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You. You. You. Should totally let me touch, a period, soon cuz like. Some. Old colors coming back him. What. Yeah. Yeah. I do like I barely, even noticed my piercings anymore. Seriously. Only. Don't like it. Yeah. I know what you mean things, are way too expensive you, know do we teen I thought. My sister was gonna be able to do, its. Own the consent form free or whatever but apparently she's not gonna do it she. Wants to show she's. Like responsible. Seriously. My. Cousins a piercer, and, I told her so I have to look at it from her stuff when she wasn't looking from her shell. Mm-hmm. Like. A bunch of times I. Should. Be like totally easy. No. Seriously, Kim, was like oh. Do. I like do. It tonight. Lillian. Mm-hmm. Yeah. Cedar's, want one linkle no sorry. Okay. All. Right dude, we. Can't do that. I. Just. Need to like. Okay. Gotta. Go like wash my hands or whatever just, gotta get this like out, of my. Clean. You're. Like sighs max. Hmm. It's. Kind of like sometime. Yeah. Don't hurt my mom's like, honestly. All she does is sleep no did. She sleeps, like the dead she's. Not gonna. Tell. If I like the piercing clothes are black with some metal. I'm. Like a whole professional, dude I. Don't. Even wear you. Know. Santa's, do they're so cute. Do. Not so, cool I. Should. Totally be like a piercer, and like when I'm older. You. Know what I thought. I'm gonna be a Peter right now. You're. Supposed to like use mouthwash, like. Get. The inside. Are. You scared. Dude. It's gonna be fine, there's. A cop of the time and. Like it doesn't even compare it's okay like I know that you. Care dollars I stole your bike you're, fine. It's. Okay. Where. Somebody would tell me I'm fine. Do. Like. To be sterilized, needle. Okay. So just like. I'm. Gonna you want it on like this I am all. Right. We're. Gonna like mark to spawn okay. All. Right we're gonna use this one oh. My. God dude my mom wants me to get rid of my myspace I. Know. Like. I only, have thousand, friends on there did you seriously think that I'm just gonna like throw it away. Dude. You are on my top 4 did, you not check for. Like. An hour and that was just because I was mad at you. With. A branded thing. Yeah. He's. A jerk. So. That's why I was mad and I took you with my daughter, again, Oh seriously, it's no big deal you're back on my top 4. Yeah. You can check right now. You. Know my username. Xx. Billy Joe forever. Xx. Yeah. Dude. I mean do when I was 14 and he even asked myself like, hmm. Am, I gonna regret this, just, like a don't Andrew thing and I thought no, this, is an amazing, music name everyone's, gonna watch it they have it and. I was right. And. I was right. Are. You seriously gonna go look it up right now. Are. You kidding me trust, me. I. Don't. Know. These. Ones like right here. I'm. Doing. Alright, dude. Which. One of these do you want they're all sterilized. Good. Like. All. Right.

Get. Up here soon are you. Alright. I know, that's like. That's. Gonna like. Hold. It in place. Alright. It's gonna be that one for you okay. Spot. That I might. Are. You ready. Yeah. Because I am. Seriously. This is like the first of. Like. My. Future career. Okay. I'm. Just. Good. You. Don't want to do with your fingers you're gonna get a like investors. Okay. We. Need to get your like salt water I know, I clean, it what salt water like on the inside everything. You. Gotta take really good care of it okay. Okay. Someone. Like my first. Step. In my piercing. Career, to. End. Like an infection, I'd be really, embarrassing. Look. So good. Do. We should take a bunch of pictures for myspace. Yeah. Yeah. I could do really vampire freaks - I feel, like a lot of posers are there now though so like some, kind of going back to my roots. But. Like. Yeah, that's what you like or whatever then, you like you can do that without -. Yeah. All. Right, I'm gonna take you know. I. Still. Cannot paint my fingernails are. Good real, good like they saw. You. Know I put like. Things. We're still really annoying with my parents, and I. Just. Honestly don't, really. Think that it's. Gonna get better because this point it's like I. Can't. Really make. Me. Nobody. Likes you when you do any. Music, TV shows what. The hell is a DD I said. Later. On on. The drive. Yeah. I guess you can turn it down again. You're. Seriously, so worried, about my mom oh my. God. Okay. Yeah. No. Yeah. We're not going to anymore. Yeah. I ended up like I. Guess. The. Day before yesterday. Yeah. I. Just. Didn't really like the way that they talk to me, they. Treated me like I was an idiot they treated me like I don't know music I. Kept. Calling emo. So. Mike why do you listen to this if you're so if your. People. Are like, and. Boxes. You can listen to lots of different things. Like. I don't have to only listen, to like Green. Day managed to disco just cuz it's, like I can. Do whatever I want, see. It makes them more of a poseur but, they feel like they have to like listen. To only specific, kinds of music instead of anything that they like and. I'm thinking they're calling me calling, me I like I'm a boxer because. I listen, to other things sometimes do. Blank. It's. Not. Meant to be about like judging people's literally, supposed to be a subculture like. Like. Breaking, rules it's why their rules. Stupid. So you say makes me so pissed off. You. Know. Yeah. I. Know. I. Don't. Know why like I, don't, know what I like I. Just. Don't like labels, I. Don't. Like. People call me email but it's not like I really call myself link. And. Like I like. People. To. Be, like a label just like everybody. I'm. Not everybody had a lot of people. You. Know what I mean. So. Don't. Touch it don't. Touch it, you're. Gonna get out back there with your grubby little hands. Seriously. Don't punch a duel don't. Look. At it don't do anything. Something. You. Like try to get some sleep. You. Know there's not school tomorrow my mom's gonna probably wake up really really. Like. She likes it was such a random times, when she's like this I don't even know what's going on with her. You. Know being, swap really dude. I've. Been crazy than I look good. Do. You just get your hair, caught on your eyelashes. It's. Worth it it's, a person, it's. Worth it. Anyway. I, guess. You should be like. Shrinking. River bad or whatever. Make. Sure like runs our mouths I saw water and not like not. Watch with alcoholics. You don't want to be like irritating, don't. Over. So. I'm just gonna go like brush my teeth and then like at my pajamas, just gonna be. This. And. You. Know I can good bad, all. Right, I'll. Get back.

2020-01-07 21:00

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Time stamps for songs, there's always someone who wishes to know: Para quienes quieren conocer las canciones: 2:32 "Numb" - Linkin Park 8:56 "Las Resort" - Papa Roach 21:43: "What's My Age Again?" - Blink-182

I_Am_Dragoon no offense, those were poser Emo tracks

Te guststan las patadas

Linkin park, que tiempos :')

What? No "Wake Me Up Inside!!!" Or Black Parade tracks??? Time to revoke her emo card. x,D

Numb and Last Resort were a huuuge part of my junior high and high school years. Seriously, all 6 years they stayed on my playlists, I ain't ashamed.

Ya no subes videos en español:( nos abandonaste

When you said "MySpace" I legitimately had to check the date of this video lol

Eff i feel so old hearing some of these references. Great video however. Needed the nostalgia trip lol

I'm glad you're having so much fun with these because every step of the way is like walking backwards through time for me. I love it so much lol

I love how cute and kinda out of character the “pointy pointy” at 17:58 was ♥️

I'm getting the strangest sense of dejavu

You were 24hours late. I literally just pierced both my ears at home. No worries, I made sure everything was super sterile, and am now doing saltwater soaks once a day

Repoio :v

this is making me oddly happy for someone who wasn’t able to to experience this for myself

I gave a little giggle when you sang "caught in the undertoad, just caught in the undertow" during the numb lyrics. Never heard someone say undertoad before. Anyways, I enjoyed this video

The random “dOn’T tOUcH It” caught me so off guard mostly because it’s something I would absolutely be caught doing kfjdjsjdh love it

Pro tip : don't ever sing any of Chester's song's for respect

Do you wanna go and listen to falling in reverse and go gang banging in East county San Diego?

Ur my favorite asmrtist

Awfully nice of you to include that disclaimer in the beginning. Really enjoyed this one. Thanks Bekah.

This wound up and just gut punched me right back to 2008 jesus

This is so good! Fun!


gum ruins it

When I heard numb I was like damn my childhood shit got me shook

Instead of doing a emo asmr can you do a metal head asmr plz

I hit like as soon as I read that disclaimer. Good lookin out!

My prayers have been answered.

I love this video

Watching this has brought back a question from the deepest depths of my mind.... *where the hell did all those rubber bracelets I wore everyday in middle school go?*

After you find out MCR is back:

First song I learned all the lyrics too.

i'm ashamed that i know all these songs

Rawr XD XD

Bro idk but i just watched her last vid and just searched asmr and this was fourth thing good timing ig

Her: it’s not gonna hurt Me a person with numerous face piercings: are you sure?

i waiting for this rolepley for long time

Guys it's the 2020's, not the 2,000's

*I'm a big boi and can pierce my own nose!* Ouch.

You moaned

This is a good video but god I hate it. I want to like the vid but am also physically repulsed.

I'm still having MCR concert withdrawals so this is perfect

Oh no, another piece of residue from middle school.

Están bien chidos los subtítulos

Lol, you're so funny doing this character. Also you remind me of Renfri. I think you look a lot like her.

She is back

I liked so much♥️

Damn, can't believe you found this video from 2007

Suddenly I'm in 9th grade again listening to sleeping with sirens

Lemme tell you about our lord and savior Raid Shadow Legends.

wow has subtitles thank you very much: 3

Didnt expect lincoln park

I’m more metal head than emo now but I still have this kind of stuff in my heart

Softlygaloshes Asmr damn your so beautiful and I gonna ask I wonder that do you even read my comments

@softlygaloshesohhh yeah I also like to jam our to The Bigger Lights " what about us" I like that song

@softlygaloshes yeah it waz horrible and I'm pretty sure watching your video should help and maybe after watching your video I'll turn on the radio to listen to orchestra since I fine orchestra music very relaxing I'll try to sleep

I'm sorry you had a nightmare!

@softlygaloshes that's good to hear anyway I waz taking A nap tell I woke up cause I had A nightmare I got up got A cup of diet Coke and now I'm back in bed maybe I'll watch your new video again I wanna feel tingles and I love it when you were singing that song called last resort by paparoach there one of my favorite bands

I read all of them!

Wat to spanish My speak spanish

I loved your first emo roleplay!

I love it!!! I was singing last resort from my favorite band forever papa roach with this video♡♡

Never entered the emo phase myself, but I did dig the girls that did. Also brought a flood of my high school memories back from the depths of my memory bank.

This is so so accurate

Reminded me a little bit of summer from Rick and Morty.

My question is, where is "Bullet" by Hollywood Undead in this song tracklist

I've been going through a MAD nostalgia trip for all the emo/alternative music I listened to back in like 2010 lol, and I just got a double helix piercing so this is perfect



Should've had Helena by MCR.

Please continue videos like this! These role plays are amazing!! Love them

Very tingly

Taking me right back to high school before my senior year

The linkin Park was a nice touch lol

You look my ex girlfriend like this!

in my school they tell me emo pucha that sad TwT

Absolute 30 year old boomer posting and I appreciate that

This.. this was too natural for you

"Hi! My name is Boxxy!"

I felt this entire video in the upper right quarter of my soul.

When you started Last Resort I started whisper screaming with you

Oh my god I did the same thing.


It's like all my favorite exes fused with my favorite ASMRtist! Bonus: I didn't get stabbed!

“tHaT’s So MeTaL” really sent me for no reason

I love it! I love every video you have done ❤

Linkin Park, I'm subscribed

Things To Bring Back For The Rawring 20s: - Choppy Bangs That Make You Go Blind In One Eye - Lining To The GODS - MySpace... - MCR ☑️ - Every Username In The xX~Xx Format - Smexy & Rawr - XD Amazing tingles!!! My favorite ASMRtist❤️

Cuando otro en español ? :c se extraña

2:32 *Is the reason why you'll leave a LIKE on this video*

If you were a real piercer girl, I’ll probably have my entire body pierced by now xD

You are so creative and talented ahh just can’t get enough!!!!!!



Are you in instagram or tingles app? ;)


Emo is sooooooooo 2010s.

Why am I so weak to emo best friends? They are the best kinds of friends, and I will never stop loving that scene.

Why can she pull off the emo thing better than some "emo" girls?

Those other emo chicks are posers?

Me gustó la canción de linkin park

But am I really on the top 4? That’s what I wanna know

good god im 25, all this music and gothness hits me right in the feels, i'd bloody propose to her on the spot if i could :L My teenage years are re-awakening. This video is getting bookmarked. Watching it a second time actually realized how much i love those eyes, sugoi af

Al principio del vídeo no pude deducir la canción, pero después de unos segundos la empeze a cantar a la par con ella Numb que hermosa canción Y tú actuación y vestuario también , sigue así !

Y para cuando emor girl en espalol???

"Eh, this looks cool,might enjoy it" *2 minutes later* I'VE BECOME SO NUUUUUMB

Hit me with that sweet nostalgia ❤

YAAASSSS Gracias por el video preciosa

I think we've found a character for the next Camping Crush.

Never mind crush. I would marry this character

X2Magneto totally dude!

Lol who's Brandon?

Te gusta esa música también porque tú oyes como tú sabes como tú eres mi persona que vas a ver que socio música es Prado

Scotty Van Reeth doesn’t mean they aren’t good though lol

@The Polar Bear how can someone not know the songs lol

@Javier ASMR El playlist del otro video: 3:12 Situations - Escape The Fate 6:42 Face Down - The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus 8:11 I Write Sins Not Tragedies - Panic! At The Disco 10:42 Holiday - Green Day 18:18 The Emo Song - Adam and Andrew 20:28 American Idiot - Green Day 28:06 Crushcrushcrush - Paramore 31:06 Im Not Okay (I Promise) - My Chemical Romance

@Javier ASMR Verifico y te dejo saber, dame un momento

de casualidad no sabes cuales son las del otro video, del rolplay emo

Scotty Van Reeth Nah, let's not gatekeep. Tons of emo kids listened to that music.

I_Am_Dragoon It's called "Bring Me to Life," so who's losing their emo card now

In spanish pleasse !!! (Con canciones de Pxndx ) :V

You are the cutest emo evaaarrr. :3

This is really goooooddd!!!!!!

Lol I searched up asmr and this came up and I was like “I NEED TO WATCH THIS SHE HAS A MCR SHIRT ON!” Lol sorry it’s late

Could you do a video solely of you whispering songs? It would be so amazing!!

Hope is emo(can you catch the reference?)

I fell asleep 3x in one night to this video

"she sleeps like the DEAD >.>"

Hooooly, this ASMR is really sensitive

Its a shame emo girls dont exist anymore?

Linkin Park and Papa Roach are not emo bands

The emo kids I knew listened to lots of stuff, not just what was in the category. The last one I did had more traditional emo stuff in it, but I wanted to explore some more music we listened to growing up.

@softlygaloshes title is 'emo roleplay' so it's sort of implied

I didn't say they were

I flinched a little when she started signing those lyrics

Every time I hear her say "This is my last resort" I keep hearing "This is my chocolate bar!"

You have none of the following that you must have one of to be a proper emo My Chemical Romance Green Day Pierce The Veil Sleeping With Sirens Black Veil Brides Twenty One Pilots Fall Out Boy Last but not least Falling in Reverse

Check out the first one I did. It has more of those but I didn't want to repeat the same ones. Link in description.


scary is in my room!

Papa roach and blink182 aren’t emo tf? Nor is Green Day.

People listen to lots of music

Dude mcr has done/doing reunion tour and you haven’t made another emo ropleplay yet like duuuuuude

This one just came out yesterday

m y n a m e i s b o x x y

I love singing some Linkin Park with you before sleep xD

Who cried when Numb started playing? ...totally not me. *peasants*

oh god not again


im 5 minutes in and this is giving me highschool flashbacks holy shit. i pierced myself and my friends too much and it was absolutely awful

Recommendation: Maybe you could have a playlist of English ASMR videos called Tingles en Ingles?



3:00 covers by softlygaloshes

Every step that I take is another mistake for you... Esa frase me llega mucho desde siempre :( te amo jajaja

All that’s missing is Ohio is for Lovers in the background.

Cuando empieza a cantar numb Yo:

Emo to the extremo

Me encantas de Emo

"Rawr means I love you in dinosaur" what a flashback.

Omg I wish there were more songs. We stand and emo queen

I did another one of these last year with more songs! Link in description!

Had that same shirt lol

She looks like Adeline from cautious hero

Kids these days wont get these Myspace references

Perhaps not

the mcr shirt aswell lmaoo

Still today i love your first emo roleplay and a sequel is the best idea you could ever have, grettings from México softly

This video gives me such a weird feeling, because I’m in Highschool right now and living this like ten years after it was a thing... it’s weird but I love it, and I wish I actually had a friend like this. Thank you softlygaloshes this made me smile

I say this very often this is another reason to love this channel Your asmr is great and your good at rp Edit: this comment section is such a mood I am attracted to emos but they can't tell I am emo since I dont have the money to buy my own clothes and my mom won't buy me shit like a chain and spike bracelet

*she starts singing Numb* Me singing along but I may have the wrong version: *"THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU YOU'RE FAR TOO KIND! Uh! CAN I GET AN ENCORE, DO YA WANT MORE?"*

Me dieron ganas de patear emos *T-POSE*

I cant watch this video unfortunately, as I have a major phobia of needles and the mere word sends me into a near anxiety attack

Cuando cantaste Numb le di like al video

0:50 Did you just say "I F****n told you"?!

"roar means I love you in dinosaur" OK like subscribe notifications retwe...

How I looked in middle school

Haha, I was a kid during these days (born in 1998), so I just wished I could be emo or even scene (we didn't really have that here in my country but I found out about it online). I did like a bit of MCR. Nowadays I listen to 90s emo a bit. The 2000s were cool. The heavy liner and the fringe were the best part of the look. I wanted to have the snakebites too.


R.I.P Chester Also great video as always !

Is that ophelia? Ophelia you got piercings!

Both wolves are just adorable ☺

There are two wolves inside me. One a dark haired emo girl, the other a curly blonde witch.✊

Okkkk Linkin Park fannnns, got all thier CDs growing up. Congrats

Before asmr was whispering i like old videos

I want an emo gf roleplay!!!

I'm offended.

I want this shirt so bad

I love numb

Whisper shouting Numb and Last Resort is such a 2am insomnia mood ngl


I was a closeted emo, my parents never let me do anything too edgy except from the rare occasion of black eyeliner :( I mean, I'm glad I don't have any embarrassing emo pics but I'm also sad that I never got to experience the whole thing. I had no emo friends etc. so I lived my secret emo fantasy in my head. It's cool to have these kind of roleplays to experience it even a little.

I'm happy to hear that

softlygaloshes Yeah I'm fine! I kinda made it sound worse than it was. I got to do other things though, I had band shirts and stuff. But no piercings and no hair dye, which I now think is a good thing. I would have regretted them in a few years probably.

I'm sorry they put restrictions on you like that. Are you able to do what you want now?

10:55 oh I love how this sounds, even if it is papa roach

Why'd this remind me of sally face

Didn't realise emo was still a 'thing'.

Ive waited so long for this!

You kinda remind me Amanda Brotzman with this look




So this vid came with a free linkin park concert Nice

happy new year 2020 softlygaloshes

Omg, you have NO idea how much I’ve wanted you to do another emo roleplay!!!!! I’m literally speechless so exited to watch this

Acá esta el comentario en español que esperabas

Вернула 2007-й!

*roleplay starts* Me: schlëëp Emogirl:... im tired to be what u want me to be Me: *_W O K E_*

Creo que somos de la misma generación, me da mucha nostalgia este roleplay, me recuerda cuando iba a la secundaria jajaja Gracias.


Could you save your piercings for your Spanish videos.

Is there a point in this video where she shows her T-shirt? I listened to it with my eyes closed most of the time for sleep

5:24 ish

This is so edgy my ears pierced themselves.

n i c e

I heard her sing Numb, and immediately had a feeling of nostalgia flow over me like a wave, it was full of emotion. Wow, for a second, I felt emo again...

Ya llevas 5 videos en inglés y no has subido en español

OMG, this is so amazing and cute

Cancines de bmth y asking alexandria en un futuro?

That one-eyed emo anime fringe! Ugh!


I LOVE THESE thank you bekahhhh

Ahh bringing back the best memories! I actually couldn’t relax when you would sing the lyrics because I just had to sing along with you!

Linkin Park and Papa Roach... That takes me back. You have cool taste in music. Thanks for another great vid

The moment she sang The "Numb" song, i loved her already. Thankyou

I remember my friend in high school pierced his eyebrow at home at it messed up the nerves in his brow


Do an emo roleplay singing 2000s songs like this its amazing

wtf i had 20 and i want i girl like u :(

i love it. and yes linkin park is the bomb

I still can’t wait for the tingle quest 3!

Bekah you are such a great emo girl OWO

Time stamps! 0:00 - 26:39 getting piercings

I love linkin park :D

me: dying her: emo rp me: *hi*

Nice to see more fellow emos / used to be emos ✌

mai lob

this girl seems like the girl my mom wouldn’t want me hanging out with but is a really good friend


you should do an emo roleplays section one of emo girlfriend would look great

a emo girlfriend roleplay

yes an emo please section❤

Exactly an emo girlfriend roleplay please

if I vote for the same

Your hair is awesome I love it

Thank you, it's a great quality wig!

That is not emo that is a depressed fucking demon and emo is wering hoodies and listening too rock ? How do i know... i am emo

Last Resort in an ASMR video ? Now my life is complete.

That thumbnail Rawred at me.

I just love this video! Like omg how it goes from like a sorta normal video and then like fully asmr like full tingles and I dnt normally tinlgle at all that so thank u so much so relaxing

I'm actually goth, and I had to see this. I'm 25 I've been goth since I was 14.

Genial video :3

Alguien me dice porque ya no hace videos en español ?? nos abandona para siempre ?? y nos tiro como un trapo sucio ??

U said you make 3 videos in english and one in spanish... where is our video? :(

Quieeo besos muchos sij parar

I love you

Isn’t it crazy that you could go to bed and never wake up

I truly can’t wait to be blown up

I like her

Next video: goth girlfriend makes you listen to Front Line Assembly

this soothes my emo trash soul

Wow this emo shit is sexy...i mean smexy

Emo Roleplay un spanish plis... I like your videos!

I just want more whispered Emo songs

These kinda girls scare me

Ya no harás videos en español?

4:40 Me: YES YES YES YES YES YES YES. 4:50 Me: oh that, whatever just doit.

Lol reminds me of the times I thought I knew what depression was

Absolutely love it!! Thank you!

Im just edgy but this is wanna be emo/edgy lmao

Why do you only have 377?

Nervous by the fact minus the lip piercing I looked like this in high school

I was responding to you like you were actually talking to me My friend kinda looks like you like as this role-play

You know what they say cleanliness is next to..... *Gothliness* ...

Hey guys the Blue Yeti I ordered just got in and I'm going to start an ASMR YouTube channel. What should I call it, I need some suggestions lol

I love this look


3 of my favorite songs of all time and probably my favorite character of yours! I love it!!

I cringed when she said smexy because me and my bestie used to say that alll the time (we were and still are total emos)

Stop it

Ah I see we just reset the decade. I'm glad, I wanted the second chance.

I love it, her look is so emo

I'd let your pierce me, you seem to know what you're doing.

Man this shit takes me back a bit when I was that edgy scene kid before I went and got into actual punk music

There was singing in this vid and I had to x it out. When I came to put it back on, I accidentally went to iTunes first! Ha

This was relaxing and great like every video of yours, but as soon as you started to sing numb I had to laugh

2012 throwback

I was a bit disappointed to find out there is no xXBillyJoel4everXx on MySpace. But I love this.

I have never thought that whispering/singing "Linkin Park - Numb" to my ears will make me tingle like crazy. Awesome job!

@softlygaloshes I understand that people almost never restrict themselves to any one genre. But the thing is emo is a relatively niche genre and the subculture built around it already suffers a fair share of stereotypes and misinformation. By adding non-emo bands like Linkin Park, Papa Roach, and Green Day to what's kind of an emo asmr playlist, you risk misinforming viewers who aren't familiar with emo into thinking those are emo bands. So I just felt the need to clarify.

softlygaloshes just sayin doe if you’re gonna do emo music make it like MCR, Fall Out Boy, Panic! At The Disco, etc, etc. leave the punk scene out of it lmao

Oh boi, 2008 flashbacks


4:35 BRUH YOUR EYE WAS ALL THE WAY BACK HOLY GOD (P.s this is a really cool charecter and roleplay, keep it up)

You are literally the only ASMRtist who really makes my head feel the tingles! Your whispers are the best, and your roleplays are endearing. The emo roleplays always have a special place in my heart. Thank you!

i like that

Siento como si estuviera viendo a mi YO de 17 años hahaha esta genial tu video!! me encanto!

I don't usually like many girls but no joke if I knew this girl it would be the one person I would genuinely take interest to from the personality to the beauty

yeees. Yeeeeeeees. YeeeeeeeeeeeeS. YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES

Yay i live for this series!!!

That my chemical romance tshirt honestly is more Mel than all of the rest of this outfit

me: dead her: comes out with this me: *im backkk ;)*

Can we please have a video of you just whispering songs cuz that was so relaxing I loved every minute of it !!

Wow “smexy” really threw me back lol

Oh hell yeah Linkin Park numb I guess im emo lmaooo


Thank you for the major tingles

I love this

Esto es lo mejor, ya necesitaba otra parte desde el anterior, te amoo!!

Ya know it's good when it starts with "Dude, comere"

I love pain so I'm fine if it does hurt

IT'S BACK IT'S BACK IT'S BACK IT'S BACK I LOVE THE EMO ROLEPLAY (it's actually how I found the channel) I. LOVE. IT. you go sis!!!

Now this, THIS is my kind of asmr.

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