ASEA Business Preview in Chinese for ASEA Malaysia

ASEA Business Preview in Chinese for ASEA Malaysia

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on an afternoon in November. 2007, a corporate jet waited in a hanger at Salt Lake International Airport It's four passengers, scientists, and executives from a global pharmaceutical company. We're locked in negotiations with three men in a nearby building. They started getting on the phone about noon back east and they kept doing that in about 2 o'clock. They walked in the

room and said, okay, we're convinced you've got something here and it's significant enough that we will write you a check big enough that you won't want to talk to anybody else. how these men came together and the decision they made that day is the story of Asia's Genesis A lot of people have fathers that teach them sports. My father happened to be a great strategist and from a very very young age, I recall having discussions with him about what he was doing at the time. he was running fairly large companies and uh I can remember driving in the car with him and him talking to me about strategy about what is strategy and how to think differently about a company Verdes. Norton

was well qualified to teach his son at the time, he was sales planning manager of the Billion-dollar beverage Division of General Foods Corporation in New York with responsibility for iconic products like Kool-aid Country Time, and others. in 1985. He was recruited by Dart and Craft and eventually became the head of Hobart Corporation. Us near Cincinnati, Ohio five later, he rejoined Craft General Foods in Chicago as vice president of the channel group managing a 1 billion dollars business unit that led to the eventual integration of General Foods. Oscar Meyer, and Craft Foods based on his track record, Verdes was asked to help reengineer the company to increase efficiency in relation to an industry wide initiative called efficient consumer response. in the subsequent 3 years, crafts ECR or efficiency rating moved from ten to first place. I've known for over 25

years and was apparent to me immediately that he was a very special man, A man that had wonderful ethics, great business strategies, enthusiasm. There was no question that this man was going to be a huge success and he is a success Burtis retired from Kraft at age Fifty-seven and moved to Park City, Utah. We thought he would take retirement seriously. He did

not. Shortly after doing some service for our church, he was asked to run a biotech company. He had a lab in Southern California. Five PHDs reporting to him a series of masters or graduate students as well. All doing work for him there and uh he ran that for 4 years and we thought he was done but Brutus was not done through his son, Tyler Verdes was introduced to another biotech company and invited to become a member of their board. I recall coming to the house one afternoon only to find books strewn about his desk, chemistry, and biology books and I said, now, what in the world are you doing now? And he proceeded to tell me that he had been invited to sit on the board of this company that had an incredible technology that and II do recall him saying but they don't know exactly what they have and that's uh that's an invitation to my dad. He's

going to figure it out. He's a buzzer. Uh I was intrigued until they told me it was made from saltwater and I told him this doesn't sound right and you're going to have to convince me it's real. They

said, well, we can do that and they said uh we have a lot of research and we'll give you some of the best research. You can look at it and after running a lab and having my association with these people for 4 years, I knew what to look for and I went through this and it was good defensible science. Then, they gave me a list of people to call and I was calling Harvard UCA University of Washington, University of Indiana. uh major labs across the United States and everyone I talked to raved about the product, the way the company was intending for it to be used and also they raved about the fact that you could drink this product and get a benefit from it at the time, the product could only be produced in limited quantities through small highly unstable.

It had to be used within minutes of production. but seeing the strength of the product verdes agreed to join the board of directors. Soon as I did that, they said, we're going to give you one of these devices to put in your house. We'd like you to become familiar with it. I started

drinking the product that was made in this device and I thinking cleared up. I had more energy. I felt better than I had for years and now, keep in mind, I was in my 60s at that time. I thought. Holy cow. What is this? So, I went to the first board meeting and found out that they were flat out of money. They were a 1 million

dollars in debt. We said, let's see if we can help them find money. We tried for about 90 days. Could not Eventually, the company folded and they actually merged it with another company and energy company and when that happened, that company started selling off assets and so we started down the road together and over the course of the year, we discovered what the product was and why it worked. We developed what's called the mechanism of action. We didn't know if it be done and we bought some equipment and kept making a product over and over and over again and we'd run it through the computer and finally, after months, he finally came in and said, I think I've got the product stabilized and we started testing and found out that he had in fact, stabilized the product after stabilization had been achieved, Verdes met with a group of university scientists. We had told him

that we hadn't stabilized this mix of molecules and they know it can be done and we said, no, we have They said no, it can't be done and they were so adamant that they were slapping the table and we said, well, wait a minute, we'll come back tomorrow and show you the product. So, we took the product back the next day said this is stabilized, redox signaling molecules both positive and negative molecules in in the same bottles stabilized and they said, how in the world did you do this? So, one of the big breakthroughs is the fact that we can stabilize molecules that are you're not supposed to be able to do that. The molecules C are supposed to be fleeting. They should all return to salt and water in just a matter of minutes. Meanwhile, Verdes,

son, Tyler had arrived at the pinnacle of his career in the financial services business. His father took occasion to explain to him the technology he had acquired. He said to me, this is the product he reminded me it was made from salt and water and I was very concerned at church the following Sunday, I was discussing some of the challenges of some of the members of our congregation and I had a neighbor friend that we discussed the majority of that meeting who despite seeing a number of professionals and trying to solve the challenge that he had a significant issue, they were just not able to really help and find a solution for him and it was then that this product popped into my mind. I wondered and

asked despite my doubts, could this help could this make a difference for him? I called dad And he said, of course, it will help. Now, I didn't have that conviction at the time he did and he was willing to get some of that product. We got that product to my neighbor. and from that point forward, I felt confident that I've done my part and given that I was still doubtful and even fearful Um I kind of washed my hands from it. I think it was 3 months later when I received a phone call from the leader of our church and he said, are you sitting down I said don't start a call like that. What's wrong?

And he said, this is good news. Are you sitting down? He preceded then to tell me that he had just received some very good news that my neighbor whom we had given this product to months earlier had received word that he was in fact improving and had improved a great deal. Of course, the question going through my mind was, did he drink this stuff and uh that was what my church leader told me. He says, that's what I'm calling. He drank all of it and he's confident that it's had a huge effect on on his situation I called my neighbor and I needed for him to tell me what he had experienced. and he was quiet for a minute. As I recall and

said, do you have any idea what I think this has done for me and for my family? He began to tell me things that I've now heard multiple times over from people across all of North America and how this product helped him. It made a difference for his family. Frankly, this was a problem for me. This became a problem problem for me. It was my first indication that this could be real. This could be meaningful and I started to question kind of what I was doing and feeling a need to get this product out to the world. watching the

impact it was having and I ultimately resigned in May of 2010 uh from a significant job, The job I'd spent the better part of 17 years getting to and uh it was born of the sense and feeling that this product needed to be given to the world I've known Tyler Norton for now over 20 years. He is a person who demonstrates integrity in all aspects of his business. He is able to motivate people to do the things that are even beyond what they think they can do. You know, this came full circle for me about a few months ago, I happened to be out walking and I looked ahead and saw a family coming towards me on the street and as they got closer, I realized it was my neighbor that had been benefited by see it and uh I happened to be on the phone and so we weren't able to talk. I kind of waved as he as we acknowledged each other and he reached in his back pocket and pulled out a sport pouch of **** and then kind of suddenly bumped his heart and we didn't say anything but I understood completely and brought home the whole purpose of what we're doing. Now that the product was stabilized, verdes began studying distribution models, retail direct sales, internet, and network marketing. So, we

decided to find forty people and create kind of a focus group and uh we started giving it to him. We did that for about 2 months and we said, let's go out and find out where we are with these forty people. So, when we went out and contacted them, we found out that the forty people had turned into 135 and the product have been shipped to twenty different countries. without

annoying it and we said, well, we've got the answer. We wanted that people will, I think buy this product when they determined that there is a perceived health benefit, they'll buy it. as a LLC opened its doors for business in July. 2009 with just a handful of independent associates today. There are tens of thousands and their are growing exponentially every month. in 2012. the

company announced its entry into Europe. The first of many international steps to come. One of my fondest memories is of a me to a meeting that was held in Lexington, Kentucky. Uh we had a huge group of people that came very impressive group and a lot of people coming up talking about what the had done for them personally. but at the

end of the meeting, they invited me to come up and gave me a small treasure chest wasn't very big but as you open up the treasure chest, it's filled with letters of gratitude. and thanks. It meant a great deal to me. So, we came back to Salt Lake City and I ask our people to go out and find the treasury chest which we have done and we have it in the office and we continue to have better understood I have the privilege of going around the country and talking to people about this product. It's not uncommon at the end of a meeting to have a group of people line up and want to tell me and really thank me but more thank my dad and as they tell their stories and I get a chance to look into their eyes and since their sincerity and the realness of what this has done for them uh more than once I've had to step out of the room and find a corner in a hotel somewhere where I could compose myself and uh get myself in order. after hearing how sincere and thankful they are for this product. You know, we're starting off looking at this as a business opportunity and as we progressed, it became more of a sense of purpose but it's much more than that. We're

creating a culture here. We're creating a family, I believe that the heart and soul of this company is represented in our associates. our associates, becoming is as important to us as them making an income. I don't believe you build checks. I believe you build people and uh perhaps one of the greatest blessings of my time here to see it is embodied in this marvelous enriching relationships with wonderful people. people that are

desirous to improve their lives, share something meaningful with others, make a difference in the world, and become become more That was that was uh that was uh uh Okay. That's you to support the you. see, how fun is that? you?

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