ASMR Cashier Roleplay - Scanning Your Depression Snacks at 3am

ASMR Cashier Roleplay - Scanning Your Depression Snacks at 3am

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You. I. Did. You find everything you're looking for, tonight I. Need. To. Do. Mmm. So. How are you doing this evening. Are. You up early or are you up late, it's. 3:00 a.m. could be either. You. Do, it. Do. You however weren't scarred with that, no. I'll. Just get mine. Okay. So. Let's see what you got. Hmm. Look. Also good, all of it looks delicious, oh my god. Okay. Let's. Do this Oh. Before. I start do you have a back. Or. Do you want to buy one. You, have okay. You. Know what though like. Seriously. Not shame I, was. At all last. Night crying. Yeah. And. I was working last night. So. I. Won't. Even worry about it. It's. The power of makeup trust, me, I look. Like a mess, Thunder all this. Dude. I haven't, taken a shower in like two days this. Is from dry shampoo. Not. Seriously I love dry, shampoos. Yeah. You just like to bring it through your hair and. Brush. It through and. It. Feels so good clean, here home, days that just. Can't. Do. It you. Know. The. Other thing I like is I really like. Like. I can't have a great because. Of my medication. But, like. It. Smells so. Good. And so. I like, to just the wipes and just wipe it all over my face, to. Feel so refreshing. Let's. See what you got here. Listen. My. Friend, she. Loves these, like. Salt. And vinegar. There's. No water, in the world that could keep me hydrated. If. I was eating me. Dude. You look, fine. Seriously. Honestly like dry shampoo its more common in, Italy I can't, get a picture like. If, you don't get it here like I know you're only here because we're the only thing open at 3:00 a.m. why, else would you go, but. Really. Like, you. Should just get something get so easy and then you don't have to beat yourself up all the time for. Nothing. It's. Fine I'm. Just gonna know me. As if I'm gonna tell you. I'm, if. I'm gonna tell on you, so. Let's just for time that I didn't. Okay. Let's. See what else you got here. Are. You just gonna eat this during all the Teager not picking cookies at 3:00 a.m. you're, just eating out is that you. Dude. Same. Like. If they make it. That. Won't give you so Manola, look. Like. It. Does taste different I don't know. There's. Something about eating. It out of a tube the. Little metal band on one end it, just hits different it. Just hits -. Yeah. I don't medication, for like. Thomas, since I was like eight. Then. I tried to get off of it. Wrong. Way. And. That. Year didn't go so well so. Now, I'm on a different one that I feel like helps a bit more. Yeah. I don't understand, why everyone's always been like ooh medications. Bad for you it's gonna change your brain chemistry I hope. So. Why. Else do you think I, am here, at the doctor's, office for my brain to stay the same it's, broke. I'm. Gonna see it's not a depression, snack run if you don't get em so like I ever. Whenever. I see that it says sharing size I just laugh and cry a little at the same time cuz it's like who, am i sharing it with the. Clothes all over my floor. The. Little depression, that one that sits on my shoulder and tells me how much of the fuck up I am. The. Mini one. Tastes. So much better. There's. Like a scientific, reason why I like this not. The square footage because they're not, they're. Not a food but you. Know like there's just something that, makes. This small one. Taste. So much. I. Saw. My friend. I'm. Really more of a coffee person I. Don't. Know like they. Say that, routine that's good for mental health. Means. That I got this coffee maker to. Try to make it a routine in, the morning today coffee, some. More of a coffee person that, I monster person. I'm. Like I. Just. Can't do it I just I just I then. I drink alone for like instant, coffee no, I just buy bottled, coffee now I. Can't. Be trusted to maintain, a routine, oh my god my brain is so broken like. But. My friends love these and not just like, like. I have insomnia. Doesn't. Affect me I'm, like then, why are you awake today. Like. I can't really I can't really blame them cuz I drink. And. There. Could be worse thing oh. My. Gosh did you did, you see that that post that was like. Some. Person put like a 5-hour, energy enough or love go and coal didn't I'm Loco, it's, almost like just, do real like, the rest of us. Who. Are these people having nine locos I'm doing.

I, Mean. We. All find ways to cope. That's. Just. Okay. No. Way this. One's like my depression, snack, in. 2015. I. Seriously. Know, I. Can't. Do it I can't. Eat anymore I must do eating thousands. But. They are very good I. Feel. Like things to have this Govinda, didn't feel like it was enough to show us a window. They. Even have a good dip in crunch yeah. You. Know. At. This point, I'm. I'm. Fighting this depression out of spite, like, it's. The. People from my high school can. Finish their diplomas, then. I can like. Beat. My own brain. Like. I. Always. Thought I was gonna do so much more and then. The. Depression. Hits like kind of harder. But. Like the way that I see it is like I. Work. So. Hard and, gotten so. Much. To, get here like. If, I quit now then like what was it for. I'm, here waiting for the pale. Boy. At. Some point it's. Going to change that's really all I think about like that's all I can really say at. Some point it's, different. And. I'm. Waiting for that time and be, able to see it I'm not here. That's. What I tell myself. If. Depression wants, to kill me I should like act, like a real disease and do it itself instead of trying to get me to do its dirty work for it. Seriously. My. Mom is always leading these. We, have so many at home it's just like stacked and stacked and sacked in the cabinet. She'll. Just go an entire day eating these and I'm just like mom you're gonna have a whole heart attack and, she's like. Got. This coming, mm-hmm. You. All right. I'm. Like Who am I to judge I literally like I said drink coffee all day and. Then you still live off chester, fries so like. It's. Not like it's any better no. It's. Like I feel like I used to be one of those people that like would forget to eat but now I just eat all the time. And. That's all. I. Think. You. Know I hate though when. Someone. Comes out the first. And. They're just like you, know like. I know it's, so dark, right now but, like it's, all gonna be okay and it's like I mean yeah it's. Gonna be okay but you don't know like, why are you trying. To have this weird inspirational. Preachy moment at me like, they like grab your hands even though they don't know you when they're just like, you.

Remind Me of my niece oh my God we're mind you of your knees you know, random. Person on the bus. It's. Like. Are. You doing this so that you feel like a good person because, you're not gonna inspire, me in one sitting but. You, know like I. Know. What it's like obviously. I'm. Going through, it. But. Like. Are. You gonna come back tomorrow. Okay. How about this. If. I get through tonight and. You get through tonight. You. Should come back in tomorrow and I can show you like my favorite dry shampoos and stuff, yeah. I have, a short chick tomorrow, knock. It off it like. When. I get off tonight at like 6:00 a.m. and. Then tomorrow I have to go back in like five like. No, so. Like, if. You want to come back tomorrow, like, after 9:00 I can, like wait for you like we. Can make a little mini pact for the night like you. Don't tonight. Tonight. I'll see you tomorrow. No. I'm being serious. Okay. I mean, just finish it. You. Know I want to say that I'm really proud of you cuz like. Moved, about, all the snacks that you bought but I like em at the end you were just like whatever. I didn't die your score. Make. Me feel better, chocolate. Make. Me feel better not. Dying at my tree. It's. Like a miniature. Do. Something nice for yourself. And. You cut the gummies. It's. Like once when I was like seven, bigger. In the house and, I, just. I, didn't. Know they weren't stabbed more than the most like, candy. Anyway. Long story short I got really think. My. Mom had to like I'm, gonna walk the minute cabinet which like probably should have. Anyway. I should get some of these because. I. Be. Needin that balance tight. We. Just oh. Dude. Actually these, things were here. Like. I don't, know if this is like a thing that you deal with but like our problem sometimes were if. I have a deal sometimes, I just wish my teeth and I know it's like really really, really important, the, like I. Like. To nuts in it just make time now taste better on those days where I really. Can't do anything, but. Then it makes me feel not so gross, and. Like seriously it you, feel less gross you feel a little bit better it's. Weird. Obviously. Like. We're. Gonna get through this I know you don't know me and I don't know you but just. Feel. And. Vibe and. It's. Gonna be fine somehow, oh it's gonna be okay like maybe it won't be okay right ii, won't. Be okay tomorrow but at some point. We'll. Get there just have to keep trying doing. Things like getting ourselves a vitamin. And. Cutting. Back. We. Have choices to make. Whatever. Okay. Well. I'm. Just gonna like give. You my discount, okay. Thanks. So, your totals gonna be like. Nice. So. Your totals gonna be. 1472. Second. Okay. Cash, or card. Okay. And. Just. Do. You want a receipt, no. Okay. Steep, the trees i receipts, here so long I swear that I could just pull it forever. Like we have to chop down a tree every morning just like make. The receipt, rolls from hand. Yeah. So. Joke, okay. Listen. I'll see you tomorrow. Okay. I think. About this, okay can I give you a hug okay. Let me just read it okay. We. Can do this okay, okay. See. You tomorrow, good. Night.

2019-12-09 21:28

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So relaxing, but in reality if someone gave a speech about each item i bought, i would probably say my wallet was in my car and get the hell out

It's 4am rn... still counts

I loved this so much. Thank you. I needed this more than I thought

I know it sounds weird but it’s just so humanizing when ASMRtists curse. Like somehow it switches my brain from thinking “oh this is the bodyless voice that helps me fall asleep at night” and turns it into “omg this is another human!” and that feeling of human connection just makes it so much nicer tbh.

This feels like a personal attack

Helplessness is what I feel, no one can fix they way I feel. I have stopped asking for help because all it does us lead to resentment

This actually brings back memories for me because I used to do this sort of thing all the time during the height of my depression except my “snacks” were usually booze and most of the time I didn’t have much of a conversation with the cashier. This went on for like 2-3 years and I would binge drink like fucking crazy basically everyday usually until I blacked out. I guess that’s what happens when my mind gets so bleak and negative that I don’t really care anymore. When it was a it’s worst I went the liquor store once or sometimes even twice a day. The amount of hard liquor I consumed during this time was absolutely horrendous. Watching this makes me glad I’m not doing it anymore (although I need to remember that it’s possible I could relapse, which happened a few times.) It was a really hard time but after everything that happened I’m glad that I’m still here and even though I’m still not perfect I’m a hell of a lot better than I used to be and I can definitely thank asmrtists like you for helping me out with it. Your content made a positive difference in my life so thanks for making that positive difference and thanks for making this video Bekah, it honestly makes me feel better about myself. Have yourself a wonderful day!

(In DBZ announcer voice) On the next episode of ASMR Cashier Roleplay: The date continues to aisle 8. Shampoo,bath and lotions. Will the Customer find the perfect shampoo? Will the Cashier suggest another aisle? Will this relationship bloom? Find out next time on ASMR Cashier Roleplay.

The realest ASMR on youtube.

I’ve had the worst week dealing with my mental disorder. Thank you for this video.

Hey! I can’t have grapefruit because of my meds either!

This title is too real! XD

Oh yes, the cashier from the void, my favorite person

4:02 and pause. Someone was going to do it so why not me.

Ew, what’s wrong with you?

Oh boy 3am

I love your content but I just realized that you look like a pornstar named Aurora snow please don't get mad at me if you don't agree or worse if you do

Thanks ,Doc. First i saw this vlog,i like it ,doc is good kisser,teach me

Man, I feel this. I'd befriend my cashier if this happened to me.

Too real. I'm laughing and crying

my beautiful little war you make me feel very good I relax with your whispers I love you you are the best I love you

Salt and vinegar is my favorite as well!


No self checkout at 3am is THE BIG MEGA OOF

I told my counselor that I eat my feelings - I saw on my medical file they labeled me a cannibal

"the little depression goblin" that was tooooo true

Dragon Flame fuck that guy

There should be a Depression Snacks chain all around the world.

I hope youre okay aswell!

It's videos like these that show how much knowledge and experience you have with depression. Every story was like a psychic reading that matched, if not myself, someone that I had known. It really lets people know they're not alone. P.S. I loved the part where you scanned the rewards card and actually said "boop". LOL

Waited until 3am to watch this and I’m actually really depressed so thank you. I love you.

I feel personally attacked when this video pops into my sub box whilst I'm eating depression snacks

I was sure that I completely misheard part of this and thought you said “not like they’re a sort of fetish, because they’re not a foot” and I was all the way shook. Had to go back a couple times to hear what it actually says and I’m still not 100% sure. I’m gonna blame my tired brain for that one haha

Gotta listen to this at 3am for realisms sake

Aliven( Viven) *La tragedia de los andes.

I like how when I'm watching this it's actually 3am

Who else is watching this at 3AM?

this is very specific scenario... are you okay?

Breaking the rules and watching this at 2 am

I’m watching this at 3AM lol.

Hey Becky what do you stream for games?

I meant becka autocorrect

I love this video. The whole thing is just too relatable. It may sound sad but it is actually sad and funny. I love you even more after this Softly

Haha would you look at the time

needed this tonight! i've had such a rough month, and tonight i nearly broke 4 months of sobriety, but I didn't! this roleplay just really gave me the solidarity i needed. thanks for always being the best Bekah! you're my favourite!

this video has been out for 5 hours and i already cant get enough of this character and/or personality please bring this girl back someday

I’ve actually been terribly depressed lately. Seems like the universe sent me the right video at the right time. Thank you!

I have always said the mini m&m’s taste way better lol glad I’m not the only one

Did you just, predict id feel horrible about myself before I go to sleep? Seriously how could you have times this so well? Edit: Both the salt and vinegar comment about them being good and also "There's not enough water in the world" is hilarious. But true

5:54 awkward eye contact after body noises makes me laugh

Hey iv been ur sub since 2015 btw 3am is a good time

Did I just start dating the chick from the grocery store?

She really done put the chips at the bottom of the bag. For sure coming back tomorrow for a new bag of chips. Really tho this was oddly satisfying, but I also had anxiety because I hate waiting at check outs.

I havent seen all videos, so to my current knowledge she hasnt said this, but SHE SAID THE "FUCK" WORD! Hell yeah, you do you

This is so comforting and relatable, bless you❤❤❤

For all my fellow Dudes out there. Please go to the doctor if you're depressed and get some medication and start going to a therapist. As men we have this stigma with showing our emotions, we are told the real men dont cry or talk about things bothering them or their feelings, we are told that we have to be tough all the time or we're soft or we're pussies. I was in that same boat, I hid my feelings and pushed down my emotions until I hit rock bottom when I lost my job (my own fault) and I was terrified of how i was going to pay rent so I finally spilled the beans to my parents and now I can say that I'm doing much better. I'm on medication and I have an awesome therapist and it feels so good to even just talk about things and bounce your thinking off another person, I'm eating better and starting to workout and for once I feel optimistic about my future. Dont lose hope y'all it may not seem like it but this feeling is temporary and you can move past it with a little help.

It's 1:10 a.m. as of posting this and I work at 5:30, but I'm going to take the time to express my concern as well as the importance of your wellbeing. I could be wrong, but it seems to me that this video is a reflection of what you're going through right now and by making it is a way for you to cope with it, which is a step in the right direction. However I worry that you may dismiss these comments as us just trying to be nice, like you mentioned in this video. That's partially true, the other part is how much suffering that would come from someone like you being lost not just by people close to you, but to people who rely on your content to cope with their issues. I wish I could take my own advice on these issues, but you have to do what you can to live the best life you can, no matter what life throws at you, even if it's all in your head. Because having it end from inner conflict is no way for anyone to go, letting that happen is a crime against yourself and the people that care about you. We don't know each other, but when you talked the way you did in this video it sounded like how I used to talk. Stay with us, and it'll make it that much easier for us to stick around *gives hugs*.

My brain is broken too.

I like this style a lot. Thanks!

If a cashier takes this long just to scan my depressing snacks at 3am and tells me her whole life story, imma just go home and cry without food.

I just have to say I’ve been watching you for a few months now, and you’re the most realest person I’ve seen. I have been suffering from depression and have had suicidal thoughts, but honestly watching you has kept me going. The first video I saw was your “Positive Affirmations” and I really needed that in my life, I’ve probably seen it like 10 times. To wrap it up, just keep doing things like this, it makes me cry but in a good way, knowing someone has been/is going through what I am and I appreciate you so much for it

Russell Algorri I’ve been there, it gets better. Hang in there

I literally depression bought Cosmic Brownies on the way home from work today and I feel personally attacked by this relatable content haha

Dear god, your voice is amazing!

is this what we call,,,,,,,, a series,,,,,,,,, because I'm up for it I wanna see the cashier again "if I don't die tonight and you don't die tonight you should come back tomorrow." was going to anyways but thank you for not making me feel like a clingy weirdass also the multivitamin is a mood honestly

Omg! Necesito la versión en español de este vídeo

Welp, this one is going into the favorites playlist.

When you’re on a road trip and you stop in a small neighborhood for snacks and you get these chill vibes, so dang comfy.

Your soft spoken voice is the best

If it weren't for Becca's beaming face in the thumbnail, when this title popped up in my feed I would have assumed this was a TirarADeguello video.

You've been holding out on us! You've only been showing glimpses of your sense of humour in your videos until now. OMG this was hilarious! I hope we get to see more of this. (^_^) (Unrelated, using the bag was such a creative idea!)

Son las 3 de la mañana y en un par de horas trabajo pero no puedo dejar de mirarla help me pls

Your voice sounds more raw & it hits different. This sounds like less from Softlygaloshes & more from Rebekah. Like this one is really coming from the heart

I don't think I've ever related so much to a single ASMR video. I mean, I've never been at a 7-11 or a Dollar Store at 3AM (with my anxiety? _Ha_ ) but I was so into this conversation and wondering, "there are actual people like me out there?"

"Depression snack cashier roleplay" Now I've seen everything

bluechipmunk1225 There’s a Salad Fingers asmr role play out there.

Have you seen a man eat his own head?

Hot girl, wants to poison me

me: spends 22 minutes on checkout everyone in line behind me:

sgeht'n? I mean it’s 3 am how many people are there really

Man it's a good thing nobody else was shopping at 3am ,lol. Great video as always ,thank you.

Do I love this Bekah? You bet I do. Super unique and wonderful. Also yes those are all my snacks

Lol that comment about drinking monster is so true. Like I personaly just drink Tea or Coffee I hardly have energy drinks, but a lot of people I know drink them all the time then ask why they can never sleep Like hmm I wonder why?

This isn’t me hating on the video, I thought it was awesome, but there is nothing in this world worse than a talkative cashier

You are so awesome Bekah. Your videos after all these years still continue to provide such comfort, you are a true blessing. Thank you beautiful lady for being you.

How is this somehow both my worst nightmare and my dream at the same time? ..5/5

This was quite relaxing and what an interesting spin on a cashier roleplay! Thank you for the tingles, softlygaloshes

I've never felt so seen by the title of an ASMR video before

"I'm fighting this depression out of spite" So THAT is a mood

I might cook the cookies, makes me feel better knowing I can make something.

It's nice how easy baking can be with premade dough and stuff. It feels different when you can cook something for yourself.

Maybe I'm just weird, but my depression snack of choice is Philly cheese steak hot pockets.

0:58 es el sonido más lindo que eh escuchado hoy

“It’s gonna change your brain” “Well I hope so! That’s why I’m here, it’s broke”

Thank you for another amazing video! I love ur content!

im sorry this is just making me feel more depressed..i didnt know the cashier was gonna be depressed herself..i thought i was gonna find comfort..what the just full of anxiety for diabetes and no tingles..and to think i turned on notifications for this..what the hell..

7:17 I laughed half asleep

Ohh boy 3 A.M.

Interesting story, I hope this continue

The small ones do taste better. Shes right and she should say it


Lol love this video topic its amazingly specific

" I got depression and the only prescription is more cowbell"

this one hit a little too close to home but i appreciate it nonetheless

I can’t say enough how much I love this! Relatable and tingly

This was sooo comforting. Be my friend lets watch movies and eat depresso snacks at 3am.

"Would you like to buy a bag?" Ha! You're in CA too. Fans elsewhere will be like, huh?

Kinda forgot other places don’t have that

"I was up all last night crying and I was working last night" Dang that's a hecking mood

Vegas242 what’s wrong with the eggs ? You can literally eat raw eggs

@Vegas242 Ew you actually cook it yourself? What are you? A peasant?

Also I respect your decision to eat raw cookie dough at 3am, please respect my decision to make cookies at 3am lol. Also protip, the only reason it's considered unsafe to eat raw cookie dough is because of the eggs so if you have the energy to make cookie dough just don't add eggs, use an egg substitute like apple sauce or if you don't plan on baking with it just don't add anything. Jeez ok my brain is messed up already because of school, but everything about this video is making me want to just word vomit all the thoughts in my head

Watching this at 3am

Buen video Me imagino al chic@ en la caja esperando,sus productos y la cajera haciendo asmr con ellos

I work at a grocery store. I’m a cashier at a Sprouts farmers market. It’s a really cool job sometimes. I talk to so many people in a day and the I’m grateful for the relationships I have with some of my regulars. There’s one girl in particular that comes in at the same time a couple nights a week. I’m usually on the closing shift so she always comes through my line. We usually talk about how her job sucks or how I hate closing, and we joke around and share laughs. Recently she told me that she struggles with depression and it absolutely broke my heart. She said that seeing me was one of the best parts of her week and she always looks forward to it whenever she comes in. I told her I felt the same way about her. After she left, I realized I didn’t even know her name. But that’s okay. The fact that me being a cashier led me to be a special person in someone’s life is crazy to me. But I love it.

I literally was watching this at 3am and didn't fully read the title, so when you said "It's 3am" I almost believed you were omniscient.

Ma'am, you don't even work here.

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