Artist Trading Cards - 5, 6, 7, & 8 #ATCAD2019

Artist Trading Cards - 5, 6, 7, & 8 #ATCAD2019

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You. Hello. Everyone its Chelsea from paper rock to your studio and today I'm sharing with you days 5 6 7 and 8 of the. Artist trading card a day, June. Monthly. Challenge, this, is making an NH C each day all through. The, month of June 2019. And. This. Is offered by the art. Community art, joy of sharing on, Facebook if you'd like to join in with this challenge or if you'd like to join the group the, link is in the description, box below the, video just, make sure that you answer the questions, when they come up when you asked to join answer, the questions or you will not be accepted, so. For, day 5 I have. I. Have some gel, printed. Backgrounds. That I made when I was job printing the other day and these are made with a, ATC. Mix-up. Stencil. This one was designed, by, Carol. Webb and, it's. From stencil girl and there's nine different, ATC. Designs, on the, stencil and eye gel printed the whole sheet and then cut them into you size so this, background that I'm starting with is one of those from. A session that I had the other day I, don't think I even filmed, it it was just I was just messing around with some stuff. So. I am. Doing some collage on this I have, some little baskets, and boxes. Around my desk and on my desk for, little scraps. That I. Tear. Off from something else and I still think they are interesting. Or valuable and, so I save them and then. I just throw them that little bin and you saw the tiny little oval-shaped, bin that I had and I just pulled out a few pieces that I thought would. Match. This, background and, be interesting, and I am just gluing them on this is just simply. Collage. Of, pieces, that I think match. And go together and, make a nice composition, the. Main focal, image is, is a. Stamp. Actually. A stamp, from you know like that you mail with not, a rubber stamp I know, that would be confusing. This, one was, sent to me on a package, recently. From. The. Netherlands, I believe. And. It's. For another collaboration, that I'm doing and I received a package and had a couple keep stamps on it so I just, tore them off the box and I saved those type of things I'd, I have a plastic. Box with stamps in it but these, two just made it into the scrap box because, I hadn't, hadn't made it all the way through the stamp box you know all, these things around, don't get organized very well all the time, so. I have some other pieces little. Punched. Or die-cut pieces just, little scraps, of paper that have been torn off that's a that, that one right there with the flowers, on it is, the. Type of paper, that you fold into, origami and. It's just it was a light green with some kind, of orange Goldy, colored flowers long I thought it matched. That's. Just how I do this I could, do this type of thing all day I could make thousands. Of eighty season, with all the scraps that I have around my desk so. Easily I could do this all day long, just glue things to things that match and make little compositions, it's. So, fun it's just something I really, enjoy but. Of, course I only need to make one each day and.

I'm. Going to have so many ATC's, I I'm going to be mailing them out to everyone because. That's. What I do I just kind of share. Them they're little pieces of art that you can share with other people that are easy to mail they're tiny if, it can be used as bookmarks they can be put in those. Et. Cie well. Artists trading card a TC means artist trading card you, know for baseball, cards, and for yugioh cards, and for pokemon cards that's, what size this is so. There's some little plastic sleeves, that, you can purchase and. Put, in a three-ring, binder that you can slide them in and save them so if someone, sends you one that's a great way to save it or you could use them as pieces, on your art journal pages or, even pieces on, your. Art. That you're going to hang on the wall collage, pieces. So. Once I was finished gluing all my pieces on then I used. Dark sepia. India. Ink brush. Pen from this. Is a pit pin from fabric hostel I went. Around some of the pieces and blended them with a little bit of water to make them stand out a little bit more and then I decided I wanted to play an. Experiment. With some embossing powder I have a big container, of clear, ultra. Thick embossing powder and there's. All those, colors, of, mosaic. Embossing, powders out there and, what. I like to do is to color them myself so I just have this big bottle of clear and I, can color it either with ink. Pad reinker, or with some alcohol ink in this, case I put some butterscotch. Colored. Alcohol. Ink in it I think I got it a little bit too yellow I put too many drops in there but I stirred, it around it'll, you know it'll. Stick to the plastic. But, then it'll lap evaporate. All the alcohol out of it and it makes something. That looks kind of like encaustic wax. And. It, just it make it adds texture, and shine and I thought it was interesting and. I. Needed. Something for it to stick to so I started, with some. Tombow, mono, adhesive and. Put, that on and then I decided I could just do it with a glue stick maybe. A little bit less. Precise. Application. Of course normally you would use something like a water marking, pad or something earnest bossing, pad or something like that but. Glue, works too so. Just. Needed something for the powder to stick to so. Then I made another color, and using the stream, colored. Alcohol, ink which is a kind of a teal, turquoise, color and, I. Didn't. Have anything to store this in but I have since then purchased, a, bead. Organizer. With. Screw, tops. Tops. Containers. To put all my different colors as I blend them goes of course you don't use them all up so when. I make some more of these embossing colors, I will just, put. Him in that, so. That was pretty much the, end this. Day, 5. Experiment. I had a lot of fun it's got a lot of texture and shine and interest. To it, so. There you have it there's your close-up. And beautifully. Imperfect was. Exactly. What. It was, so. Four days six, I have this. Little. Tiny very. Cheap, canvas. Board, that I did an acrylic, pore on when, I was in South Carolina at the our retreat.

And. I. Have, two of them and I, put them in my box, and mailed them back and they, stuck to each other, plus. The. Board. Was so cheap that it warped, so, it really wasn't usable, the way it was so, I tore, it apart, I took the kit that poured canvas. Off of it and then. I trimmed. Down a piece, of the backing, and. Made. It into an HEC size, and, then I cut some of the canvas, and glued it on there it's. Thick because. It was a canvas, board so this would be like you know a frame of wool type of a board so she. In order to cover the edges rather, than folding everything over like you would I canvas. Board I just, sponged. Painted copper, around the edges, and. Now I have a pretty cool. Acrylic. Poor background, on a little ATC, sized. Card. So. Then I have these stamps, that, were. Sent to me in happy, mail and, I, decided to use them because the colors of the poor are copper. And teal and, purple. And just colors that I think are pretty southwestern. Colors. That I see a lot every day and. So, I decided. To try. Out my little stamps. From different succulents. Onto. Just. Some mixed media paper. It. Was actually another ATC size mix PT paper that was already cut but I just figured I could, make my. Things. Out of that so I stamped. It in archival, ink and then I'm using some. Markers. These, are again the fabric s Adele Pitt. Pin. Markers. Which are an India. Ink inside of a marker so that means that once they're dry they're permanent, and. A. Little, bit more. Archival. And. You know they're not as as. Prone. To fading as, regular. Alcohol. Markers are I didn't realize that alcohol markers were fade so much but, I certainly found that they they do they. Fade quite a bit, so. This, is something that's gonna be more, long-lasting. In. A, marker and I, have, a set, that has a lot of colors I don't even know maybe. Forty. Forty. Colors, maybe 36, or something I don't know anyway it has enough color that I can do some, interesting two-tone, in three tone coloring. On my. Little succulents. They. Have a brush tip and, I, tend to use them a lot to do shading and things like that but they're also great for coloring so. Once. I had colored up my pieces I cut them out I'm not gonna make you watch, me cut these things out you'd.

Probably, Lose. Your patience, if I did that. So. I cut a color a couple, of them out than I. Needed. To color the other ones and. Finished them up. Trying. To do. Different colors of greens because, cactus. Aren't all the same color. Some. Of them tend to be in olive green some, of them tend to be more of a teal a turquoise. II green a lot. More blue tone in it and then, there are even some that are purple or pink. So. It. Just depends on the plant it's another or not it's not all one plant there's a huge. Amount of diversity and succulent, plants, that live in the desert lots. And lots of different, options. But. People who don't live here or visit here don't realize that I think. We that all of all we have are those those. Ones that look like a, pitchfork, shape. There's. So many choices of of desert. Plants tons, and tons so. Then I glued these down, using. Some. Actually. Some gloss medium. Because. I wanted I didn't want to dull down the color of that, shiny. Foiling. That's in there there's a little bit of foil that was inside, of the the. Pour the, acrylic pour. Got. Everything glued down including the little word Ola which. Means hello in Spanish, or. Hi. I do have backers, for all my ATC's, in case I want to send them to someone so I print them on my computer and cut them out to. Put on the backs, so. I can send, these to someone and they'll know who it's from has. All my information on it so, that, is day, six. I think yes. Day. Seven, I did during. The. Art. Joy of sharing live stream show on the. 6th the live stream shows on the 6th but I had already made an ATC for that day so I, made, my day 7, during day 6 that's, ok if you make him ahead, of time that's, fine as long as you end up with one a day you're. Still meeting the challenge so. I head out we were doing gel printing on ATC's, on that show and, I'll put a link up. In the iCard so that you can go watch the live stream recorded. Version if you want to to, see all the different gel printing that we did for all kinds of ATC, backgrounds, and you'll be seeing these coming up in the, upcoming. Month. Because. I love course be using them because I have now I have a lot of backgrounds, and we're gonna do a TC, techniques. All, through the month on our joy of sharing live stream show but, what I did was I made a rainbow, using. My pen pastels, on my, 3 by 4 gel. Plate and then I picked that up on a TC. Sized. Pieces. Using. Some white paint, over the top to pick it up and, I got three. Different. Backgrounds. Out of that I probably won't use all three of them this month but I have some options for some. Rainbow htc backgrounds, in the future the, third one I ended up picking up with some silver paint just to show that it kind of gives you a much look I. Don't. Know if you can really see it, then. I just took the brightest, one and I cut a heart.

Shape Out, of it so now I have a heart shape rainbow, and I ran around the edges using my black pasta, pin so. That it would be you, wouldn't have ugly white edges, then. I got, a black. Cardstock. ATC. Out, that, it was you know the size of an ATC made out of black cardstock. And I took some pasta, pins and I splattered. The, pasta pins of you flick them they. Will then some of the ink will come out it's it's our crellick paint it will come out and splatter. For you and you know I love splatters. So I used all the colors of the rainbow and splattered. Them on that black cardstock and. Paska, pins are opaque, even. The yellow yellow is hard to get an opaque color but even the yellow is opaque. And will. Show, up on black so I have now a rainbow splattered, background. Then. I used some foam, squares and I, did color the edges of the foam squares with the black pasta pins so that they don't, you know when you look on the side it doesn't look like a bunch of white on the inside of it they're colored black, then. I put, the. Heart on the ATC. Background. And now I have a rainbow heart that's textured. It's popped up from the background. Then. I, went. Around the edges of the black card, with white and. I'd also splattered, some white on to the cheetah, rainbow shape. Just. For fun, because. I liked it and I. Wrote. The words, love. Is love. And, it. Bothered me that it was not centered, properly, so. I ended up taking a little scrap, from. The. Piece that that had art you know the extra corner and making another little tiny purplish. Bluish heart gluing it on there and then, putting some glitter on that heart. And the, other two hearts and some. Dots of glitter in the background, and. That is. I, atc. For day seven. Pride. Month so. That, is my pride. Ptc. Date. I was. Going to play with. Ken oliver. The. Powdered pigments or. Some. Of the brush shows or something like that i thought it would be fun with. This watercolor, paper, ATC, to do, some of that and then when, I opened it I found these, which I'd forgotten I even had which are. Pixie. Powder it is. A powdered, pigment but it's shimmery, and, these were sent to me by my friend in England, I've, never seen these in the United States not saying that they aren't, sold here but. They. Are, super. Shimmery and, I know it's, it's, a video and it's hard to tell well you can kind of tell on that one but, I decided to first. Try, to spray. The water on the card and then. Sprinkle. On it and see, how that looked and then I decided to sprinkle, the, other colors. On, dry. And, then. Spray it afterwards, just, to see the difference that I would get. Experimenting. With these really. Cool, awesome. Pigment, powders. Super. Neat guys I really, like them and you. Know people send me things and I I. I'm. Always like in the middle of something you know I'm always busy doing something, and sometimes. I don't get to it immediately so it's not that I don't appreciate, it, I do I really do, I'm very appreciative it's, just that I might not get to it instantaneously, because, I've got this whole everything. Is all pre planned out in. Advance. So. For, this day I decided, to use the, greens. And bronze and copper II colored, one and I. Had, a couple little pieces of shrink, plastic. At. One point I was making some in cheese for. The genie me Aaron's design, team and I my first idea to. Make the in cheese was to make him out of shrink plastic I ended, up not using them as it, was a swap it was an entry swap I ended up making some cardstock ones, instead which. You've seen and I'll if, I remember, I'll put the video in the I cart. If, you haven't seen it already using. Genus stamps, in. Doing. That but, I still have these plastic pieces now what do I do with them well they, matched great, and. Made a really interesting and, textural, piece on this. Little. ATC, so I put a couple of them on glue them on and then. I found. This die cut piece which was sent to me from another friend in. Happy. Mail she sent me a lot of die-cut, pieces and, the. Box that I have them in is near my desk and so therefore. I see them and I was, looking for something to put on here and it just happened to be olive. Colored, it, was actually striped. Paper and I ended up using some Bria Reis, glitter.

Ink, To. Just kind of color it and make that the white stripes not so white and then I also used, a. Pen. That, the same person who. Sent, me the pixie powders also sent me which is like a wink of Stella pin but it's made by spectrum, noir it has, some shimmery. Clear. Ink in it and that. Really shimmered, up those pieces between. The glitter ink and that, so. Then, I glued this to, a piece of coppery. Cardstock. Metallic, cardstock and then I put a little Tim. Holtz sticker on there that says happiness, and put some dimensional. Clear. Adhesive. The, Mod. Podge, brand. It's, a called dimensional, magic or something like that I also. Use that to glue down. The. Plastic pieces because it'll work better than something, else and it dries clear. Really. Happy with this one it's shimmery and sparkly, and I enjoyed, it a lot so, I hope, you've enjoyed this video, please. Leave. It a thumbs up leave me a comment or question. Subscribe. If you haven't already share. And, of course if this is your last video just before. You turn this one off click, onto something that has a million subscribers and, then, turn that one off instead. Thanks. Everyone for, watching. That's, it for me bye-bye.

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