Artist Trading Card A Day - Days 12, 13, 14 & 15 #ATCAD2019

Artist Trading Card A Day - Days 12, 13, 14 & 15 #ATCAD2019

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Hello. Everyone its Chelsea from paper RTO studio and today I'm sharing with you my artist trading, cards for days 12. 13 14 and 15, this. Is part, of a month-long, challenge, for June 2019. Called. ATC, at Day. 2019. Which is hashtag, ATC. Ad 201. 9 you can search that in, any social media and. You will come up with lots of artists trading cards from lots of different people I, haven't. Counted how many people are playing along this year but there's a lot. So. This. First one that I'm starting with is a. Gel. Print on. Art. Joy of sharing live, stream show on Thursdays, all month, we are doing. Backgrounds. With, different techniques, and the first show. That we had was gel printing so I did, a lot of different gel printing backgrounds, and, I'm, just gonna use. My color. Box of turquoises, here, to. Make. A composition, onto, my card, little. Collage and I'm, just auditioning. Different pieces, there's. Some burlap, there's, some. On. This like on, a printer, there used to be you. Had to feed the. Paper onto these like little roller things that pulled the paper and it was all one continuous thing, that you tore apart separately. And these. Little. Things. With holes in them are the sides of those type of paper and then. That. Piece that I just cut out is. Textured. Wallpaper, and, I. Was. Using it to make impressions, onto. The gel plate and I, have a ton of it you know I have a big large piece of it so it's okay if I cut this little piece off and that's, the reason that there is some, teal. Or turquoise colored. Paint on it is because I was using it to make impression, on the gel plate and, so, I thought. That looked kind of cool it reminds me of that. Like. Medallions. Like, iron. Medallion. Type things that you see. Last. Year around this time I think it might have been in July I took. A trip to Ireland and, all over the place in, the city that we're staying in is all, this type of iron work and there's, just. Stuff that looks like this all, over the city, and. That's. Dublin, and, so. That's what it reminded, me of and I just kind of put a half piece there and then I'm, doing some shading, I added, some briefs. Glitter. Ink to, the center and then I added some cheddar, acrylic, paints from Dena Wakeley I've, got some fabric castel pit. Pins and, I'm using. Those for shading and blending it with a water tank brush just, you, know a little bit of detail work to make things stand out from the background. So. This is just a little, mixed-media collage, on a gel, print background and, I still have a ton of these gel print backgrounds, because. When. You're doing something like that you, tend to make a lot so, you'll. Be seeing them through the rest of the month, I didn't, use any more of the gel print ones in this video however because, the. Next show that we did was alcohol, ink so the rest of the ones that I have for this video are done. On cards. Made with alcohol ink. So. I. Like. How this turned out it turned out pretty cool but it needed, a word or.

Something. On it just something, else a, little, bit of dark color I did some edging. With. That. Color is called. Man. It's. Not vertically, something, like that though, anyway. It's archival, ink around the edges but I still thought I needed like some darker, colors so, I ended up bringing. In, some. Black. Around the edges and also using, a stamp, set that has tiny. Letters to, stamp the words old, world. Along. The, edge, and. In order to make sure that I stamped, it correctly I wrote. It on my paper first and then, I I, wanted. It to end at the top of the card so I stamped, the words backwards, so. It. Helps if you write. Down the word that you're gonna, do. If you're gonna do, this in a backwards sort of way starting with the end and going to, the beginning because. If I had started at the beginning I would have, probably run out of space. By, the time I got to the last letter that's, just how things work for me so. Yeah. This is a fun little card to do and it's, dimensional. It has a lot of texture, on it and. I'm. Kind of into that color right now so. That's. The way it went for day twelve. I'm. Posting, these on Instagram, as well as in the, art Joris sharing art, community Facebook, group and the pic astok Challenge Facebook group so we've. Got lots of ATT C's, going on so, now this is a the, live stream show and. It. Happened to be on a Thursday the. 13th. And so this is the card I made for the 13th and I've got you Poe paper cut, into the size of an ATC, which is three, and a half inches by two and a half inches and I. Am. Using. Alcohol ink first I used some, alcohol, ink with. Q-tips. And just. Kind of dabbed, dab. Dab dab dab to, make these lilac, type. Looking, flowers, this. Is when. I was growing up I had lilac, trees outside of the window of my bedroom and, in the summer I played under. Them and they. Always smelled so good and they're pretty they make beautiful bouquets, and this is the time of year that they would, be blooming so that's the reason that I picked lilac. Type, flowers. To do with my alcohol ink I'm also using my dried, alcohol, ink in my palette, with, a brush and. Dipping. The brush into 91% alcohol, instead of water and picking, it up in water coloring, with it and, so. It. A fun technique to do with alcohol then. For highlights, I used my, pasta, pan my white pasta pan which is is, acrylic. Ink in a pen form, to. Just draw in the details of the highlights of, the. Card and. Then. I just edged it with. Black. Ink. Pad and I put a word on it and that's, it, for, day thirteen a pretty simple card but very effective, and colorful. So. For day fourteen, so. We're still in alcohol, ink. Show. Here at the beginning and then I'm and then I show what. I did with, the thing that I'm the background, in made so I had. Glued some. Heavy, duty tin foil to some. Cardboard. That was cut from a cereal. Box and I'm. Using, my. Die cutting, machine to. You to use those. Impression. Plates and. Roll. Through the die cutting machine which makes a dimensional. Impression. Onto. The tin foil and, I did a couple of them here the. One I ended up using is the skiers, looking.

One And. Then. I drop, alcohol, ink on it in different colors, and I can spread the alcohol ink using 91%. Alcohol, in a spray bottle and. Because. Alcohol. Ink will stick to non-porous, surfaces, it, does. A very cool job of coloring, the, tin foil and making. An interesting effect and then, I also after, everything was dry I did, spread it around with the ink spreader, a little bit adding. More spreading, it around just, to make it interesting kind. Of grungy and then. I did, sand. It and, make, the top parts, kind of scratchy. But you I don't know if you can really see it because I ended up covering most of it up with, the. Collage that I put over the top because I was just in a collage mood, this. Is a piece of magazine. Page from a very moody. Spread. In a magazine and. I just I liked it I just it's a scrap that was on my desk and so I added some of that and then I added some torn. Pieces of. Old. Book, paper that's. You, know so old that it's really got a. Ivory. Color to it. Yellowy. Ivory, you know that's what happens with paper when it starts to deteriorate and this. Is a very old page from a book, glued. Some of that on and, then. I had this heart that's from a gel printing session at some point I had, cut, hearts and used them as masks, on the on the print, to, do printing with gel prints this. Is a long time ago but I liked. The color of, it. Against, the color of the card and so I glued that on. Then. I have, some. Metal. Pieces that look like scissors and then, a little resin flower, that. I found in a box from. Craft. Box UK, is where these pieces are from and I have them in a box from craft box you can and I I didn't, use up all the pieces when. They sent me monthly. Kits to. Demo. For them. And. I had a lot of the scissors left so I put a pair of the silver scissors because you, can see that silver shining through in the background from the tin foil the. Colored tin foil and then I also glued the. The. Resin flower on it matched the, color of the, heart so I thought it looked pretty cool glued. Those pieces on with tacky glue and then, of course I went around the edges with the black ink pad and as I was doing that I kind of accidentally. Touched the, petals, of the flower and, I. Thought, it looked cool so I ended up bringing the pad, back in and. Putting. Some more black on the, edges of the petals because that, the, color of that resin piece is very one-dimensional and. I hadn't done anything to it so. Then to finish it up I added a word and the. Word sticker from Tim Holtz type. Stickers, and then also, a little bit of shading with my Stabilo, all pencil, and. Some. Splatters. Of. Some copper, color metallic. Watercolor. With. A neo color bronze crayon. Has. Copper because I just like it and then some splat some black splatters, and I, think. That was pretty much it for this card for day 14. Just. It's, it's, uh it's got a lot of dimension to it because it's got a lot of pieces glued to it so it doesn't lay flat really at.

All I also, of, course always glue a backing. On, with. My information. If I'm gonna send. This to someone or trade it or something so, that, covers. All the weirdness on the back because. A tin foil I was was. Folded over to the back and stuff like that so this. Next one that is a piece of cotton. Muslin, type, fabric, that I bought in a fabric store I washed, it to, get all the sizing, out and, then. I. Just, had a few pieces to work. With the alcohol ink these are alcohol ink markers. Spectrum. Noir brand. And. They. Will make a permanent design, on fabric so you can do this technique on. T-shirt. Or something if you want to. It's. Pretty fun but you can make real simple, designs. With, your alcohol markers, and then. Use. A. Dropper. And drop. The. 91%, alcohol, right into the center and it, blooms, out and makes these circular flower, type shapes. Also. You, can make other type shapes and just spray. With. The, 91%. Isopropyl, alcohol, in a spray, bottle and, it. Will do that same type of effect it, doesn't make the blooms but, it. It. Makes. The. Alcohol. Ink, spread. And look interesting, so I, was. Doing this as an alcoholic, technique on the art joy of sharing live stream show and I will link the live stream that, we did all the alcoholic, techniques, for. You so that you can go, watch it in, real time if you want to, the. Recording, but. Then I took one, of the pieces of, the, fabric, and I glued it to you a 140-pound. Watercolor, paper, to. Make, an ATC, out of it and. It actually turned. Out really interesting. When, I water colored over it so that's what I did was watercolor, over it so once, it was glued down to the, card which. Is you know a pretty heavy car, 240. Pounds fairly, heavy then. I. Thought. It looks kind of groovy and sort of tie-dyed. Looking so I decided to draw a hippie, girl on it and. I'm, using my mechanical. Pencil with. Some soft graphite. In. It she draw to. Begin with and. I'm. Just drawing a face and, some, hair and then I end, up drawing, her hand and making a peace sign. And. Then some. Bubble, letters spelling. The word peace, because, I just, kind of remember bubble. Letters being a thing. In. The seventies anyway I I, wasn't, around for the 60s, but I, had. A cousin. And. Not she's not my cousin she's my aunt. Who. Lived with us when. I was fairly. Young and, so. It'd be my mom's sister. And.

She. Was a teenager, a very rebellious bratty. Teenager. But she, also was, into, this bohemian. Hippie. Style of, dress and. This. Kind of reminds me of her. She. Live with us for very long my, mom sent her back, because. She. Kept running away and. Smoking. In the house and. So she, was being kind of a brat but anyway. So. I drew. My little person. On there and and then. I got out some neo color to water-soluble. Crayons, and, I'm. Just scribbling. The crayon on to you a piece of deli paper and, picking. It up with my water tank brush and, starting. To color my figure. When. I'm water coloring, like this I. Do. A lot of layers of. Color. So. I started, out with some. Type of an ochre, yellow, and. Then. I went, moved to some kind, of peachy. Pink color I got. A little bit of white acrylic paint and, I brought some of that in in. The highlight. Areas, where. You. Know the light would be shining. I've. Got some lavender. Into. The shadow areas, and I'm just I'm, just continuing, to do this as a layering process, what. I found, interesting was. How the. The. Water, reacted. To, the fabric, so. As the fabric got saturated. Then the water would spread, and blend really well so. I guess. The combination, of having watercolor, paper, underneath then. Matte medium over. The top with a fabric, really. Is a great surface, to watercolor on and I enjoyed, this a lot I, think. I need to make some like bigger pieces of it because I just. I really liked how it turned out it's it's not as rough, as canvas, because it's it's, a more. Tight weave fabric. It's, a muslin, like a cotton, 100% cotton, muslin type of a fabric and I, have huge pieces of it my my, idea at one point and I still haven't gotten around to it but I was planning on gel. Printing onto this fabric, and then sewing. It into some type of a patch quilt I think that would be really, cool and I, have. Fabric. Paint. I can put on the gel plate and then gel, gel, print on to these you, know I've need to cut up the fabric and make it into panels and then, at. Some point sew it together with, maybe some coordinating. Fabric, or something and make something out of it that's, the reason that I bought like two yards of this fabric because, I thought I would be super fun and I just have never gotten around to it but. It, sure worked great for these little ATC's, and, I. Had fun with the alcohol ink so that's another idea is, to maybe make some alcohol, ink panels, and, so, those into some sort of a. Quilter. And wall hanging or something but I. Always. Have a lot of ideas of things I want to do and I don't get to them so that I have two more ideas than time.

So. I'm just continuing to layer I've got different colors in her hair she's a redhead. So. Some. Different, mahogany. And then sienna. And then. Terracotta. Maybe. Some orange. She. Has some braids, in her hair that had beads on them so, I'm adding, a little bit of that I she's, got a little tank top on some. Jewelry. Just. Coloring in things and, adding, more. Layers of color to everything, and. Every once in a while I come back in with the white, acrylic. Paint that's, very, diluted, with the water in the water brush and put a little bit of that on you. Know to highlight, certain areas. Until. I'm happy this. Is. What. I did for this card let's just do, some water, coloring and in fact next. Thursday, the. 20th. We. Are doing watercolor. ATC's. So, that will we'll be doing a lot of different techniques on that live stream so that's at, 10:30. Central time 8:30. Over, at the art joy of sharing live stream show so. You can come and watch that and. I have this new pack of. Greyscale. Pins, that, are illustration. Pins I kept saying I wanted some gray ones I finally, just went on Amazon and I bought a set of grey ones these, are not fabric histo the ones I normally use they're, a different brand but and. This is the first time I've used them so, I can't really. Comment. On. Anything. About them other than they worked really well on this project I used to be the. Medium gray one there's like light a medium and a dark in two. Different pen nibs and I'll of course link the materials, that I used in, the description box, below like, I always do I purchased, these on Amazon I, like. How things come to me in a couple days and. I don't have to go out and look, for something so. I'm. Quite. Sure that there is a fabrica still set like my other illustration, pins that I use all the time only, in Gray's but, I haven't found it yet it wasn't on Amazon. So. I just went around with the very smallest one which is the point five, and then I used or the 0.05, and then I use the point oh one I. Hope. I'm not doing that backwards, to. Go around the bubble letters that say peace and then, I went around the edges to try to get the fabric to. Fray. So that you could tell it was fabric so, that's. It for day 15, don't, forget to Like comment share subscribe all. Those things and, that's it for me bye, bye.

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You are a creative genius! Your creativity blows me away. Love everyone of these and can’t wait to play with the fabric technique. How do you do it! TFS

Thank you Evelyn :) I just am like this LOL

Shel, you mentioned your livestream on June 20th, I cannot find where to watch it. Could you help?

Yes, we have a different channel called ART Joy of Sharing LIVEstream. Streaming every Thursday at 10:30 AM central time USA

Love your ATCs again :-) Thanks Shel

Thank you Ilja :) I need to make more!

You are so sweet love to se What you make of beautiful art

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Love them all. I hadn't thought about using embossing folders for metal. Years ago, (way back in the 90s!) I used to cut open tomato puree tubes, and use a dead ballpoint pen to emboss designs. The insides of the tubes were copper coloured, and after drawing my design on the printed side, I used enamel paints on the copper side, to fill in enclosed areas, such as hearts. They came out really well, and I loved that I was able to use something that would have been thrown in the trash. I always got through a few of the tubes each month, which were cheap anyway, so I only had to pay for the paints. I liked using enamel paints, because they were translucent, so the copper still shone through. I'll have to start saving them again. Julia. x

I'll have to see if they're still copper coloured. If they are, I could send you some. I'll let you know!

Thank you Julia :) I would love that the metal was copper colored! Every packaging metal I have here is silver colored. I do mess around with the soda cans sometimes because it is easy to emboss light weight aluminum. You can use a tool to press into it..I just use a ball stylus instead of a ball point pen.

Your gal, based on your aunt, surely reminds me of my girlfriends and myself, during the late 60s- mid 70s. She’s great. ( my aunt sent me home after 1 semester because I was “ a handful!” Love the piece of textured wallpaper. Hoed you get a big piece to play with. The lilac ATC turned out so nicely. They’re all wonderful, Shel. BTW, Alan and I had the best weekend, staying at a light keeper’s home at the Little River lighthouse in northeastern Maine. Such a view and the hosts who maintain the home and lighthouse were really nice folks. Took loads of pics and hoping to try my hand at simple water coloring. Have a great week and know, I’m thinking aboutcha....

Thank you Cheryl :) YOU were a handful? LOL The vacation staying at a Maine lighthouse sounds really awesome and unique!

Love them!

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It was hard to choose one as my favorite. I liked them all! But I think your raised foil background, Collage ATC won, for me, in this set. Hearts always catch my eye and dimension adds interesting contrast. Love the little pair of scissors.

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Another great set of ATC'S and techniques. I can't decide which I like more, but I think the lilacs might win me over because I am a purple girl!

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More great cards liked your hippie

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I like using a straw to blow my alcohol ink/rubbing alcohol around a canvas. Next project: alcohol inks on foil-covered atcs. I will try your technique with the paintbrush. Thanks for the idea. I have tried alcohol markers, but found them to be harder to blend than the inks. I have your problem with too many ideas, and not enough time to do them all.

Thank you May :) I am thinking to get a can of compressed air to blow with. I get myself dizzy when I blow with a straw LOL.

Four more lovely cards. I love the alcohol ink blooming technique. It's quite fascinating to watch. Thanks for sharing.

Thank you Kaylin :) Yes, pretty mesmerizing!

Great ATC cards. Thank you for sharing

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They all turned out great. I was wondering what your Aunt is like now. Is she still a free spirit or did she settle down with age?

@Shel C I'm sorry to hear that.

Thank you Karen :) She never did settle down really. She has passed now at a fairly early age from skin cancer.

Awesome ATC's Shel!! :)

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I loved all your ideas and cards.

What do you do with all of these when you are done.

I have a binder with 9 pocket plastic sleeves to store ATCs. I also send them in any envelope I send out (except bills LOL) The idea of these challenges is to form a habit of creativity each day.

Love those Shel. Especially the ink on the fabric. Gotta try that.. My GF next door has tons of muslin type material because she used to be a quilter and I have to try this. Thanks girl, great job as always!

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