Artist Trading Cards with In This World from Stampin' Up!

Artist Trading Cards with In This World from Stampin' Up!

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Hi crafters, its Hannah here welcome to my channel today today. I'm going to be showing you how to make a set of ATC's. Or artist, trading, cards, they're little mini, piece of artwork that you can make and then trade with other people, so, this set is made using, the in this world stamp, set which. Is retiring, so if you want to get it you need to get in quick so. I'll be showing you how I put these together and I'd love to know from. You guys if you have ever made a CCS, and I would love to see some of them as well you can share over on my facebook group, Hannah's. Crafty corner and that, will be linked in the description so. Let's, get started, okay so, any, ATC's, you start with and a, piece of cardstock. That, is two, and a half by three and a half inches, and you, generally are going to have them in sets of three, so that's what we're going to be doing today. So. I've got the in this world a stamp set and, I'm. Going to start by. Doing. A background on, all, three of them and then do, the individual. Stuff, for. Each one. Whoops. So. I'm starting with, this. One. Go. With Jamie. I'm. Just gonna do a background. A. Little. Bit straight. On. Each, one. And, I'm gonna go back. Over. Here. But. And. Maybe. Like. So, look. In a lighter image, now because, we've stamped. Off a few times. So. You can just, about see that. There is an image. So. I'm just stamping off, the rest of the ink. So. We've got a lid or something on. Each. Background. I'm. Still. Haven't. Reacted. I'm. Just stamping off. Yeah, I think that's all of the. Ink off. And. Then. Just. Then. We're, going to. Get. Your ink pad and just swipe. The. Edges. So. You'll get that, effect so. I'm. Sort of swiping. And. Going a little bit flat. One. To it. So. The more you, press it in the more of a swipe you're gonna get. So. On this one if I press it down quite a bit you'll. See a lot of think. So. That kind of just stresses, the edges. And. That's. Kind. Of a, distressed. Look. So. Done. That with the dapper denim. We're. Gonna do the same swipe. Again. And. Now I'm getting a little bit more. Of. That color like. So. So. Swiping. Like. So, bit. More there, I. Like. It. So. Swiper, Swiper swipe, oh. That. Was nice on. So. We've got our three. Backgrounds. Pretty. Much think I'm. Done. For the background. So. Now we'll do a little bit of something, on each, one, so. You. Can put those to the side for, the minute, and. Because. We're going to do some. Stamping one butterfly. And. I want the. Sentient, their sentiment. And. Just. Shake. Em, the door and the key. So. First, things first. Got. My scrap. Box here ah.

There. We go a few. Scraps. So. I'm gonna stamp, in, um. Chocolate. Chip and. Then, color it in. Oh. This. Is a good job this is retiring. Probably. Needs okay. Let's. Try that again. There. We go better. So. Then I'll call about you. I've. Got. Whereas. Wedges here somewhere. Yep. So. These are all the colors that are retiring. So. I'm trying to use them up so you can get lots. Of inspiration if. You've still got. Them and. To. Say that you know if you what if you like them you need to get them quick. Because, they're going to be gone soon. So. I'm just quickly going to. Color. In the butterfly, focus. That. Focus I can't tell ya. I think yes so. I'm gonna quickly color, in. The. Butterfly. So. This is the rose red. I'm. Gonna have. Rose. Were done that outer of. The butterfly. And. Then. Something. A bit lighter and in the middle of it I think. So. Just, very quickly. Coloring. Cute. And then. For the middle bit I'm gonna go, for. Pink. Pirouette I. Want. This to be quite light. Unless, Pitt. And. There and the very wrote that, the very very middle, I'm. Gonna use the. Dapper. Denim. Do. We think, so. To pretend, you. Know. Dog. Hmm. No, that's a bit too dark I think we'll. Go for. Marina. Mist. Don't. A really dark blue just, a. Little. Bit. Hmm. Then. I'm gonna use the blender, pen just to neaten up. Any. Bits that are. You. Know haven't, been color to quite properly. You. Can use the blender pen to move that. Ink around just a little bit. And. Meeting up any edges. Squid. With it off and, then. Around. Here. So. Any parts, that just need, neaten. It up a little bit. Here. You. Don't want to go over, too many times with the blender pen because it will start to make. Their the paper, like, peel, up your. Bitsy and fall. Apart so, I, think. That looks fine. I'm. Gonna take my big scissors. And. Cut. It out. Leaving. A little bit of a border. Around. Trying, to, cut it straight. Big. Scissors are helpful for this. And. Yeah. That. Looks pretty ok. So. Again I'm. Gonna. Distress. The edges a little bit. Um, just. With, I, think. The rose red. So. Just like I did on the. Other one. The. Background, piece. I'm. Just swiping. Oops. That was a bit much but that's. Alright so. Now we've got, our. Butterfly. Yeah. I need to go. You. Know. Yeah. That'll, do, so. I've. Got the butterfly, that will go on one, of these and. May. Do some more to it but, for now that's, that one then. I'm. Gonna stamp the door and the key. So. Again. I'm gonna stamp, in chocolate. Chip. Was. That big enough. Make, sure it's. Stamped. Properly. And. Again I'm gonna color it in. But. I think. I. Think. I'm. Going to go. For. Slightly. Different. Colors. Not. Too different or maybe a little, bit of tangerine. Tango. Might. Look. Nice. So. I. Think I will go. Outside. Panels. Of the. Jaw let's, do this so actually. We. Have tangerine. Tango. So. I'm just going all the way around the outside. And. Then. Actually. There. Is a handle, here so I'm going to try, and. Go around it. Because. He'll be able to see it. And. They're. Not. Too shabby. Where. Are we. There, and, then across this middle, one. There, I. Like. That color. And. Then I'm gonna do the rest of the panel's. In. The. Group each. So. These panels, here. And. Yeah. On. There. And. Then I think this is I actually. Think means our glass panels, each I never really thought of. Before. Until. Like right this second so. I'm. Going to. Go. Around. Them. Like so. Yeah. And, then, trying. To do these in. The. Tangerine. Tango. Or. Take. Away peach. Winking. At cha. Tangerine. Tango that's, mom dying in the background. Mummys, poorly. I'm hoping I don't catch it I. Shouldn't. Make enough really. Yeah, I think that looks okay. Let's. Go over. Won't. Make it massively. Darker, but it will make it a little bit darker. If. You go. Over it again. But. Just don't do it too many times because this isn't watercolor. Paper or anything so if you get it very. Saturated. It. Will kind of buckle and do. Weird things. Yeah. I'm. Just going to. Neaten. Up. Here. And. Down there. Oh that's. A nice-looking door. Will. Do the handle. I can't. Really see what it is therefore over. And. Then what's the light is blue. So. They see a soft sky, I. Can. Just go over these glass. Panels. Yeah. That's. A nice-looking door. So. Cut it out now and. Again, you, see yeah. I'm just gonna follow the, lines that, are in.

The, Image itself. And we have a little bit of a border. It's. Not straight. Ah. Cute. Cute, cute. So. Again I'm gonna do the swipey thing. In, the, Rose reg. So. That will go on another. One. Hmm. Oh and. The key whoops. For. The key I'm going to. I. Think I'm going to embossing actually, it must go and grab my embossing stuff. Okay. So Oh. Emboss. I've. Got, the copper, embossing powder. I'm. Just gonna do. One. Of those. They're. Nice. I love that key. So. I'm just gonna hate that now. Nice. And simple. And. Then we can cut, this out. So. Just. Leaving a bit of a border around. And. I'm. Just gonna go straight. Around. Here. And. There. And. That's. That. Yeah. Super, quick. That's. One little key. So. We can maybe put, this, on. That. One something, like that then. Butterfly. I may do something, for, that to sit on so. Then for the third one is. What I'm going to do the sentiment. Which. Is. Here. So. That I'm gonna stamp. And. Cut. Out. But. I'm gonna put the. Balloons. Separately. So. What I'm gonna do is stamp it. In. Chocolate, chip and. Then. Use. The, adhesive, sheet, on the back. So. Haven't got to oh that's, much. Weirdly. There's. Some on me stamp oh. What's. That. Glue. Splurge, on my stamp. Let's. Try that again. That's. Better. And. Then. No. Smudges. Cool. And. Then take the adhesive. Sheet. Out. So. You peel off. The. Back in. Like. Just on one side. And. Place. Your cardstock. Down. And. And. You just put out that bit. Where. The cardstock is, stuck. You. Can get rid of that now. No. Can cut this down and. Stick. It a lot easier. Because. The, back is already sticky, so you're not trying to get glue on the. Tiny little lines. All. You've got to do is peel the back you know. So. I'm just cutting it right down and. Then. I'm just gonna cut. Each. Line. There. And. The same for this bit. It, just makes it easier. It, might be small but at least the. Adhesives, already on there so. Did. You do you're the, kind of person. Who. Makes. Positive. A positive difference, in this world especially in my life so, that's gonna go on to. This. One. Especially. In. My life, well. That's. Nice. Okay. That's. That big so. That's finished, that's. Finished, I think on the next one it does need something, behind the butterfly. So. I've. Got half a doily, here, which. I could. Use. Oh that. Might be nice. Yeah. They'll do. Okay. Yeah. I think and. Start putting all these together. I've. Just put a strip, of tape, on. The. End. And. Stick the toilet, into that I, don't. Want all of that actually. About. Halfway. Across. Then. I can trim the rest off. Like. So, and, I, can pop our butterfly. Like. That's. One. This. One, I. Think. I'm gonna do it, squish. And. Then the key can go. Across. Like that. I'll. Just pop some tape on here. And. You're, gonna put him on a jaunty. Angle. There. And. Then the key ah. Some. Tombow. So, the key can go, there. Just. Push it down. So. That's that the, second one and. Then for this one all you've got to do is peel the backing. Off. So. Not. Too difficult. She. Says there, we go. I'm. Just peeling. The. Backings, oh. Okay. Speed this up. You. Yeah. So. That our, set, of. ATC's. Or artist trading, cards, so I hope that you have, enjoyed watching, this tutorial let, me know if you've made artists trading cards before or ATC's, I would. Love to hear from you and I. Will pop. Another, video over here for, you to watch so, thanks, for watching and I'll see you next time bye.

2018-05-13 15:03

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Very nice!

I love that stamp set, and what a great idea for OnStage swaps!! Thank you :o)

I’ve never heard of ATC, love the idea & the cards are beautiful!

Very enjoyable Hannah. TFS

Just ordered this set, can't believe I missed it! Love your ATC's, have just started doing them myself and entered a few challenges on other FB groups, I'll post my attempts to your group now I'm a member :)

It's on my to do list, honest! Up to my eyes in cards as I use up all my retiring DSP!! :)

Oh fantastic, cant wait to see them!!

thank you!

oh yeah, what a good idea, i never thought of that!

Nice to see ATC's being video'd - I love this set - we have just done an ATC swap in my Facebook Group - The Joy of Sets where we celebrate all things Stampin Up!

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