Back End Sales And Profits | How To Make MORE Money Online!

Back End Sales And Profits | How To Make MORE Money Online!

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Everybody, Emeka coming at you from the blueprint publishing, Academy, and today I'm sitting down with, one of our students, Gary. And Gary. Is, one. Time today, about, his. Publishing, business gary has set up his his business, in a way that. Even, though he's earning a substantial, amount, from, front-end sales his. Business is now on the, backend surpassed. That and it's, funny I'll, link up his first, video first. Interview, we did when he made his first $6,000. With. Was, self-publishing, I, challenged. Him I said you, know Gary when are you going to make more on the back end then you do the front end and. I think that was a pivotal, moment for you right he kind of thinks, kind of you thought about that it was. It. Was I am, I really wasn't, the. Last time we spiked. Clickbank. Was news me yeah. So. I, was. A little surprised, I. Was. Surprised that once you once the audience was established. And. I was able to sell books didn't. I was. Surprised how easy it was to sell high ticket items. Sorry. It's. Going. So. Like a lot. Substantially. So, Gary. Okay. Let's. Let's. First talk about your. Path from, November. You did 14,000. In front end book sales I'm, from, from publishing let's. Talk about what happened, between when. We sit down i sat down a couple months ago and you were doing 6,000, to now 14,000. So you more than doubled it in in the last few months how. Many more books did you come out with you. Know what strategies, did you did. You use like, what were some of the things that's been happening in that part of the business. Consistency. Sorry. When. When, we're talking before this is one of the things I wanted to really touch on. It. Was consistently, doing the same thing. Okay. So. So. The stuff that's in the blueprint, mm-hmm. It's. All there for you. And. You need to just follow. That. Follow it consistently. So. The. Only thing that I've done differently. Since. The last time we spoke, was. Promoted. A launch of a product that's. Inside, one ish it's. Not my product. But. The Commission, on that was 106 people who say, then. I promoted that over the Black Friday period, and I. Just. Crushed it because I know it was a good 50 mouldings. But. It's. Just consistency, so. I consistently. On. Am SS I consistently, published, the same way I consistently. Respond to customer. Emails, I consistently ask for reviews I, consistently. Run. Competitions or, like all these like. These marketing, techniques that are out one inside the blueprint. That's. All I'm doing. That's. It. So. The difference between six, 6,000. To 14,000. What. Was just more, the site, did. How many more books did you publish do you know. No. Just a few a few more. -. Okay. So two more how. Many do you have a great very nice but, I'd say, you've. Got 18, books total down and, you. Did over $14,000. In. The front-end sells. Cool. All. Right but. Like let's talk back, it because you. Know front-end is is one thing but. The. Blueprint, like, I've always understood it I've known this that nonfiction, you want to make money you you, you, create it back end and you go make money on the back end because that's where that's where publishers, can make the real money I don't, know one call the publishers, business owners who are publishing, using, on things with publishing they, can make the real money with the backend. Right. So, whoa every. Every, monster does that yeah. You're. Right I mean I'm, thinking fiction, to nonfiction yeah. You're. So published, fictional, of it then you're a motto, you should be otherwise. You know you know. You're. Absolutely right but like there's not a ton of back end stuff that you can sell to you, know somebody who wants to read how we're. All fun freakin you know whatever, have, sex right like. There's only oh I, guess. They're probably, that. You could sell yeah yeah maybe some physical products. Well. I'm. Just wired that way so I'm always thinking it yeah, what else is the audience for the law okay. So. Okay. So you've taken so, you build, up your reader base and then. You, have you. Found, how. Did you find your first back-end.

Products, That. You started, promoting, to. Your readers can you start, let's start there yeah. Sure. Sorry. The. Books were doing really really well okay. But. Really well like always watching for you. Know. The. Best one I've had so far was 120, sales the, first day. Right. That ebook or paperback pay. For that paper, about I don't promote angels yeah okay I have, a few I just I don't care I don't care about the to Doyle Commission yeah, I. Mean, fiction. Is different yeah, cuz you've got sheer volume and you've got people to just injury. Yeah, enjoyment long. Kitchens it's different okay so, important, so um. But, anyway all right I. Am. Just went on to a quick point Clickbank, marketplace, yep. Left-hand. Side of that, marketplace. You've. Got all your different, nations. So whether that's health whether that's. Make. Money. It. Could be lose weight could be whatever, so I found one ish within that. And. I just started looking for all the different offices okay. Look, at the and. It wasn't so much about the how. Much it paid up evil, right, it, was looking at what their refund rate was like how. Long it's been around yeah. And. The refund rate is important, because that indicates. If. Whether or not the consumers, what in value yes. Right. So. The last thing I want to do is, promote a product that. Is. Just a skin and it's all by. Right. So. So. I minister i minister narrow down to two or three and i page one okay. Which, i felt, really. Really well my customers. So. You, you, you understood, who your customers work who are buying your books okay, let's. First, note, you. Figured, out how to sell books first. Right. So if people watching, this and they're. Like they're, struggling like they're not even making like a couple grand right now, they're. Not even making a couple grand, selling. Just the books they'd even be thinking about this what we're talking about. You. Gonna need to be a bit more specific, sorry, if, there are you sorry thousand. Dollars should, they even be worried about how to sell back in products no, no. Like. If you if you offer this way you can so, and. I'm saying. Some of the books that are floating around yeah. Don't. Don't crush you look at seven dollars it's wrong. Processor. Twenty dollars at Lisa and five dollars right. Yeah started, I'll pay for that if. You you can't sell, a twenty dollar product, in. Your niche you. Can't get someone to five or twenty dollars. In. An exchange of value. Why. Is someone, to give you 300 bucks. 500. Bucks. Thousand. Bucks why why why would that right, you, can't even get to twenty dollars so. Then. This might sound a little bit harsh. But. Get that right first it's, just the baby steps. Is. If you can get you can get one or two books. That. Take off of that first one. And, you're. Starting to get you started to get engaged when you're getting people into your email list you're getting people following.

You On social media your. Brand's. You. Know that you can sell high ticket product that all right. Okay. So, there's, yeah. It's. Just keeping it really really simple don't, run get or get you can walk yeah like very step one. Step. One all right take an inch. And. Don't even complicated there's, money in every niche yeah. And. I hope you don't cut out the. Before. No no I'll leave that in yeah leave, it in there because it's there's. Money in every dish yeah, no there is there is like won't, be do a Walmart, right like and they've, got nearly everything everything. From that you can think of and you walk across some of those things that who the hell with while I guess what some shoppers pick up why because people die right. I was yeah, you know I was speaking, to a guy Porsche dealership today and he's like yeah they, just came out with so. You want to test driver yeah that, wasn't, bro. That was freaking insane. So. It was nuts but he, was telling me it's like yeah they just came out with these. Deals. But they were but it's a $17,000. Option, that means like it's freaking insane but I'm like you know I people. Buy it people. Black so so yeah there you, know yeah. Totally, okay, so let's. Assume people watching. Now okay so they've got their front end book sales so making a couple grand a month. They. Go on a Clickbank they, find a product related, to. Their. Niche. So they think the readers will like, okay. And then what do you do. Firstly. I what, make sure that I'd. Make sure that that we're following the blueprint and that, they have lead magnets. Beard. Yeah so so, again it's great build these audience bursts right gotta build the Odyssey you're collecting, emails from your readers yeah, you're, building, your email list exactly. Like what's exactly, what's inside the course that teaches you how to do. Okay. So. You're collecting the emails you find the product on Clickbank, right. You. Know and where it like it. Like you go on a Clickbank figure this out like it's not hard, that's. Really not great it's it's not, hard, no. The biggest. Like. You can get on YouTube right now I'm stalking Clickbank, marketing, right mm-hmm. And you need get all these gurus. That. Are trying to sell you I quit Bank in a box system you know. Quite. Frankly it's mostly rubbish, and. The, biggest problem that any. Life, that has and. Even. I would assume even you're starting out Amica is traffic. 100%. Man all, right like how do you and and not just traffic like you can go spend. Money and send. People to a page but if they're not targeted, there's something that can do it and you're not gonna make money yep alright. So, if you're building your brand and following the blueprint, and you're, building your list. Alright. I also, utilize Facebook, groups. And. As. You start to build that you, now have people, but a laser, targeted. Or. Importable, maybe. They've bought a couple of your books at this point yeah. Alright. You. Already know what they want you know them for, your shooting, and. You. Only success when you're when you got dive deep into one niche. None. Of this going, from these finished finished finished and, the amount of people to pan name asking, man oh, you.

Know When. Are you going to go into the next niche. Barely. Scratch the surface alone, that what. Why. Why would I spread myself in like that. Right. But just but. It's just this whole process of like all you could just be in a hundred inches and then you know you're gonna million dollars a week. Yeah. Okay. So you, have the product and then do you simply just email them about the product - what's your process on that. Um. Look. I do I do use. Email I have. A 12 week sequence, yeah. And. I don't it's the. 12 weeks sequence I use is more valued. By, three so. It's just helping them on, their, journey, so. That I could like a defined problem that I know most, of them have. And. There'll. Be a little thing at the bottom that says you know to speed up the first days this is something that would really recommend yeah. All. Right so, it's a shortcut. But. At the same time you don't need it to, you yes. And, that's that that really helps with conversions, yeah, instead, of just being like every, other. Like. I can look at my spam folder right now I think is like 4,000, emails. Like. You. Know and if, you're watching I'm sorry if you're one of those people like you know, insert. These old-school in our marketing tacky so, what. They. Do. But. It's not nothing old school, ones with just you know you, have to you, have to at least our email marketing still works but. Not just the copy. And paste a novel things but on returns and yes that said yeah, so so. For example like a product from Dell. Could. Be related to. Them. And. There's. Affiliates, doing really well with bad sin totally. But. What. I've noticed is. That there's, like 100, people that, are just copy and pasting, Ron. Moran's emails. Like. Verbatim, they're literally copy paste put my affiliate, link in you. Know imply some leads from someone and blast. It out I. Doubt. That they're making very much I doubt, it. Okay. Place it yeah. A bit on coffeepot. But it's it. Needs to be said it's. Honest I just need to that's. It, comes back to those baby steps right mm-hmm. So. Get the small things right and as you said right walk before you can run, yep, and by. Which point you're gonna get feedback right. And. You need the feedbacks on the stand customers better so. I had someone comment yesterday. They. Were asking about now I ask for reviews like, it wasn't. Right. And I put my literally pasted, what I use yeah, so that right. And, and. Someone said oh are, you worried, that people will what you, know because you're asking for honest reviews right, oh you know oh you know worries, that people we use or one-star you know. Like. This is what I don't get okay. When. People ask for help, you. Give them help and then. They question your help I copied, and pasted it out of one of my books we like and, that's a book that don't, that makes a shitload of money sorry. To swearing but, we're. All ok. We're not squeak. I. Just. Don't get that right you give them you give you answer the question you give them the help they want and then they question your help, yeah. It's like if. You're worried about one-star, review stop making shitty books your. Once her reviews will go away now, Peart not all of them but the majority though you. Get the occasional. Or. The reviews like I never meant to buy this book. I. Said. It on Amazon, moron. Haley. You. Know. We've. Had to do that with her three-year-old because, he gets on Amazon, pretty easily now, let's.

Remove That one clip I. Yeah. Sure try to try, to take down that yo-yo tricks for great, one, bad review tada. But. Okay okay, let's, so let's keep going so you do this ball with, both sequence, email now this is like you. Know we were talking earlier it, in the, sub publishing accelerator. The. Whole goal is that goes brand. Nicely. Like what you've been doing, right. You, know it's and, it shows them here, are the emails that you want to use here's how to go to clickbank. Now. It's. You. Know what the problem is it's plug and play all right right. See. See you actually give people everything I. Give. Them what they need to get started, but then you, have to take your. Like. What you did I gave you the blueprint, and then you. Added. To it and you added your finesse and boom you blew up because of it. Right. Like that's yeah. If. That makes sense right like yeah I get I literally, show. Them it's like here's something go to clickbank and you, know take the prize here's, literally, you can copy and paste these emails, to sell the products but. Make, your like make it yours for your niche build. The relationship, with your custom, there's, even a free video on your channel that shows. You how to do a lay that right, by. It's. Just. Like. I think that if you you're actually willing to put in the work, yeah. You. Know well, if you're willing put it works successes. Than ever and that, if this stuff this stuff just works so I like it the, reason and the reason I've come back to talk with Emma today is it actually works. It's. Not this me to FBI. Drop, shipping Shopify, Facebook, hat. It, actually works great like it seriously. Dots like I'm getting paid from this right now when. You put in the work it works we. Don't put in the work it doesn't work when. You try to find shortcuts it doesn't work yeah right. Like let's be up because you know FBA works but you have to put in the work there's no freakin hacks that's, just to sell something there's. Like, right. Like if you put in the work I think, it's the same with anything. Like. Anything, you know like alright and. And. Again it, just it. Freakin works yeah. You. Know I just I look at it and I think like why. Why. Is it that like even. With a free video right like you put off a free video and say this is exactly how, to do this right. Like. I could shoot a video today and show you how to leave that asteroid, and come home with 100 bucks Gary theyíve has videos like that all the time and, it works, what's a new photo is it just a test that I did yeah, yeah like, I left the house with 100 bucks and you know what I came home with a friend yeah, in, a day you showed me so. Buddy. Why do you think people just don't do, this like why like. Maybe. Let's be real maybe let's give them some tough love late and what because you're in the group you. Know you see people in their comments and they're and they're in their posts like what.

Do You think. Like. Explain. Why you. Didn't want to talk about your income your back end income. Like. Yeah, okay that's why we spoke about it off camera and, as I said to you I prefer to be really, honest. Like. I don't know but if you divide the. Reason then I've, specifically. Done this in the group as well you. Stop talking about as much yeah, of course my Pam's blow off right. And I'm told them you. Know I. Don't mind I don't want helping people give it back all that that's for, it. Honestly is because we can all grow together and learn from each other as, a community I think that is goli. The. Issue I have is that the people that are asking about back in sales and, you, know finals. And, you, know like how, do you how, did you get into this program at jvzoo, like their name and accept affiliates there cuz you can't socially but I want you. Right. But. Have. You tried like getting, on Scott call together that's, probably program nine, yeah. Again. Yeah what, value are you bringing to him he's already making money right, I was able to day they within because I hadn't wins right, yeah. Yeah, sorry. Sorry. But I don't, want to distract people from or they should be doing. Alright, because if you're you're a base level and. And. Some, of you you haven't even published, abroad yet. Like. You haven't, published a book. Or. You've. Published like two balls. And. If, they didn't work do, you make any money. Alright. And you blame it on the VA, oh my. PA you. Know they took my money they. Never left any reviews. And. Like. Happens yeah, move, on. Like. And then why are you like oh you know I can't do anything with my business because I need to say about money to publish. What, I need fix it will be out. Why. Don't you put the work in and fix it we'll be out. Like. It, might not work or. This or that or. Nothing's. Nothing's, 100%. You. Know 100. Is. 100 percent at all bro, the other day, this. Guy emails, me.

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@Emeka Ossai and facebook pages too i guess?

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