Bank XRP | 63 Million Reasons Banks Want Cryptocurrency

Bank XRP | 63 Million Reasons Banks Want Cryptocurrency

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Oh. And, I, believe we are live, so. Let's. For. All those who are joining. In a pre-recorded. Session, normally, we. Log in make, sure all the technicals. Are flowing, make, sure the color on my shirt is straight. It's. A little bit ruffled one. Hump when I'm not paying attention so what's, up Alex sheet what's up Cal Alana Edward. Josh. Shields, yo what's up. Dee. And I sent you, man. I don't know about that huh. So. Ho hey. Dan Dan man, that's awesome that. You reached out to what, Gonzalez, and I. Responded, positively I'm, really, really enthusiastic. To. Hear about that it's absolutely, fantastic. All. Trainor. What's up anybody. That. Is new. Than. No alert, nothing. Nothing. No news and that's. A wrap, glad, you guys were able to make it on. What's. Up xrp. Minute so, if anybody. Who is new, then definitely oh you got no alert, YouTube. Sucks oh wait. A minute am I gonna get thrown in YouTube jail that. Kind of like the Facebook. Jail. So. Let's. See you got man. That's fantastic. Dan dan I'm really really happy. To hear that and it just it really you, know shows that, you, know these guys man, they're on it and like, oh saying you know they definitely, 100%. Will. Help, I got to turn this down you know definitely 100%. Respond. To you. They you, know they're they're. Responsive. To, constituents. And that's the whole point, yeah, that's the whole reason why, they're they're serving, in office is, to respond. And to, support. Us so on that's, absolutely. Outstanding so. Tina, Hall glad, to see one, michael. Metzner. He. Didn't come on your own and D&I is great at sending people over here you know it's kind of like a wrap and the. Next show kicks on it'd, be amazing if there was a way. To connect, all this together so. Anyhow. Carl. Lewis what's. Up Omar. Is. Everyone, bounces. On here I think everyone, coming on you know came over from DNI so Anneliese, George, good morning it is morning, someplace, and, check this out so I figured I'd little. Bottles don't do it and taking a. Note. From the DNI. Water bottle. Is great. It would be awesome to connect, the dots xrp, minute. So. Alright so everyone's, bouncing, in I want, to pick up on Hanah little note here before, we kind of get into the. News we get into some. Good, topics, of discussion, and I'm kind of glad that Dee, and I kind of you.

Know Left off on on, this note a Spanish Fly Anneliese. George good to see you guys on, so. His. Interesting, um and. And. Maybe. I'll never get into this hang on your look. This. Is this is actually just a regular-sized water bottle that's right though, it's. And. Now I can't drink it alright. Just. Look pretty big on the on the thing. Anyhow. That's pretty hilarious. So. Anyhow. So Dee and I mentioned, something about sanctions. And. He talked about Swift and I, just wanted to give my two cents, on that I think it's kind. Of poignant, since, uh you, kind of left off on that and then we're gonna get into some digital. Asset, related, things, hey Claire as Snowden, that bro what's going on since. City anybody. Who's new. To the channel if you haven't been on yet definitely. Make sure you subscribe. Hit. The thumbs, up. On the way in and hit. The thumbs up on the way out so. If you give a thumbs up thumbs down that's up to you as long as there's a one. In one direction so. It's. Funny. So. Up bratty and bratty Nields, i can. Just say this all day no just keep up I'm. So any help alright so. So. Dee and I was mentioning, sanctions. And really. There's a couple different paths, here and so, this is where I think it's important, and the US has. A couple different options there's obviously, bad. Actors, in the world on, there are certain things where you, know they cause tension, to. To. The freedom. Of move, whether its economic or, otherwise, and. Creating, a little bit of turmoil whether it's uh raising. Funds, and for. For. Or. Arms. That are actually, being utilized against. Against. Civilians. What, have you it doesn't matter you. Know there but again there's bad actors, and there's. Only really two options, to to, really deal with a bad actor, and one. Of those is, through. Military, engagement, and the. Other is through, economic. Means and that would be through economic, sanctions, obviously. You can bring cases to the United Nations and the, United Nations, unfortunately. Is, dominated. Predominantly. Many. Of the entities. Within the UN are then led by some of these bad. Actors States namely. North. Korea, Iran. And, so. Forth so, they typically, will have ill intent, and in, always trying to push forward their own. Anti. West ideology. And anti west agenda, so, that's. That's really you know my two cents, on it but you but the point being is that when, it comes down to it, there's. Really only a, couple different options and, so when, it comes to economic. Means we're almost better off with, nation-states, fighting. Each other on an echo from on an economic level rather. Than immediately, engaging, in a military, conflict, and. So obviously, you, know you can argue and debate whether or not, economic. Sanctions, will work or won't work and. Whether, or not it has a direct impact on the governments, or if. The government's, will regardless. Of those at the top there are still going to live well it's, typically the people at, the end of the day who suffer, namely.

If You look at like North, Korea which has been isolated but, the people at the top seem to live pretty well whereas, the rest of the people in the country typically suffer now, part, of the issue with economic. Sanction, means, that you need to have. Global. Adoption. And global acceptance, and. Global. Participation of. The economic, sanctions so. Let's say if the United States decides on a course of action which, would be the actor state that rogue state is still, going to continue along. Its it's same path, regardless. Of what, the West wants, so, there, is always that interesting, dynamic, that's. That's. Debated, so anyhow. I thought I would throw that in there thanks D&I for tossing that out there. So. All, right let's, see here, where. Is Farshad. What's. Up. Alright I'm now. It gets stuck looking at these uh these, notes here so alright, let me uh let me. Open up my notes here and let's get to actually. Something I'm sure you guys would rather hear about other than global. Sanctions, and and, how. To deal with a rogue, state or a bad actor state so. Alright, let's see. All. Right so, let's see so. Really the focus, and the title of what I wanted to talk about today is really, emphasizing. The. Global economy, the fact that the global economy will. Be and is, definitely moving, in the direction of, being, powered by blockchain. And that. Ripple. And, XRP. Seem to be at the epicenter. Of what's. Happening, whether in direct, utility, at this moment or as, the, causation. Of the. Rollout of. Similar. Competitive. Type, product, and so, I think it's really interesting and. Actually there was an article that I. Wanted, to lead with as kind of current news and this. It showed up on Ripple calm the, title, of this article is. Interrupted. Billa, interoperability. Is the, key to unlocking the network, of networks, and I really thought it was it was really spot-on as we go through the article, first. You know some of my thoughts on it. Is that. Really, at the end of the day through. This. Interoperability. We, get automation. And we, are able to speed up the. Transaction. Process, in. Any form of transaction, so if it's in a business transaction, if. You think about, I'm. Glad to see you typing, in there I appreciate. That so. You know if you have to transport. Goods overseas, there's, multiple, triggers that that happen, along the way so, if somebody is. You. Know so you you have the transport. You have the transport, a part, of it if one. Of the parties is using, or if the parties are using, a letter, of credit to release payment, so, in order for that payment to be released certain triggers have to happen. Certain. Licensing. And permits, and, whatever, has. To go along with the, Bill of Lading for. Transport. As it goes into customs, etc, so there's. Always you, know human. Contact. With. The. Product, and with the entire, transaction. Whether, it's at the banking level or you. Know if it's at the movement, of goods level, through, the logistics, and so, if you're able to have automatic triggers, so if the entire process is then, on the block on the block chain and you, have all. Of these different. Parties. Within. This transaction, also. Connected. On the bra on the block chain then, in this case you have the interoperability. You. Have the network of network so to speak as per this article, and. It's. It's so amazing, so that means that the from a logistics, perspective. The, shipping companies, are triggering. The. The. Submission, of paperwork. For your letter of credit through the banks are triggering, different. Scenarios. Throughout the process the release of funding, you know chip thank, you very much for that appreciate. That and it, appears that the that, it worked because it, was so instantaneous. That, I was still mid-sentence, and and. I, got the notification, on my phone that is how. Absolutely. Amazing. The, movement, of funds are through, the xrp ledger it's absolutely. Amazing. So it was probably it's just instant, as soon as you hit it it shows, up now, if I could figure out how to get it to ring on the screen, and there's, actually a mechanism, to, trigger, on. It, but it's not through OBS it's, through stream labs and I'm trying to get stream labs fully. Functional, so, that when certain things happen, it's, immediately. Automating. And crediting. Individuals. As they come in so if you could imagine a, solution. Within. The, blockchain. That. Is, you. Know automating. A process, even like this even with the relationship.

Of What we have going on right now with the conversations. And, you, know the subscribers. And and all of this obviously there's all these little tie ins and the software, that. Make things happen but, imagine, if you. Know through these processes you. Know there are other certain, triggers that happen, you know I mean it's it's really it's unbelievable, what you know what can what, can really take place, through. Blockchain. And. When we think about what coil is doing and you, know if we think about what XRP tip bot potential. Is if, we think about what, some. Some, some, some. Zoom. I'm. Not sure exactly how to uh how. To pronounce. That not really sure oh I, guess we'll figure it out someone here can probably type, it and I know it's there somewhere but. Anyhow. You know there's so many you know aspects. Of what's happening, out there and, all of these pieces are, getting connected together you, know and imagine even in this space as we're, able to connect, and leverage. Everybody's. Participation. In this, space and that to me is absolutely phenomenal. If. There, was something like that that, was put together you. Know so but, anyhow so when. I when I think about you, know the interoperability. You. Know I think about speed. I think about. Efficiency. And. Then you want to put, a, juxtaposition. Of. That through, how it's currently done, which. Is. The manual, completion of these transactions. And through. The manual completion of transactions. Then you have the speed and the efficiency. Of a, manual completion of a transaction, of a, bureaucracy and. Obviously. Subject. To human. Error, now human, error could be something. As small as putting, the wrong mark on a piece of paper, human. Error could be as small. As someone, leaving a paper, work on a desk all sorts, of crazy things happen, especially. In the global, in. A global, structure not. All countries. Have, the. Exact, same processes. In place even, as much as we'd like to see those same processes Farshad. What's, up thank you very much for that 9.99. I've. Got a mosquito flying around here or a bug or something but, I appreciate that a lot so. You, know huh it's funny seen seeing. The head on the on the screen now. So. You, know so to me you know what's what's so important. About you, know this blockchain, technology, is that you know we're able to begin to streamline. Processes. This. You know it's similar to if we think back to the concept, of why. Swift. Really. Started. In the beginning right so Swift back in the, early 70s, came. Into being, as a means, to create. A, streamlined. Messaging. Platform, for banks to communicate, with each other and all have the same exact coded, language um so, I think that is you, know definitely a necessity, man, Farshad, what's up with that thank you very much appreciate, that. You, know so if we think about you, know what, Swift, was really trying to accomplish you, know by doing that, back in the 70s now, imagine. What blockchain. Is going to accomplish with blockchain, technology, is. Going to accomplish by now allowing. Parties. To create, environments. That will streamline, all, of these processes now. As part of the streamlining. Of the process, you also have to have an underlying, yeah. What's up do you know all thank you very much for that you. Need to have an underline. Movement. Of the funding, of funds as well so, there has to be payment, for, they, streamlining, in the flow of these Goods so, with, all of this, as. We look at these again, if we look at these blockchain. Processes. And the. Interconnection. Again the interoperability, of. All these different multiple, parties and each, multiple, party as a transaction. Occurs. There's, a payment, happening. As well so. All of this again, is going to force it, really, force all parties, regardless, of where they are in the world or a, regardless. Of where they are in the transactional. Process, whether, it's a large bureaucracy. And the banking. Sent. Part, of the the process whether it's in the, shipping, part wherever that bureaucracy. Might. Be it's. Going to force, a, full, efficiency, full, transparency, lower, costs, and even, more trust, so, right now through that process there's. Definitely, a lack of trust, and what's, huh thank you very much for that again really. Appreciate it Farshad. You. Know so there's definitely a, you. Know a lack of trust, in the in the current process and the reason why there's a lack of trust is because. Things, happen. On a regular basis. Where there's errors made and and. You know and things fall off so, um, haha.

Hey There we go Thank, You Tina Hall appreciate. That. Um, auburn, rain. Who's. The adult in the room wait a minute not anymore I get this huge, water bottle, here that, I, went, to grab the, smaller ones but I didn't feel like opening up the package and this has happened to be open so. D&I. That's to you. All. Right so. Let's. See here let, me let me open this article, here I think there, are a few points, within, it if it wants. To open doesn't look like it wants to open there. We go so. The article, was, on ripple insights, you guys can go check it out there. Was really a lot of uh let. Me see let, me see I made some notes let me see if there's anything here and really. There's not much that I can that it's gonna add any. Help I just I kind of put my own thoughts on top of it you guys can go back and read it if you want it's, on ripple com insights, again. Interoperability. Interoperability, is. The, key to unlock in the network of networks so. With. That in mind let's, let's, move into, some. Of the great things that have been happening within. The. XRP. Payment. Space so again, I think about you, know ripple XRP I think about XRP you, know put ripple aside for a minute because, ripple. Although, is doing amazing. Things within. The cross-border payments space. And. Really, setting. The, premise. For. Utilizing. A, proper, or, utilizing. A digital, asset and, a blockchain. Solution. To facilitate. These cross-border, payments which. We're going to get into because that. Gets to the 63. Other million, reasons why banks are adopting. Cryptocurrency, for, cross-border payment, but. If we just segment, out XRP on its own one, of the the important. And interesting parts, of XRP is that. It has real-world utility, and real-world, utility. That can be realized. Hang. On a second these these notifications are, popping up and I, should you. Know make a statement here I got a, burn, rain appreciate, that and also. Tina. Hall appreciate, the. XRP, through the tip pot as well, as from chip, and it's awesome. So. Again, that's it so immediate, that's it's fantastic. Imagine you know the movement of you. Know a payment, structure through the XRP tip pot is so, seamless, you know it's so easy to use, so. Alright so so. If we think about again if we want to remove all of the different. Larger. Aspects. Of. This space so let's put ripple, aside for a minute let's put ripple net aside for a minute all Farshad, appreciate, it good night it was good to see you on, enjoy. Having you on the show, for the time you're here so. Let's. See here. All. Right so. Let's, not water d and i sent from thailand that's funny. All, right so. Now. I may keep getting distracted here. All. Right snow. Didn't appreciate that thank. You very much for, the XRP, tip bot they, just keep coming over wildstar. What's going on this is a huge. Bottle, it just wouldn't look right if you're if you're actually drinking out of a bottle of vodka, could you imagine you're. On the stream and you're just guzzling, a bottle of vodka that just wouldn't look right right. Monday, night that's what happened. Busy, week clear. Whiskey the, new whiskey the. Whiskey, of the 21st, century. So. Alright. So banking, banking, with XRP now this is really, this. Is really awesome so, what. We saw from the creators, of the XRP tip bot is an. Actual. You, know banking. Solution. And this. Is coming through as I was saying it's some or some, elephant. Moonshine. Haha. That's funny. Yeah. But. Yeah uh that's. Not a jug of water this is definitely not a drug of water oh that, is a doe no, all right let me just put that aside over there. Take. A shot every time we. Tip. Out every time we drink the water, all. Right so um so some so Xu mm from. The creators, of XRP, tip pot and what's, interesting is, that earlier in the week or towards the end of last week, we. Have up, we. Have the creators of extra. Pee tip bot rolling. Out the zine dot, io, x, IG. Nao, then. It came to came. To the realization. That JP. Morgan had. Acquired, an organization. Back, in 2007. And chip and I talked about this the other day, so. We, had they acquired an organization, called sign in. 2007. And then subsequently, JP. Morgan shut them down in. 2013. So, now fast-forward, six. Years and we. Win, you, know is now, creating, this. Zine. Dot. IO which. Is a, really. A in. My, opinion, it becomes, not, just a wallet, becomes a banking, app oh man, it's borderline. And we talked about this the other day also really.

That Transactional. Point, where. We move away from. Brick-and-mortar. Banks, we begin to move more and more towards online banking, and we move more and more towards. Exchanges. And towards. Apps actually. Becoming. Our banks. And. There's a fine line because, as soon as some. Which is part of their process, as. Soon as they apply, for banking licensing. Then, in in. Every definition. They. Become a bank so. We, look. Up here was this. Wait. A minute, GX, RP uh. Remember. Kate winslet saying I'll never let go Jack - he's. Not always. Huddle. It's, funny. Report, come, on killing. Me. Alright let's see we've got yalitza. Del, bo. Share. Was, that Chirinos. It's, a hard one too but. Just get it as yalitza. Yalitza. If you're new I definitely, throw, up I hit, the subscribe button, hit. Some thumbs up that, would be fantastic and, let's. Let's, keep moving through this so so, I was looking around trying, to get a oh. Man. The flight home was great it was really really good, yep. Haha. Yeli, yeli would, be easier thank you I. Appreciate, it, glad glad to have you on uh yeah. Rain, it was it was a long trip long. Trip back so. Let's. See here alright so actually I was looking around I wanted I wanted to get a little, snippet from, their new website so all this stuff was happening I, guess kind of dragging on but, all this stuff was happening it. Seems like a few days ago then, they ran it rolled out with this new name then. You, know it looks like they're going full, steam. Ahead with. With. Xum which. Is which is awesome, so, uh so, I was looking for something on it Hodor, actually, already. Wrote a blog on it and it's. Fantastic, so. I want to just go, down so we have waste wind who is the founder, again of XR PL XRP, tip pot so, he's, actually, created. This some and and, really again, to me you know it becomes, you know we're crossing that fine line from. Their perspective, you, know they're creating, this platform with. Open. API, which. Allows so, much development, within the space to. Connect, to, banks. Outs you know so you so they, want to have it so that they're connecting, to the banks they want to have it so you can easily pay. You. Know you can pay your any, any retail. Purchase. Utilizing. Their wallet, platform, and. I'm just scrolling down here, let. Me let me pull this up because I don't know if you guys saw this table, so, me with, my OBS, go here we go alright, let me go to here. Let. Me see how that looks I gotta correct that real quick not, gonna look right if I'm. Out of whack over here out of sorts on my little, image all, right let me do, it quick transition. And let's. Pull this up here there. We go alright so you guys can see this here so how will you use it now this is awesome so Hodor put, this together here's, an example that, he put in his blog and and. This. Is great so look at you saying okay you're on a family, trip for, our trip with your it to your family cabin you, stopped to buy groceries at. The cash register, the total is displayed alongside. A QR, code you open up the app on your phone and you. Scan the code and there's. The transaction. You pay in your XRP it, pays it in US currency it, issues. It through bitstamp in this case and that's, it now you just put made your purchase at Kroger using. Your app using, some you accept it and you're. Off and. So there's, so much application. So, here you have it you know if you're doing you know through Amazon. Whatever. It might be there's a ton of integration. In this space on here. That you know they're really emphasizing. User. Experience. So. I'm just going through you know getting some of the key. Points here I like, the fact that you, know they're, really focusing, on on the, customer, experience which, is amazing, the, ease, of use and here's, what I wanted to really highlight so, here, we have the go live date so, they don't really have an official go live date yet but they do plan, on rolling it out sometime in 2019. They're, not going to have the the wallet not, readily. Active, in 19 or, in version 1 version 2, they, plan an I've in the IOP, wallet version 3 and 4 they, want a custodial, wallet now, the thing is they don't have necessarily all the international, partnerships, and here's.

Where When, I talk about that crossover, when, they go into becoming. That. Banking, environment, so as much as people talk about you, know staying, away from, you. Know the banking environment or banks. Going away I believe, there's, always the need for a third party, and. People aren't always going to want to trade. Directly. In in cash. Whatever that cash might be let's call cashes, as just. Our is just our term for. Oh pain and money so. If, your your pain one-for-one, people, still have, this reliance, on wanting to use credit and a credit card for. Whatever that purpose might be whether, you're getting that extension of a 30-day, period. Or you, know it's just easier, to have one, source of payment for, everything, a collection. So to speak but we're not that far off so, imagine. A. Sum. And the, sum now applies for banking, it becomes. Your wallet for your fiat currencies, so you can put your euro your. US dollars, your Japanese, yen, whatever. It might be but, you can hold it on your some wallet, you have your some wall PL so have your XRP your, litecoin your Bitcoin whatever you might have on there it's your choice to spend what you want so. Now you're able, to carry and spend, and have, control, over what you're doing but, if you take it a step further and as, they go through and that's why I was looking at this licensing, I think, it's interesting because from. The licensing, you know they're really talking about initially. Having to acquire, two. License, one an. Estonian, license, to give them the authority to, handle small amounts of XRP in the. ILP, prepaid, wallet which, you'll have to explain, that a little bit later and then a Lithuanian, banking. License, to. Provide the authority for some to, handle full custody, of material, amounts of fiat and crypto, um so that's already in version 3 so that's, where you, know we begin to see that, crossover, that's, also where you begin to see organizations whether. It's through some whether. It's through coinbase whether. It's through uphold, whether, it's through cred. Or, Nexus. Or whatever, it might be they. Be they're slowly transitioning. Into the banking entity, to. Where we, can then establish, credit. So. Right now the credit is put. A digital asset in for. Every two you put in you can borrow one so. They want you to back up your. Digit, your loan with. With. It with a collateral, of more, digital, asset. So it's it's a it's. An interesting way to work it it's the way the only way to work or right now at some, point people will be able to establish credit but, if you can imagine and this goes back to. Banking. The unbanked, and so. You. Know why why is it significant. To. Be able to bank the unbanked and part, of it is you, know allowing, those unbanked, to become part of the. General. Global, economy, now someone. That's unbanked doesn't have a credit card but, let's say they're able to make money let's. Say they're generating, their. Cash flow through whatever they're selling let's, say they've been able to establish credit. Through utilizing, whether. It's a. You. Know whether it's a this. Some app. Or, let's, say it's uphold, using. Cred or let's say it's you. Know whatever it doesn't matter the next shows they're. Able to put digital asset, out there, and now they're able to borrow against. That digital asset they're able to extend, credit which. Is pretty, amazing because if they can extend credit from there it. Also allows, them to leverage, themselves a little bit differently eventually. People. Will be able to borrow actual, credit and there'll be a way to provide, those credit checks there'll be a way to extend, and develop, etc. Etc so any, help, all, right let. Me what's. The pen is, that, that yeah you know what sorry, about that man I'm going back you, know I didn't want to answer but I believe this is your pen and. I think it even says from.

The Auburn range Studios but. You know what if you leave a pen in front of me and you hand me a pen and I use it it always seems to walk away as do all my pens with. Other people, and being that I use, pens very infrequently but. There it's beneficial, sometimes, they have a pen over here so you can jot down a quick note, typically. On the fly I'm always using key though. I. Have. Yeah, Tina, I have no idea what I'm talking about I'm just kind of talking and, it's creating a little background, noise you know see you guys can have a chat and you, know kind of uh you, know, kick it off so. Yep. Hopefully. This wasn't your good penned it says, indeed. So. Maybe it was your good pen I don't know. All. Right so where, was I. Completely. Lost track now, all right this straight from. Straight. From the. Confusion. Of let's. Go back to the notes all. Right so. All right enough with enough, with some I thought that was awesome now the other one is. There. We go Miyagi. What's going on there we go So. So. If we go to. Real-world. Utility. And so. If we want to look at real-world utility. We. Talk about what could potentially be, done with. XRP, we, talk about what could potentially be, done the ripple, net we, just looked at what. Can. Potentially be done with some now. If we take it a step further let's. Go a step backwards. Let's, talk about what. The potential, is in the, social media space so. We know that Facebook, has been plotting, and planning, they. Met with the SEC, and so. They're trying to come out with their own their. Own digital asset. Op and. It's. Interesting, that. Within. The space we've seen a couple, other providers, try to launch. Into, the social. Media space, so, we have some YouTube wannabes, out there like D live we've. Got D stream D. Stream was part of steam it steam. It wasn't, such a bad, platform. Or at least in concept. But. The more you got on it you realized, really. It's important, to have two, aspects, of a social media platform one. I believe you have to have in many, cases you have to be first in or you. Have to have some life-changing. Technology. That's. Ease-of-use that, kind of catches on something. Unique something different. Has to occur, that. That, everybody's, going to want to use it and it has to go through that evolution. So, steam, it as a non, Sun online. Blogging a. Portal. To. Utilize, the. Steam. Digital, asset in. My opinion I tried it when it first came out went, through the registration, process through, up some blogs found, it cumbersome. Difficult. It was a great idea where you could up vote and people can make money through up votes but. Overall. I thought it was just, bear up just a very heavy. Platform. To try to utilize. Then. If you, look at some. Of the others out there like D Live and, I know you, know chip has been you, know to cross.

Streaming, And he, streams on to D live you know the downfall, of D live is that, it doesn't record any of the videos so, you either have to watch it live or don't watch it at all I think. That's definitely a drawback, to that platform however, there, seem to be a lot, of gamers, engaged. Somehow on D live kind, of a cumbersome, platform, again this, stream through YouTube. Isn't isn't, the best, or. It doesn't you know I don't, say it's not the best because really, there, hasn't been another platform, as good, as YouTube, that's, rolled out that, just seems like overall but when. I say it's not the best obviously there's other issues dealing. With you within the YouTube structure. There's, definitely, centralized, control. Across. All, of the social media platforms, and through. That centralized, controls at the end of the day the social media platforms, are out for one purpose and that's really, the accumulate. User. Data and then make money through, advertising on. These on the user data obviously we've seen some breach of, confidence. When it came to Facebook, there's. You, know people being put in facebook jail there's. People that are being kicked. Off of YouTube there's. People that are being banned on Twitter that. Might. Not necessarily, you. Know fall into a category where they should have been but, that's because the. Platform is centralized, to. A point that you, know if there's a political agenda within, that organization. Or the. Checkers, within their social media platform. Are, going through and actually banning, users. But. Again at the end of the day they're accumulating all these users. And they're utilizing. Again, the data for marketing purpose now these, are all free platforms. To. Use and, we, all use them freely we all signed up and didn't. Read the fine print and part. Of the fine print is everything. You put on our platform, we can use the way we.

Want To use it so. You know so I think that you, know we're, kind of at a Teta at a turning, point right now that's. Really. Important, to, we're you know we actually have to start looking, at a. Solution. For. Having. Or. Having, something different. Than, what. We what, we actually. You. Know what we actually have, right now whether it's Twitter or Facebook or, YouTube or, or what-have-you, so. Let. Me see here and, go up here. Chip, the, head you said cross dreaming, instead. Of cross, dressing uh. Heads. Up on security, my browser rates, YouTube. A tap or D well. That's not good that's bad, I can, picture you haha, not. Me no, way. Twitter, is the auto report, at. The auto report. Just. Put a th e at the beginning there we go you. Two-bit a poor grade of D it's, horrible, you, know we're what that's. What the find the fine print says make sure you tune in at ten o'clock on, Mondays and Wednesdays and, Tuesdays. And Thursdays, to check out the XRP minute that's, in the fine print so. Just. Make sure you go back and check that out so. Bras, shrinking is when you drink beer. And whiskey, if. You're drinking wine and you move into hard liquor, it, doesn't really always work so well you know what beer here. In Irish whiskey sometimes go pretty well together die. You know wouldn't wouldn't, mind that. Anthony. Jackson. Doing. A live stream on Monday, night. All right pick. This out hang on. You. Rusty. Diamond, appreciate. That thank you very much, anybody's. New on the stream right now make sure you go. Over and subscribe hit, the thumbs up, you. Can hit thumbs up on the way in you could dumbs up right now you can hit it on the way out either way so alright. So let's check this out so we're talking about social, media now. I think what's what's interesting, with, this social, media platform. Again. There's. You, know you definitely, need a huge, amount of money you're. Taking on a massive. Infrastructure. Between. Facebook. And Twitter. And Facebook. Owning, whatsapp. And Facebook, owning Instagram, and. You. Know and then it really it's just Facebook, and Twitter are really that you know the primaries, out there right now and obviously you. Know some of the you know the kids are going to. Snapchat. Or whatever. They're going to at this point so, a lot of you. Know a lot of these social media platforms, will be adopted, by kids first um you. Know are the younger generations, and then, it'll move up and. So if you look at like a platform like LinkedIn, you. Know it's it's another one of those platforms a, little bit cumbersome, people. Get on there it's not it's kind. Of a quasi. Interesting. Space, I think, people you know in at some point are getting a little bit of social. Media burnout, where there's just too many platforms to, look at and really, you know you, know I think that the next level, is going to be you, know trying to bring all these different social media platforms together, in. In, one easy-to-use. App, you. Know back in the day there was I, can't remember the name of it but if you think if you were on Microsoft, messenger and then, you were on AOL, and there, were all these different multiple.

Chat. Platforms, you could be on and then, there was one one. Software, wasn't, on the phone it was on the computer then there was one that would tie, all of them together saying. I can't remember what it was called but. That's, it's almost you, know where we're at now defined, and easy to use, you know app solution, that's, functional. That's. You know that has a you know good, egg. Just, an overall good experience. To, where you can tie in these multiple, platforms, interested instead of trying to bounce. Around but, at the same time all these companies are vying. For you, know top spot or vying for a percentage, of the, market place so really, if we're gonna continue down this path then. Vying for that space means, that, you, have to look out for you know how can you now benefit. Your, users, instead, of your users continuously. Benefiting, you it, becomes a mutual shared. Relationship. In a mutual shared, profit. Center so if Facebook for instance is going. To find a methodology. To, which they're going to compensate. Individuals. For. You. Know participating. In whatever, you know maybe you, know you're helping like let's say I think a good example would be you. Know through Google Maps you can go on and rate, companies, you. Can write reviews and, they give you these quasi, you, know you. Know merit, badges or, whatever depending, on how many pictures you posted, and it's, it's enjoyable, I guess then you go back and see how many tens, of thousands, of people have seen. Your pictures, you, know and and that's that's always a little bit enjoyable but. I think but here where where it's really you, know where we're seeing a major shift, in social. Media is, going to be how, to all, users, find, some form of compensation. By. Utilizing. The platform, by participating. Again, in some, way shape or form through. The engagement of the sponsors. Of the platform, so, if. We look at block, dot one block dot one is behind, yo se OS, the digital asset, and. What's. What's crazy about this is that last year, there. Well now they're saying in this article this was on Bloomberg by, the way guys so let, me let me share this again I think there's another one that's that's important, to share let's, go back over here let's share this one now, what's. Crazy about again, what's crazy about all this is that we're starting to see more. More articles. Positive. Articles, that are popping up on Bloomberg, and Forbes, on a regular, basis, now so. They're really emphasizing. The. Digital, asset space so, it's not just hey let's get news on CCN. Or coin, Telegraph, or what have you Bloomberg. And Forbes, you know post seen some really interesting. Topics. In their business section so, here, you know uh blocked. Up one has a three. Billion. Dollar war. Chest three. Billion dollars, obviously trying, to compete with, Facebook. They're. Gonna need every, last penny of that three billion dollars, they, claim. To have raised or point. Two billion dollars in ICO, offerings, last year, and. So four point two billion. Dollars. They launched this new social media application, on Saturday, I've tried. To get it it's not available yet but. Anyhow it's. Called voice I think, they have a decent name it's a little confusing because I got it confused with Google Voice I'm. So you. Know there's something about that you know even though hey you know let's. Go check out voice you. Know but but, you know but the issue again I think it's going to come down to branding, and name it's not bad but. Again, it overlaps, a little bit with with. Uh with. Google now again. What. I what I like about this though is what, they're planning on doing to. Really let, users post share and promote the content, each. Of those actions, will be registered, on the blockchain meaning. That. Once. It's there it's, always going to be tracked, forever. So, unless there's a mechanism to delete hopefully. There's some form of a mechanism to delete, so. It's going to need to be functioning. On the, blockchain which is interesting a fully, functional, social, media platform, utilizing. Blockchain, technology, now, kick, so we talked about the other day kick, has. Run, their social media network. Now their social media network that has around, 300 million customers, about 15 million of them are active. On a monthly basis, that's, 15. Million. People active. On kik every single month now. Block dot, one is going to have to really compete, in this space I bet no one's ever heard of kik maybe, if you're in Canada it's big up in Canada apparently, but. With their 300 million customers. Obviously it, extends. Beyond the borders of Canada with the 30 million people they have in Canada but. The point here is that kik. Developed. Kin they, were the first to roll out a token. That would be utilized on their, social, media platform. In a. Mechanism, or buying, and selling whatever, it might be and they, had a store they were allowing people to buy with.

Their Kin token, whatever it is so, I'd invested, a little bit when they first came, out with it and and. And there it sits so. Not. Really worth much at this point but. Anyhow it's, important, because of everything that they're doing and. Kick has taken a very very active role against, the sec, now, as obviously. In this article it points out what, Facebook, is doing the, Facebook, is meeting with with. The, SEC it mentions, of what, happened, with the the. Launching. Of or this is the this chief technology. Officer who, actually helps team it launch, and. We talked about steam it a little bit and. So at least he has some experience, in that space now steam, it again, when I mentioned. It's, kind of failing, at this point who knows if they'll make their way back but. They did layoff around 70% of their workforce, it's always funny how these articles, kind, of meander. A little bit you know the point of the topic, was all, about blocked out one launching. Their own social media platform, and then, it goes into talking about how, steamin. Had to layoff 70%. Of the workforce and then, finally, you know they didn't really tell us much about what. Block dot one is all about in this article which, would have been a you know nice if, they would have mentioned a little, a little more in you know directly, in the article, so. What, I did here if you go to the blocked on one website you, can, actually go, down and and read, some. 15 articles they have a press release over here now, if you go to their. Voice. Website. You. Can watch the, keynote. On there you can sign up for a beta access, right now so. That's kind of cool and. You can check it out you know when it comes into well into beta you. Know I think you, know just from this image who knows if that's it we'll see if it has a decent platform, if, it has a platform, at least you. Know along the lines up it looks like a cross between like. An Instagram and a, Facebook, and a Twitter somewhere. In the middle so, it may or may not be cool we'll, find out and see how it how, it catches on, um. So that's kind of but at least what we're seeing is a complete. Movement and trend. In in this direction so, alright. Let me let, me go back to you, know some of the chat sorry I kind of been ignoring. You guys here sorry about that. So. Alright. Here's. Another bottle here we go. You. You. Auburn, rain the, noise is so loud right now and I'm bummed that some folks who trust it can no longer be trusted. Are. We talking about what's, that. I. Don't, know all, right is, that. Brock Pierce. Yes. Yo AOS all right I know you posted that a while ago so. Nothing. Is ever deleted, on the interwebs. There's. Got to be a mechanism they can build into it that, they can get, rid of it right I. Gotta, believe there's something all, right let me go through, I. Saw. Behind the Internet's. Yeah. Let's see I want to see coil, and cinnamon, I think, cinnamon is gonna be awesome but again it's gonna all come down, to, the. Presentation. You, know right now I think coil, you, know it's it's it's a great it's a great it's. A great point um but. At the same time, you. Know I had I don't know you know I try to log I try to use coil I'm not. Really engaged, in coil so, much you, know it's just it's just one more thing you know you get you get bogged down and I want, to use coil I really. Do. But. I just find that you know it's got to have an easy easy. User, experience. On, on the phone as a mobile app to. Really simplify and I think cinnamon, you, know cinnamons got to roll out the same way it's gotta have a really solid nice. Interface, and. You know that and, have that good user experience I believe that you know there there's so many different, aspects, to it you. Know somebody that I work with he. Had rolled out a software, and he put the software out developed.

It Back in the in. Like the early 90s, and he. Continued, building, out this software, we, finally got our hands on it and it. Was something that was like so far ahead of his time that, it wasn't even, really. In demand at that time but he was kind of this visionary, and and he saw so far ahead to, like right now so this, is like you, know how many years ago and so. He saw the need for this solution, but, he wasn't able to properly, you, know package, it or, today's. UI. Experience. Now he had all the technology, built, on the. Back end of a database and, again. The presentation, of it the idea concept behind it was, applicable to now it, wasn't applicable really, people, didn't get it back then but, they get it now they, need it now and he, finally rolled, it out with a brand new UI experience. Still, not exactly. The way I would want it but, it was night and day now, I'm looking at some of these others and it. Has to have a solid, UI interface, you, know otherwise, you're. Going to lose you're, definitely going to lose uh you. Know some of the some of the people, um I. I. Thought, it was hooked up with the coil, so. I'm not sure I have to go back and check it out I definitely signed, it up chip. I definitely, put the channel on coil but I'll, go back and check it out maybe not um, I'll, burn rain Google, Facebook Amazon are on the hit list oh man. That's right all of them so that's, that's an interesting, article I pulled, that up um, let, me see where is it here. It is right here Bloomberg. Google. Facebook and Apple fall, on antitrust. Scrutiny I don't know if this what you're talking about so it looks like, Google. Facebook. Apple, tumbled. As the, companies, appear, set to undergo US, antitrust, probes, after, the Justice Department, of Federal Trade Commission, agreed to split up oversight, so, there's, so much going on it's, crazy you. Know it's really crazy you know what what. Could potentially happen here, let me transition, back over here so. Um. Yeah. So there's there's a lot going on in that space right now and it whether it's you, know in it it seems to be you know across party, lines you. Know so you, have the DOJ, that's, looking, to start, investigating. Facebook. And Amazon you, have stuff out of the EU um then. You have you, know calls from Elizabeth, Warren to break, up the tech giants, and there's, a lot of pressure coming from all sides, obviously. They're they're you know could be a difference, of opinion as to why you. Know they want to go after them, you know but man. You know the Hammers going to come down and it's. Gonna be interesting you. Know to see what kind of experience you have to your point if you, spin YouTube off of, Google, you, know and then you, know you're able to you. Know you're able to utilize, it, differently. Or build on that platform differently. You know it deal who, knows you know it's gonna be you know I don't know you, know I really, don't know I do know though however that. If the government's coming after them for antitrust, violation. But, my concern, is going to be the. Economy, at that point so if, we think about what. Happened, back, in the 90s, when, the Clinton administration, went after Microsoft, for. Antitrust, violation, that. Set the entire market, in a in, a, spin and a downward spin, and kind, of burst the the high tech bubble and really, set things into motion, for. Some economic, turmoil. So, if they go after Facebook. And Google and Twitter, and an, apple and everybody, else for these antitrust, violations, we're, going to see some ripples, in other parts of the industry and. Definitely in the economy, so you. Know there'll be it'll, be kind of crazy to see exactly, what's happening now from, the Democrat. Perspective. I believe they're. Coming after them you. Know for a different, reason, I think, that the, current trump administration is.

Coming, After them for exactly what rain. Had said and you're, putting you, know Twitter on the list is you know too much abuse of power Google, is tracking, everything you, know we don't know how in depth Amazon. Is tracking, everything you, know and we don't know you know we in terms of you know these montón, moderators, or the monitors, I let's call monitors they're not moderators, but monitors, on Twitter. And Facebook sorting. Through everything in deciding, you, know who to remove who not to remove you, know and so you know but that from, a political perspective there's, definitely a you, know a degree. Of. Ideological. Differences. As to, why they would want to break them up you know so you. Know kind of interesting, now. Alright. So that, is. Bloomberg. I'm glad you brought that up. That was a good article actually. Now. Going. Into cross-border, payments now, here. We can kind of sum out the hour with something really interesting and this, was you, know 63, million reasons why. Blockchain. Are, why banks, are adopting, blockchain, and digital asset and. Cryptocurrency so. This is to. Me you know real-world utility. Utility, really. On it on a different level because. Here's what we're seeing is and this this was on coin. Telegraph, it, was also on CCN, and and you can kind of drill down and find even more but the world's biggest banks splashed sixty three million dollars on a blockchain. Digital. Currency. So here we have some of the biggest banks like mu F G and. UBS. And. Others. That, are participating. In. Developing. A central. Bank. Solution. For, cross-border payments. Utilizing. A digital, currency, so you, might have a lot of these central. Banks that. Are that, are resisting. And. They might be you know resisting. And there might be fun even when it comes to the ripple net solution, but, again when I in the beginning you, know I talked. About the, fact that you, know ripple. Net kind of opening, that door you. Know K they were the ones to really you know create, the, proof case for. The the need, and the, functionality, you know of of. Digital. Assets, in the cross-border payments space, so, now here we go you know now we're starting to see the. Big banks, you know trying to come together and, trying.

To You, know create their, own digital asset, so, their settlement, coin according, to the article here is going, to be called, USC. So, now. The banks, are in Japan Europe in the United States I believe. Canada. As well um and. Here we have. There's. An organization, called finality. International. They, got 63, million dollars in capital from. 14, banks, and so. This was on CCM, the 14 banks are Barclays. Of Europe the, United States stage, Street Japan's mu FG. Sumitomo. Mitsui, Banking Corp. Um and. Then we have UBS. And Credit Suisse. And. So it's, really interesting that, you, know now they're making this attempt, now on the. One side we have ripple, with, ex rapid, now. The thing, is it's not just about the settlement, and and I think this is where everybody's. Kind of missing the boat a little bit outside, of the, ripple. Net family so, you have the ripple net solution, which is really a trio. Of solutions, and then, you have. You. Know and then you have these, other, organizations. And, banks that are trying to replicate, exactly. What. Ripple. Net has accomplished. Now ripple, net you, know started, or ripple started back in 2012. So. They have a seven-year, head start on everybody. Else now, JPMorgan. Coming, in with the JPM. Their. Narrow focus, in this case they, think it's all about the. Coin but. It really, isn't it's not just the settlement, part of the process, and that's, where I believe, they're missing, you, know the bigger part of the picture so, and that's where rep Lynette is so you, know unique, and different, in that they're offering that trio right, so they're offering the, messaging. Component which Brad, Garlin house refers to a swift 2.0, they, have the ex rapid, component, which is now, what these other banks are trying to to, make, which. Will also then provide liquidity and, then, eventually web the ex via which, becomes, the API, you, know easier, connectivity. Solution. So you, know once, we really, see the purpose, of ripple, net and we see that what these other guys are trying to accomplish you. Know how long is it going to take them to realize that, at this point they're kind of testing the markets in an, attempt, to develop, something that already exists, and you. Know exactly what Carl saying you know how do you catch Ripple. You know and. You know. What are you gonna do you, know but they, but to me it what's what's important, here is that is, that. It it's, you, know further proof, that, ripple, net is ahead of the game and ripple, net is making, huge waves in, this space and all, these big banks and central. Banks are not now trying to play catch-up to. Match what. Ripple net is doing you know realizing, that, it's, already, too late you know there's so much further ahead now, in this space of you know how many hundreds of billions of dollars in. In. Digital asset, I ain't crossed, border payment transactions, that can take place you, know I think it's really significant. That. If there's room for the competition. You, know but ripple, net is just so much further ahead so you know time will tell at this point. Um let. Me see here, squirrel. Hit. These subs and the thumbs up that's awesome, just gonna do a little scroll, up here see. I know you guys are talking about other stuff XRP, minute finally. Got his mic to work so, we don't so, when you go live then, we don't have to listen. To the underwater, XRP, minute although, that was super enjoyable, you, know the underwater, version, you, know so. But. It's good good that you got it fixed good that uh we're. Able to hopefully, able to hear you uh stream. Again, tomorrow. Night at, ten o'clock, so. Let me see here um. Trying. To get down through these chats. What you guys are talking about other stuff so, not, gonna rehash you guys already read it no, point of rehashing notorious. Xrp glad to see you on you might have already been on but anyhow. Glad to have you on there all, multi-hop. Glad. You brought that up edie so. Any out awesome. Awesome. That. You guys were all on here. Tonight. Really appreciate, it up again. You know hanging out ten, o'clock here. Eastern standard time. To, you know great place for us all to be you. Know late at night for all those on the other side of the world and australia. Thailand. Wherever else you might be in the, UK obviously.

It's A you, know what could be super, late late. At night over in the UK but you. Know elsewhere, in the australia. Realm of the world, morning. So. Again really appreciate everybody for being on if you're, new, make, sure you guys subscribe if. You, have, subscribed, and, you want to be notified every time we, put up a video, or. Livestream, going in and hit the notifier, bail however, at this, point every, monday, and wednesday at. 10 p.m. live. Streaming, there's. Some big things on the horizon that. That. We're working on hopefully, we'll have some announcements dropping. Pretty soon i think, you guys will all be super fired up when you hear about it you know i'm excited about it, and and, so, it's definitely going to be, something. Up something, pretty amazing and anyhow. Tuesdays. And Thursdays, we've got. We've. Got, XRP, minute chip streaming, on Tuesdays and Thursdays, at. 10:00 o'clock and then, we've got a burn rain streaming, on Fridays. At 10 o'clock and then, in the nine o'clock slot right before you've, got DNI, streaming, Monday through, Friday. And then I'm streaming on Saturday, mornings at 8 a.m. so definitely. Stay tuned some things that we're working on forget. About all the nonsense that's, happening, in the community, you forget about all that what's. Important, is that everybody, stays focused, on. What's on what's really important, so, anyhow. With, that said. Again. That's. A good question, um I. Think it. Might. Have a. Ha. You. Might have some initials, in it a three initial, we'll. See we'll, see where that goes. Anyhow. Appreciate. That. XRP. Minute, XRP, minute. So. Alright. I think. The my phone is streaming, a little bit many oh alright, thumbs up on the way out I'm, gonna wrap it up and I appreciate everybody being on again and make. Sure you guys tune in, to check out chip tomorrow night and I'll, see you guys on Wednesday. Until. Then make. Sure you guys keep. Adaline, your, crypto. I see. You later.

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Chinese Bamboo...

Watch what you say about You Tube or the golden robot's will come out and beat you to death

I will send a burnt offering of apology to the YT overseers.

The big 1 for me is the housing boom we just had. Theres been a slight corection and the banks are shaking in there boots. Making it easyer for people to borrow more to try prop up this over priced realestate market.

Hey brother. Hope all is well. Not sure if you remember but i mentioned in 1 of your live streams 4 weeks ago that i thought australia would see a resesion in the next couple of years... well i think its more like in the next year some of our growth, jobs and housing numbers are shocking. Not to mention in the last 2 weeks weve had .25% intrest rate cut, almost doubled people's lending capacity and they will lend first home buyers 95% of the house value.... also thanks to trump we technically have tariffs on us as china is 85% of our natural resource exports if they slow we slow and much much more. Rough times ahead. Thought you might find it intetesting....

The big determination will be how banks then loan. Will they extend credit in amounts beyond what would be reasonable or beyond an individuals credit.

What about ChAFTA which I believe was finalized 2015. I also believe that I read somewhere that Australia has had a 5 or 6% to tax on incoming China made goods. Australia, I believe, is one of the dew countries that has avoided impact from the global Economic crisis of 2008.

Good, when we can spend XRP for retail puschasses, will be less I'll have to cash out later to take profits when there's things I need to buy, like a new used car, for example. That Sweetish guy, who's name I can't pronounce or spell, is a total genius.

Total genius

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