Astounding Facts About FOOD WASTE

Astounding Facts About FOOD WASTE

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Hello I'm Simon Whistler you're watching top 10s and in the video today we're looking at the top 10 astounding, facts about food waste climate. Change it's a serious problem in fact it's probably the most dangerous predicament, that humanity, has ever been in and every, second, that goes by and, we're not doing anything about it the more dangerous, things are going to become and the harder it will be to fix them but let's not kick off this list on such a gloomy note and instead look at what can be done to change that the, answer is a simple, that's what caused all of this in the first place namely, the little, things slight, tweaks in our habits they can go a long way without having to reverse to you a pre-industrial, eighteenth century lifestyle, in order to get there and yes. We are absolutely. On topic here just in case you were wondering some call this the age of efficiency, in which mother earth forces, us to win a manner of speaking evolve, or get out of the way and one, of the first and the easiest ways to become more efficient, as a species, is to address food, waste up until fairly recently in, our history we didn't have to bother ourselves, with waste of any kind but in recent decades however, with the spread of consumerism, we can no longer afford this luxury, luckily, in what some call the world's, dumbest, problem many see an opportunity and that is of course wasted. Food. Number. 10 is the overwhelming statistics. There, is a tremendous, amount of food being wasted, around the world in fact roughly, one third of all food goes to waste either during, production and retail or being thrown away by the consumers, themselves that's about 1.3. Billion tons per, year or about half the world's entire cereal. Production in, the already developed parts of the world like Europe, and North America consumers. Behavior plays a bigger part in food squandering, verne in developing countries here, on the other hand technical, managerial, or financial, constraints, have a much larger role the lack of infrastructure, agricultural. Grants advanced, harvesting, and transportation. Technology, you want adequate cooling facilities, accounts, for most of the food waste in all developing, countries lose 40%, of their discarded, food during harvest and processing, while already developed countries waste 40 percent of their food at the retail and consumer, levels, on average rich countries produce almost 2000 pounds of food per person, yeah, whereas poorer regions produce. Slightly above half or, 1014. Pounds, out of these European, and North American consumers. Squander, some, 230. Pounds, whereas consumers, from sub-saharan Africa, in Southeast Asia are responsible. For only 17, pounds each every, year consumers, from these rich areas, waste almost as much as the entire food production, in sub-saharan. Africa two hundred and twenty two million and two hundred and thirty million tons respectively. Number nine food, equals, money wasting, one means, wasting, the other tax, cuts seem to be a trending topic nowadays now, regardless of the fact that taxes, are what make a middle-class broad, and stable governments, usually sell these tax cuts to us is a great way to save money but we have a much, better alternative for, you while the plan tax cuts in America are said to save low-income, households. Some forty dollars per year the average household of four can save around two thousand dollars just by being more conscious about their food management, behavior, it is said that on average one American family throws, away a quarter, of all the food they buy which is the equivalent of anywhere, in-between one, thousand three hundred and sixty-five dollars and two, thousand, two hundred and seventy, five dollars annually in total, the United States wastes, 35, million. Tons of food this way every, year which, is the equivalent of, a hundred and sixty, five billion, dollars, worldwide, this, sum trumps to an incredible, one trillion. Dollars in an estimate, by the Environmental. Protection Agency. Or EPA food. Waste has risen in the United States by 50 percent since 1990, and is now three times as high as it was during the 1960's, one elements that has exacerbated the problem according, to the Natural Resources Defense Council and, RDC is the steep, rise in portion. Sizes, and calorie density, over, the past 20 years hamburgers. Have expanded, by 23%, soft, drinks have increased to five fifty two percent while, chips and pretzels have, grown by 60, percent Peter on the other hand remained more or less the same but now has 70% more calories than it did in the 80s an average, Caesar salad doubled and a chocolate chip cookie quadrupled. Their respective, calorie counts supermarkets. Of also employ various, psychological, tricks, and tactics to make their customers impulse, buy from, offering various, product samples, - providing, us with big shopping carts and strategically, placing products, around the store they make us want to buy more than we actually need one, great, way of avoiding these traps is to make a shopping list and then, stick, to it number, eight fridges, plates and food trays in general.

Humans, Love wide-open spaces, interestingly, enough, however the same thing doesn't apply to food like, portion, sizes plates have also grown, over the years whether, it was the larger, food portion, or the larger dinner plate became first we have no way of knowing but since the 1960s, average, plates have increased by around 36, percent and when, we have a big plate we, tend to pile on more food regardless of whether we're going to eat it or not color contrast also plays a role here scientists. Have discovered that people tend to add more food to their plate if the color of the food and the plates match the opposite happens however if the plate is similar to the background such as the tablecloth so in other words if you want to eat more greens you should do it on a green plate against, a red tablecloth, something, similar applies to food trace a big tray will also make people add more to it with much of the food ending are going to waste Jill Horst the director, of residential Dining, Services at the University, of California, Santa Barbara noticed, this in her college dining hall in 2009. Horst decided to eliminate food, trays altogether, and food waste dropped, by 50%. Students. Can still eat as much as they want but now they have to manage their trips and portion sizes, but, when it comes to our homes oversized, fridges, are the main course for food going that like, the plate fridges, have also increased in size especially. In the United States in the United States fridges tend to be 25 cubic feet and bigger by, contrast most European, fridges are around ten cubic, feet people, are simply uncomfortable. With an empty fridge and tend to want to fill it but the problem is products in a fridge many will tend to spoil after a week ends if we've got a big fridge we're buying more products and some more products, spoil refrigerators. Have also been proven to decrease the value of food we put inside surveys. Have shown that we feel less guilty if we drop a carton of eggs that's been sitting in the fridge for several days as opposed, to and we just got it from the supermarket number, seven land water, and biodiversity. Simply, wasted, away another, way of looking at our own inefficiency, when it comes to food is to analyze the three, criteria we just mentioned in 2007. The total land area used, on foods that eventually ended up at the dump was around 1.4. Billion hectares. That's more than Canada and India put together the, major contributors, when it comes to food waste art meat and dairy now even though these make up just four and seven percent of all the wasted food respectively, these squandered, animal-based products, take up a whopping 78. Percent, of the surface area that we just mentioned, to better understand, this phenomenon, we should, be aware that an area roughly, the size of the entire, African. Continent, is made, out of pure pasture, lands while, the third of all arable, lands is used for animal feed once, more roughly 10 million hectares, of forest worldwide, are being cleared annually, food management inefficiency, contributes. To a large degree here over 74 percent with agricultural. Lands expanding, into wild areas at an unprecedented rate overfishing. Is of serious concern as well and it's estimated the by 2048, there will no longer be any more commercially, viable fish, left in the oceans this, is in part because fishing, is still seen as hunting, where fishermen catch as much as they possibly can, not because of demands per se but because of a fisherman might catch them if they don't secondly. Sony's selective fishing has cut the average size of fish in half over the past four decades and to severely hindered their capacity, to replenish their populations. Moreover, bycatch. Or marine species caught, unintentionally. And then discarded, accounts, for up to 27. Million tons annually, since 1994. Over. 300,000. Whales dolphins sea, turtles and porpoises also. Died in fish nets every, single, yeah and when it comes to our freshwater supply 70%, goes into agriculture, while 20%, is used in industry and 10%, is used for everyday domestic, use wasted. Food accounts, for a quarter of all available freshwater, on the globe that's, equal to 3 point 6 times the amount of total water used in the United States the annual discharge of the volga river the largest in europe or about sick, the cubic, miles, number. Six just a quarter of all food waste can feed all the world's hungry yes this is the sad reality we, are currently living in on average of the United States throws away enough food to fill up, 730. Football, stadiums, to the brim every, year half of which is untouched, fresh and completely, edible food that's, equal to about 20 pounds for every man woman and child per.

Month In other words the United States and many European countries has, twice as much food stacked on supermarket, shelves and, in restaurants than it actually needs in order to feed the people if we, were to take into account the amount of corn oats and other edible plants used as animal feed well the United States has four, times as much food as its population, needs and yet, one in seven Americans need, to use food banks or are struggling to put food on the table that's nearly 50, million people internationally. Well, over 800 million, people ins, your regular, hunger, or are malnourished the. 1.3, billion tons of food discarded, for various reasons worldwide, is enough, to feed more than 3 billion people or 10 times the population of the United States now if we were to save a quarter of all the food wasted, we would be able to feed over. 870. Million people more than the world's entire hungry. Population, when looking at these numbers we can see why some people call this the world's dumbest problem this incredible, amount of excess can only be characterized, as a success, story that, started some 12,000. Years ago with the agricultural revolution that. Our incredibly, poor management pushes, the planet's ecological, limits to the brink of collapse and this success is quickly, turning into a tragedy, it is estimated that by 2050, there will be over 9 billion, people on earth will, the other 1.5, billion people have enough to eat will. They go hungry number, 5 unsustainable. Beauty standards, over, the past several decades we've gotten so used to the food abundance all around us that we've begun to grade our food in terms of its appearance never mind the fact that ugly foods are totally good to eat if they don't meet absolute, perfection in terms of their shape signs or coloring we simply, throw them away and by we by the way we referring to the farmers who grow this food in the first place, they're not really to blame here however as they are the ones who have to bear the financial cost of this wasted food that's like bump a variation, in color or any other simple imperfection, can downgrade a piece of fruit or vegetable, from a class 1 to a class 2 with a price decrease of two-thirds. Or more this, makes it completely unprofitable, for the farmers to even pick them spending, even more money time, and energy in the process under normal circumstances. Farmers, throughout the entire agricultural, industry, have to leave more than 1/3 of their harvest to rot on the ground because, of these government's approved grades and standards, but, these undesirable, fruits, and vegetables, could easily find their way into the hands of people who actually need, it well, yes this is true to some extent but, unfortunately. The cost of picking packaging, storing, and shipping this produce is not covered by any reliable, government, grants or tax breaks and farmers, have to first, and foremost look after their own bottom line and, once these top grade foods do you make it onto the shelves supermarkets. And grocery stores, have to overstock, so as to give an appearance of abundance, they are fully aware that if only a few items remain, on display people, generally, don't want to buy them this trend happens because we tend to assume that the last option is more often than not a bad option which, in this case is totally false as a result this overstocking, leads to many items going bad either on the shelves or in the stores warehouse number, 4 if it was a country food waste would be the third largest emitter. Of greenhouse gases. See, I told you we were going off topic with that climate change stuff in the intro agriculture. Is without, a shadow of a doubt humanity's, biggest impact, on the planet it takes by far, the largest amounts of land and water over any other activity, soil, degradation and, water pollution are topics that we won't even begin to touch in this video and instead. We're just going to focus on air pollution after, all the change in the chemical composition, of our atmosphere is, what causes global warming, and climate change in the first place worldwide food, waste accounts, for 3.3. Billion tons of co2 and co2, equivalents. In the atmosphere but, this into perspective if it were a country it would rank as the third highest, emitter after, China and the United States and that's without actually, subtracting, these countries own share of wasted, food nevertheless, these, emissions, can, broken, down into two parts first we have methane gas emissions coming from rotting food if we were to throw an apple corer or a banana peel somewhere in the woods it wouldn't, really be a big deal but hundreds.

Upon Hundreds, of tons of organic material, are piles in landfills, this food waste begins, to decompose in, an air depleted, environment, which leads to the creation of methane gas and as some of us probably know methane, gas is 25, times more potent, as a greenhouse gas, than co2, American. Landfills are responsible, for, 17%. Of all, the country's methane, emissions, seconds. We have all the energy that's used to produce this food in the first place it is estimated that, for every one, kilo calorie of food farmers. Use 3 kilocalories, of fossil fuel energy for. Taking, into account food, processing. Transportation. Or even storage. In 2003. Alone, the United States consumed, over 300 million barrels, of oil on food that made it straight to the dump where it almost immediately began, churning, out methane, gas number, 3 misleading. Expiration, dates I don't know about you guys but I used to get pretty worried when I'm beating a yogurt realize it was a few days out of date and I've, just been chewing, through the whole thing the, thing about those dates is that they usually complete, BS these, expiration, dates are best, a guideline, about when a food is going to be best eaten, and at worst they're just a way for a manufacturer, to get us to throw away the product so we buy more of it today in the United States only baby formula, has a federally. Required expiration. Date stamped on it while, all the other best vine labels are up to manufacturers. Themselves, expiration. Dates began appearing around the early 1970s. When much of the population stopped, growing and making their own food and began buying it from grocery stores these, stores then came up with the idea of an open dating, system which is where they manufacturer, voluntarily. Stamps, a date on its food products loosely, indicating, when the item will reach its peak freshness not, when it will go bad this method was used by retail stores to determine, for how long to display it on their shelves the closed, dating, system on the other hand shows the date when the item was produced, though helped forward that first if this system ended up being taken too literally by consumers, and is. Now a much bigger problem than a solution even though it's always impossible to discern how much edible food is thrown away based, on these dates surveys, have shown that around 54%, of consumers, believe that eating food passed its best by date is a health risk what's worse is that 91%, of consumers, have said that they occasionally, throw away food past its sell-by date while 37%. Said that they always toss food away that has passed its best by date the, US government has several pieces of legislation in, the works regarding, these expiration, dates but with the exception of baby formula none of them have gone into law in any case this is by far the fastest. And easiest way, for any governments, to begin tackling the problem of food waste in the mean time consumers, they shouldn't take them too seriously and, only, use them as a base of reference, even, if they look official they're, really not number, to the, landfill, lunch with, all the facts presented here about food waste it could be quite hard to understand, why politicians, don't talk about this issue let alone do anything about it to be fair governments, are oftentimes nothing, more than the mirror reflection, of the people they represent and, only, after enough citizens, actively, demand something will things begin to change, nevertheless, it's never a bad idea to bring up the topic of food waste with the world's political society, this, is everyone's, problem after, all and we need to find a solution and, what better way to make politicians, start talking about food waste than to serve them lunch from it right well, this is exactly what happened during a 2015.

UN, Summit where over 30 world leaders including France's, then president, Francois Hollande and, un secretary-general, ban ki-moon, were, seated at the dinner table and catered to you by some of the world's most prestigious chefs, everything. Seemed normal until they were presented, with the u.s. themed menus, prepares, by renowned, New York chef Dan barber and former White House chef Sam Kass the meal was comprised of for starters the so-called landfill, salad made out of vegetable scraps and subpar, apples and pears the, veggie burger was made out of pulp leftover, from juicing and a, repurposed, bread bun the fries were actually a kind of starchy corn used in animal feed which makes up in 99 percent of all the corn produced in the United States and there's a refreshments, the distinguished, guests were served chickpea. Water or liquid, that's drained from a can of chickpeas in an interview barber said it's the prototypic. American meal that's turned on its head instead, of the beef we're going to eat the corn that feeds the beef the challenge is to create something truly delicious out of what we would otherwise throw, away number, one the awesome, power of the individual, as average. Citizens, of the world's living in the relative comforts, of anonymity, we sometimes find it daunting and, feel almost helpless to do anything about, the global, state of affairs even, if we were to do our best and waste little to no food whatsoever, it would still feel like a drop in a big old ocean but never underestimate, the power of leading by example, instead, of feeling down or we're feeling, part of the problem disregard. Your negative feelings and focus, on the positive convinced, several of your friends of the benefits of not wasting food and before you know it you might start a chain reaction that, can alter the face of the world but, let's, turn down this inspirational. Talk for a moment and focus on a real-life example instead, Selina, Joel a graphic designer living in Denmark has been credited by the Danish, government for single-handedly.

Helping The country reduce its food waste by 25 percent in just five years, today Denmark is the leading country in the world when it comes to managing its food waste the whole thing started a few years ago when Joel established, a lobby group called, stop wasting, food as, a Russian immigrant she moved to Denmark when she was 13 and was shocked by the sheer, amount of food that people wasted, on a daily basis, she, said coming, from a place where there were food shortages, and people queued for bread I was amazed at how much was wasted, in Denmark so I started a Facebook page Joel then began offering tips like encouraging, people to make a list before they go to the supermarket or take, a picture of the inside of your fridge with your phone if you have no time three months later and based on her ideas, Denmark's, and largest supermarket, chain began replacing its quantity, discounts, like buy to get, the third free with single, item discounts, to minimise food waste an average supermarket wasted. An average of a hundred bananas, per day but after they put up a sign saying take me I'm single, the number of discarded, bananas, dropped, by 90%, today. Every supermarket in Denmark uses, at least one, food saving strategy, she basically managed, to change the entire, retail, mentality, in Denmark, so I really hope you found that video interesting, and hopefully a bit inspiring, if you did please do hit that thumbs up button below and don't forget to subscribe for brand new videos just like this every day of the week also check out our new channel is called bio graphics, biographies, of notable people from history and the presence and as always thank. You for watching.

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The supermarket I worked at used to box up things that would otherwise be thrown away, so that the homeless shelter nearby had some greens to serve for dinner. I say used to, because the new owner everyone hated, including the community at large, stopped the practice. Why because he viewed it as a waste of worker time. Even though someone otherwise would have to haul all those extra bins to the trash compacter. Which started breaking down more often because of the influx of trash needing to be compacted. Point is the new (and current) owner is a dickhead.

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One thing you may want to look into to reduce food waste is a municipal compost collection (similar to "blue bin" recycling collection, but for food scraps)... I know this is only anecdotal, but when the city of Montréal started the "brown bin" composting collection last year, my household food waste was reduced dramatically. Between the blue bin recyclables collection and the brown bin compostables collection, my waste going to landfills has been reduced by over 90%. With the food waste being sorted separately from my other garbage, it made me a lot more aware of how much food I wasted and I ended up making a greater effort to reduce it. And of course the by-product of this collection is that the city produces compost on a massive scale which is then used to fertilize parks and some is distributed to the residents for their gardens.

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Two major causes of food waste that ought to be addressed are over-protective, or confusing, governmental policies (or risks from not following those policies), and culture (speaking as an American). Even if a restaurant wants to not waste food, confusing, overprotective, or overpunitive policies create an incentive for restaurants to waste food (such as in over production or even some safe left-overs customers don't eat). Giving increased tax-deductions to restaurants to donate food that is over-produced, or that are "safe" left-overs, or that have passed the "best-by" date without expiring would be a great way to deal with the issue. I do not understand why some individuals waste so much food. When I was a teenager working in the restaurant industry, I was appalled with how much food would just not be eaten. Are people so stupidly-"snobbish" or stupidly-"picky" to not eat their food, or so stupidly-wasteful with their money to not take it home when they are done eating? What kind of person does this? If we can identify the attributes of the kind of person who wastes like that (I'm looking at you young "special-snowflake children"), and counter such thinking, that would be a big help. Another cultural source is the shallowness of how we value food. Much food gets thrown away because it doesn't look "standard" even if the food is intrinsically fine. If we can not be so shallow minded, more food would get past quality control and onto shelves and plates.

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Interesting video. I will be the first to admit that my concerns for the environment are more in passing than anything active. I live my life out in a rural area surrounded my cattle and horse ranches. I'm limited on income so a grow a few things and food that's not edible, sawdust, coffee grounds, and so forth gets tossed into the composter to decay and mixed with dirt that I grow my veggies with.I sell some of my broken down compost for a little extra income, or I trade some of it with my neighbors for whatever they make or grow. With me, this is just a way to save money. I save a lot of money ordering my groceries online (from Walmart) since they always have great deals and they bring my order out to my van. Besides, being a coupon clipper and just entering the coupon codes is extremely easy. What I never thought about is that my shopping list is the only thing I use to order. Anyway, maybe some of the things I do will help some folks save some money. If you're into the 'do it for the environment' then I hope it helps you too.

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We don't waste much food in my house. Anytime me or my mum leave leftovers, my stepdad eats them.

I enjoyed this vid try keep them 20mins plus.

I worked in the prison kitchen I was at and the threw away more than 8 full sized trash cans a day full of just food. It made me angry because the prisoners could have been feed twice as much if not more, but noone could touch the "leftovers" so alot of people who did not recieve commisary were on the edge of starving because if the such small and alot of times moldy meals.

After watching this I am glad that I live in Denmark

Jep det gøre jeg, jeg køber kun det jeg kan nå at spise, så jeg køber ikke 10 bananer, jeg køber kun 2-3 stykker, fordi jeg ved at resten vil blive dårlig, før jeg kan nå at spise dem. Jeg er på SU så jeg er jo nød til at kun købe det der bliver brugt, resten er spild af penge, så min fryser bliver godt brugt ;)

.... Why? Gør du noget selv for at sikre at der er så lidt spild som muligt?

There's going to be a lot of famine around the middle of the century. The herd will be thinned whether we like it or not.

Youde be surprised how much ONE restaurant wastes in food per week.

Damian Branica not nearly as much as schools, who make way more than they need and toss what isn't served.

TheCosta5000 the problem comes from limits on how long food can be out in the open, how long it is allowed to stay in a freezer/fridge and the biggest problem is customers not finishing food or ordering things they don't like. If food touches the table and a customer decides they no longer want that full plate it MUST be thrown away, this happens much too often and is one of the biggest reasons for food waste in restaurants. (Coming from a chef)

Damian Branica I don't know what restaurant you are talking about but most professional Chefs/ Owners are very conscious of their food waste and minimise the amount they throw away. Food in the bin is wasted revenue and considering margins for profit are very low in most restaurants coupled with ever growing wages, rent and utility bills on a business the control of the produce is vital for a successful businesses success. Ii know there's probably people who don't care and waste probably is a problem for some people but I have to disagree with you some restaurants have hardly any. Maybe implementing a waste reduction strategy is a better idea than generalising the hospitality industry as all being wasteful.

And yet there are laws and ordinances that would forbid the restaurants to give the uneaten food to the poor

The best thing you can do for humanity and the planet is to have less children. The fact is that as soon as technology allows for better food production and distribution the population simply breeds to the point of crisis again. This cycle will continue as the population grows exponentially until the breaking point in which nature will take its extremely cruel corse and unimaginable suffering will occur unless we suddenly become collectively responsible and practice restraint.

Here in the U.K. Some just pop them out like there's no business, because the more children the more money they get. It's ridiculous!

Right on point!

I agree with you on this Scott. While most of us in first world countries (with some exceptions like the Duggars) have two children, the second and third world continues to produce offspring at an alarming rate. Also some religions allow for multiple wives who each produce multiple children.

I would also like to see a video on the current mass extinction event that we are creating. Right now up to 200 species become extinct every day, that’s 73,000 species every year. There are about 8.7 million different species living on earth today. At this rate the Earth will be a barren rock in 120 years

Way too many ads.  One at the start, three during the video and one after!  Really?

Ken Zaske I don't get ads.. I have YouTube Red. How long are they? I used to hate the 30+ second unskippable ones..

Yep, I personally am "taking a stand" by only viewing videos that have 1 or two adds. and yes "Top Tenz I am speaking to you

Humans have always existed during climate change. At the end of the last ice age the oceans were 120m lower than they are now. 6500 years ago England was still connected to Europe via land bridge (for reference the pyramids are about 4500 years old). During this time of unimaginable climate change human went from loosely organized hunter / gatherers to the advanced civilization we are today. Climate change isn't to be ignored but it is not new and won't be our demise.

Wonder if there is a economically way to collect the methane from the bad food?

I like a bigger fridge to store a variety of beverages and vegetables in. Don't have a whole lot of leftovers. I have a deep freeze to store large quantities of meat and other frozen goods such as ice cream and popsicles.

Heidi Marchant Sorry but nobody cares

Simon, how much does overeating add to food waste?

How about this? Go back to incinerators with a boiler to capture the waste heat and use that to produce steam for heating and generating electricity. The fumes could be processed before exhaust into the atmosphere to ensure compliance with clean air regulations.

That seems possible...Might actually work

I'd appreciate it if you didn't point the finger during the outro sentence please Simon, no need to get to crazy.

It sounds better when a Brit says it?

I only eat out..

lol when u find urself named as "free food" in ur girlfriends contacts

Keeps your girlfriend happy.

Wasted food should be separate from landfills and process someway

In some places, such as where I live, all food waste is collected separately and composted. It does not go to a landfill. The municipality has special trucks that only collect recyclables in blue bins and food waste in green bins. The truck has two compartments. Real garbage is picked up by a different truck.

I'm about half way thru already thinking about suicide, or the demise of civilization


I get not much money and I don't waste food even though I don't make a shopping list.

heh....get chickens...they are omnivores and will eat up any leftovers plus give you eggs but remember to buy work gloves cause...well...they bite..heh

Yep. There are many ways to recycle food waste. Crickets, earth worms, meal worms, right on up the food chain. The worst part about wasted food is the junk that winds up in landfills, feeding only bacteria.

yeah but with battery chickens being such a bad thing, you can eat eggs without guilt,  but a pig while smarter than a dog would just be a pet cause i doubt you'd slaughter it for food at any point.

Meow Meow789 Same with pigs. Get a mini potbelly pig, indoor food disposal.

Seriously though eating off of salad plates is the easiest way to not overeat

I stopped believing in expiration dates as soon as I saw one had been applied to my package of Mediterranean Sea Salt.

They have expiration dates on bottled water, nuff said. :(

Don Machado You better believe the ones one meat and other perishable foods.

I work at an elementary school I see so much food thrown away because the kids are forced to fill their tray. I see so many kids just take the food straight to the trash and just drink the chocolate milk

It has nothing to do with sugar. The schools do it because they get paid per meal served and so they make the kids load up. Sometimes all they want is a drink but they still have to get a full tray of food that they do not want. Since many schools now offer free lunch/snacks to all students many kids will just get the chocolate milk to go with their meal they brought from home and toss the rest, especially if the food they get served that day s something they don't like. I don't work at an elementary school but my nephews have told me all about it many times over the last few years.

What's that tell you about the addictive nature of sugar?

Michael James I'm guessing that he/she is a custodian.

You work at an elementary school? What do you do there?

changes in first-world habits won't have enough of an effect with places like India and China not doing a damn thing to fix their issues

I live in China, have lived here for years. China has one of the lowest unemployment rates, highest PPPs, and as of the latest plenary, introduced some of the strictest greenhouse gas restrictions of any non-European country. USA gives the most money towards lower-GNI country sustainable charities and China produces more renewable energy than any other country. "First world habits" are light years ahead of the rest of the world and China has more green "stuff" than anyone else. What are you talking about? You're welcome

but we can't tell them to fix their issue, when we don't do it ourselves. ;)

I have experienced this personally There is a 10 acre field down the road from my house it was loaded with yellow squash... I noticed they didn't bother to pick them and I asked why and was told they weren't the right size to sell... ????? That baffles me they were perfectly OK to eat but not picked they let them rot in the field and plowed them under... :(

While that's a shame, anything left on the field will give back nutrients to the soil for future crops to feed on, so it's not completely wasted.

Simon, how's your heroin addiction lately? Hope you've got it beat my friend. You can do it.

Y'all didn't know? He's been battling heroin addiction for a lil over 9 yrs now. He's trying his best and with our support he'll beat it.

Robert Jones trolling?

Robert Jones huh?

Video posted 14 min ago and the video is 20 minutes long .... I’ve already watched the whole thing.

Sebastian S $20 an hour but with the time machine skipping so many hours it’s like renting a Helicopter

Seth Dutton Can I borrow your time machine for a bit?

Sobering... and inspiring



This is total BS. What about all the wild animals that are not consumed by humans; are they "wasted food"? What about all the edible plants, both wild and domestic, that return to the soil unharvested? Are these also wasted food? Food is a renewable commodity. While I personally try to not waste food, I do not for one minute think food, consumed or not has anything to do with climate. Planet earth has existed for billions of years. We humans have no effect on the climate and to think so is both arrogant and delusional.

This person is just willfully ignoring information and regurgitating the same volcano crap. Dedicate more time to actual scientific research than you do watching youtube experts. I've lost all hope for the human race.

Habitat loss is a concern. Regardless of whether we eat a tomato or throw it out because it is rotten, habitat loss will continue. In first world countries, forests are managed now. For every tree cut down, many are planted. Much of our food is grown in climate controlled conditions to maximize production in the available space. Third world countries have not yet arrived at this level but strides are being made.

So i guess habitat loss caused by all of our over consuming and the animals that have gone and are going extinct don't matter at all.

Troy Magathan; My statements were an analogy. Folks on the left and other alarmists vehemently claim that "the science is settled" but real scientists never ever say all the facts are known. The alarmists do not want any debate. The projections are always changing and Al Gore was totally wrong.

to acrefray I put "scientists" in quotes because every journalist, celebrity and pseudo intelectual claims to be a scientist. Google David Suzuki. He is the Pied Piper of global warming but in reality he has made millions from his propaganda. He is indeed a scientist. His specialty was the sex life of bugs but he claims to be an authority on climate.

+Trey Magathan, What he means is that back then people would be killed if they publicly expressed their opinions which contradicted the establishment. Today, you can watch two Bill Nye videos on climate change and publicly claim that you know everything about climate.

You said that a volcano destroys most of the land and marine life around it. I would say that is "many effects" and in my opinion they are not neutral effects.

peggyt1243 Irrelevant. Scientists back in the day of the Catholic Church did not use the Scientific Method, a process that determines the behavior of the natural universe based on empirical evidence and observable phenomena. Unless you are trying to say Climate Change goes against the Scientific Method, your argument is a no-argument.

Sebastian S While you may have a point when you say you as an individual have no effect in the environment, that does not hold true when you add 7 billion more people in your sample size. I'm not even counting how livestock, agriculture, mass production, and oil and coal based fuels can effect the environment as well. Just do yourself a favor and look up the Yangtze River dumping grounds. Not a pretty sight.

Sebastian S Agreed. My grandfather is a dairy farmer and he got shut down by the EPA and KDOA (Kansas Department of Agriculture) back in 2010 for the methane emission on his farm. Boy, was he pissed.

peggyt1243 "More effect" has three different meanings, not many. It could mean a positive effect, a negative effect, or a neutral effect. A volcano is a neutral effect toward the environment because the ash released into the atmosphere can lead to a nuclear winter, which combats global warming. It also destroys most of the land and marine life around it, which contributes to overpopulation and/or famine.

I'm a just here to say I identify as a carrot

The fires in California are certainly pumping out the CO2. The forest fires in northern Alberta last year were devastating but they were not caused by humans. Fires happen every year and always have. We are just aware of them now due to social media and damages to man made structures. Everyone wants clean air. That does not mean that the cult of climate change is true. At one time all the leading clerics of the world said the world was flat and if you did not agree, not only were you a denier, you were a heretic, a heathen. Social pressures ensured that everyone went along with the party line. At that time, social pressure meant burning at the stake if you disagreed. The clerics claimed they were right and their book and beliefs were accepted without question.

The wild fires on the African Continent alone produce more co2 emissions than all the world's cars combined annually. FYI many wild fires start with human involvement. Our species do effect our environment and to think otherwise is foolish. Yes volcanoes can release lots of co2 but they only account for small percent, when they do erupt. But wait..... Who doesn't want clean air? I do and if I can leave a smaller carbon footprint, I will try.

I am familiar with Potholer54. I watch his videos and love his sense of humour.

Potholer54 has made some excellent video's on global warming. Definately worth a look, even if you are a sceptic.

As for the 97% figure (I assume it's the only one you know since it's not actually relevant), it's the figure saying that "97% of scientists agree that man-made climate change exists", which is not only irrelevant for this discussion, but I've also never met a scientist that disputes that statement, and I have met several thousand scientists. But hey, my experience can't be used as proof as that's not how science works... And neither can yours.

The fact you put "scientists" in quotation marks shows your level of education and intelligence. Science is hard and meticulous. Look up facts, do research. The fact that you are dismissing everything that does not conform to your own views shows how biased you are. Typically, those like you who also only like their own views also tend to dismiss all facts they disagree with and claim that anything opposing their opinion is propaganda. Note that I'm not saying one side or another, since everyone suffers if no one does the research. It just so happens that you're actively ignoring valid research through the lens of "my opinion is absolute fact".

Most of the "scientists" who are pushing the global warming theme are not scientists at all. Do not repeat the 97% figure. Look up that number and find the origin. It was propaganda. CO2 in a controlled laboratory setting may indeed cause warming but there is no proof that this applies to the entire planet.

I am quite aware of the meaning of cumulative. With that being said, the cult of "climate change" has become a religion. Followers do not question anything. They believe everything that the alarmist leaders dish out. Hollywood celebrities are now considered to be authorities. Leonardo Di Caprio has a footprint greater then most villages yet he is revered as a saint. Now just stop, step back and get out of panic mode. Most of the media coverage about "climate change" is just propaganda and spin.

See my previous comment "Burps and farts from ruminating animals, yup, wild ones too release an astounding amount of methane gas". Yes all animals including humans release methane gas. I do not disagree with that. With regard to "climate change". I would think the dinosaurs produced methane gas too. The climate is always changing and always will. Alarmists now blame every forest fire, every tornado, every hurricane, every volcano every everything on "climate change". Meanwhile, Al Gore is buying more beachfront property.

peggyt1243 Do yourself a favor and open a science book. We are currently observing the fastest global extinction event in the history of earth. Man made global warming is not up for debate. It's a known fact. The only way you can deny this is by willingly disregarding the overwhelming evidence. It may be easier to play pretend so you don't have to put in a little work but it's repugnant.

acrefray Nothing matters, nothing I do changes anything, so there's no need for me to change my comfortable habits!

Way to entirely shift all responsibility due to your opinion whilst simultaneously denying scientists who actually study it. You're welcome to your opinion, and others are welcome to tell you how flawed it is. Also, look up the word "cumulative", it may enlighten you - even if you maintain your opinion as is.

Food production results in an insane amount of not just CO2 but also far more potent greenhouse gases like methane from livestock, which absolutely does contribute to climate change. Denying that fact is delusional.

Ok, one volcano has a larger effect than ...things... But one volcanoe (except maybe a super volcanoe like Yellowstone) doesn't have more influence than one billion people.

Yeah because green house gases don't matter. And not eating everything on your plate. They don't matter ether

I did not say that volcanoes warmed the earth, I said one volcano can have far "more effect". Effect can be mean many things.

Volcanoes cool the earth rather than warm it up when they erupt. So at least the volcanoes are helping to combat global warming. Now it's your turn. ;)

One volcano can have far more effect than all human transportation on the planet. Burps and farts from ruminating animals, yup, wild ones too release an astounding amount of methane gas.

peggyt1243 maby try to take the transportations in to count too and the co2 that is lett lose

SIMON! i love you


Jose Lopez no

I have worked in retail for almost 30 years now. I work in a large grocery store. A lot of people waste perishable food that they don't ever buy.Meaning. People will take say a pound of hamburger,block of cheese,or a frozen food. Walk around with in a store. Then decide they don't want it and just leave it on a shelf some where in the store. The problem with that is. When a store clerk find it you can't just put it back. You have to throw it away. The reason is you have no idea how long it has been there. So for safety you get rid of it. This happens a lot. The thing is this does not have to happen at all. Just give to a clerk and they will put it back. Great video.

Yea....but that's true luxury. Imagine what our ancestors would have thought of this even a thousand years ago, let alone 100,000 years ago. That's more luxurious than Rolls Royce could ever hope to be.

Dates are BS cause they'll make ya SICK!!! My buddy used to work at a meat market and when it was close to expiration he would go around with the stamp gun and change the date to later lol. His Boss told him this is normal haha.

if only the rich countries devised a cheap way to send the unwanted/un-needed food to countries that needed it in a timely manner, we'd all feel better about ourselves! lets invent the transporter pad scotty!

The easy answer is just to have a dog. Mine pulls more than her weight saving us money on an alarm system and is always happy to clear our plates.

Potato farms give away potatoes to people because sometimes they cannot sell all the potatoes they produce.

I educated passed few years has me be hesadent working in restaurants and grocery stores because it hard do do fear of illness and/or being sued they waste food that is still safe to eat even the ones that do give to the needie and themselves try to reduce waste also talerting customers that over order food and bearly toch it and some business are not willing to make smaller size items or custmesion of what a person orders. I being dyslexiaic; have ADHD, have anxiety problems; and depression I taken very slow to finsh university and jobs at the serfs for young adult are thoses jobs but me educated I'm hesadent I know my anxiety would grow talerting wasting food snd maybe no other ways possible not recycling and properly didposing things if laws don't encourage the foing of it I'm just venting I remember a girl in high school that petite bearly eat her lunch but she give food to her male friends that where tall with big appites need the extra yo serive the rest of the school day or be hunger middle of the 2nd half of the day she alone may of waste foid but with help of friends with bigger apites cut her waste I wondering if caning, freezing, and drying some more food especially likely to go waste ahead of time can cut it down more and if transportation can be worked out and events that make hard to be deliveryed to poor places where food is harder to come by there would be less hunger people and less food waste

A simple hack for the refrigerator problem is to have jugs of water to put on the shelves. This takes up shelf space and thus curbs excess food in storage. It also acts as a “cold sink”, to reduce heat entry when opening the door (empty refrigerators consume more electricity). As a benefit, you also have chilled water available. Far better than getting a new refrigerator, and by adding or removing jugs, you can expand or contract refrigerator storage as needed. Other high heat capacity liquids, such as tea pitchers, beer, soda pop, etc, can be used as well, according to preference.

In my town (S.E UK) the large supermarkets are encouraged to send food (non chilled) to a "food bank" where people pay £2.50 AND can fill up their 2 shopping bags with whatever they like. This is hugely helpful as fruit and vegetables are very costly, bread and pastries are also sent there which is incredibly helpful, especially to my family as we are all Wheat intolerant and the supermarkets will send over gluten free bread and products. It's a super system which means less waste for the supermarkets and helping those in need have access to nutritional food.

I spent years working at fast food places and the amount of food waste is shocking! I'm not sure if it was because of Corporate policy or Government regulations, but we had to toss a lot of food into the bins. I understand that food quality is paramount to your business, and I understand that the Gov't needs to - or should at least - protect it's people but this leads to food waste. Adding to the problem is the portion sizes. Bigger portions do lead to bigger waste. And the era of leftovers and doggie bags is gone. Simply because what do we do with the excess... toss it out.

One thing I've noticed is how difficult and expensive it is to buy food for a single person. Especially if you're disabled, and don't have a car. So many things are "family" packs, but not easy to repackage and recook. Who makes single servings of dry elbow macaroni, or even tells you on the box how many (partial) cups is one serving? Who makes single servings spaghetti sauce? I'm not a big fan of canned.

i ran into the same problem, i wont finish it b4 it goes bad, i like leftovers, but i dont want to eat something for 3 days straight, or it gets lost in the freezer black hole, lol

I live alone & am disabled. I almost never make a single serve meal, I love my pressure cooker & fill it to the brim & then bag up into single size serves & freeze. SO much easier than cooking every night! I have a bar freezer & it's always full & I cook about once a week & the rest of the time I go to my freezer & choose which leftovers I want that night. Freezer bags & then put all the servings of that meal into a tough resealable bag once in the freezer bags (with a label as to date & what it is) is the most space efficient & best way to keep (need to remove all the air from items like pasta or they get freezer burn). For sauces, look for oversized ice cube trays or resealable containers designed for baby food & either leave in those until used, or put into plastic freezer bags once frozen if you run out of containers. for stew type textures, you need plastic containers for each serving. Can be hard to find the right size, but if you look enough, especially at discount/$2 stores, you'll eventually find the size you want & then stock up!


i dont trust bitcoin

Pressure cooker, not slow cooker :) & the term pressure cooker can be used interchangeably with autoclave & I use mine regularly for my plant tissue culture mediums & other stuff I need to sterilise, so I know it does actually kill off all the bacteria, fungus & mould, but after it's cooked, it vents the pressure, so there has to be at least a small space bacteria can get in & also I looked it up between pulling out & throwing away & found there is apparently some bacteria that is stopped from breeding by pressure cooking, but not totally killed. The meat sat in my fridge for about 2-3 weeks, waiting for me to get up the courage to eat it, before I finally decided that even if it had been ok, it had now been sitting in the fridge too long to still be edible. Basically I guess I was thinking like you said, it was probably ok, but I just didn't want to risk it in case there was something super nasty that had survived & in that time could have breed & really become dangerous. TBH though, it probably was ok, canned meat is cooked in exactly the same way, the only difference is the jar is sealed better inside the pressure cooker, not filling the entire pressure cooker pan, but I still couldn't bring myself to eat it

For food to spoil, you need bacteria to break it down. The reason spoiled food is dangerous to eat is those bacteria get inside you, and they don't play nice with your body. The slow cooker probably stabilized the meat and because you kept the cover on, nothing could get in to spoil it. It's probably okay to eat, but considering the consequences of what will happen if it isn't safe to eat (lost time for work, dangers to general health, and feeling retched) I wouldn't risk eating it even if the chances of it being bad are low. NASA sometimes irradiates food with strong doses of Gama rays. It doesn't harm the food, but it completely wipes out anything alive in the food, so keeping it sealed that food item will remain safe indefensibly. They've had steaks remain safe to eat for up to 10 years, though they said it wasn't very tasty after all that time.

yup :) me too ok with the exception of some meat that I forgot about & left in my pressure cooker for 2 days (turned off/no heat) I opened expecting it to be rank & it smelt fine! I put into the fridge, trying to work up the courage to eat, but I just couldn't bring myself too after it had been sitting at room temperature for 48 hours, despite smelling fine



I don't think so. I'm sick of the vegan propaganda from this one. If anyone has any other list/top whatever type channels to recommend, I'd love to hear about them & give this one the flick, but sadly so many seem to be crap :( I'm sure there must be better, just a case of finding it/them

actually there's an old saying with pig that they "use everything but the oink" cows are still actually very efficient according to more recent reputable studies, like ones from the UN, as a result of converting cellulose eg grass& leaves that we can't eat, but that grows everywhere, into usable protein for us

agreed, I don't understand the comments from people saying they're disabled or live alone & therefore can't cook single servings & end up with waste

I think you're thinking of gun ownership

Excellent points and ideas!

We have this in Australia, although mostly used for garden waste like fallen leaves etc. We have a "green" bin for that, a "yellow bin for recycling & a MUCH smaller "red" bin for landfill/regular garbage. We also have "council cleanups", frequency depends on council, but generally around 4 times per year, with another 1 per year "on demand" for free. Those cleanups are for putting big stuff out on the kerb to be collected & the council also do free advertising for any garage sales the weekend before the cleanup (the idea is to encourage people to hold a garage sale to try to find a new home for their rubbish & then only dispose of what's left. Not sure the effectiveness of recycling that stuff, but a lot of it gets collected by bargain hunters that travel around the cleanup areas looking for items of interest)

Oh wow - i love that !!

not that simple! It actually gives off methane & other greenhouse gasses if not processed correctly

Did you know that there is NO EVIDENCE at all that salt is a health hazard? Fascinating right?

Gabriel Jensen Regarding your doctor.. Never attribute to malice what is expainable by stupidity, but don't rule out malice.

Gabriel Jensen Exactly, where do people think animals get the iron.

makouras This is a red herring. This is my field of study. Regardless of your political leanings math is math. The earth's human population is growing at 1.12% each year. This is exponential growth mind you and that is not a myth. Next year's 1.12% is much more than last year's 1.12% and so on. This is occurring while the population of earth is CURRENTLY unsustainable. Is it really that hard to practice a little responsibility?

Scott Cox thats totally false. Better food production and distribution leads to leads to improved standards of living, and this leads to reduced fertility rate. Happened everywhere on the planet. You tend to have more children if some of them are likely to die and also in poor countries having many children means you have someone to look after you when you cant work since there is no pension system

The overpopulation crisis is a myth. It has resurfaced again now that racism and islamophobia are on the rise. "Muslims breed like rabbits because their religion allows it" "The West controls its birth rates but look at the African countries" The same old ignorant, crypto-misanthropic comments.

The first one was about 15 seconds unskipable, the three during the video were 5 seconds each all unskipable.  The one at the end was over a minute.

There is if it's fed to animals first, but I'm not sure otherwise

Lilac Lizard I believe they started doing that because so many people started investing in large freezers for storing wild game and large quantities of meat. If I didn't have a deep freeze then I would prefer that too, or if it was just me in the house.

The thing I don't get is why fridge sizes increase, but freezers are smaller! I'd rather a large amount of that fridge space be freezer space! So much more practical & better for reducing waste

tag1462 how about this, in Hong Kong, the government actually encourage citizens to use food waste as farming fertilizer, by processing them.

hmm I've seen a growing number of these, I saw one somewhere for a dairy I think in the US, but ALL the others I've seen have been in third world countries, I guess maybe because of the transport difficulties etc in those areas & when they have no access to power other than generators it becomes cost efficient when they have a few cows in their backyard? Is there any potential that those systems will ever be more than a novelty? Could they be used, being tiny systems, to refine the technology more until it is cost efficient in broader applications? The main one I saw was some sort of blow up chamber, total cost installed of $750 US & would use the poop from 2 cows to generate up to 6 hours of cooking gas per day for a single burner stove, or alternatively power a lamp to keep a small clutch of newly hatched chickens warm

Yes that can work, and was tried. And it did work! Unfortunately, methane has a bad rep. Also, you have to consider the total cost factor. Right now, methane is too expensive considering energy output. it's not cost efficient. Solve that problem and you can have your own Thunderdome.

how about this, feed the organic waste to animals, put their poop into a biodigestor & harness the methane coming out of it for gas & the rest for compost?

Sorry guys, this idea was tried and it didn't work as it was found to be inefficient. Turns out it actually required more fuels to incinerate the organic waste with the same energy output. Composting didn't help either. It still took more energy in that it was putting out. Quite simply put, organic fuels don't put out enough power. The only thing that comes even close is vegetable oils. And we have using that for thousands of years.

Christopher Neely i worked at a dumb during the summer, it doesnt go to waste, we have birds picking at it all day, and when part of a the dump is full they plant grass and trees

Lol, no. That is not an excuse not to do it haha. And yes it will make a difference.

The lifetime greenhouse gasses from China & India are not even close to those of western countries! The current problems aren't coming from China & India, they're legacy loads from the west & as such, the west needs to find ways to take back their own CO2 additions from the air

12799MaDeuce Shut up liar. China is investing heavily in green energy and cutting back on fossil fuels.

peggyt1243 are you really that dumb?

I've seen it with my own eyes. Just because YOU don't see it with your own eyes, doesn't mean it's doesn't exist. It's just like how the Rich people think there isn't poverty because they don't see it with their own eyes. If you need to see it with your own eyes, you can, drive to the dump sights, go see them for yourself. There are directions to them on the internet.

peggyt1243 True. We don't have any effect on climate. But our technology sure does. It is pretty dumb to think otherwise.

Lilac Lizard - "You have some really stupid or uneducated people there by the sound of it"! I completely agree. The really stupid people are all lefty liberals who have sold their souls to the wind and solar folk. You cannot confuse these people with facts. Their minds are made up. Global warming is the mantra and wind and solar will save us all.

+MissFoxification, Ironically, your last statement starts to make far more sense now. Let me reiterate "You look like a simple fool who never completed high school because he thinks he knows everything already."

_"In my jurisdiction, spilling water over dams instead of generating electricity with it because the government passed legislation saying wind and solar must be used first.. .. Because wind and solar are so unreliable and intermittent, gas powered stations were built at an enormous cost to "back up" the wind and solar. "_ You have some really stupid or uneducated people there by the sound of it! The fastest activating power back up is stored water. A lot of power grids use stored water as a back up to cater for any sudden surges in use & always have, eg Britain invested in this to cover the sudden spikes they'd get when tv sports events finished before the scheduled time & they had to ramp up power to the grid within 30 seconds or so because of how many people put their kettles on to make their tea. If you have hydro power already in place, then no-one in their right mind would build a gas power station to use in it's place! Most of the world is currently looking to enhance existing hydro systems with catchment areas for the released water, so it can then be pumped back uphill into the main storage unit during the solar's peak production time, ready to be released again in the evening power peak. There is no need for gas backup systems when that, or any other battery system is in place

Not very smart are you Tactics... I said you appear as something.. you can still appear as a simple fool, even if you have attended college. You don't seem to have suitable command of the English language, certainly not at a post graduate level. I do not believe you attended college at all. You also just proved me correct as once again appear the fool. It is apparent that would be a waste of time entering into any dialogue with you. The contention you attempted to express has well and truly been debunked, which tells me you are too busy thinking you are right to actually study and learn something. Go pester someone else.

+MissFoxification, "You look like a simple fool who never completed high school because he thinks he knows everything already." Wrong again. I do have college education and at this point I'm sure I know more than you do. CO2 is a food source for vegetation among many other things apparently you didn't know that too.

MissFoxification : I do not waste food or waste very little and what does not get consumed is usually locally grown produce. With that being said, I would also like to say I quite like Simon and enjoy most of his videos. This one hit a nerve. Simon does not write the script and someone in the backroom is using this channel to promote propaganda. Elsewhere you made reference to old growth forests and palm oil. I agree with you on that. The forests will not be replaced. BTW I do not purchase palm oil nor do I purchase products that contain it. .

Food production is "lossy", Tactics So when an old growth forest is deliberately burned down for palm oil trees it can be recovered? No, it can not. So all the fuel went into transporting and growing the product can be recovered too? No, it can not. It's not "free energy". I live in one of those cities that uses methane from biowaste. In fact a friend of mine uses bio waste to heat his home. People where I live also take waste food from production facilities and turn it into animal feed. SOME of it can be recuperated. All of it will never be as it takes energy to extract it, once again, LOSSY. Your narrow mind is tangled in your bias. Food production involves much more than farming. Transport and logistics is a huge part, recovering waste is often not done because it costs a lot of money. All that waste needs to be picked up and processed... but of course you didn't think about that did you. You should research matters and be fully informed before you run your mouth and attempt to discredit someone else. You look like a simple fool who never completed high school because he thinks he knows everything already.

Tactics those are some pretty big ifs there so let's be real, there are few cities that have the proper mechanisms to deal with it. There is such a thing as food waste, I see it at the store I work at all the time, even if it becomes compost any food that is produced for human consumption & isn't, is a waste of resources used to produce it & a waste of it's intended purpose... to feed someone

+MissFoxification, Wrong. Title is missleading. Food is not a waste but a free energy that can be converted if proper mechanism is setup. In the US several large cities recycle unconsumed food or leftovers into fertilizers and animal feed, in Japan they make fish feed, in Australia they produce energy... India wastes as much food as the whole of United Kingdom consumes. We became more efficient at producing/delivering/marketing food in large quantities but not recycling due to various limitations.

Chris Hakala - I can assure you I am not paid to express my opinions. I am fed up to my eyeballs with BS from leftards who scream the sky is falling, the ice is melting, the oceans are rising etc. etc. The alarmists destroyed their own credibility with altered numbers to support their opinions.

You are being pedantic peggyt1243. Call it "wasted domestic product for consumption" if you wish. Try see the message as opposed to picking apart the individual words. It's that, or you are intentionally targeting the vernacular in an attempt to discredit the video due to your own biases. The point is, the products we produce for consumption come at a cost. When we waste these products we produce, we waste what went into them. These products do not need to be wasted, we can do better. At very least, smarter shopping and better practices feeds more people.

peggyt1243 You are either willfully ignorant or a paid shill. Do yourself a favor: Shut up! Read the peer reviewed studies on climate change in scientific journals. Stop lying to people about climate change.

General Durandal - the lefty politicians who are shoving green schemes down our throats are definitely stubborn and ignorant.

The only thing that is total BS, is stubborn ignorance.

Hunter deja - Food waste is waste just like any other waste. It has nothing to do with climate change. So, what waste is being caused by "climate change". In my jurisdiction, spilling water over dams instead of generating electricity with it because the government passed legislation saying wind and solar must be used first. The same government passed legislation giving wind and solar 3 times more money per kilowatt hour. Consumers are doing without necessities to pay the electric bill. Because wind and solar are so unreliable and intermittent, gas powered stations were built at an enormous cost to "back up" the wind and solar. The gas stations must be paid even when the sit idle. I could go on, but where I live the BS about "climate change" is ruining our economy. Businesses are leaving because they simply cannot afford the electricity rates. I do not care about a rotten tomato.

peggyt1243 Its about the effort growing/rasing it in the first place. If a corn farmer grows say 100 tons of corn but then in the end about 25 tons of it emds up in the garbage (from what he discards himself because it is unprofitable, through it spoiling on store shelves to ultimately us the consumer throwing half our plate away) that is waste especially all the cost and effort to package and ship it and then to dispose of it unconsumed. Imagine all the fuel needed to do that to ship it and to keep from spoiling alone.

Oh! I just throw away some chicken wings from Wingstop yesterday! I’ve to stop wasting food nowadays!

I go to a shop and end up buying food on plastic trays, wraped in foil I dont want it bring paper bags back, glass bottles. I dont waste any food at all

Not one mention about self preserving?? Mason jar canning or dehydration??? Save money, grow your own and learn a survival technique... It's what got my family and I through that recession a few years ago..

Although that 'take me I'm single' idea is brilliant!

I feel really miserable now. We're doomed!

i go to the food store like 2 times a week, to buy what is needed, i do have long term food items also, in case bad things happen

i worked at KFC for a bit, we had little food waste we were at like 98% no food waste, my manager was on his game, and we didnt serve old food, only fresh

if the politicians fix the problem, they wont be needed, would you want to give up a 150K job a year doing nothing?

damn straight, they will sit there and w8 for the food to come, i can understand when shit is going down to help other people, but this has been going on to long helping Africa out

Just keep shooting at those hurricanes, that will fix all the problems I'm sure

Let's hope gun ownership is contagious, because "climate change" is really a power trip.

I have never heard someone argue that climate change is just now beginning or has never been a concern before. The fears always seem to stem from how we are at a point in our history where for the first time ever its artificially and unintentionally expediting the process. maybe now it wont take 6500 years for a global geography change and we just bumped it down to 500 or 1000 years between them. we are literally over powering mother natures immune system as we continue to act like a virus instead of a symbiote. Even the mightiest of trees can be killed by the tiniest of vines if you let the problem go on for too long. . . .

i can proudly say that in this entire year i have only thrown away 5 brussel sprouts, and they where of poor quality to begin with. i live in europe and have a europeean fridge and freezer combo, compared to some people i am smart enoth to only store the food im going to eat in the next 2 days in the fridge, and im smart enoth to understand the concept of moderation when i load up on my plate. truly makes me ashamed to be of the same species as those who waste so much food. the best by date is a problem created by the consumers beeing to stupid to understand what it is, if they had the ability to think they would know it is only the time producers can promise the product will stay fresh, if stored propperly at home most products can last days, even a month or more over the best by date. in my home however, nothing ever lasts long enoth to go past the best by date since i understand the concept of moderation and never buy more and then i can eat before it goes bad, and i never take out more from the freezer then i can eat before it goes bad. i have never understood why so many have a problem with something so simple.

We are going to be doing a video about bitcoins.

What makes you think I don't do that already? My comment is really more about the effectiveness of politicians than this particular issue. In fact, I more or less agree with you. People need to use better self control and take more personal responsibility.

what do you suppose they shuld do? force people to not throw away food? force people to buy food in modderation? the supermarkets do not force you to buy tons of food you will later throw away, that is entirely your own choise, instead of blaming the goverment for every little damn thing, how about do something about it yourself? start by buying less, store it propperly and eat before it spoils.

the left over scraps from processing meat is made to make cat food and dog food, only thing thrown out is the spinal cord, may contain mad cow disease

get a storage bin, my rice is 2yrs old is just fine

in a few months it will be called global warming again, lol

the climate always changes, did you know we are due for an ice age again? and b4 an ice age happens the planet gets warmer, wanna help it out? ride a bike to work tell rich and politicians to stop using private jets

+Scott Cox, Wrong. Did you account for technological advances, social and economic changes, or major military conflicts?

Sorry about that. Let us look into reducing ads. Thanks for the feedback.

the climate change is a scam to have us middle class people give our money to rich people, to me a big problem is a water bottle you buy at the gas station, i have a reusable container, its over 10yrs old, has a dent cuz it was dropped at work from 30 feet

Like this?

Food wastage is regrettable and yet it seems to be the price of doing business, that some wastage will and does occur. Food wastage will always be with us, period.

I hate calling them life hacks, but my mum always told me that if you want to save money at the supermarket, never shop hungry. Always have lunch before you go shopping, because when you're hungry you buy more. Eating before you shop also makes you impervious to bakery smells etc, which are conveniently used to trick our evolutionary desire to seek out food. The smell of food is greatly intensified when you're hungry because evolution has wired our brains to always be on the lookout for food. Those who can find food, get to live. Supermarkets don't make money by being nice to the church, they make money by exploiting human evolution.

"Best before does not mean bad after." -AvE

I used to waste a lot of food and struggle with my weight. When I started making the effort to manage my weight I also began using the smaller salad plates instead of the large dinner plates for my meals. A smaller plate automatically forced smaller portions and that helped. I began paying more attention to portion sizes and applied that to my food shopping and management. If I make a large meal I will eat one portion immediately and divide the rest into plastic containers and freeze them. That way I always have healthy meals to take to work and I end up wasting very little food.

You can't get this excess food to the affected areas. There is not enough logistic support. You can't stop hunger by sending excess overseas. You need to diffuse growing food to every country.

Thumbed down by the guilt-ridden wasteful people

Thanks for ending it on a positive note.

Tactics Yes. That was covered in the post. As technology advances the population grows to meet that advance and we are back in the same boat. And, major military conflicts are not an optimal way to regulate the population.

Realistically, when 1 man has multiple wives, it means there are no women to marry other men. It just means a select few father the majority of the children.

In many parts of Ontario, we either compose in our own backyards or have the city collect it. They can even take some paper products, like plain paper and subway wrappers.

It irritates me that local restaurants refuse to share their leftovers with the soup kitchens for liability reasons. Also the farmers who leave so much in the fields because of grading regulations should consider organizing with food banks or coops to glean the edible remains.

Weigh whole angry but conduct version rush others fight

Does the expiration date thing apply only in the US or is it a big problem in places like Aus or the UK?

apparently varies according to which country you are in. I got zero adds but get an unbearable number of ads in the videos that are in my first language and a few or none in the ones that are in other languages.

*"Astounding"?* How about "Appalling"?

This is why people talking about overpopulation have no idea what they're talking about

Only if you hit them in the eye!

Anyone who lived with people who were alive during the depression know about saving food. My grandpa would cut the moldy bits off whatever food he was gonna eat. Use by dates were "just a suggestion" to him.

Staff miss visible suppose detailed terms dismiss.

Please, name 1% of the 73K species that went extinct last year. Fake stats are still fake whether you believe them or not.

I dont waste food That wastes money

I find this video really sad. I've suffered hunger, not extreme, but I've had times in my life with no money for food, especially once I lost my job 9 years ago. I was educated by my parents, as many Mexican children are, not to leave anything in my plate, all food had to be eaten. I consider myself a picky eater, but in Japan -2 years ago- I met people from Europe who said they where educated in a culture agains food waste... and I was scandalized at the amount of food they wasted, I even asked them for their leftovers or the food they didn't like so I could eat more. They could leave a whole fried egg because it was not cooked the way they liked it, or the end part of a hamburger because it was soggy. Maybe it's because I come from a poor country and from poor origins (both my parents come from very humble families where food was few and having a full plate on the table was a luxury), but aplate with leftovers in my family is an alarming thing, and restraining yourself from eating is better than accepting a plate of something you may end not eating at all.

We are doing things about man made climate change thank you very much. Alarmists like you aren't helping. I didn't bother watching beyond 20seconds.

i used to keep my fridge stocked full of food. but after awhile it got to a point were i was throwing away more than what i was using. it was basically me throwing money away. so now i only keep it full of the things i know im going to use

ogsmut how bout saying that in English for those of us that dont speak dutch

1.) Stop marketing the "save the Earth" angle. If you REALLY want people to change, play the "save MY MONEY" angle and make the corrections cost-effective. Trust me, the more selfish you market an angle, the more likely people are to do it. 2.) We could keep the homeless well fed (and so much food waste, well, not wasted) if we didn't have so many regulations on what we're allowed to feed them. We're so obsessed with feeding them "high quality foods" and over-regulated foods that it seems more like we want them to die. 3.) One of the reasons that we waste so much is because we require restaurants and grocery stores to throw-away food that is past a "sell by" date, or (mostly for restaurants) prepared foods, . In reality, with all of the preservatives and proper refrigeration, these foods could be given (with a tax write-off for the companies, again, selfish motivation = more results) to food banks and daily kitchens. 4.) On a personal note, don't shop at bulk box shops for food, unless you really eat that much food. I HATE that my Mom buys a month's worth of meat…and about half of it could go to waste. I hate to see meat go to waste, after all, that means an animal life wasted. 5.) Certain Nevada pig farms have the right idea. They take the uneaten food from Las Vegas casino buffets and feed them to the pigs. 6.) I never throw away food at the "sell by" date. It depends on the food, how it looks/smells, and how long it's been. 7.) My Mom hates how I shop for food. Whenever I finish something, I make a note to replace it. Her? She buys a gallon of milk because that's what you get…eventhough they have two in the fridge, UGH! When she was in the hospital, they had previously gotten a new fridge and I was in charge of making sure that my Dad ate a real meal once in a while. He was shocked to see so much room in the fridge. …I told him not to get use to it. When Mom got back, it was gone in a couple weeks.

Majority of American food waste is not legal to sell which makes it waste

Climate change, you mean weather. Hell you liberal political scientists can't decide if we are warming or cooling

1st you are wrong, 2nd evolution has killed more species the humans will ever kill

The rest of the developed world has something more rotten than Denmark, prodigious food-waste. Shakespeare be damned!

This is such a disgusting fact when you take into consideration how many people die of starvation suffer from hunger even in the states

Mee thang

You look like johnny sins

Best host on the planet

It is disgusting how we waste food

My fridge is almost always empty ....

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