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And. We are live welcome, back to, crypto colonization guys we have a lot to cover so we, have what. We have right now is, a lot, of wealthy. People right of wealthy, people like likes. Of George Soros, which people. Who are actually compared, to people, like Warren, Buffett one of the richest man in the on the, earth are. Planning. To invest into cryptocurrencies, and that too of worth about 20, billion worth, of dollar, we. Also will talk about one of the newest exchange, which is launched, in India, it's like a by Nance of India movie it's a crypto to crypto a shield which will be launched in India and it's, been published on news, dot Bitcoin calm apart, from that we also have, companies like Rockefeller. Which. Are which are like VC, firms are investing, into cryptocurrency so you had. You. Had Goldman, Sachs buying onto Polonia X now you have. George. Soros, investing, about 20 billions, of money into cryptocurrencies and then, you have Rockefeller, investments, coming in to cryptocurrencies so as, you can see most, of these wealthy, people are, now attracted. Towards cryptocurrencies, investment. Which. Is quite fascinating in a way and also. We will talk about one, of the newest from India, so this is the law firm from. India this is the law firm from India which actually, claims that the current opinion, the current ban. On cryptocurrencies by, the RBI, is. Basically. Something, which can be fight against, I mean as for, the current law that exists, of the. Bear. Their ban on banks. Is not, sustainable, so, I'm gonna talk all about that, let's, first see in the chat who all are there and, then. We go, on to. The. News okay, let's, open it up. Let's. Take a break first. Crypto. Venson network review blow seal Network nabina what's up Siam D hi Robert. Amar, Padma. Bulger you law, maker are, you a lawmaker Farrar me I know I'm not a lawmaker. Padma, but, this is coming out from one of the law firm in India right. And this is the name of the law firm in India and they are called as so. This. Is called Mohammed, Daanish, he's a lawyer practicing, at the. Delhi code in India argues. That the Indian central bank's recent, directive, to a bar banking services typically exchanges, it's, not sustainable by, law what does that mean, it. Means that, the log the order. That they have given to the bags not, to support can. Be taken off a spurious lawyer and if you want to reach out to them we can reach out to them on get to carloon at the rate, that's. A pretty fascinating name once again. Yeah. So, hey. Minashi. Sorrows. News was surprisingly, shocking, yes it was so made -. Good evening clink, oh hello bro please, give some updates about RBI, there. Is no such updates Cassio, hungry he/she not. Network. Marketing, May Ponzi scheme here cryptocurrency plan, what's, that. Network. Marketing may ponzi scheme a cryptocurrency what, does that mean Patna I don't understand that coupon. Doing a coin burn for all quarter, and they did the first coin burn today. I hope, the kcs, price, will go up very high soon hope, so he got on a sub grows up how is your something going I hope. Everybody's, doing good, and pom hi hello, what's up all, right so a couple of things guys I will cover today so first is let's, start with, the twenty billion dollar, of announcement, or. So there's this forum called George, Soros now I was, actually comparing, his wealth. With, Warren, Buffet so this was the news basically, so billionaire George Soros is investing, twenty six twenty six billion fund, to trade so, he's going to into, cryptocurrency and the amount is going to be about 26, billion now, imagine this is a seeing die which is about six months said the cryptocurrencies are the bubble and he would not be interested now, he has changed, his opinion completely, like, most people in the space have so.

Now His plans to invest, about he, plans about trade, about 26, billion of dollar, into, cryptocurrencies and. What. I did is I was, I wanted to compare, his wealth because I'm honestly. I never heard much about George, Soros okay I'll be honest with you I never heard of course, I heard about Warren. Buffet I heard, about other witches but not. About Joss Soros so what I did is I wanted to compare his net worth with. Warren. Buffet and what I found out is that. His. Net, worth is about 800, crores. USD. Right. And the. Warren Buffet's. Net. Worth is about. 8410. Crowe USD, so. As you can see not. Very close but one of those the richest guy and no. Doubt why this, guy is planning to trade worth, 20, billion but I wonder, what. Made, him change his decision from. Calling, it a bubble to. Investing. And trading, twenty, six billion dollar and as, you, can see these all all these are really big people these are big investors, which is guys on the earth, including. Tim Draper and all they have started, investing. Into cryptocurrencies I'm, sure they must have seen some futures out here also, to give. You the recent examples, which was from the rockefeller. Rockefeller, venture capital reform has. Also started, investing. Into cryptocurrencies so Rockefeller capital, firm has an impressive amount of money available ready. To invest into cryptocurrencies. Last. To Louise Harmon I'm, late to show no Jimmy just started last 30. Watching only five likes guys give ya. Guys give give, this video a thumbs up I've seen in somewhere that circulation, of INR is near about 14, lakh Road and current. In PNE and about lakh. Road what will be this six lakh crore, that's. Interesting question I mean. Happy. To hear the news from lawyer, exactly. Yeah so this not loyal is actually challenging, the, current, position, of RBI, on. On. On, on on banks so let's see how does that go I have been in some ways in regulation of exactly. Yeah so covering the news so, what I have noticed, right, these days that even.

Though The India is very uncertain as to what's gonna happen, into cryptocurrency space, but what I do see, is that, lot of venture capital, like when. Rock now just to give an example of what is Wenlock so Rockefeller. I mean you should definitely Google Rockefeller, okay Rockefeller. Is was. One of the famous industries, in. 1937. Nine, 1839. So you are talking about the base of Andrew, Carnegie I'm, not sure how many of you people would. Know about the Think and Grow Rich book, right, the story of Napoleon, Hill Andrew Carnegie and John. Locative, fill out so. He is, so. He's the. Genre, locative, filler is this is probably, a couple, of times more powerful than what Ambani's and these are these. Family, has been richest, for mood and a century, now right, so. Now, these guys have a venture capital firm and they, have started in to get together see this as well so that's, awesome. News so. It's it's great to see these these big, guys coming in to cryptocurrencies and. Seeing. It as a future, so what are they trying to do so, they have invested, in or now Rock of n Rock the name, of the company is called when Rock they, have also invested, in Intel, and apple, imagine. How big these companies are Intel. Computers, and Apple before they were companies. And even now are now so, they are now getting into venture capital forum has. Partnered, with quite, fund, right another forum and now. They're going to help, all these, business. Project, all these. Businesses. In. In. In the space which, are coming up they're going to fund these projects, something, like what coinbase a hydrostatic, wine, based venture something like digital Calexico you. See a lot of venture capital firms are now ready to find company, in two blocks in space so. Which is fascinating for sure, let's. See some of the comments. Here enough. Of waiting, for bull run I think the bull run is definitely coming Whoopie. Like, I said it does not even matter to the cuticle see space what's happening in India I think, Bull Run is definitely, coming especially, when you have people like George. Soros when you have people like Warren. Buffet, now. Invest, not Warren Buffet sorry George, Soros and, Rockefeller. Companies, I think next Bull Run is definitely, coming up. As you can see here it says Rockefeller, inclusion, into. The cryptocurrency space, has generated excitement, in the cryptocurrency community, for, good or for bad important. Players are entering, the virtual, currency market, and that's, something that could allow the environment. To get more, mature oh. Yeah. This is another news which is which we have already discussed which is coinbase is, creating. A venture capital, fund. For. Promising, cryptocurrencies so, that's fascinating, as hell. Happy. To hear the news from lawyer yes this is the lawyer I'm what I'm gonna do is I'm just gonna copy, and paste it, in the.

In. The, chat, box right. See. If he can meet that so. This is the lawyer from Delhi, and he, actually challenging, our BS decision, on facts, he's, saying as to some section. Or whatever it is, article, 19 article, 12 of course these are all lawyers and. But. Let's see what happens. Yeah. This is another interesting one which says so why did Goldman Sachs bat circle. Really, buy polo necks now, that's a very interesting question why, would old, man sack by ordinary. Crypto, currency exchange of course, they, must have seen what's. Coming, next guys. Blockchain. Is internet, 2.0. You know and it has given an opportunities, for many people to be a part of this economy. And that's, what is happening right now, so. You have, you. Have George. Soros investing, you, have. You. Have rockefeller, company investing, then. You have Goldman, Sachs investing, the. Next bull run is coming it seems by. The way the price of a Bitcoin is pretty good on the global market and if, you compare that on the Indian market in this market is not bad remember. The first day the Bitcoin price was almost about 3 lakh 50 thousand today it's about 4 lakh. 30,000. You see so. The I think people, are not selling, cryptocurrencies. Nowadays. Now. I don't want to cover a news here so that's so. This is something new so. It scaled coin. Dcx. Launches, Indian, crypto, to crypto exchange, amid regulations, so this is a new exchange. Launched. In India, and what, is so special about, this exchange is that this is only kept to the crypto so, this does not deal, with the fiat money and. Now. What's what's interesting, is, that this, is being launched, during the phase when. The, there, is so much of uncertainty. Right so. It says launching, an Indian crypto currency exchange during regulatory. Also percent, uncertainty. This. Is very basically was an interview with, the founder of. Founder. Of the, coin, DCX, this, is how the coin Decius looks like by the way so I was I, actually. Tried. To create an account here and works. Pretty fast I did. Not make any trade but, what I found interesting is, that they, have prices, mentioned, in rupees. So, it's called coin DCX no, Fiat only. Crypto now what's interesting to see are they, do. They still need qiz but they because, they did ask for the KYC so I'm not sure if it, is scripted to give to then still if a, kyc is required, so, they're trading about more than 30 crypto currencies so far 30. Digital, assets pairs legally, in BDC, and ETH of course legally because there. Is no such law in India that has bad capable, and seizes yet so. Yes. But this was the interview with with the founder. He. Sees that you don't have to, get rid of your investment, while the market is down and this is what happened this is what I noticed that a lot. Of people are actually trying, to sell off their key differences, because of the fear or whatever. Again. None of this is a financial or investment advice but, I think, it's all about holding, into crypto.

So. He said that don't. Sell a simply move your crypto to coin CDX, or any other exchange, probably, and you'll, be able to enjoy a faster, but, the, question, still remains the same that how do you buy crypto, because. In, order to trade, on any crypto currency exchange you have to buy crypto currency keep, the currency and how do you buy that from you, have to buy that form with the fiat money right, so if the RBI if the backs decide, not to support, the crypto currency transaction, then, it's quite simple that there'll be no one. Who would be able to convert the fiat money that is inr money into, cryptocurrency so. That still remains the question mark as to how will that happen and how, will someone cash out because most, of these exchanges are people. Who exist, there are trader, they have a trader. Perspective. Right so when you have a Taylor perspective, you, definitely. Want to cash out, it's. Only the holder who will like know, from buy it and hold it like they'll, be many holiday, ceccolini will, buy at this price now because since the market is pretty down down in India and they will buy and hold it but, the traders will not do that traders want, to. Cash in cash out so. This is where the fiat money and, the denomination just comes out this was basically a. Bitter, loss they had some offer. By, the way so, whoever is registering, account, with them we. Get about 6,200, bitcoins, to trade wait. But. I think it's over now this was in the month of March but. Interesting. So. I'll, put the link in the description, in case you want to go ahead and find out. Happy. To hear the news from the lawyer I have, seen some. Go. Bitches they enough of fun waiting for the bull run, what. Are they I can't stop banks really exactly. That's that's what is as, per this lawyer Seema, that. Means RBI q. Similar. To that I mean, will ripple increase, value in future I have no clue bottom it I don't, like ripple anyway, ripple. Is meant for the banks do you want to support the banks. That's. Good getting, a live stream is wha I just. Came we just started love. You. Mr. hua. English. Monkey. Kid. In Georgia started love, English. Monkey, I'll, be I don't see nation, digital, future they only play politics, and focus on the centralized, digital. Coin I spoke, in the morning the, importance, of a DS of a centralized cryptocurrencies if you remember in, the video that these these. Are. Centralized. Cryptocurrency, the national cryptocurrency is a grammatical, error to actually call them a cryptocurrency first, of all because. They are really not a cryptocurrency the cryptocurrency has, to be a decentralized. It. It, has to have the public ledger if it it has a one central laser then. It's not a cryptic enunciates of it's a digital form of the fiat money. Early. I don't see the nation digital and only pay politics in me I think it's just a quite conspiracy, by gamma and maybe they've exactly. This could also be the reason Sima you're right, in, fact this is something I taught a couple, of days back when they announced that this could also be very well a plan for.

Some People to buy into Bitcoin, and cryptocurrency because. Honestly. If they wanted to do they. Want to shut down the exchanges, and they don't didn't want any, transactions. To go through they should have done it immediately, why, they didn't do it immediately they took they give about three months so, that there is a flood created, in the market people, start selling, their cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin to the lowest price and, in the meantime some, big people get an opportunity to, buy into bar, imagine. And remember. Always remember. That bitcoin as of, today is a. Digital, world, digital. Asset and everybody. Is trying to get a hands, on it and why. Not big people will try to get an enhance on it people, and power will not try to get enhance in it it's quite possible that they will also try to get their hands on it and that, is why this could also be a plan, very well to manipulate, the market and then, get, more of Bitcoin, for themselves that could also be one of the reason. I'll. Be I don't see nation digital did yeah, I think, this is just a conspiracy exactly, and. When. Price of Bitcoin and sad they will negate legal suburban, will get profit. English. Monkey hello, hi. Hindi, boldly, long and useful okay listen miss at the MV, there, are so many Hindi channels by boss are in the channels I get Indian warriors, you. Had comfort kobato the air if you're comfortable with Hindi you speak Hindi a comfortable English you'll. Speak English so I mean, and there's so many Hindi channels I I guess today that. You can definitely should watch. She's. No point to discuss on these please motivate, your viewers to support crypto in I support, crypto exactly, so, this is something that I've already done. I'm. Not trying to motivate anyone, by the way else you so please, don't say that okay none of this is a financial international, to device and there's it's not a motivational, talk here right. I'm, just say I think my, opinion, why. Would someone try to motivate anyone, get. In invoicing this is understandable, for vast range of people so English is better on public Channel I think. This is a learning, phase for people once people understand, yes god exactly. I think. There's so many Hindu channels that you can guys watch in, case you are interested in Hindi but. Yeah. But there are lot of people who actually wants, to one. Not very comfortable in Hindi you know so. This has been a lot, of requests on the channel are speaking Hindi speaking in the guys understand. This is this, channel is not just. Getting, to the Indian audience is also getting to the international, audience so. And also. The. Comfort level is more for me with with English so. I think you. Should only be speaking, what you're comfortable with right I think. This is the learning phase exactly, by ending a video vanity allow.

Those. Throw on with. ArchiCAD video while corot and support, ROC also, now is saying that on with, our case so this is a good hindi channel I think right so, I'm, sure it's a good beach answer while you, should always watch, these good, hindi channels like on with our key and a couple of more as well if, you want Hindi content they, are doing wonderful, by the way, by. Within three months and sugar you're coming from OD'ing someone else is here. But. That's okay guru I mean there is no issue at all we. Are all trying to help, each. Other we are just trying to hear. Spread. The war so. That's ok. There, are so, many decent nice occurrences, where ripple ripple is centralized, has no future well people understand, that's. Right Komodo is a pretty good, bro. Can you review Komodo I would definitely look into that. Not. About playing oh yeah what. About your indie, well, that got canceled aha that. Got cancelled, I support. Crypto exactly. We. Should try our best to support men and, India. Yo, but can flash dropping, my off, miss. Necklace, nothing Bitcoin, prices dropping my wife left me here female but still nobody. Great. All, right guys I see, if there is a lot of requests for Hindi guys just, one state me that I'm going to make a final whoever. Wants to listen. To me in Hindi, I'm really, sorry this is an English Channel okay and, I'm. Going to continue with the language that I am comfortable with right, and I'm, sure there's so many in the challenge today in India that you can go ahead and watch so. Please do not put, those kind of requests, because it's not gonna work right, I would request you guys to watch, those, Hindi, channels if you want that is what you want to watch I'm, sure you understand, a little bit and that is why you are here. So. Give, everyone space. Lands. You blockchain hackathon. They. Want to decentralized p2p, lending platform. Prove zero you're entering all, right guys so this is what I want to cover today I, want to keep this video is very shot thank you so much everyone, for joining, so. Couple of news the. One of the news is that venture, capitals, has started, investing. Into cryptocurrencies, which. Is a very big news right. So. That's that's one amazing news and. Of. Course you will already know about the Bitcoin future straining the traditional, investors. You. We spoke about the Bitcoin ETF, trading as well in the morning which is coming up on New York Stock Exchange in, a couple of months. From now so. As you can see the u.s. a is, very, proactively. Adopting, this crypto currency in blockchain technology, and. I. Don't see a reason why other countries should not especially. A countries like India, which has a great potential for crippling blockchain, why, they should not adopt right so, you saw the Bitcoin, futures trading you saw the ETFs. Now, you have George Soros investing. 20, billions, shilling. Worth 20 billions into cryptocurrencies of, course this, and. You have then you have Rockefeller. Putting. Up or Investment. Forum in cryptocurrencies so these are the kind of movement, I think which you will impact. The price positively. In my opinion, again right. And of, course you have goldman sachs buying. Buying. Palani eggs so. These. Are the couple of news that i want to share and also of course definitely. Read out this news if you are you, will if.

You Are concerned with the RBS so this is an opinion it, says india's, cryptocurrency crackdown, imprisoned. On fundamental. Law that, simply means that as per the current law they cannot stop the banks from. Helping. The kept organizations, now this is very funny and i don't understand why did they do this but this is quite funny is, this pakistan, central, bank banks. From cryptocurrency, i don't know why would they do that are. They blindly, following, india for any reason. Okay. I think that's it. How. Is Bitcoin which is related to Bitcoin prices I, just. Similar thing that happened mystic is now in the last time okay, so I'm not really sure and whether it is directly proportional to it but, I think it it, it, might be professional, I mean there is a lot of manipulation, also happens whenever the you have you're, talking about the traditional investors. Coming into Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies and, starting. With the Bitcoin futures trading or Bitcoin exchange, traded which is ETF, I, think. There is a lot of manipulation, also, happens but at the same time you have also seen that how the. Bitcoin price gets positive, impact we already have witness that once went. Went to 19,000, and those were the time when the Bitcoin futures were launched so, I'm just keeping that perspective, online and I'm, sharing my opinion on that well, of course it could be a different thing also. Guys. Thank you so much for watching everyone it's a Sunday, I hope, you during a Sunday I wanted. To keep it very short. Did. You see Definity, not at all. Good, Indian warriors. I think. Solution is you should make separate, video. Okay. That's a nice position oh ma I can, definitely think about it I wouldn't promise but it it takes a lot of effort, to make this video this is not simple. Okay so. I, can try something like that right. Anyway. Guys thank you so much for watching I will see you guys tomorrow take, clear, there, is a lot, of good news around the cryptocurrency space, it may not be from India but it is certainly, from rest of the world I will, see you guys tomorrow thank, you so much everyone for joining hit, that like if. You're watching it and. Take. Care.

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