Auto Transport: New Car Hauling Trailer & Commercial Vehicle Insurance

Auto Transport: New Car Hauling Trailer & Commercial Vehicle Insurance

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Hey welcome, back again to Auto, Transport Intel. Right. Man thanks for joining me tonight again, on a Tuesday, night. And. Don't pardon, me if I'm looking down or looking over, here I'm looking at the live chat and, already. Have some of you guys in here okay, echo screen is here welcome, back Oh screen thanks for coming back again. Clarksville, you're, driving, that's right you're driving, you're, driving north. I tell. You. Well. Let's see haven't been able to catch you in a while that's cool that's, good busy's, good man, that's, a good problem to have, it's not even a problem man that's good so, I welcome, you back listen, when you guys can make it great, and when you can't I know I get it I dispatch, so. You. Know like dave is driving right now so and you, can't always do that so. Patrick. Thanks for coming back man I really appreciate it thanks for coming back into the show. Acme, transport, is here is that time of the week that's. Right and, Mike. M, dispatcher. On. The rise that's, cool man welcome, back again and hotshot dave is here awesome. You, know you guys it's, Tuesday, night and it means it's Tuesday Night Live 8 o'clock Central, Time and I, really I do I look forward to the show. And. Now I mean it's happening this is episode 30 which is crazy that's 30 in a row, I. Hope to not miss a Tuesday, I hope to keep it fresh and. Always. Make it interesting I mean you know there's got to be a good reason for us all to you know join together, here. For, like 90, minutes plus that's a really long time but I. Don't you know it doesn't have to be that long maybe we'll make a really, short show one of these days but it won't be tonight because, tonight is, all about car. Hauling trailers and. Getting. Insurance which. There's about a million, things to talk about there I mean which trailer, do you get do you go small, do you go big I mean, how could you there's, so many opinions on this it's, like. It's, like going back and having like a, presidential. Nomination. Who are you gonna pick what trail are you gonna pick, are you a real car hauler and then. Getting a decent price, on insurance, I mean oh my gosh insurance. Is just a crusher, so. We're. Gonna talk about that stuff tonight that is the meat of the, evening, and. I. Wasn't. Gonna say and then we got so we got we're gonna talk to Bruce at son state transport. For, the bulk of that he is a trailer, expert, this guy knows so. Much about trailers. And he's gonna answer if you've got a question I'm telling, you get, in the live chat when, Bruce is here in about 20 minutes post your question, you, could do it now, but, yeah do it now why not man you know, do. That and then there's insurance, questions, and want to get those too but definitely the trailer, questions, and let's. Hash it out tonight you know let's visit is it, are you a real car haul I see that all the time on Facebook and I'm, a dispatcher so, you. Know I. Read. It and I wonder, so we're gonna try and talk about that we're, also gonna talk to Dave, hotshot. Dave has something important to ask you guys so. We're gonna do that but first we're gonna do industry. News so. That's happening now it's 805 so if you don't like the news or you already know it or you're in the future go, to 820 and that's, when we're gonna start the show, with talking to Dave we're, gonna talk to Bruce at sunstate at 8:30. And then, about 9:20. We're, gonna talk to our mondo. The. Insurance, agent so all right let's get started. And, you, know of course by. The way this is uh this. Image, is I. Want to say I don't. Want to screw that up what's, his name. Come. On um. Chris. Griffin, this. Good no this isn't this is Tim garrison, Tim, garrison. Is tying, down Fords, at in. Casey, maybe, at the Ford I don't, know man. I'm just a dispatcher, yeah. That's what I that's what I always say when. Something goes wrong with the load because I'll tell you and that's, actually a good lead-in why. Do I do this show why. My. Gosh. Tell us J why do you bother I do this, show because. Dispatching. Is so frustrating. Oh my gosh I mean I, wish, it was just booking cars I wish it was just looking. For loads, and booking cars, communicating. With the driver or getting certificates, of insurance, no. That's the easy part, the hard part is all the stinking detective, work, I booked. Cars on Friday, you. Know we were looking at a load then we ended up looking at another load book those cars and the. Driver gets there to pick them up and it's 3:00, in ops man, dude. It. Was supposed to be one slightly. Enough, and, I tell you I knew you, know there's there's a line, of red flags which is why I'm excited in the future we're, gonna do car.

Hauling Dispatcher training, part 3. Which. Is really, a lot about, understanding. And getting through, a red. Flag that you either saw or, that, you didn't see so man have so many techniques, all right let's get this party started so, here. Is my oh, yeah. Let's get the industry news there, we go Ron industry news, by. The way yeah I don't want to let anybody go by without saying hello so Roxy, Auto Transport good, evening, welcome, back to the show. Selfmade. Welcome. Back to the show I do appreciate, it, you're. Actually the process of getting insurance great then I can't wait to hear what you have to say. Travelers. Has awesome rates, here in upstate that's, good to know that's, good to know and they're I mean just like trailers, there are preferred insurance, companies, by some it's like baseball teams. Or. Not slightly. In up. Lol. You know dude seriously. Dave, oh my, gosh and, I split my brain split. In half that day I went, nuts man. See. That's why I have the super safe super kool-aid. Gas. Cart selling that eld kool-aid, hey. I need windshield, fluid is that a four or six cylinder I. Like. To start with a couple of jokes you know. Even. If they're only semi funny sir you've been inspecting. For an hour simmer down driver I'll find something wrong eventually. It's. By old. He's. Really looking though man that guy's looking. When. I courtesy, flash my headlights, but my fellow truckers, don't blink their, lights to say thank you. This is nice this comes from a driver he. Actually was that acid dump road why. Would you call it acid dump Road really. Speaking. Of acid dump Road that is the 405, in Los Angeles, I have, been there I've been in that I'm probably in that picture. It's. Crazy. That's. You. Know it's kind of like it's. Kind of like transportation, art. It. Makes me feel something I feel I, feel, sympathetic, I, don't. Know man it's interesting, really. Interesting, I think we should do a transportation. Is. This guy, parking. In a truck spot probably, some big bad biker I, should. Whoop up on him remember, this is YouTube, it's a family show. So. You know I cut, out all the ixnay on the. Pope. Ass way I. Don't. Think that's a word. That's, cool ups, just park your trailer in the middle of 7585 in Atlanta I. Think. That was now that was a few weeks ago but man that is that's. Pretty awesome it's. Pretty awesome. Good. Captioning to, whoever, did that on. The, ball on the ball captioning. My. Outside, of the TV. Safe, oh by. The way how's, the audio guys let. Me know if the audio is any good cuz I'm I noticed, the last show I was not in love with the audio, I think the lighting is okay, but. And, I think my audio is okay but I'm working, on the phone the phone stuff man, phone. Is tough what is he doing by. The way did. He fall asleep that. What happens, should. Have had an eld you should have thought of that. He. Is he. Is plumb up in them trees. And. Then. The then, there's this minivan happening. That's. That's. Nice that's. I guess, that's not so you can fix that just lower the lower the top that, one you can't fix so easily I. Hate. That. It's. Probably a reference to something I said five minutes ago but true true, enough me and that door just came open I guess I got forgot to unhook on, latch or and. This. Is an interesting one I think. What's happening, here is in, the. Rear view mirror, you in you. Know what I mean you, can see the truck, but. You can also see, the front of the truck through. The windshield. Smashing. Into the. FedEx truck that's interesting now here's a man that knows how to strap you, know you got your straps tight when you're going faster, than the pit X truck in the hammer lane and your rear-end 'im and the. Cars are still intact. Seems. Legit I. Like. That is that I think it's like a trash, bag, or. A sock, or something I don't know man, what's. Up nerd, on 18 wheels, all, right, cool, thanks buddy. Awesome. Awesome I appreciate, that I really do cool, and I. Know that I even looked at my analytics two-thirds of the audience is on mobile phone honey, like that, 95%. Male. Price. Shouldn't, have said that. Time-saver. Time. Saver, I think, that's an Oklahoma plates why. Not send. It love. That yelled. That Oh who's, that something recently I was like. I'm. Gonna go with seems legit. That. Is. Man. Oh wow he's got look in the back window that's, a that's a move right there dude. They. Are full-on, moving, I think. That's a deflated. Chucky cheese ball I don't know I have one of those. You. Know the kids I already. Showed you the dad car hauler sure the beginning oh this is interesting got my new hotshot. How do they even do that that, is awesome fabrication. That's like Hollywood style dude. That. Is that. Is legit. What, else we got here, all, the things I get myself into.

Yeah You know what I think that's one of those um. You. Ever seen those old fire trucks, listed, on, Central, I think. That's what that is, of. Course it's mostly chassis, but still, I've. Never booked one of those old fire trucks you see them though I don't. Know why. Now. I mean. That's. Hmm. I don't know I don't know that I, don't. Know what you do with that what, do you do with that get. A different trailer move, in, audio. It's a one awesome, man that's awesome what's up are SW North West first. Time I think, I think. I try to pay attention I. Try. To, pay attention. Um, you. Probably put that on the eld notes. Annotations. That. Is. That's a pretty good load right there, that's. Pretty um the probably pays good. That. Makes me think of like circle logistics. Cuz you don't know I. Don't. Know if it's just them or whoever, but you know there's there, are loads, of, sprinters, that you can get and you don't know what size you're. Gonna get until you get there, nothing. Like gambling, for 50, cents a mile. Now. I'm not gonna sing cuz I can't sing but rocks and, you. Don't have to put on the red light I. Thought. That was awesome and I had to put that in there the. Unknown punster, I wanna. Check that out how many good puns can t have probably. A lot there's. A lot of good puns. These. Are the moments I can't stand the eld 106, miles to go two, and a quarter hours left and now, this, three. Right lanes blocked. Yeah. It sucks. It's. David cool. Man. Seen, you on Facebook sorry sorry that happened to you Dave. Let. Me know how it turned out. You. Ain't a real truck driver till you mastered holdin, your, duty. Until. The next rest, area truck stop changed, my mind, there, was a video I didn't, share it but there was a video of like a lady. Trying. To hold on to it let's just keep moving on type, or police are Brunswick Georgia for, picking today to. Do a full-scale training, y'all cost me two hours who'd I make the bill out to. Totally. Totally. You know they got the money. Pay. Me I'm. Not here to train people, seriously. You don't get paid to play with the equipment serious. Question, for all my fellow drivers, have you been flashed while driving and did you want or enjoy what you saw. You. Know what comes up you see. You. Know you've. Seen things. For. About 15 years I carried one of these two silenced annoying TVs in different places I donate, about three a month I know my drive the establishment, proprietor, is insane trying to figure out what happened with volume, but. Blaring, the view in waiting, rooms should, be illegal take, this tip and live longer that's actually a really, great idea, I have, never done that and I mean I love I love media. I love adapters, and I also. Think. That the view blasting. And waiting rooms I think I've I think I've experienced, that and yeah, man carrying. Those adapters that's a great idea dude uh. Here's. A TV, in the that's. Pretty sweet setup, that's, why I included, that one that is a sweet, setup. Dude. Is. That that's not dish what is that you got a hot spot. Obviously. You can't answer me because you, know, when.

I'm Watching but yeah I don't know who that is but that's pretty sweet I like that. Is that it no there's, more okay. Dispatch. Update, ETA not today probably, not tomorrow either I, can't. Tell what is going on there but. It, looks like chaos. Chaos. In the desert, probably in the middle of Texas and, that that's. Something, that fenders, wrong. There's. Something seriously wrong with, that. And. That is a problem, I think this happened in Hannibal, Missouri. Not, that long ago and. This. Is relevant, now we're going to start seeing some more well we've already seen some trailer picks but. Bruce. Said something, really interesting today. Just. I called him to do a sound check and man he, has so much information it, was talking about how right, turns are. Not. The turns you want to make make left turns if you can you guys already know that. As. A dispatcher, I've got I've got other information, but I wouldn't have had that so does that's pretty interesting so you, see a lot of bad where I turns that would that would go down as a very bad right turn. Looking. For a finance company so, if you, know. A good finance, company, have. Them send me an email where's. My email oh it's not on there yeah auto transport intelligent. Comm I'd love to talk to a finance, company that'd be cool I tried. Once before. Unsuccessfully. Actually I got it there's, a domain, I looked up a finance company but I couldn't get ahold of anybody and the email didn't go to a valid, email box, and I. Thought that was bad wouldn't. Want to get, a loan from somebody that I can't even send them an email okay. Thinking about becoming a hotshot owner operator best truck and trailer combo please thanks, for the info all right well this is your show man that's, what we're doing tonight and. Before. We move into that we do have a trucker's Drive truck driver Bill of Rights all right I'm a truck driver I'm, a person, not a stereotype, without me you wouldn't have any of the things you need if, I stopped working your daily life would stop right. Number, one treat. Me like a person I act, as a professional, treat me as such right. Number two my, voice my, vote counts, let drivers vote on those who represent us on advocacy, boards. Amen. To that right number three I should be paid for all the time that I work rolling. Or waiting, good. Point. Number four let, me go home when, I signed, on I was promised, home time deliver. On that promise I fulfill. Mine each day very good point right number five I know when, I'm tired or need to take a break.

Regardless. Of hours of service. Amen. To that. Parking. Number, six right number six I deserve, a safe place to rest. Preferably. One that doesn't cost an arm and a leg cuz we're just. Heard today yeah paid, parking, is up right. Number seven I shouldn't have to pay 12 bucks for a shower. Okay. All. Right I don't know how to parse that one but I'm with you right number eight I am, only responsible for accidents, that I have caused and. That's true to man people oh my gosh why do people drive so bad, right. Number nine I'm entitled to good healthy food options while, out on the road another. One that's difficult to parse but I hear you I feel you oh this is see me live oh that's cool right number, ten truck stops should cater to me. Yeah. Seven nine and ten are gonna be difficult to parse but, I like it it's good stuff man CDL, live check it out I think you can Facebook, that. Yeah. Facebook, oh and there's YouTube gotta. Check that out alright cool that is the end and I meant oh I'm at 8:21, I love. It when I'm close to the time frame you know it's, really helpful so, we're gonna let's, go ahead and just talk to Dave right now let's jump right in. We're, gonna talk to Dave I. Hope. You. There Dave yeah I know you're there come on man. What. Else we got. Michael. ID Patriot financial, hmmm. Email me that, be cool oh. Hey. What's up Dave. How. You doing. Yeah. I know, I mean isn't that know that's what you normally do right. Right. But. Right. That's right that's you know what that's well put that's what we do and, when I say, we I mean you guys. You. Know. It's. It's easier, to be sitting at a desk even if I want, to. Strangle the guy with three in ops I think it's still easier, than, when. You look at the laundry list of craziness, out there. So. Speaking. Of since since, that's, a perfect, lead-in to what you want to tell people all. Right here we go so. All. Right well Dave this that, you you asked, me to help you get. The word out. And. Hotshot. Dave needs you. Hotshot. Dave yeah. What do you have what do you need. All. Right cool and you know what as I see actually. That's. Weird I know it was there PA was, there so yeah the route is. Go. Ahead and see if I can join the party the, route is. If. You start in New Jersey go to Virginia, Maryland Ohio, PA, is that right. Yeah. No doubt Twix, is always helpful okay, that's. Cool and how I mean when do they start you need something you need somebody right away. Okay. Cool, so if. If if, somebody so right now obviously we're, live but. If somebody sees this in the future, and you, know if it's a month from now they, call the number or they email you maybe. You have it old maybe. You, know you'd, keep you. Know a drawer. With some resumes in it I don't know but just. Contact. Are. You, supplying the truck and trailer. So. You got you got some good you got some solid customer. Action right. Yes. Kimberly, it is we can share that. We. Can we can share we, can show I mean you are looking like you just said you're. Not only looking for somebody maybe right now but, we, can share this graphic, right I mean because your. Your goal is to retain, this customer, and keep growing right. Cool. Yeah. Yeah, I. Hear. You absolutely. Well. And I mean you know like I get sometimes I get random, calls, I prefer, emails, that, way I can manage the information. So. Yeah, call, sparingly. So. Well. Listen man is there anything you wanted to add because we're gonna move on we're, up to 8:30, and we're gonna call Bruce at, sunstate. Transport. And start talking about trailers. Are. You in. Okay. Cool so yeah. Stick around and, then because I'll tell you what and. Here's what I'm gonna do I'm gonna keep talking but I'm gonna let you go Dave so man I'll talk to you soon okay. All. Right cool man thanks so, that. Is hotshot Dave by the way visit, hotshot Dave on YouTube. Great, channel and great advice from, Dave. And. What. You know what I do I want this trailer thing to turn into a, real, conversation if, you if you, hear Bruce talking, about trailers, and you want to join the conversation you, can email me or. Just put your phone number up, here and what we'll call you just remember, that this. Chat, YouTube. Has, upgraded, YouTube. To now the, the chat shows, up next, to the video so anything you chat will.

Show Up in replays, of the video so you may not want to put your phone number then, again maybe you do but. If you want to join the call you can email, me auto transport intelligent, calm I'll, have your phone number or through the email, and then, maybe we can give you. That's. Bruce. This is Jay. Hey. Welcome nod or transport, Intel we're totally ready I was just, talking. About you. All. Right, so, all, right so this. Is Bruce from. Son state transport. And we're. Gonna talk about car hauling, trailers right. Man. So, you, know it's funny when I was um I was talking to you earlier and. We were doing a, sound. Check and, you man you said so, much, great stuff to, me, I. Don't. Yeah I'm trying to compartmentalize. And remember, it but the first thing I want to ask you is you, were talking about. Conniff. You're your background, and car hauling, and trailers. Please. Tell. Our audience you. Know what's. Your what you know what. Can you say about your background, and where you are with trailers. Just. Come right out and be honest and say hey what. Do you like and what you don't like about that sermon because. We are. Along, the way and. It's. Just like I think I'm talking to you about a lot, of it depends on your power unit, what, you're pulling that trailer with. The. Bigger the trailer course the bigger the power of. Course you can pull on a lighter trailer with the same kind of power well. You have to realize you know a. Little. More than the, big power. What. I mean right, I mean no matter how you slice it you're looking at your power unit, and your, trailer, we've, already got a question in here and I'm gonna we're gonna go ahead and jump into that because I really, want to get into the meat potatoes, of trailers. And. Waar, says hi guys is an F 450, safe to haul six, cars the. Trailer. The. Series. 60 Detroit, with. The jcrane. Be. Huge, just. Drum. Brakes on it and. You're. Looking at, 450. 550, will turn when you want, 19, 5 huh. Yeah. They do have the runners for the braking system but, I would. Say that you're probably going to go to 3. To 4. You're. Great parents, you know your, basic. Keeping, the braking. System up. But. Again it gets, back to the same thing are you going to do the right right, thing, and. Medium-sized. Cars and pickups where. Are you going to get crazy in. Love. 65. 7,000. Pounds pilla back to work diesel. Pickups and, I. Mean. I, mean. I know you're only going to get private. Three on that trailer, but then, you control the bottom I mean it's just like with me I. Have. A loan right now. One. Of my trucks and I've. Got. Three. And. I. Mean. I. Mean. But, that was the classic where I tell people when. You have three times more times, the weight of that truck, push. In that truck those tires are braking, system and everything so. You. Know. It's. A situation. You. Know what and I want to thank I want to thank Anwar, for asking, that question because, just. Hearing you talk I mean we know these are the parameters, but. I can see you walking, through, them. In. Such a logical, fashion that, that's really what I want to do with these conversations, so Anwar. Thank you for that question I, mean I really appreciate, that, and. Alexander. Collado, he's, chiming, in so six cars for. An F for 50, is too much and I, think what you're saying is if you're dealing with six sedans. Maybe. Not, right. If. You're in Texas, there is not six and eight there ain't six sedans indexes. I, mean I, have. To. Calm down. And. Then. I was flying right 45, like like no tomorrow. You. Know I get, the guys were there is no character actually everyone, thought you hear bragging, about what they, argue. That I said something. I said you. Start wearing a chair and, beat and. You put it in trucks, you better have yourself a certain, value Cattrall, a, rally, boat you. Better have one of the three board manufacturers, that. They, have. Let's. Try to start coming apart at. Iconic. Which we're. Starting with Sun's, up a trailer. I. Mean. We. Would have, coming, back and they have two. Or three blown, tires. Because. That wheel is turning so that summer. When it gets hot we. Just couldn't cool and then the next thing you know. You're. But a little tired that's that's part of it that's another thing you have to look at this and you get with the river trailer, you. Get the 22 5 rubber, boat.

To. 5570. 22 5. We. Actually. I. Know. 95. Well. And as you as you talk about these trailer, companies I mean I pulled up all of the, websites. For you. Know pretty much the big manufacturer. I've got I've. Got manufacturers. I got Kaufman Sun. Country, katrell. Wall-e. Mo. Infinity. Big. Tex. Appalachian. Take. Three, then. Imperial. Trailer. Then. We start to get into you know hot shotting, and otherwise but. If. I lift if I left one out let me know. Because. Really what I want to ask you is so. I, get. Asked, I'm. A new car hauler. What. Do. You recommend, to. Car three, car or four, car trailer. Ones. Right two or three car. You. Have. A broker, trying to dictate, you. Know that. After just wait well, we. Car. Is. Unless. You absolutely. I don't, question, that, but, we need to slow these guys down when they get on the road. You. Are a potential. Transformer. You're. Just checking up. I'm. Pretty sure I, know the pitch with, hey, I'm. Going to put it on there and. The, closer we get to. Departure. Oh. Yeah. Oh that's. That's, broker, 101, honestly, I mean. I. Get, customers, or once a while they go first how, do I get these brokers to quit calling me and I sit around and. So you will find that for the team Louis. Transport. It's. It's. A great idea, posing, as a customer is a great idea that real that is that's really good advice and I've heard that once before but, not a long time but, I want to ask you this so if if. If, I am because, I want to get back to the question, of if I am a brand new car hauler and I. Literally. Hear, from brand new car haulers. Probably. Two to three times a week, so, that's a lot of new car haulers and I think they're all looking, to find. Out. What. Is the rig you know with it what are the pieces you got the insurance the. Truck and the trailer and they, know it's two or three or four car they, know it's probably a, dually, truck and, that, will allow them to get the insurance so. They can get started and. Yeah. They're gonna be eating off a load boards, because they probably don't have a customer. I'm, not even sure you know where the idea to be a car hauler comes from but it's out there so.

So. What are they I mean where do they go what's it what would be a good starting, point for a trailer, as far as like you, know can. You recommend, an actual, trailer, set up. Isn't. It it's really hard. Don't, recommend. Stopping. You. Know. Mitch. Try. To just stick with kingpin. So. That, you. Know the trimmer doesn't lean with. The other day I guess the Fisher's fit to me and it was an accident nothing to be done about it when, we gather, well. Which. Person, that. Record, sound pickup on. The very mouth of the trailer, they. Were doing some reason. Go. Tomorrow yes. The. Truck trailer, and. The, cargo ended up on its side. Walk. In the street so. Try. To do, the best you can you know collected the money you. Know keep your tracking your expense. So. If. You could if you could, stay. Away from a gooseneck and, go. With the kingpin, you would recommend, that. Small, cars on, a Turner like that I, picked. The three six thousand, pound axles, which. You. Know. Six. Or seven, very, I. Think. It's worth. Thirty. Forty dollars an actual. Our. Gooseneck or. Gooseneck cheaper. Or. Gooseneck cheaper. Oh. Man, I want to do a show on that actually. I might, bring you into the cannon, ball on the maintenance show but, I want, to ask you this is that. With. Respect to. Insurance. I mean. I. Don't. Know you know you're starting out you can't, you can't realistically, between. The, knowledge you have the, cost of insurance. And. The, complexity, of I mean just dealing with a larger, trailer you need to go with I mean. Would you even do a two-car, would you ever recommend, a two-car would you just say do, a three car do, a four car would. You just straight-up say do you say do a three car if you I mean if I, had to corner you like that would you just say yeah do a three car if you're gonna if you're convinced, you want to do this do, a 3-car, would. You say that. But. You don't have to deal with all the height, concerns. Etc. I mean not that it's a ton, it would you go how about this then would you go with the four car like a four car flipper, like. The Sun country for car flipper. No. I agree with you it's better what. I've learned as a dispatcher, it's better to stay put for a minute then, just drive with an empty spot, right. Stay, put find the car tell. Everybody else to relax. Right. What. Yeah. Yeah. That's that's, what I do. Kakie. And I say you know what Jason. Oh. Well. That's why that's why I love triple listed loads. I. Actually. Had. A driver, show up at the same time as, another. Driver, to pick up a car I. Don't. Remember what happened I think I blocked it out. Right. Who's bigger right. Oh my god. Hey. Speaking, of if somebody has a question they want to ask you. Off the record not, right here, can, they contact you. Well. What's, the do you like an email, or.

What. Yeah. You get everything. I'm. Gonna I'm. Gonna say I'm gonna say your phone number okay I'm gonna give your contact information, you. Can, reach Bruce, and he's. You. Should. You. Should. And. I'll help you shoot the will. Shoots we'll shoot some videos. You. Need, to be there. You. Need to be but, both I mean. What you do it, every. Time. Like. Anything else. All. Right I'm gonna say your phone number it's six oh two. Seven. One seven. Two. Eight one, six again Bruce. Six. Oh two, seven. One seven, two. Eight one, six, and your. Email, address is. Okay. Son state dispatch, one, at All. Right cool all, right that's awesome, all. Right cool so I hope, that we're. Gonna keep going but. I know that, I know this is a dry, subject and, I'm not worried, about I think you, know after the fact people will watch this video people that are searching for trailers, will, come back this is within. A niche. Discussion. This is a micro. Niche but. I know that, I talked, to drivers that, at. Least, one a week that really. Needs a low, down education. Of, what. Should, they do they. Got one shot at getting a trailer, what do they do and. As. A dispatcher, I say, I know, that, you know people are gonna say you're not a real car hauler but. Essentially, I think you should start small, because. From. Where I sit you're. Gonna be eating off the load boards, and that's, not easy I mean. You might get one or two good pay in cars but you are not gonna find five. Good, paying cars now that's not to say it can't be, done but. When you're new it's. Probably. Not going to happen. I'm. Telling you those powers move. Everyday. You know that J you've been explaining what. It's. In. You. Know it, seems and Carroll says yes. Bruce do it they don't have them, out there. Oh yeah. Car hauling schools I think is what she's talking abut yeah I I, before. I talk about dispatching. I'm gonna agree with you there. Needs I don't think there is a car hauling school, there. Needs to be a car hauling, school I know, there. Are. I. Know there, are a couple, guys, doing. Car. Hall or education. I. Don't. I've asked. I think. I asked both of them to come on the show and talk about it, which. Is why I, I. Could use more subscriptions, likes. Comments. And shares, because. It seems as this channel, grows. It. Helps, me get. More. People, with better information into, the fold so. So. Do that. Just. About, tell you what and that, gets into it. Sounds, like. Okay. So we're gonna start to transition, into insurance, here also and, I'm just to say this, article from 2014. Talks about the auto haul or training institute, I don't think that still exists, I'm gonna keep googling, while we're talking car. Haul or university. I don't think that exists, anymore either right. Well. Yeah, your. Own car your mom's car. Your. Well. I said you gotta be gentle and. I said you know I don't wanna have. A trainer, I taught, you a lot of mess with us. Around. Around. So, you can. Write. Thank goodness, but, it's like you know it'd. Be hard to learn. How. To, properly. Execute. What's, needed to have a CDL, a by. Just, doing a written exam and the same thing with car hauling right I mean you need to physically, do this stuff. Which. Is. David. Bought $0, transporter. Oh cool. How did that go David I don't you know I don't know anything about I. Tried. To contact him I couldn't get ahold of him so I don't know what he's doing but I would love to talk to him you know zero to auto transporter. Uh, Bruce. You. Ever heard of him, Nate. Zero. To auto transporter. He's got some youtube videos. Actually. Driver. Health, was, just mentioned, as one of the top three. Reasons car, haulers go out of business I forget who said that and. I just want to say this about dispatching. Is that I agree with you. What's, interesting is, I'm. In touch with. We. Just met dispatch, monkey, a few weeks ago if you're, a new car hauler maybe you can use dispatch, monkey, to help you build a route but, I agree with you if you really want to. I. Think. I think a good dispatcher, is. Able, to justify, and in fact maybe negotiate. The, fee that you would otherwise pay, him so you still make out pretty good in fact better, because, I make. Phone calls all day I can't imagine driving, a truck and doing that. It's. True. I. Try. To show. Bruce. You are men you are a larious. Dude it's so awesome man, hey we just got another one match point auto transport, thanks, Mike is. I, guess also doing, training. Dispatch. You, know there's probably a, lot of, different. Companies out and about that. Can do some. Of these things but. Creating. A. Dominic, I just want to respond a Dominic, and Ernest. Or actually, Ernest is that, so, I am a dispatcher. I, can't, take, on any more drivers but, I am, I'm, both. Training, dispatchers. And I'm. Also connected, to a dispatch, company, so if you, if, you need a dispatcher I, could probably help you find one. And. If.

You Need a broker I can now help you find a broker to and now if you, need to learn car hauling, I can help you find somebody named, Bruce. So. Yeah, I mean you know and that's what's cool about this, is the ecosystem, we're talking about is that, I mean, because, because, ultimately you, and I want, the same thing I think every person watching right now wants. The same thing and that is, an industry. That. We, can we can navigate. And. Profit, from and. Hopefully. Enjoy. Well. Okay. You know it's funny is that I mean that's one of the things that I talk, about is, dispatch. Or training, oh, man. That gets dicey, because I, really, want to share all of my, secrets. But, I mean, they're not total. Secrets, but some, things I say or, almost. What. I mean you know to. Play the game and that's, the Pont. It shouldn't, be a game it's, too, insane, the way it is now I, I, was. It came of analogy, earlier you, don't walk into Walmart buy, peanut, butter and when you get home it's, actually, those flying, snakes it's really peanut butter. But. In Auto Transport it, could be those flying snakes. I. Did. A show how to file a claim on a broker, on a broker, bond but all, right so let's go to insurance, all right you were talking, about I want to jump right in because you. Were talking, what. The. Voodoo the voodoo okay you were and we're gonna um hopefully. Our. Mondo is watching, Armando, I'm gonna call you in about ten minutes all, right. A million. Dollar general, liability insurance. This was bugging you right. What. So, because. We already know that, automobile. Liability. That's. The one that kind of goes up and, some brokers want a really, high like. It's fifty thousand per car no. Bones about it, some, let it slide maybe, twenty, five thirty. All, right that's fine on the cargo I'm, sorry so you got million dollar liability then. You got your cargo that fluctuates, but, then you have your larger, broker carriers, that also want, million, dollar general, liability right. Okay. And we're talking really, I mean, again. That that, those are the companies that want, additionally. Insured so. They want additional insured, and, general, liability right. So. Yeah. What's. That what so what happened there what happened in Toronto. All. Right all, right we're staying out of the news we're gonna keep this in the car all right. So, so. But here's. The question here's the question, is do. I mean that million-dollar general, liability which, you said could, cost you an additional eight. Hundred, maybe a thousand. Year right. All. Right all right so. Do. They have a valid reason to ask for that or do you feel like it's it's overreaching. I. Mean. There, are so, many accidents. Is. It. It's. Another. Week. I run three trucks so. So. These. Two things are to, me these are very connected the, type of trailer, you get. And. Just. Getting the right insurance and. Doing a good job making, sure you get sleep I mean. So essentially, if you're a new car hauler you, get a three car wedge forget. What everybody says you're not a real car haul or whatever. Maybe. Get a dispatcher, and. Get. Sleep, don't, go partying, all the time yeah. And, if, you get that you know get the kingpin, set, up versus, the gooseneck. You. You could maybe make this work right you. Could maybe get two. Well. And, that's what actually we're seeing rollovers. All the time I mean I think that. All. The time and, then, you get into proper loading, I mean don't leave the, pickup on top. Nothing. Behind it. So. This doesn't, seem like there's any way to just solve this problem. That's. Why we need a hotline, we need like a we. Need Bruce's. Trailer. Hotline. The, 15%. Commission, well. They, think they are entitled to 30 to 50 percent which I would, I. Once I find out that that time I'm just careful Department, I just. Run right. Sorry. And. You. Know it's hard enough to make it with a sample, I see that. Is not what we're all to have a broker. Going. There try to make 35, 40. You. Just said the word entitled. I mean that's the thing is that I mean if this is it nest thing is brokering. Is the wall street, of Auto Transport. And. Just go for a man. Go. For it yeah so, but. I also, in fairness every time I say something like that I say but. We need brokers. I don't, think they all do but, not everybody, does everything they're supposed to do but I wish, that brokers. When I booked, a car from a broker that. That broker knew, that, the vehicle, information they were giving me was correct, I realized. They, might be subject, to their customers. Wrong information, but. It happens, so, often and, even, with the bigger brokers, in fact, there's a broker that, man. If you get something wrong or don't answer the phone they, go nuts. And they. Gave me the wrong information, Monday. Luckily. The driver was, cool hung. Around till the next day and, then. They didn't even give him any extra money it's unbelievable.

Really. People, counted. Three hours. In. Minneapolis. We're, trying to figure out the fireman some more inaudible, new, me or something, and, they call the oh well, yeah I can't, get, them all taken back to the yard I'll back in there I tell, I can do what you thanks for you I'm pretty much central, I'll. Give you. Laughs. So, that way you talk directly with a driver. Driver. Driver, or, company driver I don't, say you know I guarantee, you if. You bought that price I've run across you you won't believe. Well. And that's it's. Interesting and this is actually, this gets back to why a dispatcher. Is helpful, because, after. You've gone through all the, okay, we can get them to move it for five bucks and. Then the, planes come in the planes come in what are we gonna do and they throw the cash and you got about a minute to book that car and that's where the dispatcher comes in. Like. Grabbing money in this guy it's oh yeah I got. It man I got it that's, the best feel actually as a dispatcher, that's the best. You. Know if. There's one thing that's and, I'm glad to say that there's one thing that I would ask of car, shipping customers. Out there is, no, matter what. Happened. In the process of your transport. If you. Get that Beamer and it's, just, like you wanted, or you maybe this is just you know that tiny, little piece, of dirt or dust tip. The driver because this was. No small feat we don't know what, the driver went through to. Make your. Life, easier, with the car transport, we're just why actually I was just reading there's a new service, where, you can get a car for, like a month or two and then just return it and push, a button and get a different car I want to color this, is me I want, pink this is June, I, want purple, easy. Peasy. Yeah. Well. That's I mean, that's and that's where I mean you need a good transporter. You're gonna you're gonna make a relationship, with that transporter. So. Long. Ere Bruce man I gotta call Armando, we got to talk about in some more insurance because, he actually sells insurance so. I got to get to this other piece. It's. Been great, having you on the show again. If, you are out there you. Sow. And, you know what when you consider everything, you're. A new car hauler and I want, to run this past you gonna want to make sure I get you to sign off on it or not you're, a new car hauler. Get. A three-car, wedge get. A truck, get. Insured. That's. Gonna be enough for you to handle. I don't. Know, right, you don't need to mess with six cars I don't think I don't think a new car is prepared, to, mess with a six car hauler I don't think so. For. Somebody else, maybe. You might have worked for somebody where they have a lot of cars coming lower than you do it that was your job to blow the trailer and tie them down then yeah okay you're. Ready for that okay. But. Somebody. Like me or something. The. Trailer. Just. Like when you buy a car if you buy a used car you want to have somebody look at it. Yeah. Sure. Um, hey. By the way dick hotshot. Hotshot Dave, asks, okay now I'm gonna say your phone number one more time Bruce, is at 602 seven. One seven two. Eight one six. And it's, sunstate. Dispatch. One, at, and. Hotshot. Dave asks, do, you haul full loads do, you haul a full, load or do you book, one by one, what. Do you do. So. That's a one by one you're doing a seven car trailer one at a time right. And. I would agree as a dispatcher. I want. To do individual. Cars which is one of the reasons why I find it very challenging to. Work for 9 car haulers, although, one. Of the guys I used to work for upgraded. And, he's. Had me checking. Loads for him he's up in the Northeast, and it's actually, interesting.

What. So. But. I agree 1 I mean if you can do one button but you wouldn't. To. Get close to another high paying car which you, can't afford to do that with a semi-tractor. Grade. Agreed, man one car at a time. Thank. You Man thanks so much for your time man you take care. Oh. Man. There is there. Really is a lot, there's, so much minutia. Hey. Hey. Bruce. Yeah. That happened earlier his phone called me back so. But. The minutia of getting. Your rig. Is. I. Mean. I that's, why I'm trying to get this answer cuz and I figured, I mean I figured it was a three-car wedge but again when, you're in the Facebook groups with drivers, that have been around a long time they. Would not say, what I'm saying. And I know that so it's. A gamble all right let's call Armando, let's get this. Talk. Some insurance. Anybody. Awake out there. Gonna. Wake you up. Hey. Armando. Welcome, to auto transport, Intel. Hey. Man thanks, for joining me tonight I really appreciate, it. Cool. I went a little long with Bruce talking, about trailers. But. I think I'm now ready I mean we talked about a little bit about insurance, because the. Reason. You. Know I just saw your email the other day and. The. Reason I wanted, to talk, to you is that I know that I, talked, to new car haulers that are in California. You're in California and, I. Also talked to new car haulers that are looking, to figure out get some answers, to. Where. Do they go to. Find out more about insurance. To. Get started. Yeah. And. That's I mean they're they're in a tough situation are, they. The. Other market. Get. You better prices but I want to say, one or two a legal, requirement is, like two years of fire having 15. So. I, pulled. Up your services. Page here, on your. Site Armando's. Insurance, calm and. Why. Don't you tell me tell us a little bit about, you. Know where you are what, you're doing and, you know what your goal is and. You. Know people that come to you especially, in, Auto Transport and how much your business is if. You can touch on some of that. That's. Really interesting what. You're making me think about is a couple things I know that if, I was a new carrier, and I went to the FMCSA. Site I think, I would feel pretty overwhelmed. I wrote. A I'm, scrolling to it I wrote a blog post about. Becoming. A new, car hauling business and, I, tried to break, it up into logical. Steps and, in. Doing so I realized, there was a lot more involved. Other, than just getting your MC, Authority, I mean there are steps in there that I think, you could miss. We're, not over and. The, rule is like if you have a deal team member. Magento. Buy it it's. Like one year old so, something is better to not even get the deal team member if you're just going to be doing like inner-city like here locally. California, right you, know. We want a deal, T. So. You're you're in fact I mean that's, where you've got a foot and carry or compliance, there. For. The insurance like you're, guilty, your, paper, it has to be selected, like. The. Gray sometimes like I'll, give you things for a bigger city and you're just doing hopefully that, a little will get you a deep going on oh. No. Doubt that's, where I learned that too in working with yeah companies, a V exactly, of you I don't want to put anybody's company information in there yeah but if you're not marked, to, haul vehicles, there's, some brokers that they don't care that you are an auto transport, company, you're, not specified. In safer. Sister. Before the other. That's. Pretty cool, so okay so you help them navigate, the. Steps of getting set up but. Obviously before any that happens, I mean it. Seems like, you. Need to get insurance, before. You even get your authority, is that right. And. So, I guess is having, one foot in compliance. Can. Help a carrier, not waste a bunch of time in setting. Up there and sure with their insurance company. And then, running around trying to get the other pieces in place meanwhile. They're just paying for insurance and they're not doing. Well. And that's why, unfortunately. Like. It seems like if you're gonna get into car hauling, you mean you have to start with a stack. Of money you, you, know I don't know I don't know how else to say it I, keep trying to figure out how little you can get into this industry with but. I don't think it's I don't think you can get in and for less than ten thousand could you I. Mean. With, your truck trailer, insurance, set, up fees, so. I'm. Not looking for quotes on insurance I don't want to put you there but basically, you have to have a, million, dollar liability, and, you have, to have your cargo insurance. You. Know it seems to I've heard that. $750,000. Number, but, I don't, know any brokers, that are okay with that. Is. That a California, state law. Might. One of my viewers just told me to have some kool-aid. So, I I. Have. Eld. Laid here because LDS, make me crazy. And. I need something to calm me down when, I start getting crazy about a yell DS do.

You Talk about a yell DS at all. Yeah. Okay. Good yeah, that's. That's the new electronic, logging devices it, doesn't apply to you but it, applies to drivers. That in. Case you don't know, as. Of. December. 2017. The, eld mandate, from the FMCSA. Which the d-o-t, now. Strictly, enforces. Forces. Drivers. There's, almost no exemptions, so don't even go thinking, there's an exemption that matters because none, matter, especially. In California, because you can't have a pre 2000. Engine build in California, I don't think because then you're not going to make the emission, standards, so just get your eld and you got to have an electronic, device. Ernest. Just give, me a super chat because. I'm going crazy on the eld thanks, earnest man that's really cool so. I'll. Just keep going so you have to have this electronic, device, in your truck that, tells. You, that you're. Not smart, enough and, it knows better than you of when, you need to drive when, you need to stop take, a break take, a nap I don't, know do your laundry no, seriously, the electronic, logging device, is. Literally. Would make you crazy so when. You and I at our desks, start having electronic, devices attached. To our lives, schedules. And thoughts then, we'll know that. 1984. Is upon us so here's to you Ernest appreciate, it. Yeah, no go to eld what you can do is go to LD, ratings, com, I'm, showing it on my screen right now and you can learn, that's a good way to learn, there's, a lot of different eld products, and you can start learning what l DS do basically. They have to attach. To. The diagnostic. Port in your, truck so there's no gettin around, I mean this is the this is the beginning of the matrix, I said, it there yeah there it is I need some more cooling I'm getting a little. High. ATL, D's man, hmm. That's. Why I created the. Eld, egg timer. Why, why, why. Spend a thousand dollars on something really, big when you just you know add, your minutes hit. Start, and. You. Know fries are up. Okay. So, um. Let's. Get back to insurance that was kind of fun Thank, You Ernest I appreciate, that so, you need your million, dollar. Liability. Coverage. And you need your. Do. You do you do you say, 50,000. Per. Vehicle. Cargo. Yeah. You. You. Just took me back, unhook. I talked, to a broker, once that went, round and round about, on hook insurance, and then it didn't say on hook on the, Accord form can you tell me what on hook insurances. Okay. But. What if you but, what if if you're, a car hauler you don't have a hook do you. Towing. Right. If you're if like if you're towing with the hook then. You would have on hook, insurance, which. Might be an. Like, general, liability or. Naming. As certificate holders, additionally. Insured maybe something, like that. What. What are the challenges of getting so, a new company, comes to you and they need, to get insurance, coverage, what's. Their biggest challenge. You. Must have you must see some pitfalls. Yeah. Making. Sure they. Feel. Like. They, are CSA, score. There. MC. Number. But. They think they're holding. You. Know. That's. Interesting, so we're talking about yes, when you are filling, out your setup, paperwork. Right. Your, you're trying do you're going to the your your a new car hauler you go to the FMCSA. Website, you're, trying, to navigate it, in as. An individual. And you, find it difficult fill, something out wrong and now you're headed down the wrong path. What you didn't mean to go down anyways is that we're talking about. So. And. In fact what we're talking about is. You. Know just. Like an accountant, like I I. Trust. An accountants, advice to. Help me navigate my tax, return. Yeah, I mean. In this case, trusting. The. Help of a carrier, compliance, agent. Such. As yourself, to. Help you navigate, the. Sign up paperwork. Probably. Not it not only helps you save time but. Do, it correctly. Wow. Yeah, I. Mean, I just I'm, having fun on the screen here going through the, this. 162. Page motor, carriers, guide to improving Highway, Safety and, as. A. Person. I find this thing I. Don't. Know and I feel like I'm alone in and when, I see, this I think it's crazy, that as. An, individual, you're expected. To be, able to navigate this thing. Well. I know it's here, but, it doesn't mean I. Or. Someone. Like me would know exactly what to do with it you know just like Bruce was talking about having a dispatcher, right. Now I think, I'm building the case to. Talk. To someone in carrier compliance. And I've talked to a few people seems. Like you know that's it that's actually good that's. A good a, business. Mix of doing. Insurance. And carrier, compliance. And consulting, right, yeah. I. Mean. And that makes sense to me and have. You seen it are there any trends, with. Are. There any new trends. In insurance. As, far, as I mean rates, going up or I don't, know are there any trends that you can you. Know. Yeah. What, what, could you say. DMV. Website on, Google infected NCP list and, I gotta love 8 through Z at the PDF file and has every single company so I like about 2 to 4 hours doing analytics, for the.

Market. To, see what my. Goal so. I go and hit ctrl s and I type in the word toe or, I type in the word. Transport. And. It seems like. The. Companies. Are doing, really, good for these days it's, like. Anchored. Insurance. Company. We, do not like to usually that. Liberty. Mutual's program, which I haven't been able to after. So. This is commercial insurance. Interesting. So Liberty Mutual. Commercial. Insurance because that's the type of insurance you need commercial, vehicle, insurance, right. And. Because. You just maybe think so you were talking about this before this MCP, so I pulled up Motor. Carrier property. Permit, active, carrier, list inquiry, page am I on the right track. Yeah. I'm at that yeah I'm at the California, DMV site. Ok, so. What are you looking at what, what row am I looking at the insurance company row I mean the column. Yeah. Controller. And. I would. Be cold. Like. Oh. Enter. And you'll see everything will company, visit right. Don't. Even have the date right now Wow, I, did see that I'm gonna put in transport. Oh, that. Might be too much how. About I'm gonna put in car haul let's. Just see what happens which. Is more specific oh, my god, hmm. Oh I got one. Auto. Car. Hauler LLC. He's. Got farmers. He's, got farmers yeah. Huh. Otto, how, about Otto trance, or car I'll do car transport, oh I. Got one I'm, Erik our transport, LLC, he's got, insurance. Company. Any. Anchor motor, freight I've hauled four booked. Cars with him he uses progressive. This. Is interesting does, every, state have, this. Rights. Here's this okay so so, I could, so I can access, the database of, a DMV and. Look. At these kind of tables, I don't. Know what I don't know why would maybe if I want a ball sleep that's I'm kidding that's not fair no, this is really this is it I've never seen this before, so you do this this is kind of research for you. It's a great idea man, and tow. Companies, is your niche huh. Yeah. That's. A good idea man, there's a lot of tow companies, right. Yeah. It's. Big business I mean and, you, know what's interesting is that I know that because I, book a lot of cars that, are out repo, lots oh I'm. About to get upset again because, when I book a car at a repo lot and. I. Should, be able to just book the car make, a phone call make sure it's ready to go we're gonna come get it there's two things that happen number one it's, it's, like bad. Enough and number, two they'll. Only let me pick it up maybe. Like a couple hours a week with. Like a 24-hour, notice, but. Life's not that simple and car hauling I, can't. Make an appointment for 10 a.m. on Thursday. This. Is a dentist. Appointment this is car hauling. You. Know what I mean. Yeah. I don't, know who's gonna figure that out I'm gonna do a show I would, really like to get a repo guy on this show that. Works, with car haulers, and maybe hates dispatchers. What do you think. That'd. Be a great show so if you know a guy like that send, me his email. I. Would. Honestly. I would love to talk to a repo, guy I I don't know if it'll ever happen and, I don't mean like. I know some car haulers that also do repo, I want to talk to I, want. To like blindside. Repo. Conversation. Meaning, we, don't know each other and we. Totally, do not understand, each other's. Business. That's, who I want to talk to. Wow. Yeah. No down. On. The. Repo. Reality, shows are awesome. I'd rather watch, repo. Reality, show than, cops. Next. I'd rather watch anything. Other than cops, so show. Makes me nervous. Okay. Manuel, listen oh, no, I want, to thank you for coming on I really, appreciate your time. And. Insurance. Stuff is fascinating, it's not going away and. It's. Just something that you know we do we always need to learn more about so, I'm gonna say this you can people. People want to contact you if they have questions they can send you an e-mail info, at. Armando's. And. Your. Office, phone number is 909, three. One four five. One four two and your website is Armando's, insurance, com. Yeah. Cool. And if, you've got if you talk to somebody and you think they're right for an interview, yeah, man get, a hold of me and that'd. Be awesome. Okay. Man thanks so much for your time have a good night and I really appreciate you coming on the show. All. Right take care, bye. Bye. Dude. So. This. Is better than a. Eld. Bedtime, story, right I mean I know that you know what's interesting I do when I when I say that trailers. And insurance, man it's not, the. Most thrilling topic. Which. Is why I didn't, do this show first, but. I. Get. Asked. At least. Once, a week by a brand-new. Car hauler you. Know where, should, I send, them to, you. Know they're like where, should I go to buy a truck where. Should I go to buy a trailer what. Size truck, and trailer should I get. Who. Can you recommend for insurance. And I. I can't, provide, those answers all I can do is as a dispatcher, say.

I Would. Go with a small trailer, I also, think, that that's going to help your pocketbook, it's. Going to help your learning, curve and when. You're eating off the load boards, it's certainly going to help you, get. Booked and stay loaded, which. You know I love to, talk about the load boards, and I, am, I'm, actually what. I'm working on next, is I am, gonna do a. Top. Five. Load. Boards. Let's. See here let's let's look at them top five lower boards, number, one. Number. Two number. Three. Number, four. Number. Five those. Are your five top load boards, and I'm, gonna I'm. Gonna I'm gonna work on creating. A video for that and I'm, also going, to. My. 20 steps of getting. Into auto transport, I'm. Gonna working. On getting more videos. And audio actually, about about that as well - it seems, like the new car haulers. It's. Not going to stop there, are new car haulers every day and. Even. One guy said to me the other day I wish, that people would stop discouraging. Me from becoming, a, car hauler it's, my dream it's what I want to do and. So. I am here, to, help be somewhat. Of a positive, notice with, a negative spin, I guess but that anything's, like that because, you gotta have some reality. So. That you can make your, dreams. Come true I don't know sound, sounded, cool at the time so I said it but I want to thank you guys for sticking around we're, at the two-hour mark if you, are in the final. 20 still watching, you've got incredible stamina. And I really, appreciate, you sticking around, Tuesday. Nights are fun. And. It's, a little bit of work and it's. Actually a lot of work this show is a lot of work but I enjoy doing it it's, my passion my passion is, to make, a niche Channel and I am, doing, it I'm gonna keep doing it and I'm. Gonna be back next Tuesday night at 8 o'clock there's. No doubt about it so, I, don't, know what the next show was about in fact that's one of my methods now is I'm actually not sure what the next show is about until. About. 5 o'clock next Tuesday now I'm Kenya I'll be working on that I'll be starting working on that tomorrow I will see you guys next Tuesday I'm, gonna fire up the car hauler I want, to thank you for joining me Ernest, thank you for the super chat I appreciate, it please, don't forget to Like subscribe. Comment. Share with, your friends, check out, my facebook, channel and. What. Else can I say I'm in I'll see you guys next Tuesday night thanks, so much for joining me you take care out there let's, see at car hauler running, I'll see you then take care.

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