ASEA New Year Kickoff

ASEA New Year Kickoff

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(bright music) - Hello to all of the amazing ASEA associates that are joining us all around the world. We hope that this message finds you all well and excited about what lies ahead in 2022. The purpose of us being together right now is to share our vision for the future and give you an update on what you can expect in the coming weeks and months ahead. Of course, you already know about the Global Convention being held in Las Vegas, April 21st to the 23rd, but one thing that I think is worthy of mentioning is that much of what you will experience there and in the next few months leading up to it are things that have been under development for more than a year, all with the intent of supporting you and your business. And you will get a glimpse of some of those things in the next few minutes.

But before we completely look to the future, I think there would be some value in looking at the past. 2021, for many of us, was even more difficult than 2020. Few of us would have predicted the challenges we faced last year, we experienced more shutdowns, closures, cancellations, and quarantines.

The global supply chain buckled to a level never experienced in our lifetimes, and uncertainty seems to surround us everywhere we look. For those of you who have experienced hardship physically, economically, or emotionally, we convey our deepest and sincere sympathies for what you have endured. ASEA associates are among the most remarkable people I have had the privilege to know. You proved again in 2021 your resilience and your ability to continue to grow a people business under the most challenging of circumstances. Despite its challenges, last year was another record setting year for us here at ASEA. It was the most successful sales year in company history, continuing an 11-year trend, and you set a new record for the most sales in a single day and you set a new record for the highest volume ever in a single week, all while having to adapt and change in new ways and it's a privilege to grow along with you.

I use that word grow intentionally because the last two years only when if we fail to learn and grow by our individual and collective experiences. What a tragedy it would be if we are not somehow better as people and as a company because of what we have experienced. As our sites and attention are now clearly focused on 2022 and beyond, I tell you that there has never been a better time in the history of the company to be with ASEA. I say this because I know what is coming and I know the commitment that exists by the individuals affiliated with this company who strive every day to see it fulfill its potential. At the North America conference last year in Nashville, Tyler unveiled the brand promise of, "We power potential," and you will hear more from Tyler and Jina about that in a few moments. I've seen firsthand how this brand promise has been fulfilled in the lives of people associated with the ASEA and therein lies my optimism.

Yes, last year was a record setting year and we've achieved some remarkable things over the past 11 years, but we have so much more to accomplish and achieve and fulfill our collective potentials together. One of the truly wonderful things about ASEA that I have witnessed firsthand, is that we don't have to be the victims of our environment, but we can become the architects of our environment. Long before ASEA was a company or a product, I had the life-changing privilege of meeting two extraordinary individuals, Tyler and Verdis Norton. I was an outside observer to the creation of our flagship product, ASEA Redox Supplement and to ASEA as a company, but something happened in September of 2011 that forever changed the trajectory of my life.

They simply invited me to a convention. I remember it vividly. It was at the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas, and while the company looks much different today, it was there at that convention that I caught the vision of what ASEA was all about and the unrivaled potential it represented. I invite you all to come to Las Vegas in April to experience this for yourself. For some of you, it may be your first time, but for many of you, it will be a reminder of how we have powered each other's potential over the years. Either way, you don't want to miss it.

And now, to learn more about our brand promise, I would like to introduce you to our Chief Marketing Officer, Jina Anson and our Founder, Tyler Norton. - Thank you, Chuck. I'm really excited to be here today with Tyler. And for those who don't know me, my name is Jina Anson, and I feel very privileged to lead the marketing team here at ASEA. It might be helpful to share that I have more than 20 years of experience in this industry, and most companies and organizations really just declare a brand promise, but they can't back it up.

That's what really attracted me to ASEA and that's why I love this company, because we've always known who we are, we just needed a little help expressing it. I'm so excited to share with you after months and months of preparation, hard work, and consulting with the best experts in the business, that we've updated our brand to reflect who we are becoming as a company. In our world's ever changing landscape, there's never been a better time or opportunity to show people who we are and why our ethos really sets apart. - Jina, I couldn't agree more with what you just said. And before I share my comments, I wanna say how thankful I am and we are to have Jina on the team.

She has led this project and I'm really, really grateful to have your expertise. Maybe a little context would be helpful for all of you as you think about what is really foundational branding. For us, it started with some articulation of what we call branding pillars. Think of these as kind of the foundational underpinnings of the overarching brand, right? And you've noticed these, I think, in our communications and in our meetings as we've tried to really get more articulate, more declarative about what makes us different. First of all those pillars is the notion of we are redox. We continue to be the only organization in this space and in this even distribution model that's owning that space of redox, and so we wanted to be declarative about that as a major differentiator.

And that really goes back to how my dad started the company, the technology we found together, and why it's so central to our story moving forward. Next to redox was this idea of legacy. We've been saying we are legacy, and what do we really mean by that? What we're trying to say there is that we're committed to the long-term vision and committed to staying true to how this started. I've always said, I think it's important for you to know that we were not a company that said, "Let's create a network marketing company and then go out and find a product." We found a product that was a biotech product and said, "What's the best way to get this out to the world?" And we think that essence is legacy. It's my dad's vision and his goal to get this around the world to the people that needed it most.

So you've got redox, you have legacy, you have innovation, which Scott is gonna talk about here in just a minute, which we think is really important. We have been saying we are innovation. That points to our past.

It's definitely a statement of fact. When you consider where we've come from and the innovative nature of our core, redox signaling products, but it also kind of foreshadows the future and our commitment to where we're going, which is continuing to innovate. And again, Scott, will talk about that shortly in just a minute. Now, we also have been declaring as a brand pillar, remembering these stand and live underneath this overarching brand or foundation that we're setting up, is we are opportunity, and it makes sense, right? If we are redox and no one else is, if we're committed to legacy in the right reasons we're doing the business, and coupling that with innovation, I think it automatically portends opportunity. It says we are truly a unique opportunity in this marketplace, and so that brand pillar you'll continue to hear from us, and you have been hearing it, in social media posts, you've been seeing it in our meetings and other settings.

And then lastly, is this real deep commitment to having a corporate soul, to saying we are ethos, that we have a spirit, and that we're serious about living true to the principles of how we see and treat ourselves, how we see and treat others, and then how we see and treat this opportunity. Now, those five things, redox, right? Coupled with innovation, with legacy, opportunity, and with ethos, are these brand pillars, and you'll continue to see and hear those. So I had the privilege, thank you, Jina, for inviting me to be part of this awesome exercise where we said, "Who are we?" It was like, we repealing back the history and the identity of our company with an aim of landing on a simple brand promise. And that brand promise, I like to think of as the emotional aftertaste. When someone experiences ASEA, what should that aftertaste be? What should they come away saying, "I really feel this way." And it was so powerful, I think you remember when we landed on this, you were in the room, I remember you saying it, we landed on these three words that we power potential, and it felt so right.

It was this moment of utter clarity and confidence, when you thought about redox, when you thought about legacy, and innovation, and opportunity, and this beautiful ethos, we said, "You know what, that's what we're doing." And this third party organization that we were working with came back and said, "It's a beautiful message, it is unique, and it allows you to stand alone in the industry." So we really believe this. We believe we can power your potential. We deeply believe it. We know that within each of us, there's something more.

We can live a more abundant life, we can truly be our best, and one of the things that enables it, is this community that we have. A group of people that you belong to, that helped to empower you both with resources and that opportunity that I think enables your personal vision of success and ours. - So if you stop to think about it, not just from a community level, which is amazing, but also at a product level, we're committed in supporting you to activate your potential of yourselves, your body, and your life. And just a reminder, science tells us that redox is the energy that powers all life. Our redox products really tap into the world reserves a potential that already exists within you at the cellular level, and we've been fostering wellness and vitality here at ASEA for years. - You know, when you think about what she just said about the product at a cellular level, and you couple that with what I was saying a moment ago about this believe, belong, become, commitment we've had at our ethos and the community that surrounds it, we think it puts us in a unique position to actually say and mean it and be able to back it up that we do in fact, power potential.

We're powering at a cellular level and we're powering at a person or human level, and we're committed to the idea that we are a source of shareable energy that all people deserve to experience, again, through our products and through our culture. We spend a lot of time talking through like, so who are we really aiming at? Who are the people we're trying to get to? And we said, "It's the people who really deeply believe and want to do and become more." And for that group of people, if that's you, if that's the people around you, we represent a unique place to come and power your potential.

(upbeat music) - So, as we talked about this new clarity and powerful messaging, not only do we share it through our message, but also through our visual aspect of it. So you saw that short video, our short brand video, and our new visual experience. It's really bold. It's really simple, but we find it very sophisticated. Our visual system is very welcoming, but also entrepreneurial.

It's aiming to represent our life-changing products and our principal-led organization. So from a tactical standpoint, I know a lot of you are asking, "When will this be coming?" We will be updating all of our communications, resources, product packaging over the next 18 to 24 months. We'll have straight forward, easy to use templates that you can download in your virtual office. It'll include presentations, business cards, social media graphics, really to showcase our new brand, and you can share those through your channels. - So Jina, again, I want to thank you for leading this project. It's been a long standing project, and I just want to wrap it up by saying to you that we aim to power your potential, but we want to invite and challenge you to power the potential of others around you, on your teams, and taking full advantage of this new positioning.

If you pause for a minute and consider what this can mean for you, we will reflect this in entirely new websites around the world, new replicated sites that will reflect this new brand and promise, as well as different shopping cart experiences, the enrollment flows for associates. Again, you'll find this expressing itself, as you just mentioned, in social media, and when I stop and consider that allows people to start interfacing with our brand and who we are as a company and quickly assimilate, "Okay, I'm starting to sense it. They're committed to me and they're committed to my potential and our potential." There is a temptation to think of these things as really simple and maybe try it or not terribly important, and there is an old saying that simplicity lives on the far side of complexity and I can tell you from experience having been in several meetings, I think there were over 50 meetings total- - Over 50. - Where we really spent time saying, "Let's go through the complexity of all these different dimensions of who we've been, and let's get to this really simple essence."

And it was an act of reducing down that essence to those three words. So I say to you again, and Jina, thank you for this, we power potential. - ASEA is rooted in innovation, and this company was founded on a unique technology of innovation, and this has been part of our DNA since inception. As part of our DNA, we continue to innovate which takes time, and there are always many trials and errors.

We call this method a design of experiments, and each result is important as we learn more and more about our products and our amazing technology. Over the years, we have made significant upgrades to our redox center and our testing lab. New and more advanced testing equipment have helped us gain a more in-depth knowledge and our highly qualified science department leads the way to exciting discoveries. Research and development, science and engineering, are all now united for maximum efficiency and the optimization of new product development and scientific discovery. The new team is now fully integrated and aligned to bring to you the best products with strong credibility to all of our global customers.

As Tyler talked about our brand promise of, "We power potential," let me tell you how truly passionate I am about this message and platform. Our proprietary redox technology powers potential. In fact, we measure the power of potential in every batch of product that is produced at the redox center. We power potential in all our employees through education and training. We power potential of all of our customers with groundbreaking products and opportunity, but there's more than just messaging.

In Nashville, we announced the development of new products. This includes cell performance products. Redox Mind, Redox Mood, and Redox Energy. We are so excited to introduce these products to you at our Las Vegas convention, easy to use and proven redox ingredients to support your cellular health in a healthy sustained manner. These products will be available in the U.S.,

at convention, and rollout globally in the near future. We've upgraded the Renu Advanced line to fully compliment our amazing and Renu 28 gel. These new products have strong science, visible results, and new packaging that provides a new modern look and feel. We are realizing the full potential of Renu 28 with these formulation upgrades. We can't wait to see you at our upcoming convention. - Hello, ASEA associates and leaders.

Are you excited about this year's convention in Las Vegas, Nevada from 21st to 23rd of April? Our global convention has been the largest gathering of ASEA associates worldwide for the past decade. It's an incredible event that has gotten better each year. The event includes a lineup of captivating speakers, a wealth of in-depth product-related content, and professional and business development opportunities. Convention is also a great opportunity to build your network. You belong to a welcoming community and will continue to build your connections through attendance at convention. Fostering relationships and making friends with people who are in the same journey as you is something you can do in any other environment.

Events are a way to keep that energy going day to day so you don't want to miss. Please see us in Las Vegas. - We are always focused on innovation and we can't wait to show off our innovation at the Vegas event. You don't want to miss getting your team to this exclusive global event to see what innovative products and tools are launching. You'll also learn from inspiring ASEA leaders, strengthen your network, and have the time of your life. Get ready to reenergize your business with next level connections to help you connect to a growing and thriving business.

Tickets are limited so don't wait. And for a little taste of what to expect, here's a short video to get you excited about what's to come. (upbeat rousing music) - [Tyler Norton] At ASEA, we're operating at a whole different level. The world is just now waking up to the power of what we've had for over 10 years. Cell signaling, cellular health, genetic pathways, these things will only continue to gain attention and acceptance as we move forward, and we were the innovators of this space.

Is there any aspect of your life, personal, physical, professional, emotional, social, relational, or otherwise that you would like to change? - [Woman] You know, statistics say I shouldn't be here. I grew up in a very small town and started my business in a different small town, and maybe there are reasons you think that you shouldn't be here either, but here we are. - [Tyler Norton] It's a 100% fact, events are critical. People learn at events, people gain vision at events, people make decisions at events. - [Man] You are not gonna want to miss getting you and your teams there to see this and experience this vision for redox that we are going to be launching at the global convention in April. Now, this is just the beginning of what we can do with cell performance, cell nutrition, and cell signaling.

- [Joerg Hoeche] You will leave here without a doubt that we do things differently here at ASEA. - We are innovation, with a technology that was well before its time, and with that 10-year lead, we will continue to innovate and expand the frontiers of what's possible in wellness as we move into our next 10 years. - Hello, ASEA. I'm Shelley Shivers, Senior Brand Manager, and I hope you're as excited about convention as I am after watching that video.

A big part of convention experience is the ASEA Store, which this year is getting an early start. Starting today, is open. Here's what you need to know.

Anyone around the globe can order from If you're attending convention, you'll be able to pick up your gear in Las Vegas in April. For those who cannot attend convention, we'll ship your order to you in late April. You'll notice I'm wearing some of the exclusive merch that will be available now through February 12th. You can shop the store right after this call. Remember,

Not all items featured on the online store will be available in Las Vegas so you want to buy now, or you might miss your chance to show off your pride as part of the ASEA community. - Social media is a critical tool for managing your business in today's age. It opens limitless possibilities to connect with others and share your passion about how our redox products truly can help them feel their best. - We want to provide as many resources as possible to help you be successful and that includes giving you an easy way to connect with us on social media. We've updated our social channels to make it easier for you to find the right resources and to get answers to your questions.

And starting today, they're showing off our new updated look. - One of the new resources we're launching is a new ASEA Associates Facebook group. This group will give you a one-stop shop for all things you need to know from our corporate team to manage your business. Follow our new group to connect with other associates and for the latest updates on convention, recognition, business announcements, promotions, and more. - And if you're not already, be sure to follow our ASEA Global Facebook and Instagram pages for product educational tips, giveaways, and testimonials.

This is a great place to send your customers to stay connected with ASEA. - And lastly, be sure to subscribe to this YouTube channel to get the latest videos that you can share with your team members and customers. Improving our social media is just one way we aim to improve the associate experience. - We know how important the first few days are after an associate signs up which is why we have been working hard over the last several months to create a new associate onboarding system. Beginning later this month, you'll find new videos to walk your new team members through the first things they need to learn to get started.

Using the power of technology, we will be utilizing the ASEA Connect app to deliver what can only be described as an awesome onboarding experience. From the introduction to the ASEA build method, to understanding our resources and how to use those resources to build your ASEA business, new associates will feel a part of ASEA. At the same time, sponsors will be confident. Their new team members have the ability to launch their potential effectively. This is just the first phase of many onboarding updates to supplement the resources you are providing to your new team members. This is rolling out in the U.S. in English this month,

and will be expanding to other markets and languages over the next few months. So if you haven't downloaded ASEA Connect, I would invite you to do so. It's also just one of the updates you'll be seeing in the app to make it easier to manage your ASEA business.

- Hi, this is Derek, Marketing Technology Manager here at ASEA. Technology is one of the ways we're delivering on our next level strategy. I'm gonna share a few of the updates that will make it easier for you to manage your business.

We are expanding the use of push notifications in our ASEA Connect app beginning of this month. Now, when you have a team member who has enrolled a new associate or rank advanced, or who has a birthday or anniversary, you'll get an alert right from the app so you can reach out to congratulate them. We also continue to make progress on our new enrollment flow.

We know how important it is to improve your new team members' experience and the new flow will be streamlined, modern, and mobile friendly. We've simplified the process to make enrollments faster saving you and your team time. We will be starting beta testing with a small group of leaders this month. This will allow us to test actual enrollments on the new system in preparation for launch to our global field during convention.

Another new technology that will be unveiled at convention is our new website and replicated sites which will feature the new branding that was rolled out today. We are also simplifying our online presence by combining the multiple websites under the global corporate website to make it easier to find information. Your replicated sites will also mirror your new global website to better represent the company, brand, and culture. We will be adding product ratings to our product pages to give your new customers confidence in our redox products. We're excited to continue to provide you with resources so you can continue to do what you do best. Share your passion about the positive impact ASEA can have with others.

- To keep the momentum going between now and convention, we're excited to announce that we are coming to a city near you. You'll get a chance to meet with our ASEA corporate executive team for exclusive training and updates through our ASEA On Tour events. From mid February through March, we'll be coming to each event listed on screen.

We're excited to connect with our associates in each of our regions. You will want to be there firsthand to get trainings and the sneak peek of our newest initiatives and resources that will also be something special exclusively for attendees. Want to join an event? Look up the closest one near you in the VO calendar. - ACEA friends, it's my opportunity just to wrap this video and share a few thoughts of my own. I hope this has been helpful for you just to connect as we kick off 2022 with so many of the things that are happening and have been happening for a long time, and especially the things that are coming that you've just heard that have been announced.

I want to echo what Chuck said. 2021 was a difficult year, but finished with incredible momentum. Thanks to you. Amazing things were accomplished as he signaled to you, our highest weekend production ever happened, and we've had lots of feedback coming back from you in the field that there is momentum. People are rank advancing, people are reaching their potential. So I'm excited that that's happening and we really felt strongly about sharing some of these messages with you so you could take full advantage of the resources and what's coming as we prepare for Las Vegas.

I love the fact that Jina and I had a chance to share our brand repositioning and our foundational work. Think about the 10-year history of our company plus now, 11 plus years. Think about that history of where we've come from, and now who we are today. I love knowing that we've taken the time to settle in on this brand promise, this experience we aim to give to any person that intersects with ASEA, that we will power your potential. I love that it says, "We power potential."

That points to your responsibility to own it along with me. I hope you can sense as the new website comes out, as the replicated site starts to roll out, as the other tools start to find expression, even things as simple as social media posts, you'll begin to sense and see that foundational work, finding its true expression in every tool that we put into the field. Now, all that's left is for you to own it and carry the ball that distance of really affirming and punctuating to people you meet that we're serious about powering their potential. I loved Scott's message and hope you take a minute, maybe even go back and listen to it again. There are some real secrets in there about where we're headed as a company, not just on the new products that are forthcoming in Las Vegas that you do not want to miss, but also the optimization that we're spending and putting time into, the resources we're putting into, and the focus we're putting into, aligning science, aligning research and development and product development under Scott's very capable leadership.

You'll sense that our commitment to that brand pillar, that pillar of innovation that is central to our identity and that supports our ability to power potential is really gonna find expression this year and into the future. Super thankful for Scott's message. Of course, Joerg and Kim did a great job introducing you and reminding you of the importance of convention. I've always said you can't leave a room you were never in, and the way you get into the room of ASEA is you come to convention. So join us there, make sure you and others that you're working with take advantage of the opportunity to gather. We need to get together.

It's been way too long being without one another and this is a great opportunity for us to come together. So don't miss that. Not only did Joerg and Kim share with you what's gonna happen at convention, but I loved Shelley's message about what's happening with the ASEA Store. I love that it's available now, right today, coming off of this video, but also that it's going to be an immersive experience, a total brand experience at convention. Another good reason to join us in Las Vegas here in just a few months so you can get a sense of how the store reflects our aim to power potential, how you can brand yourself with the various items there and signal that out to your communities that you want to help power their potential through our brand.

You heard from Tammy, you heard from Amber, helping us see where social fits and how our new brand is finding expression even in something as simple as a single post on our social platforms. Join those new Facebook pages, join that community so you're staying in contact and can understand where we're headed and take full advantage of that. I appreciated Derek sharing with you what's going on on the technology front. We're investing time and resource there.

That's another key on your piano that you can play to help grow your business. Take full advantage of that as well. And Seth has been working furiously to create stronger tools to help onboard people.

This is interesting because if you think about it, how can we power potential without signaling to them in the very early days of someone joining us how to grow their business and how to take full advantage of all the resources we have. You know, my dad used to tell me when he was running strategy for Kraft Foods, the $36 billion company at the time, he said, "Tyler, the best strategist know their resources and they take full advantage of them." And this kickoff is an aim to help you see what these resources are so you can become more strategic in growing your business. So take advantage of what Derek, what Seth, and Tammy and Amber are sharing with you. Now, this has culminated with what you just heard from Joerg, that we're going to hit the streets. We're going to go out to you.

I believe it's somewhere upwards of 12 meetings in 11 different locations from really mid February right up to the end of March. That's pointing at wanting to gather with you, but it really plays off of Chuck's early comments which point to momentum. We felt strong momentum coming through 2021.

Difficult as it was, we still found a great finish to the year. A record finished to last year. Let's use this ASEA tour and all of these unique events that are being staged in the field so you can bring more people, that very momentum from the fourth quarter can now sense and feel how we can power their potential in these settings.

If they can come regionally and just taste and feel that sincerity of how we can power their potential, I'm confident that we'll launch them to a commitment to come to Las Vegas. Come to Las Vegas and bring as many with you as you can so they can sense and feel how serious we are about this promise to power potential. These are not trite words to me. They really are an emblem of something I felt from the beginning of this company. Our products power potential, our business opportunity is a unique chance to power your own potential. I've often said that the greatest underutilized resource in the world is the human resource.

It's not just you, but it's the people around you. People have a desire to reach for more, to become more, to reach that full potential they have. I love to think that we are the dark rich soil where they can come and plant themselves and let that potential grow.

This is a safe place for people to come and do their best. They can even fail here for a season of time and learn from those mistakes, but when they take our products, innovative, as Scott clearly mentioned today, coupled with this brand promise of powering potential, this unique business opportunity in this incredible marketplace that is so in need of what we have, I think you'll sense that we are really sincere when we say we can and we will power your potential. So let's grab hands, let's join hands.

Let's gather together on the ASEA tour, and let's prove that we're serious about powering not only your potential, but the people you've shared ASEA with in the recent months and the momentum that underscores for your business. We love you, we miss you, we're so excited to gather with you. Go back and revisit the messages on this video.

There are secrets in there, and there are levers in there for you to pull to grow your business. Join us on this tour. Make sure you get a chance to step into that unique experience that is our brand promise to power potential, and join us in Las Vegas. And remember, together, we power potential. (bright music)

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