at home cluster LASH EXTENSIONS?? do they work?

at home cluster LASH EXTENSIONS??  do they work?

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hello everyone i just got out of the shower  i've popped on a pimple patch because i got   a random pimple i love that for me um  i'm getting my nails done later today   it's still broken i just woke up with this  feeling where i was like i want to try   these things the ones that are meant to last up  to six days i'm gonna actually test that so this   video is not just gonna be today i'm gonna pop  in and show you guys periodically how they are   looking like days from now i'm going to really put  them to the test i just want to get my hair out of   my face actually let me show you one of our newest  products that it's so beauty as well i'm also   going to show you another new product from adele  that i just literally received in the mail like   yesterday it's friday it's my favorite day of the  week so i'm in a good mood okay so this is our new   stamp place stick it's got a few reviews already  glowing reviews on our website if you don't want   to check them out before purchasing feel free to  do that they're from verified buyers but this is   the packaging it's going to hit your arm in the  back and it's just so handy if you're trying to   do a sleek hairstyle or if you've got some like  frizzy ends or anything like that you can also   use it in your eyebrows which i won't do right  now but here's the packaging itself i'm going to   keep this quick because you're not here to see  this but i figured i don't know if i've showed   you on my youtube channel yet basically you know  when you get all your little baby hairs and things   it literally works so well it doesn't have any  kind of weird feeling in your hair it doesn't   leave your hair feeling crunchy or oily or slimy  or anything it literally feels perfect and like   look how perfect it just like pins everything back  out of your face and also it is um cruelty free   it's vegan and it smells so delicious oh my gosh  yesterday it was actually like my wash day today   but you know you just really don't want to  so you just like hold out for one more day   maybe it'll turn into two more days we'll see  it's a really terrible example of it but you can   see it just perfectly slicks back everything so if  you have lots of little baby heads down the back   at the top you can just like and they stay  there it's perfect this is what came in the   mail today as well yesterday i don't really know  the technicalities but hey it is the new highbrow   at home with ardell these are browtons they only  cost 25. um you can get them from farmers unicam   and live pharmacies and it looks like they come  in four different shades soft black dark brown   medium brown and light brown i've seen medium  brown and dark brown for me i think i'll start   with medium brown i've been meaning to get  my brows done for ages my actual brow hair   i've got tattoos so they look kind of okay but  the actual hairs themselves are like low key   really pale some of them so i just like to do  this i thought i might try some more lashes too   i don't know if you're supposed to but do as i say  not as i do it says for professional use only on   the back is that some kind of legal thing because  like they're clearly marketing towards like   people doing it at home so i'm kind of confused  but this is not the first time i'm using a at   home kit i have done it many times and i've even  filmed a how-to video on my channel so i'll link   it below for you guys there's no point me doing  a whole how-to in this video i'll just pop it on   and we'll see the results oh my gosh they give  you a little mixing tray which is kind of cute   the things i'm impressed by i'm just changing  my hair to a scrunchie because it looks cute   all right so we've got the developer here and  we've got the tint powder which is different   usually the tint comes in like a little  paste so this is slightly different to   what i've used in the past maybe i won't put  it on my lashes because it doesn't say lashed   my voice my throat usually they say like brown  lash tint so do i risk it nah probably not   probably shouldn't i feel like this would last  you a decent amount of time because you only need   a pea-sized amount of this and a little shake  of that that's if i'm doing it right who knows   it's kind of hard to mix this looks kind of red  so i'm a little bit nervous i'm going to take   just like a random little my camera is dying now  all right let's pop this on real quick and then   i'll charge my camera one brow at a time yeah i  don't know if i finished my sandwich a little just   oh my god my brain's just glitching today  um but i'm using like a kylie eyebrow brush   that i never use to actually you know  put on stuff on my eyebrows just like a   little angled brush just because it's more precise  you feel make sure you get every hair gonna go   back and forth a little to really get it in there  scrub it in if you get it everywhere don't worry   you can just wipe it up with like a little damp  q-tip cotton bud 10 minutes so i will be taking   this off at quarter past i got on my white top  love it that for me i really like this top too   it's not been 10 minutes yet i've got five more  minutes to go loki freaking me out right now but   that's fine um so i've read the instructions for  these they come packaged like this so they sent   over the demi wispies and the whispies i'm just  using the whispies i think they're a bit longer   um they come like this so you get the glue  the remover solution the spoolie thing and an   applicator thing and the lashes and it looks like  you get two sets it says to make sure it's clean   and dry which i've done in the shower this morning  um and then curl your lashes i don't even know   if i have a lash curler i guess we'll just skip  that step i think it would just make it easier to   apply the lashes if your lashes are curled up  because otherwise you can like try to get under   there but we'll see how i go says when you are  wearing these to avoid using an oil-based cleanser   or remover on your eye makeup so i usually use  like oil cleansing every night so i'll just still   do that and avoid the eyelashes so we can see how  they wear properly when following the instructions   but keep that in mind um so the glue you  get it's tiny it says to apply it from base   to mid length of your natural lash don't put it on  your waterline and it says that this is like itchy   and it says for longer where clamp them at daily  to make sure they're all in place so okay how long   do i to let the glue dry i'm just gonna like go  for it it'll be interesting to see if this damages   my lashes too i will obviously keep you guys very  informed it says go from outer to inner comes in   five different sections so the little sections  that look like this you should be applying that   under did i say that it says to put it under  the lashes not on top um it's very unko for me i'm just gonna pull it up a little so it's  not like stabbing me in the eye i have done   my lashes like this a few times before oh gosh  it is a little bit tricky honestly i feel like   it might be easier to grab the lash like this  and actually pop your glue on the lash directly   on the top i'll show you how much glue i'm putting  on for reference now the thing i have with this is   like how is this hygienic like surely this is  just gonna harbor bacteria around your eye area   ah this is so hard we're off to a flying grey  star don't we oh my god i can't even like   can i blink at all please please please stick oh  one oh i've got to rinse off my eyebrows but i got   the first one on this will be a practice thing  though of course like the more you do it the   better and quicker you'll get these feel so cheap  but i suppose once again it's a disposable kit you   can buy proper quality ones like the extra beauty  ones and stuff like that a heaps of lash brands do   them but these are just like cheap little plastic  things it'd be cool if they did like replacement   sets where you didn't have to buy like everything  separately and like it'd be cool if you could just   buy a bigger glue and like buy a proper pair of  the applicators and then you could just buy the   lashes to replace the lashes you know the lash so  far feels comfortable by the way so i'm just using   a damp cotton round oh lord why are these black  oh no kind of like scrub it off like it's really   stuck on there whereas like a lot of these at-home  kits are more of like a paste so it kind of wipes   off real easily but i guess because it's the  powder yeah it's a little bit different it feels   more like a henna kind of formula or something  like that which i've also tried i'll link below   if you want to see i have to say the end result  looks pretty amazing like they're quite dark   right now and that's the medium kit but of course  they're gonna fade after like just a day or two   and i probably could have taken it off a couple  of minutes earlier to be fair because i started   talking too much about my lashes now i'm just  going to take one of my favorite products by   benefit the bravo conditioning at primer which is  just like a conditioning brow thing but it's got   like a little comb on it so it's just nice to pop  the hairs in the right direction as we go so yeah   tint i will use that again the color itself is  lovely um the slight red tinge you were saying i   don't think that's the tin i think that's just my  tattoo and quite cheap too 25 dollars considering   you get all of this like i literally wouldn't have  made a dent like i feel like you'd probably get   what 10 uses others more who knows a lot though  nice quick fix too sometimes i just feel not   like my eyebrows are looking very dull and that  just instantly revived them and made them look   really nice again so i'm start okay i think i will  apply it my way where i'm going to take the tip of   the lash and the tweezer and i'm just going to  apply glue onto it and then go like that i feel   like it's a bit easier than trying to paint it  onto your actual lashes i don't know that's just   me so yeah enjoy some clips of me struggling  i guess um oh no maybe let it dry for a second and pro tip just make sure you wipe off the  little tweezer in between each application   always needs to heat glue on this and then  you're putting it on and you rip it off and   then you put it on your rubber off and it's just  a mirror because they want you to clamp them okay   honestly though they're looking pretty dang  amazing i'm just concerned about bacteria   because it's not like you know lash extensions  if you're getting good lash extensions they   should be done one lash to one extension bit of  glue you know so there's not as much like room   for germs to get tripped in between like this  there's like a lot of glue a lot of layers of   hair it's all crisscrossing and all sorts of  stuff i just feel like there's more room for   failure that's how they're looking from above  seamless because the strip is underneath so   if i go like that you might be able to see it  but if you look it down it's just going to look   like my own lashes moving along please stick nope  oh i feel like you almost need two hands up just   so you can like see it stuck to the tweezer i've  got no glow on it either oh yes i do look there's   heaps of glow in it okay i lied this is so  fiddly i'm glad i'm not in like an anxious   mood right now otherwise i'd just be getting  pissed off i actually can't do this now drop blue going with my fingers now i feel  like it's a little bit easier   ow until you do that and stab yourself  with your nail everything is going wrong   i dropped the freaking glue on the carpet  again and it went all over my carpet   okay i'm clamping pray it doesn't just come off  it came off see what i mean it's just sticking   take a deep breath okay they're looking bomb like  amazing thing is you can literally do this with   any pair of lashes there's nothing special about  these lashes except for the fact they are cut   into five segments you can literally take any  lashes at home and cut them into life segments   like i don't know if the glue is any different  it literally just looks feels like like normal   lash glue i guess it lasts long it says extended  wear so what did they do to it to make it last   longer because it literally looks the exact  same as any other glue i don't know i'd have   to like look at the ingredients you know okay  next problem fingers are getting very sticky like not breathing they're a good um oh that  was kind of easy size for my eye i guess   like they fit really well you know i suppose  if you had bigger eyes you could probably space   them out slightly more or if you have smaller  eyes you could always just not use one of the   um little clusters pray for me i'm clamping them  now oh yeah there it goes it's off again clamping   is just not the goods i would just love to have  seen like the people who invented these at ardell   like i would love to see like if they struggled  when they were like okay now let's test it   did they take it home like the song out the  samples and like sit here like this like me   or did they just not even do it i don't know oh  [ __ ] i'm actually just gonna let that sit there   until it dries some more they look very  natural like my lashes but better um   it kind of looks like i'm wearing mascara  can you still wear mascara with these   i probably wouldn't because that's just dirty if  you're gonna not wash it off properly i'm gonna   do the other eye off camera and i'll be back i'm  gonna clamp these once they're like feeling dried   down i'm gonna like really squeeze them together  but right now there's so much glue everywhere   there if i do that it's just gonna fly off again  i'm just not having it i'm done but i'm terrified   to clamp i tried to clamp this one again and it  almost came off again and it was a whole journey   but they're wrong they look beautiful like i  love the way my lashes look um i don't know   it took me that long like i said it would get  quicker you know it's like for me i wear falsies   a lot and you know do i want to spend 10 times as  long doing this once a week for argument's sake   or do i want to just take a tenth of the time and  just smack them on each time i want to wear false   lashes i don't know like i do like how you know  you put these on you feel real lovely without um   eyelash extensions and like i can't get eyelash  extensions anymore because i'm allergic to the   glue and stuff will i be allergic to this glue oh  i guess we will find out but you know if i wasn't   allergic to this glue then it's like a alternative  for non-makeup days when i don't want to wear like   makeup and stuff and they're just already there  don't have to go to extra effort to put them on   don't know i see pros and cons but i do love how  they look so i will uh pop back i guess tomorrow   good morning my loves okay so it's the next  morning so i obviously washed my face last night   and this morning last night just over the sink and  then this morning in the shower with lots of steam   so first of all i feel like i need to  mention they felt a little bit uncomfortable   during the afternoon and evening last night and  especially overnight i woke up a few times i was   like oh my eyes feel like weird but it's probably  just that i'm not used to it do you know what i   mean like something you have to get used to it's  like when you first get lash extensions you're not   used to them and they feel weird and then slowly  you just adjust like i feel like it's that bad so   that happened and um yeah i just used like a  foaming cleanser i didn't have any issues with   any falling off but this morning with like  the steamy shower if you can see this one on   the very corner is kind of hanging on for dear  life so i think i'm gonna try to pull him off   yeah he's barely even stuck on there i was a bit  nervous to do that in case i ripped out a lash   but still feels sticky that's the other thing the  glue felt like it took maybe four or five hours to   fully dry um and i think that's why they say to  reclaim them each day because after you shower   the steam kind of loosens them and then like it  gets a little bit sticky all over again so you can   kind of like push them back down and stick them  down again or something i don't know but anyways   i'm just going to add some more of this extended  wear glue also i was so scared i was going to have   like an allergic reaction but so far so good i  woke up with my eyes feeling a bit itchy but i   think it's just hey fever because i get itchy eyes  like every morning i still love the way they look   i feel like this side i obviously misplaced one a  little bit because it looks like a bit of gap when   i only got my nails done though my nail lady was  complimenting them she's like oh let me know how   they go because they look really cool um and she  doesn't really get eyelash extensions either so   obviously if random people are  complimenting them it's a good sign oh god   push that into the lash i'll let it dry for a bit  and then i'll just squeeze with my fingers i feel   like that's the best way rather than using the  tools it just gets sticky that's the only update   i have for you right now oh my gosh my eyebrows  are looking hectic so let me just brush them out   so yeah so far i love how they look just not sold  on the actual functionality and like that kind of   side of it do you know i love how they look but  like for a one day kind of thing i'm gonna go   because those dogs are just mad good morning  okay so it is now tuesday i popped these on   friday so there's only four of the six days that  apparently you can keep them on and to be honest   today is the most comfortable they have felt on  the first like three days i would like to say they   were so uncomfortable my eyes and every morning  i would wake up and just be able to feel them   like during the night if i woke up i could  feel them they felt heavy they felt there   like it felt really obvious and at this point  i'm kind of keen just to take them off because   even though they now feel comfortable i guess  they're kind of like slid down away from the root   um they just look hectic like they look  so messy compared to my last updates   and i just don't really know like i'm gonna  try and fix them with the little spoolie   that comes with it just out of curiosity  i haven't done my skincare yet because i   figure if i'm taking these off i might  want to like wash my face afterwards um   yeah i don't even think these are savable  like they just look really gappy and hectic so   i sleep on my face by the way so there is a  good chance that some of you guys might be   able to get the full six days i feel like this  is a big factor and why they look so messy i   think i've squashed them when sleeping they just  yeah they don't really look the best anymore so   they still feel quite secure there's one on  this side that is like kind of popping off so   i don't know if that's my fault or if it's just  the glue giving up i feel like you probably could   get six days but they're just gonna look crap so  i'm just gonna see how to remove them and show you   the process hopefully it's easy hopefully we don't  damage our lashes that's what i'm really worried   about and that's why i want to do this on camera  removal apply lash remover to your underside of   clusters with cotton swab carefully slide clusters  off natural lashes avoid tugging on natural lashes   rinse eyes with water to remove any residue okay  that seems pretty straightforward this is how the   stuff looks it's in the same kind of  packaging as the actual glue itself   so what i just like okay it doesn't fit in there  how do i get it on okay you can't squeeze the   little chew i'm not quite sure how to get like  i'm just tapping on the tray that comes with   the kit it's like impossible to even get it  like do i need a lot or like just a little bit i just clicked i think that's what these two  trays are for like the glue and the remover   see there it's just not coming out oh  and by the way i did use mascara on   them one time on friday night was it or  saturday night and the mascara came out really easily i just um put it only on the  tops and then just washed the top of my   lashes and then gently washed underneath  as well with like a foaming cleanser   and it actually came off pretty easily i got  mine's nice and clean but it's not really i   just want to try it oh my god this is stinging  my eyes are any of these wanting to come off yet   oh i got one ow two okay there's a little bit of  way to do it just kind of lift up your lid with   your finger pop your finger behind and then just  kind of like put the glue on with a little bit of   pressure so that it doesn't seep into your eye and  sting like what i've done that's three so there   should be two more left unless one's falling  off without me knowing okay both of these two   were stuck together and i suppose you could also  now go in with like an oil-based remover as well   just get rid of any extra so i'm gonna do the same  thing lift up and then kind of like rub it against   my finger so would i do these again i don't think  i would do these again i think i would do them   again with just regular glue and take them off at  the end of the night because they look amazing um   you know applied underneath the lifestyle looks  good and everything would i apply them with this   extended glue probably not um i just think the  trade-off isn't worth it they're uncomfortable   to me when you wear them for a longer amount of  time like when you wear them overnight and they   just start looking really like ah like for me  to be quicker just to chuck on pulses each day   but you know once in a while apply them underneath  and little clusters cut them up looks really good   i've done it before in the past sorry if i'm  making billy any sense i literally woke up like   half an hour ago i had a shower and here  i am i'm like literally still half asleep   let me know what you guys think would you wear  something like this or is this just something   that you think you'd have a similar opinion  to me with because everyone's different and   i reckon some people would probably end  up swearing by these kinds of products   it could be worth a try if you're curious like i'm  glad i tried them okay let's see if any of these   are gonna slide off yes it's quite satisfying  removing them and i'm not pulling any of my   natural lashes at all i would tell you none  of my natural lashes seem to have come out um   oh there's one tiny one there that was probably  more when i was applying them but it's just been   chilling yeah i didn't feel like any were being  pulled just then i have just had a closer look   at the lashes i removed and i think i counted four  natural lashes but remember that it's not to say   that those all came out when i was like applying  them or removing them sometimes when you've got   like clusters on the lashes fall out but they've  got nowhere to go you know naturally because your   lashes fall out naturally all the time so it could  have been natural lash fall not sure if it damaged   my actual lashes my lashes right now i feel very  sticky so yeah i'm gonna go wash my eyes with a   oil-based cleanser they look kind of the same look  along the other side on i think they look the same   there's no like big huge gaps or snapped lashes  or anything like that so i think we're pretty good   worth a try but not perfect i don't know plus  some of it's just my application probably like   i said i'm sure over time you would get  better but for me it's just not worth it   so yeah that's my little review what is this  hair doing i thought that was snapped but it's   just like my roots and then the rest is blonde  oh my god thank you guys so much for watching um   i'll link these below if you are keen to pick any  up and i will talk to you guys in my next video

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