Artist Trading Card A Day June 2018 - Days 26, 27 & 28 #ATCAD2018

Artist Trading Card A Day June 2018 - Days 26, 27 & 28 #ATCAD2018

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Hello. Everyone its Chelsea from paper out to your studio and today I'm sharing with you days, 26. 27, and 28 of, the. Artist, trading card a day challenge, in the month of June 2018. Called, hashtag ATC. A day, or, a TC. Ad. 201. 8 you, can also search. Hashtag. A TC, 201. 7, to, see last year's artists, training cards if you want to that. Would give you almost, 60. Days worth of artist training cards if you searched both of those hashtags. Lots. And lots and lots of people participating. In both years and so there's lots of fun artists, trading cards to look at so. For this video all, three of these cards are on, vinyl. ATC's. From. The Etsy shop by Shannon green and, she. Takes. Billboards. Vinyl, billboards, and makes, them into things to recycle them and one, of the things are these three. And a half by two and a half inch cards. And, you. Can buy them in her Etsy shop I'll put a link in the description box, below along with all the other materials, that I'm using and. So. Since. I'm new to this vinyl, I'm just trying. A lot of different products on it this. One has been jessalyn with heavy gesso and then I'm using dr.. PH Martin's, India inks, to play. Around with it so I started with, the, purple. And the, magenta. Inks. And some white and kind. Of dripped in and and then sprayed him with water to get him to run to. Color, the background of the card and. Then I have this new stencil I joined, stencil. Club from stencil, girl and when, you're in the stencil club you get. Exclusive. Stencils, each month sent to you as well. As. Materials. And videos from, the people who designed them it's. Kind of a fun thing it's like a monthly you, know you can join, you can leave whenever you want you. Just stop, paying I guess when, you're done. So. This one is for the month of June and. I can't. Tell you what the name of it is or he even, who the designer is, because. I don't have that information, in front of me but it's. There's. A 9 by 12 a 6 by 6 and a 4 by 4 and the 9 by 12 has a lot of different floral, motifs, on it so. I decided to use one of those on my cart using some golden, light molding, paste, which. Is kind. Of a fluffy acrylic. Medium, it, dries quickly and that's the reason that I prefer, it over some of the other molding, or modeling, pastes, and. So I put that, on there with, a spatula through, the stencil and then I dried that and, then now I'm using one, of my acrylic, handle brushes from. Royal. And langnickel I, like. The acrylic handles because, I, tend. To leave my. Brushes soaking, in water and the wooden handles, swell. Up from the water and then the paint peels off and they just look ugly these. Acrylic handle, ones that's. Golden, tackle, on they're not expensive, I, got, them off of Amazon, and I can leave a link for you below. But. They, have a nice bristle. For. What I do with them and, they. Don't. Get. Damaged, when you leave them soaking in water overnight on accident, because you forgot to rinse them I. Know. I'm not the only one who does that ok it's not just me I know there's a lot of people out there that do the same thing, so. That's why I like the acrylic handles so, I'm using the, light. Red and the yellow and. The. Light green and dark green and a little bit of brown to, just paint over, that. White. Modeling. Paste and. Because. It's so raised I think to myself I want to add some darker, color so, that it goes down into the crevices, of that raised area, and makes it more dramatic so I decided, to use this turquoise color. Probably. Could I just went with the purple because purple was really dark wasn't it but I didn't, I went with turquoise over, the top and, I. Let it run. And then I sprayed it to give it you, know to encourage you to run more, and. I. Should have just left it right then but then I put some more on there trying to get a real darks. Bit, through the middle for drama and. At. This point the the. India. Inc decides to kind of seep under, the. Modelling, paste and kind of soak into it. So. I decided I better brighten it back up again with some more, light. Red and yellow to try, to bring that bright flower back and.

So. That. Works pretty well but, then I get another idea when I'm doing that and that, is to use. Gilding. Paste it's. Like a waxy. Mica. Soaked, stuff there the brand I have is Inka gold but there's lots of, brands. Out there. And. Because. The thing is raised I can just take my finger, and go over the top of everything that's raised very easily and. Make it a little bit shimmery, so. I thought, that was pretty fun but then I still wanted to be a little bit more Orange. That. Turned flower, stops. Being orange constantly. So I. Go. Back over it again and with the light red and the yellow to orange, it up a little bit more so. It's. Still shimmery that that, India. Ink is not 100%. Opaque so it's. Translucent enough that the shimmer comes through and, I. Was finally happy with that I decided, to go around the edges of the card with a little bit of the. Pink. And gold as well. And. Just. Make it more shimmery, and it kind of after, I'd done the splatters, and the shimmer reminded, me of a night sky so, reminded. Me of flowers, blooming. In the night. Lots. Of flowers do that they, just bloom at night so. I. Went. Around the edges with a black memento pad just to give. A border, because I like borders, they, make me happy and then. All, I had left to do was add some words, which I did with my, brother Pete, touch label maker this. Is a real old model but tapes still come and I finally, bought some new tape for it so, I. Can, print things out now and I. Think the words I said were Beauty. Blooms at night or something like that, and. Put, those on and. Day. 26. Is. Done I. Guess. I probably went, around the words with some black or something. Messily. I'm sure I can't seem to make a straight line these, days. To. Save my life no. Straight lines so. There, you have it day 26. Yep. Look at those terrible E's and, straight lines oh well that's life. So. For day 27, I, still. Have one more. Jess. Ode. Vinyl. A TC from by Shannon greens Etsy, shop and. So I decide to play. With alcohol. Ink and on it and see what it does because, that's. What I'm doing is experimenting, with different products, on these. Vinyl ATC's. I have. A couple journal, covers that I'm planning on decorating very, soon and, I just want to see what. You can do on the vinyl the. Alcohol. Ink does not bloom like, it would on a smooth, surface.

These. Vinyl this fuse vinyl does have almost like a canvas, texture, to it it's it's. A little. Bit bumpy and we v. Yeah. We es at it. I think. Snow sense does it I know. But. It still looks cool and I I put, on some, oregano some, red pepper and some butterscotch, and then. Some, blending solution dry. That and then go back over it with some lemonade. And, some lettuce which. Are a little bit lighter tones of those same colors and I think it looks neat I like it, so. The, only thing that I did notice was it's gonna need to be sealed because. It's still kind of sticky. The. Resin, in, alcohol, ink can be sticky if it doesn't dry and, I'm, not sure that it that the vinyl is absorbent, enough to make it dry so I decided to, put I, said. It'd what can I do what, am I gonna do so I I had some pastel, ground which is a. Product that is for adding truth, to. A surface, so that you can use pastels, on it and. I decided to put that over the top of it just to seal it in and I dried it and then I decided to use pastels, over it so. These are pastel, pencils, they're like a chalk pencil, from Derwent and I. Decided, because. The first color that I used, or, maybe the second color I used was oregano, and I think that's just. A really fun word to say oregano, oregano oregano, it's. Fun. I. Decided to draw an oregano plant, on. There it's also tasty, very. Tasty I like oregano and basil and, all, those yummy, Italian. Herbs. That, you might get in, Italian. Food YUM I'm hungry, okay. I want to go eat Italian food so. I'm. Using I, started out with the white pencil to, draw in my image because. The background is pretty dark and I, wasn't sure I'd be able to see what I was doing and then. I start with a lot the lightest cream that comes in the set and start, coloring in and adding. Green. To, the plant and then. I go to some yellow because, I figure it's in the sunshine, and it's got you. Know dappled, dappled. Yellow on the leaves because, the sun is shining, and so, I better add in some warm yellow tone. Then. I go with I. Think. A darker green I. Can't. Remember what was next this. Is probably a medium, tone. Green maybe because. I know there is a darker, one coming. Maybe. Even a couple more darker ones but I just keep you. Know. Going. In adding some color. The. Thing about pastels. Is they're fairly opaque over each other so, here I'm going back in with the white. And adding a highlight. To. Make the leaves look more dimensional. And. To kind of combat, that I have writer white around everything, look which is what I was getting was because I drew it in white, then, it seemed like there was a white line around everything, so by bringing the white into the center as well. And adding a highlight it started to take away from that, but. The one thing that I didn't really enjoy was, that the. Background, was still too crazy and I wasn't having much luck, seeing the plant stand. Out from the background so. I decided, to take a very dark green. Pastel. Pencil and just go around the, outside, of the plant and color in the background a little bit and that, made a big difference in, being. Able to see the. Plants standing out from the background. Because. That pastel is quite opaque then. I got out and olive, colored, ink. Pad which is I'm, stuck. So I had to grease, stick it. To. Its plastic, case but. Once. I did then I just carefully, went, around the edges of the card with this olive color which is a dark green. Permanent. Ink. And. Then just I just kept messing with it a little bit more, until. I was happy. With. My drawing. Oregano. Has kind of a rounded. Leaf. That. Kind of folds over, in. The middle a little bit then. I filled, it with my. Soft, rubber brayer and some. Matte. Medium in, the fluid format. It's. Smeared slightly, but not too much so I, had. My spectra fix out and I was trying to spray it but, once again the nozzle, is clogged and I didn't feel like going and getting the nozzle, on clocked so I just went, over it with matte medium instead.

So. There you have it that's my, oregano. ATC, from day 27. On. Vinyl. From. Shannon green so. Now here is a raw one this one doesn't have any. Jessel. On it I didn't just do it I just to collage over the top of it and see how that would go. So. I'm going through my. Bin. Of unsorted, scraps, which, I've been trying to use up but, I was kind of laughing I saw someone else post something. About using. Their scraps and just creating. More scraps, because you, use a little bit of it but, then you don't use it all up and then that little smaller piece goes back in the basket. So really nothing. Is ever getting used up. Can. I agree with her I think. That's exactly what's, happening, I don't, feel like I made a dent in that thing at all I really, don't I need, to just go through and sort it all out and put, it in the color boxes, so. I decided, to use the. Last. Dregs. Of, my. Poor liquitex, matte, gel medium jar, I mean it's, the last bit so I just took. A plastic pallet knife and scraped, like you would in a peanut butter jar to get the last little bit of peanut butter out and, I. Just used what was on that knife to. Do a very, random collage, using these. Browns. Blacks grays, and greens. That. I picked out of the. Scraps. Basket, there, is a napkin, a piece of napkin that's, already been used a few times and house pieces, torn off it but it's still good because the rest of its still there. There's, book text there's some. Pictures. From a dictionary, there's. Some. Stenciled. Yupo. Paper and, in. Sprayed. Cardstock. Just little. Bits bits of stuff and I just covered. The complete. ATC. With, all those bits and gave it a really good dry. Pressing. It down with that baby wipe at. The beginning so that I can make sure that everything is pressed down the there. Is one piece of kind of a heavier card stock weight that didn't want to lay down so. I had to press it then. I dried, it trimmed, it and then going around the outside edges with, the momento black pad again. To. You you. Know. Frame. It in I gotta frame things in. Then. I took my Stabilo, all pencil, the, nub that I have that's. So tiny it's, getting smaller and smaller every time I have. To sharpen the thing and, I, drew a tree trees. Called. Me down they make me happy I really, like trees. We. Don't have a lot of. Deciduous. Trees here in. The. Southern part of Arizona, except, for Mesquite's and palaver days but, I can, drive, for. Hours to the north and see lots of big pine, trees and oak. Trees and, you know things it's, not far so, I really. Enjoy. Trees. I just they're, just one of my favorite things, they're one of my favorite things to draw to you so. I drew, my. True my. Truly. I drew. My. Tree onto my collage. Background. And. Like huh now what am I gonna do I have, a tree and I. Decide to, do. Some negative painting or exclusion. Of, the background, instead of painting the foreground of the tree using. Quinacridone, gold this is such a bizarre color, quinacridone, gold it's. Kind. Of orange. Kinda. Brown kind. Of gold I. Don't. Know but it just it, can do some amazing stuff if. You if, you ever want a new color then you haven't tried that. You. Know you, wonder about this, is the one to go for it's it's a really. Cool color I don't, know it's I don't know what it is about it but I. Filled. In all the background, with, quinacridone, gold. And. Then the tree of course comes. Forward and, says here, I am I'm a tree beside. My tree needs some foliage because, it's not winter. So. I tear, up some more of that napkin and just. Because. The napkins translucent. I can just kind of put it over, my. Drawing and you can still see the branches. Coming, through. But. It. Also looks like there's foliage on there so I was. Pretty happy with how that came out. And. The last thing I did was I added some words I, have, these scraps, of paper that are from the Gypsy moments pad from, canvas court brands seven gypsies that just have a bunch of words and I was looking at the ones that were kind of a green olive green, color and trying, to pick out some of those to.

Make Some sort of a sentence. Are saying which. Is kind of like found poetry sort of, when. I just put some words on there and I, was done with that one if you enjoyed this video this. Series of videos be. Sure to give it a thumbs up leave me a comment or question below subscribe. If you haven't already share. If you want to, go. And search the hashtag. ATC. Ad 201. 8 and ATC. Ad, 201. 7 to, see all sorts, of people doing. All sorts of artists trading cards they're on Instagram they're on Facebook they're on. YouTube, they're. Everywhere. So, it's a lot of fun to, look at them and check, out what people have done see, how. Creative people can be when they're doing a artist trading card every, day for 30 days this. One only, has two, days left just 29, and 30 and then this challenge will be complete, so, those will be coming up. At. The beginning part of July, because. James. Over, and. I. Think that that is it for me I. Don't. Have anything else to say just. Putting some words on and. Here. Comes your close-ups thanks. Bye-bye.

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