Bad Boy Good Business? What can Business Owners Learn from Travis Scott

Bad Boy Good Business? What can Business Owners Learn from Travis Scott

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Welcome to FlyNubianQueen Network, the network for Melanated People Like You. I am your contributor, Mary Dean Esquire here at the Wall Street and today, we are going to analyze and discuss what's going on with our dear brother Travis Scott. That is

not a laughing matter. I'm just goofy. My me. Don't pay me no mind. Uh but come on in here and drop your B one and shout out your city and let me know where you're from. Also, drop because Black Wealth is critical to black power. Man, So, I am coming to you live. I am in Houston, Texas where I was born and raised. I grew up going to Astroworld.

Give you guys some background. I grew up going to Astro World. Graster World was like our second home babysitter while we were teenagers. So, we stay going to Astroworld and I remember when they tore it down, it was like a really big deal and we love Astroworld and Water World were connected. Uh so, come on in here. We're

going to talk about the tragedy that happened at Astroworld, not the old Astroworld that was turned down the amusement part but what Travis Scott has rebranded as his astronauts, his Festival Um and things happen on this past weekend and everything went awry. So we're going to talk about that. We're going to get into it. So come

in here. Drop your Bone in the chat. Um let me see. Let me know. There you go. Alright. Von Saint Michael Jackson. B one NYC. You know I love New York. I am the Wall Street So you know Born and Bread on the Wall Street lawyer side. On the professional side on Wall Street. That's where I cut my teeth. But no. Born in Houston made in New York like so many other things. Uh so, thank you

for chiming in, Vaughn, Saint Michael Jackson, shouting out B one because you know we are always on at FlyNubianQueen We. are black first. So, Imma get into this talking about Travis Scott and what can we learn from Travis Scott as business entrepreneurs trying to do our thing out there, make our money, and make our mark on the world and you know, I'm an optimist. I always find the

positivity in the dark situations and we do know that this tragedy that has occurred is a very dark situation. Um I've been watching videos about it. I've been very amused and entertained by what's going on and really analyzing it. Just maybe because I'm in Houston, Texas. Um but this this story has really been fascinating to me what's been going on with Travis Scott. And I am going to choose to stay not not delve too much into what everybody else is talking about. The

darkness of it. Um look like Satan worship and all of that kind of stuff. I'm going to let you discern for yourself whether or not that was low vibration or high vibration to you or whatever other stuff that you may have seen esoterically. Um I've I hopped in clubhouse for the first time and engaged in a conversation about it that I thought was very interesting but that's not what we're going to get into right now about Travis Scott. Well, we're going to talk about is what can we learn from Travis Scott? And so for those of you who are not familiar, which means if you're not familiar. You must have been

hiding under a rock. Because it's been the trending story because so many people passed away at his concert. So this is just been a devastating thing.

Uh Travis Scott is is a rap artist but he's not your traditional rap artist in the sense that I don't listen to him. And I don't know if I am just the only you know barometer but I don't know a lot of adults that listen to him. He's actually for the maybe white and Hispanic. Kids and teenagers. It seems like that's the bulk of his following. Um and that has been evidence by the youngest person having died at his festival by the age of 10 years old. So if

you come on in here, drop your Bone. Let us shout out your Bone. I also want you to drop because I am the Wall Street and I have just built Black Wall I get into more of

that later. But and so I want you to drop because you gotta have the digital real estate is is is has now become proven to be just as profitable of the good investment as a physical real estate and it's a way to make money and since black wealth is critical to black power, I want you to drop in here so that other intelligent black folks can see your business and and patronize you too.

Okay, so let's get into to to to Travis Scott. The first thing I want to cover is his liability. and the big, the big, you know, elephant in the room when it comes to his liability is the fact that he continued to play his show despite people telling him what was going on and so, when we listen to, when we get into his apology later and he says, oh, I never, I never thought that I would ever, I never suspected this. I never suspected that something like this would happen. Um I don't know how you could not think that something like this would happen because It's just the nature of the mosh pit and it's just the nature of what you actually promote and what you actually want to to to come on. So, I I don't I don't you know, that that beyond me. So, we're

going to just first dive into Travis Scott liability, okay? So, a lot of people, we've seen some clips of where people were telling the the camera guy, please mister cameraman, people are dying. People stop the show. Stop the show. Stop the show. Those videos have gone viral. I'm pretty all of you

have seen it. Okay. So, are you liable when you, yourself, promote certain behavior and then, when your crowd does what it is that you tell them to do and it results in death, are you liable? I want to know what you guys think in the chat. Do you guys think that Travis Scott has some liability here? Okay? What do you guys think? I want you to chime in. What do you think? Uh Vaughn Saint Michael says it's such a tragedy and we have to learn from our mistakes and that's a fact. Alright. So, let's get into some of the things that we can learn from Travis Scott mistake and I think the first mistake when we say, well, is he liable? Does he shoulder some liability? I think most people will agree overwhelmingly, yes, he does shoulder some liability and I want to get into a tweet that he Let's see. Okay, a tweet. Someone tweeted this out. So,

not everybody's coming out. Everybody's coming out the Woodwards. Everybody got so much so much commentary about Travis Scott and what Travis Scott has done in the past and and everyone want, you know, everybody's got so much to say now about Travis Scott and how he's running his his program. People have worked for him in the past and so all of these things are surfacing and so this is what someone has said.

They posted this out Twitter. Someone's check out these first hand accounts from Travis Scott Concert and Festival. So, here was someone said, years ago, let me see if I can share this screen. Let me see if I can do that. share screen. Share my screen.

Okay. Alright. I just want to send out prayers to the. Okay, we're not on that yet. We're on this. Okay. So, let's get into

this. So, years ago, I was a security guard for a Travis Scott concert. I was at the front of the stage between him and the barricades. This is what happened. During the show, some kid tried jumping over the barricade to get to the stage. I was the biggest guard on staff. So, it was my job to

restrain him and push him back into the crowd. That was my job. That's what I was being paid to do. When I did this,

Travis Scott called me and the rest of the securities Excuse my French. **** **** **** To our **** faces. Excuse my French but I do speak French from time to time. He came to the edge of the stage to curse us out for doing our jobs. To

roaring applause. He then said security can't stop you all. And directly encourage everyone to jump the barricade and rush the stage. Absolute **** chaos ensued as we struggle to hold them all back. While he continue to insult us and reward the people who broke through. Okay, so this is this is the kind of things that people are starting to say about our blood brother, black brother. Is he black? Yeah, we

can't take this back because I know he he he messing with a Kardashian but I digress. Travis Scott nearly killed me and my coworkers that night. He nearly killed several of his own fans. I remember being so

angry and so afraid and all the while he just kept yelling, okay can't keep cursing. FU to me every time I successfully held somebody back. It was a horrible experience. Travis Scott doesn't care about the people who risk injury to make his shows safe. He doesn't care about the fans who risk their lives in front of the roles of his shows. Travis Scott cares

only about Travis Scott. If Travis Scott, that's all I have to say about that. Another, another post. Okay Travis Scott

should be held liable for this in some capacity. He had the power to stop the show and allow the medics to do their work. He even acknowledged the past out people and the ambulance several times. But

just kept going with the music. Asking people to keep turning up. I was there. I'm currently in the middle of a work contract for the event. Part of

the signage crew. I work these events all year round and I've never seen such a rowdy, amped up crowd with no regard for safety. It was all, it was in all ages event two, which probably contributed to that. All ages, all ages. People were

climbing over everything. The Trust Towers, the 88 deck, the video walls, up into the sound booth, and camera Towers. Their way to the ADA deck to get out of the crowd.

One guy falling over to the ground and foaming at the mouth because of the traumatic scenes he saw. He wasn't on drugs. He wasn't drunk. He was dehydrated and having a trauma response. We got him water and sat him down on some road cases.

Another guy came up to us freaking out saying that he thought his girlfriend was dead. I cannot I couldn't imagine. We kept trying to call things in over the radio but nobody was responding. Too much going on. We were on an island in the middle of the surging crowd. So, we just sat tight

and helped wherever we could. We were told this morning that work was cancelled and that we can't go to site due to an active investigation. Ouch. So, that's that's some of the people's firsthand accounts of the event that night and how Travis Scott has been in the past. Just working with him in the past. Okay, back to me. Hey, y'all. You are watching FlyNubianQueen Network. The

network for Melanated People Like You. I am your host, Mary Dean Esquire here at The Wall Street and we are talking about Travis Scott, the tragedy of Travis Scott and what can we as entrepreneurs learn from this such a tragic event, okay? So, drop your B1, drop your B 1 in the chat because we always do put B one first. Let me get to the comments and see what we have some. Okay. Oh, wow. Okay. So, Andre Solomon says can't y'all see this was a setup? Okay, you we've seen it a lot. This was

the setup. I don't know how many y'all think that this was a setup. Uh DeAndre Solomon says again, the people were put there. You know, you guys, this is the channel for intelligent black people and the one thing I love about this channel and this network and being be one and being down with y'all is y'all ask the questions. You're

not too afraid to be called a conspiracy theorist because we know when they coin that who coin that term, the FBI to make us people who do critically think look crazy and we always said is no there's no such thing as a stupid question. So, hey, I I add. I I I'm there. I'm there with you. I don't think anything. Anything is too bizarre because you just, you never really know. Um someone

says, not surprising. This is not surprising. He is the company he keeps, okay? The Crawford Lisa Crawford says Live Nation is liable. All caps. All caps. She's yelled it out there. Liability.

Liability. Liability. So I I don't think that Travis Scott liability is even at question, right? I think we can all agree that Travis Scott is liable. I think not only do we all agree that Travis Scott might be liable. Travis Scott himself has agreed. He's taking some

ownership and he did issue an apology. So, what do y'all think about his apology? Do you think that his apology was sincere? Um I'm going to play his apology for you because I just find that to be a little interesting. So, we're going to hop in here so I want you to see his apology. Let's see. I just want to send out prayers to the. to the ones that was

lost last night. We're actually working right now to identify the families so we can help assist them through this tough time. You know my fans, my fans like, my fans really mean the world to me and I always just really want to leave them with a positive experience and anytime I can make out, you know, anything that's going on, you know, you know, I had to stop the show and you know, help them get the help they need, you know? Um I could just never imagine this a in a situation Uh we've been working closely. Uh we've been working closely with everyone to just try to get to the bottom this city of Houston, HPD, fire department, you know, everyone you know, help us. Help us figure this out. So, if you if

you have any information, you know, please just contact the local authorities. Um everybody continue to just keep your prayers. I mean, I'm honestly just devastated and I could never imagine anything like this just happening. I'm

going to do everything I can to keep you guys updated and because informed on what's going on. I love you all. So, that says the Hey, guys. That's his apology What do you think about his apology? His apology has gotten so much bad press. It

seems like his apology made his image and made everything a lot worse because everyone was very upset by that very dry apology. But I want to say the first thing is that we're going to talk about we're going to analyze the situation and say, what did he do good? So, the first thing I'm going to say that he did good was that he issued an apology. Now, we know that that maybe his handlers or his corporate sponsors or his managers or that they that they probably told him to do it and he did what he was told to do but at least he did issue an apology. So, the first thing

you want to do when you mess up in your business and you do bad business, you want to you want to apologize. You want to apologize quick, fast, and in a hurry. You want to apologize quick, fast, and early. You do not want to wait for too many people to come out in his situation. You don't want to

wait for everyone to to keep asking you what are you going to do and ask you to do something before you start doing something especially when you mess up to this magnitude that Travis Scott has. Um so, I want to say the first thing that he did correct was apologize, quick, fast, and in a hurry. Put that up on his Instagram when his girlfriend or baby mama saw how terrible and dry his apology was. She

issued a formal statement. I think Kim Kardashian may have issued everybody's issue informal statements of apologies. Uh but his apology, he never actually said I apologize though. That's a key. That's a key. He never actually

I apologize but he did issue a formal apology. So, I I at the very least was an attempt or an apology and I think that's the first lesson that we will learn is that when you are wrong, apologize, quick, fast, and hurry. Just do yours with a little bit more passion, a little more heart. You know, focus on the heart muscle and let that you know, ooze out. Think about the people that have actually lost their lives at your concert and at your expense and at because you want to egg them on because you have said in your lyrics that is not a mosh pit if people are not injured. So, his lyrics are back to bite him. His conduct

in the past has is coming back to bite him. And it will be very interesting to see how this play out. But I will say at least he apologized fast and and recorded it for the world to see. He should have borrowed

some of the white woman tears. That's why if he had some white woman tears from his girlfriend then maybe maybe people would not have went so hard on him in the media. So Mary Dean Esquad here at the Wall Street Coming to you The Network for Melanated People Like You or you if you are looking to grow your money, please check out FlyNubian If you're looking to better manage your business, please check out FlyNubian and if you're looking to grow your business in harmony and in alignment from a spiritual perspective, going over the legal insurance, finance, and tax systems that every business needs to lift their business to the next level, then, I suggest you check out how one of my courses at Black Wall Street dot com. So, let's get back

into this. Um the first thing Travis Scott did that we did enjoy was that he apologized. It might not have been as heartfelt but he apologized. Uh so, you always want to apologize when you're wrong. The other thing that Travis Scott has done well is Travis Scott has not just apologized verbally. Travis Scott has also apologized with his money, okay? He is offering. I just

want to send out excuse me, Travis we don't want to hear your apology anymore. Uh at Travis Scott, Drake, another, that's not it. That's not it. Nope, not this disturb, disturbing lyrics. No, no, no.

Uh there it is. Travis Scott to cover the funeral cost of asteroid victims and refund ticket holders. So, which means he's losing out a lot of money and that's another thing he did. Before I even heard about people suing him, which by now, all the lawyers are locked in and to go. But before I even heard of him being sued, I did see that the first thing I saw that he was refunding people's tickets, giving people their full refund. It says he's

scheduled to do this. I don't think he did it just yet But they are scheduled to process people's refunds. He's also covering the funeral expenses. So, that's another thing that he's done right because people going to come for their money, honey. They don't, they don't want just their funeral and their economic damages. They want damages for pain and suffering, mental anguish. They

want all of the above and so the bare minimum that he could do is cover their funeral expense and another thing that he's done that is really interesting to me is very a very corporate like response Um is that he's partnered his he's had us a whole corporate collaboration if I'm not correct, incorrect. This is with better health. Travis Scott announced a partnership with an app called Better Health to offer free counseling for anyone traumatized by the experience. So, even in the

face of tragedy, his his response is corporate. So, that's another thing. I mean, even though he's so let's see, he's apologized apologized quick and fast. He's offered to cover funeral expenses. He's offered to to refund the people's tickets. So, that's another thing he's done quick and fast and that's that's just good business. That's just good

business. That is the minimum that he could, that's the least that he could do but the fact that he's doing those things for my mommy, he may not get cancelled. Now, if it was a to concert. If this was NWA, people would, I mean, this this was even the Black Panthers doing something like this. They would've, he would have been XX stay out there a very long time ago but his demographic is different and he is married to a cadet. Well, baby mama with a

Kardashian or whatever that, whatever that's worth. So, he has a different demographic and I think that maybe that might, you know, maybe he's that's some of that white privilege going to rub off on him. I don't know. We we we shall see but I can tell you this. You

can definitely smell the manager, Chris Jenner, all over this with damage control. With them releasing state with with his girlfriend, releasing her statement, following his botch job of a statement. Uh then, the collaboration, the collaboration is really genius because what more can you do after you have been, have you done, have you had muffed up so terrible? Have you messed up things so so bad? Now, what? Now, let me get some good publicity by partnering with an app, Better Health and offer free counseling to the victims. The people who passed away and lost their lives in the mosh pit.

Intere sting. Very interesting. So he you not only did he apologize, he offered to cover expenses and funeral expense and things like that but he's now uses kind of like a little marketing tech, young thing. It's definitely a marketing opportunity for the app because if you've not heard of Better Health app before now, you've definitely heard of it now. You definitely interesting. You definitely going to because I wonder if that was even a payday ad for for better health because this is the world we live in. You know, money talks and all else walks. So, very

interesting things that we can take away, things that we learn from Travis Scott because we could always turn a problem into an opportunity. One of the things that I talk about in detail in my book, Black Wall, I created the Law of Adversity, a coin, the law of adversity in every problem. There is an opportunity of equal and greater measure guaranteed. So, that's you know, those are my two cents. That's what I think. I'm always

going to find the positive and I think that and and that's how we find the positive. We understand the takeaways from this Number one, I say, let me do a recap here. Number one, Be careful of what you incite and what you do in your business and understand that you will always be liable for everything that you do, right? You have a duty of care to care, you have a duty, a a certain normals, regular standard of care that you must conduct yourself and depending on how you interact with your clients, customers, fans, and what have you. You may even have a heightened fiduciary duty to those parties. So, be careful in what you do. Um I hope you have

insurance he has insurance. I'm pretty sure their insurance is going to go through the roof because of this. Uh but apologize early quick fast because we're all human. We all make mistakes in business. That

is a norm. You're not expected to behave like a god even though I know that you are, right? Um because it's a learning curve but really the the mistake is the opportunity. The the thing about the mistake that I want to say is all in how you handle it. So,

apologize early, apologize quickly, apologize a lot better than Travis Scott did. Um then then you want to apologize with your money in your bank account. This is something that I do religiously. Mary Dean Esquire here at the Wall Street Coming to you live

on FlyNubianQueen Network. The network for Melanated People Like You. I'm an attorney and so when someone gives me their money, if they feel like I've performed less than the standard of care, they can go to the State Bar of Texas and tell on me and I can get in a whole lot of trouble. So, I

always have maintain a certain level of professionalism with my clients. Almost, you know, a very high high standard and so, when I come to do business with other people and they don't maintain that same level of professionalism, it's a little heartbreaking sometimes but we all make mistakes and so it's not just in the making mistake that because you're human is how you handle that mistake and so as you guys do business with one another, I want you to keep that in mind that when you make that mistake, apologize, quick, fast, apologize early, and just make it sure that it's a bit more heartfelt than Travis Scott apology. Then, the second thing that you should definitely do is if you if if you really messed up to that magnitude, then, apologize with your money, right? You don't keep money that you did not earn or did not deserve and if you need to dock yourself, that is what you need to do. When I am working for a client, if I if I don't earn the rest of their retainer, I have to refund it and and I can't keep unearned money. I can't keep money that I do not deserve from a client. So, that is the

same professionalism that we should all have with one another and so, just think, you know, when you think about that, think about Travis Scott is is also paying, hasn't apologized with his finances and then, when you do all of that, apologizing and you've done all that, you refunding people and you you're taking care of everybody financially, then, the last thing that you might want to do is how can I flip this publicity and do something good for humankind, for humanity because that's what give him a little bit, that will give you a little bit of saving grace in the public eye. And so that's where Travis Scott has partnered with the app, Better App, Better Health, I'm sorry, the app, Better Health to offer free counseling for anyone who has been traumatized by this incident. So, there you have it. That's what you want to do. Um this is

these are the things that we can take the takeaways that we can learn from Travis Scott and this Travis Stee that has happened here in Houston, Texas. I'm Mary Dean Esquire here, the Wall Street Coming to you live on Nubian Queen Network, the network for Melanated People like you and remember, if you're looking to grow your money, please check out Fly Dubia If you are looking to grow your business, please check out FlyNubian You can always find me, Mary Dean Esquire here online at The Wall Street and before I get out

of here, I want to to talk to my people here and to read something, show y'all some of these comments that have been coming up. Uh let's see. First 360 Bone. I'm not sure what's there. At first 360 but maybe you should check that out. If you're interested, that's from John Shaw.

let's see. Guess So, that's it. Signing out. I love you guys. Until we meet

again. Good night.

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