Are you SELLING yourself BROKE?

Are you SELLING yourself BROKE?

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Grow. My cleaning company teaches owners of cleaning companies just like you how to grow your company make more money and finally, take charge, of your financial future and your life this. Podcast, is about automating, and creating systems that give you time and money freedom so you can grow like crazy without. Losing, control since. This is totally, free if you're giving tons of value want, to support us and make sure that you get more of the good stuff subscribe. Rate and review to this podcast today, now on to the show. All. Right, cleaning. Nation, it's so good to see you guys and gals and obviously when I say see I don't, mean see but I'm glad that you're there and I'm here and we're talking I feel, a little frisky today so for, those of you joining me live jump. In the chat give me a shout out tell me what's going on in your world how you're doing what's working what's not what you're what, you feeling what you're doing and let's. Have a little more fun than we typically, have hopefully we typically have a lot of fun all right that said today. We. Are talking. About something I'm super excited about which is are you selling, yourself, baroque. Hmm. So, many owners of cleaning companies work. Super. Hard I know I coach you guys every Dagenham day and they. Make half, the money they should none, of the money they should. Just. Because, they, aren't doing a couple key things right and because. You guys are and gals are amazing and by the way we're there. It is Mark white says hey Mark here nice haircut thank you I did I did get a haircut yesterday let's again let's get some chat I feel like we don't have enough chat if, we do these live and again sorry for those of you guys and gals on the podcast, or video, join. Us Tuesdays, and Thursdays 10:00 a.m. Pacific that's when we go live. Carolina. Says hey hey. Diana from Long Island dunes close to being booked that is exciting all right so. Yeah. Definitely skip the interaction I want to hang with you people today that, said I cooked, so many owners that are working their tails off and they're doing like 90% of the things right they've got employees if they're customers, everything's, going fine but they have trouble making payroll or there's.

Just Not enough money they're not growing and the problem is it's not just a lack of that's, killing them or. That lack of hey I'm making the money I want to make its, I don't, have the ability to serve my client, properly, because there's not enough money right there's never enough money do it right I don't have enough money, to take, care, of my employees to give them benefits to pay them fare to treat. Them the way that I built, this business to be treated and I can't grow right there's no money for advertising for anything so lack of profit or lack of making the money. I don't. Want your things just you right it kills, and touches a lot of things, in your business Bev says hello loving the inspiration, I am here to inspire I don't know what's going on today I'm feeling frisky so we're gonna hang out we're gonna have a good time hmm so. Let's, figure out what's, going on so in the next 20 minutes we can figure out how you can. Actually make sure that you're making money for the work that you do you're not working at a law for nothing because that again that leads to burnout quitting. Failure, all sorts of awful nasty stuff and we. Want the best for you we want to see you guys kick butt enchantix name small businesses, I believe. Are the backbone. Of this not. Just this country here in the states but really all capitalistic. Worlds, right we do all the employing the paying and. Making crap happen so let's make sure you do that so the first belief, that we get that just breaks my heart cause it's so not true is as long as I'm getting accounts, I'm doing, great I've, had several clients that were growing, really quickly they were on. The top line right they were adding, you know I went from 200, to 400, and 400 to 600, all those good stuff but, they weren't making any money right so we've got to get rid, of that belief that as long as I'm adding accounts that's all that matters from that and you can we want to write because it's easier to go I don't wanna I know how to get accounts, but I don't want to dive into the murky nastiness. Of, actually. Making money right I don't look at that I don't even look at my piano I'm afraid what I'm gonna see it kind of pass. It off to my accountant and hope for the best right, so. The reality is there's, bad, logic fueling. That belief of as long as I'm getting accounts of doing well I'm it's. Kind of like well I mean I'm losing money in every unit but I'll make it up in volume right, we think it will grow our way out of it but I'm here to tell you you won't right, net profit is. Really the key to everything gross is just a vanity metric I'll tell you. There. Are so many people just want to hit that million dollar thing and we'll talk about that but, I would much rather you. A, $250,000. Company making a hundred thousand in profit then, a two million dollar company making the same hundred grand right and you think like well why wouldn't I would rather have the big one it literally is just a vanity metric the only thing that big number does is risk, it employees, and headache and I got to tell you if you're running a two million dollar company that's 160 70 grand a month if, you're only making eight, thousand, dollars in profit, man you were just this close to failure just that close to bankruptcy right so you want smaller. Margin with bigger. Bigger. Mark or a smaller, company the bigger margins, and bigger, company with smaller margins, and April, says hey cleaning nation good to see you tuned in from Denver Colorado beautiful. Part of the country if I had to move from Phoenix which I don't want to do, Denver. Colorado is where I'd go all right so. Even. Here's another belief that we'll just trip you up and kill you even though I'm not making money now when, I get bigger, I'll. Make money right, and that's another one I hate and I just want to save you from that now there's a lot of people like well you, know based on my structure when I get more sales I you know I won't need any more overhead, so, all that will just be profit it is not the truth the reality, is it's actually harder, to maintain your profit margin not, easier, Rick says how about a big company with big margins giddyup, yeah please don't hear me saying let's not grow at all or that top line doesn't mean anything just hear me saying top line without profit is worthless but, once, you've got your and just so you know that's the whole system, first. We get profitable, and for cleaning business we're not doing any of the work right doesn't count if you're in there cleaning because it's not a business that's a that's a job but when you have a real business we're gonna do any of the work we wanna make 20 percent right so that means if you've got a half a mil into our business you're making $100,000.

In Profit a million do our business should be making 200 thousand a profit so, once you've got the net profit that's good then we start adding to the gross profit so don't hear me saying we, hate gross profit we love our gross sales we love gross sales only. When we get net profit right a lot of people that come to me and their net profit suction I help me grow my way out of this that's not what we coach we coach let's fix the net profit first make sure we're, a profitable, business at, this size and then, when we grow we'll try and maintain well we will maintain those profits, nyesha, from, Charleston. Is checking in holy crap, I spoke well about Denver I love Charleston, I just thought it'd be good all year round a couple of times I've been there it's been amazing, we. Got the cleanings, car. TC clean things Carmichael, chiming in from cincy. Good to see a sister, or. Brother I can't tell it's, kind of an asexual name so sister brother good, to have you all right so again, remember. We don't want to think if I just grow my way out of it it's not true it's a lie from the pit of hell it, is harder to maintain margins, the bigger you get so if you start with bad margins they're gonna get worse if you start with good margins we can fight hard to maintain them but assuming you're gonna get bigger and your margins will get bigger as well not. True especially my percentage, okay and then again we've got this belief that we've talked about kind. Of coming on the the vanity metric, if. I just had a million dollar company I'd be rich forever right that's. All I need then I'd be rich and I thought and. I'm not busting your chops for those of you guys that kind of made me feel that way I felt that way oh my gosh I still remember years and years I wanted a million dollar company, and. I think I've told the story before I don't even remember my first million dollar a year, because. You, kind of think like I don't. Know the million dollar police are gonna come like put a laurel, around your head and you know like a sash like Miss America has, and it's gonna be like million dollar and you're gonna walk around with that thing and every bike home I gosh that's Mike he's got a million to our company the reality, is nobody knows nobody cares and. It. Really has everything to do with a profit that you're making off of that that, does change your life right you start making more profit that that is a big deal whether anyone knows or cares that you get your sash that. Changes. Your life but honest to goodness having a bigger company really. Just means often times bigger stress which is fine if we're making more money but. Making. More money without get. All the stress without the profit is not not. Not delightful, so. Yeah. Other thing and again I'm trying to just get all the I'm just going over all the garbage, I hear from guys and gals hey Miranda hey Miranda one. Of our early graduates, from I can't, remember the island but she oh my gosh everyone, lost by the way Phoenix South Carroll at Tarleton Denver. Wherever. Miranda lives I'll put in the chat she lives somewhere beautiful, my. Wife and I are dying to go there I can't member the name of it but a beautiful, tropical, island, miss you Miranda you got a we got to get you into the next level I'm gonna see your face she's, great. Okay, so. A lot of times people think, first. Of all when they're starting oh I make I make 50 percent of profit I'm making all this money, go Thank You Miranda. I. Don't think you can put pictures in the chat but if you can you put a picture, of where you live she sent me a couple and it was gorgeous I think I saw on Facebook anyway Miranda's great croc was great. How, I'm dying to go there all right so the reality is we. Kind of make two. Swings one we're like oh especially, when we're starting and we're doing something cleaning bugs I make 50% margins, we think our margins are bigger than they are because we don't count all the expenses. Right when. You travel for your business when you have insurance when you invest, in your setting training for yourself or your employees, computers. All the sort of stuff we don't count that right so we, think our profits are bigger than where because we're gonna have a good pl and the flipside are will actually accept, a ten or five or zero percent profit we don't even know why right, so you it's really important that we understand, our profit. Margins but we're actually making and get, someone in there to help you if you need it cuz a lot of times people get confused or they they, didn't want to look at it and haven't looked at it for years and and, they're afraid to go back right so the, least a Veronica, Bravo good to see a sister my least favorite.

Reply. When I ask them about their their sales or their net profit so I'm coaching, is I don't know my count handles all that like it's some thing we, can kind of just push. Away right that is not the case you your accountant, you. Can hire someone you can hire a CPA to make sure that you pay your taxes properly, I'm good with that you can hire a bookkeeper to make sure that the the income. The, money that you spend and the money take money take in and when you spend out is accounted, for properly. But. Your, accountant, isn't in charge of you making money your accountant, is in charge of your books giving. You good information so, you know if you're making money it's not their job to. Look through and tell you if you're making money so a lot of people try and like, kind of offload. That don't do that, okay. Here's. Another one we've got to get over this is probably if you're writing stuff down or if. You've been struggling believe, it or not this is probably the biggest thing that we need to help you guys overcome this are gonna have a success that you want the. Amount of work that you put in does. Not have, anything to do with a profit, you make and that's, okay I'm, gonna say it again because so many people were, coaching we give them every, single how, to do it but as long as you have this belief you're stuck if you, believe it's. Fair that. My employees, work so much harder than I do and I get to keep make so much more money you. Are gonna struggle okay. Most, of us here that's one of things I love about cleaning nation we. Are. People. Of integrity we care about other human beings we're not trying to screw other people so we miss. Set. Up in our mind the, fact that especially if we cleaned first and when I coach people. Are starting I don't want them ever to clean or maybe for a couple weeks tops but. If we clean and I found depending, on what part of the country and usually, top out about $4,000, in profit if, you're just cleaning yourself tops, it's really hard to scale from that cleaning yourself unless you stop sleeping. And, we know and that's a lot work that, is a lot of work you're cleaning 4050 hours a week plus you're doing another 1020 on the business it is not a life that you want so. Many people come from that life and then, it's hard to get them to go I can make that same four thousand dollars a month without doing any cleaning and just work five ten hours a week with the right systems and, then after that because.

Now I don't, I'm not working in my business cleaning I can work on it and build client attraction systems, at employee I can start automating creating value in the world I, can make ten times that I can, make forty grand a month or more, and I don't have to do, the. Cleaning myself, and, sometimes, we start to feel guilty the, reality. Is. The. Cleaners that you have or the texts that you have. Come. They, do their job and then leave and I don't think anything about it and we're about to be paid or what happens if the customer quits or having, insurance or showing up to things like this and educating, yourselves right. The, owner often works 50 60 70, 80 hours a week risks. Everything, that they have to. Build these systems so you. Got. To get over. Time. For money right the more I work the more I deserve to pay the less I work the, the less, I pay like Michelle says how do we get past the guilt of making more money the employees, and doing less work than them such a good question it's exactly what we're talking about, it's. Not you've, got to stop going from work to. Bringing value it makes no difference hey, Veronica to see a sister it makes no difference how, much work that you do if you're writing stuff down write that down it, makes no difference how, much work you do it, only matters, the value. That, you bring to the world if I'm. A brain surgeon and. You've. Got brain trouble and you want me to heal you. If. I, put. You under and, you wake up and whatever tumor. You had that was going to kill you is gone you are completely, healthy. You. Might have a thousand, questions for, me zero of those questions is going to be how. Long did it take you or you might ask well you're just curious right and if I say took me six minutes versus. Twenty, seven hours at, no point do you go well twenty-seven, hours that's kind of worth it but six minutes that you don't give two craps right, it is the value, that you brought so, we've got to make sure that we understand, cleaners. Choose, to be in a position that, brings a limited amount of value and not, that it brings no value there's lots of value in cleaning that's what we make our whole business is on so certainly, notice disrespect, to anybody it cleans I've cleaned mini a toilet in my life all.

My Employees quit on the first day I cleaned all my account so please don't hear me saying, being. Disrespectful, any of any of the people in our trade that, said. They. Have chosen a limited, value right, when you clean it's. Gonna get dirty in tomorrow it's got to be done again tomorrow so there's only something the best cleaner in the world picture. Whoever did he cleans best he never makes or she never, makes a mistake everything's, done quick and they're efficient but best. In the world that might be worth depending on the part of the country you're in fifteen twenty bucks an hour best in the world there'd, be cuz that's all in the value they can bring right so you, want to shift your focus from working. Harder, right, on the things that don't bring that much value to bring you more value right. By. This broadcast, right that's why I do this if I spoke one-to-one I can only change one person's live with this broadcast, we can change millions of people lives and I get paid based on the value I bring to the world not, on how many hours, I work right if I went live on this broadcast and, coached 24/7. And I said a bunch of crap that didn't help anyone change someone's life I would have to zero value and get paid nothing, so, you want to move from I get paid based on the work I do, to. I get paid based on the value that you bring so. If you run a company that's a two, or three million dollar company and you serve. Thousands. Of residential, clients are probably hundreds of, dozen, of commercial. Clients and you change their world and you free them up and you create payroll, for, dozens. If not hundreds, of people probably, dozens, and. You make everyone's life just a little bit better you, have the right to get paid for that right you set all that up and create it so you really have to change your mindset if as long as you believe you're turning people or screwing people. You. Won't get paid the problem is if you say well I'm just gonna go what are you gonna do go clean ok then someone else will add more value and they'll get paid so you. Got to be ok with you get the money based on the value bring and, the value bring to the community your employees your customers your vendors the, taxes, I pay crap ton of taxes, that hopefully I don't. Trust the government great, job but hopefully some of it gets somewhere good that helps people all, right and then kind of a corollary to that is you, know raising prices unreasonable, because really, most. Of us. It's. Not that, our people are taking too long to clean it's a weird chart which it's not charging enough right we're trying to fit. 8 gallons of water into five gallon bucket and gonna fit we're trying to get 500, hours of work per month, done for 300 bucks I think can work so at the end of the day if that's the case, you've. Got to raise prices that's it the. Beautiful thing is guys gals, 20%. Net profit, is not unreasonable. Right if you've got a for. Commercial little thousand dollar account that, you staff, and you have insurance and like I said you show up to get education like this you invest in yourself you've, got.

Vehicles. And equipment and. Supplies. And, you've risked everything to. Provide. A thousand, dollars with a service, and you. Want to make 200 bucks off of that and some was like yeah that's not fair you should you, should instead of charging me a thousand so you can make 200 you should charge 850, you one deserve 50 bucks they're, out of their blessed mind right anyone that thinks you should work for less they're not a good customer, let them go screw somebody else so again it's one thing if you're screwing. Somebody right like this, thing cost me this but, you're not right you're you're really just trying to serve and that 20%, represents. Because again if you only made 10% how interested are you and even serve in that customer right 400 bucks is not worth it so, proper, pricing, is not just good for you it's, good for your employees, right because it's not about money a lot, of us as opposed to and this is what's sick about the whole thing a lot of us as opposed to protecting. Our profit, we let our profit go to crap and then we just take. Care of our employees and the customer might, be good for the employees in the customer, but one go out of business because we're burned out it's not good for them so long-term, proper. Profit, is really, important it's not just good for you it's good for your customers it's good for your employees it. Actually says Mike devel you're adding is top notch so thankful for your team I was, just bragging on Ashley and her husband Avery yesterday. They're not actually talking, to her are some, of our coaches actually May every Lou said. That he got to talk to you guys first and I was bragging on him how amazing you guys are and Gallus Ashley, gentlemen. A ver e you know actually. Lady avery, gentlemen all right so. The. Last belief that we've got to kind of kill for this and we realize the whole thing hopefully you're getting throughout, this theme is it's.

Not About building a business grow sales all the stuff there's got to be some net profit net, profit is how you keep score if you're not making any money you're not bringing value to the world right you can't grow you can't serve you can't make. Your dreams come true and most of your dreams have, to do with making other dreams come true taking care of your family your employees and really serving your community all that takes money and profit so you. Got to be a big boy or big girl and have that conversation with your customers even if it's scary right and I know you're afraid if I raise my prices my customers will quit I'll go out of business we have all these bullcrap beliefs, the reality, is lack, of profit, you know what I mean make enough money I guarantee, you about a business it's just a matter of when right maybe maybe you can because you work hard and you're, independently, wealthy you can last for years but you will go out of business guaranteed if. You're not making profit I've. Never seen a business go out of business for, too much profit or for raising prices right, the, bad customers, are going to quit frankly, the, good ones are gonna understand, that they want a quality. Service they know a quality service cost money it's your job to help them understand, that value we, charge quite a bit for our coaching and. I don't apologize. Anybody about that it's, life changing right, if we charge a nickel and a hug no. One would get transformation, I want to charge more and have massive, transformation, you do the same thing right people will value what you charge so through the bargain-basement thing, you're gonna get charged to like a bargain-basement provider, when, you're providing. Fair, value or more than fair value and that's a beautiful thing the more money you take in the more opportunity, you have to blow their minds off of an amazing service so I'm not just saying we raise, prices arbitrarily, we, raise prices have that 20% profit margin, which is the minimum you're gonna need to be even interested, in this 30%, overhead so, you can invest, in an attraction surprise, and delight and insurance, and uniforms, and top-quality. Equipment. And everything that you need and then 50% for cost of goods sold so you can you can fairly, compensate, your employees so the, beautiful thing is when. You get this right you'll be shocked, at, how. Small. Changes. On your behavior, will. Make massive, change on your bottom line I've got a, one. Of the millionaire mastermind folks I met when, he came to an event when he first started he had a nice business was growing fast I think he was at 5 or 10% profit. And. Again you might work let's just say you're a half a million dollar business and you're making 5% profit that's 25,000, dollars a year you, know how much work it takes in a year, an entire year all the work that you do to, make 25 grand, when, you price it properly, there's almost there's no extra work honestly, it's less work right, because you got better customers, that appreciate, you've got money trying.

To Run it without any money is double, to work when. You price it right it. Doesn't take any extra work it's just different work right as opposed to hustle hustle hustle hustle you get better clients and have more real conversations, about what stuff costs that same 500,000, our business as opposed making 25 grand you make $100,000, same work and again when you think of all the work it takes on a year, a hundred thousand dollars is very reasonable 25,000. Butts is nuts, right so really really important you guys and gals focus, on the bottom line if, you, need help I don't think I can do this on my own, that is probably one of my favorite things getting, people out of cleaning and helping them make money he's probably favorite things what to do if, you'd like our help go to growing cleaning company comm ford slash talk, you, the opportunity to talk with one our folks we don't charge for this we, just hope you get clarity and where you're at where you want to be and hope you come up with a plan to get there if, we think we are the best quickest, fastest most effective impactful, plan you're damn right we're gonna we're gonna try and help you do that if, we don't we'll still try to help you come up with a plan so this is really just trying to figure out what you want where you want to be and help you help you make a plan to get there Khurram, holy heck, one of one of my Canadian. Friends, I miss, you buddy you need to reach out dude haven't, talked to kerub forever. Miss that guy if you ever wanted me the cool guys knows how to make fun videos dr. curb Bertha. Says Amen thank you Michelle. Verna you ladies, are welcome. So glad to have you guys gals I'm gonna end with this you were worth it do not sell yourself short certainly, don't sell yourself broke, you. Deserve to get paid fairly for what you do we're, gonna focus on bringing value to the world which is a lot more fun and it pays a bunch, more money and we're not gonna focus on. The. Work that we do we're gonna focus on the money or the value that we provide which will make sure that we get paid so you guys are amazing cleaning nation hopefully I'll get to meet some of you guys soon if, you would, like our help like hey what, do we do Mike I need your help go to grow anything cut calm for slash talk one of the coaches to help you and hopefully I'll get to talk to you soon appreciate. Y'all clean nation talk soon and see you. Thanks. For tuning into today's show if you're fired up ready to grow and want to see if you have what it takes to work with us at grow my cleaning, company here's, what I want you to do right now go. To grow a cleaning, company calm. Ford / talk that's, ROH my cleaning, company calm, full / talk to book an appointment to speak with me personally, I'm, gonna jump on the phone with you to give you crystal, clear on where you are now where, you want to be and how to get, you there don't. Walk around, in the dark any longer if, you are serious, about growing your cleaning, company it's, time to finally get the systems, in place that you need to grow we've, helped hundreds of owners of cleaning companies not only grow their business, and their personal, freedom but give back to, their community, as well if, that's what you're looking for head over to grow my cleaning company dot-com. For /, talk and book a time to talk with me personally, I can't wait to, get to know you and, your business.

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