks. Mainly. Because they, understand, the direction that, the economy, is moving in even, the central banks and the government's have identified, it but, they're just not able to move at the pace that's. Required, you, know so so it's it's really it's really interesting, you know that that, we're seeing this seismic shift, right now and that and what really terrifies, them I think is that they. Look and they say okay we saw, what Amazon, was, able to do to the big box retail, do. The brick-and-mortar banks. You know now that they're on notice and the central banks are on notice is the. Digital, acid exchange, you, know able to do to. The banks, what, amazon did to all these big-box, retail. And amazon, has virtually, destroyed. They've decimated. Big-box, retail, obviously. People still, go out and shop but, they've had to change the. Structure, of how, they do it and. Then Amazon, is ramping, it up others are ramping it up to. The point where you, know it makes it extremely extremely. Difficult. You. Know for these for these banks at this point just like the retail. Big-box. You, know to operate to function, and, so. You, know I see I think that you know that's you know really really important. You know for us to all consider, so let, me just go back let me see some of the comments here and then, we're gonna then we're going to jump back in it and get back to it so I know a bunch of you guys jumped, in said. Hello you know I appreciate it you know I saw you guys, bouncing, you, know George.

Pacheco You know glad that you made it on my, I think, that's how you pronounce your last name uh. Mike. G popped in here, Alex. Yeah we got a bunch of people popped, in up you know when uh when. I was kind of going through all that so, you know it's great great to see all you on if I didn't mention you you know it's you, know sorry about that but, you know I've seen you got you guys all pop, in one by one and. So, also, wanna for. Those of you too just popped in just. A restatement. Anneliese. George. First one on the stream today I've. Got some free XRP so we're. Gonna do that from now on I think that's a great, great. Compliment, for for, everybody's, support here Ralph, Raymond, I thought this was an important, comment. Let. Me see here eyes are a little blurry for so it's it's hard to perfumey. To see what's going on here for some reason banks. Being regulated, one, evitable ii custody. Crypto, as they, will be required to notify governments, of transactions, over a thousand dollars it, will probably, offer exclusivity. Like. Offshore's, banks, not to some extent i think that's a great point, you. Know i we we, see what's happening with the eff ATF i put. That kind of at the at the end of the thoughts to wrap up on international. But. There, is that mechanism, in place that. They're attempting, to. Regulate to, make sure that all the transaction. Are similar. To, the way the regulating, banks and. So, there there really isn't anything you know necessarily you, know wrong with that in terms of you, know if this, is how everyone, agreed on banks doing it there's, some extent, there should be you. Know some form of have expected. Regulation. On the, digital asset exchanges, to. Work in a similar way but. These, so if that's, happening. And it's going to happen faster, and faster when, there's going to be certain criteria, over these exchanges. The, exchanges, are gonna crush the banks the banks aren't printing, money at. The pace that these. Digital asset exchanges. Can print money people, come in a bang and they're, realizing you. Know that that you, know they put their money in there when they borrow money out of a bank you're, paying a high rate of interest when, you have your money sitting there they're paying you almost no interest however, the. Digital, asset exchange, is a global, phenomenon now that's, attracting. It's. Going to end it and we're just in the beginning stages, but we're beginning to experience. What, it means you, know for, the, for, the mainstream, to gain some recognition, of this space the mainstream, to begin, to understand, the. The extent. Of what. Blockchain. Technology, is but, more importantly. Understanding. The extent, of what investing. In digital assets, means and there's, so much that's, going on in this space right now it's, every, single day there's, new technology, popping. Up that. They're developing in this space and and, really and that again, is why, the central, banks and the government's are running scared from Facebook, because. That, was, the sign for them that's that's the identifier, and whether, it's you know Facebook is just, an easy, person or an, an easy company, to, drag in front of them because they're. They're really, you, know identifying, them as the biggest threat to their. Own existence. Based, on you know Facebook launching, this Libra coin but if you analyze it the entire space is what they're identifying, as potentially, detrimental, when, I talk about that the bank's you know so but the banks are trying to join in on it but. Again they can pick on Facebook. Because you have people you can drag in front of them and and, again that's that's the most immediate threat but, it's too late for them you know there's there's really nothing. That they're going to come back to to. Really make make, an impact and and, really what's what's.

It's. An article that came out on Bloomberg, and. So this article that came out on Bluebird I'm gonna read the title of it and. And you kind of get a gist. Of what, their what, their point is, Goldman. Sachs executive says. Legacy, retail, banks are screwed, and. That's. Exactly what they are, so Goldman. Seize it guaranteed. All these other banks see it I've got, another article from Bank of America and, you're gonna see the transaction. And the focus, and the direction, that they're moving in because, they all see it obviously, JP Morgan saw it hence JPM. The JPM, coin too. Little too late because, it's not the right thing but. The point is is that, they're identifying. It and they see what needs to be done so, here, we have this. This was the quote and, we'll leave it at that and we'll move on, there. Are two kinds of incumbent banks there are banks that are screwed and there, are banks that don't know they're screwed said entrepreneur, Adam, Dell founder, of PERTs personal, finance app clarity. Money that, was acquired by Goldman Sachs in 2018. And this, who was speaking at the fortune brainstorm. Finance, conference. In. New York this, past week that was on Thursday I love that statement let me read that again because it's awesome there, are two kinds of incumbent banks there are banks that are screwed and there are banks that don't know they're screwed that is just. Like that summarizes. Everything in. In, one statement you. Know and that's exactly, where the banks are right now because they have you, know there's those that are understanding. It they're trying to make a transition, and the, rest that you know eventually are going to identify that they have to they, just think that they're, going to keep going on to get along and and, they haven't got it yet but, that Facebook, announcement. Is what, jogged, all of them you know and now they're all you know reeling, and trying to figure out what the hell they're going to do so. Then, we move on to a Bank, of America now. So, this was an article came out on fortune, and. And. That the the title here they pulled out his statement, Bank of America CEO, we, want a cashless society. What. Does that mean you. Know does that mean that they want everybody to, function off credit cards does that mean that, they want everybody you, know just having, digital bank, accounts, and debit cards or apps, to to, use their money is that really what it means you, know or you know are they also realizing. That when we talk about the digitization. Of money, that, they want a cashless society that's. Also you, know with that an, anticipation. Of their understanding, that. Digital, assets, are moving. Faster, and faster to. Really taking over and so. You, know some of the statements you know and they're focusing on you, know some. Of these apps that are also going to be absorbed, and crushed so, here it said with. 27. Million customers. 37. Million digital, customers, and more than half of its transactions. Already digitized. Via. Methods, like payment applications. L Moynihan. Said the banking industry will continue to move towards, a digital, tech, enabled, models, which as he noted are cheaper, and more efficient, than traditional, methods so, zel. Is cheaper, but there's even better technology, than that so the fact that they want to cash this society, again, they see the writing on the wall there's, gonna be those banks that are gonna continue, to, try to fight back but. Really they, can only fight back so much before, they get absorbed so. DN. I what's up man, glad, to see one. Let. Me see here, let. Me see what you just said because this, is uh I want, to see if by you'd mention something prior to. Before. That the digital, thoughts, because this is Australia, Australian. Banks are in the process of huge fines from, the Reserve Reserve. Bank of Australia, for. Dragging, their feet in, the speed of the, payments, system, and, not adapting. Glad. You share that good, article, a good, statement shows. That you know banks around the world old you know they're trying to hold on to what they know trying to hold on to the old way of things you know and then that's and that's definitely, detrimental. When, you try to hold on to the old way you've got to embrace you, know current, technology, you've got to embrace you, know what's good for the people not, what's always good for, you so let's, see DNI, under. These new, measures. Virtual. Asset service providers, will be required, to, implement the same AML, CFT requirements, as traditional, finance, institutions. Glad you shared that that's, that's great and, there's nothing wrong with that you know so I think it's fine that we have those measures what that tells us is that we're. Moving these digital asset exchanges. Into, the mainstream the. Fact that they want these measures if they didn't see digital, asset, exchanges, as a direct, threat to.

This Industry if they didn't understand, and see that, the digital asset, exchanges, where were the new banks, they wouldn't have these type of requirements, so the fact that they want those requirements they're they're also trying to level the playing field with, what the bank's expectations. Are however, putting, this in place is, also. Going to push digital, asset exchanges, to become FDIC. Insured, which, is what everybody, wants because, then you have a, more, mainstream, adoption, to, allow people to keep their money on exchanges. And not you, know have to keep their money uh you, know externally, on offline, wallets, and manage. Their. Own deposits. Most, people don't have that capability if. You, think about I just went through an update on my ledger. Nana West I hadn't, looked at in a while pulled, it out of the dusted. Off the cobwebs plugged. It in had, to do an update had to delete everything off of it I had to add it back had, to figure out how to access everything again. Logging. In you, know adding you know each individual, wallet opening the wallets could you imagine the. Shermanator trying to do that forget about it and and, there's a lot of people in the shermanator z-- position. That, simply. From a technical, perspective they, can't even find the app on their phone, let. Alone use a ledger. And they're and that's a large percentage, of society, so, those people are, still, going to need mange. Support, mainstream. Support through, the digital asset exchanges, being able to keep their, digital asset investments, and Holdings on these, digital asset exchanges, so having this regulation, in place thanks, for sharing that DNI now. Minuchin. Commented. Well, I just blew, through it manoosh, in comment that this one forced a level playing field for virtual, asset service providers, including, cryptocurrency. Providers. And traditional, financial, institutions. Great point appreciate. That WB. All right here we go let's see I wanted to get the word out don't, use the bight BTC. Cryptocurrency, exchange, they, typically, don't send withdrawals and lock you out of your account for a review. I'm glad, you put that up there man, they that that sucks you. Got to be careful with what the exchanges, that you use be. Very careful, as well if you're in the United States using. International, exchanges, and you're, going to hold, more than ten thousand dollars on that exchange that. Needs to be reported, so, make sure you look it up talk to your CPA about.

Holding, Your at. You have any any, asset, valued over ten thousand dollars meaning. You know keeping, a bank account at over ten thousand dollars or investment. Over ten thousand dollars on a foreign exchange needs. To be reported so I think. Those are and then obviously using these small exchanges, more, and more has come out about quadriga, and. It's it's shocking the. Level, of insanity. That's come out of that exchange and that's what happens with smaller exchanges, that are controlled, by one individual, that's, why you can look at a coin base or an uphold or a buy Nance or a Gemini and you understand, that it has a full corporate, banking. Like structure. Behind, it so, Eggbert. Inna glad. You made it on it's, always you. Know has. To be here then to not be here at all so glad, you made it. D ni F ATF, issued, guidance for all guidance. FA T up through what through the g7. You. Know I think that the, f80 up guideline, it still needs to be adopted, by. Each individual. Country, into. Their own policy. To, make sure that it's. That it's going to be valid you know for the individual country but I think when we look at international, guideline, that's, how we we, interact, with each other there, has to be some semblance of, commonality. Across, across. The board so having that in place will, be important, and and, I think that it's, one more thing again, towards. Mainstream adoption so. Let's. See here I think. Stable coins will save the traditional, currencies, and what, the AUD or USD, stable. Coin bill be backed a bill be. Backed by the fiat, currency. If they don't they'll die uh that. Yeah it's gonna be interesting to see what happens and, whether or not you know we start seeing a transition, I think overall. You, know countries, are still going to want to manage their own currency, at. This point I don't see us moving away from. Individual. Currency. For you know individual, countries you know anytime in the near future anyways. Um. Mac. Yeah I don't know I don't know if Swift is I wouldn't, I wouldn't put it past them though to start working with that with. The r3. Kurta or something. Along those lines I do know I think that'd be that'd, be important, so man. Okay so we got Bank, of America now just as a side note let's, take a a sidestep. Over then we're going to come, right back to. Some of this insanity but, I think there's some really interesting things, that are going on in this space and. That's what we want to look at right now so and. I want to I want to talk a little bit about real estate because. There's, a lot happening on the real estate side before. We do that let, me see what he. And I just posted, up the the. Financial, Action Task Force, adopted. Its new rules on. Crypto, assets, and published, its, updated, guidance, on virtual currency and virtual asset service providers, Friday oh dude. I miss that can you uh if you have a link to it can you throw it up here that'd, be awesome. Ralph I feel, traditional. Banks and government, government's. Regulators, must, be terrified, over Liebherr coin awesome. Yeah and that's to, me just. To kind. Of cap off what we are talking about, that's. Exactly, why we're seeing this space blow up again you, know that that cost, me alright. What's. What's it gonna cost. One. Link one. Leak let's auction that off. I'm. Gonna have D&I do the auctions from now on get, a great job yesterday. So. Yeah. Just. To cap it off you know again you know, I do I do believe, that. You know that this space that we're seeing you, know this this big movement in this space right now the investment. You know the fact that BTC, is hitting 11,000. You know a lot of it has to do is a lot of different things happen in this space and we started obviously to see some important movement and growth before, the Liebherr announcement, but with the Liebherr announcement, now all, the focus and it's great to because, negative, press, positive.

Press It doesn't matter what, what matters, is that people are talking about and focused, in on this space, so. So. Right now if we think about it all that's, awesome DNI Thanks thank, you very much, D, and I put up this this. Link. Here on the FTF, atf, a. Global. Regulation. That is going, to be adopted, by. The. Was, it was the task force the financial ask action, a task, force so, awesome. Let's, go into let's go into real estate. Real. Estate here, alright this this came out on forbes this is interesting. Let's, just dig, into it make sure I've got the right here we go so this, is, real. Estate startups. Now from. A property, investment, perspective we've, seen multiples, pop up up and, if, you think about crowd, investment. The. Idea that you, know multiple people, can invest, in, in. Something. Up, and get in you know return on what. They're investing, in so, if you look at like prosper, people, come, to prosper, because they want to take out loans other, people, go to prosper, because they want to lend money I've been doing that for a long time lending. Money on prosper, it's awesome, and then, as people pay you back you, can take that and have it reinvested. Into other, people average. Return it used to be a lot higher now, the average return is probably about six, or seven percent you. Know it's not bad to have a continuous. Six or seven percent. Return, on investment. Not, the best but it's not horrible so, you, know it's not bad you, know in a diversified, manner to, have to have that going on so I'm happy about that now. When. We look at real, estate real estate has some massive. Massive potential. And there there have been other types of, investments. Like prosper, into real estate but, now with blockchain, technology, it allows whether. Or not they're they're planning on token as the tokenization which. Is really the direction, to be able to tokenize, real estate you're, building a major skyscraper you. Tokenize, that side that's the investment. In that, in, that skyscraper you. Sell off those pieces people, now own a part. Of that property and that. Is absolutely outstanding. To. Have that opportunity to, be, able to do that and now all of a sudden you, know what does that mean, you know in terms of globally. There's, you know there's a lot of countries. In the world that, could benefit, from, new, growth new development. In, you, know in, their infrastructure. Especially when it comes you know to the building obviously don't want to you don't want to own a bridge I don't. Know what kind of return you'll get on a bridge but, you'll definitely get return unless. It's a toll bridge or a toll road maybe. That's a good idea if we if, we can tokenize. These toll roads up if, we can tokenize, uh, you. Know that, would be that would be pretty amazing actually think. About how many millions of millions of dollars get, generated, on these tolls all the time proportion. Goes to the, government to pay them off portion, goes to the private entity which would be the ownership of everyone, that owns a piece of it same, thing with real estate and this is unreal, so you can raise money you, want to build a skyscraper, in. You, know whatever, country whatever, city doesn't matter you, go you make the case there's what we're building you raise, the funds boom you got the funding they don't have to worry about going to the banks they don't have to do it now they've raised the money they sold. Off whatever, percentage, of the asset, and people, are getting in immediate return when, they build when it's built and it's rented, or it, sold off me you know people have it's, unreal.

I'm The fact that that, we're gonna be able to do that more and more with real estate changes. The dynamics. Of investment. And once again also shows, us that from a banking, perspective the. Banks also identify, that, you, know as as, you can tokenize, things like real estate these, these builders, are aren't going to come to them for. Funding. Anymore the real, estate companies, are going to turn to, the people to, get investment, and that and that's really amazing. Mr.. B real estate is overvalued yep. So, when. 12k, mr. B hopefully. By tomorrow at the rate it's going dude, I I, firmly, see. A BTC. Ahead. At. 12,000. I here's. Here's my my, last thought on that then we'll keep going and. I could be completely off-base not giving any kind of financial advice I'm just, looking at it to say here's, why this, the community, is route up because, of this focus right now the mainstream, focus the whole world is excited, again because. Facebook, is being, dragged in front of the Senate let's. Fake it Facebook. Announced, this big Libre coin July, 16th. Is is. The, the Senate, hearing there's gonna be another hearing in front of Congress because. Maxine. Waters wants, to drag Zuckerberg. In front, of Congress in front, of the financial services committee so, it just so happened that the Senate gets them first then, they're gonna come in front of the Financial Services Committee he's, gonna be spending a lot of time on Capitol Hill which, is also the reason, as I, mentioned the other day that, you, know that that we're seeing the token taxonomy Act put on ice directly. Due to, Maxine. Waters um and I got that information directly from. From. Davidson's. Office so so. The TTA is being put on hold as a direct. Result of. Maxine. Waters wanted, to have wanting to have a hearing with. Facebook. With Zuckerberg, now they, might say that Senate, hearing is enough for them I doubt, it because you know based on their you. Know they all believe that you know they're they're better than everybody else so, based on that alone they're. Probably going to want to bring Zuckerberg, in front of their own committee and, in a and, add the same you know stupid questions, from the shermanator that, we had before hopefully not. Davidson's, office is going to be doing a stellar, job at, educating, everybody. Ahead, of time prior to the hearing on there's, a lot of support now we see McHenry, we see others that, are really going to come, up with some astute questions.

Instead, Of trying to figure out oh is that an app on your phone and you, know whatever they said I don't so, mr.. Bean so real estate is over overvalued. Right now and and, that is you, know definitely you know and I appreciate that and it's happening so drastically. Fast it's, unbelievable, how that ramped up mr. bee you. Know especially if you look in like South Florida it's, it's insane, at the pace of which real, estate has has increased. Again, you. Know just insane, absolutely insane. Though. Alright. So where were we all right we talked about real estate that's enough on real estate mr.. B you, know really appreciate, that. Libra, doesn't happen yeah. Whether, it happens or not I believe, that it will though and the reason why I believe that it will is because, Facebook, is determined. To be in the payment space Facebook. Is determined, to compete. With with, Google, and an apple, on that, they're determined, to compete. With others you, know in the payment space like WeChat, and others they want to have a mechanism in place because. Of the. The article, actually mr. B that you posted, on Twitter. The other day which. Is the lat you know I wanted to share that here, why. The p2p, market, is huge and why, it's so important. For Facebook. And. Let me see that was uh you. Put an article up here, from the payment source the. Other day and I and I think it's great so the massive, market for cross-border p2p. Was the the, article it's from again. The payment source com thanks, mr. B for putting, that up on Twitter the other day. But. Here, it starts off specifically, the market, for cross-border person. A person, remittances. Massive, I'd experience, double-digit, growth in eighteen, as consumers. My grow dated from one country to another in search of better economic opportunities. As well, as to escape political, and financial, upheaval. Up. This pages on response Minh is about to die so, under, it's awesome so, so, anyhow I think you, know you know by posting that we all understand, that the, that the remittance payments pace is massive. We understand based, on what, ripple is doing on a larger, scale we understand, what others are doing on a smaller scale and Facebook. Identifies. What. Can, happen especially, with. Their. Subscriber, base they have two plus billion subscribers. Active. I think there's like 1.8. That. Are active daily there's, over two billion that are active active, monthly, that, that's a huge huge, subscriber, base even. If you get 10% of them to, start doing transaction. Imagine. What that means now of a sudden you basically have you know one of the largest. P2p. Remittance. Companies in the world overnight. You, know and. It you know you really potentially. You know crush, or at least join, in competition. With the. The volume that, Western, Union and MoneyGram are doing, now I'm not saying that people are going to adopt it because at the end of the day with. Facebook, it goes to an app you. Know so you don't have to go into the Calibra app and this goes back to our conversation. Before, on the. Shermanator and others like him that have no clue how, to get, on the internet let alone open an app to, send money and they're probably not going to be that comfortable with it plus we also have to anticipate that, there's a certain up you know segment and you, know within society, that are still not not just not have the knowledge but they're not going to be comfortable with.

Doing It that way so they're still going to want to rely on on, a. More. You, know a solid. Mechanism. That's not going through a Facebook so you know a Facebook, could still be terrifying, for others you, know they don't want to give them that kind of information they, don't want to give them that kind of power it's gonna come down to the people making, that decision but, that's just how I've, thought about it you know I know mr., B I think they got they, have gotten their hand caught in the cookie jar. Ready and Congress isn't gonna let it happen time, will tell and, that's interesting, mr. B because you know they're, singling, out Facebook, Facebook, is on their hit list right, now the, fact that that. Facebook. Wouldn't pull down that video of Nancy Pelosi and, rightfully. So, they shouldn't pull it down and we talked about this the other night you, know who, is, it that is now going to be this quote-unquote czar, of propaganda. And make a determination as. To what, videos are just. Entertainment. And what's, propaganda. And what, dangerous, path that is for us to walk down when, there's somebody in government or within, YouTube. Or Facebook day is going to monitor the, post, that we put up there and make, a determination as. To whether or not it's propaganda, or entertainment, that's really, really dangerous especially. Have someone that is going to be politically, motivated to. The opposition. To now make statements, that oh that's propaganda, hence, I'm taking, it down but, I'm gonna let the others go, up you, know but the social media space is for entertainment the, fact that that, these Democrats, that are it, I don't want to single out Democrats, Democrats and Republicans, up on Capitol, Hill that, don't understand. How, things. Function within. This space they don't understand, the dynamic, of a facebook. Its, social, media it's, meant as an interaction, between people it's, meant that whatever gets shared there is. May. Be truthful, maybe not truthful who cares you, know but, the fact that they've been so focused for, the past couple years on Russia, influenced, Russian influence with, these you know AI generated. Or you, know paid ads from, from, Russia and these fake accounts, from Russia who, cares you know I mean again, I know there's you know a large. Percentage, of people that, only read headlines but. CNN. You know definitely, you, know puts out some false media, and, you know a lot of you. Know FOMO, and Fudd titles, you know so it's, just it's just so insane, you know so these, are the people that that, are you know going to be in control and try to make these determinations, you, know but you know I don't I don't want to go down that path, so a guy can go on on that on that for four hours, so analog. People trying to regulate a digital, world there we go I like that that's that's the that's, the statement, right there I love that analog, people trying.

To Regulate a digital, world, that's awesome, you. Know that's. Fantastic. Most of those guys are still stuck, in Windows 3.1 you, know they're still trying to figure out Windows XP. Yo, that's ha ha that's, the profile. So. On some positive, some. Positive, news um so. Check this one out I love this this is a brand, new live, streaming. Companies, startup, that is, doing. Things and in such a way and I thought this was nice daus they're, still using daus yeah. They're. Probably lost with daus daus was like way beyond their comprehension, Windows. 3.1 came. Up they're like alright I guess I could figure out how to click can. You show me how to use this mouse and how do I click to open this stuff I'm not really figuring, it out you, know but that that's where they kind of got lost. Um. So here's check there's this new live streaming startup called you know you, know now, you know you now what, what's great about it is that they filed for an SEC, they. Filed it. But. Trying, to read this title, biles, SEC, filing, so they filed a filing, or the SEC filing, for the filing purposes within, the SEC, might. Have to make this title, so difficult to read you. Now files, SEC, filing, for complaint, or compliant, token, earning, for AB users. Great. Idea, this, is a I, love, it you know because this, is really geared up to content. Creators. And those. That are participating. Like. Right now participating. In the livestream let, there be a mechanism, or. Compensation. For. App users, you know if you're using the app you're engaged in the app there's, a mechanism, in place and, they're filing the, right paperwork with the SEC, going. Down the right path to. Make this happen. This was actually backed. By let, me see. Back by Union, Square Ventures. It's, awesome there's so much going on right now to see you, know the fact that they, want to compete against YouTube, you, know hopefully we don't get censured for this, YouTube. YouTube YouTube YouTube. So. You know they're gonna be competing, against YouTube in. This live streaming space there's so many that have made that attempt, to, compete against YouTube for. Live streaming video and none, of really, had that, that, there's. There's something missing, obviously, the following, is definitely, missing but, there's a component missing within. Each one of these these. Platforms. Whether or not was D live or, or. D. Uh what. Was the other one D tube from. Steam or, or many others they there's just something missing they just don't they just don't catch you. Know like a YouTube, which is mainstream, obviously. You'll have you know certain, people that are going to be more technical more up, on what's going on cinnamon. That's gonna be coming down the path pretty soon I think that's gonna be you, know a big. You. Know big in the space you, know big opportunity, big potential, this, new one that I. Just brought up you, know I think has some some, amazing, potential this. You know you, know maybe maybe not but they're getting a lot of money to. Get back it, says here you know has, to day generated. Over seventy, million dollars, in digital. Currency. Sales, 70 million I mean talk about a ramp up you know to have some money to, operate from, to, start building out your platform, 70 million you, know it's crazy and we saw some that got up to a billion you know yeah, what was that telegram, was a billion, when, they when they launched the right there uh there, I. Was. It ICO IPO. ICO. So. You. Know it's it's just unbelievable. The scale, at which these, these companies can grow, it. Just it's just it's just, astonishing, you. Know so what's, up Nick, black glad, glad you just checked in all the way out from LA. Bright, and early over.

There To 6:00. A.m., over. In LA almost, 6:00 a.m. over in LA glad you made it on. Appreciate that Anneliese. Say. Say the title three times fast. Hey. I know I'm a little bit behind on on your comment, Nick. Black the component, is centered censorship. Resistance. A true, platform, where no content, is censored, let, adults choose. What, they want to watch simple, decentralized. Censorship. Route and, and there's, definitely some significance, to that we, either lead live in a free society, or, we don't you. Know either you, know we have First, Amendment, rights or we. Don't you know the, fact that that, that, that. For, the for the past, number of years they've. Really. Twisted. Our First. Amendment rights is. Is. A little is a little difficult. To, handle the, fact that other people think, that's shouting, you down and trying, to crush your freedom of speech is their, First Amendment right when in fact it's not you, know you can't shout, somebody else down when they're out there trying to voice their opinion, that's not a first do you not you're not exercising, anyone's. First Amendment right at that point now, it's just a freefall. Free-for-all. Oh. Fest at, that point you, know but but the but the socialist. Elements within, society, have convinced, this, millennial, generation that's. Out there protesting, that. It's okay to go and crush other people's, freedoms, mainly. Based. On promoting, your own freedom, it just makes absolutely no sense and, I, brought up this book before I'd read it years ago it, was called demo free Nia which is the schizophrenic. Nature, of democracy, was, written by Paul. Idol Berg I don't, even know if the books in print anymore and I've gone. Through every book that I've had and I it, kills me to, not be able to find that book and once, I find that book I'm gonna show it and. I but I've recommended, you know for many people to read that book because, it shows that, transition. Within, a democracy, and. And shows the the issue the inherent issue that. Becomes, you kind of like a mental illness it's schizo frame it's schizophrenic, in nature really on. What happened with the democracy and that's a perfect example. So, didn't. Great, book see did you read that doc Sifu, you. Read demo, free Nia. So. Are, we at 46, cents. Anneliese, that we, got BTC. Is at 11100. Maybe it's going to hit 12,000. Before. Before, the end of day tomorrow that's going to be amazing. Mainstream is is you know there's definitely you know some excitement and that the excitements going to keep going oh man that's awesome see, if I'm glad you read that book if, it was written for another purpose you know with but that but the four. You, know topic. At. Hand you, know had to do with another country but overall it, also explored, some. Of the things that happen over in the UK during, World War two uh and. It's, just it's just amazing you know people willing to give up freedoms, in. In an, effort of protecting, freedoms you, know so it gets it gets a little crazy, um what's well man we're at the hour I. Told. Ship yesterday. I'm. Gonna try to keep my streams to 45 minutes impossible. It can't happen it, just doesn't happen 3:10, up up. $5, from from yesterday, so yeah, Anneliese, definitely, appreciate that anybody. Coming. In the, room if you haven't hit the thumbs up yet make sure you hit the thumbs up if you're new and you haven't subscribed, to the channel yet make sure you subscribe if you, want to share the. Channel with others I'll definitely appreciate, that that'd be awesome so. Haha. See, foot reads everything. From comic books to cereal boxes and that demo Freedia kind of fell right in right, in the middle there it's, perfect nuts it's not really, a comic, book but, it's not really a cereal, box that kind of right right in the middle. Awesome. And presto, appreciate, that glad that you I'm glad you've joined in, hey Sean J good. To see you here um so, let's, let's, sum this up with, something interesting so. Let's, go let's go International. Um then. It's gonna be international, regarding. This space so. I pull, up okay so, there are two things one, uh D. And I already, already. Told us about and, and I wanted, to comment a little bit on it but, no reason so, I was, going to mention what, the F ATF, rules, and, their global exchanges.

That Now have to share customer. Data and you, know everything, that's going to bring everything a little bit more up to, KY caml. Etc, etc. Which. Is really now also gonna squash, any. Of those, those. Mouthy, you. Know misinformed. You know voices, out of Congress that. Are gonna say oh wow it's being used for terrorism and, all sorts of other things and, but we don't really know what we're talking about where we're gonna say it anyways because we're, politicians. And that's what we do we think everybody wants to hear what we have to say regardless. If it's accurate so anyhow. But, this one we're gonna swear gonna wrap up with this this R this interesting, article that was on Bloomberg and. And. And I thought it was it was great this came out yesterday, June, 21st, uh. Zimbabwe. Leader wants. New, currency. How, crazy is that he wants a new currency alright, make. A new currency yeah we're not stopping, you from making a new currency IMF. Loan in. Revival. Bid so he wants a new currency and and. He. Wants an IMF loan in order to. Revive. His country Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe. Is interesting, because they, destroyed, their country. Zimbabwe. If you go back through III I, did. And I've been out of grad school for a while but, I did a lot of research, economically. Speaking into. China and I, did a lot in Africa. I focused, on certain, countries within Africa, Zimbabwe, happened. To be one of them Botswana. Happen to be another one of them I was, really hyper focused, on on. What, these. Countries. Had. In terms of natural. Resource, and potential. Of growth in. China, you, know you're looking at their potential, for economic, growth and some of the things that we're holding them back. But Zimbabwe. It's interesting, because. Zimbabwe. Uh you. Know they they displaced. There were there were many uh you, know uh hold. Over. You. Know European, you, know they. Had, been there for years but a European, descendant, farm. Owners and. In leadership in, Zimbabwe, and, everybody. Coexisted. There, wasn't a major issue um but, the, powers that be decided, that. They wanted to change the. Structure of how. Things were they. Wanted to change the economic, structure. In terms of ownership. Brought. A new leadership new, leadership. This decided. That they, wanted all their friends to own these farms, they, stripped the rights for. All of these farmers. Based strictly. On national. Identity, and skin color and. Decided, that if you're white you no longer could have ownership in these farms and. Within. A very short period of time, because. Of this this despot. Mentality. Based. On making, decisions by putting. Your friends, in position, to, where they didn't belong to where they didn't have. Capability. And. They, basically turned. A, prosperous. Economy. And prosperous. Exporting. Nation into, a, nation, that was 100 percent reliant. On United. Nations, handouts. Really. Really you know disastrous. For them very, similar, to. What happened in Venezuela recently. With. A complete, recently. Over a period of twenty years twenty years plus flip. The country upside down from, a mass exporter. To, a mass. Reliant. You. Know being. Massive, reliant, on on handout Venezuela, obviously. Their economy, still, struggling haven't, really turned to the handouts yet, but that's happening, as we speak because, they've destroyed their country, Zimbabwe. Same thing but I think it's interesting because now. We have a you, know a newer president, they. Unseated. They. Robert, Mugabe, it was in charges, and Bob wait for a long time. And so it, was it was important, that they they you know were able to get rid of him and. It was done militarily, they removed, that. That the. Leader and. Now we see, that, you. Know you have a new, Zimbabwe, it, wants to really. You. Know you know a new Zimbabwe, that really wants to move, back into being. A successful, prosperous. Country. And why not why shouldn't they be a successful. Prosperous. Country, why shouldn't they have equal. Opportunity, within the global economy, to get back to you, know a position. Where they're, benefiting, their their population. They're. Trading, with their neighbors their, trading, globally, on there, they're using, their natural resources for, what they are they're farming, the land they're doing everything that they can do to, build themselves into a prosperous nation you. Know similar to you, know any other country around the world so, what, I think is is most, interesting, about this though is that. They want to in you know they, want to implement. A brand new currency, because, their currency, forget about it you know you might as well you, know just burn the paper. You. Know it basically has no, value, our. Economy, basically has zero. Value they don't have an economy our, economy is basically IMF. Handouts. You know over over a long term you, know at this point UN handouts, that really, they, drip, down to the people you know it's not not beneficial.

There. They're looking, at ways. That they can take this economy, and and. And rebuild, it and. And, and. The reason why I thought it was interesting is because, this really factors, in to. A, lot, of the things that we've been talking about a lot of things even you know that DNI has, brought up but. And and others, that you know others in the space have talked about as well, but. It really brings to light the fact that you're, building. A new economy you. Want a new currency. What's. To stop them, from utilizing. A, digital, asset as, a new, currency, and. Putting it in place we've, seen the Marshall Islands do it. We saw a Venezuela. Unsuccessfully. Used a false a fake. Digital. Asset and try. To implement it however. It's, it's possible and it would be really interesting, to. See a. Country. That begins, to grow up with, an economy based. On a digital asset you. Know I don't know if they'll ever happen, I don't know if that's realistic, but here's an opportunity and, this goes back to you, know the IMF. Can the IMF, you. Know actually. Do. Something positive, in this in this scenario where. They. Where. They direct, the, Zimbabwe. And they. Direct the leadership, they direct. President. Emerson. Would. Let me see Manong, GOG wha when. I'm GOG WA and they direct them in the in the right you know in to working. With a digital asset to, build up their economy based on a digital asset. Now, may I'm imagine, if it was a magic. There was a stable coin imagine. If it was you, know based off of you. Know the xrp ledger you know imagine you. Know I mean it's it's endless, it's really endless, what. They could potentially do if they build it off of the, XRP ledger imagi

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Just one last thought, those FATF rules are probably going to push a lot of Privacy first exchanges offshore to places like Vanuatu, where there are few rules and the major governments cannot control them. What needs to be made apparent to the legislators is that fiat is no more KYC/AML proof than crypto, you can put dollars in a suitcase and spend them any where and no one will know. At least Cryptocurrency's have traceable block chains. Sorry about leaving so many comments, I'm just putting them in as you're talking so I don't forget.

Comments are awesome. Keep them coming. Great point which needs to be brought to the attention of the Congressional Representatives. I am going to add these points to the video outline we are preparing which will be sent to assist in their outreach efforts.

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Michael, I am in no way debating that in any way and I agree 100 percent. I did preface all of this with the fact that there was an attempt of correcting the wrongs of the past with wrongs of today. Yes, the borders of Africa were artificially drawn by the colonial powers out of Europe. Much of the issue was caused by bordering on tribes that were in conflict with each other. Pair this with the stripping of natural resources out of Africa by the colonial powers. My point was that you cannot punish people today for something that happened in the past, unless of course you are directly punishing those directly responsible.

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@the HODL REVIEW when you think about how sophisticated everything is now it's not beyond the realm of possibility that this is globalist

@On The Chain LIVE when you think about how sophisticated everything is now it's not beyond the realm of possibility that this is globalist

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