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Hey. Friends, welcome back, to my channel, and welcome if you are new and this is Lin mama, of five and, we, are gonna be cleaning, this. Entire. Kitchen it, is so, bad. So, if you guys have been following me on instagram, you know I have been painting and this was a day, 3 I had, to take a break every muscle. And bone in my body hurts, and, everything. Just kind of piled up also. Chris. Has the flu so I'm pretty much solo, and I have been since the last Monday, I have. Been playing mom dad. Breakfast. Lunch and dinner hearted. Kids around doing. All the things in the house and, painting. The entire house so things. Definitely. Got. Piled up and it's such a mess so we are going to tackle that today. Maybe. So, when, I was cleaning and you guys gotta tell me if I'm the only one I was, cleaning and I was trying to get motivated and, I started looking around at, this mess. This absolute. Disaster. Of a mess the kitchen everything, and I, know things have been crazy but I'm like it should have never, gotten to this point with, this many people in this family and mommy. Had a come to Jesus moment with everybody and you will quickly see everyone, and get off their little behinds, and start helping me clean. Thank. You sir. When, I paint, I am so, messy, I get paint everywhere and, I was trying to scrape it off one of the cutting boards I also, had it on some of the silverware I'm. Honestly, just awful, I can paint fine I do hate it but I'm just so messy. I. Am planning a little, air fryer here and this was actually gifted, to me it was sent to me and I'm. Gonna put it in my Amazon. Favorites because I'm obsessed with it I can honestly say we use this bad boy. Multiple. Times in, the week sometimes multiple times in the day it just completely. Eliminates, the oven altogether it's just it's, bomb. So, this was the time I started cleaning up and just really. Realizing. How much, that. Everyone, has kind of slacked and it's, my own fault that, I have not been on top of them but I've been so busy taking, care of Chris, when he's sick and managing. Everything out sometimes, I just expect, them to do better and they. Haven't and I got upset. So, I will say I edited, all of that out because I'm, never, gonna put me, reprimanding, my children, on the internet. That's just I'm not about that but. I just wanted to add that tidbit, in there because as a moms. Sometimes. We have moments, where we're like okay y'all, are taking advantage of me you or not do what you need to do it's. Time to get hot it's time to get ready it's time to clean up and just take care of the stuff that you need to do and I kind of just realized you know I need to do a better job at, training them I really. Need to enforce. Checklist. And chore list to help them succeed and, also. Kind of limit. The frustrations, in the house because I don't think any of us wants, to deal with this mess it was. Honestly I felt guilty. But it was a good, time. To just tell them what was on my heart and I, love to see Noah and Liam just jump up and just so ready to help Noah, is cleaning, the. Refrigerator, off it's amazing, what a little bit of spray in a paper towel can do and I had so, much fun doing this with him. Over. The years I have really, learned to, give up their perfectionism. I mean it does still. Lie very deep inside of me but, when it comes to the house I know that, I clean a certain way and to just, feel grateful, when, others help, it's, something I do wrestle, with I'll be honest, and but. I am working on it and it really was such a beautiful, thing to see the. Boys just hop up and help me clean and they were so excited about, doing it and I may had had, to go back behind them and kind of put. It up to my bring it up to my standards, they, never knew that and I, was just so happy to actually clean with them we got to do it together and that made it a lot of fun and they felt like they helped mommy which was really sweet. This, sink got so, gross, with cleaning, out the paintbrushes and everything so it definitely needed, a deep, deep, cleaning, I am still not done painting I have a. Little, bit more to go I'm planning on working on it Monday we have a busy, day tomorrow, chris.

Is Being ordained, and, I am so excited so, I am going to designate tomorrow. Just. Congratulating. Him and loving on him a bit so painting definitely, can wait. Standing. On the edge, of. A. Cliff. Realize. There must be more. To. Life than. This. -. Like. A dragonfly. Just. Grab my hand, from, him thin. Night. Reaching, for the stars, trouble, is the bar like. A, dragonfly. Keep, a secret they're. Everywhere. If you, guys are enjoying, this video and you want weekly, cleaning. Motivation. As well as. Decluttering. Organizing. And all the things would. You click that subscribe button, right. Here don't, forget to hit that notification bell, so you are just notified, when I have, new uploads, which is every single week I hope, to see you guys there. You. Say. You. Don't wanna fight. But. Up in wonder, if, everything's. Oh, you. Say love, me and. It's, so fun, but. It's like a. Passion. In your eyes. This. May be a little, premature but. I am going to defuse, a little. Bit of Christmas spirit. Simply. Because I love. The, smell of pine, and cinnamon, and all of those types, of smells, and, it's. Nice that I can get it in an essential, oil which is fantastic. And. I'm not even like chomping, at the bit to get Christmas going, but this oil, here, is amazing. So. As you can see or, maybe if you are just able to notice now I painted, this room as well as so many other walls and I, love the way it turned out the, house feels, so, much more open and bright and I, am planning on Thursday. To, go through a very, very detailed. Explanation, on, every, single thing in this living room how, I add it to wait to look the way it does on it and budget and just share my budget-friendly. Ways. To. Make. Your house a home and, how you want it without spending a lot of money. Don't be wasting, my time, don't, be wastin, my time you'll. Be crossing. I'll. Be on my way like. A finger. Like a seasoned. Yes. Don't. Know what we have to do but. Someone's gotta change you. Got issues that makes two of us, but, someone's gotta change. If. We never ever met before, if. It never opened up a door yeah. Yeah yeah. You never ever got starred if. You never opened up my heart. Yeah yeah. Me. I. Will. Let you guys know as I was cleaning this. Day I realize. It is time to do another huge.

Decluttering. In this house we have too, much stuff. There. Is something. Everywhere. So, as. I was cleaning I'm like okay we're about to do a decluttering, series, on this channel or something, or just incorporated. Every single week because it's. Time to let some more things to go. Like. Avoiding, me don't. Know what's up with that I've. Tried to be the helping, need but. I don't think I can. Side. Opened up my heart. On. To the kids bathroom i I, just this, bathroom, it's just always the. Same that's all I'm gonna say it's just always the same but. I am gonna start cleaning it because everyone. Was feeling kind of yucky and had runny noses and coughs, when. I clean, I am gonna make sure I use my. Clorox. Wipes and they're okay to put those on your hands from my understanding they're. Not as powerful as, my hospital-grade. Wipes but, I wanted. To put these in here so the kids could actually use. These to clean up the toilet and clean around the light switches and everything because, I am, really, really trying to save my family, from the flu even though Chris got it and I'm sure it's. More is to come but, it's, like I can handle the flu but the stomach virus huh. I, run. For the hills when I hear someone is sick like that. So, with my cleaning videos I have been trying to implement music, that you guys love that I, love, as well so. I'm gonna continue to have like a mix. Of, things like this song here, I love. This song. And I, feel like it doesn't. Necessarily. Match with some of the other music, I have chosen in the past but I really, feel like it's important, for me to add things that I like, as well, and hopefully you. Will too. So, I just wanted to throw that in there and when I play around with music definitely, let me know in the comments, do, you enjoy, the music is it your style, it, doesn't motivate you please. Let me know in the comments, below. So, I am just gonna wait all of the handles and light switches with the Clorox wipe to hopefully, kill any, germs. That may be lurking around. And, you know how, to forget. All. The wrongs and. Everything. Why, we've. Changed, and. There's a stall inside. My head. It's. Getting, me in trouble baby, and. The camera. So. I'm gonna be looking for some video ideas, let, me know in the comments, below if you guys have any suggestions, cuz you know I am always listening you guys never. Steer me wrong and I'd love to hear what you would like to see on my channel I know you guys love decor. I know you love cleaning but is there anything else that you want to see let, me know in the comments, below. Can. You see that I also tackled, the hallway, I never really loved the paint in there so I figured I'm. Just gonna do it and honestly. When we sell the house it was a really good color to paint it cuz it gives a nice neutral, look.

So When someone comes in views the house and they'll be like okay and they can imagine their, own stuff, in this space that's, a little pro tip for you there always, use neutral colors when you're selling your house. I, caused. The pretending. That I wanted. To show up I said. Like. A wall, keeping. Worse. So. I was gonna put the boys down Josiah, was at a carnival with a friend, and, Noah. Was in the room here or in the living room he had just showered, so I'm gonna tidy up their room of it you know I love, to do this before they go to bed I feel, like they sleep better and it's more of a restful, sleep when their rooms are clean. Scary. To, give in but, somehow love, always wins. Take, me back. So, I mentioned to you guys before, I am such, a messy, painter, and I just I. Know it's a problem so. When I was painting the hallway last night I guess some paint dripped and or, I stepped, in it and kind of smeared it through the, hallway so I am using a scraper to lightly get it up I'd, do my best but I eventually just have to get the magic eraser, out and, get it and then vacuum up all the little pieces. I. Hope. You guys got some extreme. Ultimates. All. Those types of clean motivation. Today, because. I, feel like we could all use it once in a while, Mike, shirt says hocus-pocus, I, need coffee to focus and that was so, true, if you. Guys enjoyed. This video I, would love for you to stick around by, hitting that subscribe button. Don't forget to hit the notification, bell it is free and I would love for you to join my YouTube family it means so much to me and when, you hit that subscribe button you're, not just a subscriber, you are a friend, and your family, and I would love to have you hope to see you in the next one bye.

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You forgot nursemaid, and good for you for getting some help, they should be chipping in......they live there!!!!without knowing they will be proud

Hey Lynn. You truly give inspiration! It's always great when fam pulls together, even when the job doesn't get done to suit us, it's better than looking @ a disaster & everyone just sitting, so sometimes we have to have a come to Jesus moment. great job painting & glad Chris is free now, no doubt he is & prayers all of you stay free of It, personal sanitizer for all, on backpacks pockets, @ home w/in reach,use the spray & pump vit c lol,hey I would. I have! You just received med advise as if you don't know what to do. Had a couple of things to ask but this is already to long, take care & god bless you & yours!! XXXX hugs sent your way!!!

Thanks for the motivation I really need it for today

Love you Lynn. You are great.

I love organization videos!

That paint colour is so perfect! Good job!

Loved the video! So cute to see all your little guys helping ☺️ your videos are always so inspiring! I would love to see more day in the life/vlog videos they are my favorite! ☺️❤

I still have an adult child at home....I have to ask her to do something before she will do it. She has never been any different, no matter how much training I gave. Let them give it a go. Don't let them catch you redoing after them it will hurt their feelings

I agree with you when it comes to create chore charts or something for your kiddos they have them on amazon fabulous video

Good deeds

Loved the video! I have had to lay down the wall around here too lately!

I'd love to see some of the decluttering you're planning to do! Organization videos are some of my faves. And good job getting your kids to help, it's so important that you don't do it alone!

I love, love, love your channel, your content is so relevant to me. I find my style really aligns with yours, and I really enjoy your eye for a good value! I also find myself trying to do everything. I need to let go of having it my way, at my level of perfection. I’d rather have it done, then done “my way” with an argument. My husband loves doing laundry, but I am so annoyed by how he does it, because it’s not my way. I’m trying to just be grateful and happy having someone that wants to wash Clothes! Right?!?

Love all your videos. He kids are adorable. Music is on point.

woohoo! Ready for Monday after watching this!!!

This video got my tired pregnant butt off the couch and motivated me to clean my house! I put your video on my TV and got to work

Where did you get your coffee table?

"Mommy had a Jesus moment"....

Omg I loved seeing your little one helping,but I hear you on the perfectonist your channel.

My problem is I expect the house to stay perfect after I’ve cleaned it lol but I’m beginning to accept it’s gotta be done over and over.

Wow awesome job

Amen 3 adults and I do everything

Sorry your hubby is sick. We’ve been dealing with sickness all week too. Running on fumes. I absolutely love your living room makeover. The paint color is beautiful with the couch and coffee table. So bright and refreshing. I love your music too

Nice video! I hope your hubby is feeling better. My favorite types of videos to watch on YT are DITL/Vlog style videos because it’s fun just seeing people’s everyday life and getting to know them as an individual. I also enjoy DIYs because I like to create. ☺️ Of course I watch other types of videos but since you asked......

Hey there! I have watched your videos in the past but never commented. Today I had to chime in. I found myself nodding yes! through out the video agreeing with you. The fact that the house was in such a disarray, the kids needing a push to start helping, even being a messy painter haha I just was right there with you. I am a now a subscriber. Thanks for being so real ❤❤❤

Thanks for sharing Lynn! I love your cleaning videos! They are always motivational and REAL. Have a great day!

I realize this channel is focused on you but about time you got them to help, even if they just picked up after themselves would be a help.

Thank you for always sharing we all appreciate you!! But I'm just wondering do you feel like your boys show respect for your home & belongings? I know it's just stuff but you & your husband work hard to provide for your family. It's ok to tell them not to write on the refrigerator or put their feet on the coffee table. I know you may feel guilty about it but your happiness is important to friend ❤

Where did you get the rug in your kitchen? Is it easy to keep clean? I have kids and a German shepherd who sheds badly and I can't keep a rug at my sink clean or looking decent at all!!

When I paint I get so much on me. The results are very good but the mess is unbelievable.


As a young one growing up, we had to help Mom. The best part she would play music and I still remember these fun times. Nothing is better than music to get one motivated.

I’ve been having more mommy meltdowns lately. It’s nice to see that I’m not alone. It’s hard when you do everything! I do it all! Thanks for the video! You’re seriously a joy to watch ❤️

Oh my goodness, what a sweet comment. Thank you! You're amazing!

I would love to see how you and others deal with paper clutter. Mail, magazines, bills to pay OMG it all stacks up on my counter or microwave. I am going insane over the amount of paper coming into my home.

I DO need to add that in an upcoming video. Thanks for the tip!

Your videos are so inspiring and motivating and just what I need in the mornings to help get me up and start cleaning ❤ you're doing a fantastic job mama keep it up

Congratulations to Chris. And way to go mom on getting the kids to help. My 3 year old helps more then the 16 year old step son. Makes me feel like I'm doing a little good with him. I Love you house. And way to go on being super mom while hubby was down.

I love how your fur baby follows you everywhere you do. So sweet.

Beautiful family Lynn.

Yaaay! Thank you for this Lynn! I popped your video on, and I started in by changing our sheets and sorting our laundry. The music is the best! Feels like we are cleaning alongside one another.

I love watching the kids help. I feel like decluttering is none stop lol. I always love your music. Yessss coffee is a must. Awesome job friend!

Love that your son helps you!!

Good morning my friend. I SO needed this today. It's rainy, cold, and windy here so I definitely do NOT want to move. Poor Chris, I hope he gets to feeling better soon. Your always such a huge motivation to people, including me, and I always appreciate how much you do. You go girl, sometimes it's hard to be stern with our kids, but let's face it, they are old enough to make the mess, it isn't gonna hurt them to help you out. I'm glad to see they got up and helped you along to take some of the stress off of you. I'm really loving the couch more and more. I love the way it looks with that rug. Don't be so hard on yourself hunny, we all have loose our cool and have to out our foot down. I'm sending you a huge hug my friend. Thanks for sharing your realness with us. Sometimes I think people don't realize we all go through things with our kids. I know I do, with 2 teenagers especially. I hope you have a wonderful week my friend. Sending love and hugs.

What is the name of that helpful boy in blue T-shirt and shorts? You have 5 kids right? Good video

Good morning Lynn! Thank you for the motivation. Loving how the living room came out with painted walls! Have a great Sunday! ❤️

Cooking and decorating video

Great job Lynn getting the boys involved. After all, who helps make the mess? Mother's are only one person & we can't do it all!!!! Everyone is different,but I was raised to clean & keep my on room. It made me think about decking my room because I knew I had to clean it. I learned to pick up as I took out. Like I said everyone is different, and I am not telling you to do this. By the way the house looks great!!!! You have a lovely family ❤️! Thanks for sharing.

Definitely needed the motivation!! Absolutely LOVED your shirt!! I love the music you play & definitely love, love, love that song!!

Lynn keep on with the music! I enjoy your videos and first of all i like your character! you are so sincere and real!

Hi Lynn, yep!! You are a beautiful, sweet Wonder Woman and mom! I love what you did to your living room and the blues you incorporated. I knew it would be perfect when you were done!! Your boys are darling! I hope Chris feels better and Chris! Congratulations! God bless you and your family and your commitment to spreading the word of God! So thank you. I know that in wherever the Lord brings you, you will be successful. Much love to you all!!

The new colour on the walls really brightens up the space. Such a clean and fresh look! Can't wait to see the final reveal! ❤


That little ginger helper is everything!!!! Thanks for sharing. Blessings ❤️ Ara

Needing this motivation on this Sunday!!

When I started watching your video I felt bad that you was the one doing all the work when there is a houseful of abled body people to do there part. I understand that Chris gets to rest with being sick, but everyone else should help. I'm glad you got enough of it and got some help. You are helping them become productive adults. Too many kids don't know what is expected of them as adults because they aren't shown as kids. God bless you.

I absolutely agree with you. ❤️

I love how you talk about the real mommy breakdowns ! It happens a lot here too and of course I also would never want to show that online so some may think things are always perfect when of course life is not perfect

Aww look at your fur baby following mama around ! I love it ❤️ I’m here for all this motivation.

Thanks for the motivation Lynn lots of love ❤️

All I can say is wow! You do it all! I like the way everyone helped out

Wow! Great job painting! And a BIG congratulations to Chris on his Ordination - what wonderful news!! xoxo

Grocery hauls and what u and your kids eat in a day.

Lynn thanks for the motivation!! I love your pheasant pillow. It’s so adorable!!

I love that you talked about being overwhelmed by the mess and getting your family to understand that you do need help. We try to tell our kids that everyone contributes to the mess, so everyone can help clean. I am Momma, I am not a maid. Granted, I still do the majority of work because it brings me joy and I feel like it's my job to take care of my family in these ways. (We're a little old fashioned like that)

Always enjoy your cleaning and decorating videos! I also enjoy cooking and grocery haul videos :-) Hope that helps!

Good job great video lynn

Definitely all the motivation! Really loved this! ❤️

Your console table with the decor is sooo perfect!

I really love seeing your littles ones help!!! Makes me not feel bad that I have mine do chores around the house. Not every day cause I forget a lot but when I remember I try to have them do some chores.

We use to have to help our mom with cleaning. Your little red hair boy in all blue was really cracking me up.He was trying his best to reach back of the counters. He was going to town and doing the best he could So precious. Love the music you play. love ya

Don't worry..we all have our moments as parents. Yes you should give them chores..believe it or not...child love direction, it shows them you is our job to teach them life lessons..give them one chores to do each day to get them started..

I would like to see more DITL videos!

I love the new painted walls and couch!

Ohh I remember those “come to Jesus meetings” from my mom!

I’d like to see a decluttering series like you mentioned.

Good job great video lynn please tell christ I said congrads I truely understood how overwhelming things can get

Very nice video


I love decluttering and the music is fine!

So awesome that Chris is being ordained!

NIce white no show socks!! Are comfortable?

They are! They are adidas brand from Marshall’s.

Thanks for the motivation! New Subscriber here :)

They are old enough to help their mom girl. Boys need to know how to clean too. You did the right thing. Have them empty the trash cans in the house, pick up the toys whatever just as long as they help out. You are their mom, not their maid. ✌

Welcome, new friend!!

Honesty my favorite house. love your living room

E- cloth towel is a life saver. Its super good for cleaning.

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Hey girl!❤️ I REALLY enjoyed this video! It is very motivating! New subscriber here! Let’s support each other!

Hi Lynn!!! I know I'm watching this video late but I enjoy watching your videos and channel daily!! Great video!! Love how your boys helped you clean in this video!! Hope you are having a great week!! Hugs!!

A “come to Jesus moment”.... I have those daily with mine

Feche a torneira não desperdice água...

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