Artist Trading Card A Day Days 9, 10 & 11 #ATCAD2019

Artist Trading Card A Day Days 9, 10 & 11 #ATCAD2019

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Hello. Everyone its Chelsea from paper actio studio and today I'm sharing with you days, 9, 10 and 11 of, the artist trading card a daily challenge for for, June. Of 2019. This, is making a small. Piece of art everyday and that's an ATC, which is, three, and a half by two and a half so, I've been posting all my cards on Instagram, and in the art joy of sharing our. Community, Facebook group as well, as the biggest exchange group, so you may have seen these cards before but you won't have seen the process of how, I made them so, I do have, a set of card. Backgrounds. That I made during the art joy of sharing live, streams show and you saw them at the very beginning, here. Is a photograph, of them each. Show. This month of June for art jar of sharing we showing different techniques for working on ATC's, and so, this one was gel printing and it's, nice to have all these little backgrounds. To start, with. There's. Already color on the card so that makes it a little bit easier this particular, background was gel printed, with pan pastels and a. 80c, mix-up, stencil. Designed. By Seth after forced integral products, so I decided to continue with that same stencil, it has nine. Little. ATC. Sized, stencil. Patterns, on it and, they, have a lot of different, ones from, different. Designers, Seth is awesome, he makes the, coolest grungy, of stuff and you. Know it's it's fun to have something that, he designed so. One. Of the. One. Of the the stencil designs on that ATC. Makes up stencil has these little. Plus. Sign or cross, shapes. On it so, that was what it was in the background I decided to go ahead and add some texture. With. The same stencil. Using. Some molding. Paste from golden, and giving that a good dry then. I added some color with some fluid. Acrylic. Paint which is from golden is called golden high-flow, it's it's really, really pigmented it has, lot of pigment in it but it's fluid, it flows, and, so. It I can drip it over, and, I started with the dioxin, purple, which is a very, dark purple and kind, of drifted, over the area, that had texture, and then. Went. With the, iron. Oxide color I think. It's red iron oxide maybe. I think, so and drip, to that over and it just adds dimension, to, the dimension, by filling, in the. Background a little bit darker, then. I use the Stabilo, all pencil, on the edges, to. Kind. Of give those. Shadows. Around. The edges of the dimension. And then I also highlighted, it with some copper paint and, also. Some. Colors. That I picked, from the background using the Neal color choo, water-soluble. Crayons but not blending them just just putting them on there a little bit creamy, a little, bit waxy. So. That worked fine to add a little bit more color to those, plus. Signs shapes. Then. I decided I needed some more dimensional. Pieces. On here, that would stand out from the card and so. I made a circle punched one that, was stenciled, with, one, of the other. Designs, one, of the other motives. On this. This. Stencil. From sup Apter that's the only stencil IQ is just just the one from seth after the ATC makes up and, of. Course I'll link all the products and, things. Below, the video so that you can find them if you'd like to purchase this stencil you can find it down there. I. Made. These. Pieces out, of some. Tag. Boards that type stuff that's from a cereal box and I colored. It with paint stenciled, it with paint and then. Added. A little bit of highlight color, using, those same neo color two crayons. And. I. I made a circle one with a circle punch then I decided, I needed that same shape from the background the cross or plus, or whatever he into it to be so, i free-handed. One of those painted, it black and then, stenciled, over the top with some of the copper paint so. The the round. One was copper. Stenciled, with black and the, cross-shaped one, is black stencil, copper, but, both of them. I added, extra. Color, with, those crayons, and not, really blending it at all. So. I. Also. Edged the card using a, a black. Permanent. Ink, pad which is something I like to do I like edges around things and so I tend, to do that if I, don't layer, it on to you another, piece as a, frame, I often, will edge it with ink. Then. I glued, the. Circle. One down with. Some, aliens, tacky glue but. Then for the plus. Shaped one I I, put. It on foam. Squares. Which allows, it to stand up from the background and, I. Also went, around the edges of the foam squares, because they're white with. A pasta. Pin it's you color the edges with, black after I'd already applied it so, that when you look at it from this side you don't see these super white looking things it's just something. One of those little little, weird things that that, bothers me so, I don't. Like white edges on things that are black it's just just, the way I am.

So. It's, easy to do that with the pasta pen then, I thought, everything was looking to the same matchy-matchy. And. Not standing, out from the background so I decided to take my white pasta pin you know pasta, pins are one of my favorite things they're acrylic paint. Pen that's. Made in some Asian country, and imported, here I. Also, had stenciled, on the word from. The, stencil, that said seek, and. I. Highlighted. That with. Some of the white I highlighted, the. Circle, and the plus shape with some of the white. Pen. Then, that. Looked, better to me I also added some splatters. Just. To add some more white into, the composition, you put. A color one where one place you, should put it in another, place when you're doing a composition, then, I had some of these. Textural. Pieces. That I made, when. I was doing the picnic challenge, they're, made out of puffy, paint and, peeled. Off, it. Was something that I did for the, the. Prompt. Peel during, the picnic challenge, and I glued that on there as an added element and I was pretty, happy with. The design I think it's it's, very. Softer. Looking very grungy, and I, don't know it was interesting, so. The next day day ten I decided. To use another one of these backgrounds, this, one is made with gel. Printing again from, the show the art Dory of sharing show and I'll link, that in the iCard so you can go watch these being made if you want to you, this. One was made with the mini. Jell. Plate that's a triangular. Shape, and. I just put some paint, on it and then I used a piece of textured. Wallpaper. Pressed. Into it to create that texture, and I just kept making. Triangular. Shapes on there and layering until, I found. That it was interesting, I decided. To do a little bit illustration. I haven't, done that yet for, the ATC's, I do like to draw but. It takes more time then. Sometimes. I have in a challenge, of. Course you've got to make something quickly everyday, and I'm afraid I'm going to get behind and, I've got all these other things to do a busy, so. I haven't. Been drawing very much for this challenge but I decided, I needed to do an animal, I like. To draw animals, and so I decided a camel, it's getting, really hot here. By. The end, of the week it should be a hundred and eight they said, that's. Fahrenheit of course that's hottie hot hot so. I, was, thinking about he and I was thinking about camels, and how they store, their own water in their, hump and wishing that I had a hump because I got to continually drink, water to. Carry it around with me. And, we. Have some issues with ice in the house because the ice machine, broke, and so. We. Have to bring in ice we have to freeze, ice with. With, ice. Cube trees and, my. Husband can't handle, them because he has peripheral. Neuropathy. From drug. He's taking for the cancer, and. It. Makes his, hands and feet and mouth not. Be able to tolerate. Anything. Cold like even the cold tile on his feet makes it feel like there's like little electric, shocks it's, a weird thing it's from. The drug Aqsa platen and so I, have. To be the one who brings in the ice yeah, I. Don't. Have time to bring in ice he's been doing it all this time and now I have to do it you know that a lung I'm thousand other things I now have to do that I used. To leave to him so. Anyway. Instead. Of having full cups of ice water I just only put a few cubes, in so that I don't waste the, ice which, seems ridiculous, wasting, ice when you're just making yourself but really it's a thing. So. That's. Why I was thinking about camels. And how, smart, they are to just carry their own water it's not ice water but hey they don't care so I, drew the, camel, and I. Decided to do some reverse. Painting, rather than painting the camel, on the background, I decided to paint the background and, make. The camel, stand out so. He's, not a traditionally. Color tan, or brown. Camel. He's. Multicolored. But I just think it looks I think it looks more cool than the other way around so, I. Drew. Him I used. Permanent. Marker, to do, the lines I drew, a little blanket, so that you could sit up there and and, he did carry you across the hot hot desert, and a, little halter. And reins. But, of course nobody's sitting on him right now and the.

Blanket, That, I. I, think, about when I think about how, they ride camels is. Kind. Of a serape style. With, lots of bright colors and stripes. And things and so that's. The kind that I drew I, think. It's pretty accurate, not. Exactly, sure I've never been. To a place, where they ride camels, so. I, think. That they use colorful blankets, though and probably a saddle I didn't put a saddle on there and. I. Used. White. Gesso in the background then I used three colors of Dino akley paint sky, cheddar, and Ruby, to. Paint. In everything. And. I. Used this Stabilo all pencils you add some shading just to give it more. 3-dimensional, look and then. Blending. That with the water tank brush I also. End up using the, black and the white fine tip pasta pens to add highlights. And to add. More. Intensity. To. The. Black lines I was, using a fine tip pan. And it wasn't quite as black as I wanted it you. Know there's different there's different layers of black there can be kinda, black sort, of black maybe. A little black and then you got black black so. I. Needed. The black black in some places, so. That's when I brought in the pasta pan which, is of course acrylic, paint and. Then. When I was working, on, the. Face I. Needed. Quite a bit of highlights, to make the face. Appear. Dimensional. To, have you. Know if you feel your own face there's, places that stand, out like your nose and your forehead and your chin your. Cheekbones, those are places where there should be highlight same thing on an animal they've, got the muzzle, that's coming out and they've got you know different, different, areas of their face that stand out and I wanted wanted. Him to have, expression. I wanted him to be dimensional, so. I use the white pasta pin as a highlighter, to, do that. Even. Though the. The. Bulk of the animal is a multi-colored, it still worked, out to have those white highlights, I thought and. I. Ended. Up making, more, of like a character, than a realistic. Portrait. Of what this animal looks like but you. Can definitely tell what it is so, that. Worked that worked out. So. There was a lot of fussing you, know at this point we're going back and forth with different pens and difference. You. Know defining. And. Honing. In everything, at the last minute so I think. I actually ended up speeding this up quite a bit because. There was just a lot of. Doing. I. Decided. That the face wasn't quite right and so I had to adjust it a little bit but. It's. All about the face right the. Face and the expression, and the eyes are, really what's, important. When you're drawing a, person, or a, creature. All. The creatures seem to have eyes. And noses, and mouths just like the humans so. To. Me they seem to need expressions. As well. Then. The final thing I did with this one after I edged it with black of course ink like. We were talking about before I like to edge things is I used. Some of the leftover, acrylic, paint and made a Sun up. In the sky there, was there was an area that just kind of seemed sort, of plain and blank, so. I and, it, had been about the Sun so I. Went. Ahead and made a Sun with those leftover. Paints. Even. A little bit of the gesso. So. Yeah that's day what, 10. Yeah. Let's stay tuned the. Camel. Okay. On today 11 I received, a happy mail package with a paper, doll in it recently. From. The paper doll swap that I did with the self-portraits, and, it. Had some, cardboard. In it that was just cut, from. A box, to, keep everything flat I cut. Those into ATC sighs I figured that they would be great for. ATC. Backgrounds. And then. I decided, that I would. Use the. Gift things that were in this package, to make this. Card these, aren't things that I purchased, these are things I received. 100%. As. Happy. Mail except. For this one little scrap. This. One little yellowish greenish scrap, of, gel. Print edge that's something, that I had in my basket, just needed something to fill in that edge and it was the right color but, other than that everything, else oh and, the ribbon I guess, I own the ribbon scraps - okay most.

Of This who, has made out of things, that I received in the happy mail there's that. Very aged book. Text, which, I attached with liquitex, matte gel medium my favorite there's, this printed, tag that, has the French word for garden. On it and it has some fruit. That's either lemons, or peaches. Maybe, I'm. Not sure, but. They're, pretty and I, had, to trim it down a little bit because it was a little bit too big for the ATC, I did. That on my guillotine cutter and. Then. I punched the hole and, I'm attaching, some. Ribbon. That is made out of seam, binding. Seam. Binding is this silky, ribbon, that you can get it comes in white I think you can get in another colors too but the the, big role of it that I have is white but, you can color it whatever color you want by spraying, it with an. Ink spray very easily you could also use ink. Pad or something or alcohol. Ink but I just use spray. On it and this, is a leftover, piece that, had some moss colored, spray. On it so I, use. That and, then kind of tucked it in behind so as if it was sticking out a little bit and. Stuck. It down to, the card I also. She sent. This I think, it's one of those Tim Holtz. Found relatives. Paper. Dolls things. I, decided. The lady should go on there and then, I also have this little scrap of lace that, was just, a scrap, and, I put that on there as well it's it felt appropriate. So. I glued everything down then, I went around the hedges with some, potting, soil archival. Ink, to. Do, the edges like I like to do and. Then. I went in and used. A, fabric. Castel pit pin in. Warm. Grey color to, add some shadows, when. I. Put. A bunch of things on something, when I stick them down I think. It looks better and more integrated. If you add shadows, around them if you don't do this it. Looks like you glued something onto something it doesn't look finished to, me so. I like to add. Either. Stabilo. All pencil, or. Alcohol. Marker. Or. Probably. My, favorite. Is probably this this. Type of a marker from fabric is still called the Pitt pin which is India, ink it is a permanent, ink when it's it's. Dry, its permanent but, it has, a little. Bit of give to, blend. It if, you're on a sealed surface like this which of course has been sealed with the matte medium you. Can blend it a little bit either with your finger or with. A, water. Brush, like, I did I also. Used the same set of markers, to add some color to this black and white photo it. Seemed very black, and white against the more colorful background, so I get, some flesh tone and some pink and, even. A little bit of yellow eventually. You. Just kind of I don't know jazz. It up a little I, also. Used, a extra. Fine. Marker, it's also a Pitt pin but it's the Pitt illustration, pins in black I wish that I had a grey I would like to have a set of these illustration. Pins and grey and I think that there is one I just haven't had a chance to, get it I. Need. To look forward I need to order it. Because I think it would be nice to have them in gray and not just black black is so harsh sometimes and in this case it really is especially when I did the. Around. The face, what, I didn't, really like the way it looked around the face but, it. Just I needed to have some, illustration. Lines I like illustration, lines and that's just I just needed to have them I just up her hair with some brown I, added some yellow, to the. White. Part, of the hat and the, collar all. Those type of things just, just to give it a little bit more, finished. Look in my opinion, so. I hope you've enjoyed this video if you have of. Course give, it a thumbs up you.

Can Leave me a comment or question below I usually, answer within 24, hours you can, share this on Pinterest, or Facebook, pin, it. All. Those things really helped my channel helps other people find me it helps YouTube know. That this is a valuable. Something. That people would want to watch also. If you could remember to just click on to something that has a million, subscribers, before you end this, session if, your if this is your last video for the day that's apparently, a thing. These. Days so that's always helpful that's. It for me for this video thanks, bye bye.

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Thank you Mary for thinking of us at this rough time

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