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You. You. You. Should totally let me touch, a period, soon cuz like. Some. Old colors coming back him. What. Yeah. Yeah. I do like I barely, even noticed my piercings anymore. Seriously. Only. Don't like it. Yeah. I know what you mean things, are way too expensive you, know do we teen I thought. My sister was gonna be able to do, its. Own the consent form free or whatever but apparently she's not gonna do it she. Wants to show she's. Like responsible. Seriously. My. Cousins a piercer, and, I told her so I have to look at it from her stuff when she wasn't looking from her shell. Mm-hmm. Like. A bunch of times I. Should. Be like totally easy. No. Seriously, Kim, was like oh. Do. I like do. It tonight. Lillian. Mm-hmm. Yeah. Cedar's, want one linkle no sorry. Okay. All. Right dude, we. Can't do that. I. Just. Need to like. Okay. Gotta. Go like wash my hands or whatever just, gotta get this like out, of my. Clean. You're. Like sighs max. Hmm. It's. Kind of like sometime. Yeah. Don't hurt my mom's like, honestly. All she does is sleep no did. She sleeps, like the dead she's. Not gonna. Tell. If I like the piercing clothes are black with some metal. I'm. Like a whole professional, dude I. Don't. Even wear you. Know. Santa's, do they're so cute. Do. Not so, cool I. Should. Totally be like a piercer, and like when I'm older. You. Know what I thought. I'm gonna be a Peter right now. You're. Supposed to like use mouthwash, like. Get. The inside. Are. You scared. Dude. It's gonna be fine, there's. A cop of the time and. Like it doesn't even compare it's okay like I know that you. Care dollars I stole your bike you're, fine. It's. Okay. Where. Somebody would tell me I'm fine. Do. Like. To be sterilized, needle. Okay. So just like. I'm. Gonna you want it on like this I am all. Right. We're. Gonna like mark to spawn okay. All. Right we're gonna use this one oh. My. God dude my mom wants me to get rid of my myspace I. Know. Like. I only, have thousand, friends on there did you seriously think that I'm just gonna like throw it away. Dude. You are on my top 4 did, you not check for. Like. An hour and that was just because I was mad at you. With. A branded thing. Yeah. He's. A jerk. So. That's why I was mad and I took you with my daughter, again, Oh seriously, it's no big deal you're back on my top 4. Yeah. You can check right now. You. Know my username. Xx. Billy Joe forever. Xx. Yeah. Dude. I mean do when I was 14 and he even asked myself like, hmm. Am, I gonna regret this, just, like a don't Andrew thing and I thought no, this, is an amazing, music name everyone's, gonna watch it they have it and. I was right. And. I was right. Are. You seriously gonna go look it up right now. Are. You kidding me trust, me. I. Don't. Know. These. Ones like right here. I'm. Doing. Alright, dude. Which. One of these do you want they're all sterilized. Good. Like. All. Right.

Get. Up here soon are you. Alright. I know, that's like. That's. Gonna like. Hold. It in place. Alright. It's gonna be that one for you okay. Spot. That I might. Are. You ready. Yeah. Because I am. Seriously. This is like the first of. Like. My. Future career. Okay. I'm. Just. Good. You. Don't want to do with your fingers you're gonna get a like investors. Okay. We. Need to get your like salt water I know, I clean, it what salt water like on the inside everything. You. Gotta take really good care of it okay. Okay. Someone. Like my first. Step. In my piercing. Career, to. End. Like an infection, I'd be really, embarrassing. Look. So good. Do. We should take a bunch of pictures for myspace. Yeah. Yeah. I could do really vampire freaks - I feel, like a lot of posers are there now though so like some, kind of going back to my roots. But. Like. Yeah, that's what you like or whatever then, you like you can do that without -. Yeah. All. Right, I'm gonna take you know. I. Still. Cannot paint my fingernails are. Good real, good like they saw. You. Know I put like. Things. We're still really annoying with my parents, and I. Just. Honestly don't, really. Think that it's. Gonna get better because this point it's like I. Can't. Really make. Me. Nobody. Likes you when you do any. Music, TV shows what. The hell is a DD I said. Later. On on. The drive. Yeah. I guess you can turn it down again. You're. Seriously, so worried, about my mom oh my. God. Okay. Yeah. No. Yeah. We're not going to anymore. Yeah. I ended up like I. Guess. The. Day before yesterday. Yeah. I. Just. Didn't really like the way that they talk to me, they. Treated me like I was an idiot they treated me like I don't know music I. Kept. Calling emo. So. Mike why do you listen to this if you're so if your. People. Are like, and. Boxes. You can listen to lots of different things. Like. I don't have to only listen, to like Green. Day managed to disco just cuz it's, like I can. Do whatever I want, see. It makes them more of a poseur but, they feel like they have to like listen. To only specific, kinds of music instead of anything that they like and. I'm thinking they're calling me calling, me I like I'm a boxer because. I listen, to other things sometimes do. Blank. It's. Not. Meant to be about like judging people's literally, supposed to be a subculture like. Like. Breaking, rules it's why their rules. Stupid. So you say makes me so pissed off. You. Know. Yeah. I. Know. I. Don't. Know why like I, don't, know what I like I. Just. Don't like labels, I. Don't. Like. People call me email but it's not like I really call myself link. And. Like I like. People. To. Be, like a label just like everybody. I'm. Not everybody had a lot of people. You. Know what I mean. So. Don't. Touch it don't. Touch it, you're. Gonna get out back there with your grubby little hands. Seriously. Don't punch a duel don't. Look. At it don't do anything. Something. You. Like try to get some sleep. You. Know there's not school tomorrow my mom's gonna probably wake up really really. Like. She likes it was such a random times, when she's like this I don't even know what's going on with her. You. Know being, swap really dude. I've. Been crazy than I look good. Do. You just get your hair, caught on your eyelashes. It's. Worth it it's, a person, it's. Worth it. Anyway. I, guess. You should be like. Shrinking. River bad or whatever. Make. Sure like runs our mouths I saw water and not like not. Watch with alcoholics. You don't want to be like irritating, don't. Over. So. I'm just gonna go like brush my teeth and then like at my pajamas, just gonna be. This. And. You. Know I can good bad, all. Right, I'll. Get back.

2020-01-07 21:00

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Time stamps for songs, there's always someone who wishes to know: Para quienes quieren conocer las canciones: 2:32 "Numb" - Linkin Park 8:56 "Las Resort" - Papa Roach 21:43: "What's My Age Again?" - Blink-182

I_Am_Dragoon no offense, those were poser Emo tracks

Te guststan las patadas

Linkin park, que tiempos :')

What? No "Wake Me Up Inside!!!" Or Black Parade tracks??? Time to revoke her emo card. x,D

Numb and Last Resort were a huuuge part of my junior high and high school years. Seriously, all 6 years they stayed on my playlists, I ain't ashamed.

Ya no subes videos en español:( nos abandonaste

When you said "MySpace" I legitimately had to check the date of this video lol

Eff i feel so old hearing some of these references. Great video however. Needed the nostalgia trip lol

I'm glad you're having so much fun with these because every step of the way is like walking backwards through time for me. I love it so much lol

I love how cute and kinda out of character the “pointy pointy” at 17:58 was ♥️

I'm getting the strangest sense of dejavu

You were 24hours late. I literally just pierced both my ears at home. No worries, I made sure everything was super sterile, and am now doing saltwater soaks once a day

Repoio :v

this is making me oddly happy for someone who wasn’t able to to experience this for myself

I gave a little giggle when you sang "caught in the undertoad, just caught in the undertow" during the numb lyrics. Never heard someone say undertoad before. Anyways, I enjoyed this video

The random “dOn’T tOUcH It” caught me so off guard mostly because it’s something I would absolutely be caught doing kfjdjsjdh love it

Pro tip : don't ever sing any of Chester's song's for respect

Do you wanna go and listen to falling in reverse and go gang banging in East county San Diego?

Ur my favorite asmrtist

Awfully nice of you to include that disclaimer in the beginning. Really enjoyed this one. Thanks Bekah.

This wound up and just gut punched me right back to 2008 jesus

This is so good! Fun!


gum ruins it

When I heard numb I was like damn my childhood shit got me shook

Instead of doing a emo asmr can you do a metal head asmr plz

I hit like as soon as I read that disclaimer. Good lookin out!

My prayers have been answered.

I love this video

Watching this has brought back a question from the deepest depths of my mind.... *where the hell did all those rubber bracelets I wore everyday in middle school go?*

After you find out MCR is back:

First song I learned all the lyrics too.

i'm ashamed that i know all these songs

Rawr XD XD

Bro idk but i just watched her last vid and just searched asmr and this was fourth thing good timing ig

Her: it’s not gonna hurt Me a person with numerous face piercings: are you sure?

i waiting for this rolepley for long time

Guys it's the 2020's, not the 2,000's

*I'm a big boi and can pierce my own nose!* Ouch.

You moaned

This is a good video but god I hate it. I want to like the vid but am also physically repulsed.

I'm still having MCR concert withdrawals so this is perfect

Oh no, another piece of residue from middle school.

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