ATOMY Journey From Consumer to Income Business Partner | Tutorial [24 Min]

ATOMY Journey From Consumer to Income Business Partner | Tutorial [24 Min]

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Hello everybody. I am Sharon Rose Master Syl Di_ Diego and today's topic is Atomy Journey From   Consumer to Income Partner. Okay the first step  on the journey, as you can see, is to start to   use Atomy products. Atomy is an online shopping  marketplace with very high quality products and   very low prices that are below wholesale.  So the first step in the journey is to  

start to use the products. And this  is the journey of the new consumer but how do you help that new consumer? Well,  you're going to have some information about your friend or family member and you're going to find  the best one or two products to start them with. Because they're going to already tell you what  their situation is. And based on that you're  

going to introduce one or two products to them  as a consumer. So if they're into skin care or   if they have a skin problem that's probably going  to be the one you start with. But let's say they're   really into health and supplements or they have  a problem with health, then that might be the one   to start with. So that's where everybody starts  with Atomy because we're product driven and we  

only make money Atomy when we use the products. So the first benefit for everybody is as a consumer.   After they use the products what you're  going to do is you're going to call them up   within two days and you're going to say 'hey how  did you like the product uncle Ralph?' And what is   Uncle Ralph going to say? 50 of the time he's gonna  say 'oh I didn't get to use that toothpaste yet'.   Or oh I didn't use the shampoo. So then you're  gonna say: 'uncle Ralph could you please try it   and then i'll call you back in two days. And so  that's usually the first conversation and then   after you call back uncle Ralph a few days later  you're gonna say 'how did you like it'. He says 'well   you know there was so much suds on that toothpaste' You say 'uncle Ralph, oh, I forgot to tell you,  you only need a small amount'. So by introducing the  products and how to use it and following up, you're  

going to try to get customers to be very satisfied  with those products. So that's the first step. And   then after that you can encourage them to try some  more products. And they'll try two or three more   new products and eventually, they, like most people,  are going to love Atomy products. And they're going  

to voluntarily change their main market to Atomy.  I mean they're going to be so excited. Look at this   excitement, right! Did we all have this moment who  are long-time consumers? Anybody? Give me a thumbs   up. Yeah! People love the products. They're going  to start to shop for themselves. They're going   to love the products. And even more, you're going to  find out what they're using and take care of them.   So they're going to continue. Now, you know,   if they started with makeup, now they're going   to start with some food products, or all our  avocado oil or other products. So they're going to   really change everything in their  kitchen, their bathroom, everything    to the atomy brand. Not only that. They're  so excited that they can't help but share and  

recommend products to other people. So just like  any other decent person if you find something good   let's share it. And you're going to find that your  consumer is going to love to share their products   with their aunties, their ates, and their friends,  and their co-workers, as we see here on this call. 

So the average consumer will start to share  products. And that's an awesome thing. Because   why not! If you find something good, right, you're going to share it. And it gets delivered   right to your home or your center. And it's so  convenient. The whole world is doing that. So  

that's a very typical first few steps of an Atomy  consumer. There's nothing different about it   compared to buying anywhere else in terms of  changing your behavior. the good things about atomy   is that the price is low and the quality is high  you have all the convenience of online shopping so   you just have to nurture that person  to become their own motivated consumer but while you're doing that guess what they may  not know it but you're going to start to have a   customer journal so you're going to have a page  on this customer and maybe you know them already   but sometimes there are friends that you haven't  kept in touch with for a while or maybe you'll   meet some new people by chance maybe wherever and  you're going to start to make notes about their   personal situation if they have a health concern  what's their family situation for example maybe   their child has acne and you can recommend the  ac care special for health maybe their husband   has diabetes so you'll recommend the hemogene and  the milk thistle and so and you know that you know   their personal situation is hey they just got laid  off or they want to retire soon so you're going   to gather all this information now some people  like to do that on a notebook other people like   to use a computer it's up to you and you'll keep  notes also of what products they tried already   and what next products you can introduce them  to or maybe they've said i'd like to try this   next month so it's a great thing to have this  kind of a journal because after a while you   have a lot of different consumers who are using  the products and you want to be able to easily   keep information there so not only for you but  you'll see later you want to be able to share   this also with your sponsor and even you're going  to start to make a note about this person's dream   maybe somebody wants to retire earlier 10 years  earlier or maybe you have a young whippersnapper   that's a young person who's only maybe 30 years  old and you say hey with atomy if you work hard   you could retire in five years then they may  tell you what their dream is they want to go   and have a a wonderful farm or maybe they want to  sail the ocean whatever it may be so you're going   to start to get to know this person it's not  really a sales book it's a life book so you're   having a customer journal of that person's  life and what they need and what they desire   and you're really getting to know them so in all  this you're going to come to a bridge for that   person's journey where there's a chance to move  them even deeper into the academy lifestyle i have   a little picture of a bridge here because it's  like moving from a consumer to a deeper level of   relationship with adam and what is that this is  when you start to give them simple explanations   uh we call this showing the plan and you talk  about different things not just the products now   what do you talk about well the first reason you  start are able to do this is that you believe   yourself and the product now this is your your  side of the journey you already use all these   products you believe in these products so you're  very glad and confident to show them the plan   more than the products and what anatomy is all  about and you've been watching videos so you're   learning more about the company and about the  compensation system and you've been attending   meetings like this one so you're hearing  people's testimonials and so you're starting   to get all this different information from your  own experience from other experiences and from   learning from videos etc and you're even starting  to practice this and that's where you're showing   the plan to your friend who's a consumer because  sometimes you've made a presentation at a meeting   maybe you've already started sharing in  the parking lot or at a reception or a   wedding or just a birthday party so you have your  three-minute speech to tell why how you met adamy   why you love atomy products and why you love  the atomy opportunity so you have all this um   information and experiences and you're confident  so in a natural conversation with the consumer   you are able to share and show the plan and what  you're doing here is you're guiding the consumer   to be not only a a random or an occasional  consumer but you're helping them to go from   a loyal a consumer to a loyal consumer who may  use 20 or 30 products right they're crazy about   the products and you're helping them to move to  be an auto consumer so you are selecting the best   products that are curated from atomy to introduce  them gradually you know every week or every month   you're introducing them to a few new products you  know what they need and what their family needs   so you're being able to give them satisfaction  care service to make sure they love the product   they love the brand and that they're getting all  the benefits from anatomy not just the savings   but the health benefits the beauty benefits and  they really get to appreciate the value of atomy   at the same time you're getting them to be  self-sufficient you know they know how to go on   the website to order you're starting to tell them  that they can look and see pv coming up in their   office their free my office tracking in the back  end of the website you know next to the shopping   mall and you're asking them to join the kakao  talk so they can sign up uh with our groups and   uh share videos together share testimonials  together ask questions about certain products   or certain conditions and you know share  information about the products and the company   and everything and especially facebook messenger  group we share all about the products and people   can ask questions so this is all free information  that's part of our system and as they're becoming   an auto consumer they feel really great because  they feel like they're in a consumer club of   people that are like-minded like-hearted and  they're just loving um anatomy and the fruit of   all this work because you're not a salesperson  anatomy you're a guide and you are helping   them to become better in their life and so you're  building trust by caring for them as a human being   and so you're building this trust you're  developing deep roots together in relationship   it's not a sales relationship it's a consumer  club caring and sometimes we say we're all going   to be successful someone's going to have own  an island someone's going to own a plane a boat   a mountain and we're going to share all of  our wonderful assets not just our atomic   assets and so this is the path we're doing to  create these very tight relationships together   so it's very easy for you to gradually give  them more information about the products   tell them about the company how it's you know  developing new products to help certain diseases   or it's it's opened up in new countries and maybe  they have a relative there so you're going to slip   in a sentence or two when you talk about the  products and you're going to indicate that they   can get cash back and you're going to try to help  them to realize that hey their shopping is not   just great but that they can get some cash back  and later you'll tell them that there's actually   big money because when they see you going on more  vacations they'll wonder hey you're working out   of me just like me or you're using atomy just  like me and you don't have a great job maybe   but you're getting this extra cash  so they'll be curious at this point   and then because their friends love the products  that they've been recommending at the right time   you're going to say hey your friend mary she  seems to love the product she's already using   10 products she already went on herself and she's  buying by herself if you register her on the on on   that one leg you have two legs anatomy which you  can find out in another presentation then then   you can get sixty dollar cash back and mary is  going to get some pv for later so that she can   get some cash back so your friend is going to  say oh okay i love these products so much so   i'll put my friend barry there um uncle ralph  we talked about and so uncle ralph gets his 60   check and he suddenly um is surprised in a way  because you told him that he might get cash back   but now he sees it in his bank account and at  that point he realizes that wow you were really   telling the truth and this is a great time when  they opened up their mind and their heart because   you've been building this trusting relationship  with the products everything you said was true   you helped them now you told them they could get  cash back and they got their check and now's a   great time to show your vision of your why why  you love atomy and that this is not just a 60   opportunity every day but this is a big big  business where you can make thousands of dollars a   month and really have residual income so you start  to change the conversation into the opportunity   and along the way as you're nurturing this  relationship you're listening mostly to   their stories what the opportunities are they're  looking for what their big health problems are   do they have any opinions on network marketing  negative or positive so you're going to use this   to guide them and to you know address any concerns  and the other 30 percent of your talking is going   to be questioning and agreeing you know maybe  when you started to introduce the product to them   um they were fully employed everybody was healthy  this or that but one year later maybe somebody   lost their job or they found out from their doctor  that they have some rheumatoid arthritis and you   can recommend hemoglobin so you know as as time  goes on you're going to use this you found out   their interest in their needs and you're going to  share information one by one so now what happens   they've loved the products they trust you they've  received the cash back probably by now they've   received several cashback checks and now it's a  great time to bring them across another bridge   in their journey and that is to  create a well-prepared invitation   to meet your sponsor and to talk  about really the big opportunity so how does that go now this  is a really key bridge to cross   because you've developed the relationship  and now is a chance to introduce a sponsor   so how does this go well we use the abc  method the sponsor is a me i'm the one   who's guiding my consumer on b and c  is the prospect uh the new consumer   now the first step is to prepare so if you've  been doing what we've been talking about you   know taking some notes getting to trust them you  know a lot about your prospect and you just need   to have an update at this time when they're ready  and then what do you do with that information   you share it with your sponsor before the meeting  you tell them all about who they are what they do   what their health concerns are how about their  family you give them a nice briefing before   the meeting that's the preparation and at this  stage you are in charge to share that information   and to set up that meeting whether it's zoom or  in person depending on situation now comes the big   day right so what do we do with the big day well  i'm the guy but at the beating i am the observer   now i'm going to be listening intently  looking at their eyes taking notes   and before the meeting i've already told the  prospect how great my sponsor is how wonderfully   caring they are how they know atomy so well both  the products and the company and how to make money   and how you respect them so much so all you do  is say this is the sponsor i told you about this   so-and-so and now you listen and let the sponsor  drive the car meaning drive the conversation   you know the prospect only heard about the  sponsor so they're going to listen very well   so the sponsor is going to try  to connect with them personally   establish some credibility very briefly then start  to talk about their you know the products and the   company and the opportunity and try to gauge  their interest in with what their dreams are   and how adame could beat their dreams so again  you're observing and the sponsor is driving this   and this prospect may be a tough cookie  at the beginning you know a little bit   reserved because they're not maybe you push them  into it a little early or maybe not but they're   always a little cautious with a new person so  let the sponsor warm them up and drive that car   and then by the end of the meeting it's  a chance to make the next step schedule   so for example you and the sponsor make sure  before the meeting ends what's the next step   is there another product that the prospect could  benefit from would they like to find more about   the company um or about the compensation plan  then maybe they could see a video maybe it's the   right time to invite them to come to one of these  meetings so that's going to be the follow-up step   that you're going to schedule before  the end of the sponsor meeting   now it's back to me again after the meeting goes  on and i've promised to send them information   videos or set up another uh meeting to attend the  group meeting then i have to follow through on   my promises so i'm going to talk to the prospect  and i'm also going to ask them what they thought   you know they heard a lot of information what are  they thinking are they serious and interested to   come to the meeting and take the next step to join  the atomy family so i'm going to find all that out   and then i'm going to find out and tell my sponsor  give them a briefing of the after meeting briefing   what is the prospect thinking should we have a  follow-up meeting should we start to train them   in a small group what's going to happen so that's  the abc method and this is so important the way   it's done but more importantly this is a great way  to leverage the synergy of your sponsor and the   team to help your consumer move forward in their  journey to atomy as a business incoming person   you see you can't do this alone and that's um  that would be a tip is don't try to do any of all   of this alone you know at the right time you're  gonna already be briefing your sponsor probably   when the person is shifting  over as their main market   you may even have had the sponsor give  them information about certain products   so they may have met them briefly before  this major invitation to talk about the   opportunity of business and income but that's  what this is it's a group effort so you are not   alone and the faster you work together with your  sponsors the quicker you can make your partners   but it's not done yet now you've opened their  minded heart to the new opportunity of income   from atomy you know real income we can make 2 000  a month as a an auto sales master up to 100 000 a   month as an imperial master but they don't know  any of that yet so after they open their eyes   that you can make thousands of dollars a month  what you have to do is strenuous follow-through   now you're going to give them much more  information about massage of the high   quality products and the low price the unlimited  levels tell them it's a consumer centered system   and explain that it's global marketing a big  business they'll learn some of it on videos   but especially by coming to meetings so we want  to really transfer the passion to each other   and so you're going to want to talk about our team  that we are a premier line we have a very clear   team goal for people to be successful our sponsors  and teammates are very passion and very fun right   we're all very fun and and good people and also  that we're all committed to go together again   we're all committed to each other's success so you  want to convey that to them and have them come and   see firsthand uh who we are and what we do and  we welcome all the people that are new here today   and so what is this we've worked so hard to  make them uh and see the vision of being an   auto consumer and loyal to to be loyal to the  atomy brand products and now we've transferred   their passion to be seeking to be a business  partner who makes uh serious residual income   and so how do we check this well we have to make  sure that they're impressed by the opportunity and   answer any questions we want to see how  they're now dreaming of success with adami   you know everybody has a vision as a child but  we sometimes forget our vision of what we wanted   to be when we grew up and so with atomy we have a  tool to realize our dreams so we have to help them   dream again of a great life that they  can have for them and their family   and then we want to see them commit commit to  work together with our team you know with you   who are the guide and the immediate sponsor and  also our team members and really important is   for them to not just say their commitment but  to show their commitment by attending these   weekly meetings that we have we have weekly  meetings for the team we have monthly meetings   with a larger group we have company-wide meetings  and also to introduce them to do the eight core and of course we want to make sure  that they're still loving the products   you know if someone uh gets to this point and  they're not really crazy about the products   then probably the timing was too early and they  have to be able to love the products and use the   products in order for them really to succeed as  an income earner so that's just a checkpoint too   so if they are committed and come then that  is great and we've been a successful guide   and what happens then well they are really truly  an active partner who's coming to meetings and and   doing their own thing and guess what now you  help them because they're already introducing   other people to have them guide other people  and you're their sponsor and so you're going   to repeat this same journey for your now  new business partner with their consumers   so it's a virtuous cycle of helping people to  just go through this simple journey from customer   to income earning partner out of it and guess  what while you were doing this you applied all   these eight core habits you may not have noticed  but you were watching videos attending meetings   using products showing the plan spreading to  consumers consulting your sponsor and building   trust and you were taking notes on your eight core  if you haven't seen this then this is how this is   very simple just a list of actions and by the way  you were conducting success steps four to seven   they were applied for example invite show the  plan follow up follow through and consultation   so in that very simple journey you were  doing all the techniques of helping   yourself be successful and helping other people  be successful that's the simple anatomy journey   from customer to income business partner you  can see it's quite simple in a way but there's   a lot behind it and thank you all for coming to  listen that's the end of my uh presentation today   thank you again for your interest and let's all  help each other on our journeys as a team to be   successful and to live a wonderful life that is  promised to all of us especially using anatomy   as both an income tool a health tool and a  tool for loving our neighbors thanks again

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