Artist Trading Card A Day 2019 #ATCAD2019 Days 1-4

Artist Trading Card A Day 2019 #ATCAD2019 Days 1-4

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Hello. Everyone its Chelsea from paper rock to your studio and today I'm sharing with you days, one through four of the. Hashtag. A. TC. Ad, 201, 9 which is artist trading card a day. 2019. This, is a art. Challenge offered. By our art, joy of sharing art, community group on Facebook and, it's basically just making a TC everyday. And post it in the group and in. Anywhere else you want on social media using, the hashtag. So. My first. Day. 180c. I have some, mixed media paper that, is cut into, three. And a half by two and a half inches, which is the size of an artist trading card that is the same size as a. Baseball. Card, pokemon. Card you yo card those type of trading. Cards it's, the same thing it's a little card that you could trade if you wanted to we're. Not actually doing a trade or a swap in the group this is just a a. Incentive. For you to. To. Do some art and. Post. It in the group to share and get yourself going for the summer of, art, so, I, have. A lot of scraps on my desk I have, every, kind of scrap you could ever imagine on, my desk I have. Little bins of them a small, one and a larger one that sits, down by. My feet under the desk and, I'm just using little, bits and bobs and pieces and parts that I found that. Coordinate, with each other, there's, a little bits of map there's, some die cut there's a gold. Doily, piece and then there's a piece, that's from a, gel. Print that. Was made by a stencil. And. I just glued, all those different things they're, kind, of color-coordinated, a glute amol on the. Card, they're. Using some liquid jet liquitex. Matte gel medium and then. The. Top, piece has, kind of a rose flower on it so, I drew, around kind. Of in a scribbly. Not. Very serious way. With, my black pasta pin and then I did, the same I went around some of the sections with a Stabilo, all pencil. Which is a highly water reactive, pencil. And I blended, that out, with. A pin, tell a water tank, brush and then I used, some distress. Crayons, these are a software, at water soluble, pigment. In a little stick. To. Add a little bit of pink in some green I drew, in leaves I don't think flowers should be stuck on there without leaves so I drew, those in as well and added some green to them then, to finish it off I just found a sticker from the Tim Holtz sticker. Pack that. Has a nice saying on it it says. Gratitude. Turns what we have into.

Enough, And, that. Was the end of day one there's. The card for you. It. Turned out cute a little bit of a collage. So. Day. Two was. Using. Napkin, scraps, and a little scrap, of tissue paper that I got inside, a. Package. Just. These are things that are in a bin, next to my desk. Under, my desk by my feet and I, just grabbed them out because they seemed interesting. To me for that particular, day. So. I've got a different, glue this one is from deco art and it's the napkin, decoupage glue. It. Has, some. Interesting properties it's, kind of, it. When. It when, it dry you know napkins, and thin paper like tissue are, annoying. In collage because they want to buckle up they want to tear most. Glues make them too wet but, if you try to use like a gel. Glue like I use on my other papers then. It. Doesn't stick down flat. This particular, glue from deco art has, something. In it that makes, it. Stretch. The napkin, flat, when. It's drawing I don't. Know if it's like maybe a shrinking. Agent Hurst I don't know but somehow it worked it worked really well so I use. That when I do really thin paper's like napkin. And tissue so. I wanted, to put this a little bit of babkin with the flower that butterflies, on it but I knew that there, would be too much of that pattern shining, through so, I used some white gesso with my finger and put. That on underneath. The area that I knew the butterfly napkin was gonna go over because I was gonna lay it over the top and I wanted it to be white underneath. Instead. Of those random, patterns. So. Then I I, stuck, down the butterfly, napkin, and gave. That a good dry with my heat tool to. Make sure it's it's nice and dry before I start. Doing anything to it I get, out my neo color to water-soluble. Crayons and I'm, taking the olive one and. Going. Around kind. Of blending, that olive. Tone from the top down, to the bottom because, the bottom was much lighter I don't. Want to obliterate, everything I just, want to give like a little bit of extra color to, make the butterflies, stand out from the background for. The second butterfly I used, a Sienna color which is similar, to the color of the printing on the tissue paper and, then. I used. A van Dyck Brown over, the, the. Top area, and, around. The edges a little bit and just added some extra color, to. The card. To. Make those butterflies. Be, the focal, image. That you see then. I took my white pasta pan that's an acrylic paint pen and this is the fine tip one and just. Kind of added. Some highlights, around the. Lines of the butterflies, to. Make them stand out even more. This. Really helps them. Be. The focal part and then I splattered, a little bit with that same pin I like splatters, I glued. This one I trimmed it down a little bit and, I, glued. It to a olive, green, cardstock. To. Give it a border I like to do that lots of times on different things like tags and and artists, trading cards, I like, having borders around things definitely, cards. That you mail I always have a border, around, my layers on those so, that's probably where it comes from. Just to. Finish it off I added some words, this is from a digital. Download from Gina me Erin's Etsy. Shop all. The links, to all the things that I'm using will be in the description, box below the video so, you can find this sticker pack which you can print out on stickers, at. The time I printed it I didn't have the right size stickers so. I just, printed it on paper and I cut it out and stuck, it on there so that's day, 2 I, also. Added a little bit of glitter with. Nuvo drops I'm. Not sure if that showed up in the video I don't really know what happened so for. Day three I. Have. This box, of. Stamped. Images on tissue paper they've, been stamped with archival, ink on tissue paper and at, times I've done swaps of. Stamped. Images with other people so that I get images. That I don't personally have in, the stamps, it's. A great way to be. Able to use stamps, that you don't owe so. That's. What I'm using for day three this is still the mixed media paper cut into, three and a half by two and a half inch card and I'm. Using. That same napkin. Tissue collage, to. Collage. This onto my card and. There. Was an area there that I wanted to move out of. The way so I just used the, edge of my scissors, and just kind of let it tear away because. Once. The, tissue paper is wet you can tear it and it's not that big a deal so. Then I. Let. That dry with, my heat tool and, started, to add some some, watery background, color using my nyl color to crayons.

These. Are a professional products, they have very very high, pigment. Load and they're very. Easy. To move and blend with water or even and you. Can do it a little bit of with like a wet finger if you just dip your water your, if. You dip your water in your finger no that's not what I meant if you finger in your water you can kind of blend it that way too I like to use these water tint brushes you see on the screen I have two different brands one. Of them is Pentel and, the other one is our and they basically just have water inside the barrel so you don't have to keep dipping your water your, brush into the water you. Could. Do that too you don't have to have water tank brushes to do this so just really a handy, thing I use them all the time for so many things so then. I decided that, the. Stamping. Wasn't dark enough and I wanted it to be more black so I went over it with a. Pasta. Pen. What. I didn't think about was. That that card was still wet so. The, pasta pen did bleed a little bit but I didn't really mind I thought it looked interesting, anyway, and. Then. I went back over that, with a little bit of the brown crayon and, some white, pasta pen to give it highlights because. I kind of had obliterated all the the. Scratchiness, that was on the stamped image. So. Then I came back to this later and. Realized. That the stamped, image now looked pale in, comparison. It's, you the, tree that I had darkened up so. Then of course I had to take a pin and go over the, lines of the. Stamped image as well and I used a fabric. Castel Pippin, that is a India, ink pin that I use often for illustration, and I. Use the extra, small little tip and went over the lines most, of the lines of the, stamped. Bird with a crown and. I. Still needed to color that so. I got out some, spectrum. Noir alcohol markers and. Through. This process realized, that my color chart, that. I've made of all my spectrum noir alcohol. Markers is now faded, by the Sun and the colors are no longer true. Because. I thought that there's these two Reds that I got out I thought they were more of a coral because, they look like coral on my. Chart and they. Ended up being very dark red so. You. Know got to go over my chart again and. Maybe put it somewhere where it doesn't get a lot of Sun because. It's definitely faded, I I didn't, realize, that, alcohol. Markers fade that much i I thought, they were a permanent, product and I wasn't worried. About. Beam, out I just, have them set next to the stack, of the markers which are in like a holder, and, I, guess it's just getting way too much Sun so you can see when I go over those how. Different the color is in comparison to what was on the chart. Dang. It I. Just. Get a little bit frustrated, with these markers I have. To have a chart because, the, colors on the markers themselves aren't, true and then, when I go, to use my chart it's not the right colors, so. I used some reds and then I used some Browns. Kind. Of. Softer. Browns to, color the wing then. I used a yellow for. The crown and. Some. Orange for the, feet. In the beak then, they came back in with a white pasca, pen again yeah, because now I had that white pasta pen, scratchy, looking highlights. So I decided to add some of those to the bird to make everything on the card balance, out you, know if you do something to one thing you got to do it in another area on the, card to make everything make. Sense to. The viewer, so. Then I have this this, little die, cut. Piece. That says hello I, think. I got, that in happy mail maybe, or. Maybe I actually own that die cut I'm not sure I might, own it me me I think I do actually and. It was cut, out of white cardstock I, wanted, to change the color of it. So. I grabbed that same red marker, and. Went. Over it with the fat tip. Of the marker just to color it into.

Red So that it. Stood. Out from the card and also matched, the, little birdie on the card. And. I glued that on with the glue stick and then. I glued this whole, card, on to you a black, cardstock. Backing. I also. We. Don't talk about this very often but I have some printouts from. The. Computer that I've made that have my name and stuff on them also, over in the group art joy of sharing which, is where you can find this challenge, is. A, downloadable. PDF, that. You can print and, it has lines. On it for you to fill out to, sign your name and to fill out as this, number four of thirty to. Fill out the dates to put. You know any type of contact, information you might want that's. Something you can download. The PDF in the group and print it out and use, that if, you want to it, was offered by peg Robinson my partner, who. I. Do. That group with so, she's. The one who made it I think and. It's. Nice. To have those on the back if you want to send them to someone or to trade them with someone which a lot of people trade these in. In. Different art communities, so. Day. Four I had. Been doing some gel, printing, and I. Printed. Out a sheet of. Little. Cards, with this particular. Stencil from stencil, girl it, is designed. For ATC's, so it has nine ATC. Designs on it, and I, had, used used, a large gel print and printed all nine of them at, one time you. Could also cut these apart and, use. Them individually, and. I thought about doing that but then I just ended up printing a whole sheet instead and cutting them apart after the fact so. Then I used this the stencil, back over the design and went around, and added a little bit of Stabilo. All black pencil, and, kind. Of was. Trying to. Bring. Out the, design, of the Sun. And the the, tree over the Sun. With. The black because. I thought it didn't stand out very much from, my gel printing it's it seemed to be very pale it didn't really do. What. I wanted, and it it's not this, particular one is not a generalized, background, like a few of them on there are they're just kind of lines and squirrels, and stuff but this one is definitely a picture, so, you want it to to come out from the background and show itself so. That's why I added that black Stabilo. Pencil, and, I was blending it and then I thought you know what it needs more color it's, it's, too pale too, pale so. I got out this set, of. Watercolors. This. One's made by Sakura. Link. In the description box below to this particular, set so you can find it it's it's a great set of watercolors it's, very, intensely. Pigmented. And easy, to just throw in your your. Bag as you're traveling, it's a great way to bring some color along as you're traveling all you need is a little water brush and it. Actually comes with one it comes with the water tank brush which obviously, it's not in there anymore but. Who. Knows it's probably in the jar, of water. Tank brushes that I have, but. I used it I did spray the pan a little bit with a, mist. To. Get the colors. Activating. And then. Just. Use my water tank brush to, color, in and, add. More interesting. Color to, the. The. Sunshine, in the the, tree. Image. So. Yeah it's from the stencils, but there's not a whole lot of. What. I originally had from the stencil left obviously you could use a stencil and go through the stencil and color everything but since I gel, printed and already I already had the lines. So. Then I decided the background, wasn't bright enough now that I had brightened up the tree and the. Sun. And then the background looked pale and pitiful. So. I used, the same water colors and went, over the background, as well to. I. Don't. Know make everything more. Balanced, and more interesting. First. Using a seal ish color and then coming, back in with a darker color around, the Sun and, kind. Of a shadow, type. Effect with. A darker color I. Think. I blended a couple colors together because one.

Was Too intense, one was too dark and one and, I wanted to you know it's I wanted to coordinate with that teal color so. You. Can always blend there's a blending tray that comes in the set. And that, it, makes it very handy it makes everything very handy when, you're when, you're done you, you've made a mess of your blending tray you can just rinse it off because it's water color so this. Is a very useful little set I recommend, it. Probably. The one I use the most of any of the water colors that I have I only have quite a few different ones. Of. Course I don't have the super, expensive, you. Know snowy or whatever and, all those I don't have those so. I. Wish. I did but they're expensive I went, around the edges of the card to create a border using, a, archival. Pad and then I have this little, bottle of Bria Reese glitter. Ink and, this is the gold one and it's. Very glittery it's. Way more glittery, than you'd think in that little bottle so I just, put a drop onto my palette and picked, it up and. Went over my. Sunshine, with. That glitter ink and then, I also. Splattered. It I just picked it up with the brush and just flicked. It over. It and made some some. Gold. Shiny. Glittery. Splatters. It. Turned out pretty cool I. Also. Put a sticker on there from that same Tim Holtz. Pad. Of stickers, and, that. Was it for this one I hope, you've enjoyed this video there will be a. TC. Everyday, on my, Instagram. And in, the the art joy of sharing Facebook, group and then, I'll be making these compilation. Videos of the processes. If. You liked it please remember to give it a thumbs up leave me a comment or question below subscribe, if you haven't already and, you, can share them and of course if this is your last video for the day I, would appreciate it if you clicked on late-night or something before you left, YouTube, thanks bye bye. You.

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